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July 27th 2021
How to become more self aware and deal with triggers

Triggers are your teachers. After a certain point, now, I usually get excited when something triggers me because I know there's something to heal. 

And when I heal from that, I can be... More

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July 23rd 2021
Listen to this if you're in a funk

There's something in the air these past weeks. I swear anyone I talk to tells me their feeling off

and that kinda reminds me that this is life you know. You have highs and lows. 
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July 13th 2021
Lessons on mindfulness and dealing with anxiety w/Katy Bandy

Katy Bandy is an anxiety specialist helping women destress and reconnect with themselves. You can find her on Instagram @Katy Bandy. 

She talks about how you can start practicing mindfulne... More

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July 4th 2021
Expanding into your complete self

Always blown away by how you can literally keep growing. You might not be aware of the roles you play that actually keep you away from being yourself. 

Recently came across this huge reali... More

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