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by Obara Omanga
March 22nd 2021
We tend to understand what value is and how can we as young people further learn to and understand our gifts because the reward that your gift gives you is your value.
Uh huh Hello, my people, It's been a while and I'm very happy to be sharing with you guys today, Thank thanks for joining us in the sphere of learning. And yes, we have been away for quite some time. But I don't know if you guys have had this song of uh the council and Mother Mukhisa, It's called Sango. It's such a very nice tune and I thought it would be nice sharing it with you also. So um it's been really a while but I'm glad to be saying that we've been working on our Youtube channel and it will be coming up very soon and thank you guys for for the wonderful feedback that you're sharing with us about the uh about our shows.

And yeah, we are having some few guests that will be bringing on board maybe once we officially start shooting live from our, our Youtube channel. But today I really wanted us to share something about value. And I I don't know if if what we really comes into our mind, what really comes into our mind when we talk about value. I think most of the young people out here don't understand their value. And sometimes this is what leads us to sometimes giving complaints about maybe not getting opportunities, but we are forgetting that even God when he was creating as we were able to be given uh to be treated with a purpose. So we must have value and I will have said that for me, the principle of value depends on the principle of gravity. Now, when I talk about reality is that um mm how rare something is.

Makes it the value becomes high. So if you are rare, your value will also be behind. And surprisingly surprisingly, you know male suffer because of one thing. Men suffer because of not understanding their gift. The male the male the male generation. And they mail people in this world. They suffer because um they don't really they don't don't really really understand their gift and they must really understand that your gift is your source of significance. You know? And in fact even in the bible, the male should learn that before looking for a woman that you look for work. If you read the bible from the book of genesis To verse 15, God talks about work then in Genesis 2: verse 24, God talks about a woman. So a man should have a woman.

She love work rather before having a having a woman. So what is your value? You know sometimes we must understand that life doesn't give us what we really want because what life is giving us. We don't deserve it because our values too high. That is why uh that is where we have to wait sometimes because life says that we deserve more because our values too high. Our commitment is too high. And we must know that value comes through a vision. You know dr Lewis mona Andre says that uh site is seeing how things they are. But vision is understanding how things should be or ought to be. You know when people talk about money, people are people just talk about money, rich people talk about things but wealthy people talk about ideas. How are we going out there And how much passion are we giving our ideas out there as young people?

How many people are really frustrating to understand our vision, how many people are really frustrating to understand what we do. What programs are you running? You know, what capability are you able to do sometimes? Because we we we give it a short and trade once and it feels so we feel that uh that's the end of it. We should not try again. You know Les Brown tells us that we must be hungry in life and our values high because we are rare. We are rare genes, We are rare humans, we are rare creations. That is where we are given power above all the christians that God had created. So for us to understand our value in this journey of success, we must understand that we are not, we we we we don't work to seek success, we should work to seek value because people can never can never fire value.

You know if you have a gift, people can fire people but people can never fire gift. So when you share your gifts to people, your value becomes high and your when your value is high then you are dominant in your world. So people don't pay you people pay for you, I'm not talking at this to be a motivation but it's something that I've read and I thought that maybe I should be sharing with you because I really felt it is something that was making a lot of sense that we young people we are not giving much time to our talents, our abilities, sometimes we are giving our our capabilities to people who don't value us, who don't see the capability in us. So for people to understand the real you people must understand your value, people may understand er stand your principles you know because once they understand that they really see the value that is in you the world is a general place and you know listening to deep dive, being a sphere of learning, it is a place for not for not being a general person because you'll never be general you know and understand that our vision gives you value because vision is seeing things as they could be as they could be.

And so guys I'm telling you that we must give everything we have and we must understand that everything is a season and to everything, there is a season, there is a season for hard work, there is a season for forward for for for growth, there is a season for germination, there is a season for weeding when people give you opinions that don't uh don't give reflect the person, the character of the person who you really are, you should not go around arguing because sometimes I'm saying people becoming keyboard warriors out there shaming other people, you know defending other people have done wrong in the society. But two months understand we must have value. But for us to have value, we must be rare. Gold is expensive because it is rare. Silver is expensive because it is rare stones are cheap because they are common.

Once we understand that we young people have the power the passion and the ability to do and become more. We must also understand that there is power in togetherness and there is power in sharing ideas. Let's share ideas. Let's not criticize one another. Let's understand people, let's understand where people are coming from. Let's understand people's vision before Christine criticizing their visions. So guys, I'm hoping that this one is going to be a good a good word for you and I want you to understand that your values big because you are rare and we are going and and and this for this generation, it's going to be a good generation and we are really working and we are begging that our government is also going to give our young people as uh an opportunity to to share to them. So that the government understands the value of us as young people because you can never understand the value of us young people.

If you don't give us the opportunity to show you the gifts in us. But again, let's understand that we can be able to use our gifts from wherever we are. So when people talk about maybe lucy brian kevin, you know, laura Lawrence when people call your name somewhere, what do they, what comes into their mind when we talk about Michael Jordan, we talk about basketball, when we talk about Ronald Linear, Gotcha, Gotcha. Oh, sorry, we talk about football. So when people will hear your name, boniface bask on, what will people think? What will people aspire? So let's remember to ignite to impact and to inspire, have a lovely day, guys and enjoy yourselves and remember you are valuable because you are rare cheers, guys have fun.

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