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E48: Stop Anti-Asian Violence

April 19th 2021

Marybeth and Marcia take some time to unpack the latest uptick in hate crimes against the AAPI community once COVID hit thanks to careless phrases like “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Flu”. We also explo... More

Hello everyone Welcome to another episode of disabled girls who lift. So I'm gonna get a little serious today. A little chatty today. So I would give a little bit of a content warning for, let's call it what violence policing, racism. Mm hmm. You're not here for that today. Fine. Take a pause, you know, swipe, swipe whatever direction your device swipes, listen to a different episode, come back to this one, you're ready. That's that. This is marissa on so called florida, Seminole tribe land and it's mary beth in northern California on a lonely land. And that break I definitely felt I had to take 23 weeks off before I've been thinking about it again. Yes. You know, so we're at a time where the country yet again is going through something together and it doesn't mean that these things didn't exist before.

It doesn't mean that the people affected by these things didn't know about it. It just means now everybody's talking about it, right? So in june we dealt with the whole, everybody knows, oh, police killing black people George Floyd. I can't breathe beyond a tailor and their shirts and there's fundraisers and there's just media and then there's, oh, everybody needs to read books and just trauma on tv just a lot a lot. And here we are yet again on the similar vein because it all comes from white supremacy. Don't be fooled. But here we are yet again. And now we're talking about hate crimes against a ap I folks. So here we are with a rise in the numbers. Thanks to people saying things like chinese virus. Thanks to things that have existed in this country for decades that we don't really think about or talk about or know about or explore. So here we are. Here it is. Yeah. Yeah and just like just because we're all sitting at home watching T.

V. A little more this year or watching social media a little more this year right? Does not mean it started yesterday. Anti immigration has been going since the start of literally immigration. Yes. Ever since they decided that America wasn't for the natives but anyone else who comes here as an immigrant there has been anti immigration sentiments. Um but I could definitely say at least like as a black person that there's some weirdness there's some weirdness going on and I think people have some trouble figuring out what that weirdness is about. Um Like somebody, I forgot what big publication but some big publication was like um the title was like what do black people need to do to support asians in this time? And like okay what you mean? Like what do you mean for the first time in history?

Like have we've always always I feel like have shown solidarity together. Like you look at I mean okay I can't make a blanket statement. Obviously we see hatred here and there but like hip hop right amongst uh black and asian groups in urban suburban communities. Urban communities as well like and how there was so much um I don't know, just so much love in the culture and the culture that we share. I feel like has has been ignored through this whole time, right? And I didn't stop with music since all the riots back then. Yeah. And it's like that's what I'm calling it weirdness. And I think people don't know what to call it. So they say, well we need more solidarity, Well we need Well, yeah, I guess.

But also like that's, you know, like who's pitting us against each other? Where does it come from? Where does it start? And I think that's really where the place that people usually don't start from and where they need to start from when this conversation, because when it comes to anyone attacking anyone, whether we're talking about asian community, trans community, gay folks, black folks, whatever it is, like who's telling us that we should be against each other and why do they want us to do to feel that way? You know? Uh when you come down and boil it down to like, oh, white supremacy, like these folks up here at the top want us to be what, what and what? And we're not that and if we're together fighting together, like we'll be a force to be reckoned with, then then they don't want that. So I feel like there's so much to unpack there in both communities. But yeah, people from the outside looking into these communities, like you can you can't be saying this shit? You know, he's talking about, you know, I was talking about because I mean you could look at black panthers and see asian activists in black panthers, like you don't know what you're talking about.

You can see us in our music and our culture together. Like you don't know what you're talking about. Does that mean that there aren't black people that make racist? Ask chinese jokes about chinese food? No. Does that mean that there's not asians that are like, hello Republican that are anti black? No, but where does it come from? White supremacy? Yeah. Says ginger white man thinking about everybody else in not just the US just Colonial ization. You're seeing that in the UK in europe, right? People had to escape literally um the air of the Queen of England because they're experiencing racism, racism against the Princess and their Children. Like you have to run away from these things and seek asylum and that's like here in the US we're trying to find that just amongst their own communities. Yeah, that's a lot. That's a lot.

But like you said colonialism. It's everywhere, right? Like I mean you go to asian countries and like why are we lightning, why is everybody lightning? Right? Like even my parents and your parents right? Like we have that in common. I wonder why like why do they have like, you know like exactly why why are they? You know, why are people trying to get no surgeries or eyelid lift surgeries? You know why what are they trying to look like straightening? Worried about straightening your hair, We have that all in common, yep, you're always driving to look for look look like those european features being as white as possible. That's why Colorism exists still so heavily in asian cultures, still in black cultures. And another thing too that you're seeing is other asians pitting against us or seeing that there is still some um what korean versus chinese uh hey in the U.

S. Because of the misinformation of the coronavirus but also where is that coming from? Still the yeah it's still white supremacy. You guys got to call it. Got swiper no swiping. Gonna call him by his name, still there and it's so in green. But even travel was just talking about that on her on on her episode. She went to India recently and they're talking about how she's so dark like it's so pervasive and everywhere. And at the end of the day that's why. And literally we look the same at the end of day, like white people will always put us in the corner. Yeah at the end of the day they can't they can't tell the difference between nationalities and they're going to lump you in. So like all of these people that are being attacked? They're not all actually chinese right? Like exactly they're attacking everyone or even when it was um You know after 9 11 and Islamophobic attacks were on the rise.

Like just look like you were muslim like good enough they can't tell the difference so we could hate each other and that just makes it easier for them break us apart. I think I hate us anyway and I know I mean we stopped talking about his name for a little while but like trump had a lot to do with the anti asian covid scare because of his misinformation and literally everything that was going around in the world and that's mhm also a huge reason why we still see that asian violence out in the street you know filipino grandma's japanese, grandpas, korean and chinese elderly are being like blamed for this virus though. We're not blaming the people who threw the fucking parties traveled all over the world through parties within our own like country.

That's all stupid. Yeah just looking for somebody to blame and they're going to say oh this is not us, this is not America like no actually like this is very on brand America. America loves to pick on an immigrant culture and say it's your fault. Like we just googled two seconds ago. Yellow peril like what did that that was like oh chinese immigrants that they paid to take jobs overall, we could blame the chinese now 9 11 happened and they made the patriarch act, you know we could blame the Muslims like it's very on brand America pick somebody to blame for our problems. Yeah and then everybody just fucking goes down that that same rabbit hole. Not even stopping to think like whoa mm does this make sense? Damn yep. Just like national scare tactics that can go on and on. You know when we when we talk about terrorism, why aren't we talking about the white guy with the Ak 47 allows them up and down the streets who actually are killing like hundreds of hundreds of people who look like you and I don't know if you know how many of these like senators or representatives or whatever that go hard in the N.

R. A. Paint and they go hard like there was just one that's out there who's like fucking wild marjorie some ships some white lady and she like literally followed the teenagers from the Stoneman Douglas the Parkland shooting in florida, they went to D. C. To lobby or whatever like you know make a case about gun rights and she literally like heckled them down the street. Like these are Children that wash their friends die mm And you have that energy for them and then you'll have the same energy for chinese virus like who are you? You're not helping anybody, what are you doing with it? What is the hate doing all you're doing is just scapegoating like it feels good for you to blame it on somebody and like she's accusing the Children. Oh they're paying you, aren't you? Who's paying you to say these things like what wow. Instead of just being like accountable. Like oh sh it yeah, we got a gun problem guys and it's white people shooting them.

We should do something about it. No, or we got an anti masker problem because literally like Republican, white people uh crying about their rights being revoked, want to be out in the public constantly spreading the virus. Yet we are still blaming asians who for decades know what to do because you know the minute that it happened in a lot of the asian countries, they're like, oh, masks oh okay. Um we're going to abide by this because this is literally how we have to survive. Yeah. And it's not, I don't think it's new for some of these countries, right? Like they're all, we need to investigate china and china on this and we need to investigate them. And I'm like, I mean sure, I'm sure you do, right? Just any government funk that, right? Um, but at the same time, like what did you do? Like didn't you get the reports in january? You didn't say ship to ship? Like where's your energy? I don't understand. I don't understand.

It's just like very on brand America s scapegoating and I just, I just hate it here and I don't think um I don't think it's helping any that it's all coming from specific sext of uh of our country, right? Like it's the same kind of people, right? Like it's the same, the same white terrorist terrorist with a gun is like the same anti maskers. Like it's the same get out of our country. Go back where you came from type of people. Well violence is centered around white supremacy when you think of the KKK, they weren't out there, you know, peacefully protesting legit. Like it's centered around violence is centered around white supremacy and say, I mean you think of all of this combined and uh I don't remember his name, not that we need to, but the guy that was shooting up freaking asian spas and how easy of a you know how light of a slap on the wrist he got.

If he wouldn't have um pleaded guilty, they would have still given them a slap on the wrist and said, oh The fact that they captured him alive, honestly, you could just go there like the fact that they captured him alive. But the police killed 12 and 13 year old black and brown kids. Like yeah, that tells you everything you need to know. It's just it's just such of like such a fucking sham and it's just so disheartening also because some of these communities that are being harmed the most are aligning politically with the communities that are harming them almost. So you have some like asian af communities that are Republican af also and not to say that democrats always good. Um, but they'd be going too hard in the bad Republican paint you. No, no, no. Like it's yeah, there were, there were asians that were, I love trump and I'll always vote for trump.

Well trump is against abortion and I'm against abortion. Like, you know, trump also wants you out of the country and your Children and doesn't give a ship about how much time you spent on this land or how much you served in the military. That's a really big one that I feel like a lot of my Republican Filipino comrades will never understand. Like you see that viral video of, I believe it was a japanese man and his cars, uh while in the military, they see him as another asian man doesn't, they don't fucking care who quote unquote does not belong in this country who quote unquote brought the kung flu virus to the U. S. Like we'll always be pitted against each other. Mhm. Yeah. So they could have died for this country quite literally, I do not understand. I do not understand.

No. And some of that is very deep seated in history and and you know, things that we in our generation don't necessarily understand because our older generation doesn't always share these things. They don't share their feelings. I'm sure they're like histories and traumas, they just keep it moving right? So you might never know if your great granddad fought for fucking a war in America as a filipino citizen and they promising citizenship and then they changed their mind and since it was a democratic president, he is like fuck democrats forever. And he just passed on that line. You know, you don't know anything stuff, democrats, your story, your story. That's all you get. You don't get the rest of it. Like yeah, we don't understand what's happening. We just get fed something and I don't know how you get to be the person that wakes up and says, is this right? I don't know how that gets to happen. Mhm. Um I mean, there's also that part of it of Feticide Fetish.

five House. Our fetishization, yes, fetishization. That civilization but his eyes. No. Yeah. I mean and that that's a very mild term too, right? I say Fucking violent. I say sexual violence because it can easily go to that. Um during 100 real quick, right? Within a few seconds if me as a white colonizer, I'm not getting my needs fulfilled by you as an Asian woman. Um because you know, we live this world for the white male gaze apparently. No. Um If it's not happening out in Southeast asian countries, if it's not happening even here in the US, they can fucking explode right away because we're supposed to be what um we're supposed to be to them no matter what because white colonialism.

Yeah. I understand that's where that fish civilization comes from. Not even like you already have to deal with the fact if you're in a feminine body, whether or not that's already a thing, right? That's one level. Then on top of that, you're asian. So like, you're like a doll, like you're not even a person, like you're like a play thing. And of course violence comes with that because they don't see your humanity. No, no, we don't have a business. And if you speak up and that's internalized as well in our own culture, I mean asian men, even asian men and say exactly asian men um always felt as though they needed control over their asian women. Um, you know, wives, household folks, like we weren't allowed to study, go to school. That kind of ship happened all over the place. But when you bring in the white supremacy, um they feel like still as of today can do whatever the hell they want.

Oh yeah, because you're not a person, You're like, just their thing like this, this fucking loser that shot up the spot. Like the fact that he could say all of the things he said and people air it like, why? Because of that? Because people see the fetish and they see the asian women in that small and I'm sure people are probably like, who are they sex workers? Or were they like, who the fun cares is a hate crime. White man commit Tate crime. The end. Don't give a sh it about his sexual whatever blah. I don't give a sh it about his church. Don't give a sh it. White man kills people in hate crime period reporting is done. I know everything I need to know. He was just having a bad day and he needed to get rid of his sexual addictions, get rid of your sexual addictions through a psychiatrist. No. Now by killing humans know if that was a black dude that shot a white lady, they wouldn't say any of those things, you know like they wouldn't say any of those things, it doesn't make any sense or if it was the other way around and it was an asian shooting up any breaking businesses.

Oh all of a sudden we're going to start a war against this entire country. Yeah, yeah, so it's okay for for one person to represent every culture except for white people representing americans. Like when a white person does something, this is in America, this is not us, this is un american, they love saying that. But you know coronavirus comes from china, every chinese person, chinese virus, chinese flu kung flu. Like you only generalize in one direction. Yeah, don't make no sense, it gets real old. It's so tiring man and for people to empathize with that, that explanation, you know, just makes no sense to me either. The fact that they're like oh yeah I understand he needed to, you know, solve the problem here to find a way to solve problems.

Makes him like and it's not even funny, you know like it wasn't just one Or two, it was multiple. Yeah. And he was a rampage that would just like to like to full on rampage. Yeah. And they caught this guy alive and then I don't know if you saw the story that came out after that somebody's husband, they locked him up because just because he was brown just because he was a hispanic looking dude, they locked him up and he couldn't hold his wife's hands when she died. He was, I think he was trying to perform CPr and his own wife and was asking for help and the authorities did not want to and you know she legit died in his arms and he got arrested. Yeah, yeah. What is going on here? But then they're going to say it's an american, this is not us. You know, it's the same, it's the same kind of ship like at the end of the day if when I'm like you can see if when this guy goes to trial shift happens and they let them off easily right?

And people protesting the street, what are going to call it riots and the day if there's some fucking hockey championship and people, people's favorite team win and they go out in the streets like nobody says anything like they're fine with that like that property damage. Just cool white people are doing it. Like, I don't get it. Oh, it's for a good reason for celebration. We're celebrating in the streets, celebrates. They take the celebrations to the streets like that. That's the riot. Fuck. That's the riot. I don't get that. That part is very confusing to me. So yeah, I hate hate is a virus, as they say. Yeah, it just breaks my heart that we're still having this conversation. Yeah. And I think, um the only thing that's different this time around for sure is that there's definitely more asian folks asking black folks what the funk? How did you handle june? That's like the only thing I can tell you is different, right? Because everything is the same fucking story affecting killing us.

But um at least I could say that's the difference is that I'm not I'm not seeing my trauma. You know, I'm not having my family members call me and tell me they're scared right now. Like, I'm not seeing people my color on the screen getting shot up and whatever. Like, you know what I mean? It's just Oh, and that's the thing too about re traumatizing ourselves from our own personal experiences because it's the trend because it's a hashtag Why is that fair if it hurts. No, I think that's disgusting. Like, these videos are shared. Like, I don't want to see the video. No, I don't want to see this. I don't want to see the video and I know that nobody's doing anything about it. Like, like why are you showing me this just for shock? Like what do you like, what is there to learn from watching the violence firsthand? I don't need to yeah, we're angry. No ship were angry. What kind of response do you want me to have for you are the ones that reach out after 10 2030 years of not talking or given a crap about your life or like, hey, since you're my only asian or black man, I just want to check in to see if you're okay, I'm here for you.

I'm only a call away. Shut the funk up. What? You don't even know me? And are you showing that solidarity publicly or privately? Right. You whisper activism. Yeah yeah. Same with trends rights now. Like all of this that's happening in the world. We're losing our rights, our privileges and our lives like yeah, it's just one on top of another and it's just going to be the same ship. Like you know, after june everybody's lookout black owned business. Oh, support these black owned brands. Oh, by from these black and now I'm seeing it. Oh asian guy brands. Oh asian funded businesses. All of these people. So we're going to stop carrying in two weeks when it's not cool anymore. Like what, what's happening? What's going on? Where is that going to go. I do have a real life question that maybe I need to do some unnecessary amount of googling on but I would love to know what the conversation is on.

You know the Fox News is and all that about the asian specific hate crimes because we know how it went with, you know how it goes with the blacks and they're all they're snafus how many times they even say things like that The black don't even oh my God, I don't even want to go there. Me, I don't know. And I wonder if there's the same, you know like we have that Candace lady, you know the model black person that they love to have who's like fucking anti black and whatever and that's like the spokesperson for black people like see she agrees with us like that's the spokesperson for that. Is there an asian version of that? Is that right now? There are tons, I'm sure and then, I mean I don't know if Fox News has gotten hold of this but NBC had just posted one of that a korean republican congressional candidate in texas who is anti chinese immigrants because of Covid and um how that came about with all the stop Aapi I hate and all that.

It's just like, oh yeah, that's probably going to be there next candace. That's going to be their their spokesperson, I can I can see that happening. Yeah, because you have somebody who looks like you know the ones who are being oppressed and is acting as though they are not oppressed or treated the exact same way until maybe their grandparents get kicked on the streets. Yeah okay. I mean at this point I've already unfollowed anybody I don't want to see so like that. But is that is are we doing the same thing again? You know are people posting like those shitty pictures again? Like what what are they going to post this hand? They should not be posting a yellow hand in the white hand. What are they gonna post this time? You know like all those black heart black and white hart swirls like what are they doing this time? Uh my god I don't want to see it. You said yellow and white and I automatically thought of Simpsons they better not better not be posting nothing yellow out.

Uh better not. I don't know this world is wild, it is very wild. But I mean at the end of the day I hope you know what white supremacy is. That's that's the main idea. That's always the T. L. D. R. Why is this happening? Yeah white supremacy. What can you do about it? Learn about waste streams get uncomfortable if you have to even if you are asian even if you are black because you might have some anti internalized bullshit for yourself too. Some of us are lost. That's not true and it's true especially now because with this stop aapi I hate people are going to the automatic assumption that if they're seeing a lot of videos of the people who are um you know causing the harm, causing the violence and like oh they're not white. Oh that guy is actually black. Are we doing black versus asian hate now?

Like no, we are losing. You're you're forgetting that a lot of this is stemming from the violent words that trump aired on national tv that Fox news has been sharing on national tv about Covid coming from china chinese people in the US and immigration and it's happening all over the place. Yeah. And there's so many communities that there's tensions between the cultures between nationalities were like you said, even asian communities within themselves and these have all existed already. So you have something else on top of it? Yeah. Media is going to do better I think so. I feel like there's no such thing as like true journalism anymore, right? Like if there's anything I want to find out, I'm Googling it. Like I'm not like there's something that is teaching me right? Like nothing is actually telling me something I should know.

Like nobody is out there saying like the like the article I mentioned before, what do black people need to do to support asians like yeah, you know, what are you talking about? What's out there? Or I mean how many people like you said there's gonna be people out there. I don't know it's black people attacking asians like like that's you're wasting my time. Yeah. I mean and just back to like the what do they call it? The Rodney King riots down in L. A. Koreatown right there. Like oh korean owned businesses are the only ones getting targeted um by these um black activists for the Rodney King trials like this. This was how white supremacy pitted us against each other from decades ago. It's happening all over again, tension and tension and tension like something already and all it takes is one event. And I don't think uh one video. Yeah maybe you have to stop looking at things as as single events like this should happen because this happened because that happened because 50 years ago the US invaded this or because China and supported this guy.

But the us through that guy out and put like I don't think people really realize like how much the ship affects us down the line. You know? Like are these giant countries have literally been fucking little hands in countries all over the world and then all of us meshed together in America like yeah okay so there's gonna be levels to everything. Hello? It's not just going to be a well these black people hate Koreans. You see I'm like goddamn it. You don't get it. You don't get it. You don't get it. It's very arrogant, very on brand. Yeah. We got that off our chest to Yeah. Yeah. I mean that was for you though. You know that was for you. I can't say anything besides what I know and what I feel but like I said I'm not it's not I'm not seeing my body on the screen. I'm not seeing I'm not having my grandma tell me that she's scared to walk outside.

Yeah I mean but that's also where the solidarity comes from comes from. Because there is still violence. And when you think of fetishization, fetishization again, sexual violence violence against misinformed, you know pandemic ship like there's still always some history there and even like pornography can be to blamed. Like there's still sexual violence against black women. Asian women, latino women because of that white supremacist mindset. And it's the exact same thing. Yeah. It's pretty gross. It's a pretty growth. It's the same thing. Uh Oh but what I meant just in case it wasn't clear is like this was your episode two to record like this was your episode to lead. So like the friend not friendly. Are you okay? You wanna talk about it? Yeah. When you want to record this episode and talk about it we will talk about and we did and we have boom there it is.

So I think because it's cool right? I'm pretty sure somebody out there is like cool. Did they post about this? How come they wrote it? They did an episode about Black lives matter. Didn't do this, you know like I'm sure that's out there but I mean at the end of the day when you're actually the one that's being hurt. Yeah, it's not a performance. You know, you can't just press play and expect somebody to do what you want when they want it like because these are our lives and I do appreciate that. You know, we said this off camera, but even same with Black Lives Matter, like we couldn't do it two weeks ago, three weeks ago, six months ago. It's going to take some time to again get, I don't know, just go through our own internal trauma. Our own ship, talk to our own family members about our own problems until we feel comfortable and ready to talk about it because it's not just a trend to as it's legit our lives, that's it. It's not a trend.

And there's gonna be a lot of people that are like, oh I need an asian lady to talk and I will host an event this month, like that's going to be a thing. Yeah and then it'll die down just like things die down after june like same fucking shit different toilet, this is our lives. So yeah. Ah and there's still so much like every time this comes up even right now so much in my head that's so traumatizing that I can't talk about as much as I want to, it's oh a lot a lot and we're not just doing it for the camera and at the end of the day or for the podcast. Yeah. At the end of day you still have to somehow function like the rent's still due on the first. Like what the fuck? Gotta go to work the next day. Like you just have to keep, you got to put a face on. Yeah. And if you're not, especially you're in a work environment where it's not supporting you and the things that are happening, it's like yo what the fuss.

Um like I know there was this one guy that I followed on twitter, I can't remember his name right now asian dude, I don't know what nationality. Um but he was just posting like he's the only Asian dude in his class. He's like literally having mental fucking breakdowns. Like he's not okay. He's not okay because every day somebody's calling him and telling him how he's, they're scared to go out and he's like buying pepper spray for his mom and like he's not okay and there's nobody in that school that's, you know, they'll, they'll be the first one that's like, oh we need to host the eye but their actual student is directly affected and nobody has reached out to him like, hey, do you need some extra times assignments? You could, yeah. Yeah. It's, it's either, it's like sometimes on completely opposite ends. Either they're all staring at you waiting for a breakdown, asking if you're okay, asking if you're okay or completely ignore your traumas and what you might be going through okay.

You don't know monday. You have to be outwardly like on the floor flailing for somebody to be like, oh you're hurting okay. Yeah. Like they have to see the tears like what is it? I don't get that. That I don't I mean a big thing. I mean a big thing right now is, well I mean I'm not saying d I'm talking to a lot of um I'm in sales, I'm talking to some asian reps throughout other teams who are experiencing, you know, we're talking to customers time and time again um Out on the field. They're they're getting those nasty racial slurs. Um And don't know how to take it. Like there's there's professionalism, there's act like everything's ok. Yeah. Like smile and nod is the default from. Yeah. Yeah. What's more important getting the sale and being a good sales rep a good uh professional or fucking you know, speaking up for yourself and probably losing millions of dollars for the company.

Like what the funk? It's not worth it. It's not that's that's what I'm telling them is no sale is ever worth your mental or physical health. Uh But it's hard to you know, find that balance definitely. It definitely is. And it's even like not even just sail like its safety to right because at the end of the day we don't they don't see our humanity. So you might smile and nod like I just got to get the funk outta here. No, I don't know where this is going to go. I just smile. Ok, ha ha. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. Great. You made a joke about chinese food. Ha ha. I gotta go. Okay. Yeah. And and the thing about right now is like we are literally scared that anybody could have like a gun in their pocket or it's not just words. Yeah. And it's not um it's not extreme to think that way because this is literally what's happening.

I saw this other comment and I don't know if the timing is true, but they were like, we're opening back to the country and now we're having a mass shooting every week. Oh yeah. I don't know if that that checks out, but it's off the shelf. It seems like it. Yeah. Yeah. Back. Here we go. Yeah, I did hear that. I mean, I don't know if the statistics are right. It's not being like publicized if it wasn't being publicized during the pandemic because again media is in control. Right? Right. I mean social media, all we know is that most schools are cut back on whatever. So maybe there hasn't been school shootings. I don't think. I don't know. Oh God don't even schools are starting back up again. Uh but you know this one happened like at normal businesses I guess because they are allowed to do indoors pause reason and there was something in boulder, like the next week, wasn't it? Yeah, yeah. Mm hmm. At a grocery store.

I mean the fact that kids that go to school nowadays have active shooter drills, like, like come on, That's some ship. So there are people that were reporting from the capital ship, um, riots that the only reason that they didn't like get caught in the violence that get caught in the mob or whatever is because they had a young intern and the young interns are decades younger than them. They're doing active shooter drills at school. Oh damn. So they know what to do. They knew what to do. Okay. We gotta block the door. Okay. We gotta go here. We have to hide here. Look for the best place to hide. Okay, Lock all the exits. Okay. They knew, I just got chills. That's sucking scary. But then that's a new reality, but I'm not okay with that. And you shouldn't have to be that way. I mean, I'm also glad that this state California has very, very strict, you know, no concealed carry.

Like it's really, really hard to um, get a concealed carry license or even just being licensed for a gun, but build so many states in the US. Yeah. Yeah, they're cool. Open carry. As long as you're white, you could like what? That's so like, why is that? That's why you ever need to just be like, oh, I'm going to go to CVS so I gotta get my prescription, got my gun on my shoulder. Like why fun is it? I don't, I don't, I don't think I can ever understand that culture and I don't really just don't get it. I'd love to know, I'd love to somebody sit down and explain that to me. I don't really get it. And we really can't just say it's for the economy because I mean, you know, same with the legalization of marijuana in a lot of states, right? It was to help the economy. Yet everybody who was black and brown that got incarcerated is still in prison never reduce their charges.

And then saying that the NRA and you know these gun industries are making so much money for the economy. Like, oh what's more important many people? Mm hmm, yep. Freedom. What? How is that? Taking away your freedom. Can't you just do that a range where you can leave the gun there and then go back to your home. I will never like I need somebody to logically explain to me that culture because I don't get it. I don't for what? For what? For what? And then they're like, oh guns don't kill people. People kill people. Okay, well the people got the guns. I don't understand like I really like I need somebody that's like level headed sit down and tell me the history because I don't, I don't get it. It doesn't make sense to me. Why are you so in love with your gun? That you need to be able to walk in walmart with it? Why I don't get there? Why are you so in love with your gun that you don't want them to take away assault rifles? Why do you need the assault rifle?

What are you doing with it? Like why is that an integral part of you as a person? I need to understand. I don't get it. I need no. Damn straight all you. I mean everyone who just owns a gun, Anyone who owns an automatic as well, like you know, damn straight. If you were to flip the switch and just get angry one day, you could be easily one of those terrorists easily. I mean like, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't understand. I mean there's nothing wrong. You know, people like to shoot guns cool. People want to go to gun ranges like people hunt. You know, I'm not like there when it comes to like, I'm not, I don't mind hunting. You know, you eat the animal like that's what nature's for. Cool. But I just can't get the level of, I don't want you to take my guns away. I don't know where my gun proudly. Like I just don't understand. I don't get it. Well, no. And that's in conversation with all of the mass shootings are people being killed. Yeah. You're still we weren't seeing that time and time again. Maybe we can have that conversation but we are, I don't get it.

Little kids you know through and they don't understand that this is an America problem. Like people aren't doing this everywhere. You can go to french kids are learning active shooter drills like no, what the hell? Oh man. It's just very scary that media is has that much control over people and the way the algorithms work out have that much control over people. I think it's getting worse. It is it is it's getting way worse like somebody um like the whole thing right now with Georgia and this sp whatever ship and the voting restrictions and you know, they're doing all the shadows as always for voter suppression. They didn't like the Georgia got flipped. They're just gonna let that slide. Yeah. And I'm like I haven't looked it up because I don't really like again the news is gonna tell me anything. So I'm gonna teach me anything real briefly. Like I just looked at what it looks like. It's 100 pages long. Oh jeez it's long. Um but yeah, I can hear conversations when I go out and the real world and oh you know the democrats are trying to jump this down and all they want to do is make it so you need a driver's license to vote and even the airlines are hopping in and the MLB wants to pull out of Georgia and that's just stupid.

You need an I. D. To buy a plane ticket. Why don't she, can I. D. To buy a gun? She's like, where are you getting this information? Because I'm pretty sure if there's 100 page bill, like it's pretty much, it's gotta be deeper than that. Oh yeah, but they or lose your mindset. They felt that to their core and that's what they believe that the bill is only you need a driver's license to get an ID. Well that and you can't vote the same day that you register. That's a really big one. Yeah. And then I also saw something else in there were at any time they can decide to challenge your registration for any reason. It's like Patriot act, Patriot act all over again. Yeah. But they read that somewhere and that's what they're running with. Like that's so freaking scary. Man who has control, who has control. We've lost control. There's no damage. There's no democracy in the US. What are we kidding?

I'm still going to vote, but there is no democracy. I'm still going to vote for, you know, the lesser of two evils, blah blah blah. And I can understand people that don't vote for sure because it's not really like democrat versus Republican. It's like power versus powerless. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody sucks. Yeah. And then the rich get richer, The poor, get poorer, the poor, keep dying. You get Covid the pores, the pores getting sick is only for the pores and I tell people this all the time and they think what I like, they think it's funny because they'll say something like, well, I don't understand. They're telling us we gotta be six ft, but they want to open schools back. Why? Because Covid is for the pores, okay. Who can't afford childcare? The pores, okay? They need their kids back in school. Like, like nobody gets that. They're just always democrat Republican. Like Nabi Yeah. Power versus the powerless. That's where it's at. Uh huh. And what would help is, you know, um, if those rich people can distribute the wealth a little bit, why do you need 10, 20 billion trillion dollars to no, no, donald trump is just smart.

Okay. If he all of those, it's not his fault. The loopholes exist. If he knows how to use the loopholes to lower how much taxes he pays. He's just a smart businessman. And the best part about it is like literally brainwashing even poor people from thinking that they're going to get taxed more. You're like, no, I don't think you're Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a mess. It's a mess. I hate it here, but we're stuck here, so I'm going to complain and loudly. No, but we can also just move forward with what we can control, you know? Yeah, that's pretty much it. I mean when it comes to living like day to day. There's so much fucking doom and gloom. That is real. We don't need conspiracy theories. Real life is enough. Being asian in the street knowing that people are going to jump you just for looking asian, even if you're sucking filipino, they think you're chinese, they don't know the difference races as fucky. That's good enough. I don't need a Bill Gates vaccine conspiracy theory.

Like that's enough. You know, like just me thinking like, do I want to call the cops for this? Maybe they might kill me even though I need help. Like that's good enough. So yeah, there's enough doom and gloom. Just what can I control what makes me happy and how could I pay my bills exactly. And just fucking just keep floating in the sea of trash. That's all. You know, just on a little lifesaver floating through a sea of trash, just trying not to sink it. That's where we're at. Oh man, that's grow. That's it. That's where we're at. You know, you're on your lifesaver over there. I got a little rope I got, you were together. Great. We'll just flow in this sea of trash to sit. Yeah. And just like being able to get up and conquer that day sometimes. It's gonna be rough. You don't have to open your social media accounts and be angry all the time. You just need to wake up sometimes. Yeah, make sure you eat, make sure you shower.

Exactly. Take care of yourself. I definitely pulled one of those where something nice just because things today I noticed I love it. You even have a necklace on like yeah, it's rough out here. Maybe. Maybe our bonus content can be some tips for detoxing from bullshit, detoxing from heavy, heavy shit things to do. I like that. Yeah, that's what we'll do. Dogs are barking. Sorry if they're very passionate also, so um yeah, sucks. And if you all want to chat, I mean R. D. M. S are open. If you all need uh someone to listen to you were here. Yeah, if you need to know no questions asked, I don't need to explain who I am or where I am, but this ship is bothering me. Perfect. We're perfect for that. Just dump it. Okay. Mhm. But ask first. Yeah, you're talking to because this is oh I just learned by the way it's called trauma dumping asked first like you can we talk about this?

Yeah, because you might not be ready today. Exactly. Yes because dems or not filtered. They're just DMS. If I just open it, you send me some ship. I wasn't ready for. Yeah, the arms are open, but please, hey, can I talk to you guys with some disclaimer? Disclaimer? No trauma dumping. Don't forget the word of the day is always white supremacy disabled girls up. Yeah. Yeah

E48: Stop Anti-Asian Violence
E48: Stop Anti-Asian Violence
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