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E20: "The Fight is Long but We Will Win" with Karleigh Webb

April 6th 2020

On this episode, we dive into how equity in sports affects all aspects of our lives.  We are joined by the lovely Karleigh Chardonnay Webb (@rocketdyne1965), who is a triathlete, activist, wri... More

this is disabled girls who lift. We are reclaiming what's rightfully ours. One podcast at a time. It's mary Beth Chloe and Marcia bringing you the thoughts and unpopular topics to get you out of that. A bliss comfort zone. Mm hmm. Welcome folks. Here we go. Another episode. Disabled girls who live. It's a whole ass pandemic. But we're still out here. Um this is Marcia from florida. Hey, it's mary Beth from California and oh man, I have such a lovely guest joining us today. I am so, so thankful that she took the time out of her lovely monday afternoon coming in from new Britain Connecticut carly web. She she is a journalist and a writer for outsports. She's got her own dope dope dope podcast that you need to listen to. It's called The Transporter room. We'll talk a little bit about it here. Um today we want to talk about allie ship and trans awareness how us as disabled folks in the disabled community can help each other out.

Talk about some anti trans bills right now in the US and how we can help. But really just, I want to know more about you carly. You're such an interesting person and thank you for joining us. Mary Beth Marcia, thank you and thank you for letting me be a part of this. And also thank you for the work and and the competition that you've been doing. I mean both of you are both of you are awesome power lifters. You're awesome athletes and you're out here telling people what they need to know and that's important. I mean my men, I mean, one of my mentors in my own journey forward told me that you have to be out in the world to let people know that you're in the world and you're both out there in the world doing and not just out in the world, but out in the world, competing, competing, getting into the game, getting into the game as it were lifting those pounds that you're putting up, lifting those kilos that you're putting up. Because that's one thing I look at you, it's like dang, I wish I was that strong because y'all be throwing up some payload.

I mean you be. And then first looking at some videos of mary beth pocket Hercules over here throwing up a lot just, I mean, y'all lifting tonnage it looks like and that's, I mean not to use that, not to overuse that word because I know that word gets thrown out, especially when you're talking about adaptive and disabled sports, but it is inspiring to see y'all pushing, I mean, pushing that weight getting in that arena and speaking out, that's what pushes me to speak out, pushes me to do more, pushes me to be a better ally, pushes me to move forward in activism because I know I'm not walking out there alone and we're not walking out there alone and it's good to know that there are voices across sports and across all strata of sport that realize that sports has always in one way or another been political and if we can use our plan, if we can use our platforms and our podiums and our start lines and are finish lines to raise awareness and make positive change, it's worth it because people just don't, people just don't go to the games just because they just because just to go, because they got something to do.

People want to see something. People want to see something inciting, inspirational and special sports. Athletics provides that. And I want the beauty of what made of what makes me play sports. I want that open to everybody. And we were saying, before we start the podcast, now is a good time to talk about, how do we make that better? How do we make that equity better? How do we make that work? Because right now there's no sports going on where to pause right now, so we can mourn and we can fret about what happens next or we can actually sit down and say, okay, we have this pause, how do we make things better? How do we make it more equity? How do we bring more equity to the, to the sports and to the games? How do we ensure that there's more opportunity across the Stratos, how do we do that now? Is a good time to have those discussions? Oh yeah, why can't we bring in, you know, some of the, some of the people in the sports industry that write the rules, you know, why is it just got to be athletes talking about what needs to be changed?

How do we change it from the top down? Well, see that's that's part of the issue. I believe that we are at the moment now where change is gonna come from the bottom up, We're not gonna I mean, we've always I mean, we we need all these people like school administrators, college administrators, governing bodies, They need to look out their window and see millions of us right outside saying, no, this is what we, as people want, this is what we as citizens want. This is what we as athletes want. Those are the I mean, those are the things they need to see. So no, it's not a matter of getting change from the top down changes, only gonna really come from the people up. We have to start realizing that, you know, our preamble of the of the constitution starts, I am with the people and you, are we the people and you are with the people. I mean, yeah, we're going to bring a little tribe called quest into this. We the people have gotta know, we the people have got to we have to we have to roll forward united in a strong united front to, for example, to make sports more equitable to make sure that, you know, we don't have people training for the olympics while they're working while they're trying to juggle three jobs in their own food stamps.

We need to make we need to lift our voices so that we have so that we have nondiscrimination for disabled people in the workplace. For example, we have to come together and get that power concedes nothing without demand. The demand must come from the streets, it's not going to come from the sweets. No it has, it never hasn't, never will because they're they're comfy up there. They don't need shit. They got all they want, they are comfortable up there sitting on an island. But as you're seeing with that dow jones, they ain't as comfortable as they used to be. Now when they see that Jiao jones's drop that dow jones is dropping 89 1000 points, we're starting, if this thing gets any lower, we're gonna start seeing the dow jones industrial average from back when I was in high school, when we when when they thought, wow, we're at 1700 that's huge, we're going up. I mean they're getting nervous too and that's why you're seeing some of the things you're seeing, that's why you're seeing these diet hard.

What did what did donald trump say at the state of the union more than a year ago America will never be a socialist country. And now he's turned around saying, I want to give every american a grand a month hashtag just saying they're real, they're realizing in a sense, Somebody actually gave donald trump a history book and he looked at what, what FDR said what what people said about the new deal, the new deal saved capitalism because he was figuring, oh we better give, you know, we better start helping out. We start, we better start getting some programs for the working folks or else they are really going to turn this thing over. So I mean that's what they're looking at. So that's what we're seeing. They're realizing how important we are. But when, when will it be too late? You know, we've got to start dropping like flies in order for that to happen. Stay with athletes. Like they're pushing us out of our own sports and you know, what's it gonna take for for them to finally accept us and be like, okay, you can be a member on my team.

Well, they gotta get uncomfortable whether it's that stock market stock market dropping, whether it's public opinion, whether it's letters and protesting and whatever what have you like somehow some way these people have to get uncomfortable to get any change. Like you see all these companies that have things that happen and they don't change anything until people start dragging them on twitter like, like it doesn't make any sense. Like okay, so you knew it was wrong, but you did it anyway. But now that we're pointing it out, huh? Okay. And historically speaking, that's the way it's always been, that's that's that's our country, the people up top we're going to stay comfy and cozy until something changes and they say oh well oh all right I guess I have to do something well like well let's talk about it. So we we talk about how we can make change as a community for disabled athletes. How can we be allies toward taken on these anti trans bills in sports or in the US in general? How can we how can we assist in that?

Well 1st first by and I'll tell you the power lifting community, you showed it already, you showed it already on that platform. I believe it was at a um it was at a competition I believe in the last year where J. C. Cooper was there and they told and they said J. C. You can't compete. J. C. You can't you can't compete. And a group of lifters said then fine we're not lifting but we're not gonna leave the venue, we're just gonna we're gonna time out our lifts but we're going to but we're not we're going to not leave the building instead. What we're gonna do is time out our lift but let you know we support our fellow competitor. Things like that have to happen where you speak out and you keep speaking out and you speak out again and every venue that you have you speak out and I think that's what I think that that's the biggest thing that people who may not be in the trans community but be allies of it can do and vice versa And Vice Versa. It's also incumbent on me as an able bodied person to also.

So like for example to to write that email to NBC saying, where's that Paralympics coverage at? Because in 2012 they covered maybe eight hours in 2016, they covered 80. The difference, what the difference was people, the difference was obviously adaptive slash disabled sports communities were already on NBC's case but then able by able bodied people and allies and especially able bodied athletes within the all the governing bodies. Say wait a minute. This is not cool. This is not cool. One of those was a good friend of mine and back in my home, back in my hometown of Omaha Nebraska who is a guide runner for a blind paralympian and he and a lot of other people got together and said no, this isn't cool, this isn't cool. You're paying all this money to cover the olympics and the paralympics are part of the contract. So do it right. These are excellent athletes do it. These are excellent athletes and their people want to see and our people want to see them compete. Let's do what the rest of the world is doing the rest of the world for example.

I look at what Channel four did with their Paralympics coverage in London. They they put as much of much importance on the paralympics as they did in their olympics as BBC did in their olympics coverage. They did it and they did it right. They covered they covered the way as a journalist. Things should be covered. If you're going to send people there, do it right, do it right, Do it serious. Don't make it a ton of inspiration porn. Cover the sport. Thank you. Thank you. And not only should you start covering us, start paying us more, Raise. Our grand prize is I don't know if you heard but just a few months ago they hosted water pollution over where Marcie is at and I love water pollution because they have an adaptive division. You know, we see a lot of our community get represented over there, but they're comparing first prize. You know, elite individuals who get $50,000 To our adaptive division, who gets 500 dollars and the 10th, the 10th place of the able bodied elite division gets more than the first place.

Yeah, I think that. What was that? What was that like? What are we doing now? Well, why you pointed me to some stat? You pointed me to some data on that when we talked a couple of weeks ago mary beth and and I think that's no, that's criminal. Especially given what you see in society as a whole where disabled workers on average are paid are paid less for the same work are paid less for the same work opportunities or opportunities or non existent in many cases, no, there needs to be some equity, especially when you're talking about in the sporting realm where people are playing the same competitions, they're doing that, they're they're doing the same things, they're playing the same competitions, they have to go through the same amount of work and but that's also another thing. We have to look at pay equity across the board. Just that, I mean, it would be great to see, for example, to see adaptive athletes saying we stand with, for example, the U. S. Women's national soccer team as they're fighting and in turn having the women's national team say we stand with, we stand with America's paralympians to see that they're being treated right.

We stand with the greater equity and adaptive sport something, I mean something in fact that a number of W. N. B. A players have done done. I mean another person who's been who's also stuck her nose in the fight. But then again, she's sticking her nose and everybody's Megan Rapinoe to and and in turn also seeing you all say for example, we stand against these bills that are that are basically saying if if you're a kid who's trans, we have the right to check your pants before you can make a high school. I mean that, but but that's what we need in athletics, we really need athletes across sports, across leagues from recreation level, collegiate level, elite level, professional level to come together and say, in a united front, we want sport to reflect society to we want equity. And see the thing is, the difference between sports and the workforce right now is we do work harder. Like I don't want to be the one to say, oh, we have it harder than the able bodied people or trans folks have it harder than cis folks, you know, like, but we do work harder for that.

And honestly, those adaptive people who competed in a wad, They probably lifted more weight than the 10th place. Delete individual. They probably had a bit bigger total. But just because they're, you know, missing a leg or missing a hand or have a mental disability, they get paid less. We'll see that. But that Yeah, but that's also another factor we have to talk about. And yes, I'm now full disclosure as a member of the Party for socialism and Liberation. I have to bring the hammer and sickle in here, and we have to mary beth that's a very valid point. But we also have to get to the point where we realize we're all members of the proletariat, were all members of the working class, and what affects one sector of the working class affects all sectors of the working class. If they can divide, they are going they try power and capital tries to do everything they can to divide people, For example, they're gonna tell me tell me, you know, we have to kind of skimp on your salary because we need to build that ramp and we need to build that curve cut.

I mean one of the things that the trump administration is trying to do is water down the A. D. A. The Trump administration and the congressional Republicans since Trump took office have tried six different pieces of legislation to try and scale back the Americans with disabilities act something that has worked and worked well since 1990 in this country. And they're trying to scale back. Yeah. Now me as an able bodied person say, wait a minute that divides the working class that divides America that divides workers against workers and as a member of the american proletariat and damn proud of it. That can't stand because you see when workers stand together, you know what it means. The bosses have a harder time kicking us around. So to me this isn't just a matter of for example, in my case being being transgender and being an athlete, this is not just a matter of trans rights. This is also a matter of workers rights and protecting the proletariat. And I think that's a problem that a lot of people have because they will be comfortable in one intersection and forget the rest, you know, oh I'm gay, I'm here, I'm with my gay friends and gay rights and gay this and oh well, did you see that trans built.

Oh, I don't support that, You know? Well, I'm a wheelchair user. I'm here for my disabilities. I'm here for that. I'm here for this. And then, you know, somebody comes out and says, well, I have an invisible illness. What about my protections? Um, we don't care about that. Like you can't exist in that way. You know what I mean? But hey, let's talk about that. Let's get, let's get in on that. Let's get on on that. Let's talk About, let's talk about these bills. Let's talk about these bills 18 in, in this year alone, 18 states have debated Or put legislation on the floor designed to ban transgender students from competing as high school athletes. 18 states have done this. I believe in five states they failed one ST Idaho. Just put it, just put it on the governor's desk. The governor has not signed it yet. And in a number. And from those 18 states, something like six of them will mandate genetic testing and genital inspection.

Now, the International Olympic Committee stopped doing that in 1999 and there are people who are going to say, oh, that's not true. That's not what the bill calls. You know, read the bill, for example, in Arizona, it's explicitly in the bill what they're going to do. They, they spelled it out there the same thing in Idaho ida. In fact, there's two bills on the government. there's two bills on the governor's desk right now. One for the matter of high school sports. The other one to end to end gender. Um to end gender. Affirming I. D. Gender affirming I. D. For people. I mean, so in short you can't get your documents changed in Idaho if that bill gets signed. And that's and that's crucial as and that's crucial as an issue for the working class because when you and I I'm speaking and I speak from experience last year I had all my documents change and it made it so much easier to deal with finding, to deal with finding work to accessing education. I'm looking at grad schools right now. It makes life a lot.

It makes your economic, educational and civic life a lot easier when all your documents lineup when the name, when the name that you use is also the name on your driver's license and it matches the face you have and you have that F. Is an F. Or M. Or or X. As a gender marker. I mean now you're starting to see something like eight states now have the third gender marker option Connecticut just became one of those and we're going to. Um, and we're happy for that because now because that opens the door to civic, social and economic engagement to more and more people. And that's the thing that that we really have to stress here and to all those, especially in the L. G. B. T. Q community. You think this doesn't affect you remember on october 8th three built three cases were sent to the U. S. Supreme Court that directly involved discriminate employment discrimination on not just trans people but also and organizations like the Family Resource Council focused on the family and the alliance defending freedom.

Who who are putting their there are tremendous finance their heavy financial resources behind this lawsuit here in Connecticut they've made no secret They want to roll back 70 years of civil rights for for L. G. B. T. Q. Communities for for for women's rights. See that's another thing that we have to talk about especially since they're going it's pick on transgender girls day and everybody celebrating the people that all those all those so called feminists, the same people that you're lining up with and some of you are taking money from These are the same people that are going that are these are the same people that want to put put the 89 pricewaterhouse cakes back in the Supreme Court. That basically said that a woman at work can wear whatever she damn well please and no employees and no employer can fire her because they feel she doesn't look feminine enough. Do you realize the amount of rolling back they want to do they these people really believe that all women should be june cleaver don't deny this and they're using and they're using me and then they're using me as a trans, as a transgender woman to try and drive wedges against working classes, gender women and folks don't be fooled because the people you're standing with, they may have their arm around you, but watch that back, watch their hand because there's a knife waiting to plunge into your back.

And that's what we're seeing in a lot of ways. And I think people need to realize is that all those intersections matter because you will be caught at that intersection and you don't want to be in the middle of that street when the trucks coming through And that's especially LGBT. Q. communities need to realize that because right now so many of our rights hang in the balance depending on how the Supreme Court goes with these cases that they're currently debated. You're seeing the concept of citizenship and personhood in this country, possibly going back to 1857 where the Supreme Court ruled in Fred Scott that that we have no, you have no rights by which we are bound to respect. And here's the question, do we want to go back that far? They obviously do. The question is, do you citizens want to go back that far, I say no because you go back far enough. I'm in chains, no thanks and God God forbid God forbid you meet all of those things God forbid you're a trans black woman God forbid you know, you're an asian person with a disability, God forbid like what?

Like somebody out here has to be paying attention because it's low hanging fruit, they're gonna go for the low hanging fruit they're gonna go for, oh you don't understand disabilities, Let's go after their rights. Oh you think being trans is weird, we're gonna go after their rights, but guess what, after we get that low hanging fruit, we're still going up that tree and we're gonna keep climbing Oh and that's another one, you want to talk about disabled rights, there's a case that's still pending in the Supreme Court right now that there is a school district in Tennessee, this case was brought up two years ago, a school district in Tennessee is challenging the titles from the 1968 Equality of Education Act that directly pertains to disabled students because they're saying we can't do all these main streaming services and special services and have a football team in the drama club in high school. So you know what we're challenging just to say, do we really need to provide this, that's what they're doing? I mean they're going after that too. And also again they're going after the they're trying to water down a D A so all these things to me or connect are connected and if one person needs it, everybody needs it like right now everybody is a lot of work from home, we're doing these live streaming lectures for cal U.

C. Berkeley and we have a very strong they have so much pride in our disability community or disability services on campus but they've always been turned down. We never had that provided those services for them before. But now that everybody needs them they're like oh alright stream away. We're setting a bad example for kids because these high school bills like you're making parents, parents are making kids turn against each other. They're putting their innocent little girl's face on the front of, I forgot what the website is called, where they're basically saying save girls sports um by not letting trans feminine girls compete against my daughter. Now, you know, let's dig in on that. Let's dig in on that because I know because in my state right now we're dealing with this, we're dealing with this and I really want us to talk about this because I think it's important that people realize what's what's happening. The quick timeline on this. There is a lobby called the alliance defending freedom. They're based right along K street Washington.

They they say they're based in Scottsdale Arizona. They're really based on K Street in Washington. That's what they're doing the work, they're not doing the work at a golf course in Arizona. They're doing the real work in Washington. They're a high powered christian dominionists lobby. They're known the southern poverty law center turns them as an L. G. B. T. Q. Hate group. That description is accurate last june the the ADF put forth a complaint to the U. S. Department of Education ran by probably the worst secretary of Education and history Betsy DeVos who is a person who if you know a quick thing about her history, her family and her family. She's part of the m way family fortune and she's part of the Amway fortune. Her she has put her time and financial resources towards basically destroying public education. That has been her spiel and now you've got a person dedicated to destroying public education, running public education.

This shows you how bizarre how bizarro world this thing is. But the ADF put forth this complaint. Now the ADF named two kids in this complaint. Their names are in Dry Yearwood and terry Miller now and Dry Yearwood is a a wonderful now a high school senior at Cromwell High School just down the road from me. Terry miller is also a senior senior at bloomfield high school. I mean bloomfield is they're in the small schools class but they were probably the biggest track power in the state. I mean they put this way combine their boys and girls teams, they're always in the hunt and the great thing about Connecticut is we have a two stage process for track and field. Your your your run during the season to get to your class meet to get to your the state meet for your for your schools and your size classification But if you're in that top six at your class meet you go to what we call the Connecticut open, which is the grand championship. It is the shoot out the best of the best all the classes to get together to decide one supreme overall.

I'm the baddest kid in the state now, Terry and Andrea have won a few and lost but recently they've lost a few as well, but I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself. They were named in this complaint. Now 29 page complaint at least one time per page. They were both, they were called at one point they just called him straight up boys who think they're girls or they use the other terms like biological males. Um they basically demeaned these kids. Now I want to ask if that was your little brother or sister. How would you, how would you, how do you think you'd respond if that was? And the parents who are watching this podcast? Think about if that was your kid being demeaned in that manner And later have them do it again six months eight months later at a press conference because they're announcing that they filed a federal lawsuit. That's what's going on here. The ADF first put this complaint through because since 2011 gender identity has been a protective class here in the state of Connecticut.

A bill was passed. That basically extended our human rights laws in our state to include gender identity as protected class. Now, the Connecticut Association of Schools who basically run the public schools in the state and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which runs high school sports in the state. By this mandate from our state government, one of those mandates is that no Connecticut child shall be denied equal opportunity of education, regardless of race, sex, orientation, gender identity, etcetera. So what the C. I A. C. Did and what the C. A. S. Did was say. Ok, state law tells us to do it. So we're opening the door. We're opening the door if you identify this way and all your school records are matching that identification. And your school is saying, we see you as X. That's what you're allowed to compete as. So that is the And basically that's the rule all the C. I A. C. Is doing is conforming to state law. And that's the one point I want to make to all people who, especially those turfs in great Britain who try to use this to try and sell their own transphobia.

You don't know what you're talking about. I'm gonna say it as a as a citizen of the state of Connecticut. This is state law, period. End of line, end of story. Now let's fast forward to about a little bit more than a month ago. The ADF comes back and says, we're we're we can't wait for the for the Department of Education who still hasn't made their rulings on this yet, we're going to file a federal lawsuit. You're violating title nine ironic given that groups like the ADF have tried to kill title nine ever since the ink dried on it in 1972. And to do this, they got three young high school athletes they got and these are all excellent athletes. Chelsea Chelsea Mitchell. She goes to Canton High up here. That's a that's a suburb of heart. That's a that's an area outside of Hartford. Alana smith is an excellent young. She was a freshman last year and won four state championships. She goes to Danbury High, which is down near which is down on the far suburbs of new york city. And Selina soule, who in many ways has been the face of this campaign for quite some time.

She goes to Glastonbury High just up the road. All three of these, these people are excellent athletes have won state championships. Chelsea Mitchell alone has won 12 in her four years in high school, including three days after the lawsuit sign goes out and goes out and wins the 55 m at her class indoor meets and beats the two kids and beats and dry and Terry kids who she claims I never have a shot at beating because there because they're boys and identifying this is something she said at the press conference where I'm often, I often step in the starting blocks knowing I can't win before the race started. But that goes out and in the space of eight days, beats them both at the class meeting and beats them both again at the Open championship And has won 12 and has won 12 championships. Alana Smith as a freshman last year, swept the sprints at her state at her state class meet and then goes out and wins the 400 m at the all class meet. If she continues on her current pace, she will graduate with potentially 16 state championships to her name yet.

In the A. D. S propaganda. They say that when Dry and Terry have dominated, when the truth is, they haven't. And that's the big thing that they're trying to sell. Now, here's where it gets, here's where it gets funny. And you know, we say, when it gets funny filed the money, here's where it gets funny a few. We, uh, as we got into March, the Connecticut Republican Party decided, you know what we're gonna support, we're gonna support this lawsuit and here's how we're gonna do it. We're gonna hold this night that was supposed to be in March 25. But because of coronavirus they're postponing it to a later time. Sometime in the future, Coronavirus permitting, we're gonna fund raising and we're going to get these three young high school students and we're going to give them an award for courage for putting up this lawsuit against these, these evil trans people trying to dominate when we're gonna save girls sports. I'm I'm serious blatant, baseless cynical cruel attack on kids and and dividing kids against kids and they're just existing. You know, they didn't do anything wrong, you know, and they're not and they're still just pretty okay.

Like they're not nominating. It's the same thing jaycee cooper were saying like, yeah, I'm lifting but like I'm not beating Monica Brown. Like we're still just pretty okay. Like calm down. Did you see that? But that's the thing, fear hysteria and it's not just here, the ADF look underneath, you know, again, when it gets funny file the money and the ADF is putting a lot of this money, they're doing this is what the ADF is doing right? No, they're doling that money out because they're they're pushing these bills and they're finding key legislatures and say, hey, hey, you want to get reelected. Here's some cash. Just put this bill up and that's why you're seeing these bills all across this country then and they're using fear hysteria and falsehoods about trans people. Now, one thing I do want to a couple of one thing I do want to point out because he needs to be shouted out for doing for doing for putting in work, chris mosier has been putting in work sounding the alarm on this chris mosier trans man.

1st 1st transgender athlete to make a U. S. National team first transgender athlete to compete in olympic trial. If it wasn't for a gimpy knee might have had a shot. I had a shot at the race walking trials a couple of months ago. He's really been sounding the alarm also for those who don't know Nike athlete to the Nike commercial couple of years ago, he's done a yeoman's work in sounding the alarm and notice who they're not, who they're not talking about any of these bills. Look at all these bills that are trying to ban trans trans athletes. They're all they're all saying we just want to keep transgender girls out. We're not caring about the boys, we'll get them another way. See that's another thing no one talks about. No one talks about transgender men in this deal. And the one thing people have to understand that's by design when these people put out these silly posters and when you go on twitter and see the same picture over and over again and don't think. And also a note to the ADF don't think you're slick, You're putting, you put up the perfect picture of the kids in this lawsuit And you're gonna put up the unflattering picture say my girl in dry Yearwood after she just got done running like 200 m, you're not slick.

Not only is that misogynist, it's somewhat racist and there is a racial component to this, both the girls are being talked about but then dry interior african americans are young african american student athletes. So there is a racial component here. It's not as overstated. The anti trans component, but it's definitely there. And the one thing that you're seeing especially since they're not talking about transgender boys in this and transgender men in this notice nobody's coming after like peanut Manuel the box who just signed a deal, who signed an endorsement deal a few months ago. Whatever last the biggest name in boxing and they're signing a transgender fighter to a deal or or you know, hear the complaints say about chris mosier. That's by design because what these people are really not only are they selling transphobia, they're selling misogyny. Because what they're saying is is that transgender women are not women insist gender women just suck at sports. These are baseless dire things. And it's not going to just stop at sports because you hear people say things like, oh well you know why we give them a separate league.

You know, like like the paralympics, they have a separate thing for disabled athletes. Even though I do believe that if a paralympian can run Can run similar times. I like what Oscar Pistorius did at the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. If you have a shot, why not? And if we want to compete with everybody else, why not? Why not? Why not? Why not have the option and that's the thing to trans women are women. These bills c you got you have to understand there's a special strange thought process going here on one side, like I said, trans women are not women and they're never going to say that they're never gonna say that. And secondly, sister and women can't play sports and shouldn't be playing sports. Because the one thing that people do is they try and immediately say, well, you know, like for example, let's not you know what, let's knock out some myths on this whole issue right now. Number one, anybody who quote anybody, if you happen to be on twitter or somewhere else and you see people quoting that website boys versus women, block them immediately, and I'm gonna tell you why.

Because what they're basically doing is just another form of mis gender ring and misogyny. Transphobia. Misogyny hand in hand. Because they talk about well flo jo flo joe's world record Florence, Griffith Joyner's 100 m world record like 2 16 year old boys who cares women don't run against men. It doesn't better what you're basically your misogyny showing be quiet. Anybody who puts setup is not is not really discussing the issues. They're just hiding not only are they showing their latent transphobia, they're showing their latent misogyny don't buy it, don't sell it, That's what that's the first thing. Second thing notice notice that most of these people who claim were these big feminist and we're supporting women's athletics. They don't go to any game. They don't buy any tickets, ask them any question about a real issue in women's athletics and they'll be like, well I want I want I want a good example because I've had this discussion. Oh so so so for example, let's say I wanna I wanna shout out another hero.

Dr veronica ivy, you know the professor at the college of charleston by way of Canada, can you can you repeat the name again? I missed the name. I'm certainly dr veronica ivy. She now she she changed her name a couple of years, she changed her name recently. Most of the world knows her as dr Rachel Mckinnon. Thing is though she's barely she barely got off the bike and got to the winner's podium when when the right wing click baiters just jumped on her and and people just stay jumping on her. But she has been a hero putting them putting them up. But that's another example of how people just people are so quick to jump on her, for example. But then asked them about a real issue, Oh great. So so you're so concerned about women's cycling, that means you're gonna help us, you're gonna help us get a women's Tour de France reestablished, right, get better events right? And they'll be like, oh and they're like this, huh? Um we're not interested in that.

We're just here for the they need to be honest and just say no, we're not interested in that. We're just here for the trans women. That's right. We don't want these we don't want these girl or get scholarship opportunities taken away by these biological boys by these biological boys. And we have to protect women's sports. You know, I think we need to protect women's sports to How do you how do you feel about that? W. N. B. A collective bargaining agreement that just signed. That's a big step up. I mean the first sports league to put forward full maternity care for women, including including including health benefits for um for fertility, for things such as fertility and future fertility, cryogenic freezing of the of your eggs, for example, the W the new W. N. B. A collective bargaining agreement provides for that. Which is a quantum step up in terms of family planning, work, life balance and no more folding women or for folding the best athletes in the world over in coach on commercial flights.

That's what's happening until this collective bargaining agreement. Now ask some of these so called protecting women's sports feminist about that. And you know what they say, huh? We don't care. We really don't care about that issue with that. That's not our concern. But wait a minute. You're either for women's sports or you are. But that. But that's the thing. They ain't with it. Or even I've asked one recently, I used mary beth in an example recently, okay, was a competitive power lifter and and they're giving her a hard way to go about using adaptive devices because she was born with one hand. How do you feel about that? Um I'm not concerned about that. We just want to protect women's sports. She's a woman's athlete that needs protection with your thoughts on that. What I want when they start making that pacman noise. That's when you know they don't know what they're talking about. But that's what but that's the real of this. Most of these people who say that they're that they're protecting women's sports. They're not protecting women's sports.

In fact they're very arguments. Got you there. Very arguments that we need to protect women's sports are the very arguments that the that U. S. Soccer is using to make sure that Megan and the girls get stiffed get stiffed out of their out of the money that they've earned. But they're not here for that. They're just here. They're just they're just but that's my thing that's happened. We need honesty in this discussion and people just people just need to just come out with it. See him being first being a black american and seeing our history. You know what you know what y'all just need to burn your crosses in public. Just do that. Just just do this. Just do that. See I can I can accept the sundown law at least I know where I stand be out of our get your black as out of our town by sundown but but but this whole trying to you know just trying to weave your way. No, just say honestly I don't like you trans I don't like you trans people. I don't want you in our schools, I don't want you in our bathrooms, I don't want you to workplace and folks that's the domino effect sports.

Like you said like like you said low hanging fruit, it's the low hanging fruit because and that's why this whole thing about separate like there are people say, why don't you just give them a separate contest? You're gonna fund your funds? Y'all don't y'all don't even want to fund things like schools for the deaf anymore. So you know you're not funding the whole separate track, You're not, you know you're not funding a whole separate trans high school sports league, you know you're not doing it, but at another level, you know you don't want to do it because what you want to do is start with sports. And then you say, you know what, let's keep these trans kids out of school bathrooms. Oh and that's and that's another thing seven states right now they want to criminalize medical, medical and mental health professionals for helping young kids figure out their transition in the state of florida. Big time. Big time. And I would say for people that don't know anything about this, find you know find the organizations that are in your state like doing the most so like my state, it's equality florida and so they went up there and you know just just something as simple as they sent like an email letter call to action sign this thing and they just sent it out, send it out, we need your help sign this, that's all you have to do from your house, click email, click sign, put your name.

And you know what happened? They went up there, they had 1200 signatures against the bill that was supposed to ban Any medical health care services to minors that are trans. And they looked up to the person that sponsored a bill and said you're going to tell these 1200 people know they can't go to a doctor and that person literally was shook. They were like who who are these people? They were literally they had no idea because like you said when it gets funny, follow the money, somebody probably hand them, you know, a couple of bags and they said whatever. I don't give a sh about trans people put that thing on the docket and when these people showed up they didn't know what to do. Even if you don't care about trans people care about your own health care. That's why because this is a way that there this is the way that they're gonna deny you health care by denying me healthcare. That's another way that they can deny it and ration it from you because you see if you have if you have, for example, Medicare for all you don't have this problem anymore. One of the only nations in the world where trans, where where trans people literally have to go through three, the hard way to get healthcare.

United States and most of the world we don't because that's considered part of that's considered part of a national, that's considered part of a whole national healthcare strategy. You see if you find you don't care about my health care, care about your own because that's the way that's what they're using as a wedge to deny you the Medicare for all that you're really paying for. Again those issues. But that's where it starts will start with sports. And then they say, okay, keep them on the bathrooms. Then make sure that they can't transition, deny them that right to exist. And eventually that'll all. And I'm I'm especially firewall against that issue because it's only a short hop skip and a jump for them to say, well criminalize anybody given affirming care that would criminalize my doctor, my therapist, my endocrinologist. And I don't want to have the vision of of my of my very perky happy 29 year old endo being led away in handcuffs, being led away in handcuffs by the state gender, by the state gender protection authority or whoever they get or the Republic of Gilead or whoever another ever they get for this.

See that's what they really want. They they've they've been watching The Handmaid's Tale and thought it was an instructional video on how to run a society. But that's where we are and and folks, it's the same thing, it was never about bathrooms and that bathroom fight is going to come back again. If you let this thing go down the rabbit hole and again, that takes away, that takes away economic opportunity, it takes away educational opportunity, it leads to a whole host of discrimination. And what does that do? It divides and shrinks the what the working class. So all workers need to be involved in this. I say often if you don't want to get knocked on your ass, come fight for the working class, Fight for the working class to ask you save will be your own. And this is to me, this is not just a matter of fairness in schools. This is not as much a matter of fairness in sports as it is a division of the it is protection of America's working class and at a at a higher level, that's what this is about.

So if you if you work for a living, it is. If you work for your living and you're raising Children, this is in your interest to fight efforts like this. Because if you don't stop them here, they're gonna they're gonna keep going until they do what, for example what Betsy DeVos wants to do. Dismantle at one level. Dismantle public education at another level. Dismantle healthcare at another level dismantle employment rights. If they can take if they can take away that curb cut which allows a disabled person to go to work and earn a paycheck, they can take away your workers protections to it's only a matter of time and that's why the working class needs to stand together across all the across all these issues because all these issues interconnect to things that we all care about and things that are important to us all. And if we're if we go back to talking about you know my queer community not supporting trans rights like not only does it involve sports or healthcare or or bathrooms but what about gay marriage?

We're gonna be fighting for that for the rest of our lives. I mean that and that is another thing. They're trying to roll that back. They're trying they're going to eventually go back to rolling that back. There are some people that want to roll that back but again unfortunately you're getting into I mean now we're getting into a whole different we're getting into the whole next issue. For example there is a group in Britain called the L. G. B. Alliance which really has very few people in the alliance. Yeah in Britain there are really a lot of cis het people who say that they speak with gay people and the idea is they want to separate the teeth from the rest of it and say their their their struggles, not our struggle. Um you can tell that these are mostly Sicilian people because anybody who's in the queer community who actually knows the history of the queer community know that Stonewall was started from that, that that that first brick was thrown by trans people. Don't ever forget that the Stonewall rebellion started with trans started with started with trans folks standing up, the most marginalized and the most vulnerable, stood up and said, no, we're not taking this.

There's no pride. There's no rainbow. There's no act up. There's no there's no there's no gay marriage, there's no there's no the repeal of don't ask, don't tell and that's and that's a whole nother issue. Take take another break away taken take another breakaway banning banning trans folks from serving serving the country. Now, me now, me personally, I'd rather see trans folks not in uniform, but I do support, I do support my people who are in uniform because if you can discriminate in the public sector, if you can discriminate in public-sector employment, it seeps into the private sector and you're talking about a community that has an unemployment rate that's about 30% National Center on transgender Equality Study in 20 and 2015 and a follow up in 2017 30% Of trans folks in the United States are unemployed. That's about five, that's six times. That's almost six times the national average right now. Nearly 60% of trans people in this country are living at or below the poverty line. So discrimination is not just a fairness issue.

It's an economic issue. It's a life issue. It's a it's a life and death issue. Same thing with all these bills that are trying to criminalize Affirming care. You want to know why 41% of me and mine attempt or commit suicide. It isn't because well, you know, there's trans people, they have this mental issue. No, it's because society treats us like it's because it's because you have to go through, you have to go through hell and high water just to get documents changed in most of this country. It's because you can get mis gendered at a school at most schools in this country and nothing happens to the teacher who does it. It's because you have a college professor that can come up to a student and say, I don't care what you identify as. I am not going to. I am not going to honor or permit your psychosis, which is something a professor who was later fired at a university in Indiana. Actually said to a student.

I mean these are the things that caused that 41% things such as being things such as being imagine I want to tell people imagine being safe and dry your wood or terry miller, Imagine being seven being 17 years old and all you want and and all you really want to do is go to school, be a kid, listen to Beyonce, get your room and think about think about prom and think about your senior year instead. You gotta look at your picture, you gotta look at a picture of you running and and somebody like Breitbart saying boys dressed as girls win championships. I will tell you those two those two girls, those two girls and others such as and and others like and also a note to all the transformers out there, will you stop showing the picture of mac bags? That story has been told? That story has been has been told so many times and you are just that's just willful ignorant mack beggs for those who don't know.

Currently a sophomore at life university down outside Atlanta is on the is on he's a he's a transgender man and wrestles on the men's team as issued because transmitter men when but he's originally from texas now when he wrestled in high school in texas during in Usa wrestling national competition wrestles his boy because well he's a boy now but in texas high school wrestling he had to wrestle in the girls division because that's what his birth certificate says on it because that was the rule now people are putting now transforms are willfully trying to confuse people by saying this is what happens when you let when you let boys compete with girl no get the story right people but but imagine being a kid, imagine I had a chance to interview Mac for example, like maybe six months ago. And you can tell even Yeah, as they're trying to say, hey, I'm past it now. There's bitterness there and I'm pretty sure that there's some bitterness there friend try and terry and my heart christ seeing these kids have to put on the brave face, put on the brave face and go out there and compete and they didn't perform as well because it was getting it finally got to them to the point where you have literally you're being dragged through the mud and not only in front of the state press and on every tv channel in Connecticut this thing?

I mean you're on CBS evening news that night and being called biological fails on like cBS evening news and you've got Lester holt talking about this story and you've got and of course you've got all the right wing clipping head sides, then you have the state Republican Party saying we're gonna we're gonna shame you and raise money to do it. That's where we're I mean that's where we're at that. I mean, and and and I again, I asked people if this was your kid, how would you feel if this was your child, how would you respond? And that's pushing us down, man. But that's that's and that's something that everyone can relate to and everybody loves to. Well that I mean that's what because their biological males and this is what they have. Like, no, this is something that everyone can relate to. I mean, if you're a chronic illness haver you can relate to this shift. You can relate to getting shipped on by doctors that tell you you're crazy. You get you can get relate to doctors saying, oh your blood work is normal. Maybe you should try meditation. Can you imagine? Can you imagine somebody putting that on the news and and and putting that in headlines?

You know, young woman goes the doctor with complaints and she's insane. Can you imagine how you would feel like these are not experiences that are unique. Like, they find what is other and put us down for it. Like, you know what this is about? How can you not be mad about this? How can you not be upset by this? Oh yeah. That's another thing is a whole, since we're since we're talking about spoon e communities for a second, how often do you hear this in the medical establishment? We we can't we can't do, we can't run this test. Um we're not sure that this really exists. Um some of these symptoms are psychosomatic. I don't think there's nothing about fibroid that's psychosomatic people. There's a it's called research. We need to do some of it. And it's also called health health care. We need to give people access to it. Yeah. Somebody actually start caring or it's not an official disorder. So you're not disabled enough and you can't compete. Well see. And that's another thing because mary Beth I'm glad you pulled my coat to that because I didn't even realize that was a thing until mary Beth did or did our mary Beth we did an interview for outsports not long ago.

And I still, I won't, that's when they never erase those tapes from that interview because that's been part of the education in many ways for me is hearing these things like there's a such thing as not being disabled enough and I need my my coat pulled that. So no, you're and I and see that's the thing that really upsets me about all of this. Be it. What's happening here in Connecticut being what's happening in Idaho, It's the lack of empathy. These are young people I already have so much to deal with in their adolescent bodies. You know, from getting a little personal, my own story, there's no way I could have done. Society didn't even have the templates in place. There was nothing On this when I was 15 when I would say on dryer terrys age, this was not possible if it was even with the, even with the even with the river of molten lava, you gotta march through to get it.

I would have marched through it and gotten it for me starting at the advance at the relatively advanced age I did was hard. I can't even begin to think of how this is for for for a young for these young people and, and a lot of these young people are not getting the support that they need to get at home. And I'm and I'm telling parents, parents listen to your child, don't be your child's first bully. Don't please don't. And I think what people need to realize is, and this is something I want to pull. I have to get this out. This is very important. Do you really think people are transitioning to win a medal? I want people to stop saying this, Oh well Lebron James, you might want to become a woman and dominate the w Really think first off, you don't pay the W N. B. A. Anything, so there's no financial interest in doing that. That's something we need again, that equity question, but more so do you really think some boy is going to transfer some boy in high school is going to transition to win to win the day 100 m at the state meet.

You really think that do you really think that this stuff is so like me, I'm a competitive athlete, I'm a runner and a triathlete. Do you really think I'm going through having to deal with a family that's, that's struggling with this and deal with, you know, people looking at you on the street cross side and having to turn up your headphones. So you don't hear people saying things and snickering at you. Do you really think that I'm jabbing myself In the leg once a week with one of these just so I can win some local 10K. Do you really think I'm doing all the things that I'm that I've had to do with my transition and all the struggle and the mental things just so I could win some dang local local road so I can have a win a local roadways, by the way, a local road race. I'm not winning because I I trained with some group of cis gender women who who just went to win races around here and sometimes they get overall wins there that dang fast where they'll they'll be the first one finishing out of everybody.

Men, women, dogs, cats, whatever. They're just that good. And do you think I'm doing that just I don't, nobody does this just on a whim. And these kids certainly aren't doing it on a whim. They're doing it because for many, for many of me and mine is transition or die for me, it was that and I'm not going to apologize for saving my own life and these kids shouldn't have to apologize for saving theirs and it's not about civil rights, civil rights is too shallow. This is a human rights question and to me either believe in human rights or you don't, there's no in between, there's no tolerance. There's no compromise. You either believe in human rights or you don't. It's that simple and I think that all people who really truly who really truly believe in their humanity, believe in human rights can stand what can I need to be standing with us. And like you said yes, it's great to click that link and put your name in a position, but it's also just as great to lend your voice.

And that means for example, cis gender family sometimes once in a while, I'm not saying to it all the time because not everybody deserves a response. But when you're seeing these groups on twitter, when you're seeing these official groups like women like fair play for women who are who are taking who are taking that money, you're taking that green stuff, that british group taking that green stuff from across the sea there. I mean you have people that are sitting down turning out for brunch with these feminists turning out for brunch with the Heritage Foundation. You know, the Heritage Foundation model, if you hate trans will put money in your hands. Those people once in awhile step in there and say no, that's a lie. Sometimes we need cis gender people to act a fool so that we don't have to the same way that sometimes disabled people need able bodied people to act a dang full and stand up so that they don't have to sometimes um and that's what it takes it takes for people to in a sense go beyond go beyond ally ship and really stand and re prepared to stand in the gap even if your voice shakes and it won't be easy because anybody can do when your room full of chronically ill people.

Yeah, it's easy to step out. But what if you're in a room of people who aren't well if you're a room for people who actually think a spoon is something you stir your team with not a measure of energy level and they're saying off the wall stuff and it may be you standing alone, what will you do? And you have to circle back to what you said earlier is that for for example there's no pride without that first brick that was thrown. But that that's what it took to start that wasn't somebody being comfortable that wasn't somebody you know sitting in a room by themselves, just watching things go by, somebody has to act and throw that brick and and that is incumbent on all of us. Not just one person exactly because I'm seeing what happened. But that's one thing it's done my heart good though to see people stepping out like for example of watching the testimony in the house in Idaho and seeing so many medical professionals across that state saying you will not criminalize me for doing what what I know is right professionally and know it's right morally and no is right just as a person to see parents stepping out and not just parents of trans kids, but parents but supportive parents of others.

His kids saying this isn't right saying who are we? And there's another level. A lot of parents saying, wait a minute, we're in the middle of this pandemic. We're we got to figure out what to do about this covid 19 thing and here you are wasting time on this. Really. Y'all just had to sneak in a little transphobia. Well, we're all while we're all threatened about our lives here and that's and that is a whole another thing, a lot of these people are using kind of this pandemic to try and sneak this through when you're not looking. But the beautiful, but the beauty about human beings is we can't multitask. We can do more than one thing. And I encourage people, even when we're, even if you're quarantined, stay aware and informed, staying aware and informed. Even if you're, even if you're being told to stay home, you're being told to stay home. Not, not, not, not just, yeah, you're being told to stay home, but you can still have the periscope up, you can still monitor the stories. You don't have to be in netflix all the time, even though I'm it. Netflix is kind of a nice thing, but we can stay engaged and stay aware and stay informed because right now these things are happening and those court cases, they're happening, the struggles for improving health care.

They're happening even as we're going through And if nothing else I can tell you that's another that's another thing about the situation the time we're in, we need to start talking about our health care system was not ready for this. It was begun to be ready for now is the perfect time to talk about. You know, maybe this maybe maybe there's something to making health care human rights. Because I look at, I look at the countries that that make healthcare right and how they're handling this compared to how we're handling it and it's night and day Cuba has been under an economic blockade for 60 years. Yet Cuba can send doctors and mass to Italy the United States can't even send doctors and mass down the street. We demonize China and that and that is another thing that the yellow peril is so last century, leave it alone. This is not a chinese virus, exact no, no don't bring your racism in their building hospitals overnight. Give china credit difference between china and United States. A good friend of mine told me this and he's right china built china said, okay, this this corona, this corona virus thing is going to be an issue.

We need, we need a hospital in the hot zone Now they built one in seven days. The only thing the United States can do in healthcare in seven days is taken away from you. Mm and I'm playing Devil's advocate here too. You could be anti china all you want. You can be anti chinese government. You could be anti what they're doing to the people that are protesting. You could be anti china all you want. But calling this a chinese virus, it's not doing it well. My thing is there's no point in being anti china because there's no point being anti china. Just because just because china, maybe tom cotton's enemy does not make the chinese people in mind. Some people want to use this to sell the same old american imperialism and jingoism don't buy it. Don't sell it. Like I said, the chinese can build a hospital in seven days in the United States. It takes in seven days. They'll kill community health centers because that's what they've been doing. So let's just get real about what this this is about. But as far as the situation, especially with trans youth, they're trying to sneak all this stuff through while you're not looking and that's why we need people looking even as we're going through, even as we're going through this because discrimination is not going to go away.

In fact, there are people that are going to use this moment to sell you more of it. What are they talking about? They're talking about? They're talking about detaining people without cause they're talking about getting rid of things like habeas corpus. People are having serious discussions about this. And that's why I appreciate, I appreciate you and J. C. So much for constantly keeping us educated and well informed because I know you're both going through a lot. I know it's tiring and you know, there's lots of discrimination right now that she's facing, you know, in the workplace and just out in public with the sport being constantly on her. But she's still letting us know like, hey, don't forget about us. But don't forget don't let COVID-19 and everything that you see on Fox News. NBC. Yeah, but not but quick. I want to I want to touch on the J. C. Situation because that's an example of another one of those myths and I can't leave here without without putting this out there.

Another thing that is a, I did an article for outsports a couple of months ago on the trans on the on the transformers playbook and what you're seeing and what you're seeing in many ways in regards to how they're doing it. They're running the playbook step by step in the in the case of in the case of jay sees thing in the case and I and I encourage you if you it's called cracking the code of bias. And I'm looking in fact, I'm calling this thing up right now. And the first part is we talked about that immediately. So the point that trans women are not women. That's that's number one of the playbook is like immediately immediately take it J. C. Cooper or a veronica ivy or or see see tell for my sister. Cc love you 1st 1st N C double first, the N C double A S first first individual transgender student athlete to win an individual national championship last year, 400 m hurdles division to nationals nationals at TIA at texas A and M.

Kingsville. Immediately try and sell the point that those aren't women call them anything but call them anything but or or what some like Breitbart do just basically called just just blatantly call them men. Secondly, don't talk about transgender men. They don't sell the narrative. Third, don't tell the full story and that's where J. C. Is a victim of a lot of people that don't have the full story. Number one, there's rules and regulations for everything that you're doing and that's the biggest thing. These people are so ignorant of the regulations that are involved here across the board. Be in any sport. You just don't get to walk. There are people who really believe that you just get to walk up to say a college campus say I'm I'm a woman, I can compete as a woman. No, that's not, that's not even beginning and that doesn't even begin how it works. It doesn't even begin to work like that, how it's like in your sport because right now I'm. Para lifting like she had to go through hormone suppression for at least six months, but you know she had already been doing that and and fill out all these applications to prove that she has been suppressing her hormones.

But like what's it like everywhere else That their and obviously that's not usa powerlifting. Usa pl just has a blanket. Thank you before I touch on like in my sport, I do want to touch on something about USa powerlifting. That's very important. Usa powerlifting is trying to get there trying to get the sport of powerlifting onto the olympic program to get on the olympic program. What some guess what they will have to do. They have to conform to the IOC to the IOC world anti doping agency regulations on this which are very which which are very thorough which are very comprehensive and that's the hope as far as jaycee's case if they're serious about getting on the olympic program they have to conform to this and from there I think the biggest thing that J. C. Is running into at usa powerlifting is they claim they really don't have a rule, they just don't like trans people. They don't really they don't really because they could easily say okay now we're gonna follow the IOC guidelines on this.

Which is what most sports do anyway now in my support now for example in the sport in the sports I do since I'm I mean one I do actually belong to a governing body. I'm a member of Usa triathlon and usa triathlon plus as an olympic sport they see to the I. O. They they follow the IOC way to guidelines. In my case it is, I have to be now and I'm gonna actually because I know time is probably short but I want to walk through this to get people an idea of what you have to do. The first thing that first part of those guidelines is the hormonal guideline. These have been in place since 2000 and three during rich. How how many transgender competitors have there been in olympic games? How many? Zero? We've had these guidelines for 16 years. You haven't had a single transgender competitor and olympic games. You've had only one podium at a world championship And that was in a year where a number of the top teams and top lifters were banned because of rules violations in fact.

But in in my situation for example, the first thing I have to, I have to do two things at the same time rather gate number one I have to go through all the legal, I have to go through the legal process and that's something that they don't tell you. I have to literally go through the legal process, which means getting getting all the documents changed etcetera etcetera etcetera. You have to do that as part of this because there's also a rule saying there are some who say, well some dude, he's gonna say, oh I'm a woman and then he's got then after he wins a ton of gold medals to switch back, can't do that. If you do, you're banned from competition. If you do, you're banned from competition for four years before you can come back. Nice little and there's anti fraud, quote unquote fraud protections there too. But back to the main of it, I have to go change, I have to have the documents change and I have to get my, my level of serum testosterone to below 10 nano 10 animals per liter 10 animals per liter essentially means you don't produce any really, that means all that, all that quote unquote testosterone, that gives you an advantage of booga booga booga, you don't have it.

And in fact, I have training partners that have more teeth than I do have have Cis gender, female training partners who have more teeth than I do. And once you do get under that 10, you have to keep it there for at least a full year before they allow you to compete in the gender you identify. As so it isn't just a matter of a year, year that is commonly floated out there. It's a matter of the time it takes you to get down to that point and then you have to hold that point for a year and trust me, they don't miss a trick, I'm looking, I want to compete at nationals next year, for example, so what I need, so what I have to do is usa triathlon is to get every asked to get copies of every blood test I've had. They have to get in my business. It's the same thing with they say a veronica ivy or let's say J. C. Decides to switch to weightlifting and take a shot in the olympic team. The governing body has the governing bodies and and the us anti-Doping agency have to have all your paperwork. So in other words, your businesses out in the street, your medical businesses out there and you have to hold it there for a year. Now in my case to get to that level.

It took me 16 months. It took me about six months. It took me about 5-6 months to get my to get my team level down to that point. And then I had to hold then I had to hold it all another year and I had to file paperwork showing that in addition to dealing with all the other things that you deal with. Like getting the like I said getting the legal documents done and that can take time and that can take time to pay anywhere in the country. Thank you. This is gonna take money also. Yes. And that's another thing it takes money. You have to try and find time to train. Oh did we mention that in most of the United States. You there are no legal protections, which means somebody can just say you can just come say I'm trans. And they'll say you're fired and there and that's what what one of the cases being talked about in the Supreme Court is on directly. It was on, it was on a person who transitioned on the job and the job fired them and said point blank, we're firing you because we don't want our customers seeing transgenderism in our business.

But somebody's going to do that just for fun, right? Somebody's gonna do that. Risk their jobs, spend all their money for a year and a half. Getting blood work, getting their legal documents changed so you could dominate women's sports, right? We haven't even got that's another thing. We haven't even gotten into how much, how much this cost has. Remember now, even if you have a job, even if you have a decent job with health with health benefits, your health benefits may not cover this thankfully. I live in a state where by state law, an insurance company doing business here must cover this. They must cover H. R. T. And they have to cover surgical procedures. They have to cover things like that. But imagine being in a state that doesn't imagine not even having insurance being, Yeah because let me, let me tell you something testosterone and estrogen aren't cheap. They're not cheap. They're not EpiPen expensive. But they and and that's another thing I'm a person who has allergies.

So I carry carry epipens and let me tell you the gouging there. That's a crime that was criminal. What they're doing with people who need insulin. That's criminal. And that. And that's another thing. Another reason why we all need to be talking about this because who's a who's a risk factor for coronavirus diabetics And right now you're in a situation where imagine being in the situation we have to ration their insulin going through all this. That's a but that is also another example of how people need to come together and understand that all these fights, we gotta get in all the fights back to this issue. You're doing all these things you need to do and let me tell you name changes aren't cheap. Name, name changes aren't cheap. My name change. That cost me $230 mhm. To do the name change thankfully. And I'm going to give them a plug real quick like trans lifeline who trans lifeline who I'm proud to be a part of. I'm a crisis operator for them. I do. I do crisis. I do, hey, I do a little time on the phone with them and I want to give them a shout out.

One of the novel things they do is a program called micro grants, which if you're a trans person trying to get your documents changed. Like let's say you're trying to gain employment or you're trying to go to school for example and you need those documents changed and you don't have the money to do it. You can apply for what we call the mic for what's called the micro grant. And if you get it simply put you just let trans lifeline no what you need and if you're and if they process your case and approve you they'll cut you a check for all of us. They cut they cut you a check for all of it. That I mean and like and like I was talking about earlier game changer that's a game changer for so many people imagine walking into a job interview and you don't have to worry about that. Your resume doesn't match your. I. D imagine walking into an interview giving your social security number and you're dead name pops up. You don't have to worry about that anymore. And that's and those are very critical important things for people and you and also to participate in an elite sports especially you have to go through all those legal things that costs money and while you're at it you have to deal with family that may cut you off which unfortunately happens to a lot of our people family.

I mean I get these calls a lot of trans lifeline. I just came out to my family and my family kicked me out of the house. I'm on the street help me or getting thrown out of jobs or being unemployed to begin with and having to try and find another job and find another job. And as forward thinking that some people are, we still got an awful long way to go on that now. Imagine trying to deal with all that. And also trying to take the time you need to compete and the time you need to get yourself ready, you just can't. You just I don't care how elite athlete you are. You're not gonna do anything without preparation. And now it's more money for that. Also, you have to buy the right shoes, you got to get the right. You have to get everything you need for that also. And one of the biggest thing is you've got to get the most important athletic equipment ready. You gotta get up here ready now. How you gonna get up here already when you're dealing with all this, When you're dealing with things. If you deal with this for you, you're dealing with this for you and you're dealing with the way society treats you the possibility, especially if you are a trans woman of color, that you might not live through the experience because somebody just might decide.

Somebody just might decide, I want to kill you for who you are. Oh, no. But y'all do that for athletes gratification. You're just doing that. So you could dominate women's sports. I don't I don't see the trade off there. I'm not the math is not something's not adding Up. It's not adding not because it doesn't and I'd like to let people know that both COVID-19 and transphobia are both public health risk. There certainly both are a public health risk. Especially if you live in Idaho right now. Mm hmm. Because you gotta imagine being, imagine being a trans kid in Idaho right now being told you can't be who you are in school because they understand what's next. They're gonna go after sports and they're gonna go after bathrooms. They're gonna go after something else. And oh they're still they still have that bill pending in their Senate about, let's make sure that gender affirming care becomes criminalized. Imagine being a doctor in that state or being a doctor in Arizona or being a doctor in Alabama who want, who says you know what are being an endocrinologist and say florida and being told that if you help a trans child achieve transition, we're gonna put you in jail.

Oh did I mention one of the penalties in that bill in the bill to criminalize trans health is we can sentence you to life. I'm not I'm not, I'm not kidding. I know you laugh but that's in the film. I encourage I encourage you go to go to chris Moser's twitter page go to chase Strangio twitter page. Chase Strangio who has been a point lawyer for the A. C. L. U. Part of the L. G. B. T. Q. Justice task force of the A. C. L. U. Who's been again chase Strangio trans man based in new york city. He's been a badass warrior for this when when the cases went down in the Supreme Court in october, he was one of the people sitting in the lawyer's box. He's been doing the research, the research on this constantly. He's been out front. If you want to know more, go to go to his twitter page, go to christmas his twitter page. They've literally been updating things on this every day. And if you hear anybody say that oh this is about athletic gratification or whatever.

Check them on that foolishness, check them on that. No, don't even beyond post up him that foolishness up, put it in the yolk and snap its neck because that's what that's what this is. This is hysteria and it's just wrong and it's wrong. And this hysteria is getting my people killed. It's getting my people hurt. It's getting young kids thrown out in the street. This is a life and death issue to me It is as much a public health issue as as COVID-19 is and for ultimately for the same reason because it's dividing people against common interest because we all have an interest in health care. We all have an interest in proper care. We all have an interest on professionals not having to ration medicine and get the tools that we need, we all have a common interest as working people to fight discrimination because if they can because if they can divide us it's a lot easier to take our labor and exploit it.

It's a lot easier to pay you that what I call the country can't wage for working. It's a lot easier for them to do that. It's a lot easier for them if they if we're divided. But if we're united. But what can the United workers do, what can United athletes do? We can organize and that's when changes happen because the women's soccer team is organizing. They're fighting for equal pay because the W. N. B. A. Had a union willing to organize. They were able to get the changes done because because track and field athletes organized. They were able to get a better deal. They were able to get a better deal and get better training facilities because power lifters are organizing. I wish more of them would. J. J. C. Cooper is gonna get J. C. Cooper has a fighting chance to get back in that arena and do what she does because and because we organize we will not let them destroy A D. A. So that every member of the working class gets a fair shot to contribute because we organized and that's the one thing I encourage people across all these issues organize, find or go find efforts get out there, get out there, your voice does matter.

Find the things that are important to you and organized and strategized and learn about the things you don't know and that's and that's key learn about things you don't know because not every athlete, not every activist is going to know everything. I don't know. The first thing of what I don't know. The first thing about what it's like to have to play to have to try and live some heavy weight with one hand because they won't let you, they won't give you an adaptive device. I can't know what it's like to be chronically ill. But I can sure but I can do two things I can listen and I can learn if I listen and learn then I can speak. It's all of our issue. And I think I mean we're running out of time. But I think that that is actually like a perfect point to close on is that we need to people love to say sh it like oh stay in your lane like no we we shouldn't because we're all humans, we're all in this together. And like you said, if we organize we can make this change, we can throw these bricks and let these walls fall down. But we have to listen to everyone.

We have to learn. We have to understand what's happening to everyone because what affects the trans can affect the disable what affects the black woman can affect the white woman with an invisible illness. We're all connected and we're all in it together. There's no reason to stick your head in the sand. Don't put the blinders on. Don't. Well well they're not coming for me like. No they they will they're gonna go for the low hanging fruit and keep climbing because historically speaking that's how it's gone. And we can't ignore our history and we definitely can't ignore our humanity. Understand they already came for you. Exactly. They've already come for you. White feminists. They already came for you. That's the way I see life now. Is that they've already come from. Yeah they've already they're already reality. And look at what's happening, look at what's happening with the olympic runner. Who is a cyst gender woman. Um caster Semenya. Yeah they're saying that she has an unusually high testosterone level and she's got to start taking medication to suppress that.

Like and you got to say that's a racial issue but like you know that this is happening to all of us. That is at one level there is a racial issue but at another level it's also a very class issue because the I. O. C. Who is the IOC. Pop for the for the whole for I mean they caught the condition itself was called D. S. D. Androgen insensitivity. The such such things tend to happen more in the global south as opposed to the global north which is what we're really talking about here. If caster Semenya was a white girl from the university of Wisconsin Whitewater. I don't think this doesn't go down. I'll even say if she was an african american athlete, it wouldn't go down. It it didn't go, it doesn't go down like that because there's no way that's a team usa or team G. B. Or or doing sport would allow an at will allow the type of invasiveness that caster Semenya has gone through. And a lot of people in South Africa are very upset with the I double Af South African South Africans black and white.

Now remember we're like a little bit more than 25 years past apartheid South Africans black and white, black and white are rallying around caster because they understand the game and this is a game of the first world, messing with the developing world. Same thing would do to chant in India. I mean she she's fought for five years to basically have her right to compete and did win. But again, they made her go through so much in so many, so much invasive stuff. They made her go through so much crap and stupefied your mind that I don't think a german woman or a finished woman or an american woman. I don't think for example a british athlete would have would have gone in the same situation, would have gone through a caster goes through because yeah. Global North versus South, What's his name in in swimming, Michael, what was that? Nothing, nothing's happening to Michael Phelps because but now we're getting into the we're getting into a whole another we're getting into the whole different weeds there because that's why Michael Phelps is seen as a phenomenon because Michael Phelps is a man.

Let's just be real about what's going on here. Remember? It's trans. It's transphobia and misogyny. Hand in hand. Trans women aren't women and trans and cis gender women suck at sports. That's what they're really trying to sell you. I mean, that's the same reason that people immediately will compare a great women's athlete and say, well, serena Williams is great. But if she if she played the men's tour, she get beat by the 300 player who gives a damn. She's a great athlete, lets And that's another thing in athletics, let's and the chauvinism and misogyny and celebrate athletes. Let's just celebrate women play. Women are good. Women are good in their own fear. You can't celebrate that. You have to put it in the mail lens. Really? Do you really have to do that? Misogyny? It rots your brain. Transphobia. It rots your brain. I mean, and and that's what this is really about. And I think that people need to see that it's funny that people want to and people called like I've been called a misogynist before.

No, you need to look no, the no, the misogynist or something for a lot of Yeah, I've been, I've been called that you hate women because you hate sex based rights and right. And these are from the same women, you ask them, Hey, what's your thoughts on the W. N. B. A collective bargaining group again? Allah Allah Allah Allah. I mean it's funny these people want to call out misogyny yet they don't want to call out the misogynist, like the misogynist who used to run us soccer, who basically said what should get paid less. They don't have the responsibility that men do. Yeah, let me get this right. They don't have the responsibility of going out and winning four world cups. I mean, where is like I said, misogyny? It's a misogyny is a hell of a drug. It'll make you do strange things and putting everybody else down constantly. That's why we got to stick together and Carly. Really thank you for that. Thank you for constantly educating us and keeping us on our feet. No, thank you for you and you're doing the same you're doing and you're doing the same and Marsh is doing the same.

This podcast is doing the same and it was an honor being in this podcast. Now, we gotta get you in the train. We gotta beam you up. I want to beam you up to the transporter room. Let's make this happen and make this happen soon because people people need to know your story. So, hey, let's let's make this happen in april, we gotta make it happen because this conversation doesn't end here. It can't just end in our bedrooms are studios, we got to kick it up a notch. Well the biggest thing is we just not we have to have these conversations but we also have to continue to put feet on the fire. In fact again to everybody out there, especially right now what you're seeing in Idaho is an emergency situation because that bill is on the governor's desk right now and if you want to know more on how you can help for example I do know chris moses twitter page and chase Strangio, twitter page have been screaming the alarms out but but directly the A. C. L. U. And Idaho and the national a cl you have set up they have all their all the information on the website called the governor of Idaho directly and say no don't let this bill pass.

Don't allow people to just have um gender to have genetic testing of Children and genital inspections on Children. Don't allow that. I mean don't allow that. Don't don't ban I mean don't ban kids and don't let them pick kids against each other. And that's the thing and that's the thing here and that's the same thing here in Connecticut. You're pending. You're pending. Young people against young people see the dividing dividing people against common interest because what's the common interest here that all kids are treated fair in their schools that all kids are safe in their schools. The A. T f doesn't care about that. Betsy DeVos doesn't care about that. But if you're a parent you should care about that And you've got to teach them, you've got to start them at a young age how to love each other because then they're going to go out into the world and hate all trans folks. They're going to go out into the world and think that they're the victim because of what their parents taught them. But at all again, it comes back down to the moment is too important for people to quote unquote stay in their land.

Everyone because this isn't a sprint. This is 100 m sprint. This is a marathon. There are no lanes in a marathon. This is the long fight that we're talking about. And british parliamentarian, Tony Benn said it best that each generation must fight the fights necessary to secure democracy. This is our time now. It is. It is. And on that note, we got to have you back Carly. I'll be more than happy to come back. You know what we're going to do. We're going to get you together with J. C. Cooper with Ilia Parker. Whoever wants to and we're gonna throw a party, a Panelist party. Oh, let's let's have a kiki here at the here at the podcast. I am all for especially for Elia Parker because I think what I think what Alia part what they're doing is is changing a game is game changing groundbreaking things that they're doing in regards to opening up fitness for all because that is a that's a critical piece because so much of fitness and so much of exercise and so much of gems are unsafe.

Yeah. And making it accessible to those who would not get it otherwise. And if there are communities that need that more than anything, it's all these communities that we're talking about, I want a safe place to work out. Sports is apart, sports is like oxygen to me, it's that important. Fitness is like oxygen to me, it's that important and for I think a lot of people get turned away just because that safety factor and Ilya is doing something about that. So it'll be an honor to share a panel with them. Yeah, we're all doing something and we're tired. But you know, I love this, this strive I love this energy, keep it going because we got your back and I have yours. Thank you. I appreciate you so much. Is there is there anything else that you'd love to, you know, share with our community before we close anything you want to shout out. And I love we're going to link that the trans lifeline. We're going to link a few of the articles that you mentioned that you've written just quickly.

First, A little shout out to all my a big shout out to all my people at Trans to all my people at Trans lifeline, an amazing org that's doing amazing work. Trans lifeline dot org And right now we're right now we're in the middle of building up towards trans day of visibility, March 31st And I mean this sword is doing such great work and I'm proud to be a part, I'm proud to be a part of it. Also want to send a little, I want to send a quick shout out to my podcast. Co host Don Ennis who's also, who's also my manager who's also the managing editor at at outsports. If you ever get it, if you want to know somebody who's been through the fire, Dawn Ennis has been through the fire has been through the fire and I want to send out, send the shout outs to a chris, mosier and chase Strangio and the veronica ivy and the CC Telfer. And I want to let all the all the, all my young trans, all my young trans home. He's out there. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, quick word. Patrick done New haven pride center, assist cat who's assist cat who always knows where it's at and always has transports back.

We need no, that's the type of Ally, you need, you need somebody who's a writer, die Ally, somebody who's willing to put their butt on the line for something and Patrick does put his butt on the line for something and I'm grateful for that. So no, they deserve a setup and of course my sister cece Telfer who is right now is pushing because her goal, her next goal is to get to the olympics no matter what year we end up having an olympics. She's decided not to. She decided to keep on keeping on in track and field and do more while also studying to become a pediatric nurse because she wants to help other kids. She wants to help other kids, especially other trans kids sore. And I want to send a note to all young trans kids. No one you are loved two, we have your back and three notes that the fight is long but we will win And to all of us in the working class fight for each other. The as you save will be your own and a better world is possible. That's it. two snaps and a circle for that one.

And as a matter of fact I'm going to link Sissy Telford's go fund me page here because I want to make sure that she gets out there. She she's been given opportunity but not enough, you know, and thank you for popping on your friends and family of the podcast. We're gonna keep throwing these bricks and keep on working. Right girls out. Thanks for listening to disabled girls who left. We appreciate all of your support and everyone who's taken the time to show us some love. Don't forget to subscribe rate already. Review of our channel, We're on apple podcasts, Spotify player FM google podcasts and more. You can also find us on instagram at disabled girls who left. Mhm.

E20: "The Fight is Long but We Will Win" with Karleigh Webb
E20: "The Fight is Long but We Will Win" with Karleigh Webb
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