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by Ngbede Naomi
October 26th 2021
This episode gives the details about the reasons women hate condoms. Also talks about ways to practice safe sex. --- This episode is sponsored by 路 Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. More
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Yeah. City lights looking like ice underneath the stars. Yeah, beautiful. But I'd rather be right here where we are. Go and tell your friends we're running late again. What you think for another drink and call off the car. I could hear inside this way out of my if this whole town goes our complaints.

As long as I got you with me, I'm gonna be okay. Slide across the floor for every think for another drink. Put it army played. I could spend 1000 nights right here inside this room. I could spend 1000 nights right here inside this room. Tell me baby if you feel the way. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Ah No, may I hate using condoms. I don't just like it carried it is just somehow this is what my friend told me a few days ago and today I'll be addressing that. But before we go on, welcome back to my podcast. This is the wit. No, me and I remain your host.

Now. Mi Nina with double E. So on today's podcast will be talking about why women hate condoms and I'll be dropping some points why women hate it. And some other relevant things you would want to hear. Yeah. Some really bad things you want to hear about condoms, sex and everything. I'll be dropping it today. But before I go on the song you just listen to is Lonnie dancing in the kitchen by nanny. I love that song isn't engaging. So so so but it's a day stop IQ Why? Why do you think women hate condoms? What's the reason? It's not because I want to carry below. It's not because I want to get pregnant. There are reasons we don't like it. Yes. People should start protesting. No, we can't protest for something like that. But there are reasons we don't like it.

And I'm going to be dropping the reasons My only crime here is being too sensitive. Yeah. Mhm. Okay. I'm not trying to be to observe a tive. It's not my fault. But I have to talk about this today. I have to drop the reasons why some movement don't like condoms. And with this point of mine. I hope I'll be able to convince you and not confuse you about reasons why some movement and like condoms. First of all, latin kind of smell, Bad luck, it smells bad. You know how the smell of hospital environment is a typical Nigerian hospital environment, although, but some, you know that smell right? That is how it smells once, once the guidance to delay to that smell is coming out, even without sticking your nose to create, it's already everywhere.

You know that you guys have been condoning. That's it. We don't like that smell. I don't like it. Some ladies don't like it too. That is one of the reasons why some women don't like on them. And secondly, it's less continuous. Okay, after the foreplay. Every every other things needed to do to put her in the mood and time for action and boo boo boo is now saying big with, let me put on this condom. So just give me one second guy, it's never one second is up to 20 seconds. And as time is going, the moment the agency is reducing you get, but we don't have any options. We don't have any option other than to wait because we're trying to we're trying to avoid STD and pregnancy. So we have to wait. So this is another reason why some women don't like it. And the third reason it's less intimate.

Imagine for instance, me and me and my guy we are walking, right? Or you and your partner, you're walking, your partner is your partner is on hand glows and you, you're just, you're just, you put your hands, you want to hold your partner, but you're not feeling your partner's skin, You're just feeling the hand glows. You're feeling the hand close. That is exactly how wearing a condom feels like a condom is just like a plastic wrap. I'm not feeling anything guy. And this is this, this is just like a barrier is a literal barrier between you and your partner. It's going to make it feel less intimate. In fact, there's no intimacy, there's no intimacy. Like the skin to skin contact of a condom. Sex makes you more closer to your partner, makes you both feel so much closer.

It makes you feel your partner more the intimacy, the passion, everything. It's just going to be so beautiful. But no, we have to wait. Number four points. They make your vagina feel like a desert. You know, the desert is now like, uh, make a Virginia. I feel like a desert. Uh huh. Hey, uh yeah, so that's what the economy does and this happens like even if even if you're naturally lubricated, even if you're even using a lubricated conduct. There's just something, there's just something about latex.

There's just something about it that all all, all the witness, You just become dry dry and eventually it's going to cause injuries is going to cause planes and the friction on the economy. Just make it to ta before you know, before you know. Now I'm pregnant to the idea. Now yourself, you'd be asking, where did I wouldn't when they release inside? Now I thought you use protection. A guy. She was dry but you wanted to buy all miss and she got pregnant. This I'm not deviating from this point. This is the reason why some women don't like condom. Number five points is comfort. Some women are like it because like I suddenly it makes sex painful. It causes injuries. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Number six points they feel judged. Some women meeting that. Why is it telling me that we should use common Iz Because of my previous, my previous sexual behavior.

Maybe in the past you've had one on a disease that was transferrable or something. It will make the lady feel judged. Now, I'm not trying to discourage having sex protected. I'm not, I'm not trying to discourage that. I'm just trying to drop the points why some women don't like condoms, condoms are the best race Condoms are often the best way to make a sexual encounter safer is the best way apart from abstinence. Although it's not 100% certain because there are times it could get done. Yeah, but it's very, very safe. So when does condom hot? Why does it hurt? The true reasons why women have bad experiences with condoms. Adele latex allergies.

Some women are allergic to latex. The Vagina is allergic to latics. Now one of the problems is problems with no no eggs. No nine and 9. It is a type of detergent. Like it disrupts the plasma membranes like the outer barrier of spain and other cells. And when it is used too frequently, when it is always used, it causes inflation of the vagina and cervix which could even lead to service cancer and it's can't kill it can clearly as ourselves so much use of latin X condoms and the damage it does how it will make the woman's vagina more accessible to infections like stds and days likelihood of transmitting them, it will risk it will increase the risk of HIV herpes and other stds and number two, it can also live how vulnerable to urinary tract infections, yeast infections and bacterial trying assists.

Now what are the ways to practice safe sex? I'm going to also drop that tip. That's just like a bonus. I'm dropping that to number one. You have to try a couple of different condom brands. Some condoms, they contain plant nutrients, plant proteins, sorry, and some unknown latics. Some latics too aren't too bad. But if those feelings the woman, if your partner's still complaints about it then you have to avoid all latics, condoms number to use of use lots of lubricant using the Beacon Street economy can reduce like multiple, Can it reduce the pain? It reduce the friction. So avoid the economy getting torn, it reduce the pain and the friction Number three points switch two months spermicidal lubricated latex condoms.

Make sure you choose, make sure you choose the kind of condoms that doesn't have N. I. N. N. Nine. Like I said, N nine is really bad, it's hot, the vagina, it destroys things. It's it rules the vagina. Excuse me as yourselves and you surely don't want that for your partner. So please choose to use condoms that doesn't have in mind. I don't even know if the right ingredients on the packet of condoms, but please don't use condoms that have in nine. If you can find, if you can't find on lubricated latex condoms use plenty if you can't find, like, pardon me, If you can't find lubricated last latex condoms, then use on lubricated one and plenty of water or silicon based lubricant that can also help Number four point switch to Pull your 18 condoms.

These condoms, they are latex free, they are protective against stds which normal condoms can't even do it. Normal condoms basically with that your partner, you guys can contacted put polyurethane condoms, they're latex free. The protect against stds and the best lubricants you use with them as oil lubricants, oil lubricants are more safe to use with them. But the problem is that these kind of condoms? They are expensive? They are more expensive than latex condoms and They tend to break more frequently here. Now for the ladies, there are female condoms that are made out of Palu routine. So as a lady you can try out to female condom, you can try it out and see if it works for you and if you like it, then go on. # 50 points switch to police supreme condoms, poorly.

Supreme condoms. These condoms are made with synthetic latics that doesn't include the proteins that cause allergic reaction. What they used to make. It doesn't cause any harm to give vagina. It it doesn't cause reactions. So many of you just prefer this one to pull your routine because the sensation from it, the sensation from it is almost like the normal latex condoms. It's more like a traditional latex condoms. So this are the ways to have to practice safer sex. Lastly, I know you'll be asking or you want to ask that can you have sex without condoms? I will personally advise you. The only way you can have safe sex without condoms is when is just you and your partner.

No cheating is just you and your partner. You are faithful. Is faithful. That is the only time U boats can have sex without condoms because it's more safe and if you guys go on proper checkup from time to time to treat yourselves, that is when it's very safe because the only thing you'll be scared of is pregnancy. But if you are having more than one sexual partner, please advise you use condoms. So with that we've come to the end of this episode. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I really love it. I gave my Oh yes, hello, I'm signing out. But before we go, don't forget to share and you can also leave your suggestions. You can drop your suggestions if you have a voice message and uncle, you can like us on instagram, it would know me follow a pit on facebook, you know me, I remain your beautiful Snow meaning with a double E and I hope you learned something from today's episode.

Do I've told you of talking things you need to here. So please be careful out there, be safe. Thanks for listening. A new episode will be out next week Wednesday as soon as well. Keep supporting this girl. This girl is grateful and I really appreciate you all for your love for your time for listening. You can support me monetary to go to pod room if you have a boardroom up, download it, listening to my podcast there and you can drop it cheap for me as a sign of support. I appreciate any kind of support. Thanks for listening and I believe in you two songs, Courage beats a vibe featuring how to be. So I hope you enjoyed this episode scene next week. Same time. Nice took cheers Spero Che beach

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