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The Dirty Talk

by Tune-Box Media
July 19th 2022

From the stables of Audibly Erotic Exclusive Porn stories and Adult Sex Myths. comes this Raunchy packed Episode titled "The Dirty Talk" . This Story is based on phone conversation of a Romant... More

Hey you? How's your night been? Yeah, I'm sorry I missed that. Oh not much. My mom made this amazing chana masala for dinner tonight. We, we just watched like two straight hours of reality tv. I know. I know. Just two more nights apart and then I'll be home. Yeah. Sounds like you're feeling a little wound up. Wish I was there to help you out. You know, just because we aren't physically in the same place. Doesn't mean we can't have a little fun. I'm I'm in my childhood bedroom lying on my bed. Where are you? What are you wearing? Fuck that sounds hot. Mm What do I miss most about you? Probably the feeling of you in bed beside me. Mm Let me think about that.

Well, as soon as I get back, I think I'm gonna take you straight to the bedroom and I'm going to address you slowly intimately and show you how much I've missed you and I'm gonna tease your nipples. I know how sensitive they are, how it drives you crazy when I play with them. Yeah. You like the way that sounds. There's so many other things I want to do to you. I know baby. I wish I was there with you right now. Just imagine we're together. Imagine I'm laying right next to you in bed. My cock is getting hard. Yeah it's getting nice and hard for you. Yeah. Just hearing your voice. Thinking about fucking you. You wanna suck on it. Should I pull your hair Like you told me to last week. I know you like to look at me while you suck me off. Mm You're such a good girl. You have such a hot mouth. I needed around my cock.

Now can you spread your legs for me, spread them nice and wide? Good girl. I wish I was looking at your juicy pussy right now. Are you wet? Oh fuck. That's odd. I want you to put two fingers into your mouth for me. Get them nice and wet. You wish it was my cock? I do too, baby. Now I want you to touch your nipples for me, pinch them and squeeze them with those wet fingers. Yeah, well just close your eyes and imagine it's my lips. You know how much I like sucking on your nipples, getting them nice and hard.

The Dirty Talk
The Dirty Talk
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