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1.20 Neighbors with Duane Reade

by Post-Fun Podcasts
September 14th 2022

Impractical Jokers Tower is climbing higher and higher across the street from the Barone Zone, so before the deep dive into "Neighbors," first floor tenant Duane Reade comes by to air his grievance... More

mike, I gotta tell you, my friend, it is. If it actually feels pretty good being alive once more. Yeah, I mean, listen, I'm glad you're back. I, I am, to be perfectly honest, I didn't know you were gone for very long, but now that I'm now, now that you're back, it's all, it's all good. It's back to normal. Like, like when I came back alive, it was like, I realized how comfortable, like, being not alive is like, yeah, it's just like, it's chill, you know, it's like a bunch of empty nothingness and then, you know, I, my consciousness drifted back and then I was alive again and then all the pain suddenly returned that that kinda sounds terrifying. Are you okay? You still in pain or? Well, no, no, like, like 20 minutes passed and like, I got used to it, okay, And now I'm like, yeah, I'm the same as, I'm the same as always now, okay, Is that the elevator Adams?

I know. Oh my God, I drove way out to Paramus for this kid to get, they got a phantom fireworks out there and I drove all the way out there to get some m eighty's, I got the one that goes up and it pops for a second and you don't think anything's going to happen and then it explodes? What? Dwayne? Dwayne? Dwayne? Okay, okay, thank you, we appreciate that. Dwayne Alex. I don't know if you've ever met, this is a Duane Reade, His store occupies the first floor of the Baron's own. Um Of course, of course, I've heard of you, Dwayne, The pain read The pain I cause it and I take it away is 55% off right now. But it is loose. That's actually your selling loose ibuprofen. Yeah and we'll scoop, we lost the scoop. So yeah those motherfucker's across the street, they took my scooper, they were running smacking each other with it so you gotta dig your hands in.

Yes the impractical jokers know Mrs mrs Henderson who lives across the street no right next to him. The giant sucking skyscraper. You know what I I know that mrs I know Mrs Henderson isn't the kind of person to do that because she I'm constantly seeing her walking around with the fistfuls of ibuprofen. So I know that she's she's a regulation. Yeah. Well yeah but she's but she's a regular, I'm proud that I got her off boxes. But you know small victory. Next step I'm actually trying to replace her ibuprofen with skittles. She's going to notice you and me, let's work together because the skittles are loose too and I got to move them. Yeah you know that's like my age old trick. Like I mix them together that way I can actually eat the skittles because I can only taste the Ibuprofen then otherwise skittles are just too tough to eat, you know I mean look it sounds like the joker's hit you again. They've been pranking everybody. These things, they got me, they got me with I mean I'm in a weird spot with Murray right now and I just but but I don't appreciate the rest of their behavior.

They're building up their floor. They're putting weird signs in the window taunting us that they're getting close to our 100th floor. It's their fault that I died. Oh wait no that was mike and Adam. No no that was angry at them. Yeah that was yeah no they put a put a sign in the window that says you guys suck. I mean it's not imaginative but it still hurts my feelings. So look me and the kid you co host we're working on something. Adam. Yes you pronounce it? I wasn't sure. Yeah adam that's why I said a damn for like a couple of weeks and he didn't correct me no no it's Adam he's very socially anxious and we'll go along with most things. Unless it actually becomes a serious problem. But yeah so what did you suggest? What did you use this? What would you suggest to Adam? Because he'll he'll go with that no matter what you said. Yes he absolutely went along with no problem. He looked like he didn't quite know how to respond. So he was just smiling and nodding a lot.

It's almost like that was his coping mechanism or something but this is what we're working on so you know the jokers they live across the street in that big skyscraper next to mrs Henderson. Yeah we hate them. They're currently pranking mrs Henderson actually while I look out here there I don't know if you can call that a prank, They are pushing that woman to the ground, we should call someone looks like they want to do anything because they think it's hilarious that joker's owned the cops look A C. A. B. Look this is what we're doing because these jokers look they're coming into my store and it's already not great business where the this is the only store that Walgreens let me keep when they bought the company so the resources on what they used to be, I've already mentioned the pills loose. You did mention that you can No longer afford canisters and that that's leading to 55% off.

Most of my employees are M. T. A. Bus drivers who were dishonorably discharged from the service. Every aisle has those it's showtime guys from the subway doing a performance in there, I get a cut from that so that's good but they don't make it. I mean I'm gonna be honest like your character, it's got a unique character but the joker's first floor of their building, they're putting in a fucking CVS so that's the nail in my coffin so here's what we're gonna do, we are going to attach rocket boosters in the form of these fireworks that I got from Jersey, we're gonna attach them to the bottom of the joker's tower we're going to auction off the opportunity for one lucky citizen to press the button that launches them into space. So their spaces problem. Now I've been informed that legally space law is much murkier than ground.

It's like the old west up there. I mean, so a couple things here, first of all it sounds like a great prank. Like they like this is, this is the ultimate prank to get rid of them. They'll be, they'll be in space, they won't know what hit them. It'll be hilarious. Are you sure that those Paramus poppers are going to be enough to launch those guys into the stratosphere mike. I went to art school. I can tell this is enough it's gonna work. I mean this is a lot of explosives. Like I cannot explain how many explosive I am like no offense Dwayne, you're a small man and I am shocked. I'm small. I was small to begin with. And then with age I've stooped considerably. I am the only way to describe me is L shaped Yeah, yeah, no, I mean you can't be standing higher than four ft 2. I like logo. Yeah, yeah, just a little bit and I mean, but like those are like massive bags of poppers like I, I, I'm pretty sure like that's a federal crime to carry that many. Uh purchase them in Jersey.

Come back here brought them back here. That makes them legal here. That's how it works. Transitive property. Do you know the transitive property? No, I follow, I follow. I'm just kind of surprised that you were able to fit that many poppers through the Lincoln tunnel. If I'm being honest with you, I didn't think that that took took the path train. You know the M. T. A. Guys, we took the path. This is hyper local specific public transit information for residents of the new york metro area. Do you? I think I saw you guys put a sign up that you have a listener in Australia or something. Very proud of that. I guess we were proud of that. Yeah. Well no, we're proud of that. Duane might not be, but we we are individually Australia. What's your problem with Australia? Well, what? I didn't have a problem with Australia until these jokers they come into my store. Look, I can't take another week of these guys. First of all, I thought there were four of them, they're up to like 15 or 16. 1 of them they split through mitosis.

There's there's Q there's joe, there's sal there's Ashton kutcher, there's Alfred, the british Butler, they got the strangest things, kids doing pranking couches, frosty the snowman Rudolph Giuliani Giuliani, he's in there dripping hair juice on everyone. They got Giuliani, he'll lean over their shoulders and you will be like Giuliani drip some hair juice on him and he does it and it's causing chaos in my aisles. Look they got the cop, they got the bike and they got the construction work. I really want to be pissed at these jokers and I am because they were actively assaulting mrs Henderson, which we all know is Dwayne's best customer. But I will say that you know, I would pay for that subscription on True, I would pay to watch Giuliani prank people with Frosty the Snowman. Are you kidding me? Abs lutely. You can mike. Oh yeah, I know the busses.

Yeah, yeah, I mean and that's another thing too. We had a bus that was half and half advertisement, half, everybody loves everybody loves Raymond, half just your face with the title doing read and they outbid us, they outbid us. Now they got the entire tru tv plus thing on the bus. Um You know what? Honestly though this is a great prank and I think it'll be good publicity for him. I mean impractical jokers in space. What's better, what's better? Yeah, I mean as long as this doesn't get too sir, go back though. The reason I hate Australia, the reason I hate Australia is because crocodile Dundee is now part of the joker's he's walking around my aisles, he's showing people knives. He's saying you think that's a knife, he's pointing to my fucking plastic cutlery which is loose and he's saying you think that's a knife, you just have no way to organize things upon them loose.

So we've got the seasonal, I'll but I don't, you know me, I'm a very religious man. I only observed the christian feast days. So we've just got loose ST Christopher medals and other catholic specifics up and down those aisles and they're sort of intermingling with the, the S. T. I checks the tests that sort of intermingling with the condoms, which we should put those in the same section, but they're not seeing chris would want nothing more than to be mixed up with those. Anyway, so Dwayne, when is the big drink happening? Hold on, I have more specifics that I wrote down, Oh my God, okay, sorry, did you not see the binder Dwayne brought up? This is my evidence file, It was covered behind the absolute mounds of fireworks. That's right. Well I showed this this stuff to Comey, he didn't do anything about it. He said he doesn't work there anymore. Oh, the references. Yeah, I think, I think you got it. Anyway, so um, this definitely not act of domestic terror is, is we're raffling off the ability to push the button when exactly you didn't let me say what my specifics were.

So I said so many specifics, so we've got the christian style. We've got the seasonal ill and I'm just trying to sell ST Christopher medals and other catholic specifics to Mrs Henderson and all my regular customers, You guys come down there, you do the skin care, the Barone skincare, which we put up a beautiful and cap for and I'm trying to give you know, my products, my loose products to all my regulars and the jokers in there, they got cameras in every aisle, they're doing like 55 simultaneous pranks, their ear pieces are causing feedback over the loudspeaker and you know, I like to play billy Joel of course full volume, I would like the one song I like my life, I like that. That's a great song, that's a great song and then I get over there and I always come on and go ahead with your own life, leave me alone and mrs Henderson every time claps for me and as she collapsed, loose pills fall out of the sleeves, she has a serious problem and that's the, those are the ones you pick up and then sell, that's right, well you know, I'm not gonna leave good merchandise on the floor.

Of course the jokers are in there, they're drinking all my big waters, they're drinking all my big waters, I can't end the water slice. I'm sorry, what do I lose the was loose that just sounds like a flood. Are they drinking the blood? Oh my God, it's a hose that goes into a kiddie pool, it's an island kiddie pool full of what used to be Evian, you know, Dwayne, we appreciate your business. Okay Yeah, I get it, I'm now starting, I'm now starting to think that maybe the CVS might be necessary competition in Limburg like I love you, Dwayne, I don't want you to die out but this seems like a health violation. We're going ahead with the auction, we're going to get the very best we're going to install, we're going to covertly install the fireworks at the base of the tower, we're going to launch it into space auction off the opportunity to press the button.

Pressing the button is very popular. People will come from far and wide to press the button so I'm not worried about this going off without what's the starting bid. By the way, The starting bid is $55,000. Okay I will not be pressing this button. I have on good authority that that would be enough to purchase several containers which would solve a lot of my problems can compete with the best of them and getting rid of the jokers would be good but anything on top of that that's gravy, which is you know I do sell oh you know you carried out in your hands, my hands and mrs Henderson drinks it and she takes it like communion. It's beautiful. We have going on her and I I can tell you guys about it but I don't know how old are you guys are?

You lied? Can I tell you about? Not legal. Okay look, I gotta go though, I one of my M. T. A. Guys is taking me to Seth Meyers, we're gonna heckle him and throw oranges at him Oh that sounds like a great time throw on for me. Oh you don't like Seth Meyers either. Why don't you come with us? I would, I would, but I'm not alive. He did die a few weeks back back. Yeah, back me up mike. Yeah, he's kind of dead. You kids are fucking weird, but you know, Yeah, you know what? You know what Dwayne? Thank you. You know what Dwayne? I appreciate that. My God, listen, are you just gonna leave the entire amount of explosives? No, the explosives like that? Like if we try to cook something in here, we will die of the fireworks. Why did you bring him up here? If you're going to bring them to the building? 100th floor, why did you bring him up here?

I did the top two corners of the building, Allen is going to do the bottom two and then we're done. But I did my pot, I'm gonna give him 25% of the auction price and I think that's fair compensation. I drove all the way to Paramus So I think I deserve 75 percent. I thought you said you took the path to Paramus. No, I drove to Paramus. You left your car behind my cars and it's very, very hot and I thank you in the sense of theft as well as literally All right, thank you very much. Holy holy Prophet, why do we pay him rent? How's it going? Oh my God, it's so good to see you buddy. You look there there's you. Okay well I never get along with that. Hi guys how are you doing? I never get a I don't know. So why why do we pay Duane Reade rent when we own the Barone's own?

More importantly he calls it rent. It's it's protection it's protection. So we don't get turned into a Duane Reade. I mean he's got he's got gravy in the pool with his Evian water that he sells. Like it's this is he does not running he's clearly a very powerful man. Well you know mrs Henderson. Right. Oh you wouldn't believe this adam we were just talking about yeah how's she doing? Great. Great. Yeah just pushed her down into traffic again. They just left her there. They pushed her down and now they're picking her up and they're dragging her to the L. I. R. R. Station. And are they tying her to the tracks? That is not a good oh my God. Oh my God Stranger things kid. Oh no crocodile Dundee is showing her the knife. God Australia you know what it looks like. They're actually just doing a trolley problem and that's the, yeah yeah just went by on the other they forgot to grab six other people to put on that track.

Yeah so that that was a really easy trolley problem. That was good on the on the driver he made the right decision. Yeah. Yeah. Oh no, they're tying him to the track now. Oh God. Yeah, those guys are nuts. They didn't, they didn't like that. He solved it. I guess it looks like they're very, honestly, I don't think they're prank anymore. There's just straight up gang, they're not recording anymore. Yeah. You know, and you know, I thought my biggest problem was was was Marie and I just, you know what, I think, I don't know if I can, if I can date her anymore because of this. That's uh yeah, yeah, I mean honestly the last straw was that, you know, we had our, we had our six week anniversary um, and she brought me a bald cap and um, you know, like, like, and like boxers and listen and yeah, and, and also a replica korean war veteran card and I just, I'm gonna be honest, I don't know if I'm, I'm into that.

So why? Yeah, look, you know, whatever you guys wanna do, you know, for your relationship, if you think it's time to part ways, it's time to part ways, but it's a little hypocritical mike, you want to dress up as Marie, but you're not willing to dress up as frank. I recognize that I am also a little bit concerned about myself that the fact that I just watched him tie innocent people train track. Does not in my reason. Yeah, but yeah, it's a little shallow. My God, I listen, you know, I think I know, no, I think I guess I am a little bit I guess I am. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, by the way, Adam Dwayne left a truly dangerous amount of fireworks, right? No, no, that was our, that was our agreement. He's gonna give me 50% of the auction price.

Just make sure you don't, you know, we know you like your smokes, so just that's right over there. Yeah, that can in fact about me is that I smoke like a chimney yet a voice as smooth as silk. Yeah, I could not do a gravelly voice if I tried. Um but I did go to blockbuster and get the tape of the episode so we can finally watch it. This Is episode Season one, Episode 20 of Everybody Loves Raymond. Right? 1, 20 neighbors. So why don't we oh have been recording? You guys figured out how to start recording without me. That's awesome. I don't know if we figured it out. I think we might have actually just pushed the wrong button. I guess we did the first segment I was looking for the tanning bed and I guess I just pressed the record button right next to each other. So ladies and gentlemen, I promise you, you are indeed listening to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond and right after these, these sponsors will be right back to talk to you about season one, episode 20 of everybody loves Raymond neighbors neighbors.

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Um did we welcome people the first time? I don't know, I wasn't here. We didn't introduce ourselves in. Okay, so I'm Adam Rudy and I'm joined by Alex shir Hello and I'm joined by mike. Deez nuts. Hey, that's me, I do have these nuts. How we doing everybody? We're doing good man, take a hey call in, we're taking calls, would you fuck Raymond? Let us know that phone number is 1 800 R. A. Y. M. O. N. D. We just we just we Should get 1 800 Raymond. We just we just had like like a like a dozen people who listen to us for the first time, click forever. I wasn't here for the beginning, but I imagine that that would have heard the start. No, Yeah, not as soon as we talked about Alex Alex resurrection, I think that they were like, maybe not from this point on, it's all about our boy, that's not shock jocks.

We are three friends who are in the penthouse of a skyscraper, looking across the street at another skyscraper populated by a rapidly expanding group of impractical jokers. And then we have a little plan to take care of that, but mostly we're here, we meet here every week to talk about everybody loves Raymond, we do a scene by scene breakdown and we of course rate ray on a scale of 1 to 10, that's our patented barometer. Today we're talking about season one, episode, 20 neighbors and what are your guys overall impressions of the episode mike? Why don't you lead us off? I thought this was a great episode. Uh we've talked before about like iconic scenes that we remember of Raymond um for some reason, the scene where Ray goes to the confessional is like etched in my mind, so when we opened when the door, when like I saw that happened, I was like, oh I thought that was later in the series. Alright, this is great.

Um but yeah, it has some really good moments, some really good character work, some really, really shitty neighbors. Uh and we'll talk about that too. But but yeah, I thought this was, I thought it was a really solid episode, I really enjoyed it a lot awesome Alex. What was your overall impression? Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet Macbeth, the Great Gatsby and now everybody loves Raymond joins them as one of the greatest tragedies of all time. This story, this episode was just heartbreaking for Ray. It really puts him on my situation that is I believe almost unwinnable. It take it would take like an expert of psychology and family dynamics to navigate their way way out of the web that was constructed in this episode. You know you would need like a surgeon's touch. I I agree with you Alex. Yeah it was I I really liked this episode, I thought it was fun, I thought there was a lot of good humor.

Um The confessional actually I think was hilarious, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it but no I loved it. So that's really it. How about you, adam? I agree. The problem in this episode, I think you can compare it to the pilot a little bit because um in that Ray is dealing with whether or not he confronts his parents over their behavior in this one that situation was relatively minor um where it's just you know Debra's birthday and this one it feels like this is something that a reasonable person would be conflicted about. Like the drama at the heart of this episode I think is really strong and I don't you know, not to spoil the rating at the end of it, but I don't blame Rafer being feeling guilty for being conflicted about this. And then the comedy moments were really strong. That confessional scene was super funny.

Um just from like the playing out of that bit uh was really, really strong and that actor was really good. We'll talk about him later. But the first thing yeah, I did some research before. I know you always do, you always met Yeah, this is what he does. You're not be real with you guys. I actually didn't do the research on the guest actors, so we're looking at right now. Uh But yeah, so we start off with a guest actor who might be familiar to Michael at least do you want to tell us who this person was? Yeah, we've actually done a breakdown of this guy before this guest star, opening The Cold Open today is none other. But then the legendary baseball manager, Tommy Lasorda, We have already been talked about Tommy Lasorda because I believe in like it was one of the first two or three episodes.

Uh Gray has a theoretical conversation with Tommy Lasorda after his retirement from the Dodgers, but we don't actually hear his voice, we don't actually hear or or c his appearance and in this one, apparently the interview was not done because Tommy Lasorda decided to visit Ray in his home, but just a breakdown. Tommy Lasorda is widely regarded as one of the greatest baseball managers of all time. He worked almost exclusively for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Um He did work a little bit for the Kansas City Athletics, but before they moved to Oakland, but the majority of his career, he's known as the Dodgers as the Dodgers manager. Um He eventually did die in 2021 so fairly recently, but he, like I said he's got a fire in him. Um I actually, he's gone on some legendary rants after after games and I mean he's one, I believe he's won the World Series several times with the Dodgers, both in Brooklyn and in in L.

A. He actually did work with the Dodgers before they moved Holy sh it, I didn't realize this guy was the cookie guy. Yeah, this is the cookie guy. This is the Way I told him not to. Ray asked him where he thought he was going with. That Cookie was one of my favorite rants. I'm sorry, I'm going to tell the time of the sort of story because I can and I'm going to until adam gets it out. Um but Tommy Lasorda, so there was an incident, he was coaching the Dodgers and there was an incident where one of the pictures was fined for throwing out a guy named cafe on the Padres, like he beamed him in the head and had to pay a fine and was interviewed after and and the basically said something to the effect of like some really mean comments saying like if you really want to find somebody, find the guy that told him to do it. And I believe his exact words were that short little italian. Uh and so Tommy Lasorda in one of my favorite rants of all time starts, He gets asked in the postgame interview the next day, what do you think of these comments?

And he starts very professional? He's like, you know, I've never told anyone to throw at somebody. I'm offended by that starts very professional about halfway through. He's like, I would never say anything, but if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't wouldn't make him throw out a 1 30 picture that couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat and goes on like a five minute rand of just profanity string. We can't play it here because he uses some homophobic slurs, but at the same, but it's one of the funniest things, uh not the slurs, but the rant and just the turn halfway through. Yeah, he's fiery. I mean, I'm not excusing that language, It was used a lot back in that day of sports, but yeah, he's one of the yeah, he's like I said, he's got a fire in a manager that very few have shown since I think we got a little bit of that fire in this cold open. Remember when steve Scriven told us about these athletes cold opens and how they never really put too much thought into the why of how Ray was coming into contact with these people.

Tommy Lasorda is just sitting at Ray and Debra's kitchen table and uh he's there to try raise sauce. Yeah, this is like the Kareem, Abdul Jabbar one where it's like, what was the conversation where Ray was like, hey, come over to my house, my wife loves you. Um Was he like, hey, Tommy? Remember when I talked to you that one time on the phone? Uh you should come over to my house and I'll make you my sauce. And apparently both of those men were like, sure Ray, I'll come over to your house uh and then never appear in your life again. Um but Tommy Lasorda is there and he uh is there to try raise sauce. And Ray says, Ray gives him a taste. He's like, oh, it's my mother's recipe. Tommy's like, it's pretty good, but then he goes over to the stove and uh he gives raise some pointers on how he could make it better. Um One of his tips is keep your eye on the sauce.

Uh and he put some seasoning in it. And then he really gives Ray some coaching about his stirring technique, which I thought was a pretty funny transposition of, especially because Ray says or Tommy says, you know, I have a lot of downtime, not coaching, but it's been pretty relaxing and then he proceeds to coach Ray through a stir. I thought he did a really great job in this cold open, almost like barry bonds. He felt like like an actual like actor with training. He did like he had great timing, great energy. Like I was into it. His line reads weren't wooden at all. He was, I don't know, but it was, he did a really great job and really sold it. He did. I actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm pretty sure Tommy Lasorda's in police squad, like he, I think he makes an appearance in the baseball scene. Um, but yeah, but yeah, he has a good, he has a good line read. Yeah, I I agree. It's not the, you know, we can tell that they were just kind of like we needed, we need something for time of this order to do so we could plug it in the promo.

But Tommy Lasorda has 17 active acting credits, wow. Not all of them are as Tommy Lasorda, wow, I'm actually surprised about that. He's interesting. He was in something called America Thon in 1979 is Jimmy Dunphy. He did additional voices on Pink Panther and Sons and um he played a character named Lucky Lasorda in Homeward bound two Lost in san Francisco and then he played and he played Coach Rockwell on Life with Louie, which was an animated show about the life of Louie Anderson. So he's actually had, you know fairly successful second career as an actor and not just as himself, good for him and it shows you know he's got a natural knack for the I think yeah dude knows what's up Alex. If you die again, get him on the show, I will do my best man.

It's very hard to talk to other people in that. Okay. Like I mean I couldn't figure it out but also I think part of that was I didn't realize I was dead. There you go. That's true. It's probably really annoying for you hearing all those, you know go sleep. It was the same amount of voices in my head. Okay? Yeah, we go to our conveyor belt opening, important to say that. And um our next scene, our first proper scene is Ray and Debra just sleeping. Uh the room is dark and they're in their bed and then with the sound effect of stadium lights being flipped on, giant lights come on outside and light up the room. Uh And frank apparently has put in motion sensor lights that according to ray are so sensitive that a moth probably set it off and it absolutely floods the room with life light a lot a lot of good physical humor. I really did this, I was gonna say the same thing.

Um This is the next thing, the lawn mower or lawn mower thing is that it's a chainsaw, but yeah, so go to the next morning and uh there's a loud noise and frank apparently is woodworking at 7 30 in the morning. Uh This is when we find out that Ray had given him the big book of hobbies and his hope was that he would be distracted by the hobbies and wouldn't annoy them. Uh And then I thought it was really funny and well written, how Debra about to say. So now he's annoying us with his hobbies. So now he's so now he's so now he's uh was really good rule of three writing right there. I do love how genuinely um typically we see frank and Marie be annoying, like always and intrusive and all that stuff, but it almost feels within the realm of possibility. I really like how they just kind of leaned into frank's a dick in this and just like turned it up to 10.

I yeah, I don't know. I think that that was a strong choice and it served the episode well yeah, they exaggerate his kind of like wackiness to, you know, make the point that that he goes too far. It's we've seen frank be intrusive, but this is a really strong illustration of frank being inconsiderate as well. Like he's gonna do his woodworking because it's 7 30 he wants to do his woodworking. Um but at this point, robert enters with a broken nose. Is this the same? This is not the same robe he was wearing in the previous robed robert appearance, or was it? I did, I do not have a rope count robe account, I'm going to be honest with you adam, here's the deal. I was too busy trying to see what was underneath the rope to notice the robot a little, His top button is open and some of that classic brad Garrett chest hair is on display.

He is a hairy dude, like it's impressive, he's a hairy dude. But uh but yeah, he comes in and he really, he is exhausted and he says, oh it's over here too. Uh and he says he's going to go upstairs to take a nap. Um and he reveals that he broke his nose because frank's car alarm, which apparently is one of the hobbies that he set up in this fit of ha being uh went off in the middle of the night and robert ran outside to turn it off and ran headlong into a tree, breaking his nose. Classic robert, I'm surprised his nose didn't break the tree. That would have been better. Honestly, that would have been great. That would have been awesome. But I just would have been a really easy line to put into it. Could have been like I ran into a tree and broke my nose and Ray or Debra would be like, you know, oh that's too bad robert, you look terrible.

And then robert could be like, well you should see the tree and that was a nice little, that would have been, but I mean it was it was fun without it. But yeah, it was funny, it's just a funny image to see. I think robert being so big to imagine him being clumsy is really funny. Um but uh so yeah, robert goes upstairs to take a nap and frank comes over, he burst through the door, he's covered in sawdust and he's like, come on, let's go, it's 7 30 time to get to work. And um he is, he won't listen to reason, they tell him at 7 30 please don't would work right now. And uh he's he's practically manic, He is, he comes in and he's singing right at the Valkyries, at the top of his lungs, which, you know, uh we don't have to dig too much into that. But I want to say also, I guess it's a trope, but I really, really like it when like, the cranky character in like, show or movie is just like, so, like, just unapologetically happy and blissful and like, they're just like enjoying life because of like, something like this frank was just like, so legitimately appreciative of Ray's gift and like, he actually really likes it and if it wasn't causing a problem one, it wouldn't be in the show, but like, it would this would just be such a sweet little thing.

Yeah, it reminds me of it reminds me of frank the writer, how um when frank started writing, he was super excited about it. I like seeing that side of frank where he is excited about something and it sort of inevitably makes him insufferable. But it's nice to see him have something like that. Yeah, definitely frank Came in. He basically says 7:30 time to get to work. And why did he go into the garage? Because I remember he disappeared or something drill. That's it. Which is surprising to me that he wouldn't have a drill, but maybe he needed a more powerful drill. I don't know. But then we get get frank exit stage back and then Ray and Debra are talking and Deborah's like you gotta basically saying like this is insane, this cannot continue. And and then the neighbors call, Yes Ruth Green from two doors down calls.

Um and we'll meet ruth in the next scene. Uh the neighbors apparently want to come over to discuss the parents because this is too far. I'm sure they have also been disturbed by Frank's lights, heard his car alarm and now they're hearing him would work at 7:30 AM. So they want to come over and have a meeting about the parents. Uh Debra tells this to Ray. Ray is offended at first he doesn't um like that they are, you know interrogating his parents and this sort of sets up raise position for the whole episode is that he knows that his parents can be annoying but at the end of the day he will defend them at all costs. Um And while he's telling Deborah about, no, we don't need the parents, you know? Well Deborah is telling him, you know, your mom can be a bit of a medlar and then yeah, we get the reveal as Deborah is wiping things up and she opens up all the curtains and as she opens the one curtain Marie is on the other side of the window, squeegee ng it which was just, you know, great, classic like sitcom style.

Yeah. Yeah, I love that. Uh And then and Marie completely oblivious just like waving in the window. I love that. Um Can we talk about the fucking should we wait till the next scene to talk about the neighbors? Because I have some like questions about their motivations here. Like I'm happy to hear your questions. Okay. So like this is kind of my thing here, right? Is that I like there's absolutely like something needs to be done about the parents. No question about it, but like They're also adults. They're also neighbors. It's not like Ali and Michael and Geoffrey are the ones that are woodworking at 7:30 AM. It's not like they're the ones that are that are doing the floodlights in the car alarms and all that stuff. The parents have a house on the street too. What like I guess my point is kind of like man up and tell the tell the tell the neighbors tell the other neighbors this I don't know.

I don't know. I know it's a comedy, but it's just like, it's just like upset me. That's just like just fucking tell them yourself. You know like mike mike there is an in universe answer for this. Yeah. They have met Marie and frank. They understand that anything they say to them will not get through and their best chance is talking to their, their son who may have some sort of strategy to them. Ray is probably their last resort. They've probably asked Marie and frank to keep it, but then frank and Maria are absolutely shocked to hear that the neighbors are upset with them when they come in later in the episode. That checks out. All right, fair enough. I guess my thought was like that they, my read of the situation was that the neighbors wanted Ray and Debra to do the dirty work for them and I thought that was unfair. Uh, So yeah, that's just what I wanted to throw in there. That the neighbors were shitty people. I think that's a fair read. I think my read was they don't think that they have a chance in getting them to stop and raise their best hope.

That's probably a fair reason. Overestimating how Ray Ray has, how much of a spine. Ray has. They must not know him very well. What else are they going to do at that point? But we meet the neighbors in the very next scene. It's presumably that night and that the neighbors have come over to the living room. We've got lily Mac Arthur and ruth. Those are the names of the characters. According to imdb, we've got Cathy lad man who plays lily. She is one of the great eighties stand ups. She was on the Tonight Show nine times and she was a regular on uh the Late, Late Show and has been in like a million things. She's been in Roseanne and was recurring on Caroline in the city and just shoot me Raymond, she actually wrote an episode for King of Queens. She's just a really successful and great comedian. We also Yes.

Is this the same comedian that made the appearance on Good Luck charlie forever? Or is that a different, is that the same comedian who made the appearance on Good Luck? Do you know who I'm talking about? It's like, it's like mike, it's even too deep a cut for me. No, it's not an assumption that we've watched that. Hold on, I'll look it up Alex has I know that for a second. I'm gonna go to Kathy lad man first. I'm not even going to try to figure out who you're talking about. Good luck charlie. Zero of zero results. It's mrs Dabney. It's it's let's see, she's played by Patricia Belcher. So we haven't gotten to it yet. Okay, so Patricia Belcher is in this episode. Yes, okay, she's on the couch and I was just like, oh she's the one that, you know, I know she's probably way more proud of her other work and not the the Disney channel, but that's what I'm associated with her, as I was pointing out, was just like, oh that's the lady that's always giving Gabe a hard time.

She's funny, that's that's how my association was. You're really gonna it's good that you Sprinkle these reference points in for our younger, we really want to appeal to the younger demographic. Yeah, the yeah, the young ones. Um but yeah, let's go down the couch and eventually we will get to Ruth, who's played by Patricia Belcher, Cathy Lagman is sitting right next to Ray. Um we go down to right next to her as Arthur who's played by Stephen Hack, steven Hack is a you know, guest star all Star, he's got 69 credits, he's done arcs on, he should not work anymore. He's done arcs on General Hospital and Days of our lives. So he's got like, he's regularly worked in soaps and then also sitcoms, so new adventures of old Christine. Uh Fresh off the Boat recently and then his most recent credit that's out there is he was in the Perry Mason reboot as well this year.

Um and pam and Tommy and Angeline, so he's had three things come out this year. He's a true working actor. Uh next to him is Patricia Belcher. So she honestly she puts Stephen heck to shame because she has 100 and 59 credits. She is still working. I dare you to name a sitcom from the two thousands. And I will tell you, yes, she's been on it. How I Met Your Mother? Yes, she played receptionist in Atlantic City 2006. Oh I know that one. Good luck charlie. Well yeah, you just said that that's a Disney 24 episodes is mrs Dabney. Yes. Yes I knew it. Um Okay. What other, what other things are there in the Scooby doo? I don't know what 6.2000 sitcom is Scooby doo, Scooby Doo is big in the 2000. Okay. Yeah they had to live action movies and phenomenal.

Yeah. Yes, but that it's not a sitcom. There's a laugh track. You're terrible at this. Oh my God, go home. All right. Look she was on, let's start in 2001. She was on Sabrina the teenage witch. She 2002 she was in. Yes dear. She was on a show that I've watched. One on one, which I think was a U. P. N. Show about a weatherman. She was on Andy Richter controls the universe. She was on the proud family Malcolm in the middle. She was on Andy Richter controls the universe. Yeah, it was an Andy Richter vehicle. Um she was on Barona episode. She was on, my name is Earl. She was on how I met your mother. As you mentioned, she was on Boston legal. She was on, she was in the movie 500 days of summer. She's on according to jim Community the middle.

Always sunny in philadelphia. Better off ted those are all right in a row. 2009. She had a great year for starring in sitcoms. This woman has been in everything you don't get to 100 and 59 credits. Uh unless you're pretty damn good and she was pretty damn good in this episode. She had a couple of lines and she delivered them very strongly and then on the end We've got mac and Mac is a veteran character actor. 200. Look, I didn't intend for this to happen, but we are going up in the credit count as we move along. 215 credits for Lance E. Nichols who plays Mac Benjamin button. He was in, he's been in, he was on Treem the HBO series, House of cards. He was in the fantastic Four movie that came out in 2015.

I'm just scrolling and reading so it sounds like we didn't realize it, but there's an all star comedian cast sitting here to ship talk frank and not not really comedians but all star character actors like the only one who's missing is Margo martindale. Honestly, I was hoping you were gonna make that reference adam and I love you for it, it is truly a stacked couch as it were of just great character actors. Um It's always cool to look up these people and see that they are legitimately impressive working actors. But let's get back to the plot lily who is played by Kathy Lagman tells them that they've always been good neighbors Marie and frank or not mary anne frank, but Ray and Debra, they've always been good neighbors and they're hoping that they can get through to Marie and frank and Ray trying to cut the meeting off early says okay, I'm gonna handle it, good meeting by everyone. Um but then max stands up and says um we have some specific complaints to get to frank.

Apparently took his leaf blower and blew everything from his lawn onto max including a dead chipmunk was it or squirrel a dead rodent. Um and then Arthur says that Marie steals his packages and then ruth threatens to go to the extreme uh initiating legal action to get Marie and frank kicked out of the neighborhood. And then Deborah says, is that possible that and that kills with the audience. That also went through my mind to, to be perfectly honest with you. But yeah, like that. Yeah. Uh we haven't even gotten to the movie segment yet, but already the just the hilarity of like all the bullshit that these guys have been pulling not only to Ray and Debra, it just kind of is also a little cathartic to know that it's not just Ray and Debra absorbing the entire brunt of everything. You know it's not they really expand the the E.

L. Our cinematic universe here and it really shows that Ray or Marie and frank's actions have consequences outside of the family. Um Ray tries to defend them. He says they recycle they're not cannibals which is an interesting running theme through the episode will point it out later. But um Mac at this point stands up and says he has a tape and this is we see and Ray goes oh they're cannibals. Oh yeah that was really funny. I thought that was very funny. Um We see the video which is a montage of frank coming out to get the newspaper every morning uh in a state of undress varying states of undress. At one point he drops a banana and picks it up and it culminates with him and then eats it, scratching his ass. I think that was a cannoli actually it was like the end of oh my God they're they're Italians.

Yeah. Not only is he disgusting? He's a stereotype there though. I mean I'm eating a cannoli right now, I need a cannoli during every episode and then when I'm not on mike I'm sucking that ricotta out of it. He does it very silently as to not accidently a smr which in a way I think it's worse than I do it silently. Um but I do get them from Duane Reade unfortunately, you know what that means. But yes, so the video culminates with frank coming out in a towel and rather than dropping a banana or a cannoli, whatever it may be, he drops his towel and they freeze on frank's presumably his bare ass. I hope he didn't turn around. They just see the camera going up and then it just cuts away, which I gotta be honest. I was just gonna say like the joke is made later, but why the hell would you pause on the ask?

Like we get the idea, we get the idea. Why do you as neighbors need to just stare. I don't know. I just, the camera work here was very well done from like a cinematography point of view. Like I could see exactly where it was going before it went there, but he must have see it all come to fruition. It was, it was very funny. They freeze on it and announced exhibit a and the question is asked, is that a tattoo? And then race says no and everyone says you and at that point frank and Marie still frozen on frank's ask frank and Marie barge in because frank has made a birdhouse and Marie is like look what your father did. Um which is cute to see that they're so excited about it. Like they picked the like the, not the best time to be just like a cute old couple. Yeah. Um and they noticed the ass on the tv and frank's reaction to this is so weird Alex and I talked about it before he got out of, he is so titillated at the idea, not he's not just okay hey with his son having the neighbors over for a porno party, but he's actually excited about it.

He's like, oh a porno party and he only gets upset about it when he realizes who's asked, they're all staring, he's pointing and laughing at it. He's like who's the fat ass? And we get one of my favorite holy craps in the show so far. This is a good one, this is a very, very good one, Marie recognizes it and frank of course delivers a classic holy crap and then lily tells them that they have complaints about their behavior and that just the, the fury osce itty that um when Marie realizes that Ray is supposedly holding this rally and he's serving her cookies at his rally against them and frank is just furious that Ray took sides against the family, even though Ray is trying to tell them that he's defending them. Um and then he storms out, Marie tries to take the tape and I think it's pretty funny and she can't figure out how to eject the tape.

So she just unplugs and takes their VCR and they storm out. That was a hard scene to watch. I mean their embarrassment and the sense of betrayal is really feel for them outside of the like obviously like they are doing wrong in the neighborhood and they're not being very neighborly. But like in their minds coming to this scene like it's gotta be confusing and scary and weird and yeah, like obviously again, there's reason for what has transpired, but they don't know that yet. What's weird is that to think about them walking into their son, their daughter in law and all of their immediate neighbors sitting silently looking at a frozen paused image of frank's ass. They're not laughing at him. They're not, you know, nothing is going on there simply they are considered scenario.

They're simply observing, absorbing. They're taking it in. Um, but we go to the next scene and Ray and Debra are in bed. Debra is asleep and raise just staring straight ahead. He can't sleep. He wakes up Deborah, I thought we were going to get a classic, you know, but we didn't, he just said, and uh, he tells her he can't sleep because it's too quiet. He's like, do you hear the car alarm? And she's like, no. And he's like, exactly. Um, he can tell that frank has abandoned his hobbies because he's hurt and Ray feels guilty. He has a pretty good line that sets up the next scene or not the next scene, but two scenes from now. Um, guilt is just a way of life for me. I was trained by masters, my mother, my father, the pope and that later. But we go to the next day, he goes over to Marie anne frank's house and there's a giant sandwich laid out, nobody's around and he says, oh my God, they killed themselves and robert made them into sandwiches.

That's our second hit of the cannibalism runner and it's gonna pay off at the end. Um, Marie and frank come in. They say, you know, they're setting up like punch bowls and stuff and napkins and they say, you know, they're not hurt. The neighbors were right, It's water under the bridge. And they reveal that they're having the neighbors over because Ray reaches for the sandwich and she's like, oh no, that's for the for the neighbors. Um, and then at that moment lily, Arthur Mac and ruth, the neighbors come over and Ray is like, you're all friends now. And uh, robert enters. Yeah, they're all getting along and robert enters with like a triumphant, here's the ice and everybody like cheers for him and frank is like great jobs. And then Marie just leans over and she's like, thanks for stopping by Ray and they all ignore him and they're all getting along great. And Ray just sort of sheepishly leaves the fucking, just the absolute manipulative, like horrible like parenting of Marie and frank strike again again.

They only praise robert when Ray, I never about robert robert only succeeds when Ray fails. I also want to say like I I'm just gonna be real here. The neighbors forgave them way too quickly. It's just like they've been disrupting their life for so long. You threw a dead rat at me. Oh ship there's a sandwich, I'll be there. Let's have dip. Why not? They did have one night with no disturbances. So I think they think that they that the intervention worked, but also it's very cold and didn't even greet Ray. Not at least. Yeah, we also don't have any context for what transpired between, you know that day and uh this one again, my headcanon is Maria and frank fueled by getting back at their son, worked their assess off to make amends as quickly as possible with everyone else at that meeting.

They called everyone or they went over and apologized and were really sincere about it and invited them to come over all to get back at Ray, which is so cold. Um Speaking of cold the next night Ray gets up in apparently a cold sweat and uh Debra sleeping room is dark. He stumbles to the bathroom. This scene is nuts. This is the second time we've seen a dream sequence on this show and it's um wild. Uh Ray is like wiping his or rinsing rinsing his face off and then he looks up in the bathroom mirror and frank is there looking back at him uh and Ray then opens the cabinet, he takes some pills which are in a container and when he closes the cabinet Marie is there with frank and she says, it's in the bible. Honor thy mother and father or something. Honor, honor thy mother.

And then frank is like, what about the father? And she's like him to delivery in. This was so good and weird and really selling like the dreaminess of it and the seriousness of what Ray perceives uh, them to feel. But Ray, you know, looks down, Ray goes to go back to bed and then he goes back to the mirror and looks one last time and the Pope is there. So this pays off from that earlier line. The Pope is there. He's wagging his finger at him. This is an interesting man. So this is Eugene, great attack. Oh you, you pulled the Pope up to, oh my God, I thought that you were saying raise an interesting man because he sees his mom, his dad in the Pope. Eugene Great Tech is an interesting man. Um, because he has 20 acting credits and they are all as Pope John Paul II. He does look a lot like Pope john paul the second, like it's very close.

He played the Pope on 20 separate tv shows movies. Uh, and his only self credit is also as the Pope. So that's actually 21 appearances as the Pope. This guy was a retired real estate broker in Los Angeles before launching a career as a Pope john paul? The second impersonator. Uh He was actually a lifelong catholic and he didn't launch his Impersonating career until the archdiocese of Los Angeles informed him that Impersonating the Pope was not an offense in the church. I love that. That that that had to be explicitly stated. That's very funny. He was born in 1925 and he lived until 2010. So, real long life to careers real estate broker and a Pope in person. So, super interesting. He was actually in sister act, he played the post Pope in Sister act as well.

You guys know that I have both sister act movie soundtracks on vinyl. We'll break it down track by track. You're an interesting man man adam. Anyway, the next scene scene Ray, so perhaps inspired by the appearance of the Pope in his dream, Ray goes to visit a priest. Um The priest is played by Don Perry who is also a guest star all star 85 credits. His last was on Hot in Cleveland um which was in 2011 and he died in 2012. So he worked up, worked all the way to the end. Um And again, another person who was just on every sitcom imaginable. Yeah. Oh he's on living single. So Ray goes into the this room in the church where the priest played by Don Perry is sitting And uh he's like, where's is this the confessional? Where's the confessional?

Apparently the booth is out and they just do it in this room. Yeah. Do they actually do this? You know? So it's it's a play, right? Obviously this is this is not how it actually is what happened before Vatican two pre Vatican to you only had the option of kneeling behind the you can't see me screen, you know where you just stare into the thing and then post Vatican to basically they gave you the option, they gave you the option if you can sit behind the screen or you can and go around the wall and sit and face the priest face to face. It's not traditionally how it's done, but like you have that option now. Um and just do it in an empty room unless there are extenuating circumstances. No, like I've been to um I've been to like like in retreat houses and there are too many people to fit in the confessional so they'll have it in a private room. Like that happens when you need extra space. It's not like it's it's not like it doesn't count if the screen isn't there, but it's like this does not happen, but in an actual church you would think they would have the space for the Yeah, exactly.

This guy was not. Yeah, exactly. So I just, but I love that line of Ray walking and being like where's this thing? And the and the priest just responded with, you haven't been here in awhile, have you? I just, I thought that was such a great line. Well ray sits down and he starts his confessional and he confesses to cursing about 50,000 times and eating meat on Friday and the priest cuts him off and says, we don't do that anymore. Is that also a Vatican? Do we not do that anymore? Uh, technically during lent, but that's the only season that you, it used to be literally every friday Catholics were not allowed to eat meat now, it is only during lent. You're technically not supposed to have meat on Fridays. Okay, interesting. Um, it doesn't, it's one of those things where it doesn't matter, it's a way, you know, it's a way to pray. That's all, it's a way to pray. We have one of those um, airport prayer rooms, um, they were remodeling one of the terminals at laguardia and we just came by in uh, Dwayne lent us his truck and we went by and we picked that up and that's just in the zone.

You just cut it out. We took it and there was, there were people of all faiths in there already. So that was, we had to feed them, send them on their way. We gave them Metro cards that we, that they all had to buy from the Duane Reade Dwayne, Dwayne and of course loose. Um, Dwayne only has those sbs bus tickets to, so that you can only use more new york specifics. Okay, so Ray Ray uh thinks he broke, broke one of the commandments honoring thy mother and father. And I thought the priests line of, I don't get that a lot from people in your age group. It's more coveting thy neighbor's wife. Um, she is not a problem here. And then he's like, oh, you're trying to put them in a home, which is also pretty funny. Um, but Ray explains the situation and then he tells the priest he still feels guilty even though he didn't do anything wrong.

And then he, the priest asks, well, how do you feel about your parents and race sort of comes to the conclusion that maybe he feels this way because a part of him also wants to throw them out of the neighborhood, also agrees with the neighbors. And then the priest tells him a parable about abrasive man on the church council and he wanted to get rid of him. And he says, one day I said, frank and cuts him off. He's like, wait frank Barone, Barone. Yeah, that's that's that's not important. Anyway, when I said to him, you know, frank Barone is my, is my father, you know, your parents are frank and Marie Barone, he takes a beating. You're absolved. Which is just beautiful, beautiful comedy. Yes, I could, but I'm almost positive. I also love the one love the one f line of I used to fantasize about him converting to Judaism, a strong, strong scene.

Probably one of my favorites in the whole show so far. I give the what was the, what was the priest actor named Don Perry Don? Such a yeah. Did a great job on this scene. Really. Did star guest star all star. Indeed. Yeah. We, he Ray leaves and says, hey fathers, do you think it's a good idea if I tell my parents how I'm feeling and what was this like? He's like, are you going to curse when you, oh no, are you going to take the name of the Lord in vain while you do it? No, then go with God, that's a good a good little, the detail of everybody in Lynbrook knows frank and Marie, Barone and they hate them. They understand they understand is so funny. Ray goes over to the Barone's house then and Marie frank and robert are eating dinner, presumably leftovers from the party and Ray barges in and he's gonna say his piece and they all look at him and frank is like, okay, you've got our attention and Marie is like, go ahead, say what you need to say and he says, listen, I'm sorry and then Marie and frank are thrilled he said it and they come up and they hug him and that Marie says that's all, any parent once and it's like constant apology.

Yeah. And then what happens next, Oh my God, this is two weeks in a row just robert getting pummeled. It's so depressing. But sitting down and they frank and Marie usher Ray over to the table and he's like hey robert, this is Ray's chair and robert has to get up and he moved to the side and he is about to reach for his Canada dry and then frank swipes it from him and gives it to Ray. And oh my God and then the look that he's give, he's making like eye contact with Ray and Ray is making eye contact with him, looking up at him as frank and Marie feed him and spoon him all of robert's food. And that's just like so telling him like this is something that has happened to robert throughout his entire life where Ray knows that he's getting this preferential treatment. He's just looking up at robert like well you know what can you do robert loses when Ray wins?

Poor robert, I feel so bad for at least he's got sam ski and amy. It does just watching, just watching robert fall apart is just it's both heartbreaking. But oh my God, is it so funny? It's just like this return of the prodigal son moment. Well we go from there to our hot clothes where the priests were back in the priest's mysterious room and he is saying, you know, he's consoling somebody who's having difficulty with their parents and then we cut over to robert sitting there looking defeated. And um, he says, it's quite normal to have thoughts about your parents dying, robert says, did I mention the part about the sandwiches and the fact that that's what they chose to call back to is so funny because it implies the logic there is that when Ray said that that is a known recurring thought that robert has had and shared with Ray about killing his parents and turning them into sandwiches.

So random thought from Ray, that was something that they have talked about. That's a legitimate possibility. Yeah, they've been really strong, honestly, all around one of the best episodes that we've seen so far. Almost almost without question. Uh, such a strong showing. Yeah, the even the, I mean, the cold open is okay, but exclusive of that, it's really, really strong. Like the plotting is really strong. Um, the jokes, the structure of each individual scene, like from a, you know, set up payoff perspective is so strong, everything. And like starts with a strong set up and ends with a really strong it's frank's ass. It's the priest absolving Ray because he knows frank, it's robert getting crushed when they forgive him and give him all of his food and then even the hot clothes. Um, the sandwiches bit, which if you're not paying attention, you don't notice.

But if you do. And you think about it, it's really funny, what a great episode. Um, let's go ahead though and turn to our patented barometer. It's time to rate raise performance as a son, husband, brother, neighbor, uh, sauce maker, all sorts of things. We're comparing him on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the great sitcom dads of all time. Your uncle Phil's Danny tanner's uh and one being the men of television who actively harm their families, walter white don draper mike. Where is Ray coming in for you this episode? I'm pretty high. Honestly, I, I'm gonna be real. I don't think like, I mean, look, he's in a hard spot, right? Like sure. Uh Deborah wants Ray to kinda shit on his parents and tell them to do, but he doesn't even really get the opportunity to like tell his parents, hey guys, let's approach this gently.

He doesn't get that opportunity. The neighbors come over and just start saying guys, they suck. And Ray is kind of a good son and saying, well hold on. And so I can't, you know, I think that's a good son thing to do. I don't think he does anything to actively harm people accept, you know, maybe the pope, I don't know, buy him plot. I don't know. But that's, that's about it. Like I, or actually robert, he hurts robert. So I guess that is, that is not great. But, but yeah, I mean, I think he actively does try to do things right. And when he doesn't feel like he is doing right, he feels real guilt and shows that he's a real human being capable of emotion and empathy and stuff like that. So yeah, my instinct is a seven, so I'm going with a seven because there is no consequence to the barometer. So I'm gonna say seven parade this episode. All right, Alex, where are you coming in? Okay, So here's the thing, right? Like this is another one of those episodes where it's not really about what Ray does, it's more just about what things happen to Ray and his self discovery um as he goes throughout the episode.

So when I think about it like that, he actively realizes right that um maybe his guilt is coming from the thought of that his neighbors are right and that his parents are a problem and should probably be in a home or anywhere else. And I think like the whole episode is right, just kind of trying to figure out his feelings and confront them. He's not trying to hide from them, he's not doing anything like that. And I think he plays like everything pretty well and like things just don't go as well until the very end, when he falls into the trap of not trying to uh move forward with his parents and create uh you know, the foundation for a strong future through a difficult conversation instead taking the easy route that's going to result in no change and his parents are just gonna keep getting away with this behavior and that's one mistake, but it's a big one and it tells me that Ray, even if he learned his mistake, he did not learn enough to try and make the lives of himself, his brother and his parents better in the long run.

Six 6, 6 for six for Alex, that's fair, that's a good point, I hadn't considered that for me. Um You know, previously we've been inclined to rate high rate Ray higher when his conflicts are internal ones, because that shows, you know, self reflection, that shows that he wants to reconcile um his circumstances, his relationships with his family with Deborah, you know with whomever the conflict is, you know, born out of, he in this episode doesn't do anything wrong, you know, explicitly he has the neighbors over, and he defends his parents to them, he tries to make amends with his parents after they come over and discover the rally and um then he goes on a journey to resolve his guilt and then eventually he appeases them by apologizing. So you know, I think he took an emotional journey that ended up in, well I'm just gonna maintain the status quo because that's easiest for everyone.

So what Alex is saying about that's not going to lead to any growth for anybody and in fact it ends up hurting robert because it displaces him from the family yet again um I think that's a good, that's a knock on him. If we're, you know, judging him as a person, he's taking the easy way out. He's maintaining the status quo. I mean he's good to Deborah, he's good to his parents in sort of that sense of apologizing and feeling guilty. Um I mean he lets robert sleep in his bed in the very beginning of the episode so I guess that's fine. And uh Yeah, so I'm I'm feeling about the same as Alex where this is not like a stellar performance but it's not, he didn't hurt anyone, sort of like recovering pessimist. This is a fully internal conflict for him, it just doesn't lead to any growth. So I'm gonna give him a 6.5, it's easy to average out.

Yeah. Yeah That comes out evenly to a 6.5 for this episode. Like that's the that's the opposite of even first of all. No it's not but still it's good enough, it's nice and clean. 6.5 is not an even number. Yeah, but it's opposite of an even number. So it's a no No no we're sticking with 6.5. I mean the decimal isn't ugly, it's not like it's like the 16 something that we get sometimes 6.5 sticking with That episode. Okay neighbors. 6.5. Let's see raise average is at 5.5 right now. Let's see what happens when you put 6.5 in. It Does, it goes up to five six. It's a little it's a pretty significant dip from the previous episode, but it's still way higher than some of his lows. Yeah, we'll take that. You know what? Yeah, is getting ready to shut up. He's been he's been on a roll. He's doing he's doing mediocre.

He's getting better. I give him credit. Alright, thank you. Thank you. All right, everybody, thank you so much for live. This has been, everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. Please make sure to follow us on whatever podcasting thing that you're listening to us on right now Spotify Apple podcast. Some other weird forum, leave a rating review because we'd like to hear your beautiful voice Send us uh I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Should I not compliment the listeners at all? Do you want them to record, send an email? The voice memo to you reviewing the show, view reviewing this show to our email, which is in the now, you know what actually we one thing we have to do, um which I've been meaning to do, what we need to get 1 800 Raymond. But one thing that I've been meaning to do is I want to shout out a couple of people who have left reviews for this show because they were very kind reviews.

So I want to shout out, collect sis 96 via Apple podcasts says so funny. Five stars. I was randomly wondering if there are any podcasts for everybody loves Raymond and found this one. The hosts are so funny and seem like genuine friends, having fun while discussing the series. I used to watch the series a lot and love hearing other people's thoughts on it. So that is really, really nice and really appreciate, that sounds like genuine friends, we fooled them, turns out we're better actors than we thought. That's very sweet. Thank you. That's so nice. We really, really appreciate it. Um, and hey, keep leaving those reviews will keep shouting out the people who leave them. Um, other than that, you know, head over to post fun dot info slash ads, support our sponsors because we get a little money on the back end if you do that. And um, you know, hit us up on instagram and facebook at Barone Zone were occasionally on the, everybody loves Raymond read it.

They don't like us, but we keep coming can't stop us. But I guess there's only one thing left to say. It is our classic sign off, Everybody loves Raymond and we love you. Thanks for listening guys. Okay,

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1.20 Neighbors with Duane Reade
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