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1.17 The Game

by Post-Fun Podcasts
August 24th 2022

Before breaking down Season 1, Episode 17 of Everybody Loves Raymond, the Barone Boys face some moral quandaries in a round of Scruples, realize they have no choice but to devote a BarONUS episode ... More

Welcome back to everybody, loves everybody loves Raymond. I am mike d I'm here with my friends Alex sheer hi that's me. Oh my goodness, thank you and Adam Rudy Hi it's an honor. Always an honor to be here. He is our guest this evening. Adam Rudy he's a first time podcaster with you know two experts of the craft and that's why we're gonna let him take over the entire show for just today. And how did I meet Ray? I think we I think we invited Adam on as AC as a guest for episode one and he just kind of stuck around and became became a staple. Yeah he he wrote the theme song and then he's decided you know what and also all sound effects, yes, produced and edited every single episode but I was just a guest. It was pretty presumptuous of me. Yeah, well we're glad we have you now. Yeah, we felt bad.

Oh thanks. It's like when you have a dinner party and the next thing you know your guests are hanging shelves in your bedroom, then you have a breakfast party the next morning. I love that. How do you what is what to you as a breakfast party to me? A breakfast party is just brunch. Yeah. You ever been to Ihop? That's a breakfast party every day of the week. It's the most aggressive way I've ever been asked if I've been to you know I I was thinking about you know us here in the Bruins zone, we have a couple dozen floors of our tower available for renting because it's all empty. I was There's the Duane Reade and that's 97 floors. The garage on the 19 on the 98th floor. And then we're on the 99. We're On 100th floor. It goes back And forth. Um don't forget that the first that two through five were rented out for the filming of Paul Blart three which was feature feature length parody of the office starring paul blart.

You put way too much detail into the details of our building. Honestly revealed. Yeah that's what I thought. That is what I mean. So I I was, what I was getting at is I was considering adding or reaching out to Ipod Ihop seeing if they wanted to uh to take one of the floors. I was thinking like number floor number 32 felt right for them. Yeah I saw that. I saw those facts is that you've been sending back and forth with them. But they uh they politely declined and passed us off to d hop that's the domestic house of pancakes. That's stupid. But I see But they have a much lower. They're willing to pay a lot more for the rent. So I said I faxed on your behalf and I said you know what? We're gonna plug you in at 48. So you know it'll be a long walk for people to get up there because you know the elevator only goes bottom to top. Um Well it's it's it's appropriate because 48, its domestic council pancakes, they only serve pancakes in the 48 continuous In the lower 40 eight.

You got 48. It is, it is actually perfect appropriate. You'll be hungry by the time you get up there because you will have walked up 48 flights of stairs. Yeah, but the number of calories that are in a single pancake that uh they do mostly deep fried pancakes, which is dead. They're gonna they're gonna talk about our building on like, like you know those like Tiktok like five minute hack things like this D hop is going to appear on one of those videos and be like, don't want to walk up the 48 stairs, take the elevator to the 1/100 floor and then walk down 52 stairs. Better. You know what? You're right. That's that's that's the life hack. Well, we're here to talk today about everybody loves Raymond and believe it or not. This episode does not feature a D Hop. Did you feel that that um conversation went on for a little too long and that's why you needed to do a hard left turn back to the way we're not going to allow it.

Believe it or not. I think your listeners came to listen about Raymond. I don't know if my care too much about don't worry, they already skipped ahead. That is a good point after we put that that little, that little time stamp in the destruction. Yeah. Are are are listen uh length has decreased but our viewership has remained the same. It's funny how that works. Well Look, we've got like 96 floors to fill so forgive me for doing a little bit of marketing for that. But no, that's great. Yeah. I was gonna say I just I have a feeling we'll find a way to fill them. Were the biggest location. The joker. Yeah. The joker's guys aren't aren't up to our standards yet, but they're building their atrium. I saw the plans is beautiful. Oh is it? Yeah, can I take the left turn now? Yeah. Go ahead. Okay. Alright, but we're here to talk about Raymond and Raymond does not go to a D Hop or Duane Reade or any of the 99 floors of the Barone Zone.

No, in fact, today in today's episode one, season one episode 17, he plays a game with his, with his family. What game was it adam? I actually you found it. I thought this didn't exist. The game is called in the show. Scruples. Scruples in Life. It was called A Question of Scruples and it is a real game and in fact, thanks to a guy on twitter, his name is dan Olson. He can be founded at foldable human. He has no relation to us story U. R. L. That's such a great you are. I'm sorry what was his first name, dan dan. Oh my God. Very very well. Um He has no relation to this show nor did he send us this. I found this through searching. Uh he helpfully put up a couple of scruples cards on twitter. So I thought because Ray and his family had such a great time playing scruples together and it really brought them together, I thought the three of us could do that, you know, to strengthen our friendship.

Good thing. I just like can we just double check that these windows can't be broken by say a body being thrown against them before we play this game. That's very specific. What what did you do? I'm saying if mike gets angry at me, he's going to try and throw me out the window. You could always open the window if they're not breakable, luckily our windows are only breakable from the outside, You can break in, you know usually with a vehicle but you cannot break out. That would be a great prank. One day we just turned the windows around just to surprise billy, he bounced off Billy Pops up the excite bike ramp on his Rav four and bounces off disappears as a pinprick into. I didn't have any like world building or um Lynbrook descriptions uh planned for this episode, but that last sentence, you gotta go, you gotta go back and listen.

Sometimes it just happens, but you know that that one that one you gotta you gotta research for Adam was already to cut this entire intro until that line. Um But anyway, uh let's uh let's snap into this deck of scruples here that dan helpfully posted on twitter. Um so I'll draw the first card. You guys have it open, right? Yeah. Okay, good. So I'll draw the first card here and this question is going to be for mike for reasons that I think are obvious to everyone. Uh you know, if you know anything about mike, you already know his answer to this question while on a family vacation, your child gets chickenpox. You are anxious to return home by air. Do you expose the other passengers to this contagious disease? So we know what given what we know about mike and his attitude towards infectious diseases and you know, vaccinations.

I thought this would be the perfect question. What a completely unreal. A vint question. Okay, first of all, have I taken the anti back stand at any point during this? I mean, I'm not denying it. I'm just saying I thought that was going to be I'm sorry. I'm sorry mike. Please deny it. I anyway, I would say I would say that Darwin once said that only the strong survive. Mike. Mike got Well, I will say in all honesty, I think that like the chicken pox vaccine is like very widely distributed. Well then how do you feel about uh we're not going to get into and I could go a whole other whole other time. I was gonna say, but I was gonna say screw it. But then I was like shingles. That's a that's a thing that exists for the older.

I mean, I guess it depends right. If I'm, if I'm on Hawaii then there's not really much of a choice. Uh if I am three states over and could drive, maybe I would, I guess I would do that. So, that's that's my answer. That's what I'm sticking to. That's a good answer. Is it? Well, I really wanted him to confirm on air that he is an Anti-vaxxer. Just so we can because remember our first episode. We wanted that. COVID-19 misinformation. Oh, that's right. This is how we get it. Is that What is that what? Well, mike is not an anti-vaxxer. No, I am not. I am doing it only for certain certain vaccines. Chickenpox chickenpox. I am not a fan of every other one is a Okay, get vaccinated. That's true. All right. So, I can get vaccinated. So, I can take my kid with chickenpox on the plane. Yeah, everyone else get vaccinated. So that you don't have to True.

Um Alright. Mike. Do you want to go next Since you were asked a question. Sure. Um Oh, this is this is one that will not be relevant to any of us. But let's go with let's go, let's go to adam. Adam. You are using a public phone. Someone else is willing. Do you cut your call short? I in all honesty, no bid. I absolutely would I That is my, one of my big, like, social anxiety triggers is the feeling that I'm in somebody's way, which then translates to me being furious with people who are in my way. Like, don't you understand how terrible it feels when you're standing in the middle of the staircase and nobody can get by? You, don't you? So yeah, I would absolutely be like, okay, all right, you take to pull the plug. Alright, I gotta go by. Like, even today, it's I feel like if this situation happened today, it would be astonishing for completely different reasons.

I was like, wow, two people on the planet need to use a public phone at the same time in the same place. Impossible. I would and here's the difference. I think I would say I paid 25 whole cents for this call. I'm going to see it all the way through. I actually know I'm probably with you. I've never, obviously never been in that situation, but I have cut my call short when I'm like standing, not even in a train, like on a train track and I get dirty looks from people, I've cut my call, my call short during that, so I would I would probably follow suit with that. Um I'll ask the next question to Alex then um you buy a video store where X rated videos are among the best sellers. Do you continue to sell them? Here's the thing, right? If I own a video store, I messed up at some point and I need all the help I can get. Like they're coming for like streaming is coming for us. Like porn.

I need everything I can get. I need to like not even stopping at just like the X rated videos. I need to supply like snacks like fuel like like you know like the Gatorade's and like carbs till I keep people going kind of fuel literally installing gas pumps out front. That's actually good that oh my goodness! Could you imagine the like a pump and dump? Oh my god, thank you everyone have a good night. So my answer is yes. For that reason I am surprised by how much these questions aged like so far. We've got chicken pox which I guess is still around but but you know it's it's I've never had like it's it's less of an issue. So video stores pay phones. Yeah. Yeah. I would like to see this like an updated version of this game but like believe according to the Wikipedia page for this game, the last version was the millennium edition.

So I don't know if that if they were Late on that or if there hasn't been a new version of scruples for 20 years, Misspell Millennial, is that possible? The millennial edition, It's all about iced coffee and anal sex three $1000 behind on your rent, but you want avocado toast, Do you make the purchase? Um And alright, I'll ask this one to mike your boss who has a drinking problem is in the hospital, shout out to mike's boss. He asked you to smuggle a bottle to him. Alcohol might interfere with the treatment. Do you oblige what the I mean, I got a few questions about this one. First and foremost, am I that close with my boss that I buy them beer? Every I don't I mean the answer is no right? Like I don't why why would the answer ever be yes. I don't, I don't think that I think any justification, more context is needed.

First of all, is he in the hospital because of his drinking problem or is an unrelated injury? Um And then also, you know, what power does he is he threatening to fire you if you don't bring him a bottle of alcohol? And if so why don't you go over his head and say, hey, you know my boss is trying to get me to smuggle him alcohol. You could also just like, is this like end of care? It's like he wants one last drink before the this could also be like a power game in that case. Yes, I don't see the problem with it. But I mean like look if like he really can't have alcohol and like something like it would kill him and you wanted to power game your way up the corporate. Yeah, like I mean who are you to stand in his way? Listen, listen, we've all it's it's a cutthroat world out there. We've all seen Wolf of Wall Street and okay, just for that, we've all seen Wolf of Wall Street for the one guy out there who who's thinking about it. I am not condoning you to kill your boss if you use this as evidence in your trial, I am condoning you bad to to recap to recap.

Mike is pro vax and Alex's anti murder. And that's the real truth. That's the real truth. Put that. Yeah, that's that's uh could you imagine like the one reason this show makes headlines because it's presented in evidence and that one lives what saves us from legal liability. Honestly, that's this is scruples fault. If that happens, like passing the blame torch right onto them. Let's um You ask that of mike. Yeah. Mike. I want you to read the very next one. Next. All right. Um I guess this will go to who I guess everybody's only answered one. I guess this will go to Alex. Oh dammit Alex. A close friend has AIDS. He loses his job and his friends. He asks you for a place to stay, do you let him in? Yes, because AIDS is not contagious unless you have sex with the person.

There you go. And I will just not have sex with this person. Yeah, I mean, I mean, don't I didn't mean to laugh at AIDS. Just you're laughing at this being a serious question. Like, like with this question, I get it though. Right? Like this was, I mean, I don't know when this version was released, but there was a lot of bullshit around HIV and AIDS in the past. There was there was a lot that wasn't known. I mean, would this question be if this was published in 2020, it would be the question about Covid. Yeah, exactly. And And in that case, I would say no unless they're messed up. And I have like 10 bedrooms and I could stick them in the furthest one. No, for two weeks. But then yes. All right. Are we done with uh, let's give, let's give Adam. Do you want one more? Yeah. Give me one more. Not the very next one, but go to down to uh, I see.

Okay, do you Want to read this 1? You're in an airplane that develops engine trouble as the plane plummets. You vowed to donate $5,000 to mother Teresa. If you are saved, you land safely. Do you keep your vow? Absolutely not. I'll give $5000 to the people in need. But what the fund does Mother Teresa need my $5000 for? Yeah, she's dead. It's I like this game. This game is great. I guess I meant in the abstract, Why would I give money directly to Mother Teresa? She's gonna get a lease on a new Kia Sorrento. That scruples scruples. What do you have something to say about Kia Sorrento's? I feel like whenever you bring up a car, it's always a Kia Sorrento. It's a Kia Sorrento or a Toyota Corolla. There it is. Yeah, I feel like I have that like audio clip of you just saying Kia Sorrento in my mind.

So that's scruples, thank you again to dan Olson at foldable human on twitter for posting that in at the end of on New Year's Eve 2018, I just noticed And it went into 20 January 1, 2019. Look at that. Someone tagged him. See if he's creeped out. Yeah, I started getting closer to you guys are thanks. Yeah. You know, that one didn't devolve into violence. So I think that just means we're a more functional family than the barone's, which is like a very low bar. But I mean it is a bar, it is. Speaking of bar owns one of the features of this show or segments, I should say is a little something called remembrances. Oh my God, we spent so much time. I totally forgot about remembrances. Oh, we'll cut it down. A feature of this show is a little something called remembrances and that is a artifact. A video or an article or an image of the cast of everybody loves Raymond out there in the world doing other things, be they other appearances in film and tv or maybe just walking around uh period.

We received another remembrance through the Old Raymond at post fund dot info mailbox. Uh Send us remembrances to that or send us Judge Deborah's for another one of our segments, but this one is from Ali Hadi, I hope I'm pronouncing your name correctly. Hi guys, love the podcast and thought I owed it to Ray to contribute. This is one of the first instances I noted of an E. L. R. Actor outside of E. L. R. And that was brad Garrett in the Fresh Prince of Bel air. Really, I didn't know he made an appearance, he played a hit man. So I guess it's an alternate reality where robert was a bit too trigger happy. I hope you have some fun with it. Oh my God, you know, what is this worth spinning off into a Barone? Isse, it might be, we have to watch to revisit this. Yeah, we might have to revisit this. But um again, it's cool to see brad playing pretty much the same, it's sort of like dark robert, he's got the same voice.

It's robert, you know, instead of Mario, Luigi robert, robert robert robert, It's not one Mario and Luigi. Oh no, you're right, it's Luigi I guess. Well they're two different naming conventions. Yeah, he should be. Well, eg this, but thanks. So I think what we've decided based on this remembrance here is that we are sufficiently titillated that we may revisit this in a barone this episode down because it's very uh enticing, so many unanswered questions, there's a lot going on, there's a lot of potential. There's a lot of room for Headcanon and I'm here for it. Absolutely! All right on that.

So thank you so much for sending that in and send in more remembrances everybody Raymond at post fund dot info uh facebook instagram. However you can get in touch with us, please do so with that titillating tease though, we'll hear a word from our sponsors and then we'll come back to break down season one, episode 18. It's called, nope. Season one, episode 17, it's called the Game. We will be right back. One password is the world's most loved password manager. It's the easiest way to store and use strong passwords, allowing you to log into sites and fill forms securely with a single click. Try it free for 14 days and support this show in the process by visiting one password through post fun dot info slash ads. That is post fun dot info slash ads. And when you get there, let them know that Raymond sent you welcome back from the break once again, I'm Alex here, I'm joined here with Mikey D and Adam Rudy, that's that's us.

That is indeed us and we'll begin today, but breaking down season one, episode 17 of everybody loves Raymond entitled the game General takeaways from this episode Guys two thumbs up. I loved it. I thought it was a really fun episode. I was enthralled the entire time and I think of the episodes we've seen, this one's in my top three Easy. This is definitely one that I remember that like sticks out. Like I've remembered scenes from a couple other episodes and like they've sort of been in my sort of headspace of what everybody loves. Raymond looks like, sounds like and feels like this is like a quintessential episode. I feel like I would definitely agree. I I also remember this one very very well from when I was when I was younger. Um But yeah, I think this was just had a lot of really, really funny moments. I I think it was a very well done episode. I straight up didn't remember it. Like I I mean I I and I've we we've talked about our Raymond experiences a couple of times now, but you know, I binged the whole thing when I was an adult or you know, a sorry excuse for one and I I really just blasted through them.

So like, you know, I don't remember a lot of these and this one just does not stick out in my mind at all or it didn't and watching it now. I I really liked it. I think any time you can have just an episode where it's really just your five leads just sitting down doing something basically just talking the whole time and it's just completely insanely entertaining. It just means you have a really powerful cast. This almost felt like a what's the word for that? That kind of episode where it's like a bottle episode almost felt like a bottle episode, which it really wasn't because like all everybody loves Raymond episodes happened in one of three sets, but at the same time we didn't go to the bedroom, we didn't go to Marie and frank's house though, so it really was only the main yeah, the only time it cut away was during the inchworm song, but outside Yeah, that's right outside of that. Everything else happened within the living room and kitchen of Raymond's house, we'll talk about that.

But again, like one of those great Raymond moments of like joke, joke, joke, joke, joke and then heart felt like, you know, real like nice moment, kind of like serious kind of like artistic, just like sweet and then just bam right back into it. I enjoyed that part as well. So let's go ahead and start breaking it down then because it is a great episode. Uh you know, no spoilers for the barometer because we'll talk about how Ray himself as a man was. These reviews. Do not um you know, episode review, it's not a review of Raymond himself, that will be more interesting than all thumbs up, I assume. Certainly nuanced uh, takes on that, but let's go ahead into our cold open if we can even call it that. Uh, so we come in on the house, it is raining and Debra is folding the laundry and then Ray comes down, He was putting Michael to sleep and um, he goes through, he finally got him down, he fed him, he rocked him and then Michael looked at him and said, essentially gave him a look that said, is that all you got?

And that smacked of stand up to me. There are a couple of things in this that, that felt very stand up. Yeah, I, I would say, I would say there were a couple of moments, but we talked about that. Like a lot of the cold opens are taken right from the stand up. I don't remember ever seeing that, but it did feel like a one off, one off standalone joke. That's, that's definitely one of Ray romano is like opening jokes when he, you know, does stand up somewhere. I would imagine if I had to guess, I think we should do a field trip the three of us to performing. Yeah, sit in the front row, genuinely, that could be, that would be super fun. We could, you know, deducted on our taxes and it would be, it would be a good time, you know, it would make a show out of it. Bonus episode. Um, but yeah, and then he sits down and immediately turns on the television set and Deborah seems to be a little bit offended by it.

I don't know if you wanted to do a sports guy thing for this, but about the history of ESPN, oh I wasn't even thinking that, but we heard through the tv that it was the Toronto blue jays at the new york Yankees and I didn't even notice that mike. I'm surprised that I actually, I'm not surprised of course you noticed that, do you know this exact game? Because I would be interested to hear that? No, because I was, I was actually thinking about it, I was really, really confused for two reasons. Number one in the last episode we saw was the valentine's Day episode. Right, right. The MLB, the MLB season typically does not start until april, so do we skip two months or did they not pay attention to that stuff? I think only the following episodes will tell because april showers, am I right, that's exactly what I thought, I guess I can stop that.

So maybe we just had a time, I was just gonna and then the second thing is the Yankees, it said Toronto blue jays at Yankees, which this could be reversed, but typically that means that the blue jays are playing the Yankees in Yankee Stadium which is in the Bronx which theoretically should mean the game should be rained out given what we see around and why would they be so desperate to turn the tv back on if the, if the game would probably be rained out anyway, I don't know what you're saying is this game which can't have possibly happened was somehow not rained out and unless they were also the, in which case the broadcaster messed up, That's the only situation that I could imagine that you think that's more likely. I think that's more likely that a man was fired. That that the broadcaster messed up the words. Yeah, I actually do, I think that's more likely.

Um So Ray turns the tv on uh and then the cable goes out, he gets up to try to fix it and Deborah does a funny little bit where she tries, she gets him to do all these little tricks like, you know, tap it with the remote rub it on the sides and then as he's rubbing and she's like getting excited. Huh? Debra had some good jabs this episode. She really did. She really, really, really funny bit. I love Yeah, yeah, I agree. I think then Ray followed up the line of all you're getting jealous huh? And then just continues to desperately trying to get the tv working again. Those funny, there's like wholesome little marriage moments where they just mess with each other like that. It's just like it's nice and then and then the issues happen. Yeah and then everything else um so raise analogy for life. It's nice and then things happen. Uh, it's uh, so Ray is despairing about the cable being out and um Debra I think she says something to the effect of it's not the end of the world and then frank bursts through the door, he's holding a giant sandwich and he says, your tv's out too sweet mother of God.

And then as fast as he came in, he bursts out of the of the house, which just being the agent of chaos. He is, I just so, so fun. It was so funny and then we get an ad break and then we're just back in the, there is no intro at all. I was actually gonna ask that. Did I miss it? They just didn't do one. No, they put the credits over the Cold Open weird. Maybe this was like, maybe like they hired a new writer who just got out of art school and like you got any ideas like, well do I know intro for this one? No conveyor belt, no place that I don't like any of them. We're going to do nothing. I Bet it was, you know, we need 35 more seconds. Like, you know, the 22 minute constraint. Um you know, it was unfathomable that they wouldn't sell one of those ad slots and have a slightly longer episode, but sure let's cut out the intro, which honestly, it's nice to have a break from the whiplash of going back and forth between the two.

Um But we we come right back, we're still in the living room. Ray is waiting for the tv to come back or the cable to come back. And Deborah suggests the very normal suggestion of why don't we just sit and talk and have a conversation uh and raise immediately suspicious of this. He thinks it's a trap. He asks what's wrong? Um which is you know, not a um Speaking of Ray's performance in this episode, it's like what a dick. Yeah, I mean he really sells the man child in this episode. Like the thought process of Ray barone here is that of a 10 year old who thinks that they're about to be found out from like sneaking like milk straight out of the carton. I will also put out there. This is just kind of like a tan gentle thought that I had because you're right on the one hand, what a dick that Ray would say that.

But also like they don't really touch on the fact that like his job is to watch sports like it they throughout this first season maybe this changes later on. They basically do uh Ray Ray man man like sport. But like it's they don't they very rarely mention the fact that like he's gotta go to work tomorrow and write about this game. They I feel like there are much bigger stakes for Ray here that he either doesn't care about or they just don't bring up. That's a great point mike and I feel the only reason they do not bring that up is either they forgot which I I honestly doubt. I think it's really just like to keep the relatability for for everyday viewers. We'll also if the stakes of this episode are, Ray needs to watch this game more than Ray just wants to watch tv uh then the episode has to be about, you know, if Ray needs to watch this game for work then he needs to find different ways to watch the game, then it's a non negotiable.

Yeah, it doesn't become there's nothing to do. So we need to find an activity and then we get to the game and then we get to the conflict and all of that. Um So it's interesting to see the two paths that like I feel like that's a pretty typical sitcom plot right? Of finding um of having an objective and then finding different ways to you know, overcome obstacles to achieve that objective is a very typical sitcom plot. Whereas this is really more they took the path of this really being more just about the family dynamic. And I feel like this is really the first time that we see the Barone's in all their glory. Like there's been little conflicts here and there and unleashed. This is them all stuck in a room together. Nothing to do but go absolutely nuts. Yeah, I wanted to also just bring this up closer to the beginning of the episode but this is just something I was thinking about the whole time where it's like if you just replace the word cable with wifi like we still have the same exact issues today.

It's just you know same game different name before that you know it's like before tv it's like the radios out before that. It's like the newspaper boys late the newspapers out. What will we do? I mean yeah you're right. It is like this I was actually thinking I was like this is a very millennial plot to happen in the 90s because like you could do something similar just like millennials don't know what to do if there are no phones and I think it's a very boomer take. I think it's about that don't get it wrong it's a bullshit claim because basically all of humanity for at least the last 100 years have relied on some form of like media to keep them occupied and it has evolved over time. I mean I mean to be clear it has gotten better. No no I mean I'm not I'm also not saying that like like I'm sure that even back then the majority of real people would be able to deal with the T. V. Being out. It's just I just was I just was trying to say like like changed coming off your point changed two or three details in this episode.

Could have happened today. I'm sure this episode has happened on other ship. Maybe not with the same outcome, not with being about the family dynamic, but I'm sure you know the wifi out or the tv out cable out. The problem has been at the center of a lot of sitcom episodes and it's very relatable. And even, yeah, real life, like this exact situation happened to me and my family a couple of years ago. I mean like, you might remember there was a big storm here, like Yeah, that's true. But there was a particular safe to say the most in the country, there's a lot, there was a big storm um on the long of island in like mid 2020 like right as the the covid pandemic was hitting up and I lost like wifi for like a week and I felt like I could do nothing and watching this episode kind of brought me back to that time. Yeah, it's very, very relatable.

Um Although I will say they don't lose power. Uh and Marie even brings up, you know, the possibility of watching a DVD which actually we don't I mean speaking for me specifically, if I wasn't able to stream, I wouldn't be able to watch anything because I don't have a DVD player. I don't have any. That's interesting Alex. I know you have a big collection of like Dvds and stuff and you bought me some too for, for like birthdays and stuff like that, but I don't know if we have any way to watch that. I have a PS five bro. Oh true. There you go. I can play any DVD I want. There you go. Double up, but get out of here with your non physical, you know, moving forward. I'm not a gamer, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say, but I think um for this episode it's interesting that no one ever at any point is like, okay, I'm just gonna go off and read a book or I'm gonna go get on the exercise bike or any number of things that you can do besides tv that aren't talking to each other, I'm going to turn on the radio and listen to the game we're trying to watch.

That's that's kind of what I was like screaming out. It's like john sterling's a master man, just and like, I can like kind of understand the one track Mind of Ray in the situation where I mean not to this extent, but like, if I'm like doing stuff all day and I'm just like, oh boy, I can't wait to finally be done so I can go watch this one thing or go do this one thing at the end of the day and then it happens, I can't do that then like my mind, it's like, that's all I can think about is like, man, I really wish I was doing this right now because I've been thinking about it all day. That makes sense. Well, yeah, I think part of what Ray's reaction here is mourning the uh missing out on something. Um I don't think the degree to which he is anti interfacing with his family uh is really, I think he is being really immature and, and um like there's no other word for it than a dick because he's just like just talk to your wife and I mean I will say frank, does the exact same thing, not, not to say that, that's like, you know, an excuse, but it's just like the parallel is there exactly learned it from him.

It's not, it's not the excuse. It's the explanation. Exactly. Um that being said, I did really enjoy because I don't think we, we got to this point, but like after the cables out and Ray gives up on talking to Debra because he realizes there is not an emergency happening frank and Marie storm in and the desperation you missed a very important part. We got another instance of Horn Dog Ray, Oh ship, what am I doing? And Deborah had like one of the most clever solutions. I've ever, Let's see. Yeah, let's plug this in. Um, I apologize for one part, but we'll get there soon, hold on to your hat. Um and everything else. Um but yeah, eventually, eventually Ray agrees to talking as if it's the most painful thing in the world. He agrees to talking, but he doesn't want to initiate the conversation. Uh Deborah asks him what he wants to talk about and this is extremely upsetting to him.

Um But he pivots to suggesting, you know, there's something else that we can do while the cable's out. He suggests that they bang, not just bang, but bang downstairs this time. I thought that was certainly hope not. No, I thought it was like, I thought he was saying we can show your love for each other, especially downstairs. I thought that he was saying, you know, in the, you know, below the belt. I thought that's what he was hinting at more than I think I thought that the sex part was pretty explicit. I don't I thought maybe it was just X. I about banging in the living room. I I do agree with that, especially with kids, like running around. Like, it's like, you know, if you get out of the parents bedroom, like bam, that's it, But you gotta lock those doors, Barone's, otherwise you're gonna get interrupted, lock the kids into their bedrooms. I was I was talking about the uh the parents of of Ray, I believe the last time they tried to do it in the living room, I pulled the gun on.

Yeah. I also I want to say when you know Ray suggests sex, first of all, like that's not inherently a bad thing, but just the way he goes about it after like no talk must have sex. Like that's that's the part that's shitty but only only Physical intimacy for and that's a that's a common thread that we have seen from him these last 17 episodes. But Deborah has like a solution that I thought was just so clever. She was like all right, I'll tell you what, I will have sex with you when the cable comes back on. And it's just like that's that's that's the perfect solution here. I just thought it was just so freaking funny. I don't know why it's you know, I feel like we're not we're supposed to relate to Ray in this show. But it really highlights the fact that any reasonable person would not relate to Ray in this situation.

Like of course, you know, you would want to go be intimate with your partner or spend time with your partner instead of you know, watching tv tv will always be there cherish the moments you have with your loved one. Um But just laying it out like that. Like these are your options. We can go have sex or you can watch tv and it's like yeah and that's the sad part. That's the part that's the real core of sadness to this and it's weird and we'll get to it as we go along. Like the like drive that like the obsession that Ray has for watching this game is like it's it's isn't it to a level that struck you as almost perverse. I yeah I mean yeah because I was I was gonna say like if it's a big game but it's like if this is april this is like game number three it's not even important one. Um But again I guess I was also coming at it from a perspective of like Ray's job performance depends on him seeing it but they're not playing into that angle.

So I don't think it's fair to put that on. I think we can assume that for whatever reason Ray's not covering this game or any game that's happening tonight and he wants to watch it just because he likes the game thing that that triggers that um discomfort for me about this situation is Ray turning to the T. V. After Deborah leaves. Um He says okay well we'll do it then. And then he turns to the T. V. And he says but I'll be thinking of you which I know is a joke. I understand that it's a funny joke but all of Ray's behavior in this episode suggests that there might be a possibility that he might actually be thinking of the tv. He might be thinking about this beautiful tube TV from the mid 90s. Um But we have this after that after they make the deal we get like a fade into the kitchen which is you know again we're in like a bottle episode where we're only using this one set.

Um But that's a cool way to show the passage of time. I thought um Ray, this is the other thing that struck me as a like um stand up bit is Ray goes into this bit about the twins schedule and Deborah is like, you know, keep them on the schedule. Um And he's, it's pretty funny. He uh I don't remember The nose at 11. Yeah. Running around screaming something at one ladle ladle ladle ladle ladle. That was pretty funny. It was a good joke at this point frank and Marie come in from the rain and uh frank asks Ray if he called the cable company and Ray says didn't you? And then they launch into a frantic dialing the cable company uh fit and reveals go ahead. I Was just gonna say, I thought it was really, really funny. The utter desperation that they showed I frank's line of like if it's busy call 911.

I loved that I liked his little line of I'll prepare the phone. Yeah. And then Deborah calling it out, prepare the phone. Um But Ray gets on the phone with the cable company and he reveals his address is 3 20 Fowler. Now there's a couple of things wrong with this according to the imdb trivia, is that there is no such address in Lynbrook and the house in later episodes says 3 15 so we will, we can cut this out later if this is too much information, Fowler is a street that is in Lynbrook, but the, but the houses there are double digits only. So the fact that it's not, I always thought when I remembered back, I thought it was 20 Fowler Avenue which is a real Location, but 3 20 is not. Yeah, and it's, I mean we can see it from here right out the window over there, that's right. It's the only one with like a neon sign. It's that you know that picture of Ray waving, it's that the neon goes back and forth between the the two rays and it says birthplace of Ray romano on it, which is a lie.

But you know, it's good for tourism. It's very, it's very good for tourists. Let me get a whole three tourists a year specifically to that house is a pretty, you know, it's not the cheapest place in the world to live. But like if you want to live in Lynbrook because of that neon sign, Every house on Fowler Avenue is super not expensive because you cannot sleep through it. But so bright, you make up the difference like the savings and cost in the number of blackout curtains that you have to buy because one, I won't do it. You need to put you know, three or four of those bad boys up on your rod and sleeping masks and earmuffs for the hourly announcements of the time as voiced by Ray romano and temperature. It is Now 1, 1:00. Deborah yep, that's true, but robert robert enters great. I was gonna say grandfather clock, but that doesn't work.

Cut that joke. Okay, I certainly will. Um, at this point, robert enters and with the single line of cables out and then he has a pretty funny bit about, you know, as a cop, he doesn't like it when the cable goes out, cable goes out, people get edgy. He says, don't forget in the summer and then you might as well go downstairs and was close, close your blinds, something like that basically, essentially like hunker down. Yeah, but then he pivots in an alarming way too. Should we rent a movie? And that's a pretty good idea. Yeah, the question is right. Like it's 90, it's 97. You have to go to the place to rent the movie, it's pouring rain, you know, like who's going to make that drive? I mean, in our experience, I mean there's one person in Lynbrook who definitely shouldn't drive in in the rain because of a certain tendency that he has to drive through living rooms.

Um but I think that frank and Marie or frank ray robert, any of them can make literally five possible drivers that could go to the video store. That's right. Um, but Marie, well Marie suggested they watch beaches. Uh she says, I wouldn't mind seeing that again and then frank says I would mind, uh, beaches is a 1988 drama. Uh, it was directed by Garry Marshall, who created Happy Days. He directed a number of films. I think his last film was Mother's Day, the sequel to New Year's Day, which is the sequel to valentine's Day. So the day of verses the sequel to Groundhog Day, which is, he's just working through the year. Um, it starred Bette Midler and the synopsis is a privileged rich debutante and a cynical, struggling entertainer share a turbulent but strong childhood friendship over the years.

It was also referenced in an episode of Seinfeld. The understudy, which was the 24th episode of the 6th season, is how did beaches do on rotten tomatoes? How did beaches do on rotten tomatoes? Let me tell you, rotten tomatoes, beaches. It has a 43%. It sounds like it's not a, not a great movie agrees with frank, 43% tomato meter. So critics, 88% audience. Okay. Popular with the fans. Not popular with the critics, interesting. Okay. Yeah. Uh, so you know, a classic movie of the time. It's about nine years old at this point. Um, but it's out on VHS and Marie wants to watch it, but that gets shot down. So she suggests Marie suggests that they play a game and then robert endeavor seemed very, very excited by this idea.

Ray does not want to play a game until the prospect of sitting and having a conversation with his family is brought up and he's like let's play that game. Um I don't blame Ray entirely like family game nights can lead to more drama, especially when uh just talking is scary for you. Family game night is like talking deluxe, talking deluxe, get it in the game, I'll um open the wrong app, I want to Okay, so uh this is an interesting scene that comes up next to an interesting exchange because uh Deborah starts going through their game closet and she's like what should we play? And robert is like, what about scruples? Debra is like, I don't think we have that one robert and then robert says, I gave it to you for, I gave it to you for christmas two years ago and then Deborah says oh here it is, we love this game and then robert is incensed, he says the shrink wrap is still on and then he has a bit of a short circuit so I want to play you what he does.

Yeah, a little porky pig there. Yeah, I think is that something that he does again in the show? Like go into that like, like freak out mode. I think he does it a couple times. I feel like I remember seeing it more than once, but I don't know for sure though, it's pretty funny. Um He, I think it's, you know, I'd love to have seen the rehearsal of that where he gets it just right Oh, I certainly hope it was, but they decide and maybe as a concession of robert to robert to play scruples and then robert sits down and prepares to go through the rules. He of course Chins the instruction booklet um frank, doesn't want to hear the rules, he wants him to just get on with it. But um robert starts explaining the premise of scruples, which is that each card has a moral quandary uh and he continues to get cut off as he goes through the rules and Deborah suggests that they just learn as they play and this robert, I love the like tension that robert never have in this scene because he gives her this look that is just withering.

Um but Deborah asks the first moral quandary of Marie and it is about your fifties, Hollywood starlet and to make some money now that you're stars waned, would you endorse adult diapers and Marie, understandably freaks out at the implication that she would ever need and or be someone that would endorse adult diapers. Now, here's the real question I have for you guys because I would I Would wear one on television right now. I was in the I and my fiance, we're in the feminine products aisle in target and that shares some shelf space with the depends section and I had a lot of respect for one of the most of the models on those are older people. But there's one that's just a young guy, maybe 30.

And I was like, good for you. You know, getting that paycheck, doing what you do. Sorry, what was your actual question Alex? Yeah, here's the here's here's a question that I I am pondering um for you uh for you, loyal listener um who listened to the whole show? You may have heard us play scruple in the first half of the first half of the show. My question to you too is do you think that these questions that the fans are asking each other, are they real questions in the game? That's a good question. I don't think um they might have been hand selected by foldable human, the ones that we read to be like to show like how much the game has aged, but like that was the premise of his threat, right? But I guess my point is like, are all the questions like that, or is it just the ones that he chose? I saw a couple other ones while I was looking around for um to be honest, a free copy of this game that somebody had scanned and put up on the internet.

Um but some of them are a lot more benign and uh, like patently obvious that yeah, of course, I would do that, or no, of course I wouldn't do that. Um I think there's some artistic license here, especially, you know, considering the dynamic of the characters, but then again, I think they they did like 100 and 50 cards for each edition of this game. And I think there were 44 or five editions and then the last edition had bonus cards as well. So they're like 1000 cards that you know, I wouldn't be surprised if some version of these questions was in the millennium edition of Scruples, which we haven't asked you to, you know, our show is not behind a paywall. Uh we humbly read ads every week, but as far as monetary contributions to this show, go, please send us money so that we can purchase the millennium edition of.

I was just, I was just gonna say why not? Just if you have the millennium edition of Scruples just send that to us, You know, I think we should get money. And then, you know, the price of scruples Has gone up in the past several years, it's about $10,000. It's not very scrupulous of you. And I would like outside the bit, I would love to just do a full like our Verona's episode where we just play scruples with each other. That would be a good time. I agree. But yeah, so uh Marie becomes indignant that she would even be asked this question, She refuses to answer it. Uh everybody tries to get her to say yes or no and she refuses to um I feel like there's there was a punchline frank frank says that he would and he would model them on tv and um all that because he's got in his word, scruples the size of basketballs, which I thought it's pretty funny.

His, you know, uses the word frank was kinda throughout from when they started the game of scruples up until uh a little bit later, frank was acting all high and mighty, like, oh, he has never done it wrong in the world, obviously setting up for a punch line where he in fact did do wrong. Um and I felt I felt peter Boyle's performance throughout this section. It's just very enjoyable because because he gives off like, just a little bit of a sense of like elitism in his voice throughout this uh these couple of minutes and it just feels so genuine. It's just so funny. It's a really good performance. And then also he from like the way that the episode is written and the sort of um the plot points that frank has in this episode, it's like a real show, it's a showcase for everyone, but like frank plays such an integral role in it and really gets to shine.

So it's an awesome frank episode. Um but Michael comes over the baby monitor, he's up, he's crying and frank hurriedly excuses himself to go check on him, fights with Ray about going up. Uh no, I'll do it, no, I'll do it, but frank goes up to check on Michael. And then robert pulls the next card and asks Ray, Yeah, Maria Debra basically loses. Yeah, that's the thing. And then, yeah, robert pulls the next car. He asks Ray if there were, if somebody, if you went back to the coat room and somebody had taken your umbrella, would you take someone else's umbrella if it's a rainy day? And Ray says, no, I wouldn't. And then robert immediately I challenge, uh, he goes on this. He has 20 seconds to longer than 20 seconds by the way. Yeah, yeah, for sure. I will say I didn't like it. How I didn't like the line of just like robert. Like I challenge him was like, what the hell are you talking about?

He's like, it was in the rules. He just didn't want me to finish. I just thought like his um, what sort of like the pride that he took? And like I finished read the rules was just what a good touch. Good touch. I love brad Garrett. And then he goes off on this monologue, which starts with, I recall a rainy day in 1967. Uh, and go, he was on to describe how Ray took his boots supposedly on a rainy day and he had to, for some reason, he had no other shoes. And he had to walk to school, get his socks completely soaking wet. And the kids called him sasquatch. Sorry, let me get a Sasquatch, I will say I would have gone with soak squash, but you know what? Well, that's why I will say to be perfectly honest, kids in the, in the in 1967 amazing insults. I'm not very, very clever. I'm not saying bullying is good, but I'm saying if you're going to do it, make sure the jokes are that caliber of quality.

It's a fantastic pun. It's not only is it like a, like a good pun where it rhymes with the original word, but it's so appropriate to the situation you're big and you have wet shoes. Yeah, it's great. And robert, Ray reveals that the bullying he received on that day because Ray took his galoshes is what inspired him to become a cop and we've talked about troubling things about robert being a police officer. But the fact that it's all motivated by getting revenge on 11 year olds is troubling, incredible. I have a new robert Barone theory for all those interested here. Here is my thought process, right, robert is the one who suggests scruples, robert is the one to like he like, he has a straight up defense prepared. He obviously likes this game. Did robert pick out this card from his own copy of scruples put it in his sleeve And then waited for his turn to then challenge ray on this issue that has potentially been bothering him for 30 years.

Not potentially, it's the core of his entire um, certainly possible. Or he flipped through the cards while no one was maybe like, like here's the thing, right? Like there's such there's basically like so few opportunities for robert to have the whole room and everyone in it just listening to him and like this, he had to take his opportunity. I feel like I feel like he could have masterminded this just to just to accuse Ray, I certainly think that's possible. Um And then he goes, but then after roberts amazing monologue, he then goes and says, Ray, you now have 20 seconds and he looks at his watch and Ray says, I didn't take the boots, that's it, I didn't take the boots and robert just holds up ahead and says you gotta wait and then wait for the conclusion of the Judge Deborah, who would you pick in this? Uh I was thinking this is genuinely like a Judge Deborah episode straight up. Yeah, who would you declare the winner?

Just based on the performances here? The namesake of Judge Debra votes for robert and I agree in my opinion, you know, Ray and I agree with Deborah's reasoning reasoning as well. Ray didn't care to argue his case at all. He didn't offer any kind of rebuttal whatsoever other than, you know, he didn't have any evidence that he didn't take the boots. Um I think as you know, from a good jurisprudence standpoint. Debra was right. Uh robert and Deborah vote against Ray here and the challenge is successful. I will say yes, of course robert should have won. But it is revealed later on who actually took the boots right? But we'll bury the lead on that one for evidence was not submitted. So it can't be brought up in the trial. Unfortunately. Um It's sort of it's very the boots thing is very much an O. J. Situation. Is it not do tell adam please elaborate.

I refuse. Don't sit. I'm sorry, should we not Marie abstains from voting, which I thought was pretty funny. She says she can't choose between two of her sons. She basically does throughout the episode. Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah, frank comes down and Michael still inconsolable over the baby monitor. Right, Is that at this point? And then robert goes up, right? We get the explanation. Now we get the explanation as to why Michael is still crying because frank was playing peekaboo with him in a very upsetting way. So Deborah steps in to take your right. I'm sorry, frank sits down though and he says uh he likes the game, it brings families together and he wants to play and at that point though, the tv flickers in for just a second and they all that all gets thrown out the window and frank robert and Ray huddle huddle around the tv and you know, some variation of come on, baby robert says barnaby jones, barnaby.

Let me give you a little bit of detail about barnaby jones. Uh private eye barnaby jones played by buddy Ebsen works with his widowed daughter in law to solve cases. Uh Buddy Ebsen is best known for the Beverly hillbillies. But uh yeah, so that's barnaby jones. He's a private eye. Um, and then that we go to an ad break and when we come back, frank is yelling at the cable company on the phone and just letting him have it and then he hangs up and he says that was the first nice lady I've spoken to up there. It's really funny, I'm with you. But then Marie, it's her turn to pull a card and ask a question and she asks Ray, your elderly mother lives all by herself and she asks if she can move in with you, do you agree? And then Ray refuses to answer it first and then frank steals the card and reveals that it actually says a coworker has bad breath, do you?

Or actually goes from frank to robert? And then to Ray and Ray reads it and he says a coworker has bad breath, do you tell her? So Marie, manipulative Marie, extremely manipulative, oh my God. And and I also just love the beat that is taken in between Marie asking Raymond, would you let me stay with you? And then just Ray and Debra hearing the question and slowly turning memory just be like what? Uh this is a beautiful, I just Yeah, yeah, good job Marie Marie makes up this question and despite letting it go. Yeah. Despite uh asking the real question. She demands that Ray answer this question. And Ray gives up essentially and he's like, all right, fine, you can live with us. And then Debra's look when he says that. Yeah, I will say that. So during this conversation, Marie is like why would answer the question, Why wouldn't you stay at me?

She tells everybody that in the scenario frank is dead. Uh and also robert asks the very real question of just like ma why are you staying with me? And she's just like, she basically says, I don't, I'm not thinking about. You only have one son. Yeah, I just, which is just like in a real life situation, I feel like that would be the smart thing to do. But I mean he already lives with them. But uh, you know, um, she forces Ray to make a commitment that he's not ready for at this moment. I think this is the first real glimpse like we've seen Marie be overbearing. But I feel like this is the first real glimpse of like the extreme uh relationship that she has with Ray being on full display here where she's basically manipulating this whole situation to get him to agree to let her live with him. Um, which is, you know, extremely dysfunctional really is.

And I don't even, I mean I understand, I understand why Debra gets upset and she has every right to be upset. I also am not. I also understand Ray just being like, I want out of this conversation, this can't be real. This is not legally binding. It's not like Marie in like 10 years can like reference this event being like she will. Yeah, I know she will, but I'm saying like, you know like that's not gonna like hopefully a well developed array won't feel like he has to hold to this statement which was squeezed out of him. Like he was a lemon and Marie was making lemonade. I don't know, I'm tired for but uh Ray and Debra go into the kitchen at this point and then frank starts waxing about instead of a scenario where he dies and Marie's left alone, he goes and he sails away with Marie's bridge partner Harriet Lichtman.

This is a recurring thing, right? She talks about her every now and again, he openly horns after Harriet Lichtman. Um Meanwhile Deborah is confronting Ray in the kitchen about telling Marie that she can move in without consulting her at all. Um very big decision. Um and you know, I like you're saying like I understand where she's coming from, like even if this isn't legally binding, it's like, you know, it's still a discussion that we have to have, you don't want to put that idea in her head Marie's head like raise okay with it because he's not, he just doesn't know how to say no to his mom in a room full of his family when she asked a very should be private question. Exactly. Um but they go back into the living room and it's frank's turn and he reads a question essentially about would Deborah cheat on Ray because she's in the rays going scuba diving or snorkeling rather.

And uh Deborah is in the hotel hot tub with a sexy stranger, would she withdraw her foot from his advances and she takes a beat and is sort of, you know, she's just making a joke and she makes a pause and she's like, oh, and then she's like, yes, of course I would. And then Ray, and what I feel is a very unfair way interrogates her about that pause. And um and that exchange essentially boils down to, you're just mad at me because of the other thing Ray says to Deborah and Debra is like, I thought her like emoting of being piste off at him for saying that in front of Marie was really good. Yeah, I agree. Um I will say at this point, roberts upstairs, right, at some point he goes, oh yeah, you're right, yeah, as here's yeah, here's like, something else I want to say about, I mean obviously about that and kind of, you guys touched on it just then, but like Ray, I feel like he's harping on this one because he's super insecure about himself and like, everything about him, which, you know, that's whatever and that's why he's bringing this up.

But also I feel like he he wants to feel like he's on the moral high ground after he just got like, like targeted, not targeted, but like confronted. That's the word confronted by Deborah for conceding a uh a manipulation to his mother. So I feel like he's fishing for a win and he's playing, he's playing hardball in not a fair way. True, true. Um Yeah, he says you're just mad at me because of the other thing and then Marie says what other thing and then frank correctly he's on he's in on you moving in. And that basically is the fuse that lights the powder keg and they all start yelling at each other, screaming at each other frank is like frank Marie is like, well, I never liked your mother frank and frank's and frank defends the mom and they all, they starts the whole feud and it's more than that too because she yells at frank about his mother moving in with them without a discussion, which is like, again with parallel machine.

Yeah, it's a it's a look into their future. It's like frank and Marie and Ray and Debra are on these parallel tracks because of essentially who Ray is and the environment that he puts Deborah in is uh it's really that's like an interesting colonel. I thought I'm glad that they put that in there And it's sort of um it reminds me of like Turkey or fish, the thanksgiving episode where Marie admits to Deborah that she's giving her a hard time because her mother in law gave her a hard time. It's like she's doing the same thing to ray, you know, uh frank forced his mother on me and I'm gonna force myself on you and Debra. Um but they go back and forth, they're all yelling and screaming at each other and then over the baby monitor they hear robert's start to sing to Michael and this is a cute moment. Absolutely one of those, you know, joke, joke, joke, heartfelt moment, completely un ironically, completely sincere.

Yeah. And these moments in the show I just I really enjoy. Yeah, they're always surprising. He sang Adam I know that you you you looked it up right? Yes, I did. He sings this song inchworm. It's also known as the inch worm. It's a song originally performed by Danny Kaye in the 1952 film, Hans christian Andersen supposedly about that guy Hans christian Andersen. It's been covered a billion times, but I want to play you the best version that I found. No, it's not the paul McCartney version. It is a version by jennifer lee from the 2003 album, jaywalking. And it is entitled the inchworm slash inchworm wrap. So I'm gonna play you first, the inchworm portion and then I'm going to play you the inchworm inchworm rap portion. Mhm. So that's the inchworm portion. But yeah, it's very jazzy, very um it's just beautiful to me.

It reminds me of um like san Francisco which is where jennifer lee made her name, but starting about three minutes, we get the inchworm rap. So let me play a little bit of that for you. Sometimes I feel like a little inchworm making my way through life inch by inch centimeter by centimeter detail by dizzying worrisome detail. There's no love inside those details. They splinter my consciousness, causing anxiety to rise within me like a tidal wave of urgency. I tell my mind sit stay but it won't be still because it doesn't remember how to be quiet packed its bags and let Go one Day when I wasn't looking but I'm looking now and I can't see the marigolds for the inches. I can't see the forest for the trees. I climbed a tree once on a beach in Monterey. I'm sorry, I wish I wish robert performed that version. I climbed a tree once on a beach in Monterey.

Um I love that so much. It's so you know Ernest and what it reminds me of and I don't know if you you guys have ever seen the Mike Myers movie. So I married an ax murderer. But at the start of that movie, he so he plays like a beat poet in san Francisco and he performs this like jazz poem called woman where first he's like woman and then he's like, whoa man. And it just reminds me of that and there's like an upright bass playing the whole time. Um and I just, I love that. So I highly suggest if you're going to listen to inchworm, go find jennifer lee's version and at least listen from three minutes on because you gotta hear that inchworm rap, gotta hear the raft, got to hear the rap. Um but yeah, then so yeah, everyone soothed by uh roberts. Amazing. Honestly very, very nice voice and soothing lullabies. He sings to Michael and it's an adorable moment between uncle and nephew and then it cuts back slowly to the entire family crowd around the baby monitor and frank says, wow, I love that song.

You know, who taught them that song, My Mother and that everything goes, Yeah, they go back to screaming and they're only cut off by a knock at the door. This is a pivotal moment. It seems in the everybody loves Raymond community. Yeah, because the cable guy shows up from Lynbrook Cable, which of course is the hyper local cable provider that only serves Lynbrook. Um if you live on Long Island, your options or Spectrum or Lynbrook cable, if you live in Lynbrook and that's it, a spectrum monopoly in every other long Island town. That's right. But in Lynbrook, it's 100% Lynbrook cable. And you're legally, this is a parliamentary decree, you are legally forbidden from cutting the cord, if you live in Lynbrook which explains the following, it would seem right Maybe because they have an illegal, the cable guy tells them that they have an illegal cable splitter on the roof which goes across the street to Frank and Marie's uh so he slaps them with a $2500 fine.

Can the cable guy right you up apparently for illegal cabling? I guess. So man, I didn't, I didn't know he had that authority. It's funny because frank then tries to to bribe him with presumably less than 20 $500. Will you accept a 20? Um but this is important, this scene, this little scene lit is important because the cable guy is played by john Manfra Lottie, john Man for Lottie would go on to recur on 23 episodes of Raymond as Johnny. It's a real doug kevin situation because here he is or presumably his twin as the cable guy and then he goes on to be one of Ray's best friends. So it seems Yes, Do we get the cable guy's name? I don't think we do johnny slash cable guy. What if what if offscreen?

Ray uses this billing as a foundation for his friendship with johnny, What if he's making friends with johnny right now in this scene and we just don't know it. The problem is I think it gets established later on that they're childhood friends, is it possible that johnny's in disguise as a cable guy to sort of reignite that childhood friendship after years of stagnation. What if Ray and then he doesn't engage with Ray? What if Ray hired johnny too because he knew frank was stealing his cable to come in during the thunderstorm? To write up Ray with a fake ticket to get frank to, to feel bad you, I don't believe that Ray has the intellectual capability. May be honest. Maybe it is maybe Frank never gave the $2700 back at the end of win, lose or draw and Frank is paying Johnny $200 to come here and pretend to be a cable guy to get at least some of that money back.

I like that. I like that theory. Did you mean to say Ray, you said frank is paying johnny Ray is paying johnny two $100 to get some of that money back from Frank? What if cable guy pulls a leo? It is indeed, it is indeed johnny's twin brother, but he just gets off because they don't have the money. It is a very close amount to the win lose or draw amount. I think that that's actually might be, I don't think that was intentional, but it also was the amount that Ray spent on the new diamond in diamonds of 2000. It seems like the writers are stuck in the 2 to $3000 range. Um, but let me tell you a little about john man philosophy. He was also on King of Queens. He was in grilled by the way, the movie with kevin James and Ray romano. Uh, he was on Men of a Certain Age, which is raised series, uh, one season series from 2011, um unrelated to Ray three episodes of Mad Men, but he's in Made for Love, which Ray is in and he's also going to be in somewhere in Queens, which is the new movie that Ray is producing and maybe co reading.

Let me look, That's awesome. If Ray makes an appearance, we got to do a Barone is I think we certainly um, will do a Barone is about somewhere in Queens, directed and written by Ray romano. Okay, so we gotta, we gotta do a bonus and starring and hold on a second in somewhere in Queens. Ray is playing a character named leo Oh God, here we go God, he's bringing back, he's bringing back leo everybody loves Raymond community is about to blow up. I don't okay, we've been, you guys have been, I've kind of tangentially been involved in the online communities. You guys have been digging into them. Does anyone ever mention leo, not that I've seen, no one talks about leo, everyone talks about this cable guy, johnny situation like every couple of months. Gosha. All right. So yeah, I mean, I think the headcanon is he got leo, that's my, that's my head.

Canon Cable guy got leo leo and johnny offscreen was mourning the loss of his twin brother but never brought it up. It's an invasion of the body snatchers type plot where the cable guy got taken and then an alien came back and implanted memories of Ray being best friends with johnny. And then just that's probably that's it, that's it. That's the most likely explanation I believe frank. Uh after the attempt to bribe the cable guy, the cable guy leaves frank turns to everyone who's very mad at him and says, you cannot judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes. And then Ray in sort of like a very Columbo esque like Asks Frank, what size shoes are those by the way? And Frank reveals that he wears a size 12 Robert at age 11 wore a size 12.

It's just such a funny way to solve this mystery. He's just, I just love the idea that he's always been freaking massive. Yeah. Uh and frank upon being found out, says no more games and storms out. But then Marie, this is a nice little end of the scene, nice little button on the scene, Marie turns to Deborah and she's like when I move in, we'll play games all the time. So I like that. That conflict is not remotely resolved. That is a series. Yeah. Then we go to the hot clothes where the tv is back on. Ray's watching tv and Deborah's going upstairs and she's like, I'm gonna go to bed unless you want to collect on our deal. And this is when we get Ray jumping up off the couch and looking back and forth between the tv and upstairs and he legitimately can't decide between good old sex and watching presumably the game's over at this point. Um, but luckily for him, he a commercial comes on, he yells commercial and runs upstairs.

Commercial break is what, two minutes, three minutes seems about right. Called him lightening Ray. I believe that's another one for the counter um confirmed, Oh, I don't like that. Also Is no one else gonna say like the VCR has existed. Like he could just record whatever he was watching. Right? True. But you need a physical VHS to record that probably and if he was gonna, and in a future episode we learned that he's not particularly careful about, that could have been the lead into that episode where he used that tape, this time to tape over the game. I think if Ray was going to use this opportunity to pop something in, it wasn't going to be a VHS. So that's that episode, that season one episode 17, it's time for us to rate raise performance in this episode as a husband, father son brother on our Baran mature. It's our patented scale. We talked about fresh prince earlier.

This is a 1 to 10 scale where 10 is a man like uncle Phil uh one of the great dads of sitcom history or Danny tanner, whereas one are the men in television history who actively harm their families. You've got Don draper, you've got walter white Mikey. D where is Ray coming in for you this episode? Okay. So I will say that one of the things that we've gotten feedback on both in comments and in person that I've talked to, people that have listened to the show is that we can be pretty hard on, right and I don't really care. Sometimes Ray deserves this being hard on him, but I've taken that and I've kind of shifted the way that I approached the barometer in the past. I was looking for things to knock Ray down for now. I'm looking at it and I'm like, alright, what does Ray do? Right in this episode? And I try to build him up. I can't think of a single thing that I can point to in this episode that Ray does well because sure as we all know about my opinion on these things, it's good to screw your wife and he does at the very end, but almost reluctantly.

So like I can't give him full points for that. I don't think he falls to the level of active harm, but it's like everything about this episode, everything about his motivation is very hate my wife, hate my family and it's just, I can't, I can't find anything to give points on. Like I guess three feels low afore feels too high, I'm gonna go 3.5, 3.5 Alex. Where are you coming in? So um I wrote the following, raise a dick and does not handle himself properly this entire time again. His problem is communicating, he does not even try to enjoy the game and raise it all up to be fair. The entire family sucks and his mom tries to manipulate him where there is no easy out of that situation without um you know upsetting his mom or his wife. There's no there's no win button.

Even just pointing out like the like the uh the tactic would not satiate Marie in that state. He sucks, he did poorly, He uh was a little man child the whole time. Just all around not not a good, not not great, 4.5, 4.5, that's surprisingly high given what you were just saying. Yeah, you know, just to further elaborate. I was not I was thinking about last episode as well and I don't think he was nearly as bad this time around as he was last episode. And I know that's a controversial take because I know you guys scored him a little higher than I did actually. I think Adam I scored him slightly higher. Adam scored him. Exactly, yeah, yeah adam I actually brought my score down to tie with yours because I I was voicing my disdain with him the whole episode and I didn't want to be outdone. Um uh For me, yeah, I agree with everything you guys are saying.

I think it's helpful to, you know, just reiterate the ways in which Ray hurt Debra. He uh told Marie that they that she could move in with them without consulting her. He also interrogated her over a momentary pause or joke. Uh He uh you know, was it generally addict to her and was only motivated by uh detached uh in intimate sex. He refused to talk to his wife and that's the crux of the whole episode. So I'm gonna give him a I mean like you guys were saying he was just a dick in this episode, he didn't want to engage with his family. I feel like um this is comparable, maybe not as harmful to diamonds. So I'm gonna give him the same rating I gave him there, which is 3.5 interesting. So that comes out to a score of exactly the same as he got last episode.

A 3.83, 3.8. So I know last episode was 3.7, so he's actually going improved very slightly. We'll take it Alright, good for Ray. Alright, good for Ray. And that's uh bad for everyone, I guess. Um But that's our show. That is that episode of everybody loves Raymond and that's this episode of everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. We encourage you as always to rate and review this show on Apple podcast. Spotify wherever you listen. We encourage you to follow us at Barone's own on instagram. Like our page on facebook, reach out to us at Raymond at post fund dot info with Remembrance or a judge Debra topic and uh head over to post fun dot info slash ads. When you click on those links, we hear those clinks of coins falling into the Barone's owns Piggy Bank.

Um Anything else to add, guys? No, just make sure you leave a rating review. We love to hear from you guys. We love your feedback and thanks so much for listening. Yeah, well that's it for us. And the only thing left to say is our classic sign off everybody. Hi amy and we love you. Thanks for listening. Everyone noodles.

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1.17 The Game
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