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1.15 The Car (w/ Brian Rodriguez)

by Post-Fun Podcasts
August 10th 2022

This week, host of High School Slumber Party and Uncle Francis's Wine Cellar, Mets fan, and new friend Brian... More

Welcome back to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. It's a special day in the Barone Zone. My name's Adam Rudy. I'm joined by our regulars, Michael dormer everyone and of course Alex sheer high. It's a miracle we're even here today. Yes, challenges were faced, challenges were overcome and a man who is not a challenge and has so far been a joy and a pleasure is um he's the host of the podcast, high school slumber party. He is friends with our previous guest, Olivia Hartal and hopefully today he'll become friends of us, brian Rodriguez is here. Hi brian, happy to be in the Barone's own very excited guys. This is, this is fun on a sitcom junkie and I've been waiting for this moment all day. I'm so excited to have somebody on this show who's passionate about sitcoms because mostly we get people who come confuse Ray romano and jerry Seinfeld.

So it's definitely good to have an expert um, brian before we get into the wider world of sitcoms. I have one question for you, of course, the question we ask all of our guests. How did you meet Ray? I was thinking about this one and I really, really, really had to go back into my mind and then figure out when was the first time I heard of this show and actually when I did my research, it was season one. I was, yes, I was, How old was I? I was a 10, I think around 10. Some around that age and I was a big T G I T G I F fan on abc and watched it every time. Yeah, I forgot what was on like Sabrina, the teenage witch or something. I remember my mom saying to me, you know, there are other options on friday and you slam your foot down and you said we are an abc household houses were like that time.

I mean I later became hardcore and NBC, but I remember her pitching the show, Everybody loves Raymond to me like, oh I watched it the other day. It's kind of funny. It's a long island guy and I realized she was talking about the first season because I believe that was the only time it was on friday. So it must have been early on. I know the show like would gain momentum momentum and eventually I was I'm old enough where I was watching new episodes here and there, like the later, I don't know what season it is, but later on when they go to Italy Big deal. Yeah. So remember those episodes live. I remember the finale of that season. I remember the season premiere of the following season and robert has like two girlfriends and it's like what's going on regardless. We are jumping the gun. Here. Point is I have a long history with Raymond, it's a show I have not revisited front to back, so maybe I'll do it with you guys. Well you'll at least do this part with us. I also remember that I'm younger than you. But I remember the italy episode live and I was like, you know, elementary school aged, so I didn't fully understand.

I just honestly my memory of it was that it was beautiful. It was just it's just a little boy watching the tv and I was like I saw Ray kick that ball with that kid and I was like tears rolling down my face, goddamn it. And that was the first time I said God damn it. And uh it's been a downhill slope from there. But um with your um history with T. G. I. F. Though, I'm curious what you think of our uh like goalposts for the scale that we rate ray on the barometer where 10 on our scale of 1 to 10 is Danny Tanner who sort of exemplifies the T. G. I. F. Vibe for me. Do you think are there any contemporaries of that that you think you could either place on the scale or that you think might be a good candidate for the 10 spot? It's a tough question because as I got older, I started to issue the family sitcom if you will and you know, I got into friends and I thought that was so cool and uh you know, then I became like a real student of the game in my personal time, You mentioned, you know that I'm friends with Olivia, who's an actual, you know, it's an actual doctorate.

I don't know why did air quotes these that it's real, it's real. But any of those words are highly offensive. An actual later thing I was gonna say. I, when I say study and that's what I meant to do sitcoms. I did not professionally study sitcoms, I am just a loser. So yes. And that's where the air quotes belong. But I um, you know, I went back and watched all of Dick van dyke and which I love mary Tyler moore taxi Really my mom, this is what, I don't know, I'm going way back, but my mom had me when she was like 22 so we felt fairly close in age, believe it or not. And she would tell me about all the sitcoms she grew up with and then nick at Nite came out in tv land and all these things. So when I got older I became interested in that stuff and then friends Frasier, adult stuff. I detested stuff like full house.

It was beneath me, you know, because it was just like so lame. Like, you know, Frasier is going to the opera and making like Pavarotti jokes and Danny Tanner. Exactly, exactly. So I have to stew on that question. But I think you guys got it right. I think Danny Tanner is the gold standard for the tv dad of somewhat that era. Right. I think it would be interesting to see uh, Frasier and Danny Tanner interact and I mean Danny Tanner is like when you realize how rich Danny Tanner has to be to afford that house and you know, all of the love to be able to raise those girls in the environment that he does, Frasier would still talk down to him. He'd be like, yeah, I'd love to see it. Okay, here's the real question. Um I don't know if this is the real question, but this is the question that popped into my head is which and regardless of sexuality and gender, who from classic sitcoms, would you like to see hook up?

Oh, oh, this is regardless of sexuality and gender, you're giving me the hard hitting questions here. Um, so if you guys watched taxi Tony Danza place, Tony Danza, let's play the same character, who's the boss? I'd like to see Tony Banta from taxi with the Tony Danza, who's the boss? That's a mine. Are we allowed to curse on this show? Yeah, we have been criticized by one old man on Reddit for cursing on this show, but we don't take that into account and we, we do curse freely. Oh man, sorry, what a great question though. Now my Rolodex is going right, but like ross and anyone Roz from Frasier is a tv crush of mine definitely just, she's awesome. I know this isn't a podcast, so I apologize for Frazier. We've definitely dipped our toe in fraser. Yeah, but I want to turn it over to mike and Alex because due to their technical difficulties, they've been uh minor participants in this conversation, but I wanted to know if you guys had anything to ask brian.

Well first of all, we've been participating um and not being been being responded to and I think part of that is just maybe you guys can't hear us. Yeah. Um which is our fault, so I just I want you to know that we've been providing snide comments the entire time. Oh I love it. What's better than a snide comment in the sitcom? What we'll do is we'll pan those to the right and then it'll be like you're really off to the side like another table. So, brian, you mentioned that you even you mentioned that even though you were an original um uh fan you uh you never revisited, what is a sitcom that you do that you have frequently revisited from like the T. G. I. F. Thing. Is there one or did you just decide to let those be every time I've tried to do like uh yeah, a full house. I've been really disappointed and I get bored boy meets boy meets world. I did and there was a lot of cool stuff there, but then they got really wacky, which I liked and then there's continuity issues and then I wondered where people went, you know, hello Mr turner.

But yeah, I would say that that's really the one I've revisited most from that that line, I don't know if you guys are familiar with, what happened to T. G. I. F after they just started Disney firing everything and once Sabrina was a hit they had a show with a genie once I forgot what that was called. They had they had a show with adult ones. Um If you Wish was the Genie one. Yes. Oh interesting. They copied that Sabrina formula and really died after that. But if you guys want to have a really really fun night, open up an old bottle of Bordeaux or something, get a glass of wine and start watching on YouTube. Just put in like TV debuts from 1997 or TV sitcoms from 1984 or whatever and it's like an hour long thing of either intros or trailers for all the tv shows of that year. The absurdity, the things that people worked hard on that you're like what things that like I love this stuff?

Things that I see that I'm like that was a thing. Henry Winkler and David Schwimmer had a show together before. Friends like it's stuff like that. Sorry, did they? Yes. Yes. I don't know. I don't remember it was during one of these you know Wine wine induced? I have with myself one of your special nights where you um Yeah I mean we've talked about Women of the House which is the designing women spinoff that Patricia Heaton was on before this. I implore you guys though to really just again watch one year of it. It takes a long time but watch one year, but it'll blow your mind because how many channels with the five at certain times for certain times that even the lowest rated thing is would be the highest rated thing on tv these days. Right? Like I can ask my mom about something like the third Highest rated show on a Thursday in 1982, she's like, oh I kind of remember that one, you know, because those were your options. So that's that's what fascinates me the most that sitcoms that they were forced down people's throats and you know, sink or swim and some are amazing.

Some of the greatest writing of all time and some are just so forgettable and they just moved on right away. Forget about even the people who were in them which and then some of them are Raymond that just speaks to like, you know, for all the ship we give Ray on this show and for how you know, some of the episodes are kind of uneven. It's like it was so much better than some of the stuff that was out there that you know, it took a lot for it to get those nine seasons and honestly, I love it. Absolutely, absolutely brian I got a question for you to round out this trilogy of questions that that makes sure um it's interesting hearing about your history with sitcoms, but I like to get to know someone by knowing kind of the media that they're consuming throughout the entire life. So I'm wondering, what are you watching these days? Really tough question because I am so bogged down in my own podcast. I am like eight years behind on tv.

So I mostly watch sports believe it or not. I must listen to sports podcast but um Big Mets Fan, Let's go Mets Alright, we got another one. What am I watching on tv? Good question. Really. I mostly watch team films and it's ruined my brain. Right, well on that topic, do you want to give our listeners and they are few but they're mighty. Uh just a quick rundown of what? Yeah, they're loud. They're there. They are the people who will walk down for wide on a new york city sidewalk and force you to run into traffic. Those are listeners and we love them. But do you want to give a quick synopsis of your podcast? Sure. So I have a couple of projects, but my main podcast is a show called High School Slumber party. I'm a grown man posting a slumber party um where we, Where we talk teen films, high school films and if I were smart in 2017, when I started this podcast, I would have narrowed the scope to like the classics or the comedies or horror, but I just decided to do everything and anything.

Um the pace is slow down these days because we're bogged down in a Corey hain, Corey Feldman Quagmire of, of the subject matter, but it is a fun show. So I implore you to listen and it's, it's my life's work, do it completely for fun and I think I'll be doing it for a long, long time. Just had our 300th episode. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Um and we haven't even covered some, some really, really big hits that I'm saving for maybe like episode 600 or 900 or something. Who knows what? I failed to really, I don't know what I failed to really understand when I undertook the project was like, it's what you guys are doing great, right? Everybody loves Raymond ends at the end of season. Now you have a lot of episodes to go, but there's still, you can see the end zone, you know what I mean? I thought I'd be able to like do this in four years. I was like freshman year, sophomore year junior senior.

It's great. Oh boy. Like, I don't know what's gotten into. Yeah. Oh yeah, it's gonna be a long time and I forgot that they keep making teen films and then streaming, just tossing them out on netflix, but I'm not complaining, I love doing it. It's a fun show. It's a weird show. I also started a podcast recently with my good friend Mike Manzi, like your Barone's own. We enter uncle Francis is wine cellar, which which are the films of Francis, ford Coppola class cut by cut and if you know anything about Coppola, he's got like nine cuts for his most obscure films and he likes to go back into the cutting room and do fun stuff and we're going to do it like cut by cut and I drink some Coppola wine on every episode, have a good time, one of the best wines. So definitely check that show out. Also, I'm part of what's called the Cage Club podcast network where I'm guest starring on a lot of shows. It's called Cage Club because they started with Nicolas Cage podcast, I think in like 2016 or something a long time now um still do all the cage movies.

That's why it's uncle Francis because he has Nicolas Cage's uncle. Um and I'm on the fast and furious podcast a lot and a bunch of other stuff. So that's where you can find me. Um and then yeah, you can follow me on twitter at oh my Rodriguez, which O H M Y Rodriguez and I'm an okay twitter follow, but if I, if I get more followers, I'll get better because I just started this solo twitter journey. I realized I can't complain about the mess on my podcast twitter because people get confused. So yeah, uh Mike, do you feel the same way? I know you're not on twitter, but do you feel like you can't complain about the mets on this podcast, we'll never know. Okay, well that's great brian. Uh honestly, you know, so much great content out there and you'd be a fool to not go check it out. Um but speaking of great content, you know, for this time this week in 1997 there was no greater content than season one.

Episode 15 of everybody loves Raymond, which is what we'll be talking about today, We're talking about the car and we will get into it with brian right after these messages from our sponsors. See you later. Hey everybody, it's mike from everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. Have you ever wanted to make your own sitcom in the style of everybody loves Raymond? I know I have all the time. My problem is that it's it's very, very difficult to film and edit videos. Well, I have a solution here and a maker is the future of video making. And a maker is a platform for beginners, non designers and professionals to create animation and live action videos with just a few clicks start by using their dragon drop builder, thousands of templates and a library of over one million stock photos and videos for free today. And see why Anna Maker was voted one of G two's best designed products in the world. Start creating amazing videos and sitcoms and support the show in the process by visiting anna Maker through post fun dot info slash ads.

That's post fun dot info slash ads and when you get there, let them know Raymond sent you welcome back uh to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. I hope you enjoyed those ads. I know we did, we're talking about season one, episode 15, it's called the Car and uh we've got our guest brian Rodriguez here. But first let's go around before we break it down scene by scene and get our overall impressions of the episode brian. What was your overall impression of the car? So I've been watching, you know, sporadically along with you guys. I listened to Olivia's episode and watched the episode and then been watching and it was one of the better episodes so far that I've seen in season one, season one in the amateur sitcom historian circles is not considered the best, which is common of season one, so um not perfect, but I got a lot of positive thoughts and a lot of weird stuff to talk about today too.

So I'm excited about that. There's a lot of weird ship in this episode mike, what was your overall impression of this episode similar similar to brian? Um I will say, I haven't rewatched since the beginning of, since we started um and I was re watching this and thinking, wow, Raymond's not as funny as I remember him being and occasionally watching tv and just like happened upon a later episode. I'm like ah that's the guy I remember um so similar to brian I thought was you know it was an okay episode definite actually I would say probably in the top 50% of the episodes we've seen thus far um but yeah, the best part were the there were a few moments that made me go that you know took me aback and I'm very excited. Yeah okay fine, save it for the for the breakdown. Yeah I'm very, I'm very pumped to talk about some of the weirder points this episode. Yeah, so very similar, very similar. I am I am something I'm cocked, I'm loaded, I stopped mike there because I'm pretty sure I'm 95% sure what he is excited to talk about is what I'm excited to talk about as well and probably what you two are also kind of looking forward to discussing.

Is it safe to say we're building towards a climax? Yeah, I think this whole episode is building towards a climax. Yeah that was my joke. What was your overall impression of the episode though, Alex, that's a great question adam to answer it, basically the same as what brian mike said, uh I I agree, it's probably the top 50% of the episodes we've seen so far, I put it closer to like right kinda in the middle, like it was just kind of an episode, I feel like I'd forget about like I saw the title and at first I thought oh is this the one where Marie drives through the house and it's not? So uh right after the Italy trip, I remember, so I am bumped about that um aside from a few great visual gags which again will gets to um I thought it was fine um and there were some things that I'm just super pumped to discuss with you all and I don't really want to say more than that right now adam back to you. Yes, well, I think I'm also pumped about this episode and I wonder how many more times will say pumped uh but this is you know, hashtag pumped, this is the pumped episode, watch super pumped on Showtime, the Uber, not docuseries, whatever it is, but Uber, yeah, pardon Uber and I was like the God, I really just wanted this to be in the side, but there's a drama, dramatic retelling of the story of Uber on Showtime right now called super pumped and I didn't think I was gonna keep talking about it.

But anyway, this is the pumped episode uh and I am pumped about this episode. I realized, you know there are a handful of these as we're going through them that I distinctly remember certain scenes and this is definitely one of them, but you know, as far as big laughs, this wasn't a huge one for me, I agree, it was like middle of the road fine, it wasn't the best, it wasn't the worst, but are we ready to get down into the, are we ready to start breaking it down? Mike, you threw me the rock asking me about super pumped. You put me on my heels. God damn it. I thought you were saying that Uber was launching its own streaming service and I got very, very about that in the back of the cars, riding an Uber taxi tv Oh, so like mad about you gotta reboot season and and it was only on like certain cable networks and that would be the most disappointing like Raymond or any kind of season, like it's only in the back of taxi cabs, The 10th season of Everybody Loves Raymond is going to air.

I got I got again. Um yeah, so the cold open for this episode is uh you know what? The snow is back on the house and looking better than ever, but Ray is on the couch with the kids and Debra comes home and this felt like at first this felt like a cold Open that was taken from stand up. But what is really the joke here? Because he asks her to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the abc song And points out that they have the same melody and then it just ends uh, so I mean what do we all think of this cold open? It was 15 seconds of huh? Uh It felt to me like one of those posts, those bad posts that you'd see on, like, twitter of just like someone saying, you know, someone said the alphabet song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the same melody and I've never been okay. Yeah, it just felt like a bad post.

Maybe it bothered Ray romano so much. It was just like, I got to dedicate a full cold open to get this information to the public. That's my only theory, because it wasn't that funny. Yeah, That's interesting that you say that, like, I kind of and I'm sure I'm not the only one to do this, but I've kind of equated a lot of these cold openings to, they were replaced by memes, you know, in the, in the modern world today, right? Like, and early Raymond especially follows just that traditional sitcom writer's room, Everyone put things on the board and let's see if we could squeeze them in here there. And that was definitely like, what, what should we do for the cold opening this week? Remember that thing I said about the alphabet song and drink, Let's do it, let's just do that, we'll get into the episode. There you go. So like that definitely feels like that. Yeah, it doesn't feel like the one where Kareem Abdul Jabbar shows up, it feels like we need something for this week or we're all getting fired. Imagine if Kareem walked in and was like, yo sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star real quick, I'm gonna blow your mind.

How did you find me again? Ray Leave me Alone. I know I'm talking too much, but can I make a side comment about that? Yeah, talk more. Thank you. I love I love how initially probably when they're pitching this show, they're like, raise a sportswriter. So what we're gonna do is incorporate a lot of athletes in the cold opens and and that's gonna be part of the appeal of the show. People are gonna wonder what athletes is coming on next week and they totally dropped that later because I wasn't there like target demo. So, watching this first season, I'm like, wow, like that's that's an amazing concept that just never went into fruition, sort of like a pre Arlis Arlis sort of thing. Oh, you mean Arla dollar sign? Dollar sign? I didn't know for a second. Uh Yeah, no, it's and you know big names, Kareem at first and then I think there's the one in season two where he's on tv and I think that has some heavy hitters and it is and like they're sprinkled, like you're saying throughout the first couple of seasons, they're sprinkled in there.

But then yeah, it becomes more about the family and yeah, I don't want it, Well, not supposed to, I don't want to spoil next episode, but I left it on when I was watching and like I said, I'm a Mets fan And then the first image of your next episode is Shea Stadium, like, goddamn it, why didn't I pick next week, but and then it's barry bonds. Who's the who's the bonds of this? I totally forgot that. And I'm like, is that a very, very pre steroid? Did barry bonds to Raymond? And then, and then I showed it off because I didn't want to spoil things, but you'll get another one next week to theorize about how Ray got barry bonds hooked on steroids. That's the plot of the episode, just being like, hey, barry, you gotta try this stuff. Uh yeah, so garbage cold open and then we go to our conveyor belt, go uh go to our conveyor belt opening and uh brian, what's your, you know, there are as many openings to everybody loves Raymond as there are stars in the sky.

What do you think about the conveyor belt opening as compared to some of the other ones that you might have seen? Well, first of all, this is something I hated about the show at the time and now have any different openings they were and how they couldn't settle on it. I love a good sitcom opening. Maybe family ties is my favorite, my two dads, that's a great one. Watch that one, sports stars. Um but yeah, the conveyor belt does not do it for me, it doesn't have a catchy song, we get it. Um but thinking about all of them, it could be my favorite, I wasn't into the steve miller one, I thought they were like a little too high on their horse at that point like, oh everyone loves this show, which I know you guys do and I do as well, but which is the steve Miller song, So what, which one am I missing? There's the classical music one that's shot, kind of interesting. Theres the Elvis remix one or maybe that's not the remix, I'm thinking of two different, but that song has been remixed theres the Elvis one which is like really late, where it's a little more conversation um that's like super late because I think there's a clip in that of robert and Amy's wedding.

Um I don't know are there other ones? Anti gravity one, jesus, I don't think I know that one, it's a conveyor belt opening, but instead of them passing on a conveyor belt, they're just floating through the air. That's awesome range. It's like, it's like fucking new wave art, like styling. It's strange, I think I like that because it's like, it's a take on this original one which again, the first time I saw it blew my mind, I'm gonna be honest, but eventually guys, I'm watching it, especially when you're binging and you don't skip the intro, like we already know dude, we get it, this is your family. So yeah, we have our conveyor belt opening, but then we come back into the episode and we pick up immediately at the end of this Cold open which is like you know, I don't know if we needed to, I think we should have just left that for dead in the front of the episode.

But Ray is still talking about the songs, he does a little roast of the you know the what is the song that he sings? Uh song from Barney? Well yeah it's a reference to that, but they couldn't say barney but what is the melody of that? Ah This old man. Yes yes. Uh So it does a little roast of doofy, the dinosaur for not being creative. Obviously a stand in for barney but um so he and Deborah in the kitchen unpacking the groceries and then frank and Marie enter and I thought one of the bigger maybe not a laugh but a forceful exhale for me was the little divorce bit uh where they come in very solemnly and raise like well at least it was amicable. Uh But they reveal that they are selling the 1972 valiant uh that they've had since Ray was in high school.

Uh And then frank hans Rey this crusty ass bathing suit that was in the trunk uh where Ray's fake I. D. Was in the pocket of and uh I'm curious to get your guys takes on this so raise fake I. D. Has you know and obviously he is cosplaying I guess as an imam and has a very uh you know not italian american name, I don't know what the, I mean, the implications of this are manifest uh and I don't know how to feel about it. What I was thinking is like, like you said, it's not not only that his that his name is not a traditionally italian american, I believe it's achmed or something like that and but he also mentions I was no longer 17, I was 48 year old and then whatever, whatever the name is and I guess the implication is just that bouncers didn't care in the we saw later in the episode, we see him when he was 17, he pulled off 48 very well.

He hasn't, he hasn't aged a day, he looked terrible at the time and he hasn't aged a day. I just, I don't think he pulled off Middle Eastern is the thing and certainly not a holy man, but I don't know, Holy men don't listen to disco, that's that's the big problem, we've got to talk about that fucking Bgs sound alike that they put in there. Yeah, we do, we gotta do a breakdown of that. Yes. But yeah, I also yeah, I don't know, I also thought it was a weird gag that the bathing suit was made of cardboard or like looked like that it held shape. Um yeah, I don't know, I don't know if that was supposed to be a bit or not, but it was, it was yeah, I didn't think it was that okay. I don't know what the implication of it being so crusty was, but you know, there's only a couple of things that could have been, we know it's, that's true blanket.

Oh, good God, jesus. Anyway, I think that was the first awkward silence on everybody loves everybody with four people. Nonetheless, I think we're just giving you the space to really settle into settlement to the discovery. Let the image ferment. Um, but yeah, not a great. Uh, but yeah, Uh, if there's no other thoughts on that, uh, Frank reveals that he is selling the car, he's got an offer for $800, which is not bad for a 25 year old car. I mean inflation being what it is, even still like my car And this will tell you a lot about me listener. My car is a 2007 Ford focus and it is the quote that I received what from an unidentified sell us your car and will deliver you a new one.

Heavenly car service Buddhist was about $300. So the fact that this 72 year old valiant, not 72 year old, 25 year old is fetching $800 is pretty impressive. Um, but Ray sort of seems crestfallen that they're selling it. So frank offers ray the opportunity to buy it. Deborah doesn't want the car, She wants a minivan, but Ray is going back and forth with frank a little, they haggle go back, go from 800 down to 7 50. Debra counters with 200 then I thought the little like car salesman bit where frank goes to consult with Marie was pretty funny, but they settle on $462.25. Yes, I looked up all of the, or the first price and the calculator and the inflation calculator. Um, original, the original price, the $800 comes out to about $1,500 today and they got it for Approximately 850, which I thought, you know, that's that's not bad.

I mean for frank, that's, you know, that's a lot of purchasing power as we see in the, in a later scene. Well any thoughts on this scene, brian, did it bring back memories of buying a car from your father or at this point of the episode I was like, oh boy, I got a bad one. This, I thought they were, was there gonna be like, oh, Deborah is a good negotiator, but how can she be a good negotiator as being a housewife? Right. I thought that's what they were, they were going and I'm like this is not good because you have some episodes like that, Especially early on. Everybody loves Raymond. Like wait, you know, she has business skills, how is that possible like, which um, I'm glad it wasn't that. And yeah, in terms of the car, listen, anything you can get for that price, go for it? That's my motto. So yeah, I mean, that's really has served you well in life. Do you have a lot of cars?

I don't see a lot of cars for that price, but I have a lot of random around my apartment. So, I mean, we've got a lot of random around the zone. Of course, we actually, And we're trying to keep this on the down low, but we have the 72 valiant in the barone zone, and we you know, turned it into sort of, you know, Ray used as a make out mobile, we use it as a make out stationary. That's amazing. That is why you always hang out by the stationary. Alright, listen, yeah, mike, you're just, you're often, you know, I'll try to go in there, but you're already in there in repose and you know, I mean the first time it was a little awkward, but now I'm just kind of used to seeing you, uh, all out there. But I listen, I you're welcome to join. That's all I'm saying. I appreciate the invitation. I love, I love the love that you guys have for each other.

It's just so amazing. And just to be in the Barone Zone and experience that. It's certainly this place certainly has a vibe, doesn't it? You certainly feel a certain way when you're in here a Question? A question about the car, because I'm very curious about this, does it still only play music from the 70s. It only plays that song. It's stuck in the tape deck. So I mean, hearing it in this context was extremely triggering. I mean, I, I associate that with a very specific angle on mike's naked body. So it's hard for me to see that you were, his camera's not on. So you can just imagine that's what makes it better. I figured that the two of you are in the car right now Live 70 About it for like a couple of minutes where you don't hear from either of us, you can only guess what's happening.

You're playing the tape. Uh you're gently sliding it over to heat and then jamming it back to cold. Um, I love details about the base reality. Um, but yeah, so they sell the car to frank, nope. Yeah, but they sell the car to Ray for $462.25 and we go to our next scene. Ray comes home, nobody's home. I thought ace. It was, I don't want to say funny. I thought I was impressed by Ray's ability to act disappointed and then transition that into thrilled. I thought, you know, we've seen little sprinklings of good acting from Ray and I thought this was decent. Maybe not acting emoting. Uh, I don't know, but Deborah comes back with the kids. Um, in kind of a huff. The car broke, broke down and she was trying to, you know, do all of the arians.

Uh, and Ray, Ray's first response to her saying that the car broke down is what you do to it. Uh And Deborah, I think Debra has a couple of nice 12 punches here where she responds to that with, I tried to drive it Ray and later on races when you turn the key, what it sounds like. And she says the rustling of divorce papers. I was like snaps for Debra. It's sort of like this audience, the studio audience loves when Marie claps back at frank, but I feel like they don't give Deborah enough for clapping back at Ray. I think because like at least especially back when the show was on, I think the target all audience was like the husband of the family, I think more than anyone. And like I, I feel like just, and we've talked about this at length many times, but like Debra's perspective is like the secondary one, a lot of the times and like when watching this scene, like for me, at least I think it's important to be like, okay, I got to remember like she just, you know, spend a lot of time, you know, in a car that wasn't working in the rain with three kids, I'd be really piste as well and if you're delivering these snap backs as well as she is like, it's aggressive.

It is um she reveals that she had to get it towed. She took it to the mechanic uh sunk cost, we're now at $762.25 with the new fuel pump that they had to put in. Um but Ray declares that despite the problems with the car, he can fix it and he doesn't want to return it to frank. Um I feel like once we find out why Ray loves the car so much, his like insistence that they, even though it's an obviously terrible car, his insistence that they keep it is gross, right? Like one once we find out why it's costing his family money and it's causing his wife actual harm, but he's like, oh I fucked in it. I have to keep the car quite literally and I thought that that was gonna be one of these, I'm gonna put it like, Deborah thinks that and she's jealous, but that's not really the reason, but it's not, that is literally what you said, he wants to be in that car.

And if we can go back for like two seconds, One of the most fascinating things about the episode to me was this moment when she comes in and says like this whole incident happened, um it's so different to what we do today. Could you imagine getting into a car accident or having car trouble and not texting your partner right and just like showing up at home and guess what happened to me today, Like that would never happen in the texting society. So it's like whoa that's cool. But yeah just that's a really great point. Like that's a lot of I mean that makes me think of when we talked about frank the writer how frank typed up or had Marie type up a whole multi page document with his thoughts on you know car alarms and shit when now the legs are completely cut out from that scene because he would just tweet all of his post, all of his thoughts on truth social. Um But yeah same thing here.

Like I don't know if it fully undercuts this scene but It uh it certainly it wouldn't happen like this today and that's one of the interesting things to think about watching a show that's almost 30 years old at this point. Um pardon? It's a stamp in time. I'm glad we got that clean. No, you're right Alex. It is, it totally is. Um Where were we? Okay? So yeah go ahead like that. Like what I was thinking when she was recounting the story is not only is This car, like they're mentioning that they want to save up for like a good minivan down the road, but this car is number one not only costing them now basically the same the buying price right because now they basically spent close to $800 on it, but it's an old enough car, give it two days, they're gonna have to put more money into it and it's causing a lot more stress. So it's just to me it's like, it's really just a net negative.

I don't see any positive coming out of it. Other than as we mentioned, Ray and his desperate need to cling to the days of nostalgia when uh well we'll get there of the gross, the sucking. Yeah. Um oh that just reminded me when you said they had to get work done and I didn't call out that they put a new fuel pump in it, hashtag pumped. Um but yeah, good point. So we got to our next scene and frank and Marie are in the kitchen with the breadmaker. Uh this scene I realized, you know, this stands out to me if I go back into my memory palace and look at all of the scenes I remember from everybody loves Raymond, I definitely remember this scene, but now being an adult knowing about the folk tale of john Henry, I think it's a little more clever than I first realized. It's the whole man versus machine thing. Now, does Marie die at the end of this from exhaustion?

No, but the basic premise is the same. Anyone else really bombed that they didn't like, like finish off this b story. Like I wanted to know like I wanted like frank spread to be done best, but it wasn't good or he didn't like it, they just dropped it after the scene. I was really sad about that. I would have been a good revisiting for the hot close to that seems like a very Raymond like structure to that. It would be like frank's bread is done first and at first we think frank wins, but then he tasted and it's shit and then he tastes Marie's handmade italian bread and he's like uh I better go back to Sears or something uh and return it like, that makes a lot of sense. But you know, so this is what I love about the sitcom format or just the idea of it and I really truly believe will never be in this era again. I know they still make sitcoms on cbs or something, but um like, you know, they're writing this show and they have these ideas and that might have been a call the day of like, you know, they have a week to shoot and they're like, yeah, let's just cut the end of the bread thing, the car things cooler, let's devote a little bit more time to that do.

And they never thought that any of these things were going to have this kind of re watchability. I know certain things were in syndication, but not to the level of people podcasting about it and decided to dedicate years of their life to it. So, oh good. But the idea that like some guy snap decision on set that day was just like, fuck it, you know, and now we're talking about it, like we never got the conclusion of the bread, I'm a nerd, but I love it. Yeah, no, totally. Um, and it's, you know, the time constraint to like, you see Netflix shows now, like stranger things, it's still set up, like it's a series, but they went back and forth between like 48 minutes, 90 minutes, you know, 56 minutes, like the 22 minute constraint. I don't know if Raymond would have been a better show if it really had room to stretch out, I think we could have gotten 30 more seconds for the end of this scene. All they needed 30 seconds.

Yeah. Um, but uh, I wanted to call it. So Marie has a Marie is competing with the bread maker. The stakes of the contest as frank says is if I win, I'm getting rid of the Marie says, if I win, I'm getting rid of this stupid bread maker frank says same as I same if I win and this gets an applause break from the audience, which you know, very cruel of the audience. It's an excellent joke construction, but the sentiment, oh my God. Anyway, so Debra comes in, she is trying to tell frank about all the problems with the car and this is when he describes his little tricks for getting it to work. Um I noticed that frank is drinking, oh dual o duels, the nonalcoholic beer and knowing how fond this show is of their paid promotional sponsor Canada Dry. I went and looked up, this is how much time I have. I went and looked up if in 1997 Canada dry and oh duels were owned by the same parent company.

They're not frank is just drinking and no duels. I'm gonna cut that fact out because as I was saying it, I realized that's not an interesting thing to say. I was interested in surprise, surprise, I have a podcast. I'm also a beer guy. I was like, oh duels, what? That's, that's not on brand for him. And then I was gonna ask, is he recovering alcoholic at all in this series? I wonder, I think do you guys know, because I, I feel also like it's on brand for frank to enjoy a beer, but uh, I don't remember and by the way, you can drink O'Doul's and not be a recovering alcoholic. I want to put that out there. But he seems like a guy who would laugh at the guy drinking the soda, right? That's not beer. You know, like that would be his reaction. So it was surprising to me. I think it would be like a situation where I, I bet honestly frank would laugh at a guy for drinking wine as well. Like if he was hanging out with Deborah's not Debra's father in law.

Deborah's father, you know who's supposed to be this hoity toity guy from Connecticut and he ordered like, oh, a red wine and frank's like, red wine, why wouldn't they just drink beer? But apparently frank doesn't drink beer, or at least maybe this is taking place at nine in the morning for all we know that would be on grand, like, you know, I'm not I'm not supposed to drink before 11 a.m. So, but I like the taste. Yes. Um Are you guys still on the line mike and Alex. Alright, let's plow it. So yeah, frank frank's drinking, no duels. Um but Debra's asking if she can return the car uh and sell it back to them. And Marie asks if Ray knows that she's doing this and she reveals that Ray does not know uh at this moment, robert enters and this was one of the, I think all of robert's scenes in this episode, we're really funny. He comes in awkward silence falls immediately and he has the line uh is this about me?

Yes, I just wanted to say that I love this running bit. I don't know if this is the first time it happens, but the the is this about me thing appears definitely throughout the first season, definitely in multiple other seasons and I just love that whole thing of everyone shutting up when robert's in the room and he's just constantly waiting for an intervention or something like that from from even though he's doing nothing wrong, just like, oh God, what they got me now, like everything quiets down and he has to like embrace that. He just barged in at a delicate moment. I also have to say for the last like five minutes, I wanted to interject about the beer. My theory is that Peter Boyle just grabbed a can to the crafts table and just brought it on set with, this is gonna be my prop for this scene. Alright, go ahead, peter you. Uh But robert reveals that the car is raised old make out mobile.

That's where he first got lucky in what he started to call lucky with lisa Constantine. What a name, right? What a powerful name. Uh And that's what that's Deborah. We sort of see on her face the realization that Ray wants the car because that's where he first fucked. And I don't know, it gets it gets his motor running. Uh But I thought roberts closing to this scene where maybe I've said too much and he sort of slinks out. Was pretty funny. Uh This is sort of like that classic like first couple episodes robert where he's very uh meek and just sort of cowardly, very small man in a very big body. Um But I thought this was a really good scene. I mean a better seen than the rest of it. Maybe the best scene in the episode for 2nd best scene.

You're forgetting something later. Yes, got you, can I just say that robert, I love his development through the series. I mean it's not the greatest development in tv show obviously but like we we get a lot of episodes that focused on him more later and that's awesome. It's kind of jarring to rewatch this first season and as you guys have mentioned where he's just sort of one liner in certain episodes or two lines here and there and um I was happy to see him get such a cool prominent scene and then one later when he returns and it's very on brand. So go brad Garrett, go robert, go robert. Honestly weird Team Deborah on this show where Team robert I think because every time pretty much he's come on screen he's either done something funny or something incredible with his super powers. So he is just an amazing man. Judge Deborah about how roberts, the secret protagonist of this show.

That was our first one. Yeah, that was our very first deliberation. Um I believe I ruled against you but more and I can admit this now out of general dislike and and partiality. Um I pieced that together. But yeah, I mean he is the only one in this show that really shows basically any character development outside of the Children. So you know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we cut to ray, he's in the garage, he's polishing the car. Uh And Debra enters, hey new set, right, garage and they use it a couple times in this episode. Uh, I think it's very well set decorated lots of garbage in the back, a bicycle hanging up. I'm just thrilled to see it. I love when they invest in a new set. But uh yeah, go ahead mike.

Yeah, I was just gonna go ahead. And you say your piece very little clutter for a garage. Well organized. I was going to say it was almost like I could smell this thing cause I've been in garage just like this. I could smell the dust in the, in the particle and like the pieces. It was well done. That's what I'm trying to say. It brought you back to your time in the garage. Does the Barone's own not have a garage? Go ahead mike. Do you describe the garage? I was gonna say we have, we have the car. Okay, we have the car in a garage, like room. We brought it up using the service elevator. The building doesn't have a garage because what you have to know about the skyscraper that the Barone Zone is the penthouse of is that floors one through 98. Well, that's not true. Floors two through 98 are vacant and then floor 99 is occupied by us. Floor one has a Duane Reade, but there's really no call for parking.

Um, so no, is the short answer. Um, and we never will. But yes, we did The, the room that the car is in is a recreation of this set. So, in that sense, we, yeah, the room that the car is in is a recreation of the garage. Um, but Ray's polishing the car and uh, where Ray and Debra are going back and forth with some double entendres about the car. And it, so to me, those sounded very, um, not clever. And I wondered if any of you guys found them as scintillating as I think we were supposed to because I mean, they seemed very surface to me. I mean, I think they were easy, but I didn't think I didn't think like they were bad. You know what I mean? It just sounded like, yeah, I mean, it was, it's the classic. You're talking about the same thing.

I thought it was, you know, fine innuendos. I didn't think anything, anything more than that. The last one got me the last one made me chuckle. I don't remember what it was. Well, brian, what do you what do you thoughts on on that? This will tie into some of my thoughts later. But I am my parents both, you know, they met in queens, grew up in queens. So, I mean, I grew up in New Jersey. So not Long Island, but a similar thing, right? And they, Ray and Debra are like the same age of my parents. And when I was watching the show, my parents were that age. So it was uncomfortable then as it is now to see them in sexual situations. I'm talking about Ray and Debra theoretically my parents, but they're no longer together, but it would be even more uncomfortable now. But regardless. So these double entendres still creep me out a long way of saying that no, there definitely, I don't know what the intention, I mean, I guess to be funny, but it's creepy. But but Deborah reveals that she knows lisa Constantine is the reason Ray wanted the car.

And Ray very quickly, I think pivots and he delivers this monologue about the car representing freedom. He used to take it to jones beach and to city, not Citi field. Shea Stadium. I don't know why my brain updated that as I was about to say. Um, but that sort of, I don't know if it convinces Deborah, but it uh gets her to drop it and she's sort of like, okay, Ray, I see that this car is bigger than just lisa and fucking in it. Um, but we cut to the next scene and we see that Deborah is really not that okay with it or at least she has trouble getting over it. I was just gonna say before we get to that incredible moment of cinema. Um, I do need to take a step back the monologue about the car reminds me a lot about his monologue mickey mantle, autographed ball, It felt like it didn't feel as genuine.

I don't know why because it was basically the same dialogue, the same imitate imitation, but it just, I don't know, it feels like every time Ray is confronted about something or something doesn't, some object doesn't go his way. It's, he gives some kind of like, um deep, heavy hearted feel about it. And I just don't know, I just, it's, it's an interesting note that has now come up twice in a single season. So I thought that was, I really thought big heart mike. I, I mean like I get what you're saying, but like when he, you know, talked about the car, like it made me change my mind about, and I, I do believe up until this point Ray wasn't just thinking about the car as like the time he made out with lisa Constantine because again, we, we see his memory of it and it was not perfect. Um, but like, I think like, you know, knowing his family and knowing that his car was the one way to kind of get away from everything for a while.

Um, I believe that he saw that car as like, you know, his ability to kind of just escape everything and maybe he felt that if he lost that car, he loses the ability to kind of like be free for a little while. That's kind of what I got from it. I definitely think that's the idea behind it and I think maybe at first Ray does feel that way about it. And then by the end of the episode he sort of realizes that, you know, because of the lisa memory. It's not, it doesn't just mean that anymore in his life where he is now. Um but you know, I think that you can either believe Ray or think that he's a sociopath and he's lying to his wife. Uh and I'm inclined to think it's the latter, but there might be a little bit of the former in there. Um Anything to say on that brian?

No, I mean, I think I'm in lockstep with that. It's uh I love, I love these little moments and sitcoms because I feel like this is gonna sound so condescending. I've never written for a sitcom. I wish I did, but I love when they're like, oh, this is a good chance to like, you know, get something median here. Like it doesn't have to be joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, like let's let's really tell them how we feel about this and you know, it's nice. Yeah, this show has a couple of moments like that where the sort of the tenor of it drops and then we have like a sincere moment and then it picks back, usually they come out of it with a joke. I don't know if they really did that on this one. I think it sort of ended with a whimper. Um but Deborah in the next scene and it's sort of like a am I wrong? It's like a cross fade into her. Getting the kids ready to take the take them somewhere in this car. And as she's about to open the driver's side door, she enters this hallucination dream sequence of Ray and lisa in the car and what I give this show credit for, you know, daring to do a dream sequence at all.

And I thought, you know, in terms of the staging of it, I thought it was good. I thought um you know the way that they, it was just the car on the darkened set. It looked pretty cool. But so Ray, in all of his uh seventies glory is sitting in the driver's seat next to lisa. It was played by Kristin Bauer, Van Stratten a little bit About her, she did a million sitcoms, Seinfeld, she did, she did 2.5 men, she's done, you know, not as many as uh what's his name? Who played Garvin, but she's been in a lot of things, but probably best known for being on true blood for like 70 episodes and for being in Romy and Michele's high school reunion. Her most recent credit though was a podcast. So I feel like maybe if we had looked her up earlier, we could have gotten her, but we're happy to have you here brian. Um but unfortunately you've never kissed Ray, so we can talk about, you want to share something with a way to spoil my story, jesus your big moment that you're building.

I've never I've never kissed Ray. I have seen Ray in real life though. Okay we're sidelining the episode because we've got a legitimate Ray. What I'm gonna do is we're gonna say Ray sighting now and then I'm gonna plug in a pun that I think of later. And then we're all gonna, let's get us all laughing. I'm not gonna do that. That's too much work. But legitimate Ray sighting that's our first time on this show. Tell us, Set the scene, tell us everything you're gonna love. This is a double whammy and I just remembered it so thank you for jogging my memory. I don't know why I'm making out with Ray. Made me think I was in new Orleans. My brother went to Tulane, he was graduating and we're just walking around the french quarter like me and my family and who do I see in a corner listening to like you know one of those good new Orleans jazz bands? Ray romano and brad Garrett together together and I'm like wait is that Ray and brad Garrett and me and my brother like looking like oh my God, that's so cool.

I think I might have taken a picture of them. I'll look in my phone and see if I like from afar like a and appreciating new Orleans jazz stand standing in the corner. Really getting into it. It was it was amazing now that I look back. So thank you for jogging my memory. That is so fascinating that you approached the situation like a nature photographer. I can't I can't disturb it. This I mean to see one of them cool right? But together like oh they actually hang out like they're actually friends, maybe they're actually brothers and they never told us. Who knows, it's just a glory to see. Very happy. Thank you for sharing that. That's awesome. I feel like a great place to share it here. Right? Where else would care? I Feel like seeing Ray really getting into some jazz is almost as good if not better than making out with him.

I mean clearly he was getting as much pleasure there as he could have gotten in the 72 valiant. But uh thank you for sharing that back to the episode though. Uh So really from the jump this dream sequence is kind of a nightmare. Uh Ray is I mean I don't even if you haven't watched the episode you just have to go and watch it because it is it's almost indescribable. Uh I just do I do like that don't get me wrong. I know you know I wasn't expecting de aging C. G. I wasn't I like the fact that they put any makeup on him. They didn't do anything like like slapped a wig on and called it a day. I thought that was, I thought that was really funny. I felt like they leaned into it, which I liked.

I liked it a lot. Um, the, so they're sort of in the car and it's getting very steamy and ray is making her laugh and they're flirting, uh they're seducing each other with white people spanish, which is very uncomfortable. But this is where we first hear that Bgs sound alike and a lot of shows at the time and I'd be interested to know if anyone can confirm this uh would have like actual songs sink into them. But then when they release them on DVD would not be able to pay for the licensing so they would have to replace them with sound alikes. I wonder if they actually had staying alive in this. Oh, that's a really good point. I didn't even think of that because you're so right recently. I would say like in the last six months it was huge, controversially in sitcom land because Dawson's Creek went on netflix with this bullshit intro song and people were so mad that netflix and all their money bought the political song and put it into the syndicated episodes again.

So, um, I, this is so random, but I was on a podcast that Tom Hanks podcast wants for the show bosom buddies. Are you guys familiar with that one? And really, it has a, a sound alike, but a billy Joel song as the intro and they could not afford that. So they had this Rando song on the DVD which I was watching for the show made it unbearable. So the original music really, really matters. But who the hell in like a random Raymond episode do you think peacock or whoever is really good? Okay let's pay for the little moments, so I didn't even think about that, but you might be 100% correct on that one. Yeah, I know that for speaking of mad about you, which we mentioned earlier, the reason that took so long to come out on DVD was and the same with W. K. R. P. I think uh like those didn't get released for a long time because they had to like go back and forth with a million different places to get the music licensing. Um It's a really weird little issue.

But yeah, I don't think Peacock is shelling out for, they're not contacting barry Gibb, please let us you staying alive? Watch this, watch this man, this disgusting man in a mullet wig. Yeah. Uh But yeah, so that that reverie ends and um is this our first view of like because we see the real what really happened later on with the Ray flashback is this just how Debra views Ray as like this kind of bad boy, like kind of sexy we get by the way. Yeah, she sees him making her laugh. She sees him being like cool and hot and spanish and all the things. That was him. Maybe that's how she sees him when he was like coming on to her. That's how she makes her feel. Yeah, that's yeah, that's what I was thinking.

Like it was just, it's just interesting. Also, yeah, we see him being a sexual being with a very, very long gross way to describe its already gross. It was, it lingered for just like a solid second. No, I agree with that for sure. But the point on, um, in terms of how Debra views him I think is so spot on at plug again. But I host a teen film podcast. So I, so I think about high school a lot and we talk about nostalgia and not always because we do modern films too. But I thought about this idea a lot. Like would the person you were in high school would like those people date you even now you could be the most amazing person in the world, but they might still see your high school self. Right? I think that like there's, I can speak for myself right?

Like or maybe not. Maybe not with my wife, but I think a lot of couples, like if they knew their high school who their partner was in high school for better or worse, they might maybe think twice, think twice. That sounds so mean. But like it, it's totally different. Right? So like Debra's fantasy when I before I knew that we were going to get the reality of it. I was creeped out because I'm like, Ray definitely was not like that in high school. But seeing it from her point of view, like, I'm sure Ray imagines Deborah a lot cooler in high school as well or whatever. So I thought that was actually kind of clever and cool. That's such a good point. Um um but yes, such a good point. Ray, uh we cut to the upstairs raise in the bedroom, putting on his shoes. Um presumably he had just jerked off because we know Ray must take off his shoes before he has good old sex continuity. Um but Ray enters and she throws the keys at him.

She wants to trade cars because she's skied out by the history that Ray has with it. And Ray, I thought the okay, well, I don't know, it was pre 9 11. The car bomb bit was kind of funny to me, but later, next scene Ray is in the car sort of, I don't know, just enjoying being in it and the Bgs sound alike comes on, which, you know, highly unlikely in the real world, but I guess it was a huge hit at the time and now it's just a staple on seventies radio. But Ray enters into this reverie and we see what really happened between him and lisa and we see that he is not the sort of seventies hunk that he was in Deborah's imagination? He is the Ray, we would expect him to be. Um, and lisa is also not, you know, she's got braces, she's not uh the sort of confident flirty woman and she doesn't even really seem happy to be here.

But the disco song comes on lisa, you're canceled because she turns her nose up at it and says, it's so queer and lisa homophobic. Uh, we see Ray failing to speak truth to power and he immediately caves in. Ray would have gone on, I feel like Ray would have gone along with a lot of things. Uh, he's that sort of man. But uh, although I wonder what this scene would be like if Ray was like, hey, that's homophobic. I feel like a watershed moment in Ray's life where if he took the other turn activist version of everybody loves Raymond sliding doors. Raymond was a horny high school kid with a girl in his car, She could have said anything and she would have not had and I agreed, I can't believe that I went back a couple of times for whatever reason and peacock, I've tweeted at you and you haven't fixed this.

I can't get the subtitles on my peacock on my like main tv in my living room. So what else could he be saying? Is he saying that word, is that or is she saying that word? Is it's serious and like holy hell because this isn't a show that honestly pushed the envelope in those kind of ways, right? So to have that here, it was sort of shocking. It wasn't in any sort of context of like challenging and it was just like, oh this is a word that we would use in here. Uh It was just, you know, it must have been honestly like right before it flipped and they were like, oh you can't be openly homophobic unless you know, the context is appropriate for that. That's uh fucked up. Like Friends is a show that gets criticized and rightfully so for having a lot of homophobic moments never did they say that word in France, right? Like the only shows that we're using that word were like HBO shows. So it was just, I don't know, it was, it was really jarring.

Um but in general, once we move past that once were jarred, we become unjust ard. And we see the scene play out. I thought you know, the construction of this is good. I thought it was pretty funny to see the real version of it. After seeing Debra's fantasy, not fantasy after seeing Debra's imagination. Um but the thing that really made me laugh out loud, you know, they're being awkward in there. Ray, she asks Ray to chew gum, which was pretty funny, but the thing that really made me laugh out loud was robert showing up just the appearance of robert made me blurt laugh. Um I don't know about the afro, I don't think that's robert's natural hair, So I wonder about whether that's appropriate or not, but I don't know, it was, it was the 90s, but it was the 70s, so I don't know, but all in all, you know, I thought it was a pretty funny little set piece um especially as Ray comes out of his reverie, and Debra is just standing there watching him presumably, you know, heavily breathing as he's imagining his moment of glory.

Um but yeah, I like this, that was that was great. I loved the scene, I liked the bit where robert got his hair caught in the, in the window. I know, throwaway gag, but I still, it's still got a chuckle out of me. Um Yeah, I thought this was just, it's definitely a wig. I mean it was a wig in like the scene, but like, I feel like even like, yeah, the character robert was wearing a wig? Yeah, I have a question for you, experts, do we believe that this was an accurate fantasy or do we believe that, like, this is the ideal situation for Raymond, like it was even worse than this. Perhaps in real life, Like that's what I was trying to figure out, I Think that the latter is certainly possible, especially because we learned in episode six, you know, Frank writing about his son Roy uh not, I don't remember what he said, something about him being insanely awkward as a young kid.

Um It could definitely have been worse than this and raise. This is Ray's rosy picture of it. But yeah, no, I definitely think that's possible. What do you guys think it's interesting because like I would, my instinct is to say no, just because I'd imagine if you're painting an ideal picture, you wouldn't get your gum caught in the girl's retainer right? Like I feel like that would be God, maybe maybe he does go for come later in the scene. Um But the chewing motion Yeah, there you go. But yeah, I mean I'm not going to rule it out. It didn't occur to me until this moment, but like you're 100% right. That is entirely possible that like, I don't know, maybe the car went on fire back then too. It's always possible. I think maybe a little but probably I'm gonna lean towards no because Ray was still looking back at it fondly and I felt like he was looking at it pretty uncensored and like even though it's like a messy memory, I feel like you're still kind of like, you know, looking back fondly about it like I mean I I go to my own experience.

Uh I've had a lot of not perfect moments as well, but I still look back at them fondly. I mean I never did exactly what happened in that scene, but like I feel like it's standing for a lot of moments in my life that could have gone better. I kinda like to think that it is Ray uh embellishing it. Um And also that robert is still in his ideal version of it. It's very sweet. Um but they, yeah, they come out of the reverie and then they go into the kitchen and Deborah basically lays it all out for him that it's weird that he wants to keep this car and I feel like pretty quickly without a lot of, you know, rat attempt between them. He decides to get rid of it and they have kind of a sweet moment and they hug about it and uh Deborah then who can understand what makes Debra Horny?

It's funerals to her birthday to all sorts of things. But Ray admitting that he should get rid of the car, gets her all riled up and she essentially suggests that they go get it on uh they go into the garage and there, this is not the same song, I don't think, I think it's a sound alike of superstition by Stevie wonder um which they also couldn't get. Um but another sexy seventies song starts playing uh and the car as they're starting to uh you know, fuck the car starts smoking and uh out of nowhere, robert comes in and sprays the entire garage down with the fire extinguisher, which is a really funny entrance and um it's sort of, I like how this mirrors him dropping in on ray and lisa and the way that he just awkwardly departs after this is really funny to me, like I feel like brad Garrett is really good at playing that awkward silence.

Um and then as he leaves Ray and Debra, they complete and they still fuck and you know what? That's another notch on the sex counter. Uh counter. Is that enough to technically too, technically two was the first one. Well we don't well maybe I hope not for Lisa's sake. That was I think I think there's three because remember we got that that those, that stiff pair of that was Yeah, several years. Okay. Can I, can I give a quick update to something to something earlier in the episode? So, uh my wife walked into the room and handed me her phone and I swear it was going to say, how much longer are you going to talk about everybody else? Raymond, I would like to go to bed but it was not it was actually a photo from new Orleans that she found of Ray and brad Garrett and it's not when they were listening and dancing to the music unfortunately, but it's right after and Ray is like appears to be looking at his pants and brad Garrett is advising him in some way.

So if you can send this to me Nicole and I'll send it to the guys. So Thank you number four. That's awesome. That's great. Ryan with permission, I'd like to put that on the cover art of this episode. So all of our gofer. Yeah. Also listener look at the, look at the podcast. Start a little bit closer for this episode and one of the picture frames the photo that brian is talking about, and we'll also put it on instagram esperanza. Uh but yeah, no, awesome. I'm so glad that got resolved. So finally, we go to our hot clothes for this episode opposite of the cold open. Ray and Debra are in bed. Who knows? Maybe they fucked again right before this. We don't have enough information. But he asks her about because now they're uneven, she knows about his first time.

He asks her about her first time. And damn Deborah, you are a freak. She says she denies uh two, she refuses to tell him on the basis that you're never gonna want to go into a supermarket ever again. Damn Debra, That's a good line. But to be to criticize her, Ray already doesn't want to go to a supermarket. Well, I mean, I don't even there are so many things that that could be and if there is a reboot and I know there won't be. But if there is, let's do sort of a different a response episode to this episode where we see Deborah in the supermarket, I'm so curious. You know what? Actually, I think if we go back to the Raymond section of fan fiction dot net, I think we'll be able to find out. Look for the cashier polishing melons. Good.

That's pretty funny though. Um, but that's our episode, that's season one, episode 15. The car, it's time to rate Ray on our patented barometer, his performance as a husband, son, father, lover brother. Uh Any other permutation of Ray that you can think of. Uh it's a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the great tv dads of sitcom history such as Danny tanner after mentioned. Uh and one being men who actively harm their families like don draper and walter white uh brian on a scale of 1 to 10. Where is Ray coming in for you as a man this episode. So I gotta say it's pretty low because this is something I guess we didn't really touch on, we did a little bit right. Like he makes his wife drive this car that could literally kill her and the kids at any instance, right? Like she, the first day it craps out.

He knows all about this car. And yes, he's he's done bad things in there. We know that. But the fact that he's putting his whole family in a death trap and he's like excited when he comes home and they're not there. I'm gonna have to give three or 2 or something. Let's call the 2.5. That's a very good point Mike, where are you coming in? I'm not gonna lie to you. I kind of didn't consider the fact that and I absolutely should have, but I didn't consider the fact that this car is definitely not passing inspection anytime soon. So um, I'm actually going to, I don't know if I'll go quite as well. I think I'll give him, I think I'll give him 3.5. I think I'll give him a 3.5 this episode And just my rationale being um I think it is sentimental to him. I don't think it was entirely and trying to hold onto this memory of his ex girlfriend, but at the same time Number one put Debra in a bit of an awkward situation to say the least.

And number two as Brian put out things could have gone very bad very quickly. Um Specifically to hold on to this. Well these memories will incorporate most of his freedom at that point too. But still Yeah. All right, okay. Um I'm gonna have to explain myself for this 16. Oh my God. So yeah, I, I thought I was running a little low but apparently not. So uh this is also one of the first times I decided to decide my rating way in advance. Um so brian, what you said about uh the car actually did get to me and I did lower him from my original score for that reason. Um but also thinking about it. Um kind of in in similar terms, like, and this may be, this may be like a little more like specific to me because like, I know Lynbrook um and like I have a very specific picture of it in my head, but like Deborah, like her errands take her around town, she's not going like incredibly far in this car.

Um so like maybe like a mile or two at most at one time, like even when the car breaks down, she's only at the supermarket, so she's not terribly far away. Um and then aside from that, I give raise such a high score because throughout the episode, first off the beginning, we see him being a good dad hanging out with these kids, reading, you know, tackling you, no mind blowing phenomenons with his kids. Um And then throughout it, I just never really saw any point when he was particularly like a bad like husband, like when he was with his, like when, when he offers to take the car off frank's hand, the beginning, he was kind of like fighting back a little bit here and there and then Deborah eventually got on board to like say, oh, we'll try to lowball him and then from there they worked as a team. So I thought that was great. Um you know, that they were going to get a deal on it and work together. Um when the car breaks down initially, Ray does not show any concern, which, yeah, that that is bad, but uh, when, when, like Debra said, she got a part fixed, like, you know, in my mind, that's like, okay, now the problem solved the car is fine.

Um and I guess that's kind of what Ray was thinking as well, but like even throughout the rest of the episode, his concerns seemed, you know, like reasonable. Like I felt like he wanted to keep the car for sentimental facts for, you know, saving money facts, which, you know, he has been, you know, pulled down for in the past for not, you know, cutting corners when he could for saving money and then also eventually when he realizes, you know how much Deborah this was bothering her, he agrees to, you know, junket right away. And actually, even before that when Deborah was feeling uncomfortable with it, she asked to switch cars. He accepted no problem. I just felt like he was a very non confrontational husband, like he just was like, he was here for it. He was like, okay. Um I don't think I'm explaining myself very good. Okay, well that, that's kind of, that's kind of my thought process behind the grade. I gave him, I thought he did a good job with the situation that was presented to him compared to other episodes.

Sorry, that was just like a 10 minute rant adam. It's I hear your point and I think so, I'm going to give him a four because I hear your point about him. He sometimes Ray is really stubborn with these things and almost like the willfully uh not solving the problem. And I do I see that in this episode he anything that Debra wants to change, you know, after he makes the initial purchase of the car. He is, he says, I'll fix it. He says we can switch cars and then eventually he says we can get rid of it. So, you know, for that aspect, I will give him a little bit of credit. But the car, first of all the purchase being something that they don't necessarily want or need uh they want a minivan and this is not a minivan. Uh, and Deborah tells that to him and he doesn't listen to her essentially combined with the fact that the car is not only not a minivan, but also a death trap, knocks him down a little bit.

And then it's a death trap that he fondly remembers because he fucked someone else in it. I mean all the I think he eventually solves the problem. But all of the the problem is one that he created and didn't need to exist in the first place. So I can't in good conscience bump him above a five. But I am going to give him, you know, he was a good dad, I give him a point for fucking as always. Uh and he, you know, I mean he did the right thing in the end. It just none of this. What should have happened because he just shouldn't have bought the car. He should have just let it go. But yeah, a four is where I'm coming in. So mike, what is that average out to? I gave him a 3.5 Brian game, a 2.5 Alex game of six I believe that comes out to exactly a four. It is wonderful add on real quick. Um, maybe an out of show reason I scored a little higher this time is that this is the first episode of recording since the analytics of the 1st 1st 10 episodes came out and in those analytics, I discovered that I was more harsh on ray than anyone else really.

Maybe, maybe this is also me subconsciously trying to give them a little more slack. Yeah, maybe a little, you're a dad who has been neglecting and resenting his son because he doesn't like sports. So now you're trying to really bond with him over anime and you're overcompensating, you know what I'm saying? The three of us and that does not reflect in my grades and I feel bad about that cognitive dissonance. But no, uh no, there's no segue there. Um, but that's the, that's the end of our episode. That's the end of our show. Uh thank you so much brian for being here. You are a new friend. But uh we, you know, are so thrilled to have you, we had so much fun, you're welcome back anytime etcetera etcetera, everyone should go check out high school slumber party and all of your other works.

Anything else to add? Right, when we are having technical difficulties, that's what I say, welcome back, come back. We'll take thank thank you guys. This was an absolute pleasure. I you know, I want to thank Olivia out there for turning me on to your show because this is really cool. She speaks so highly of you guys, not your technical prowess but everything else. And you lived up to those expectations and I hope I hope I can just slightly control to this show by any means and I can't wait to listen to more episodes and one day pop back into the barren zone. The door is always open because it speeds uh as for us, right, review this podcast on apple and Spotify and wherever you listen. Uh check out our sponsors a post fun dot info slash ads. Follow us on instagram and facebook at Barone Zone and uh is that all that I say, mike, anything to add Alex, anything to add?

Thank you all so much for tuning in. Remember to support our sponsors using the link in the description and yeah, join us next week. Yeah. All right. I guess it's just our classic sign off, That's right, it's time for our classic sign off. So brian, I don't know if you've made it to the end of any episodes, but the way that we sign off on this show is uh we have when we have a guest we have them say, everybody loves Raymond and then all together we say and we love you, and that's the end of our show. And it and that's the end of our show, so we'll throw to you and then just drop and everybody loves Raymond and then we'll get the funk out of here. I wish I wish I could do this brad Garrett, Everybody loves Raymond next next time I get on I'm going to work on it. Like everybody loves Raymond, I can't I don't have that, you're closer than me, I'll just do my regular voice.

Everybody loves Raymond and we love just trusting that they're doing all right.

1.15 The Car (w/ Brian Rodriguez)
1.15 The Car (w/ Brian Rodriguez)
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