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1.14 Who's Handsome?

by Post-Fun Podcasts
August 3rd 2022

Robert may be the most attractive Barone, but who's the most attractive man on Long Island? Pull into Newsstand Station as the hosts flip through Long Island Magazine's 100 Sexiest People (number 1... More

Welcome back to the Barone Zone where we host our lovely show. Everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. My name is Alex shear and I am one of three fabulous hosts on this podcast. I'm joined with my friends, Adam Rudy, hello and the other guy Hi, I guess that's me, yeah, that's him. My name is Mike, thank you for all for tuning in today. My name is Mike, I host a podcast About everybody loves Raymond with my two friends. Listen, that's, I assume that's what you do when you stand up at the, what anonymous are you? Uh all of them at once. A really fun conversation to have. It really is really is actually, I think uh if you, I think what Adam has in front of him is just my Tinder bio. Yeah, and these pictures, I mean if you, well, if you listener have ever seen the covers of the everybody loves Raymond DvDS Mike has merely re created those uh with Ray in the foreground, painstakingly and then all of the Barone's in the back along the like mid section of the DVD Mike is in costume as each of them behind him.

So if you swipe through, you're just seeing, you know, however many permutations of mike in costume as Ray Marie robert. Debre frank. I think it's important to just make sure people know what's important to me and that is the Barone's like, you get a lot of likes on that or I've gotten a match. What, who is she? Her name is Marie, weirdly enough, it really is just the picture of Marie. Haven't gotten any real responses yet. She's asked me a couple of good questions but really only one word responses. Um First question was what's your social security number? Which is always it sounds like you might be getting catfish. No no way. No way. Well I think it's highly unlikely that Doris roberts is has matched with you on Tinder on account of you know you don't know that. Yeah you're right I don't know that. Um But it's good to be back in the Barone zone. I mean obviously last week I wasn't here on account of our special friend uh getting into some trouble and needing a little bit of assistance adam.

How'd that go? Did it all work out in the end? It was good you know the bail is pretty low for him considering you know it's sort of like a not a membership discount but like it's it's a punch card where if you get arrested for driving through buildings X. Number of times you sort of they lower the bail exponentially each time it's pretty much just a you know like a when they award someone in court a dollar as sort of like representing you know symbolically the pain that you went through. So I just had to be. Yeah that kind of thing. I had to hand the mayor of Lynbrook $1 and give him a firm handshake. did get his 10th punch free sandwich yet or he did on the way out he was eating just the sloppiest italian hero you've ever seen and it was party sub to it wasn't it wasn't a foot long. Gotta give Billy some credit. He he doesn't do anything small, he goes all the way in famously famously man doesn't do anything small but we left we um we got into at Madison Square Garden right well not quite first we got out we got on the L.

I. R. R. And we stopped at the the stop that's just a newsstand because I wanted to get some flaming hot Cheetos newsstand station. That's not that far from here is it? No no no it's like three stops. We probably see it outside the window you know it's right that it has in big letters news just just above it. Yeah. Right so I got some flaming hot cheetos but Billy Saw and this is interesting and kind of relevant to our episode today. Billy Saw. They had so many copies. It was like everyone is so excited about this of Long Island magazine. They have come out with their annual list of the 100 sexiest Long Islanders. Yeah I mean it's that time of year again I guess I guess the job early. This is interesting. Okay I was in the forward that was written by the editor of Long Island magazine. Who is of course Theresa Caputo, the Long Island medium. Yeah Teresa it's a good, it's a good rap for her. She said that because of just how sexy Long Island has been this year.

They couldn't wait. Of course Billy wanted to know where he came in on the list and I'm going to give you guys one guess each. I was gonna say, I want to guess. Hold on, I gotta ask, remind me the top. How many sexiest long Islanders? 100. 100. I mean is it limited to like just actors or anyone of note from Long Island. It's anyone who has been photographed enough that any stranger to them could look at their photographs and say that person is sexy. Okay, so it's not just like actors and stuff could be like criminals and things like it could be criminals, it could be magicians, It could be uh you know, professional women's basketball players. Uh you know, but like but like father, but like father joe from the eight a.m. S is not probably going to be on there, right? Because he came in 31 year. I'm hoping that he gets a bit of a boost this time. Yeah, he came in 30 that year and then the very next year nowhere to be found.

It was one of the fastest, it's one of the most controversial things that I think ever happened on the island is because he left the he left the service. The service service. I was dishonorably discharged goddamn. Alright one guess each. As to where Billy Came in on the Top 100 sexiest long first. I mean as we all know Billy does have the longest reign of being the number one. You could even say that he's been on this list for the longest time. Yeah, For the longest time. Yeah. Um yeah, so he had like 17 straight years in a row but he skipped down since then. I'm still going to think he's in the top 20. I'm going to go 18. I think he's number 18. That's a pretty good guess mike. I'm gonna guess. Shoot. I'm Gonna be bold. I'm gonna say he's number two.

Number two. Number two. Can I ask who in your mind is number one that bumps him down to number 2? That's a great question. I would probably say, hang on as I consult my mind. Bill O'Reilly that's another one where he came in hot that one year and then nowhere I guess Billy Crystal. I don't know. Billy Crystal is a good yes. Yeah, I mean it's a good guess but it is wrong. Are you ready for me to reveal to you where Billy came in? I mean I would also say Natalie Portman but we know the controversy of her not actually being born in Long Island. Just raised um She would be my number one. Well Billy Joel this year, He came in at number 100 last, Dead last on the list controversy controversy.

I guess you win my closest without going over. Yeah, I didn't go over. That's right. I got it. Okay. He didn't win immediately after we opened up the magazine and Billy frantically flipped through all of the people there. He sort of flew into one of his states and he, let's just say the train uh left the tracks with him at the helm and well drove through somebody's house. Not again. Yeah. And this one, you know, this felt very much like my fault, but I just I couldn't be, I I just left. I mean it's there's nothing I could do for him at that point. I mean, So then who's number one this year? Let's go through the top 10. Well, okay, the top 10, I Mean obviously at number 10 coming in hot is actually Billy Crystal because you know, he's sort of having his moment with the movie that he did with Tiffany had it came out three years ago.

I'm just, but you know, it only got two Lynbrook like a few months ago. It was a delay culturally. Number nine. Wait, is that I'm looking over your shoulder at him? I hope you don't mind. I'm seeing number nine is Ralph Macchio Macchio ralph Macchio the karate kid himself. Okay. I mean another pretty delayed recognition. But we'll take it. What about ralph Macchio is peace because you know how it's like the time 100 where everyone writes a little blurb about each person on the list. Uh billy's ab co wrote about how ralph Macchio taught him how to remove uh you know, hard to shave hair And it's a simple two step process. You know what is it? Is it is it, is it what I'm thinking? It is wax on wax nice. We're on fire today boys. Let's keep it going.

Who's number eight? Number eight? Number eight, I mean, this is someone who's near and dear to our hearts and I'm surprised he's still this high on the list because I think he first showed up on like 97 or you know, around the time that he first appeared on Raymond. But Kevin James climbing all the way up from 99. Number seven, I think number eight, I think I think that was because of the release of Paul Blart three block again. Right. Which is a Lynbrook exclusion. Yeah, it hasn't, the rest of the world is not ready for it yet. You know, we actually um the listener doesn't know this, but I mean obviously you guys do, we leased out the first couple of floors of the Lynbrook skyscraper. That's true to filming. Yeah, that's actually how we got the funding to start this podcast a little behind the scenes for you. It was an interesting choice that they move Paul Blart 3 to the very first three floors of an office building instead of a mall setting, which it's usually been, it really was it was a creative choice.

Yeah. Because Blart is more of a it's more of a workplace comedy where blart is like he hung up his segue and now he's you know, he's a cubicle jockey and he's got a crush on a woman who is at the reception desk in the office and um their boss is crazy and he says the craziest things. It's really good stuff in jello, Blart puts stuff in jello and then he has to eat the jell of course for his diabetes but or low blood sugar. But that's cool. Kevin James up to Up to # eight I think that we're gonna be I don't think we're gonna have enough time to go through everything will be What's number seven? Let's let's speed it up. No seven. # seven I'm looking here we cut busta rhymes actually as number at number seven. Yeah. Yeah, he's doing pretty good. And you would think no one's been thinking about him for a very long time. But now for the editors of Long Island magazine anyway, top of mind and he looks good.

He does it looks great. Uh Harvey milk. Number six he was born in Woodmere. You know, they've opened it up this year to living or dead. Which I think is it's an interesting line. It's very controversial. But you know publishing they've got to do something to get people to buy magazines. Did they do a tribute for steve Bushemi. Uh because I know in The sense that he's # six. All right then he is. Did you think steve Bushemi was dead? Did he not just recently? Pass away. Absolutely not. Really. Am I thinking of someone else? I think you might be thinking thinking of Ray Liotta. No, hang on, I'm gonna look it Up. Speaking of Ray Liotta # four Oh right. Number four with a bullet. Well, he's number four and number five. Oh yeah, no, I am thinking of someone steve come on the show and call me an asshole for saying you're dead. Sorry, I was gonna say number five.

Number five. Number five, Okay, Ray Liotta is # five. I was gonna say Francis ford Coppola I think is number number four, I see Francis ford Coppola is is number No four. the blurb about him is actually written collectively by the newsroom of long island magazine and there it's mostly a thank you note for all the wine. So I feel like there was some dirty dealing going on in the back of this. I mean it's pretty sexy. I like him. I I dig it. Alright. I mean is he still with us? I don't know, he's been he's been around a while. I genuinely don't know. Number three is all of the Marx Brothers who lived in great neck equal amount of sexy. They're all they're identical triplets. So they all they're all checks out to me. It's all the Marx brothers, but also all the Marks cousins as well. Pretty much any male member of the Marks family from Carl down Uh is one of his number three, Sexy. Good for him, Good for them.

Number three. Now we're at the top, number four, Number three. Number three, Number three, Number two, Number two. Number two. The second sexiest person to ever exist on Long Island this year this year is Rosie O'donnell. Oh my God, It's honestly a shame that there's only one woman in the top 10, sexiest people And it's not Edina. Menzel. Edina got number 11. No, no, no, no. Uh That is interesting. But you know, I wonder who's making this list. It's Theresa Theresa Caputo, but also with input from the rest of the Long Island newsroom. Hold on, I'm just scanning the all the impractical jokers are in the lower the lower tiers. Lower 50. That's still too high. I'm just looking for all my eyes and tell me that he doesn't look gorgeous to you.

Okay, okay, give me my friends before you give me my number one. No one. Here we go. Should we get a drum roll here? Oh shit, good, good sound effect adam. Thank you, adam. I forgot that you had a thing. This is insane. Number one. The Number one sexiest person on Long Island for 2022 is mike. Holy ship. Hell yeah, I was gonna ask where the three of us were. That's pretty good. My podcast bringing us far man, You and I are not on the list at All Alex, but Mike is # one. I know Dammit Caputo, I supported you longer than either of these fools. They must have found my Tinder profile. Hold on. The blurb is kind of interesting. So this was written by, Here we go. This was written by it's it's signed by everybody on Long Island.

Everybody, it says in protest, in protest of the devastating effects of climate change. We would like to draw your attention to the most unfortunate man in Lynbrook. His name is Michael dormer and look at his picture. This is what the earth would look like if we continue to abuse it in the way that we do. Oh my God! Oh my God, she's taking a stand. I mean, listen, first of all, I want to go on the record and say that picture, It's not very flattering. Okay, It's taken a bad angle. Right? Uh, what are you wearing? Describe it to me because I can't really make out what it is. You know, I know it's like it's cake stained. So it looked like it was on my birthday when you came out of the cake cake when you came out of your own birthday when I burst out of the because we were all there at the Barone's own celebrating your birthday Sim, Billy and all of your other friends jumped out gasping for air and it's a picture of Raymond Raymond front and center making a making a great thumbs up and I'm saying this guy knows how to party on the T shirt and I'm going nuts.

And listen, it was not the best moment alcohol was imbibed. If you ask me, I don't think the person that wrote that would say those things if she just knew how handsome my mom says that I am okay. I just uh climate change is real. So, like, if this works, I don't know how I would feel about it, but at the same time, still pretty mean here, hang on, mike, you didn't know about this because I just saw that front cover here, Give me that you're on the front. Like it's a picture of you with like a little crown and it says top 100 sexiest people on long island and you're on the top and of course on the bottom is number 100. Our good friend Billy. But What's interesting about the cover is the main headline is, you know, top 100 sexiest long Islanders. I saw your picture and I thought it was referring to one of the other headlines that was on there, which I mean, as you can see there's, you know, man chokes on sandwich requires emergency assistance.

Cpr dummies are becoming shockingly real looking. That one could have thought you had moonlighted as a dummy model. Uh well, congrats mike, Sexiest man in Long Island. Congratulations on the protest. Yeah, yeah. I'll take it. Billy Joel is definitely coming for you. So take caution of the one that needs to be dethroned now. So I'm, I'm okay. You better watch your back. I will. Damn it. I mean when they wrestle billy out of that train wreckage, he's going to be busy. Yeah. Listen, I know, Hey, listen, you know, I haven't seen it. I got banned from Newsstand station after I climbed into the cake that they made for me, but it wasn't hollow. You just, you ate your way in. No. Yeah, you can order hollow cakes. Yes. Oh ship that would have made things much better. Ah it's interesting too that Newsstand station will make you a cake. They've got quite a variety.

It's mostly Snapple's and chips, but they got a little bakery on the side. It's, it's, it's made by, by Carlos the cake boss, the freaking cake boss. He got kicked out of Hoboken took up station at Newsstand station. Long Island. Yeah. And that is how it works. If you get kicked out of New Jersey, they exile you to an island. And weirdly, and if you get kicked out of Long Island, you go to Staten Island and then from there you're done. And from there you just go to the twilight zone. Yeah. Pete Davidson's right on the edge. He's twilight zone in. You know, I don't know if you realize this adam. This actually correlates wonderfully to the episode we're going to talk about today. Oh, does it? Yeah. I sort of thought it was appropriate, you know, and this is just, you know, my suspicions that we are very well listened to on Long Island are being born out here, that they know we were about to hit season one episode 14, who's handsome? And they were like, we gotta rush this publication early.

I guess it's good for you, mike. All right. I'll take it. I'm gonna try very hard to to be on next year's list. If only I didn't have this uh this woodpecker knows. I think I would have. I think I'd have a chance. It's a normal nose. It's a normal nose. But that aside, I mean as we yeah, as we go, I guess as we mentioned, I think we're done talking about the sexist. I think you're right. Just, you know, remember to save gas. I guess that's the moral of the story. Anyway, um Yeah, we should dive into who's handsome. We should dive into season one, episode 14. I thought this was actually a really, really good episode. I I thoroughly enjoyed save it for after the break. What are you doing? Have you ever been on this show before? These things? Well, listener, if you are aching to hear what the sexiest man on Long Island Asterisk thinks about season one, episode 14 of everybody loves Raymond.

You better stick around after the break because we're gonna talk all about it when we come back Looking no brain with this one. I'm getting I'm getting a cranberry juice. We love everybody loves Raymond, but we know that Raymond can be a lazy good for nothing husband. Sometimes you can forget to do things and you know what's one thing that could help him out to do? List become focused, organized and calm with to do list the world's number one task manager and to do list app support this show by visiting to do is through post fund dot info slash ads. And when you get there, let them know Raymond sent you Welcome back to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. We're talking about season one, episode 14, it's called Who's Handsome And for me, Look, my overall impression of this episode was that it was a great one. I really liked this episode. Yeah, I thought this was a really, really solid episode. This one. Yeah, I also agree top tier of what we've seen so far.

Yeah, it's an important episode for a few different reasons we'll get into. Should I throw it out there right now. First of all, it's the first appearance of Amy Amy major characters in later seasons. I could not believe she can came in this early when I think of Amy, I think like season like what? Like four or five to start later because that's when the arc between her and robert and then even eventually later on, stefania comes in. Um it's amazing to see her this early and I forgot how much I love her as a character. She's just got immediately so much chemistry with everyone. I agree. Who plays Amy Adam? Did you do research for us today? Monica? Horan? A. K a. Monica. Horan Rosenthal plays Amy Wait, you're telling me that she married ken Rosen? No, I'm telling you that she married Phil Rosen, Baseball reporter, sports guy. Get it out of here guys.

Sorry Phil Rosenthal, she married Phil Rosenthal? Yes, she married Phil Rosenthal from fact, she converted to Judaism before marrying Phil Rosenthal. Was she married to him before or after the start of Raymond? You know what? Hold that? Thought, this is interesting. I'm sipping the tea. Like who, why? Why would you like? I guess brad Garrett was already taken at this point because like, I mean he's the perfect specimen. Yeah, I mean, how could you not write well? But then again, if you're if you're brad Garrett, do you really want to get held down? They Were married actually before everybody loves Raymond. They met each other while they were attending Hofstra, which in the ball, season one, episode 12, we saw Ray wearing a hofstra sweatshirt. They got married in 1990. So they had been married for seven years before this episode. Okay, well look at that. I wonder for this first appear if they intended it as like a cameo type thing. Like oh just like one episode appearance and then you know, we won't come back to it.

Really. I'm not only in one scene this episode, isn't she? She was just kind of yeah, I mean the cold open and the first scene. Yeah, she appeared in 66 episodes total. Okay. Yeah. Real regular then. Yeah. Yeah, sort of becoming part of the main cast I think in the later seasons, but we'll make sure about that. Her first or one of her first roles was on in Living color, the sketch series. But then you know, bit parts in other sitcoms. She didn't really have another long Arc on something until eight episodes on the bold and the beautiful the soap opera. But you know it doesn't do a lot of acting still but it pops up in things here and there and of course she's been in somebody feed Phil Phil Rosenthal's food show as well. Okay. I didn't know Phil Rosenthal had a food show. We've actually talked about this episode. You do know this so you know, you were here though, you don't have to listen to it mike you lived it.

This was your real life. Um Yeah, so really thrilled to see her in this episode because she can become such a big part of the show. Yeah, definitely, definitely. But yeah. Okay, so but yeah, we see, I thought that overall first of all character work I thought was fantastic in this episode all around. Um I thought that they got a couple of couple of laps out of me, I was I was impressed, I also think this is the one of the first episodes where like the character spotlight was kind of on everyone and not really just Ray and like a little bit of Deborah, like I feel like everyone had a chance to shine except me, baby frank, well no, even frank had a couple of good lines, I liked the, I like any episode where it's not all about Ray because I don't find Ray a particularly compelling protagonist, like obviously robert's journey here is deeper.

Is this the first mention of robert being divorced? Because I think prior to now, I think prior to now we just thought he was a loser who never, you know, spread his wings and left the nest, it really wasn't clarified before now, like I think like well like you know the the assumption is oh he just kind of like what you said is like a loser, quote unquote, and you just kind of lived with parents. No, no, no, I'm just paraphrasing you so that people don't listen to this episode and say oh my God, Alex called robert a loser. No, they can point the finger at someone else. Well, but robert's not a loser because in this episode we really we learned that he has been divorced, got divorced about a year ago and that's why he's living back home. But uh yeah, so we learn a lot about robert in this episode, robert has kind of an arc in this episode. Um But Ray's arc I felt like was pretty endearing for for Ray, like the conflict here was not something that he was doing wrong necessarily, it was just it was just him feeling his feelings.

Yeah, so let's start going through it scene by scene here, the cold open. Debra and Amy are in the kitchen of their house, Deborah's house and sort of catching up. Amy is a little envious of Deborah because Deborah has the husband, the kids. Uh they used to work at the pr firm together which was mentioned I think in frank the writer was that no, in gus they mentioned it that Deborah used to work in Pr Amy has gotten, she mentioned she's got the corner office and that she's sort of been focusing on her career. Whereas we know that Debra left to take care of the kids. Her envy of Deborah's then undercut by Ray coming upstairs while they're talking, saying that he has a rash, he hands Debra a pudding cup that apparently he ate like an oyster, which I thought was pretty funny. I thought that was a really good visual actually. Yeah, and then he leaves and this is another one of those cold opens where it's just kind of bifurcated by the intro and it doesn't really have a punch line other than that, but it's really just the start of the episode.

Yeah, They use that space for more exposition rather than a contained bit, but we go to our conveyor belt opening and then we come back where Amy is still is bemoaning the dating life. Um I thought her sort of she's got to be what, 30 years old, which to our standards, you know, it's like she has plenty of time. She doesn't need to feel like, you know, Debra's got it all and she'll never have it. Like I think people get married later these days, but it's also like, I mean, I also get it like, right? Like you're, you know, like you're you want to have that and then, you know, you live your life and you see like your friends like getting married, having kids and you're just like, I'm still single, what's wrong with me? I guess I'll focus on my career, so I have an excuse and then, you know, when you get to talking like it just, it makes sense to me. I feel like it's it's not even just like the age thing, it's really just like it's something that she clearly wants and has wanted.

Yeah, I think it makes sense in the context. I just know that at this time and then probably in like the 80s more specifically the Gotta get married. Uh you know, can't be a single woman. Uh stereotype was sort of played a lot in tv and film and now that seems less, you know, that makes less sense to us in this day and age, I think, but now it's more like do what you want or at least cool people are like, do what you want, people are like, do what you want, Yes and no, I think there is still a pressure that a lot of definitely a lot of women face, I think in general, but definitely uh yeah, I definitely think it still exists, but people get married a lot later in life now, so I do think it's been pushed back a few years, but I don't think it's entirely gone. Yeah, but in this context for Amy's character and you know, we see her motivation for feeling this way, It does make sense, Alex is right. Um but she has a line that was kind of cringe e where she's bemoaning this and she turns to the twins and she's like, maybe I'll just wait for one of you guys.

Oh yeah, made me go, Yeah, yeah, there was, I thought you were referencing a different line about this, like there was a lot about a salad bar that I thought, oh yeah, well that that visual was gross, but not as gross as grooming the twins. Yeah, I would agree with you there. Yeah, yeah. Um not to say that, I mean that was obviously just to throw away jokes, but and I don't let me go on the record and say, I don't think AMy would do that. No, I think, I think character intended it as a joke. Amy is hashtag not canceled yet we're holding so they're going back and forth about this and then robert enters and is a little taken aback that Amy is there, but he very stiffly asks Deborah to donate to the police know he had a script ready and he like this is a thing that we see with robert like when some, when he gets thrown a curve ball, he kind of like has a little panic. Like he he went in looking expecting to see Deborah maybe Ray and then he saw someone who wasn't them and then it's like, oh no, my plan.

And then he still kind of tried to to do his plan. He like he likes sidestepped AMy so he kind of only was facing Deborah so he could focus on his speech. It's just he's such a it's so it's interesting. It's a very it was very anxious I do think, you know, as far as scripts go like rehearsal and stuff are all good coping strategies if you have the sort of social anxiety that robert has so you know, good for robert for you know, trying to make the most of that situation and then he eventually does because he asks Deborah to donate uh and he one of the reasons he gives and this is not the punchline of the joke, but he says upgrade our equipment and if there are any cops listening down below. I the only thing I could think of when he said this was cops driving tanks. And I gotta say, I think you guys, you guys down there, you should have tasers at most.

That's all I'm gonna say, you're starting, they're bringing the tanks out. That's good luck getting through here. We've fortified this quite a bit since Billy drove through it last. Nothing plywood. That's right. Nothing, nothing gets supply. Would Anyway, I got a question for you guys before we get rated. Um they're not going to bother us like Raymond too much later in this exact scene um Amy asks Deborah like on the side like who is that? And Debra says, oh that's Ray's brother. And then her response was Raymond has a brother in like, oh my goodness, this could be my chance type of thing. Now, here's the question this entire episode is about Ray doubting himself for being handsome. Does Amy find Raymond attractive to be excited that he has a brother? Or or does is Amy so desperate to find someone that Ray having a brother means there's an available man I was, I took it as a combination of the two.

I think that in open the opening in the Cold Open, we saw that Ray kind of represented this life that Amy has idealized for herself, like the the family and and the house and all this stuff. Um and I think that when she found out that very literally there's an adjacent person that I thought that she got excited on that. But yes, I also do think that uh Adam is right. I think that, oh my gosh, there's a there's a man that contributes to society that takes that is that has a pulse. This is, this might be something to look for. I think that is also part of it. At the very least, it's another option of somebody. Um but robert uh but Amy here's robert speech and of course she offers to donate $20 as well. And robert takes it very awkwardly and then he goes over and uh we didn't mention this, but in the cold open, Deborah made cookies when Amy came over and describes cooking or putting them together just using the log of cookie dough.

And Amy mentions that she just eats the cookie dough raw, like a banana and robert goes over and does the same thing literally feels like a banana. I thought, yeah, that was a good touch. And I will say also just clarify my previous statement. This was like Amy then did like the look to Deborah like, oh my God. And then that's when she decided that that's when she decides to like further investigate like maybe she wouldn't have like, you know, you know, like gotten like tried to get his number before that and then saw, okay, he's got a cool job. He is interesting. He's well spoken, he's tall, he's handsome and he does weird shit like me. I think I'm gonna, you know, talk to this guy. Yeah, that's the thing where she's really thinking that robert is somebody should be compatible with. Uh and then she asks him, oh, you're a police officer. Your your wife must be so worried.

And robert then says, uh not as worried as she used to be. We're divorced. Yeah, I thought it was a very good line. Another little piece of interest that I that I did find actually very funny. I'm sorry I meant to bring this up earlier, but when Amy gives in her donation of $20 roberts, like, oh, here's your reflective detail and I paid attention. Deborah also donates $20 Deborah does not get a decal. So I think the sticker was, I think that that was, that was like his handkerchief gentleman, his gentleman's like favor. Very good. Yeah, please accept this decal as a token of my gratitude. Um, but Amy mentions that she has such respect for the police and you know what fellas, I know you're down there, but you're we've got our big banner of Raymond up on the side of the thing. So you're not gonna shoot at Raymond, he's going right on it?

You know, he's calling out Debra, I'm sorry, do you wanna do you want to take a stand on the police on this podcast? I don't give a sh it a c a B. Yeah. I mean, Amy being horny for the police is like, very worried, like, okay, so, Amy's a fascist boot. Great for robert. I don't think she's actually I think that's what Yeah, I don't think that. I don't think Amy's driving around with the thin blue line flag on the back of her Camry. I didn't I don't I don't think that's a me from what I've seen so far. No, in context, the phrase, I have such respect for what you guys do is not entirely motivated by a love of the police. It is, it's just flirting with motivated by the hots for the guy who eats cookie dough like a banana.

That's right. So information. I see the cops down there are all nodding and they understand where I'm at. You know, the limerick Police Department is very uh there they've, you know, defunded themselves. Actually. They said, you know what? We've been doing some bad shit. I mean, they have the tank actually do notice I was going to bring that up, but I did notice officer smith just dove into the tanks and it's now handing out banana cookie does. So maybe it's just a cookie dough transporting service. Yeah, it doesn't shoot, you know, whatever tank tank Candy the candy does hurt though when they go to break up a protest with that Candy damn jaw breakers, right, literally. So yeah, Amy and robert uh Exchange numbers and roberts happy. Yeah, that's that's what that's what the point of that.

We'll figure this. Yes. First though, Ray comes back and he asks robert for help with a light bulb uh changing a light bulb. Deborah volunteers to help instead so that they can have some privacy. But what does Ray say? He says? How many times are we gonna have to throw you up there? Yeah, something like that. Um But they in the background of Ray and Debra's exchange, robert and Amy are you know flirting, He makes her laugh and then he walks past them. He says thank you for your number. I'll give you a call sometime. Uh And then he uh leaves, right? Yeah, there's a there's an exchange between Debra and Raymond for a little for a little while for us. But yes, after he has that conversation, he does bounce but before he leaves, by the way he chins the number which is pretty funny. Pretty funny.

I want to I want to compliment the I guess you'd call it direction of this scene. And that I like that like the more intimate parts of robert and Amy's exchange were just not in the focal point and it made it feel kind of like it's just for them. It's just for those two characters and it made it feel kind of like a little more special. It was nice. It's always it's always nice when um, it's not on sitcoms. It's nice when it does not seem staged. Like it seems like a real place where real people are having conversations. And one of the ways to do that is to move the focus away from one conversation that's happening simultaneously to another one. And I think they did that really well in this because like you're saying they're, you know, flirting and like the flowering of their relationship was just for them in this scene and you still feel it even though you don't hear it. Yeah.

By the way that they react afterwards. And I also like when robert was leaving, uh, like after he left, I think Ray said like that's the happiest I've ever seen him, which probably made amy happy, which is good. Uh We do get the tidbit that in Ray and Debra's conversation that robert's wife left him for a guy he arrested, which I mean, the fundamental sadness of robert makes a lot of sense. Just that betrayal. Um, but we go to the next scene, it's later in the living room. Debra and Ally are on the couch. We have this little exchange where Ali is all excited because a boy who has not been talking to her at school actually said something to her and he said stop talking to me, which I thought that was a nice little pocket joke. It was Yeah, it was I thought that was cute. I thought that I thought Ray giving a line of like that means he likes you all. I'm thinking is like oh that poor little boy poor kid. Yeah exactly. But then robert enters and tells him that he called Amy and he's set up a date but he is so nervous that he wants to get out of it because he feels out of practice.

I did also like how when robert entered he said hey squirt to ali and then re responded that was just like the little naturally feeling awkwardness about that. That Ray delivered pretty well. Like Yeah. Um also like Ray got a couple of good punches on robert in this scene and I thought they were all pretty funny. Yeah. Well so robert Debre asks robert if he really wants to get out of this or if he liked Amy. He had the very funny line. I felt a stirring which is good. Uh little transphobic joke where he says the only women I talked to are in handcuffs and half of them turn out to be men. Eek but it was the nineties uh gross. And uh but they moved past that pretty quickly. Ray gives robert some advice about navigating that moment at the end of the night, which I thought was pretty funny.

It smacked of a stand up bit but I didn't read. I didn't do any research about it where he's talking about, you start to lean in for the kiss, but if you lean in too far uh then you have to, you know if she doesn't respond, you just sort of have to whisper in her ear. Like uh it's pretty humid, isn't it? That is a legitimate strategy. I've used that strategy, that poor woman that you use that. No, but like you guys know what I'm saying, Like it's like the indicator of like I want to do this. I want like like visual consent in that you also move closer to me and if not then we can stop now before it gets awkward. Like it's that visual communication. Ray did not communicate that part well, but that's kind of like what he was sharing. Yeah, I think the intent there was good and I liked how Ray's advice was not to just force yourself on the woman as well. It's to pull out if you're not getting that response and say it's pretty humid.

Um You should always get consent and it's okay to ask for consent as well verbally. Um But this was the nineties, they didn't know that yet. Um But robert drills down to the problem where he doesn't think he's good looking enough for Amy and he even says look at me, I'm the hulk which is confirmation, I feel superpowers are running threat of robert superpower. And then Ray Ray delivered a great little come back. He said come on, you're not green, which I just that was a good one it was, it was and his rejoinder to robert saying that he's not good looking enough of well you can't do anything about that, that was good. But Deborah trying to make robert feel better or just telling the truth, tells him that he is the most attractive of the Barone's which helps robert and boost his confidence. But it makes Ray a little insecure.

Well to be clear, she does not say that Ray that roberts the most attractive. She implies it she starts to say essentially and then Ray does like the head turner like uh no thank you, you're welcome. But yeah, he he doesn't he doesn't love it. Uh and immediately you can tell that Ray this is going to be an issue for Ray, but I thought it was great that robert, here's this, here's where it's going. I think that she says every girl wants a guy that's tall, dark and handsome and I thought of all of the Ray of the bronze, you're the tallest and the darkest. Um and you can obviously you know where that's going and I like that he gives a little snicker and then like slides off like all robert needed to hear. Exactly. Alright, I'm good, I can go on this date. Not only is it confirmation that he's objectively attractive but it's he's more attractive than Raymond, which for robert, it made the small man inside him fill the large man that he is at least a little bit.

But our next scene is Ray in the bathroom and I thought if we were to shoot this scene today, Ray would not be holding up a mirror, but the pro the poses that he was in were very much like somebody trying to find a good angle for a cell phone, right? Isn't that funny? Like everybody loves Raymond predicted smartphones. Yeah, that's it, Yeah. Um but Deborah, so Ray is sort of looking for his best angle, looking how he looks with a smile. Uh Debra, Debra appears in the doorway and uh what's his cover? He says he's got ingrown hair on the back of his neck. But essentially we see it in their exchange that Deborah complimenting robert made him insecure. And he talks about as they're going into the bedroom. He talks about, oh, I'm better looking with the sun tan. I don't look at my face when it's relaxed.

It looks better flex. This might have been a little bit later, but I remember him saying something about the pores on his nose. So Deborah tries to brush off all of his stupid uh comments about himself and gets into bed, turns off the light. Ray is sitting on the edge of the bed in the dark and he says, it's the pores on my nose, right? Deborah says, you just think they're large because because they're on my large nose and then he lays down in the fetal position is pretty pathetic. You guys remember earlier when I made that joke about my nose in reference to this scene, but I will also say as a fellow large nosed human, I have felt this exact feeling many times about my nose. Oh, I thought you were gonna say about the pores. No, no, specifically the nose, the pores, you know, whatever. Who cares about the pores, You can, you can manage the pores, knows that requires surgery.

Yeah, I mean that's that's just an accurate stuff. That's just how it goes. Yeah, they make products for the pores, but they don't, if you have, first of all Alex, your nose looks okay second. I've never thought of you as a big nosed man. I have a big nose, but it's okay. I mean, I'm sure if we measured it and measured each of our noses, it would be the biggest emerge. But what did they say? Big nose? Big ears. Big Shoes. Big shoes. Big smells. Big pant size, huge dick. Moving on. I actually thought it was, I I thought it was very endearing seeing Ray this insecure. Especially because he clearly cares about what what how Debra views him and you know, I just you don't see that often and everybody loves Raymond how much he cares about what his wife thinks and I thought that that was also the word that came to me was like, it's, you know, obviously he's, his insecurity is not attractive and it's not gonna make Deborah more attracted to him or think him more attractive.

But it is endearing to know that he's worried about this and that he actually wants to look good for her. As we then see in the later scenes. Um but in the very next scene, he goes over to Marie and franks and Maria's cooking isn't freaking weird how completely detached from everything else the stove is that jumped out at me is like usually a stove is nestled in a countertop next to the fridge. Yeah, I've never thought about that, but you're 100% right. It is weird. The reason is right, like for the show, for purpose of the show is to get the characters like reason to move around the set. Yeah, but like that's a good point. No houses, I would hope in a with the fourth wall, we're just not seeing that the counter continues and then, you know, wraps around the front or anything like that. But it just looked weird. It looks like the set wasn't done, but maybe it's just a weird house. Yeah, it could just be a weird house where the stove plug is over there, but Ray comes over and he essentially, he asks Marie how he looks um after looking at himself in the toaster, which Marie thinks means he wants toast.

Uh and she immediately starts pointing out all the things that look bad about him. He's pale, his eyes are sunken in, you look awful. She says, have some raisin toast. Um but uh she also mentions that robert called last night and said he wasn't coming home. Ray tells her it's because he had a date and Marie is over the moon. He's been so down since the divorce and it's such a waste that he hasn't been dating because he's such a good looking boy. And takes that to heart. That's confirmation that it's not just Debra. She mentions how beautiful robert was. He used to turn heads and he looked like valentino and Ray says he's valentino and I'm five all. It's time for me to explain these references. So Five L. Is the uh protagonist. He's a cartoon mouse from the 1986 animated film, An american tail.

Uh and its sequel Five Goes West. But Rudolph Valentino, who you probably know less about his nickname was the Latin lover and he was a 1920s sex symbol from silent films. What's interesting about, Oh no, please do. This is a reference that might go over both of your heads, but I'm going to make it anyway, does this have anything to do with the vine the valentino white bag or anything like that. Did he put out a fashion line? There is a fashion designer who was monogamous lee known as valentino. This is a different person. Okay. I was going to say. Well that did go over my head. Well, too bad. Okay, good to know. Anyway, moving on, Different guy. Rudolph Valentino, nicknamed the Latin Lover was 1926 symbol. What's interesting about Valentino? He died at age 31. The quote from his Wikipedia page. His early death at the age of 31 caused mass hysteria among his fans.

An estimated 100,000 people lined the streets of Manhattan to pay their respects at his funeral. Suicides of despondent fans were reported, windows were smashed as fans tried to get into the funeral and in all day riot erupted on august 24th over 100 mounted officers of the NYPD were used to restore order. The funeral director hired for actors to impersonate a fascist black shirt honor guard, purportedly sent by Benito Mussolini. Oh my holy sh it. So first of all, first of all, it's horrible that he passed away so young. I'm not meaning to make light of that, they knew how to do so, they took Celebrity to a whole different extent. Back then, jesus, This man was the sexiest man in the 1920s, Yeah. Number one on the list. It doesn't Matter if he was from Long Island, he would have been number one.

The death of Valentino is why Long Island magazine started the very next year publishing the sexiest people list because they wanted people to still look at all the sexy people that they wanted to give people hope. There was. There were still sexy people in the world. They were actually there was actually a dip in birds after the death of Valentino because people said, well what's the point of sex? I can't imagine Valentino, I was just, I was practicing this whole time for the slim chance that I may get. It'll never work. It'll never happen when I got called up to the majors and got to have sex with Valentina. Alright. But that's Who Valentino is. He was so sexy that even 77 years later, a reference to him being sexy was still funny. I don't know if it would land today? I mean the 100 year memorial been capped? Did it land for you? I mean, I didn't get it. I needed, I needed, I got what he was going for.

You know? Yeah, I understood like the context of what he was saying because of the setup. I got who? five Oh, was I know who rival is, but that's it. All right. So that's Valentino. But back to Raymond Marie tells Rae that he favors his father, whereas robert looks more like her. And then on cue, frank enters asking what the difference between a bunion and a corn is, should I have done research to answer that? But they tell him that robert had a date and frank is also thrilled and he says he wants to convert robert's room into a study and then Marie says to study what your feet. I thought that was a good comment. That was a great line, but frank also goes on about how handsome robert is and they didn't tell robert how beautiful he is because they didn't want to screw him up and race says, look how that turned out.

I thought that this was such a funny justification for robert's self self esteem issues that just like, oh yeah, well he's hot and we just don't want him to know that because we don't want him to be arrogant. I just thought that was so, so freaking funny. It's, this is also this whole thing is just such a wonderful explanation for just one why this family is the way that it is. Uh, just to finish out the scene real quick because I want to talk about this. Um, like robert comes back, um, like, you know, they congratulate him on his date and the minute Ray then leaves, uh, they start complimenting Ray to robert and they, they make him upset and it's just like this, these parents strategy is just to just to pit these brothers against each other and just like we see it in full motion here. Like this is why Ray and robert are the way that they are. Like, it's just, it makes so much sense in a way that feels so real that it's sad, genuinely, they think they're doing such a great job of not uh overcomplicate over complimenting them and giving them a big head that they forget that they actually should be positively reinforcing their kids and telling them, hey, you are sweet and wonderful boy, Ray, or you know what, robert, you are so handsome, but that's how they get sensitive adam and we can't have that.

Yeah, neither of these guys are sensitive at all or emotionally fragile in any way. Um, I do want to say about robert's entrance, he enters so suavely and he talks about the sunrise and this is the biggest we've ever seen robert. Yeah, compared to all his other entrances, where he is so uncomfortable to be entering a room. This is such a, such a flip. I thought it was funny how frank says, it's just like riding a bike, right? You know, getting back into dating and robert just very debonair really says no, no, there was no cycling quite the lady lady, I wanted to get my, my line in here because I thought it was good, like, you know, like before robert would come in and say, is this about me? But this episode, he came in and said, this is about me that I like that, I love a good robert slam, it's not a slam, it's like a slam poetry line, it's not a slam, like an insult, I love good robert content and that's what I'm going to leave in when I edit the rest of that line, I love good robert content.

Um so Ray leaves and yeah, they say they tell robert oh wow, Ray is such a sweet, wonderful boy. Um which that parallel is so funny. Ray goes back to his house. Deborah is mopping up what appears at first to be a murder, but is actually spaghetti sauce. This is the next day, isn't it? Yeah, this is later. Um other stuff like the twins made a huge mess. Debra's cleaning it up. Ray enters behind Deborah, she doesn't see him at first and he has a sight to behold. I mean, it says so much about what Ray thinks is attractive, that he went and got either a spray tan or he went into a tanning booth and his hair is completely slipped back. My money is on the spray tan because he's not going to have it, next episode. That's a good, that's a good point.

But Debra finally turns around and sees him and starts cracking up. I thought this was very this is just like an adorable scene for Ray and Debra's relationship. It really, really was. Deborah starts unpacking all of the all of the crap that he bought his personal products. The mousse the gel, the finish of volumizing. Volumizing. I thought the joke about the clarify, there was very good, Yeah. Do you even know what this stuff is for? Well, that's why I have the clarify rare. That was a good one. On the one hand it's like and I think this is where we end up at the end of the episode. It's like Reyes just trying to do some self care. He's trying to you know, look his best. But then you know on the other hand it's like he obviously got taken for a ride at the store. Just completely upset. Debra says the same thing to which Ray denies and claims that these people, you know what they're doing? They're wearing lab coats. Yeah. Is that a reference to like, I've never been into like or not for long in a Sephora or anything like that.

It happens. Don't wear lab coats in Sephora. But I think back in like the this time period department stores like Macy's and stuff where they have the perfume counter and everything. I think they would wear some sort of uniform. What is it called? Like the cosmologist or is that something else? That sounds right. I don't know if that's actually either somebody who is a uh who studies stars or they cause a cosmologist is a scientist who studies space based and ground they probably don't have cosmologist. I think you're thinking of a cosmetologist, cosmetologist. That's what I'm thinking of. That was close. That's pretty close. I give it to you Alex. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, so just say cosmology, cosmetologists and all about you being wrong. It's a cosmopolitan. It's a cosmopolitan. It's a cosmo, what's it called? A cosmetologist. It's a cosmetologist. Adam you need to leave all of that in Well now he has to because you you ran over my line of cosmopolitan.

It's true. It's not clean anymore. Alright, well it's all in. Um anyway, Deborah compares Ray to George Hamilton's, do you want me to tell you who George Hamilton's George Hamilton is. Hamiltonian began his film career in 1958 and although he has a substantial body of work in film and television, he is perhaps most famous for his debonair style and his perpetual sun Tan. There you go. Okay, well that would explain what was he? Was he in anything I would know. He was in his best known things. Are Zorro the gay blade from 1981 Love at first bite, he played dracula the Godfather part three and Hollywood ending? Yeah, his film work is not as important as uh reference his tan I guess because I don't know, I mean he was in one episode of Grace and Frankie recently also. So Deborah's making reference to George Hamilton's famous tan and raise spray tan.

Uh but race sort of comes out and says that, you know, you don't think I'm as handsome as robert, but Deborah says that although robert is handsome, he's not who she's attracted to and she just wants her regular Ray the Ray that she fell in love with and I thought Ray's response to that of are you saying then that I'm sexy. was pretty funny and she says yes and then they make out for a long time. It was it was it was like again just a little too long. Yeah they like to linger on this show actually. That hasn't happened yet. No, we've never seen anyone kiss yet on this. This was the steamiest kiss so far in the series. This is the steamiest longest kiss we've ever seen. I think if we see another one, let's not address any comparison to this. Great. But they make out for a beat too long. And of course this gets raised motor running and Debra is like you know what this wants, wants me to do, what the fuck.

You know what this makes me want to do and raise like oh yeah and then Deborah they're so yeah you're right. He did say that. I was just like what lubricant contraceptive, that's both of those devices at the perfume store. Sorry go ahead dance to their song which is I'll take you there by the staples singers. I didn't know the song singers, I didn't know the song but I thought it was the whole dancing sequence was just like it was just really really cute and we don't get we don't get moments like that on E. O. R. And I was very happy that we got it for this one because when they come they hit hard when they jesus christ when they thank you when they come meeting, like when the, when the romantic moments arrive, they hit hard it makes me realize like they're actually, they can be loving to each other.

Yeah, for sure. Um and yeah, this scene is really felt very authentic and real and cute and Ray does his dance move which is like a spin into a moonwalk which the audience loved by the way they ate that ship up actors can prove that they can do things other than act like usually gets people very excited for whatever reason. Yeah, yeah, they went, they went nuts over the hair tie trick too. So I gotta, you know the uh I wonder if the warm up for the show was like you're going to see Ray bust a move in this episode, are you guys ready for that? And they were like hell yeah. And then when it happened it happened in a big way Raymond is going to moonwalk and it will make sense. Um Oh yeah, that that uh that scene ends and it's just a very sweet scene and we go to our hot clothes which is also very sweet.

Ray and robert are in the Barone Kitchen just trying out skincare products. They're talking about the exfoliant and all this different, like all the creams and all the clones and yeah, it's it's great and frank sort of in the same way that Ray entered his kitchen frank enters this kitchen behind Ray and robert uh and the whole as you know, they're spraying the cologne and talking about the creams and the exfoliates. The whole thing is set up like frank is gonna say something homophobic or shitty. But hold on my light died. But instead he sits down and after a beat he asked them if they know of anything for this dry patch that he has under his eye and it's just a very nice ending for the scene. I thought it was really funny. It was also the first moment that I realized that like holy crap they actually, I thought this was this I remembered a couple of moments from this episode, like we talked about moments that bring you back.

There were a couple of moments here that brought me back like oh yeah, yeah, I remember this but the thing that really stuck out to me is I thought this was at a later, this was from a later uh season because in order for that joke to work of frank, slowly crossing the room, giving them the dead eye and sitting down and delivering the line. You need to have a working understanding of the frank Barone character. And it made me realize, I'm just like, huh? They got their, this this joke works now and I thought that was I thought it was good. Sure this was one scene much like when they cut to foreign countries in the hot close. This was one where I was worried the whole time. This is something where we're going to have to have a talk about and uh and it was not that I know I landed it subverted that expectation and it was just a nice father's father and sons bonding moment. I really liked it and that's it. That's the end of the episode. Yeah. Great conflict that this episode was just that Ray was insecure and then his insecurity was resolved and apparently he's gonna be taking better care of his skin from now on, which is great for everyone.

Just off camera. Yeah, exactly. I'm not, I don't, I won't lie. I don't think that's going to become a running theme, but it would be nice if it did. Well. I think as viewers will keep in the back of our mind, this guy is exfoliating well, you know, we do see Raymond's nightly routine every single night and which typically only involves brushing his teeth and taking off his pants. That's always see though. Yeah, you don't know if there's more, well what I'm saying is we need to keep an eye out for a skin care routine happening. We got to see if he does a mask, we got to see if he does, if he does cucumbers, they got the props now, maybe they just decorate the bathroom with him. Yeah, that would be great. I mean once you've got the props, it's like you can do anything. I mean we have, when we go downstairs in the Barone Zone to the Duane Reade uh we make a list of all of the skin care products featured in this episode, gel mousse volume iser clarify, rare exfoliant, and then we go down there and we get them, we do the Ray Barone skincare regimen and we look great.

Yes, and that's why this this podcast has no visuals. That's right, because we look too good. We would break all the camera. That's why we got the sexiest man in Long Island here. Yeah, that's right. It's true. Asterisk. Um but the time has come for us to wrap this episode up by raiding Ray on a scale of 1 to 10, With 10 being the great dads of sitcom history. You're Danny tanner, your uncle Phil, you're carl Winslow from Family matters. Your other example, one being one being the men who actively harm their family, Don draper, walter white. Where is Ray Alex coming for you as a husband, Father, son. Uh you know, my wife's husband of former coworker and friend, uh where is he coming in for you?

So here, here's my dilemma with this episode because Ray Ray was was I thought it was pretty good in this episode, but like he he really wasn't like the problem solver, he was the problem haver and his problem was, you know, it's a reasonable one. Not, you know, feeling good about yourself. Everyone feels that from time to time and uh I felt like his insecurities were reasonable based on the context of the episode where like obviously Deborah was saying that to robert to make him feel better and then maybe she said like a little too much and then you know, Ray got hurt and the whole episode, he was just kind of trying to improve himself, like we talked about but I also don't think he like really like he he didn't solve his own problem, he was just like very open and honest about his feelings. He didn't try to hide it or mask it. Uh So I feel comfortable giving him a six because you know like he he wasn't he was open and honest but like he he wasn't like he wasn't the one doing the assisting or the helping or anything like that.

Um Not that you have to be that, but uh I think I understand what you're Yeah like he he was he was the one with the issue and he needed like you know assistance and he asked for it and he got it. I'm gonna say I think he was a really, really good, I think I think he did really well this episode, I'm actually gonna go higher than you, I'm gonna give him an eight. Uh and the reason being is because yeah you're right, but he he didn't well I don't know if I would if I would 100% agree that he didn't solve the problem because he tried I think we saw him being vulnerable, which is not something that we always get with Raymond at least not willingly. Uh If we're talking about him, he we don't really see him interacting with his kids too much, we see him comfort or not comforting, but we see him having a nice moment with Ali and that's kind of it, but he does set the example of of you know having the ability to be insecure and try to do something about it and what he did wasn't successful I would say. But at the same time he tried, he cared about what his wife thought about him.

Um he helped out his brother at the end of things, I'm not going to give him a 10 because he also took a lot of glee and knocking down his brother at a couple points during the episode, but at the same time um we didn't mention it, but there was a great line in the middle where he was like when uh Amy and robert were having their first conversation where he was concerned about bro, he thought he was, he said something like oh no this is gonna go really, really poorly for him and he's a me laughs at something and he goes oh look at that, she's laughing at him and I thought that was kind of, that was funny but it was also a very cute moment of just like oh he cares. So I saw a lot of care going into this episode. I'm giving Ray a positive results, I'm going to give him an eight, but he said that because he doesn't believe in his brother Mike. Well yeah, but he also wants to protect his brother comes from the same place, does it? Yes, Okay, adam I'm gonna come in, well, I don't know, I'm gonna speak and then decide at the end uh like you're saying Ray is insecure in this episode, but he has a good interaction with his daughter.

He has a good, I mean, yeah, he is coming at robert's situation from a place of concern. He doesn't want his recently divorced brother to get hurt at the same time, he's extremely jealous of him because he's just now realizing his brother is handsome and his parents are not helping him in uh feeling good about that. But at the end of the day, his wife helps him and you know, in his and he doesn't hold, I really don't think he holds Debra saying robert is handsome against her in any way the conflict is fully within him, which I think is good that he doesn't like because it could have easily been that he turns on her and you know, interrogates her about robert being handsome. He just internalizes that immediately and becomes a bit of a mess or has a bit of a crisis, I'll say. Um but I don't blame him for that, he's an emotionally stunted man and he's dealing with these things in the best way that he can, I think at the end he learns that Deborah likes him for who he is and you know, if he wants to take better care of his skin, great, I do, there's growth there, I will credit him for that of I'm a guy who used to think skincare products were for women and now I know that they make a whole line of crap for men and I'm going to use it.

So in recognition of that, I'm also gonna give Ray an eight because you know, he doesn't hurt anyone, he resolves his problem, he learned something and you know, he did good this episode. I really like what you said, that the problem exists solely within him and that's just what I wanted to say. And sorry, I know you're doing math in your head, but I'm going to ruin it for you Dude. Yeah, I got it right. It was, it looks like it's coming out to a 7.3 and 33, three repeating, of course for this episode, which is way higher than he typically does. So good for Raymond. So yeah, that'll uh that'll do it for this episode of everybody loves Raymond. Um and yeah, and this episode of everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. Yes. Alright, so everybody, thank you so much for listening Thanks for sticking to the end of this podcast. If you like what you hear, please make sure you subscribe and support our sponsors at post fun dot info slash ads.

That's post fun and dot info slash hats. Don't forget to leave a rating or a review on whatever platform you listen to, that helps us climb the charts. And speaking of the charts, big shout out to our friends in Trinidad and Tobago as always, what do we call them? Send in a remembrance to uh us, or a topic for us to debate on Judge Deborah to our instagram or facebook at Barone Zone, or to Raymond at post fund dot info. But other than that, there's only one last thing to say, it's our classic sign off. Everybody loves Raymond and we love you. Oh

1.14 Who's Handsome?
1.14 Who's Handsome?
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