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1.11 Captain Nemo

by Post-Fun Podcasts
July 13th 2022

Continuing a long legacy of athletic excellence, the Barone Boys are breaking down Season 1, Episode 11 on this, a classic guestless episode. First, a listener's Raymembrance prompts them to watch ... More

Welcome back to everybody, loves everybody loves Raymond. My name is Adam Rudy, I'm joined by Michael J dormer Hello and Alex, J. K sheer just one day, you know what, Here's what we do uh like every episode going forward. You just guess my middle initial eventually you'll get it. It's not J K. Like your not named after J. K. Simmons. I wish, I thought I was thinking you were going for J K. Rolling. Like he got no Simmons is better. Simmons is much better, much better choice with you. Um did you know that J. K. Simmons? He's been the voice of the yellow M&M since the 90s. Yeah. Is that the Sexy 1? Well depending, I mean that's a subjective question. If you like a big chunky then yes, I think The Yellow one is the one that acts like an idiot when you go to the movies, the guy gives the yellow Eminem the envelope and he says this is your mission.

And then the yellow M and N says, no, this is an envelope. That was a good impression, thank you. This is a Raymond podcast. No, this is an Eminem's podcast. The Eminem Eminem has popped up here and there. Alright, M and m's or skittles? Um I think Eminem I know Mike's and Eminem, I think I go skittles because I'm glittery glittery and fantastic. I mean they're both the same color. It's really just, it's just the taste. I like Eminem's, I'm you know, I'm, I used to hate them and now I'm now I enjoy them on occasion. I've always had some cognitive dissonance with M and M's and skittles because you expect the M and M's to be different flavors corresponding to their different colors, but they're not, they're all the same.

I've ever actually, I guess when I was little I was like, I want to save the blue ones because they're the best, but I don't think it's why crystal Pepsi failed because people don't like to drink a clear cola. People like to drink a brown cola. A clear call. Isn't that just seltzer? No, no, no, it's like flavored like a cola, but it's clear that would trip me up. I'm gonna be honest, that would really trip me up if I was drinking what I thought was seltzer and it ended up tasting like I for one prefer when you mix M and M's and skittles together and just shove a big hand in your mouth. Okay, that is that, is that, I agree. That is chaotic evil. Yeah, I don't like that at all. Like um in the interest of family fun. I wanna tell a quick like 32nd story about my dad when he was my age or our age with his boys um at you know during a party they had a box of munchkins and uh a few of my dad and his friends took a meatball and covered it in a little bit of powder and threw it in the munchkin box and one of their friends ate it and actually threw up because the expectation was so different than the reality.

That's just straight up Russian roulette right there. Kind of respect. That's kind of awesome. That is, that is a chaotic april fool's joke if I've ever seen and I've always wanted to do that, but I never felt that. Now I need to start, I need to start packing. I was going to say, was that the greatest prank that you've ever come across? The only person I've ever pranked is you? Um when I uh well I guess it's not really a prank, but more of a threat. When I sent you that t shirt. Yeah, that was the street of death threats. That was not, should I tell, okay. Can I tell it? If you tell it, it's going to become merch. Okay. So just one day I walk into my house and I see a package from Adam Rudy, I open it, It's a T shirt on the front. It says in my, my name in big letters, Michael dormer. Then I flipped to the other side and it says rest in prosperity 1996 to 2011. And at this point it was like 2008 18 What the he was applying.

But that was a few years later, a few years later I got into a very, very bad car crash. My car, I was fine, but my trunk was destroyed and I had gotten this t shirt and thrown it into my trunk because I was like, there's no way in hell I'm bringing this thing inside. That is some bad juju. I crashed. The car got crashed. I walked away, okay, But I walked around to the other side. My now demolished trunk was open in one part. And what stuck out in bold letters was I just saw rest in prosperity, just like jesus. Someone gave me a curse. I I don't know what that was. Yeah, I don't know if that really qualifies as a prank, but there's no threat. I think it's more of a death promise. It's just funny to me that you would wear your own in memoriam t shirt. What would be really baller if it was a future date? Yeah, that would have been, yeah, I would have actively been scared of that date coming if Yeah.

Yeah, Alex, you ever prank? Anyone? Um, I pranked myself once on accident. Um you know those, this is not that intense compared to Michael compared to your epic prank. But one morning when I was in college, I, I tied like I did the classic rubber band around like the removable nozzle um, at the sink that faces towards you so that when you turn on the sink, the the nozzle thing turns on and sprays you and you get all wet and then you know, I go to class and come back and no one touched it and I had forgotten about it. So I used the sink and I fooled myself and then I took it apart in shame. It's the last time I pranked someone. Yeah, that's some Ray Barone behavior right there. The last point. And then we'll go into the normal spiel if everybody loves Raymond came out today, do we have impractical jokers as guest stars?

Oh my God, yes, we have the impractical jokers come over. Maybe pursuant to this episode. Maybe the impractical jokers are playing against Ray and robert in a basketball tournament. Well they wouldn't play themselves. They would play characters, but you'd have to have all four of them. Um on and maybe they're like uh playing against Ray in a basketball tournament. Or maybe it's like one of those classic episodes where Ray has to interact with other parents. That could be fun area. There are polyamorous gay couple. Yeah, Ray gets Raymond gets uh really, really progressive representation for one episode only and that one episode is the practical joker episode. The Reboot would have to be about Ray because Ray has enough trouble like catching up to the 90s. But Ray would have To learn a lot really quick in a reboot set in 2022.

Raymond loves everyone. Yeah. Um Yeah, well speaking of Raymond, that's what this show is about. It's not about Eminem's, it's not about the impractical jokers. This is the only the best and the tastiest. Everybody loves Raymond podcast on the market today. Uh you may have seen us recently on the Charts. We've been climbing the charts. I haven't told you guys this, but we were actually in the top 10 Trinidad and Tobago TV review podcast. Hell yeah, Alright, alright, thank you so much and we're still holding strong at the time of this recording. But as, as with all of our appearances on the charts, I feel at any moment we're going to drop a couple 100 places. I don't know, maybe maybe we have just loyal listeners that an intern down. We're gonna stick with us all 200 plus episodes. We're bumping.

We just need to work on staying up there. That's the next step. We're getting where we wanna go. We just gotta stay there, just like our friend Raymond in this season one, episode 11 of everybody loves Raymond, which we're gonna be talking about today. It's called Captain NEmo and we'll get into it will break it down scene by scene, but first we have something important to talk about several episodes ago, you two made fun of me for more specific. We do, we do make fun of you for hoping that people would send us emails to Raymond at post fun dot info with remembrances and Judge Deborah suggestions. We received an email, Whoa, joseph Von with a remembrance. He said, Hi guys, I've got a pretty cool remembrance that I think you'll enjoy back in 2009, who wants to be a millionaire ran a special series of episodes to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary E anniversary on fuck you, you do that all the time, but you don't correct yourself right on many of these episodes of celebrity was brought out and given the chance to answer a question correctly for charity.

Here is Patricia Heaton in the seat. Hey, let's hear it. Okay, so this starts okay. I don't think you will because it caused when I watched this, it caused me a lot of anxiety, but this starts about two minutes into this clip of Patricia Heaton on who wants to be a millionaire? And we're going to listen to it right now. 50 $1,000, if you get the right answer. Okay. All right. All right, so now you're gonna have 30 seconds and your time starts now, if a euro is worth a dollar, €55 is worth what a 30 quarters be 50 dimes, C 70 nickel's or D 9, 90 pennies. Holy sh it's So it's so that's $7.50. I'm gonna need to hear the choices over again, but that's how much we can Do Math. €1. So It's got to be worth $7.50.

I just missed all of the options. 30 quarters, 50 70 Nichols, or 90 pennies. So 70 Nichols is I'm gonna get a 34th, so that would be So that would, 34th would be yeah, actually you're right. It is, it is a 34th. Okay, well let's see how final answer for both wrong. We're both wrong. Yeah. This would be really bad. This would be worse for you. This will be much worse for me. I'm the math guy. Well, don't worry because as you'll see um patty has a little bit of trouble with it as well. If a euros worth a dollar, €55 is worth 30 quarters, 50 dimes, seven nickels or 90 pennies ran out of time. I'll throw in the other 25,000. So she didn't answer it at all. As long as I don't have to tell you how many nickels it is in. No, but look, the reality is that you have not given up and you haven't lost.

Haven't we got a beautiful 25,000 sweetheart. We can get 50,000 but you've got to just think about this so I can still answer. Yes. Say you don't lose till you say final answer. Okay, okay wait wait, hold on. I'm so nervous. I can't, I gotta multiply it first in my head. So euros worth a dollar 50. So €5.05 times five is 25 carry the 25 and 567. That means 7 50. Oh no 90. I don't know. No wait a minute. You know this? 50 dimes is how much? There You go, 90 pennies. They really wanted to get it. Which is sweet regis you're freaking me out.

Stop asking me about nickels 4th, how many quarters in $1. All right. I'll give you my answer. Alright. And my answer is a 30 quarter good job. Eddie. Oh my God. Was that her only, she had a whole run. Right. It wasn't just that one question though, right? No, they only do one question. It looks like okay. Yeah. Um Yeah that's incredibly stressful isn't it? To watch somebody have to multiply on T. V. It's also I do think that regis was trying to help her out but just having regis Philbin in your face saying what's 90 pennies like that's a terrifying experience. So I feel for her 70 Nichols. I think there were a lot of things in that clip that I would like to take out and add to the sound board just to have Yelling 70 Nickel's. Um Yeah some of the comments were like this is classic math anxiety, I'm a math teacher.

This is literally what I do every day. What regis is doing here uh to walk people through the thinking um Yeah I don't know. What do you guys think? I think we just did a good job. I think the pressure was on um You know so I guess the the fun thing is like seeing celebrities not know things I personally didn't enjoy watching. The anxiety go across Patricia Heaton's face. It's not that wasn't fun for me. Um But I mean it was, it was, I don't know, I think she did a good job, all things considered. I'm glad that we just did not let her throw in the towel. That would have been really bad for her to just not answer. Yeah, just seems like the kind of guy who um it's very caring, but he will yell at you while he's helping you and wants the best for you and you get mad when you don't do it for yourself. Yeah, he's kind of like a like a Tony Robbins kind of guy where he's got to break you down to build you up a little bit.

Absolutely. Who of the Barone's uh the actors, would you also like to see appear on the millionaire brad Garrett? Let's see if they've ever done. I would I would enjoy watching Peter Boyle him too. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know enough about Doris roberts, but she she's always entertaining, so I definitely would not complain. But I just think that brad Garrett would be a very entertaining uh viewpoint. I don't think any of the others have. So just Ray and Patricia. Okay, so then here's the real question, right? You're on who wants to be a millionaire? You get a question you need to use a lifeline. You're gonna call a friend. Which member of the cast are you calling? That's a good question. I think I called brad Garrett Garrett. My first instinct is Peter Boyle because we talked about in a recent episode, him being like very plugged into like activism and stuff and I think if somebody's like aware of, you know, or has like a high awareness of world or current events, I think that usually translates to being good at knowing a lot of different things and therefore being good at trivia.

But I guess it depends on what the question is. The question. If it's a sports question, I'm going to rate 10 times out of 10 because I do think that Ray Romano probably knows a great deal about sports or you could ask him to call Seinfeld. Yeah, listen, listen, we got We got 90 seconds here, can you get Jerry on the line real quick lupin jerry. Um, I don't know. I don't know, I mean, yeah, like you're saying it depends on the question and maybe a better question is which character would you call? Because I wouldn't call frank even though I would call Peter Boyle, I think I would call Deborah, I would definitely call Deborah five. I think Debra is your best bet unless it's sports because Yes, well actually she makes a sports reference in this episode. So yeah, I would say, Yeah, I think that, I think that robert would also be up on the list, but I think that the anxiety would be too much for Yeah, I think that he'd know it, robert would get in a fight with regis over the phone because he perceives because sliding him.

Yeah exactly. What game show would you like to see? I'm, my first instinct was I'd love to see Ray on wipe out and just like falling over. That would be I feel like deal or no deal just For the crushing. I would love to see Robert on deal or no deal because you know he's going to have them $1 million dollar case and the one cent case and he's going to pick the one cent case. He's also going to go up and touch each case to his chin before excuse me. But yeah when he goes to close the lid. Exactly. Oh wow, robert versus um uh Howie Mandel? That's a real um clash of the O. C. D. Titans. Oh no man. If we ever want another bald guy for robert to go up, there you go. That's our that's our man. Um So I think what other permutations of questions can we ask about this remembrance?

I think we've covered it. I think we did pretty. I think we got it. Thank you very much. This was this was a great uh this was a great one. Yeah I love you please keep emailing us. I love seeing like weird things that people have done outside of this show. One thing I would like to see besides Ray being on wipe out is if there are any videos of um one of these people being approached in public and um somebody meaning to take a selfie with them, but actually taking a video. Um That's a video I would like to see. Does that make sense? Yes, it does. Because you want to see how these people are in real life? Right. I want to see the transition between um I'm going to I'm just minding my own business too. I have to be a celebrity now and smile and be nice and gracious. Right. Right. I would like, I mean, I mean, I feel like that's interesting. What would you like to see what's on your wish list of?

Honestly, I would love to see these characters or these actors doing really, really weird roles. Like if if we find a clip, I don't think it exists, but if we find a clip of uh Debra, I'm sorry Patricia Heaton doing some like sci fi channel Weird Monster of the Week movie. I wanna see that clip, you know what I mean? Yeah, so that that's on my wish list of just like the very, very strange roles or strange appearances of these characters or these actors and different things. I have to that I want one. Uh and everybody loves Raymond uh re shoot of the pilot, but all the characters are swapped around uh or all the actors are swapped around. So Peter Boyle plays robert. Uh Ray is played by Patricia Heaton. Uh Deborah's played by brad Garrett but they still address each other as the characters. The script does not change, but it's just uh I don't know if that exists.

What's the other thing? I know it definitely doesn't exist. The other thing I want to see and this definitely doesn't exist is brad Garrett trying to sell me some sort of item through a cell phone recording. I don't know. I don't think that would exist. No, I think that does exist because he doesn't know he does the cameo, but he also does like the the cameo for like a business or for like um commercial use, like there's that tear on cameo. I bet. Yes, but I bet there's people who like, can you please record a video for our general dynamics plane engine? Uh conference where you can talk about how many turbines it is. I don't know how planes work, like, like a turbine sitting on his like coffee table. Well, it's a good turbine right there, I buy all my turbines from turbine plus. Yeah, everybody, its robert from, from every character. Exactly.

I trust General automatics. Uh yeah, when we get money for this show, if and when I should say we will pay for a commercial use cameo from brad Garrett to talk about. Not this show, but yes, plane engines. Um so thank you to joseph Vaughn for that remembrance. Um keep them coming please. We love uh any and everything that you can send to us With that though. I think we should throw to a break because we have a lot to talk about with season one with Season one, Episode 11. Captain Nemo will be right back. Hey everybody. It's mike from everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. We talk a lot on the podcast about spinoffs and how Ray would behave in the future. Well I think that we can all agree that one struggle that Raymond would have in modern day life would be keeping his passwords in order.

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Let's go Alex first alphabetically. Of course, thank you. I guess alphabetically via first names because other way around I'd be last. I liked it, I thought this was a pretty strong episode, I thought it was fun to see our boy kevin for the first time in the show. I enjoyed the dynamics here between the characters. I think Ray was pulling some of his classic funk ups throughout the entire thing, it was fun, I enjoyed it. I yeah, I thought it was, I thought it was definitely in the upper tier of episodes that we've seen so far. It was that's had some really, really funny moments, uh loved to see robert doing his thing and yeah it was I thought it was really, really good episode, I think it was like an actual character in this one, like he's starting to become more included. Yeah, I thought it was very well done, had some good character moments to some good family elements, had a wholesome ending for that. Yeah, it was a good robert episode and we got some good guest stars and um just and like a good yes, I was very surprised that Bernie was not on the basketball team too busy selling jet skis and groping people.

Um Maybe they stood up to Bernie and they were like, you can't you are sex criminal, you cannot be on our basketball team. Raymond did not stand up to Bernie. There's no way in hell. Like, come on, I hope you're right. I hope you never have to see his mug again. But we do. We definitely do. But it's nice to know Raymond has more than one friend. Yes, he's not just running around with Bernie asking for more parmesan. So our cold open for this episode. Ray is in the this was a very nice like continuous uh every scene follows the next and they're all related episode. Like there wasn't, there was one episode from start to finish. Ray is in the kitchen, he's emptying the dishwasher before the basketball game. And Debra comes in and points out that he's taking dirty dishes out of the dishwasher. Which I thought was funny. I will say that I related to that I've um I've done that more common. My mistake is putting dirty dishes into a clean load without realizing.

I've done that before, without thinking twice. So you need a system. We have uh what I've done since I was a child. My family, you put a chip clip in the dish, like on the dishwasher hanging off of it to indicate that it is clean once you started um I refuse to get one of those freaking signs uh that they sell where it's like, you know like I refused to do that. I I hate I there are no words hanging on my walls in this house. I refuse to have you do not live or love. Do not live, laugh or love. You may talk to me before. I've had my coffee. It's weird to see the lines you draw adam. There are no proclamations of what we do in this house. Uh Have you seen those? We do not have to explicitly state that you are. In fact welcome. Our welcome mat. Has no words on it.

It is that there is this is a very friendly house to illiterate people. It's all at any rate. Um Ray is doing or trying to do nice things and be considerate because he doesn't want Debra to guilt him about going to a basketball game or practice just a game game game game. Um Deborah not evidently guilting him, she wishes him to have a good time. And Ray immediately gets defensive. But then robert enters as Ray is crossing into the living room, robert enters and I thought this was a really nice brotherly moment where we actually see these guys having fun together, which I don't think we've seen before, they start tossing the basketball back and forth. Um And what does he say at the end when he says I'll be I'll be home as fast as I can because he's like saying about like, oh, it's a drag.

I can't believe I have to do this. I can't believe he's open Yeah, start freaking out and then as he's leaving after all that he's basically like he turns to Deborah immediately be home as quick as possible. I thought that was I thought that was I think this tracks for Ray's character because like I'm imagining this same scene playing out when Raymond is a teenager and his mother actually trying to manipulate him to feel bad about leaving the house. So I think he's just growing up and like now, even as an adult, he just has these expectations of like, you know, when I want to do something for myself, I'm gonna get guilt tripped about it. So I should just be proactively defensive. We also find out later in the episode that like it is kind of an issue that he's not as home as much as Debra wants him to be. So maybe he just feels bad about not being there for his wife as much as he thinks that he maybe should. But I also, I give him the benefit of the doubt on this one because this is playoffs and finals week.

If this was every week, then yeah, that would be an obvious issue. But like maybe before this point it was once a week when Ray wanted like, you know, it's healthy to have, you know hobbies outside of your family and um it it becomes an issue if he's like and I think it reaches that point when he becomes the captain in this episode where it feels like to him, not just to Debra as well, but like he crosses the threshold where he feels like he's spending too much time away from the family. Um and it's cool that he recognizes that. Um and we'll get into his whole, we actually have like an emotional arc for Ray in this episode. Great! But this might be the first three hour episode of E L E L. Are good. God, we will brush through what we need to brush through. Um We get the conveyor opening. I think this is a flip back from the previous episode, which I think was a play set.

Um and then we cut to half time at the basketball game. There's a new set. Yes. And this one gets a lot of work. I think we see it like three or four times in this episode. It looks good, it looks good. I think it comes back to good in future basketball episodes, I imagine. I mean, this set feels way too familiar to me to have only appeared in this one episode. They do a lot with the catholic territory, um as it's known. Um and so I would not be surprised if this did turn into a thing for, you know, maybe eventually Michael and Geoffrey start doing basketball. Um but the nemo's team comes into the locker room at halftime. They've been getting their ass handed to them, um, Bath and beyond, which I thought was really funny. And then, so kevin is the captain. So we've got kevin James, Andy, Kindler and Dave Attell are the main uh friends who are on the team and there's some extras who are not listed on imdb Yes, I got to ask actually, I know later in the show, we get a visit from explicitly named uh, Doug what's right here?

They're referring to him as kevin. So is this just can innately kevin James and then he has his twin brother Doug later on, or I think we have to assume that they are. I don't know if there's any reference in King of queens and I'd be interested to find out to this character being named Kevin Heffernan. Um, but it would be, it's one of those things, I think where they wreck condit because he did such a great job on this show and you know, so they gave him his own show and then of course there's the crossover. Um it's sort of like we were talking about with robert culp in Colombo where he's five different guys, you just kind of have to assume that these are twins. It's a classic doppelganger situation. Yeah, definitely doppelgangers who both happen to know Ray and then Ray doesn't actually address that he knows both of them. Maybe kevin goes into witness protection and moves to queens but still maintains his friendship with Ray Because you know how witness protection works?

They typically move you about five miles away from where you are already living and you can stay in touch with all your old friends and family and everything. That sounds about right. I think, I don't know if we're meant to assume that Kevin and Doug are the same person. I think that makes more sense. And I think we can just chalk this up to um Kevin changing his name legally to Doug Heffernan in the in the guest episode where he comes back is Doug, is it like they're meeting for the first time or are they already established friends? Because I think to this episode too, because if there's a reference to a basketball team, well then we know for sure. I don't think they're the same people. I don't think they're meant to. Do you think they're just doppelgangers? I think it's just a doppelganger situation and you guys are going way too into this. Even for me, you guys are going way too into this and I go way into this. Well, yeah, so Doug's doppelganger, Kevin is the captain of the nemo is basketball team and uh he's not doing a very good job, but I thought it was a funny line when he pointed out that bed Bath and beyond shouldn't actually be in the Pizza league.

I will say this, they don't play against another pizza go up against a chinese restaurant in the finals. They don't play another pizza team. I don't know, maybe it's like the winner of each specific cuisines. You think food falls under beyond the restaurant. I mean they probably sell like candy and yeah, they definitely do. They're one of those stores where you can buy chocolate at the checkout. Welcome to bed bath and beyond. Over here we got the beds here, we got the baths here. We got a whole beyond burger section. It's an italian restaurant of course that um, serves you on sheets and pillowcases. Yeah, by Carlo's bakery. The cake boss, bed bath and beyond and boss. Um, yes, bed boss and beyond this is nonsense. Um, so yeah, we've got kevin James, Andy Kindler and David tell David Tell only appears on one other episode, but Andy uh, Rikers throughout the series I think.

And then, or at least up to the point David tells the one who's smoking. Yeah. Um, um, and then obviously kevin gets replaced by doug at a certain point. Uh, it appears less frequently, but this is our first exposure to raise like core group of friends, um, with some additions and uh, exits over the course of the series, but uh, the team is flailing. So they start to have mutiny and vote kevin out as the captain, Kevin quits. He comes back, he quits being captain, he quits because they start doubting his abilities. And so Dave suggests ability to switch to a zone defense. Yes, I don't know much about basketball but I'm pretty isn't zone defense like the standard way to do it. There are two, there are two modes of basketball. Here we go. You can let me pull up the sound board. Here we go. Alright, teach us about the zone defense if you would.

Okay, well, I mean it's pretty straightforward. It's like there are two basic modes of basketball defense. There's a man to man the one that we're typically familiar with where you run around and you try to stay on one specific dude. Then you have zone defense in which all five players are responsible for one specific area of the basketball court. That way is typically more effective unless you have well if you have a specific guy that's really, really fast, you might want to do man to man. But zone defense allows you to maybe double up on guys and put more pressure on specific areas. So yeah, I mean double up on guys and put more pressure on specific areas. Great as we all know, sports are all just one big analogy for sex. We all, we all know, I have this issue when we do sports guy where um you play the song while mike's talking and I get so into the song. I don't listen to what might say. I'm sorry and I love you, my friend, you know, No, I get it, but Adam wrote too good a song.

We need to like we need a, at the end of the series, we need to release an album um of just just the tree for people to enjoy without us ruining them. 45 1 side will be judge Debra. On the other side will be sports guy, we'll release it on vinyl to juke boxes around the country. Um, So yeah, they're mad at kevin for not doing the zone defense. Dave suggests that Ray B the captain. Um but Ray is sort of hesitant about it and uh you can see him slowly getting excited about it, but by the time he's like excited enough to accept they've moved on, he shows even the slightest bit of hesitation and they're like, uh well, what about robert? And then Andy, and this is like a runner through the episode. Andy being excited about how tall robert is is really funny. I mean, I will say that would be the he's that's primarily the reason why they're winning.

It's because of the brings it really far. But I mean, we get into basketball then where like, you know, your best player doesn't make your best captain, right? That's very true. But I will say so robert takes over and this is a spoiler going forward, but like they win when roberts, the captain to win every game that he plays. But I think it's to the fun stops well and also it's a bit of a dick move because when robert takes over, he stops playing Raymond like completely. Yeah, he says at first, I don't want to be accused of nepotism, but I think there starts to be a little bit of like getting back. Yeah, anti nepotism very good um like getting back at Ray of course, for his life of being inferior to him. Um So we leave that scene where robert starts everybody, but Ray and we go back to the living room. Debra's on the phone with a new friend, Shelly, who we've never heard her be on the phone with before.

Isn't that exciting new friends, new friends for everyone this time, The they're talking about a birthday party at the Happy zone and um Ray comes in and he is of course sad because robert didn't put him on. Uh but Deb is happy that he, that robert became the captain uh and for Ray not playing as much because uh you know, they're going to the happy zone later and he can spend more time with the kids and uh etcetera. But obviously Deborah clocks that Ray wants to be the captain is jealous of robert and teases him about it, which I thought was nice dynamic thing, some some innocent fun. It's, you know, maybe trying to get to like a more central issue, you know, getting ready to open up about his feelings, which is a eternal struggle for Deborah true. Uh there's a big glass of milk on the coffee table? I noticed that uh there was a lot of milk.

Did anyone else get nervous when Ray was taking off his shoe right in front of that glass of milk. Like I was afraid he was just gonna pull it and knock the milk off the table. That would have been good because of the later Ray with the shoe incident. Then that would have been a call back to this. And yeah, you're right. But I guess they decided it was funnier for what happened with the glass of milk later, which too little too late. You all are, which was they start having this conversation and is this this is when Debra brings up the fact that like, you know, it's almost like raise, never home because he has road trips, he goes to work and then when he comes home he runs off to basketball and that's when this is the first time we really start to hear that that's something that really bothers Deborah, which I can understand why that would be a big concern. You've got young kids, it's a lot of work. Number one, But number two, like, yeah, if you have a young family, you know, you're not gonna have a young family forever, you want to be there for the kids while they're small, they're developmental years or some of the most important.

I think if each parent gets like maybe a night a week where they can just go off and do something just for themselves, I think that's an awesome compromise and very healthy as well and gives each prospective parent a night alone with their kids, which I think could be really great for the kids as well. So maybe something as well, like we said before, like, it's not an issue to have separate hobbies and to, you know, take time apart, but when it feels like, uh there's some neglect happening or a degree of neglect, I think for Deborah, seeing Ray want to take on more responsibility with the basketball team and spend more time doing that. I think that's what she's worried about. Um and I think that crosses that threshold for her of this isn't just something that you do once a week anymore. This is gonna be something that you're spending multiple nights a week on. Um and then I think eventually it crosses that once Ray becomes the captain, I think it crosses that threshold for him as well. It's all about balance, you know, work life, family hobbies.

I will also say, I think it's in this scene. Ray mentions he's been playing with these guys since high school, which I don't have anything to add to, that. I just thought it was worth bringing up to remember that these friends are are apparently uh school friends that and they all kind of just stayed in town and hung out and from what I know about Lynbrook, it's not not uncommon for people who grow up here to stay here. Yeah. Um especially when you see the type of men that these men are. Um But yeah, I think that's kind of a universal thing for people who grow up in any kind of town, you know, not growing up in like a city or something is like the people who stay behind uh you know, you wanna you want to give them a close look of like, are you staying behind me just because you like it here or are you sort of, you know arrested in like wanting to stay in the place where you grew up and not wanting to engage with the wider world?

I think for Ray, it's a mix of both because Ray has a job where he gets to go all over the place and see things and he could move, you know, into the city or closer to the airport or whatever, but he chooses to live across from his parents. We also learn later on, much later on how they acquired this house in a flashback and if I remember correctly, it wasn't like, like really up to Ray, like it was more of a Marie suggestion and Deborah jumped on it and the joke was, you know, she didn't know she was getting into um which, you know, I do know the last episode of this season is called how did we get here and it's about, you know them questioning why the hell do we live across the street from these guys. So maybe that's the episode, maybe I'm interested in finding out, we'll have a we'll have a very special finale for the season. We'll do something fun. Oh yeah. Um Yes, so where are we?

Hold on, I was just saying that, I think the last thing we were saying was that, you know, it's it's about finding the balance and it seems like there's starting to be a little bit of conflict and as that conversation is happening, we get an entrance from frank, which this is, I thought this was robert frank and robert and as frank is just so proud robert for being the captain, which is funny because he shows no pride in robert's other accomplishments. Yeah, captain of the basketball team in the Pizza League, Lieutenant Sergeant of the NYPD, and he's just like, hey, you're a leader because you were the captain of an adult pens amateur basketball team I thought and it robert like you can tell he's proud of himself as well and it's like he's enjoying being recognized for something. It's like clearly this is a good thing for frank and for robert to see him have anything at all, which is, you know, as we've seen, robert kind of needs a win and I think this is a good win for him and for frank to be over the moon.

He, I want to point out frank said he's proud of the Barone boys for continuing a long legacy of academic excellence. Yeah. So, oh, I wrote down academic, Why don't I write down academic? Yeah, it's not academic. There's no legacy of academic excellence that I can see. Yeah, I thought this was this was cute frank, just starts drinking the glass. Yeah, he raises it up like he's toasting the room and then starts chugging it. No idea who's that was? I think it was Ray. I think at some point Ray goes to get milk and cookies because then robert takes away his cookie because it's fatty. Uh and this is our first glimpse of robert taking this maybe a little too seriously. Um and then we see it uh in uh clearly in the next scene, uh it's the end of another game and the team comes into the locker room, they're all happy because they won.

But robert considers it a moral defeat because they didn't perform to his standards. He says that they got lucky. Um I do like the little touch of whoever didn't play, does not have a sweat drenched shirt. Yeah, I thought that was a cute little Ray was the only one everybody else was was absolutely drenched and Ray was perfectly clean. It's Revealed that he only played for two minutes, the entire and we won. That was uh speaking of Burns robert takes Dave's cigarette and puts it out on his hand. So further evidence of robert being heat resistant as we remember from Turkey or fish when he's carrying a hot pot in his bare hands. Uh We need to we need to make a catalog of all of his superpowers right now. We have super strength and heat resistance at the very least. I'm also going to say, I thought it was just straight up badass when he put out the thing in his palm, he was looking him in the eye, he was not looking at his hand.

Yeah, you could intimidate a, you could intimidate like a tiger with that move. I thought that was he was, robert should be if there is a spin off and obviously there won't be, but we're there to be one, it should be one of these limited Disney plus marvel series about a superhero, but it's about robert Sergeant, a Star Wars story gets catapulted. Raymond is still somehow in charge of the galaxy, the new emperor's apprentice, he keeps fucking everything up. Um Everybody is unhappy with robert for taking this too seriously. And Race even says that nobody likes him this way, which um implies that they liked him before, which is nice. Uh That robert had people who like, I don't think that that was what Ray was going for, but yeah, well we do see that, you know in the next episode, spoiler Ray and robert sort of share a group of friends for the most part.

Um It feels more like robert is kind of hopping on to the ray train with these friends or he did initially, yeah, how it started. Um but then robert, because he's being criticized, quits very nice detail of him touching the clipboard to his chin. Um and then Andy calls after him basically saying, come back your huge, which I thought was funny and then we come back to the kitchen with Deborah. Ray comes in, tells Debra that robert quit and reveals of course that he is the captain. Oh, right at this moment. Right at this moment, did anyone else see it? Did Anyone else see it? Did you see it at home listener at 10 minutes, 55 seconds, we got boom mic. Yes, the first one I I've seen in the series since this rewatch, um I I mentioned in like the first episode, this happens more often or every once in a while, a boom mic gets caught in the frame and not edited out, and this is the first one I've spotted, I probably missed one already, but I was I was very excited to reveal that one fact.

Right, As Raymond's walking to the fridge, you can see it Nice. Uh yeah, that's further evidence of this first season being kind of shoddy for this show. Um but it's a charming shoddiness, you know, feels handmade and uh just a little irregular. Um but yeah, so they're in the kitchen. Ray tells Deborah that he is the captain and thus he cannot go to the happy zone. Um Yeah, a little more than a little disappointed. Yeah. Um But then I think that's the end of that scene and the we go to our favorite peacock commercials um which we're not going to talk about Ray in the next scene though, comes in and it's dark and it's clearly nighttime. Deborah comes down the stairs and turns the light off to find Ray laying on the coffee table in pain. Uh He says, um you know, various things including I think I pulled a liver.

Um Yeah, it's pretty funny. Huh? Alright. He's clearly been working hard on the court. Um I want to point out that I have a very similar shirt to raise in this scene and that was very distracting to me. I believe. I will say that. One of the things that's just I thought was just very interesting is like obviously he didn't get injured at his house, right? So he walked in through the door but did not turn on any lights cleared off the coffee table, lied to prostrate on it and then started screaming in pain. I then Deborah came down the stairs. I don't know what you're talking about mike. I can kind of see that unfolding in my mind very clearly. I just love the idea because if you wanted to talk or if you wanted comfort or anything like that, it would have been just as easy to like call up to Deborah and like and things like that. I just don't know. I think it was just a very dramatic thing.

That was very funny. I can imagine Ray pretending not to be injured at the game and then sort of grimacing on the way home and then finally he gets home and he can be pathetic as is his natural state. Um, but Deborah comes down the stairs and sort of lifts him onto the couch and uh tells Ray about their time at the happy zone. They had a great time, Ali knocked down a boy to defend the twins and she makes a reference like, this is the sports reference we were talking about to Mark messier, who is Mark messier is one of the all time great NHL hockey players, spent 25 years in the NHL playing primarily for the Edmonton oilers, New york rangers and Vancouver Canucks. He won five championships, five Stanley cup championships with the Edmonton oilers. But he has a very special place in the heart of new york hockey fans because he is The one in 1994 who led the New York Rangers to their first Stanley Cup victory in over 54 years, earning him the nickname mark the Messiah Messier.

He was known very fondly for his very aggressive and very physical playing style. So in the sand, when Deborah references the hip check, she was referencing how aggressive Mark messier is. He's now a nationally, he's now in the NHL Hall of Fame, one of the all time greats. Like I said, probably after Wayne Gretzky and uh, and yeah, that's, that's Mark messier. You actually timed that perfectly. Um, I didn't have the loop on, but the song ended right when you said that you were done. Oh, and uh, just one little tidbit that I got because I was curious about this too. And I looked up, his number is retired. I didn't know that his number is retired. So if you ever go to MsG Madison Square Garden and see anything show next game, whatever it is, you will see his jersey number 11 hanging in the rafters. You, I also thought it was very funny. Like I said, he's in the Hall of Fame as an Edmonton oiler. New york rangers retired his number in a game against the Edmonton oilers. So I thought that was a very funny, you know, that's a little little sass.

Those poor Albertans just want, they don't have much of a lot. They have a lot in hockey. Yeah, rams feeling really bad about missing the fun zone after hearing and then he felt even worse once Deborah revealed that Michael said his first word they were driving on presumably the Long Island expressway and the truck cut them off and he said what Ray usually says when trucks cut them off and I think we can all deduce that it's most likely fuck. So yeah, Michael's first word is fun, just like our Michael's first word. No bullshit. My first name was actually my first, it was actually duck. Oh, so clearly you meant. Yeah. Uh and Reyes said that he missed all of this, like Alex said, and is disappointed that or tells Deborah and disappoints her that he can't do anything tomorrow because he has the basketball playoffs.

At this point, Marie enters and gives the performance of the episode. She is furious at Ray for betraying robert. She says he sold him down the river for his own glory. Makes reference to Richard the third or that guy on young and the restless. I didn't look up what it could mean, it could mean any number of guys on a soap opera. Um, but she delivers this tirade and gets an applause break from the audience for the performance of the episode. Without a doubt is this the only time we see Maria this episode? I think so, yeah, I think so as well. Yeah. Uh and she comes in like a hurricane and to um and she tells Ray to go apologize to Robert and make it better. And so we go across the street, Robert is in the barone kitchen eating Chinese food meal for seven and chinese food, which I mean, it's explained in a sec.

But I also wrote down that was a lot and it was all open to know, he's not saving any of that for later. That's one or it's the giant sampler platter. So Ray comes over and robert at this point reveals that Marie is upstairs hitting his speed bag, which I thought was pretty funny. Um A speed bag. Is that thing that hangs from that when we were in the Stallone zone. Remember those things that were hanging from the ceiling punching bags? Yeah. Um Which I thought was funny that it's like Marie has this routine when she gets angry that she blows off steam. Um Yeah Ray invites robert to come back to the team but not as the captain as a player. Um Because it's really excited when Ray starts to ask him back to. Um But he Ray refers to robert as the missing link on the team and I thought it was funny says I've heard that before.

Um further evidence that robert is some kind of mutant. Um But robert does not want to come back as a player. Um And he reveals the origin of this large chinese meal. He's being recruited by Wo hop's chinese take out to be on their team. He says they made a very compelling offer or something like that. He says some of the effect that I just I love the idea because this happens in N. B. A. All the time of like one team will scout out the best player and like we'll do all like give them. I love the idea that's happening in this amateur micro scale on a micro scale of the league. The mutants free all the chinese food, see what we can do to get them. Um Yeah. Uh it's also like I don't blame robert for saying no here because he knows it's worth. And it's very clear that Ray is offering this just as a kind of, not necessarily out of concern for the brother.

Just as a concern of this will get Deborah off my back, will get Marie off my back. I'm coming back on the team and being submissive and happy as not. The captain would solve all of Ray's problem. True and robert kind of points that out and yeah, robert says you get everything and Grace just like no that's like for saying but it's all the things he needs right now. But I thought it was nice to see robert sort of stand up for himself. Like you said, he knows his worth now. He knows that he can be a good basketball captain. Um Yeah, and then we go to the next scene where uh Ali comes into the kitchen, Debra's there. Um Making breakfast. Uh Ali importantly tells Deborah that Ray is singing in the shower. Uh and then as they all are sitting down to eat breakfast uh Deborah and the twins and allie uh Kevin Andy and Dave enter. They're looking for Ray and this is just a chaotic scene.

These guys, some of some man Children in invading this space, kevin tries to steal the twins food from a baby. It's not even like a joke or anything. Like he's serious wants food and he's about to take it out of Jeffrey's mouth. Oh my God. And then you see, Andy drinks the orange juice straight from the carton and yeah. And then Dave starts to light a cigarette on the stove. I thought it was funny that he calls Ali and Mark, I had the exact same thing, you know, when looking at these guys, it's amazing that raised as good as he is, you know? Yeah, throw Bernie into the mix as well. Yeah. And the and leo Oh yeah, and of course the late great. Um, but Deborah, knowing that Ray is upstairs in the shower and to, you know, have a little fun with these man Children. She tells them to go upstairs and see him.

Okay. I need to say when we get to the shower room and we we yeah, the bathroom and we we focus on Ray. Now, I want to preface this by saying, I don't like to curse a lot on this show because I want the times when I do curse to really like have a punch to it. Like really lay on the importance of what I'm saying and with that said, who the fuck sings camp town ladies in the shower. I get that. He has kids, I get that. but like he's what the hell Ray And so passionately he's into it. He's into it. Oh yeah Ali has a very cute moment at the beginning of the scene to where she's like daddy singing in the shower. He's terrible and that was, I thought it was adorable. I mean I understand the song choice for the real reason that that it's royalty free and they can just use it.

Um But still man, I just like I heard that I'm just like that's ridiculous. That's hilarious. Um And then his asshole friends and mike, we hang out a lot. I don't think we would hang out as much if you did what these friends gonna be honest to be honest. I'm good not seeing my bro sticks and they seemed all too comfortable with with looking in the shower there but they didn't know which way he was facing. They were ready to be fair though, they did not look down so they have that boundary there. They they look directly in his eyes as he was washing himself. Um better I think just kevin and Andy poke their heads into the shower. Kevin does a pretty funny Ray impression throughout that was yeah, really good. Um And meanwhile Dave is brushing his teeth with Ray's toothbrush and going through the medicine cabinet. Um They tried to or they confront Ray about some of his mismanagement as team captain.

He accidentally ordered. Yeah not a good captain no, he uh Yeah, he uh accidentally ordered style 70 instead of style 17 from the uniforms the other way around at any rate. Instead of basketball uniforms, they got cheerleader uniforms. Um Yeah, I know. That would have been really funny to see them wear them at the end of the episode. I don't understand why they need new uniforms for the playoffs. Yeah, but when uh wo hop's chinese take out comes in at the end. They're also wearing, you know, just t shirts with the restaurant name on them. It's not like they wanted to be like, you know, I guess so. Um But overall it's a chaotic scene and Ray ushers them out of the bathroom and he's as he's going to go down and take care of everything. Um We see the next step, The next scene. Ray comes downstairs, he's got his shirt halfway button, he's putting on his boot and we get a nice little pratfall.

This is our second time actually seeing somebody do a pratfall behind the couch, which of course is the most convenient place to put the mat. Um Ray's demeanor, he's, he's generally overwhelmed with all the big things that a captain's got to do. Um and Deborah, you know, she is understanding, but she just is giving the kids breakfast and just having a nice time there and raise about to run out and he looks back over his shoulder and he decides that what he's missing out on at home is actually more important than the basketball team. That was a really cute moment. Yeah, I agree. I think that was like the first time I saw Ray like really like passionate about his family and making the choice for like a legitimately good reason. Like there was no ulterior motive. He just wanted to spend time with his family. And Deborah says something like, what about the team? What are they going to do without the captain and race says I just retired And I thought that was nice.

And that's the end of the scene. Then there's the thing of like, is there any more french toast? And she's like, yeah, you can get me some. Yeah. I thought, I thought he was going to say, you know, this is my team. Oh, that would have been, that would have been certified drop. Yeah. So we go to our hot close where we are saying, look, we've had sex implied we've had sex confirmed. This is I feel like this is as close as we're gonna be to seeing sex happen on the screen. This is indeed one for the counter. I'm gonna get a sound effect. No adam adam, you don't have to get. I'm thinking like, oh, that would be good. We could do, we could do, oh yeah, we could do like a porn. Like chicken cow kind of thing. Or my first instinct was just a splat. Um, which I think is what I'll probably go with Ray and Debra are clearly post coil here.

They have had some good old sex because Ray uh stood up and did what was best for his family and showed that he cared and was rewarded in the kingdom of sex, not heaven. Um, you look befuddled. I've never heard the kingdom of sex before. Yeah, but Debra says something like, I wonder how the team is doing and then we see we cut, smash cut to the locker room and Andy is serving poorly in the role of captain. It's the end of the game and they are all uh, you know, defeated and robert and wo hop's chinese take out comes in and they have the trophy, just like we tried our best everybody, we shouldn't feel bad. And then just these guys chanting as he comes in, robert's wearing the net carrying trophy over the moon.

Uh, I like that it ended with robert having a win, he deserved it. And hopefully this is the catalyst that, you know, as we've already talked about, we're gonna see robert grow and change in ways that we never would think possible throughout the series. I'm hoping this is the inflection point that gets robert to think, you know what, maybe I should make some changes in my life and then it only takes eight years, but I'm going to start going to get chinese food more often. Yeah. Um, yeah, I mean just a good uh seen, I think this is the most other than the smash cut to Japan in frank the writer, the most non white people on screen. And um, yeah, you're not wrong. You know, good. Um, you know, whenever, whenever they have people of different races that aren't white on this show, I always get worried a little bit, you're gonna do something super, especially when it's, you know, chinese take out a basketball team.

You worry that they're gonna take it. Yeah, but they didn't, they just acknowledged that it was a chinese restaurant and treated them like normal people. Which thank thank you for that writers. Uh, so far so good. I think they were jumping up and yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right. I don't think there was anything. Yeah, I think we cleared the uh, representation test here. All good. Uh huh um, so that's the episode and now is the time to uh break out the barometer and evaluate raise performance as a husband, father son, brother, basketball captain, uh friend and lover. On this episode. Uh, season one, episode 11. It's called Captain nemo and we're rating on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the great dads of television history uncle Phil from the fresh prince Danny Tanner from full house.

One being men who actively harm their families don draper and walter white mike. Where are you coming in this episode for our good friend Ray Barone. So I'm torn. I'll be honest with you. I'm torn because I think that over the entire course of the episode, he does have a lot of growth as a father. I think at the end he's a very, very good dad. Or at least we're led to believe that he's a very, very good dad because he recognizes the importance. He re prioritizes, he leaves things behind when he doesn't recognize is he doesn't need them. Um and so I want to give him obviously not a perfect rating because he does spread himself too thin and exposes his Children to his wild and not at all good um friends that come in and just rampage through the kitchen. Uh and like we didn't talk about it. I like how Debra after she finally gets him out of the kitchen, she sits down with Ali and it's just like Ali, do you want to talk about what you just saw was like, yes, yes.

I so I want to give him a positive rating on that. On the flip side. I don't think he was as good a brother as he could have been. I think that he was not um I think that robert was clearly sure he had to confront robert. I'm not saying that he was wrong to say something about robert going over the top with the with the captain thing, but it came across to me like a power play. I don't know if that's fair, but it came across me like a power play when he left, he just kind of stepped up and didn't really have any remorse for that and didn't really show any remorse when he came to robert later in the later in the episode. Um So yeah, I'm torn. Um I guess I'm gonna give him like a 5.5 I'd say, because I think, I think all things considered it's probably pretty neutral, but I want to acknowledge his growth as a dad, so yeah, I'll give him a 5.5 Alex, Okay, so I'm gonna start with the robert stuff when Ray goes to talk to robert, uh he does kinda, he's coerced into doing it, but I feel kind of his main reason to do it was or the main reason he did it was because his mom, oh, so politely asked him to go talk to robert.

Um And I think he did it in as part of the reason is to kind of right a wrong that it occurred, that wasn't necessarily his fault. Um Obviously I think Ray believes that it was kind of, you know, roberts, uh letting the coaching go to his head, that kind of was his own, he was his own downfall and I think that's a fair take um obviously the rest of the cast was not there for the rest of the main cast, I'd I'd say so, I'd uh the olive branch. Ray offers robert, I felt was reasonable. I mean, I wouldn't offer him the captain ship back um after, you know, the actions robert took um and I think what he really wanted was he wanted he wanted his problems to be solved, but that his problems being solved also means that everyone else in his life would also be happy or at least you know, satisfied with that conclusion. So I think that action was the right move at that point.

Um I've never seen Ray care so much or at all about his kids and show an active interest in them as people when Ray, when Deborah was telling Ray about like their trip to the happy zone, like Ray was completely and absolutely interested the entire time. He asked he showed initiative, he was curious and he wants to be there with his kids and at the end he, you know, he holds up to that decision And for that reason I feel comfortable giving him a seven. Alright. Um Yeah, what you guys are saying about the robert stuff is playing in for me um in a bigger way than I thought because I would have liked to see Ray at that point offer robert co captains equals um rather than have, you know offer him a subservient role because robert, you know, as we know has been underneath.

Ray in terms of status his whole life or raise whole life at least. Um And I think it would have been a nice gesture for Ray to say, you know, you went wrong in a couple of places here are what people didn't like about what you were doing, but we can work it out to where I do some of this stuff and you do some of this stuff and then at the end maybe we have the brothers win together because they've learned the value of uh you know, working together or whatever, but at the same time, you know, that takes away that other thread of Ray spending time with his family. Um He wouldn't have learned that lesson if he, you know, was learning the lesson about getting along with robert. So I think the way this episode is structured, robert necessarily has to be hurt by Ray so that he can go off on his own and win for the other team.

Um And Ray needs to not have competing with robert, be a source of you know, conflict so that he can focus on spending time with his family if any of this makes sense, I'm figuring it out as I'm saying it, but uh so I think the way that Ray treats robert in taking the captain ship away from him is shitty and you know, not offering him co captains is shitty, I understand why it has to be done that way. Um So I'm not I'm not knocking him too much for that, like with that alone, I put him still at like a six or a 5.5 like where you were mike. Um But with the way that like Alex was saying the way that he shows how much he cares for his family in this episode and then giving it up and giving up the team at the end. Um I think that bumps him up to a seven and then of course you know I always like to give Ray points when he has good old sex, I've got to give him a 7.5.

He tried new stuff. He I think he you know put what was important into perspective, I understand that he had to you know Robert had to get hurt in the process. Um And that's just that knocks him down a little bit like maybe if he had been co captains with Robert and they won together I'd be giving him a nine. But um yeah I'm gonna give him a 7.5. Alright That adds up together to average out to be a 6.77. No we have we go out to the 10th so far, we could go back and I mean I might I I think I feel like 5.5 is a little too low for me actually to six Rounds, we're going forward, we're going forward to two late 6.7 out of 10 for Ray. This c I I felt that too like when I go first or close to first and after I hear everyone else talk, I feel like, oh my God, am I the weird one? No, no, I mean there's different perspectives and that's important.

That's why we take the average. Um that's only a these three white guys to determine, That's a very slight dip from the previous episode. Um he's at seven, so this is good. It Brings his average up to a 5.2 from a 5.1. So moving in the right direction all in all I would say this is a good episode for Ray. Um I'm proud of him, I'm glad he fucked. I'm glad he uh you know, I'm glad robert won the game. I'm glad frank was proud and Marie was happy for robert. Everyone was happy and it all worked out, we were all pretty good. Pretty good day for the Yes and it's been a pretty good day for us. Would you guys believe? We've only been recording for an hour and 36 minutes. This is gonna be a svelte, speedy little episode and thank God for that. So we've had a couple of long ones.

Oh my God, we had, we could use Some seriously beefy episodes, but not this one. There's only one last thing to say though, thank you for listening and uh please rate and review this podcast on Spotify and Apple podcasts. Follow us at Barone Zone on instagram and facebook visit us on the R slash. Everybody loves Raymond. We'll poke around there from time to time. Head to post fund dot info slash ads to support our sponsors. And of course, remember, keep this in your heart forever. As we say, our classic sign off, everybody loves Raymond and we, you thanks for listening. Everyone see you next time. All right.

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1.11 Captain Nemo
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