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1.22 Why Are We Here?

by Post-Fun Podcasts
October 5th 2022

Eager to pull the Big Prank, the Barone Boys flip the format and dive right into the Season 1 finale of Everybody Loves Raymond, "Why Are We Here?" As they break down the episode, they discuss the ... More

Welcome back to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. I'm adam, that's Alex Hi, and that's Mike Hi, I'm mike, it's a preemptive sigh of excitement. That was a very it is this is it's a huge day for us. Honestly, it's a really exciting day. So look, um this is the only everybody loves Raymond podcast you have the option of listening to in real time, I guess. That's too combative. Let's reset. Um This is the only everybody loves Raymond podcast out there right now and this is the only everybody loves Raymond podcast that is ringing in season one, episode 22 of everybody loves Raymond, Why are we here? And this is the season finale? Yes, it's the season finale and it's the only everybody loves Raymond podcast, that is about to have all of our problems solved.

So we're coming at you from from the Barone Zone, the penthouse of what was once the only skyscraper in Lynbrook and is now unfortunately uh minuscule compared to our neighbors across the street, the Tower of jokers, those loyal listeners that have been here since last week uh they've grown even more in the time that since, since we have, since we have discussed, Oh yeah, they're very they're already there. Yeah, it's you. I even put into words how high high that is. I can't even clouds are shorter than the tower. You see those storm, they're almost done building it. But do you see the storm clouds gathering just above, just above them. Like we talked about like the last time the Tower got this got this high was in, it was in Babel and God did not take very kindly with that. I mean they're they're challenging here.

They they're trying to reach him. I don't understand here. I don't think they thank God. He's not going to like that. Well, I thought they were trying to recruit God but I think God honestly is more of a guy he loves. What would you do? Oh yeah, that's kind of like they haven't gotten Kenyans yet. They have not gotten him. He's got he's got character. Duane Reade who lives below us. He lives below us in the Duane Reade on the first to be clear. Duane Reade the person who runs Duane Reade the store. Yes. Below us lives in that store. And he has been sneaking in there posing as he's pretended to have job interviews. Um He keeps going back. Doesn't change his disguise. He just keeps going for it. He I don't know there's the character that he's playing is very specific. It's a man who has applied for and gotten interviews for every business that's in that building.

So you know we mentioned the combination Wendy's burger king. There's also an accounting firm, a literary agent. Um a therapist and that therapist by the way. Don't go don't go to her because she will. She's a prank therapist. I mean she's A Prankster. She's one of the she's one of the 148 jokers. Well 148 last week. Now it's up to, you know, I think 2 99 if not 300. And they have adopted the outfits. They were like showcasing them on the billboard. I didn't think they were going to go, We need outfits. Guys are we? I did order, you know in early on Ray wears that rugby shirt, that green and blue striped rugby shirt, which I thought was a pretty good look. And I ordered some of those but I do think that the jokers have been porch pirating us because I've been looking at them and we do have a porch on our skyscraper.

Um It's sheer wall and then just a little on it and then it just keeps going Up. I looked at the ring footage and you know, it's almost like they've been ordering additional things for us because as I said there were 2 299 if not 300 of them. And one would take the package that was there, which I know for a fact because I got the amazon delivery picture that that was our shirts. One comes along takes that the next one comes along puts a package down such that the other one can then come and take it. So it's sort of like an infinite loop. I've seen the footage too and I will say q looks really graceful with that jet pack. I mean like in there. Yeah, I'm not saying it's good. I'm really not saying it's good but like we're 100 floors up and he's he's moving with the grace of a gazelle. We have different understandings of what I meant when I said we have a porch.

Yeah I was that we have outside someone calling from the porch. A porch on the 100th floor. Okay. Yeah. Well we have the two we have the balcony and the porch and nothing in between. So it does it sort of looks like very tall columns. Yes keeping that balcony up. Yeah that's right. Um What was the point? So that we're very excited for today because as much as we're competing with the jokers as much pissed at them for porch pirating us and the various other crimes and offenses that they've done to us and the people of Lynbrook they've gotten very extremely assaulted that lady last week. Wait hold on Mrs Henderson died. Oh my God was I think it was unrelated right. Yeah they're they're just straight up a gang at this point they're straight up blood, blood is running through the streets of Limburg here.

And the good news is that here today on the season finale of everybody loves everybody loves Raymond we are going to put a stop to it because we got great the big prank. Yes so with the help of our friend Duane Reade we have attached through various means. We've attached a large amount of fireworks to the base and various other various other parts of the tower of jokers. We have run the fuses to a central location. We have a button system standing by to light that fuse at which point the fireworks will ignite and the jokers will be launched to the moon. Where's that button by the way, just asking for a friend. The button is right outside of the joker's tower, it's on, So we had to hide it. So it's in a village voice dispenser thing.

So you will the button pusher, whoever it is. Um, and we're excited to see the auction winner arrive because we did auction off the chance to push the button. It was a very competitive auction. I think it got up to like 15 million at some point. I can't believe that much. I know. Um, so the auction winner is going to have to put a quarter in that village voice dispenser, open it up and press that button and that is going to launch quarter. Okay, good to know. That's great to know. Um Actually, speaking of just uh, I thought this would be a great opportunity since today we are going to be talking about the finale. Why are we here? I think we should take a few minutes to help those who are maybe newer to the podcast understand how we got here. Oh, with trying to send our arch nemesis is tower to space. I think we spelled it out.

I don't know what, what, what, what, what do you want? I'm 50 50 on whether that even requires an explanation. I mean, I think it's pretty obvious how we started from a very low stakes, everybody loves Raymond Rewatch podcast to the point where we are currently. But yeah, I mean we can certainly do that. I mean yeah, sure It was an idea I had 30 seconds ago and I was like, Oh, that ties into the episode. So um yes, how did we get here? Uh, how did you know three guys who are just living in a ray romano themed penthouse apartment, doing a podcast about everybody loves Raymond. How did we end up feuding with this, this Army of impractical jokers? Well, I think it all started after mike was named Sexiest Man of the Year for Long Island magazine, which that wasn't a prank, right? That actually happened. No, no, that was just me winning. It was, it wasn't a prank.

It was, I don't even know how you describe it. It was, it was sarcastic in nature. It was they named you, you were named the sexiest man of the Year to make a point about the devastating effects of climate change. Um, and that I think that sort of painted a target on your back because then as, as one of MERS punishments for being tonight's big loser. They made him dress up as Marie barone and go out on a date with you and there's Sparks flew, went home and to bed and things happened and I think more then proceeded to upload my sex tape on the internet and I think that sort of emboldened the jokers. They bought the lot across the street from us which had been vacant. They started building and you know, at first we were like whatever. But then they sort of, you know, as they expanded, became more and more aggressive in the neighbor, more and more aggressive towards us.

They were taunting us. They're building a tolerant taller. They recruited, you know, crocodile Dundee, the jackass guys, Ashton kutcher. O. J. Star of juice. I did forget about the juice. Well I don't forget about him. He still parks the bronco outside and the bronco is parked on one of those jeep dealership fake mountain things out front so you can see it's very prominent. Yeah. Yeah. Actually one time we share, we share a park, we share a parking lot with them. I didn't share this last time. But since last time too now um O. J double parked me in, like I parked in the, in the lot and O. J. Just parked behind me and I was in the front. It's a power play here. Like here's the thing right? Like the whole town of Lynbrook has seemingly the collective unconscious has turned against us in favor of the jokers and that's that's why we're doing what we're doing because the jokers have been so successful through, you know intimidation and thuggery.

Um They've made up, made so much money for Lynbrook, they've become the largest employer in Lynbrook and the mayor is fully in their pockets. Everybody's against us for what crime? I'm not sure. We've just been, you know, recapping episodes of everybody loves Raymond, we've been perfectly harmless and and now we're doing what all good white podcasters do playing the victim. That's right, we're complaining and we're spreading misinformation about them. I am literally hang out, flyers spreading lies about the impractical jokers on the streets of Lynbrook. I'm including things like, you know the impractical jokers eat crocodiles because I think crocodiles are kind of cute, even though crocodile Dundee is one of the jokers. Yeah, I think that's how I actually actually drew in the crocodile Dundee crying over Q with a fork and knife going at a crocodile with an apple in his mouth.

Uh And then the headline the next day was this crocodile Dundee, how I know we are, but how much are we conflating crocodile Dundee and the crocodile hunter right now. I don't know if he dislikes crocodiles. Um His name is not the crocodile Dundee. The point is in this summary that a lots happened last a couple of months and it's been a wild ride and everything at the end of today's episode is about to change. We're going to once that button gets pushed, all of our problems will be solved and we can go back to normal, we can go back to our skyscraper. Duane Reade on the bottom floor. Uh D hop on the 48th as everything should Alex's art slash bread studio on the 99th and you know these jokers, they just need to be gone, they just need to be sent to the moon.

And I think after that, you know, things are gonna be normal, we're gonna calm down, we're gonna stop talking so much about our personal lives on the podcast and we're just gonna we're gonna give the people what they want, which is dry commentary, not even commentary, Dry recaps. Uh no opinions, no personal anecdotes or anything about everybody loves Raymond. Um let me tell you guys, whoever is going to press that button must be a goddamn hero because like the aftermath of this, unless something unforeseen happens, which probably won't happen. Uh it's gonna be we're just gonna be like the Barone Report. Yes, we are, literally, that's what we should, we should have been aspiring to be all along The Barone Report, which is apparently an Ai generated. Uh just the audio of episodes of everybody loves Raymond, stripped out and released probably illegally as a podcast. And when that auction winner comes by, I would love to shake their hand and you know, maybe I'll slide them a little.

I know they're out quite a bit of money. Maybe slide them a crisp 10, maybe you give that to me and I'll pass it along. I need it because it's my last 10. Didter't you guys just sell the rights to the button for like a butt ton of money to pay for the money? That's right, right. We did all of the button on credit. So yeah, we do need that to pay it back and then once it goes through, so it went through Sotheby's the auction and we need to, you know, pay the fee there. Duane gets his cut. I mean by the end of it we should all get, you know, 5 to $600,000 which is pretty good. But it's It's certainly not 50 million. Yeah. So once the auction winner arrives, all of our problems will be solved. But we are so eager to get to that they're due soon. So we were going to flip up the format of this show a little bit and we're going to talk about the episode first.

We are not going to take a break and we are just gonna plow on through because they are due very shortly about an hour. And if you look down there actually, you know, I didn't tell you guys this because it's kind of a surprise. I had the Lynbrook High marching band come by and and the uh you know, there's a churro salesman down there, there's kind of a kind of a street fair vibe going on. Uh Duane Reade's uh you know, he all of his employees are dishonorably discharged M. T. A. Bus drivers, I got them to sort of open up the sides of their busses to be like a food truck kind of thing. It's very fun. I usually used to be in the Limburg high school marching band. I'll say hi to my my old band teacher if I go down there. Yeah, I don't think, I don't know if there's gonna be any. I think this is these are the best seats in the house, but I mean, if you want to go down there afterwards, I mean uh yeah, maybe we'll see, we'll see. Yeah, for sure, but let's go ahead and crack into this episode.

I mean, I'm very excited to get through this. Not because not just because the auction winner is coming, but also because this is the season finale. This is a great episode of everybody loves Raymond not to spoil my overall impression of it. In fact, let's do our overall impressions of season one, episode 22. Why are we here? Let's start with mike. What's your overall impression of this episode? My friend loved it. Alright. Anything else? You're you're eager to move things along, but you know, let's not sacrifice our journalistic integrity here. That's fair, that's fair. No, I thought it was a great episode. I thought they did a really good job reversing what we all expected the conversation to be. I think I don't know about you guys, but I went into this expecting the typical mama's boy thing from from Raymond only to find out that it was the reverse, that he was trying his damnedest to warn Deborah that this ain't a great idea, I thought it was great, we got some great tender moments of the newly wedded, or not newly wedded, but the expecting parents again of Debra and Ray and you know, we don't the moment, we don't get a ton of moments of of you know, cuteness and and un ironic joy from the from Debra and Ray, and we got a bunch of them this episode and I thought it was kind of it was adorable and I liked it.

So yeah, also it was just generally pretty funny. So yeah, I was I greatly enjoyed it, loved it, awesome Alex. What was your overall impression? Yeah, a lot of the intentional, like foreshadowing quote unquote in the back, back in the flashback was I thought was so clever, actually, remembered this episode coming out a lot later in the series, I was surprised to see it here as the season one finale and it was a pleasant surprise. I definitely remember this one is one of uh one of the ones I just always remembered throughout like my entire original watch of everybody loves Raymond way back in the day and for good reason, like it's it was interesting to kind of see the role reversal as Mike was saying, but it also makes perfect sense honestly, like yeah, Deborah at that point, not like knowing her in law's that well because they only come around once a month um makes sense that she'd want to get closer to them.

Ray, obviously growing up with them obviously understands why that's a horrible idea. I thought it was a great episode, I loved it adam as I alluded to already. I did enjoy this episode. I also I don't know if there is another flashback episode coming There is Yeah, I feel like they do this a couple times, so maybe that's where, because I also thought like I was surprised that this came this early in the series. There's another one that I specifically remember of um there's a flashback to when Deborah found out she was pregnant with Allie. So that's where, because I also had a similar thing where I was just like, oh already, but I think they re use this set a couple of times. Okay, they used the apartment set a couple of times um Yeah, like you guys are saying, I like the sort of underpinning of this episode being um the reason they're there is because Deborah thought Ray would was overreacting about how bad it would be to live across from the parents and then it flips as we see over the course of the three years that happened between this uh to where Deborah is the one who hates living across from the parents um and I thought that was a good place to come from, like it wasn't, it wouldn't have been a funny premise to have Ray want them to move across from the parents and Deborah already to hate them.

It's sort of that flip that change, which, you know, we don't see like we've mentioned since the beginning, there's not a ton of change over the course of this show, episode two episode. Um I mean there's some major changes down the line for robert for example, but for the most part, things are pretty stable. Um here we get a hint of, you know, over the course of this long time period, which we don't necessarily see. Um Deborah has this huge change where she goes from finding frank charming and finding Marie thoughtful to the same things, being absolutely important to her. I think that's a great sort of thing to show us as the audience um especially as we're getting to know these characters better. Um but yeah, great episode, very funny. Let's go to the cold open hey, that I wrote this down because I thought it was important that car establishing shot that we called out four weeks ago, is back baby.

Um the car establishing shot. So remember that shot in, I guess it was the dog of like a gray jeep, driving down the street, not gray green, yes, driving down the street, this is this establishing shot is the back end of that shot because that shot pans towards the house. This is just at the house. I'm pretty sure this is the same shot. That's so funny. I did not piece that together. We could probably tie them together, I might be wrong, but it is a very similar car, if not the same one. Um I don't know, just interesting to see because obviously they reuse establishing shots in sitcoms all the time. There would be absolutely no reason to make the trek out to Lynbrook, but you know, maybe three times a year to get the different uh literal seasons, weather seasons. Um I thought it was interesting and then we go to ali and Deborah in the kitchen, they're making a model of the solar system. I loved how this model was used for the beginning and the end of the episode.

I thought it was very smart. Uh the joke that they told and we'll get to that at the end, but just this whole like, solar system thing uh was super, like just an interesting, just like framing device. And also it's really sad that the first thing I thought about was, wow, there's so many idiots that are gonna be piste off that little kids are learning about the solar system when the truth quote unquote is that the Earth is a disc fly or falling out of the space out of space at a consistent speed and that's or no sorry, ascending at a consistent speed and that's why there's gravity. Yeah, that's that's the flat earth reason for gravity because the distance is flying Up at a consistent, well a consistent acceleration of 9.8 m/s squared. Yeah. Um One thing if you are a flat earth er this is not the show for you.

Um Okay, one third of your hosts are flat earthers, we gotta respect that. Okay. one Third of my hosts are are you? So in addition to coming out, you came out on season one episode 17 as anti vaccine, you're also coming out as flat earth. This is your character. You want this to be your character. It's the only thing that makes mike. This is your season one ark. This is your this is the season finale. You want to go out on that. Okay, this is this is the one people are gonna remember for the next season mike. Yeah, this is our bridge, this is the one that could win us an Emmy. Yeah, I know and because of the I want the Emmys to be aware of the truth and the truth is that the Earth is a flat disc rising and I'm not a fan of Raymond, you know take this opportunity to perpetuate the lies of Nasa, that's all, that's all I want to say. Anyway, what happens next adam? Anyway, I also wanted to say I my first very interesting to me that this is your big, this is what got you fired.

Listen, this is a big piece that you've planned for this episode. Listen, the other thing that I wanted to say was just that Ali is going to be heartbroken in a few years when she finds out about Pluto because Pluto is a part of the solar system. So I wanted to I wanted to bring that. Yeah, it's interesting to think that's an interesting tangent is um the way this show will intersect with historical events and you know, we're only four years away from a big one at this point. I don't I don't think we need to bring that up. I don't believe it or not. I don't think they have an episode about that later on down the line. I think they used a ping pong ball for Pluto. Do you guys think ping pong ball sales fell after Pluto was confirmed to not be a planet? I mean at least it wasn't. No, I mean with the model industry being, what are the model industrial complex being, what it is? Um All of these kids who were previously purchasing ping pong balls to make their models of the solar system for school now have no need to do that.

And it's just men with basements who are purchasing these balls, What happens next? Um Alley Deborah making this model Ray comes in and he's looking for his softball stuff. Say what you will about Ray. Um he's a very athletic man, he plays softball, he plays basketball, good for him, he's looking for softball stuff and then he takes and he also does say he's gonna this is his last season which is set up for future joke. Um we he takes that bite out of jupiter and then we go to our conveyor belt opening. I wish we had been tallying but one no contest for sure. What I also I also thought that this is this is the science neared part of my brain that's coming out. Ray takes a bite and says, oh well now there's a crater in jupiter, jupiter has made a gas jupiter is a gas giant. There wouldn't be any craters on jupiter. The gas would go, the comet would go right through.

A little disappointed in Ray. So yeah, I mean, to be clear, like Earth flat, we all know that as a pancake jupiter jupiter on the other hand, and all the other planets, Those are the globes and I I just like I said, I'm just disappointed that there are two untruths to falsehoods that Raymond is spinning the opening scene of this episode, tensions are developing between the hosts of this podcast goodness. There's going to be a fight. I'm look, this is supposed to be and we're not gonna fight today, This is a special day for all of us, but we're gonna talk about this later. Um So yeah, we go to our, we go to a conveyor belt, Shut up. We go to our opening and then we come back to the same scene, back to the solar system and frank runs in. He needs to use the dryer, what an athletic family. He needs to use the dryer for his hand ball game. I cannot make sure frank playing handball, but I guess he does, I can picture him trying to play handball.

It must be like a very like casual, like, you know, him and his buddies go out and they're just sort of, you know, slapping thing. It's probably highly competitive, but because they're all probably, you know, around frank's age, it probably isn't that, you know, high quality, you're not watching olympic can ball or anything like that. Oh no. Um, and he needs to use the dryer because his shorts are wet because their dryer is not working and he can't tell if Marie uh washed them or if they are still wet from last time, which is a lovely, I don't know what he's doing, where all of his sweat is just there, like, I don't know the state of his top, but the fact that his bottom is so much um, robert then comes in and these are like In quick succession, like the tempo of this scene is very relentless, Robert. Yeah, Robert runs in.

He needs Deborah to call channel 11 to ask what twilight zone is on tonight. This is troubling for a number of reasons. Uh, He's called Channel 11 enough that the woman knows his voice. So he's been harassing them. And also the TV Guide was a thing like the publication, the TV Guide was a thing. Um so it's surprising to me on the tv guide. So I think so, Um Pix 11 in New York presumably at this point. That's what you know. Well, the CW didn't exist back then. The CW is um I can I can literally break it down for you, but it is the successor of the WB. Um so that didn't exist at that point. But um the call sign for that channel is picks, that's what we grew up with. They used to play Seinfeld reruns and you know, things like that. Um that is where, by the way I saw because it it preempted Seinfeld and bumped Seinfeld.

That is where I witnessed news coverage of the miracle on the Hudson. I remember being piste off because I couldn't watch Seinfeld because sully had landed the plane in my God, that was your interpretation of that event. Yeah, I was annoyed. I gotta find out what was going up to. Well, I wanted to watch. It was also awful because we were chronically all in the Barone's Own together before it was called The Barone Zone and we could have potentially seen it happen. Yeah. Yes. Um I was, you know, I split my time. I I'm I've alluded to the fact that I'm a child of divorce and so alternating weekends, my mom, my dad and here was the third one that the judge put into place for the family courts And I are the 3rd 3rd caretakers and your and you guys parents signed on to this as well.

They thought it would be good for all of us to have alternating weekends together. And that is a detail that is true. So robert comes in to call Channel 11 to have Deborah call Channel 11 and Deborah finds out that it is death the Hitchhiker, which it's not the title of that episode. Yeah, Alex remembers this, we talked about it before you got here, mike. Um this is not the name of the episode. The episode is uh the Hitchhiker at season one, episode 16 of the Twilight zone. And robert uh is excited for this because he remembers this episode and um he's one of the things he likes about this episode is that death is a little guy that you wouldn't expect death to be, Let me tell you about this little guy to ask, I want to hear about this little guy look this up before you got here as well. Uh Leonard Strong played death in this episode of the Twilight zone.

There is Leonard Strong has 66 credits. Leonard Strong was born in Salt Lake City Utah in 1908 and died in Glendale California in 1980 all. But oh, I don't know three of Leonard Strong's credits are as some form of asian person, japanese chinese Malaysian. See that's the, that's the neat part mike. No. Oh good God. Okay, This man made an entire from 1942 two, He played almost exclusively Asian characters whilst being a white man. Adam and I were talking. And I think we came to the conclusion that his casting record says more about the state of Hollywood than it does about him as a person.

That they would, they were quick to hire a white guy to play um, asian parts. Um, instead of actually finding someone of asian descent. Yeah, So that's Leonard Strong. What an unfortunate legacy he leaves behind. But I mean his legacy is genuinely like one of the most beloved episodes of the twilight. I mean that's the his role, His death was incredible. I love that episode. It's such a trouble. I mean, good. That's a good thing to have on his resume. This classic episode of the Twilight Zone. The rest of his resume. Oh boy. Isn't that a commentary on the socio political climate at the time? Sure. Yeah. Yeah, that's Leonard Strong. We to be clear it doesn't actually make an appearance in this anything like that. It's just, he's just kind of indirectly referenced, He had been dead for 16 years. I wanted to see this little guy, he Is now dead for 42 years.

Yeah, so we it's not, look we're not trying to cancel Leonard Strong. The man's been dead for 42 years, but it's worth pointing out that the little guy mentioned in this episode made a career as a White Man playing Asian characters. So frank then gives the kids a sniff, We Have not seen him do this in 21 weeks. Almost an entire year or half a year has gone by since we saw Frank sniff these Children. It's good to be back. The fountain of youth. Um he only has to do it every like couple of months in order to retain his youth twice a year and then he's back able to dominate on the handball court once again um Ray comes in, Marie comes in uh she brings some whole milk because you could use some calcium in this house, she says last time she saw the twins, they looked a little bow legged, oh boy.

Um and then Marie also um you know they're digging through the fridge robert and Marie and Marie uh took, it turns out took Deborah's pot roast over to her house to recalibrate the spices which is incredibly invasive and then Ray kicks them out. So this was a very chaotic scene. Ray kicks them all out and then Deborah is overwhelmed, she says she's having bad thoughts, she can't take it anymore and she wants to move, she mentions that she misses their little apartment in queens. Um and they reminisce about that and then we do our like a little blur effect. It's not quite a dissolve. It's not quite a fade. It's it's like a blur. And it's a flashback to three years earlier. We see this little apartment in queens new set and pregnant. Deborah is trying to get ali to eat and she starts eating alley.

I thought it was I thought it was interesting that the reveal of her being pregnant got a laugh. I mean, I think it was just because of I left, I left because of the costuming. You know that that that's what, that's what made me chuckle more than anything else. It wasn't like a ha ha woman with three kids was pregnant before. I think it was just like, you know, similar to when they laughed When Ray, when they showed Ray the 17 year old making out with someone in the backseat of that of the car that episode. You know, and then they laugh later when robert comes in with the mustache. It's it's like a real like sitcom trope thing of, you know, let's flash back to, you know when these people were younger. I Wish she still had the Afro three years ago. That would have been funny um pregnant. Deborah is eating Ollie's food. This is another trope too. I feel like I can't remember where I've seen this before, but pregnant women being hungry.

It's been on full house. Yeah, everything. Um Ray comes in, he has found his softball stuff. So there's our class are called back to the previous. He also says it's his last season here. That's right. Um Mike, Ray is wearing a ST john's University shirt. Are we to deduce that Ray canonical? We went to ST john's University. So, okay. I actually had a few thoughts about this. Um I think no, and I think the reason why is, well, so at a different point, we see him wearing a Hofstra shirt, which is also say that a college, but my thinking is this right? If the show takes place in the nineties, this probably took place sometime in the eighties and the eighties ST john's University took Place in the 1993, I was gonna say. I thought this was a reference to the fact that in the 80s uh, ST. John's University was the single, like one of the top basketball programs in the, in the country.

So I thought that it was a reference to that run of. They could have bought it when Ray could have bought it when that run was happening and just still have the shirt and they're living in queens. Maybe they live near the campus in Jamaica. And we should say explicitly Mike and I both went to ST john's University and that is where we met and you know, had I met your co host Alex came along later, we fell in love. I went, I went to a liberal arts college in the woods and had a weird time, definitely the opposite of Saint john's. There are a few like famous new york sportscasters that went to ST john's University, like there are a lot of connections there um for newspapers and sports and stuff like that. So, I mean it's entirely possible, but I don't think we ever have it confirmed if it's notable alumni of ST john's University include from the law school Mario cuomo, former governor of new york, um DMC of run DMC fame Darryl McDaniels.

And unfortunately, and we have J cole, Yes. Um we have, unfortunately. And we've tried to get them to strike him from the record. We've made numerous petitions to them for some reason. We stopped mike and I stopped getting Um invites to the alumni events in the past 10 weeks or so. We have tried to get them to strike sal volcanoes name from the record, but they refused to in practical joker Extraordinaire. O G, impractical jokers. Sal went to ST john's University. I heard that they are renaming the business school that peter J Tobin college of business to the sal volcano College of impractical joking, Yeah, 1 80 to say the least. No, no. They decided that they realized that the percentage of alum that were getting hired by the business world was getting dwarfed by the number of alum that we're getting hired by the impractical jokers.

So they instead just decided to change the college. We begged and pleaded, we offered them money, they said no, thank you, but they just won't budge. So it looks like we're going to have to turn in our degrees. I mean we're gonna have to say no, thank you, sucks for you guys. Anyway, so Ray is wearing the saint john shirt. We don't know if he went to ST john's, it's possible Ray went to ST and Hofstra, maybe he went to Hofstra for two and transferred. Maybe he has a master's degree. I find that unlikely, but it's not, it's impossible. Like Deborah went to one of the schools and then gave him something some merch for christmas or a birthday or something. That's also possible. We know Deborah had a, you know, moderately high powered, like a job that you probably need a degree for NPR um, so Ray uh comes in, he's got his softball stuff, he's gonna go play softball, it's his last season.

Um and Deborah is going to get a sonogram later and Ray really doesn't want to know the sex of the baby, but it's pretty clear that he is hoping for a boy. Um, at that point they talk about that for a little bit and then at that point, robert knocks on the door. And um, interesting to note robert does not do his classic knock and enter at that point at this point in time. The boundary is still there to where he waits for the answer the door. That's true. I didn't even piece that together. Yeah, you're right. I just realized it now. Um, but he enters, he has a mustache and it doesn't look great. I will say he doesn't, it's not a mustache guy. Yeah, that's true. It's like the john waters low lip mustache. Um Deborah and this gets a laugh. Debra tells him, oh, robert, you're always welcome here. Um this is the point where we learn the name of robert's ex wife, Joanne yet not yet, although it appears to be impending, he's fighting with her.

Um because he played ping pong by the way during lunch and she's mad that he had fun without her. What a toxic relationship. I mean, Yeah. And we, we meet Joanne later on doesn't shock me. But yeah, it's kind of gross and we've also established or it's also been established that Joanne left robert for somebody he arrested. So um robert not a not a great person, robert does his little fast talk thing that he does when he gets frustrated, which we saw for the first time in scruples and I thought that was, that's always pretty funny. I do love that. And Then he has the line, she could end up a divorced 40 year old living in her parents basement, which, you know, classic, ironic. Yeah. And then he laughed at that notion. I feel bad for robert. Yeah, robert. He doesn't know what's coming. Uh We do sort of like, I don't even remember what the transition was, but we go to a later, another scene, uh Deborah is again eating Ollie's food.

Um which, you know, is whatever. Uh and Ray comes home. This is obviously after the sonogram. He doesn't want to know the results, but Deborah is sort of like, you know, all right, Ray fine. And he asks for you thinking the names already and she's like, yeah, and he's like, you're thinking the names like Jeffrey. Ray wants to, he wants to and then Debra finally shows him the picture and she's like, that's a leg, that's a leg. And then between and he's like, is that an arm? And she's like, it's not an arm and Ray is thrilled. And then she points out that it's twins and Ray thrilled before, you know, jumping around excited is just overwhelmed at the idea of twins. He's like, what? Right now? Um and he's it's I think it's good acting from Ray in this scene because I I can understand kind of the thought process there, like a lot of things probably go through someone's head when they learn they're having twins.

Like double the cost, double the effort, double, double the double. It's a lot of good and a lot of concern there he, you sort of see him process and then his reaction is, I think really authentic. And um it's not overplayed, he's not over doing it. Um this is some of some of his best acting that I think we've seen so far. I really appreciated it. And you know, I think we've touched on this in the past. Like my opinion is that Ray is romano is a really good dramatic actor. I think when he has the chance in this show to show some emotional, um sort of dramatic, uh, some of his range there, uh, he does a really good job. So I really appreciate seeing that and at this point in its infancy, no pun intended of, you know, his acting career coming from being a stand up. So I also, I also want to point out just one joke that I really liked and that I remembered is that like the way she Deborah pointed out that it was twins is like looking like, oh, and then over here on this picture is another little something.

Um, and then later Ray says, you know, when you said that, I didn't think twins, I thought Mike was going to make a living. Winning bar bets, which I just thought it was such a funny line. Yeah, am I a man or what he's, he shouts and he's thrilled about this. And yeah, the bar bets line is really funny. Um he's thrilled and then has a beat where he realizes the apartment is too small and that's the end of the great line which connects to when steve was saying about the real ray romano personalities. Just like, I feel like I'm never going to worry about anything again. Oh no, it was the exact storyline. I thought that was a great line. But yeah, he realizes they got to get out before the twins arrive. So they next seen Ray puts a map up of the tri state area of new york Connecticut and New Jersey um on their like pegboard and circles Lynbrook ostensibly.

I know you guys have some thoughts about what we were looking at it and I'm like 90% sure that he put the dot on either Hicksville or plain view and I just want to say that like, you know, alright fine. It's going to With like 90% of your audience, not me, not, not, not actual limb broke. Ian's we legit, we are from here. We know where it is. Within reason. Yeah, it is closer to the southern shore of Long Island. I think he put it more in the center, you're right. You know, it's, it's like, it's like Lynbrook is one of the first towns after you leave queens southern that you, that you hit. Um So yeah, when you put it like pretty central in Nassau County. I was like, that doesn't, that doesn't track, it's better for like the visual aid of like the circles, that's exactly what it is exactly what they were chilling out in L. A. And saying who the funk is going to care we Do 20 fucking years later.

Sorry, 25 years later. I mean we can take it to the next time we have a writer on we can we can we can cut this out. But did did either. You guys also think about the time that trump drew on a hurricane map with a sharpie in this scene. I did not, I did not know. That's fantastic. So Ray puts up this map and he circles where Marie and frank live roughly. Uh and draws a small circle around that and he describes that as the hot zone. So that is where Marie can make sauce and bring it over without it getting cold. So very short distance away. And then he draws a circle around that and that's the once a week visit, you know uh far enough away that it's more occasional but they are not you know going too far out of their way. And then a larger circle to where they would have to stay overnight if they visited. Um Which I mean is arguable right?

It's none of those locations could be more than an hour away. Yeah but still like like you can't they can't at that point just come poppin for 30 seconds if they come they're gonna stay there for a while. But yeah I mean like yeah it's a weird zone. Um I mean the larger circle, I'm pretty sure Lynbrook is actually contained in the largest circle. I don't think the the golden zone actually hits I. R. L. Uh Lynbrook, not that this actually matters, but it did bug me a bit. No it bugged me too, mike obviously. You know, you and I both know a thing or two about this town. So it's just kinda it did throw me for a loop as well. I did like Ray's idea about the different circles and the science behind it also, or the science, the logical tells me that the logic behind it has told me that Ray has been thinking about this his entire damn life. That's a good point to find the best positioning to make sure that um he can try and have a healthier relationship with his parents by not seeing them as much.

Sorry, go ahead. But yeah, I mean so Deborah at this point is saying no no no we don't need to basically that she's raised obsessing over this, you need to put the map away before everybody arrives. Um And it is very very funny just to see, we talked about this briefly before just to see how innocent Deborah is in relation to the whole Debra Marie and frank situation. It's it's definitely an ignorance thing where like she sincerely does not understand the storm that is coming. Um And just just the fact that she's so like uh like dismissive of res um intense care on planning out where they live, just kind of shows that so after uh after Ray draws out the map, what happens next at him? After Ray draws out the map, they hurriedly take it down because Marie and frank are coming over and they arrive and this is a nice parallel to the first scene, because Marie has brought over whole milk for Allie and Deborah, in contrast to the first scene finds this to be very considerate, um frank, then fountain of youths alley and Debra tells Ray not to give him a hard time and she finds it cute again, the contrast there.

And then a minute later, robert arrives without Joanne and uh everyone sits down and Ray and Debra tell them they're big news, the way they told them this news. I also thought was very uh it was very fun how robert like was like instantly like, oh he probably gets a boy because he already had a girl. And then Ray confirms no boy and roberts like you're having a girl and he gets super excited about it. And then of course they have the reveal, just robert, like just deflates classic, crestfallen robert of another win for Ray. Ray can't, you know, nothing can't go Raymond's way. Uh he says, look at Raymond go Deborah tells them that they're going to look at bigger apartments and then Marie says frank still has his broker's license and frank tells him that he has a house for them And I ask you a question um I thought frank worked for like some company doing sales.

Is that not established down the road or has he always been a real estate broker? Maybe he sold houses in sales. It might be established later on. But at this point the only thing we know is that he's a veteran, We don't know anything about what he did after his time in Korea. Uh but I I, so I think this is the first look, we get into what his life is. Maybe Alex is right, maybe it is like a big time real estate company that he's working for and maybe they just kind of slide over. But yeah, I think this is the first look we have into that world that it felt wrong to me like that. Let's remember this and see if it ever comes up again. I'm going to go to the wiki okay, well don't spoil it. I mean we want to find out together together three years with everyone else. Uh It just didn't seem right to me. I felt like he, you know, worked for, which I guess he could do as a real estate broker. But I don't know, it rang false to my ear, but he tells him that he has a great house for them.

No money down, no points balloon at the end, which I don't know what that means, but I don't particularly want to, I don't believe I will ever own a home. Um, then they reveal that the houses across the street from then they say it's got great neighbors. Um, to which Ray is obviously not thrilled, but Deborah is sort of excited by, we go to the next scene where they, uh, establishing shot sure is familiar and then they enter through the back door from the kitchen and frank. Yeah, empty said they cleared up for this. Um, also last week we talked about that back area where the stairs, the basement are. We have confirmation that that is not a hallway. You know, there's nothing in the way and we can see it very clearly, which seems odd to me from a construction slash design standpoint that nobody was like, that should be a cut through.

I don't know, sitcom houses never makes sense. They really don't. Yeah. Um, so I, I even looked up. Yeah, that's true. Um, I looked up the floor plan and no one for whatever reason has floor planned this house. Um, but yeah, we have confirmation that it is not like a cut through and it, which is weird. You know what's behind there? We don't know, Oh, there's a bathroom back there isn't there? I think there is because in the dog, the patients Cleveland goes back there and puts on her makeup for barry. Oh, you're right, You're right. There's definitely the washer back there too and the garage, but I think you're right. I think there is also a bathroom. So the laundry room is behind the kitchen and that leads to the garage on the other side of that wall between the kitchen and the living room. It goes the other way, I'm assuming. So the staircases, their basement stairs going down beyond the basement stairs, further back and then also underneath the stairs, I assume is a bathroom, like a guest bath.

That makes sense. Okay. Um, hopefully we theater of the mind did that enough for the listener because there were, I did do a lot of hand motions. Yeah, you did. They made things clear. So hopefully they're not super confused. Uh, where are we? So they, yeah, they come into the couch, nope, they come into the house and uh Deborah, he frank goes upstairs. Uh and Debra tells Ray, you know, she loves it and she's excited and raise, hesitant and he has this great analogy of, he flicks Deborah on the nose. He says, that's my mom and dad. If I don't do that for another two months, you can live with that. But if they live, if they live across the street doink doink doink doink doink. Um so that's his analogy because right now they only see them once every other month. Um, and Deborah's like Ray, it'll be fine. I thought Ray just in the like pantheon of the, you know, lines in this show.

Ray being like, oh you poor blind fat lady. So like aggressive and, and weird but funny um, yeah, he knows what's coming. He's lived this before and he's trying his best to make her understand and it's just not working. Debra is arguing for it because of how close the parents are, which and she says in time you'll come to realize what a blessing it is to have your family so close, which gets a big laugh from the studio audience. Like here's, here's the thing in like a normal situation Deborah would not be incorrect here, right? Like like new parents of twins having like family so close would be a huge help to like have someone always over around making sure that the twins are are, you know, for normal grandparents and uncle.

That would be a great situation for Marie and frank. I wonder it would be interesting to see various points in these three years how it's steadily erodes Deborah to the point where she is now of just hating every minute I come over. We've seen a few of them this season. Like, I mean we see in the pilot that Deborah isn't hating on uh Marie and frank like she's, she she wants them gone, but she's polite to them. She's still kind of, she doesn't show she's conscious not to show that she's annoyed by them and I think that that's uh I think that it's fascinating that, I mean we see a lot of points where logically that would make sense. But how throughout the show, throughout this season, even it's progressed to a point of good God get me out of here, you know? Um Ray gives in to this argument of, you know, we're trying to give our kids so much, let's give them their grandparents and it's like, okay, so we come back to the present and Deborah is crushed.

She realizes it's her fault, although she then goes on to say it's Rae's fault because she was pregnant with twins and he should have no blood going to her brain. Um and then the family storms back in. Um I mean what a cold at robert is eating Debra's potatoes and Marie deems Deborah's potatoes, not even good enough for sam ski because she says, come on, I'll go make him some good potatoes. So I have, I have a point. This made me realize something earlier in the episode frank says something to the effect that he's walking in saying, oh yeah, we got a yard, you can do all things sorts of things in the yard, you can have parties, you can bury a cat. Hey remember mrs Whisker son still in the backyard if you want to pay respects, which is a funny line, but also made me think about how the first sham ski, they were so scared of telling their kid that that dog died, that they lied and told him that they shipped him off and you mean to tell me there's a cemetery in the backyard, I don't know something about that just hit me the wrong way.

They maybe didn't like, you know, they might feel safe telling ray that, but robert has no idea that the buried in the yard, which is, you know, that would not be out of character for the way that they parent, that is true, you know, you're not wrong, you're not wrong. Uh and then they leave the family after, you know that being a tornado and Ray and Debra sitting at the table and Ray do inks Deborah on the nose and as that that's really well timed editing because it cuts to black. Um Yeah, everybody loves Raymond. It was a very um I don't know, it had a note of finality to it um which is good for season finale and they, I don't think, I don't know the date on this episode, I don't think they knew they were getting renewed yet. Let me look up really quickly so they could have thought that that drink was the final doink of, everybody loves Raymond history.

I know for a fact because I looked it up earlier that they got the second season in April of 97. I need to find out when this would have been completed. zero April of 97. So uh this was completed, completed before they knew and uh they knew shortly after um interesting, I also learned that um originally this show aired in what's called the friday night death slot because nobody's watching broadcast tv on friday night. Um So their ratings are really bad for the first half of the first season but then they got moved to monday nights and that's when people started watching it and it was critically acclaimed and people really enjoyed it. So it seems Wednesdays, Wednesdays Happy Middle. Yeah we don't want to get to we don't want to get too powerful. We should um start releasing these primetime friday nights so that people you know they're going out they're going out for a night on the town and they're you know piling into there pt cruiser with their friends turning up you know Atlantis Morrisette And then oh my God the new everybody loves, everybody loves Raymond just came out let's check in on the Barone Boys and then they're cranking our theme song their their head banging to the doo doo doo doo as they as they go through oh my God we need an E.

D. M. Remix of the opening just for those people. But yeah no we're gonna stick I think we should stick with Wednesday for now. Um It's nice because that's what we decided. Yes that's what we all agreed on. Not too powerful wasn't random. Um Because you know people start the week and you know they my thinking with Wednesday to be fully transparent is a lot of podcasts come out on Mondays and you know, heavy podcast listeners are probably burning through those pretty early in the week if they're not thinking ahead and saving them. And then, oh, it's Wednesday morning and I've already burned through all my monday podcasts and what's this new episode of? Everybody loves, everybody, loves Raymond and you know, I'm figuring we'll pick up people who are in desperate need of weekday commute entertainment and that's that's how I like to see our audiences desperate desperation, variety hour starring the Barone Boys in the Baron's own fighting, the impractical jokers trying to reach God, it's just another day.

By the way, if you look out there, I mean by down, let's check in down on the ground there, you know, things are popping off, It's got real Street Fair, Farmer's Market, uh sort of vibe. Um you know, the marching band is doing a great job, I think, you know, I slipped them our sheet music, they should be playing our theme song to coincide with the button, they've been playing this whole time, just over and over and over again. Let's do the hot clothes so we can get to the main event. And I was just gonna say speaking of the jokers, you know, almost reaching God they are, you know, they've been building all week, they're about to put the the very top of the skyscraper on. So yeah, we get that last doink and we go to the hot clothes, it's the opposite of the cold open and uh it's the same scene again and just like the cold open went into the same scene. Um they're still at the table and uh they are looking at this model of the solar system and Ray says if we do move, where do you want to go and Deborah points it.

Earth? She says, here's Earth, this is your parents planet, We'll call this the hot zone and that's the entire solar system, which is so it's so great this episode, I feel like did a really good job of having a flashback episode. I think there's sometimes two types of jokes on flashbacks of, you know, really focusing on the time period. And you know, the classic thing is like um Back to the Future. Um It's your cousin Marvin Marvin berry, You know that new sound you've been looking for? Well, listen to this. Um or like, you know, nobody's ever gonna drive a motorcar or something like that. Um That joke is common. And then I think what this did really well was directly referenced the present scenes uh in the flashback scenes and we got that like parallelism.

That was really funny and really paid off at the end of the episode with the hot zone joke. I really like this. So let's go ahead and rate Ray on our for the last time this season, Oh my God, I can't believe it. Next time. Next time you hear us rate ray on the barometer, we will be looking from our penthouse across at nothing. Uh That's the way it should be once that button gets pressed. Um But for now let's rate ray on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the great dads sitcom history, you're Danny tanner's etcetera, and one being the bad man of television, you're don draper's and what have you mike, where is Raymond coming in for you as a father son, husband, brother, apartment renter, future homeowner. Where does he come in for you? I think he did really good this episode. I think that um you know, he was supportive, he was clearly very excited to have his Children. Which I mean it's I don't know if that's if that's Yeah, it's it's it was a cute moment.

So I mean that that boosted him in my mind, I think he was a good partner. Um Warning. Doing his damn best to warn Deborah about the monstrosity that was going to occur if she followed this thought pattern. Um So yeah, I think that he did a lot, a lot more good than he did bad. Yeah, that's a grammatical I think, but you get the you get the point I'm trying to make the only two things against him and I'm not even sure if like my thought was the softball league and how that was distracting. But also I'm not even sure if that was really a bad thing, like it's it's okay to have hobbies and sports that you do outside of your family. Um And yeah, I mean, yeah, sure he didn't do a great job of kicking out his family members, but that's kind of par for the course at this point, so I'm not gonna knock too much him down for that. I don't know, I think I feel like a seven, I feel like he he did really good, this upset, I feel like a seven is fair awesome Alex. I was thinking for a while on how I could rate Ray and if I should rate both the present him and the past him, I decided to just like if he if we see Ray in this episode, that's how I'm, that's how I'm reviewing him.

Um I agree with Mike in what he said about the softball because again, it's important to have your own interests outside of your family. Um Although I did not love that Ray was constantly like trying to get out of like uh like making himself feel bad that he was like kind of leaving by saying it was his last season when he clearly never meant it. That felt a little manipulative uh to kind of get on Deborah's good side that she would feel uh less hesitant about letting him go. Um I like that Ray kinda took Deborah's side and a lot of aspects, he kicked the family out when he realized that she was kind of getting really bugged in the present in the past. He did his damn best as Mike said to try and convince Debra of the Monstrosity that is the barons. Um and eventually letting listening to her and folding when she made legitimately good points that again we discussed earlier in this episode, that would be completely true if the barons were a normal family.

So I think Ray did fine. I don't think he did anything particularly wrong or particularly well. I feel comfortable giving him a seven as well. Alright, cool. Um for me, I agree with what you're saying, especially about the way that he tried to convince Deborah that moving across from the parents would not be the two things that I'm reading him on or this and the the pregnancy. Uh he tried, he made his points about why he didn't think that moving across from the parents was a good idea, but they talked about it and reached a conclusion, you know, collaboratively. Uh Deborah made her points. He made his points and eventually they agreed that it was the best thing for them. I think that's a really good model of, you know, decision making for a relationship. Um which we don't always get from this show, but when we do get it from Ray and Debra, it is really nice to see, you know, we like when they're a good couple on the surface level, but to see them approach this problem or this disagreement in this way is a really nice thing.

So I'm giving him good marks for that. He doesn't force Deborah to, you know, he doesn't completely shut down this idea. He's open to talking about it. He's opening, he's open to going to see the house. Um, and they have a conversation about it, they have a dialogue about it. So that's good with the pregnancy and you know, the discovering it's twins. Ray is really, you know, touched by this and and excited by this and that's really touching to see. So I think in terms of being a husband and a father, which is sort of the core of the barometer, he does a really, really great job this episode just, you know, in just in the abstract almost because, you know, there's nothing really actionable that he does, but his intentions are good. His approach is not the sort of man child version of Ray that we see sometimes.

And um he's open to things and excited for things and enthusiastic about his family. So really, really high marks on that for me, yes, he could have been more effective at kicking the family out, but he does do that eventually. And yeah, the softball thing, you know, we sort of saw the same thing with Captain nemo of, you know, we like that Ray has his own interests and hobbies and presumably Debra does too, but you know, not using those as a substitute for his responsibilities for the family but using that to uh add to his own life. I think he doesn't cross the line this time the way he did in Captain nemo. Um So I'm actually comfortable giving him an eight this time. Okay. Yeah, I thought I was really impressed by him. Yeah that puts him at a I'm pretty sure this is a season high of 7.3 on the barometer. Is that a season high?

That is not a season high 8.3 Frank the rider. Um that's still very his his average went up to 5.7 and that is going to be raised season average for season one. You can top it in season two better than average. Just barely bray surprised me. I didn't I didn't know if he was going to make it in. I think the collective memory of this show raise a lot worse. A lot more of a man child, a lot more of a sort of classic sitcom husband. But you know, overall I think we've seen at least in this season that he is a good husband and father or at least an average one on the he I think he definitely was doing not great in the beginning but as the season progressed as he grew, I you know there isn't much character development but he does better as the season went on.

So what did he bottom out Gus And that wasn't even really, really early gus was not even a um like a bad husband, bad father thing. That was a yeah, made that man's funeral all about himself in laws was pretty low as well. Um I don't remember our rationale for that, but we did not like how he performed there. And then the only other one in the actually had diamonds and the game and the car. Um Four threes. Yeah, but you know a lot of sevens, lots of sixes uh and a couple eight. So good for Ray. Let's yeah, let's wrap this up then. That is our last episode of this season. We are coming back of course. Uh the board of Regents at Lynbrook University has approved our funding.

We got the letter today um for season two. Yes. Are important. Yes, so we will be coming back. Um But for now, I mean, I think we gotta turn our we have these, you know, gamers chairs that we sit in, We've been waiting for it so long. Let's go ahead and turn them towards the window. Guys, I totally forgot. Look at the time I got a thing, hang on. Um Okay, I'm just gonna leave. Don't worry about it. I'm gonna leave my one of a kind, everybody loves Raymond $1000 art piece right here on the diamond table with all our super expensive recording equipment and I'm gonna go downstairs, I'll be right back. Don't trip over the extension cord. Well, every time he never listens to get where is he going? That is I don't know. I thought we got the you got all that popcorn out of your movie chair and Yeah, I have like a real event of it.

Wait, look down on the porch. Is Alex Alex leaving the building walking across the parking lot? Okay, hold on, I'm gonna call him. We need to find out what's going on the line right now. What Alex? Where are you going? Where you're walking across the parking lot? Where? Why are you going towards the tower about your passing Oj's bronco. I don't understand what's going on here. Yeah. Also funny prank with the bronco actually just slapped on a little bumper sticker that says Eat ray. Love saving that. That's funny the second week. Yeah. Talk about anyway anyway. Okay, I'm about to press the button Way. Some guy paid $15 million dollars for that. You can't just steal it from? Did you see the name? Who won? Wait, hold on, hold on. Its cold like I have to open this. I know this is addressed to you have to open this.

Is that okay? It doesn't matter Sh Alex a leer. Sorry, I had a stroke when I was writing my name but that is me. It does that are are you ok? Yeah, Yeah, I'm fine. I'm gonna press the button. Where'd you get $15 million dollars from. So that's a funny story. Um I may or may not have sold the Barone's own. To who may or may not. Mayor? Mayor? Mayor, Mayor. You know you cracked my code. You sold the Barone's soon to Oscar the mayor. Well, I mean who else has $15 million? And he didn't want to press that Button, but he wanted the real estate. Hold On, let me trace this here. So you he paid you $15 million, you spent that $15 million dollar on the button auction.

Oh my God. And in turn he gets the zone so. Oh my God. Oh my God, Mike, look down there, look at all the MBTA busses pouring out of Duane's garage. Oh my God, he's getting evicted. Oh my God, let us enjoy the button. Oh my God. One small step for ray. one Giant Leap for Raymond. Not really upon weight. Oh my wait, mike, mike, look across through our window into there. Oh my God, it's sal and cameras and he's flipping us off. They've got camera. Oh my God, look at all those tru tv baseball caps on those cameramen were live. Do you feel that? Oh my God! The building shake. Oh my God. Oh my God, they're all pointing and laughing at us. Oh my God, we're at a 45 degree angle.

Oh my God, hold onto the diamond table, mike, Hold on, hold on, mike don't fall down. I mean we should be safe. These windows are reinforced. I switched them around. You switch the windows around. Oh my God, it's breaking. The legs are breaking. Oh my God. I guess there's only we're plummeting towards our deaths right now. We're about 40 stories down and we're almost at the ground I guess. Look, thank you all for listening for the past 22 weeks. But this seems to be the end for us. So I guess there's only one last thing to say like everybody. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Was the excite bike race today? Oh my God, yes, it is. Billy Billy's car was impounded. What is he driving that? Let us in, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, Wake billy Alex. You're in the bronco to, we're holding on to the bronco. We're flying.

It looks like we're heading directly towards the garden. Look, the Barone Zone is about to fly. Oh my God, Zone is flying up towards way. Oh my God, lightning just came down and power. The joker's just got babbled. God, just one story too much. And it looks like we are flying directly towards the garden. So it looks like we are going to be okay. Um can't speak for the joker's. It looks like the joker's got babbled and they are raining from the sky. It's raining jokers! Hallelujah. Um I guess. Look, we're almost out of the five mile extension cord that we bought from radioshack. I guess there's only one last thing to say, everybody Hello.

1.22 Why Are We Here?
1.22 Why Are We Here?
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