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The BarONUS zONUS & You

by Post-Fun Podcasts
October 12th 2022

Before we return for Season 2, Adam & Alex announce some exciting business developments from the Madison Square Garden parking garage.

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Hey everybody, it's adam and Alex is with me and we are sitting here in the parking garage underneath Madison Square Garden. Uh as you'll remember from last week, we were rescued by Billy Joel uh from the collapse or you know, I don't I don't know what the launch of the Barone's launching of the zone and uh Billy drove us here because he had a gig that night and um we're still here, we're here, we're in the backseat of the bronco and Billy told us he's got a ride for us, so we'll be able to, you know, go rebuild. Um but we're just waiting for him to finish. Mike is actually he got tapped to the drummer in, Billy's band was sick, mike got tapped to drum. He has never drummed before. So hopefully that works out well for him. Hopefully. Um I told him drumming was easy and he seems to have bought it.

Yes, So I think he'll get up there and start playing and then it will quickly become apparent to him that he's out of his league. But you know, that's a that's a problem for future. Mike is great. He doesn't have rhythm. He has in many aspects of his life. He he lacks rhythm. Um But I think the audience that comes to these Billy Joel residency shows are, their standards are low. Um Yeah, I mean, they're not listening to us right now. So I mean, oh no, no, the over the overlap between Billy Joel fans and this show is actually, it will be a lot. It's just the one guy, Billy, he listens to the live feed and whatever vehicle he happens to be in at the time. Um, which is causing a lot of, you know, I'm gonna have to do a lot of work on producing this teaser. But the special, the feedback here that's going on, it's in the bronco right now. Exactly. But the special uh kinda special treatment that billy gets kind of give you an idea, right adam. Yeah. So um, in a sense, Billy is sort of a privileged individual in the fact that he gets this sort of insider access to our world, to the world of Lynbrook and of the Barone Boys and the Barone Zone rest in moon.

Uh, we'll figure it out. We'll figure it out. Um, we have decided as an organization that um, due to, among other things, the events of the previous week, we are going to stop, here's the, here's the good news. We're going to stop reading ads on this program and here's the medium news because we're transitioning to what is called in the podcasting business, a listener support model. So we thought about doing Patreon or one of those things where you pay $5 a month and you get, you know, bonus episodes or whatever and we do not want to ask you to give us that much money and we don't wanna do the overhead work of maintaining something like that and it's clear that we don't need that much money because we we still have some uh some residuals from the events that just occurred. That's right. We are in a pretty good financial shape.

I mean, as we mentioned last week, you know, it has to, Sotheby's gets their cut from the auction, I have to pay off all the credit cards that I put the fireworks on, but after we get that, you know, we'll be in good shape. So what we have is what we are calling a pay, what you want wall. Uh and that will give you access, should you choose to pay? Uh and we're using the word donation. Should you choose to donate to our show? Uh We have set up something that we are calling the Baroni Zonis. Uh Yes, obviously play on Barone's own. Um and that is where we will be posting monthly asterisk bonus episodes. I put the asterisk there because it may be that we do more than one a month or uh you know, but I think at this point in our lives, we are able to commit to one additional episode a month. These are gonna be shorter, will be 20 to 60 minute episodes.

Things that are not, you know the way that we normally do this show where we cover an episode of everybody loves Raymond, it might be we play a game or we, you know, I'm going to use the phrase flesh out the world a little bit do improv. Uh Yeah, and uh or you know, cover an episode like we did with the Fresh Prince of another tv show that has some tangential relationship, everybody loves Raymond. So those are going to be at least once a month. Um and that, you know, again, if you want to give us $1.01 time, that's the minimum buy in here, uh you will get lifetime access to this feed. It's not a membership, it's it's not a, you know, you have to continue to pay us to listen to these. It is, You know, any amount one time or you can, if you choose, give us $5 a month, $10 a month. Even if you stop making a recurring donation, you will continue to have access.

It is purely all up to you. It's in your court, we are not expecting anything, but we are trying to provide something for people who want to support us because frankly we don't like doing ads, it's hard, it's not rewarding particularly. Uh, so we're transitioning to this model and uh, we're excited for that And we were excited for the flexibility that a separate feed will offer us and um, so we hope you'll come along and join us for that. When is this launching adam? This is launching? I guess this week, this week, this is launching over in the Baroni Zonis, you're gonna want to go to post fund dot org and hit the old donate button on the homepage and that will take you to the place where you can give us money and then once you give us money you will get an email with the rss feed of the Baroni Zonis.

And this week in the Barona zones, we have our first exclusive episode. We are doing a reading, a fully sound designed reading of a piece of fan fiction, an episode that some person wrote of, everybody loves Raymond. It's called the Right kind of Wrong. And we are very excited to be reading this with some help from some of our dear friends. You may or may not have heard on the actual show for the past couple of weeks. Yeah. Um and we're excited to, you know, put that together and release that. Uh and that is going to be over on the Baroni Zonis feed. Uh right now these, those episodes are gonna come out the first Wednesday of every month um in the event that there is only one a month and then additional Wednesdays as situations determined so you can go over to post fund dot org. Hit that donate button. Your receipt for your donation will include the feed. It's exciting.

Other changes. Um yeah, other changes to business are um Raymond at post fund has served us well, but we are uh we've set up so post fund formerly dot info now dot org uh has gone through some changes. It's grown up in a way, you know when we first started Yes, it is a man. When we first started this network, we had a google site which just had Spotify embed heads of our shows and that was it. But now, but now we have a bigger show, take care of a bigger show. We want to nurture. It's almost like our website now that it's become a man, has had a child of its own in the form of everybody, this is disgusting. Um But over there at post-1.org. We not only have, you know, you can find the our shows on various platforms, you can donate to the network, get access to the barone's feed.

Um You can also go to the forums, we've got forums, forums dot post fund dot org. Or you can go to the homepage and hit that little speech bubble that's on there. And that is where you will find a thread dedicated to your submissions of remembrances and Judge Debra's we it is our preference at this point that you submit any remembrances or Judge Deborah's there, it's very easy. You just have to make an account. You're not gonna get flooded with emails or anything. Make an account and you can post to your heart's content, give us some remembrances and Judge Deborah's there and, you know, you can also, we we want to we want to foster a sense of community. Um so let's do that. Let's do that. Let's do that in the forum, adam mike and I will be popping up on them as well to uh you know, well I will be because I want to be a part of this community.

Here's my hope actually is that. So, somebody will need to break the ice on these forums because they are brand new and nobody is currently on them for obvious reasons, for obvious reasons, nobody knows about it. So, I think, you know, under we're gonna let's start a thread for this teaser episode and why don't we have people uh comment on that thread with what? What would be a good icebreaker Alex if you were in the back of OJ's bronco with another man, what would you do? That's very wide open. Um if you were how about favorite billy Joel song? Just come. You don't have to, you know, write an essay. Just drop your favorite billy Joel song. Alright, then, I like that one song. All right, so, we wanna let's break that ice. Let's get people talking on the forums submitting remembrances and Judge Debra's, that's where we'll be taking those from now on.

Um Is there anything that I missed? So, we've got bonus Zonis pay what you want. Get monthly, bonus episodes. Monthly plus, I don't know. Uh we've got a new Barone is out exclusive to that feed right now and we're taking, you know, remembrances were taking Judge Debra's, we're taking general commentary questions, etcetera on the forums and yeah, I mean, we're excited. We, you know, Death two ads. Uh we're happy to be moving forward on this new chapter in our lives. Yeah. And you know, we are still gonna just to say we're gonna still have brakes. Uh and we will occasionally plug the Baroni Zonis in those breaks, but it's not gonna be, you know, fucking quill body or uh to do list or you know, those are dead. I mean, the links will still be on our website if you find yourself in need of bark box and you want to support us by doing that, but we're not going to be reading those anymore.

Um Yeah, I mean, I'm just excited for this new chapter in our lives. As am I adam and now with all of our business attended to, we've got another couple hours until mike is booed off stage. Do you want to play around the scruples? Yes. Why don't we crack into a round of scruples? Perfect.

The BarONUS zONUS & You
The BarONUS zONUS & You
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