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Shake It 'til You Bake It / 2.2 Father Knows Least

by Post-Fun Podcasts
October 26th 2022

Before diving into "Father Knows Least," the Barone Boys settle a dispute through active listening, learn about the underground economy at the RV park, and grapple with th... More

ah beautiful morning, good sunrise etcetera. What a great day to enjoy some coffee nips in an RV and listen to adam shower. Let's just go over here. Hey Alex. Hey mike. What's up one sec? Hey, do you want to share some of my coffee? Where'd they go? Oh I'm already eating. They're great. You can have some, you can have some if you want. Those are my coffee nips. What are you doing? What are you talking about? These are your coffee. These are the RVs coffee for everybody. I put them in my RV drawer that we don't have specific. We don't have specific RV drawers. There are just drawers in the RV for everybody. Yes. And I claimed one of them to store my nips. You didn't write any of your name anywhere. I bought the grapes for the RV last week. I should just have it. I should have it for everybody. Mike. I saw those. I saw those grapes Mike's, they only the vine made it to the RV. Hey, adam, nice towel around your head and nothing else.

Well, you know, I like to air dry. Uh I forgot about that dragon down there. Oh my God, Adam. Mike ate all the coffee nips. I was admiring that we got. Yeah, no, I got the £50 bag. I'm Not, I'm not done with him yet. I still got like £5 to go. You want some adam? Uh Well I'm looking at your hands right now and I don't know how much of that is coffee nip and how much of that is? I know you've been working on your novel um or you know screed your flat earth manifesto on your typewriter. So I don't know how much of that is. That is the thing is the thing is I don't trust typewriters to properly get my message so I just dip my hands in ink and then write with my finger so this does come from that. Well yeah, I think I think we can if you're fine with that Alex I think we can resolve this issue through a little active listening. I think it sounds like Alex is not too pleased about you eating all of £45 of coffee nips.

Mike is is that right Alex? That's absolutely correct adam I am shocked and appalled at this turn of events and I would like repercussions to be had. It sounds like he is shocked and appalled. Well suck it, it sounds like mike is inviting you to suck it. Is that right? Mike, That is correct. I am indeed offering for Alex to get down on his knees and you know suck it. That would be great. I'm going to put my towel around my waist. This is feeling a little um it sounds like Mike doesn't feel like he should be held accountable for this theft mike. Do you feel like it's not my ship, it's not that he shouldn't have been able to claim an entire drawer, nobody else is claiming their drawers I bought things for the RV last week. I think that everything if it's in the RV should be there for everybody. That's my that's that that's my statement. Alright. Your socialist. It sounds like Mike doesn't believe in personal property, is that right?

Mike? That is correct but it sounds like Alex does believe in personal property. So do you see where the disconnect is happening here? I do and Alex should get his adam smith esq philosophy out of this freaking RV. We're here to be a commune, we're here to share everything. That's gross, gross as hands out of my coffee nips you asshole. Hey leave my hands out of it. Yeah, literally that's what Alex. Yeah well I think what we need to to arrive at here is it sounds like Alex is asking for an apology and mike is asking for some sort of diplomatic immunity when it comes to eating other people's things. Do we think we can come together on that? I don't know adam that's a big ask, I'm okay with that. I'm see I'm willing to come halfway here. Sounds like Mike is willing that halfway though. I don't know if that's halfway. Yeah well I've come some distance, I would like to hear Alex come the other the other, his distance mike in the future when I buy something I will share a little bit with you.

Not the whole thing. Just a little bit just like £20 of the 50 that is less than half £5 That is less than £5. Let's let's call it 10 fine. Alright. It looks like we've come to a resolution. So I guess the only thing left to ask is how is it chichi like? Alright, solved. All right. I'm gonna put on some pants, but why don't we start recording and you know, introduce the show and stuff? No need adam because we've been recording the whole time. So you were recording me in the shower and then you, when did you start recording? It was not for weird reasons. Adam it was for room tone. Yes, just so I know when to Okay, so, I'm gonna, if I have time, I've got kind of a busy week, so if I have time, I'm just gonna edit it up too. Okay, so, I guess no one will hear the thematically appropriate argument about the nips.

I know it would have been good in the episode, but I don't think it's appropriate. You know, we're trying to keep our personal lives off mike. No, it's what the people want. I understand. All right, so, introducing the show in 321. Hello, everyone welcome back to everybody loves everybody, loves Raymond for the first time. I'm Alex here and this is my friend Adam. Rudy, Hello and the two of us are the hosts of, everybody loves, everybody loves Oh, that's a little passive aggressive. I don't feel like we resolved our issue from before, but uh, Mike Mike D is here as well. Hello Michael. Uh, and this is the only everybody loves Raymond Rewatch podcast currently active today despite, you know, many forces which have worked to keep us off the air God etcetera. Um, and we're gonna be talking today about season two, episode two.

It's called Father knows least, but first, you know, it's been a week. So as we like to do, let's go around the horn here and catch up with each other. You know, people love to, to get a little personal insight into our lives, not too much and certainly not when it comes to having opinions about the episode, but just a little bit too, you know, humanize us a little bit. So adam, why don't we start with you today? I want to hear of what you've been up to aside from just shower. Well I, I showered and that was off mike. So let's not, we don't want people to know. Um, no, we, yes, so I actually, you'll notice today when I came to pick you guys up that the RV came to a full and complete stop. Unlike last week when you had to jump on board, I got the brakes fixed by somebody at the RV park. So this is good news. Um, yeah, and you know, as, as we've talked about money is a little tight, so I couldn't exactly pay for it, but I did make a discovery about the RV park.

Um and you know, I will be using some names here, but hopefully they don't, they don't hear about it and you know, we want to keep things on the down low because this isn't exactly approved by K. O. A. But there is a whole sort of underground barter economy going on at the RV park. Oh really? Yeah and you know, you buy nothing for the RV. Yes, it's like buy nothing for RV people except it's not an app. It's it's all in person. Um so uh in fact it's not even, you know, public knowledge really, it's it's sort of, I've never seen it, but it's like a fight club situation where you have to be invited in or vampires also not talk about it. Uh well maybe not on your podcast with your stupid friends. Nobody had said to me not to talk about it even though there's this veil of secrecy over it. So it's sort of like an open secret, you know.

Um but the way I found out about it anyway is I came out so I, you know, at the end of the day, I drop you guys off, I go back to the RV park, I pull onto my pad. That's what they call the cement platform on which you park your RV, you know, I push out the middle part, I get the awning going, I bring my picnic table down, put it in place have a nice solo meal. Usually a, you know, a banquet or a hungry man, sometimes a kid's cuisine. Um But uh I got up the next morning after, you know, a fitful night of tossing turning night terrors. And I was about to come out to do my daily jog around the park. Uh and as I stepped onto the step, I slipped on a bar of soap. Oh, did you slide all the way here? No, this was several days ago, I did slide down to the bottom and the r the bar of soap flipped up in the air.

It's sort of like a picture of banana peel but soap and landed right in my hand as I was laying on the ground and I looked at it and I saw it had a time carved into it said 9 30. And so I put two and two together and you know, where do you bring a bar of soap to the shower? So I went to the communal bathhouse at the RV park and you know I have my sack of quarters and I go into one of the stalls. I start putting my coins in uh into the shower and the water starts and I hear this way I'm sorry you're, the communal bath is has coin operated showers. Well this is something I've never heard of. Uh this is so you know this is RV park, a lot of them are managed by this company K. O. A. This is managed by a company called K. O. A. But it's K. A. Y. O. Apostrophe E I G. H. Uh which is a woman and she's pretty um thrifty.

I think it would be fair to say what's wrong mike mm nothing, nothing. I just, I just think that K. O. A. Has a very very name calling him for sure like you same bolts or yeah um yeah and it is her, she showed like when you go into the office to rent your space, she's got her birth certificate framed as proof. Um so it is her birth name um as far as I know um but she's very thrifty so she does tend to nickel and dime you for things like you have to pay to dump your sewage. There's certain areas of the RV park that are nicer that she up charges for and um you know you have to pay for every fish you catch, you have to pay her like a tithe. Oh and you do have, you do have to tithe because we all do have to go to her chapel where she does in the pond, that tiny little thing.

Yeah it was a manhole and now it's a pond. So yeah she jumped, she comes around and dumps some I think she goes to key food every morning and get some, you know whatever is on ice there and dumps it into the manhole and uh we all stand around sort of like ice fishing, we all stand around with our poles and you know, pull a fish out and then we pay her the fish tax. Um, so instead of just like, I don't know, just having her by the fish, bringing it to you guys and just selling it to you. Well, it's all part of the experience, is it? Yeah. And believe me as someone who has caught many fish from that manhole a pond, um the experience is worth it. It's worth the 39-99 that you have to pay per fish. Um, and there is that, what's cooking over there? Yeah, that's a manhole fish in a pond, fish. Um, It's, it's very small.

You paid $40 for that. I got it for free. I acquired it for free, but I did have to pay $40 and right, yeah, there's a bite taken out of it. That was me. I got hungry after the coffee. So I just kind of went, went to town. Don't eat on mike mike. Please don't eat on mike. People don't like that. Put the nips down, man. No, you can't make me listen. We already, I need to reach 10 pounds. People don't want to hear this. We're cutting this out. Remember? Um, so yeah, she, uh, Oh yeah, coins in the shower. So yeah, she kinda nickels and dimes, she gets money where she can, cause she's not affiliated with the massive, she's a mom and pop, we'll just a mom, well not a mom. Uh, she finds finds a little extra where she can find it. Um, so I went into the bathhouse, I put my coins in the shower and as soon as I put my first coin in the shower, you know, the shower turns on, you get like 60 seconds per quarter.

And then I start hearing everybody starts loading in the, in the bathhouses, this cacophony of people putting quarters into these showers and then all the showers are on and that's when the curtains fly open in every stall and people come out and you know, they lay down, there's a little like ironing board thing because you know the steam from the shower etcetera. Uh, there's a little ironing board thing. People lay it down across the front of their shower stall and it becomes kind of a bizarre a marketplace and you walk around and people are offering their various wares and it's a whole black market. So I go up to the mechanic, so it's this guy Ron Ronald Reagan who uh fixes, you know, everyone's rvs for a price and uh, you know, we're talking and he offers to fix our breaks because I was talking about how, you know, we have no functioning breaks. My friends have to jump on the R. V. Uh it's really not conducive to anything and of course I, you know, sort of in passing mentioned, oh yeah, well this is actually, it's my home, but it's also our mobile studio where we record our, everybody loves Raymond podcast.

I didn't have much to offer him. And uh the only way I've been getting by is uh somehow this R. V. I don't know if you guys have turned the air conditioning on lately but is full of like Cumberland farms gift cards. Um and that's the only way I haven't, I haven't been eating gift nuts have been taking the gift cards to Cumberland farms to purchase breakfast Empanadas pizza. I'm not eating the gift giving the suggestion adam that sucked up is nowhere on the food. You can sell those for money that you can, you can use them for money to buy food at Cumberland farms have been eating ramen noodles, breakfast Empanadas, weird pizza, you know, all the plastic eating these things.

Um But but yeah, if you run the A. C. In the RV for a few minutes, invariably a Cumberland farms gift card will shoot out. So that leads me to believe that at some point Billy must have driven this through a Cumberland farms. Like that's the only explanation. What was my point? Oh yeah. So I offered him, you know, he were in the shower, in the black market together to get, well everyone was there. Um and he's like, okay, I'll fix your brakes, but he's telling me so Ron Rogan and his wife nancy. Um they, you know, they've got this daughter who is very, she's a high achiever. She's an ap english. And her teacher was like, you know, for extra credit, it's very in right now for teachers to ask students to do podcasts. So her ap english teacher was like, if you do six episodes of a podcast about an ap english topic, I'll give you, I'll cheat on the ap exam for you and you know, doctor your score.

So, um, yeah, the Rogan's are having me in exchange for fixing the brakes. They're having me produce their daughters podcast. Oh, when's that coming out? Give us an exact time and date. Well, we're recording the first episode after this, I'm gonna go park, walk over to their 1998 Jaco designer fifth wheel, uh, and recorded the first episode of the podcast. So probably, you know, week after that, it's, it's not gonna be a wide release. We're going to email it directly to the teacher. So yeah, so their daughter, Joan is doing a podcast, john Rogan Rogan Yeah, and it's about, you know, the immortal Bard. So, um, yeah, so that's my new thing is I'm recording up, I'm producing a podcast called the joan Rogan Shakespearean sense uh, this week, but I love it. So what's up with you guys?

Well, mike top that, you know what I, I can't really top 20 minute discussion on the RV RV community. Um, regardless, regardless that sounds way more exciting than what I'm doing? I mentioned this off mic because during the intro, but I've been working on my on my flat earth uh socialist agenda book and I think that that's uh it's coming along nicely manifesto. That's it. Yes, thank you. Thank you for reminding me of giving for giving my thing the proper title. Yeah, but it's coming along nicely, you know, I'm doing a lot of finger painting with it so it's, it's going good. Yeah. Yeah, well literally by hand, like not by pen or anything like that. Like I mentioned that I don't trust any technology ever, which is so I I dip my hand in in the ink that I buy from staples and I just scroll across my paper with my index finger. You're aware, just, I'm just making sure you're aware that you are on a podcast that is on the internet that people access with technology.

We're just not we're not just we're not just talking, I was aware of two of those three things. I assumed the internet and podcasts were fueled by like, you know, gas magic. I didn't really think that that was Well that's not Yeah, exactly. Yeah. The gas powered internet, you're a big you well were in your previous life before you got involved with these people, you were a big steampunk guy. So it's not hard to see how you, you ended up there. So what is the content of your, I've seen a couple pages. I've seen a lot of drawings of squares and uh you know, flat, it's weird because you do draw three dimensionally but only to show the flatness of it exists. I don't believe in that there are two dimensions adam. I believe the earth is flat and there is a three dimensional dome on top of it, that dome we call the sky. Uh and and that's that's that's my belief.

And I believe that just like the dome covers everybody equally. So too must the economic systems that exist here. So you you know, that's that's that's what it's about. So mike I'm starting slowly but surely to give up on you as a human being a rabbit hole. So I decided I decided to just kind of just go along with this and say whatever. I was curious if you found a name for your book yet because I have a suggestion flat book flatter earth. I like that. I like that a lot. That sounds that sounds fantastic. I think I'm going to take that. Alright, well that's that's yours to keep, I'll give you writing credits. I was I was hoping for some residuals but uh maybe like, you know, I I guess, you know, please don't dedicate the book to me. No, I ask. I'm just going to say bye bye mike D and Alex here. No, I don't like that. No, no. You already contributed. No, please don't know. I don't want my name on this.

I don't want my name anywhere near this. Please remove it remove. I will go to every bookstore in Lynbrook and cross out my name on each copy of this book. That will probably not, I will cross my name off of all two copies. Mike mike has been buying a lot of manila envelopes lately. It seems like you're intending mainly to cold mail these things to people. I'm gonna know what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave the manifesto and tied up in a bundle. You know like how the witch does in the Blair Witch project, just leave it right in front of people's doors. You're not going to bind to the book. You're just going to take a bunch of pieces of paper and just tie them together. Yeah, exactly. Okay, so all right, so any any chance of you being taken seriously? I feel like most people are just going to throw that away or the rain is going because it's very rainy these days we're in the rainy season in Lynbrook or not, You know, just let it wash away because it's garbage.

Um wait, so okay, can we, can we just like, I feel like you guys are really just coming down hard together. We were together, we were friends to to take very long to do it took you to like, like last week you checked out a flattered convention on accident and this week you're writing a manifesto on why everything is a lie by hand. We need we need you to, we needed to intervene here traumatic, it's traumatic that you saw God destroy a building that seems to have affected you more than it affected either of us. But you know, some things are going to remain unchanged from that experience. Like the basic facts of the earth is round, you can use a typewriter or a computer.

I mean the first of all, debatable, as far as um debatable. Listen, just a second ago, I don't think two weeks ago, I don't think science would have said, you know, God will throw down a lightning bolt of the impractical jokers built the tower, Why on earth can't this other stuff be sure this is everything goes out the window. I don't listen. All I'm saying is that this book is going to be viral. I would appreciate it. Alright, alright. You know what, all I know is that this is gonna result in, I'm gonna be able to laugh at you haters in the future. That's all. Well, you know what mike, your ambitions are so low, you're just, you're just trying to change the world. I am shooting for a much greater goal. I'm trying to change the town of Lynbrook. Um, I don't know if either of you have been keeping up with the local politics, have you? I hear a couple of things, you know, we have our we collectively receive one newspaper at the RV Park.

So it gets passed around. Okay, so too to inform you if you have not been keeping up, um just to remind you from last week when the Barone Zone went into space, because of the incident with the impractical jokers, um our current mayor was blasted into space because I preemptively sold him the Barone Zone and then he, you know, stepped inside before the rocket took off. So there's a special election happening and um the lead candidate is pushing a very concerning agenda, in my opinion. His name, Yeah, well, his name is Tyrone Dickey and his goal, His his number one platform is that, hold on of the dickies Workwear empire. Yeah, no, he's a part of that dickie, but he's pretty low on the totem pole, he's a little dickie. Um but he's running on, but I think it's fair to say that, you know, with his political ambitions, that this dickey is rising uh, reasonably fast, actually, and may stay risen for amount of time.

Yes, But um yeah, no people uh ship what's the, what's the Medicine, what's the Viagra? No. Medicine Cabinet Viagra. They're calling him the Viagra of politics. Um Yes, and his refusal to back down to any challenger, but he his his platform, he's running on the idea that, you know, Limburg used to have two skyscrapers and now there are zero skyscrapers and he's trying to restore that by turning the town hall into another skyscraper and he proposed the name Tyrone Zone and I think that is in just Yeah, I mean, I am insulted copyright infringement. I think that like we could sue him, but as you know, as you guys know in Lynbrook legalese, it's illegal to sue a candidate if you are also not running for me, it's a closed system.

I have come to a decision, as you know, he is running unopposed until now. I and trying to find someone to run for mayor. Alright, well, that's not okay, that's good. I mean, so you're busy, we're broadcasting this to Lynbrook as we drive around, like we have the megaphone up top, so they get to hear it live, maybe maybe there's someone listening to us that that that wants to join that. If you hear me and want to run for mayor of Lynbrook, if you are born in the town and literally have not left once in your entire life, then you are eligible eligible to to run. I know Adam and Mike are both very busy with your very engrossing lives and I'm very busy trying to find someone to run for mayor. So, um I'll inform you guys next week, if I find anyone do you have a campaign management experience? None at all. Do you have any experience in politics altogether?

Well, I know how to lie. All right, that's a great start. That's a start. So, I think I would be, I think I'd be okay in in helping, you know, uh, do that. Um I mean, you guys are probably better with the whole political thing than I am. I'm usually pretty uninformed until now. Um Just hearing about dickies, dickies rising platform. Just makes me very upset. The pillars of his campaign. Yes. He is trying to erect a statue to his greatness. He's really thrusted himself into the race, hasn't he? Yes. Unfortunately, really penetrating the local economy, The town has the town, since he's running unopposed, the town has no protection. They have no choice but to bend over and take it. I don't think we should leave the penis. No, that must stay in. That was that was amazing. So, that's what I'm doing. Ok. I hope that that works well. I know you were hanging out with all those uh like, political types.

You've really infiltrated the circles, so, I think it's likely that you'll be able to find somebody. There are a couple leading lights in this town. And fortunately, I found a few, I participate in a few of the failed campaigns to unseat the last mayor, so I might know a couple of guys. Yeah, mike, you know what I want? I maybe I don't know. I wouldn't go into any sort of uh I'll get back to get out of here, you guys, you know, I don't know a good thing when you see it. Um I will say, you know, I don't think I don't like Tyrone using the zone name, but since the joker's Tower was destroyed, you know, they put the old town hall on top of it and that of course was destroyed along with the rest of the tower. So now all of the town operations have been running out of the Starbucks. Yeah, so that's why we're there, you know, the main campaign of of Tyrone Dickie, is to just rebuild town hall in a grander, in a grander uh skyscraper than before.

He is proposing a 101 floor skyscraper again. Just yeah, very, just, just so, just classless. Uh my mission is I'm going to try and put a stop to this and get a regular normal one story, maybe two, if we're feeling uh a town hall where uh are are local government can be administered. I think that's the most admirable thing. I mean, I'm helping a child. You are, you know, getting yourself involved in local civics and really making a difference and lost his mind. So, you guys, I'm trying to save the world. But anyway, that's not why we're here, I'll say, you know, guys, we'll cut this out. I think a lot of that was, you know, kind of made mike particularly look bad. So I think I'm just gonna cut, you know, I've got this other podcast to produce, I think I'm just going to cut the first segment out this week and we'll just go straight into the episode.

Um, that's what the people want. Okay, so let's, you know, let's take a break because I do have to blow dry my hair and then we'll come right back and uh, record the actual episode. Right? Alright, cool. Mike. Why? Mike? Why? Mike? Why are you watching walking across the street? Because I gotta get to the thing over there. So I'm gonna, oh my God. Oh my God, are you okay? Oh my God. Just please, please, let's not. We can't go through insurance please. We cannot. The Winnebago is not insured. We cannot go through. Insurance is not pointing that way. What are you? Okay? Look, look, I don't, I don't have any cash. Here's what I can offer you. Okay, this is the only asset I have. Do you want more of the Barone boys? I would love more of the Barone boys to be honest with you. That would make me feel great. Okay, So if you go to post fund dot org slash donate and you pay what you want.

Don't take out your phone and please do not open your insurance app. Do not wait, let me see your car and you want me to give you money, give me your phone really quick. Okay, I'm just deleting the progressive app. Okay, There you go. Go to post fund dot org slash donate and I went there, pay what you want, donate any amount $1 more one time or up to $10 a month whatever you want? All Right, I'm gonna throw you. I don't again. You hit me with your car. Here is $100 for you. Great thank you. Okay so now what you're going to, what you're going to get is lifetime access to the Barona Zone is just for your one time donation. It's all there for you. You paid what you want. You got access to Barone's content. So can we please just leave this between us? All right, let me actually hear the quality of the no, no you don't need to hear that. No, there's no not yet. Don't worry. But that song to that episode.

My leg got got better direction again. Oh my God, this is a miracle. I look I'm going to maybe not make that a part of these ads that we do for the Barona Sonus because like false advertising like I don't think we can legally claim that it heals broken bones clear. Mike did actually get hit by a car. Yes I did get hit by a car. His leg was broken visibly and then he left his content and my leg is now legally speaking, we wanted on the legal record. We are not claiming the they are not correlated in any way it happened. It happened, we all saw it mrs Henderson was crossing the street to she saw it Mrs Henderson? She looks much better these days by the way since the chokers, are you listening to the Baroni Zonis dear? Oh she's nodding or she has an itch that she can't reach well mike, let's just leave this between us, Okay okay alright should I, should I delete the audio that I was just recording this?

Welcome back to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond, we're talking about season or should I say welcome to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond, we're talking about season two, episode two, it's called Father knows least and uh you know if everything went well he didn't hear anything before this were just jumping right into the episode um because we're you know maybe off mike, we covered a couple of topics that maybe don't need to be on the show um but moving on, so let's dive right into this episode with our overall impressions Alex. What was your overall impression of Father knows least? I loved it, I loved Ray in this episode, I loved the interactions between him and Deborah, I also noticed uh maybe this wasn't the first time, but this is the first time I noticed it where Ray began to refer to Debra when he gets home as different funny names that he just comes up with um which is a little trend that I love and they play on this later in the in the show as well um so I liked that, I liked the idea of you know Ray kind of learning how to take or talk with his kids by learning to talk with his parents because they are kids.

This is a very funny idea for an episode. And to me it's a classic, I very much enjoyed it. Great mike, What was your overall impression of the episode? I had mixed feelings about this episode, I thought was funny. I thought there was some very, very good moments, but I thought that it was there were some moments that was like, first of all it felt like it was trying to say something about parenting, like old parenting versus new parenting, but it never really landed on a stance and I thought that was really weird. Like there was a line in there that stood out to me where I didn't get a laugh, wasn't a joke or anything. But Ray says something to the effect of like, you can't find the answer to how to stop your kid from throwing plums in a workbook, which I thought like maybe that's where they were going, and then the workbook worked later on down the road, but they didn't. Yeah, so I thought it was like, so, I mean, funny episode had funny moments, had some scenes that I definitely remember and enjoyed, but I thought it was strange that it was like that didn't reach a conclusion because I thought it was going to at one point.

So yeah, that's my that's my overall thoughts and we can go scene by scene by it, that's a good point. I kind of agree. Well I don't know if I agree. Um but I do think that I liked where the episode started and where the episode ended, but I feel like the journey that the characters went on, it didn't make a ton of sense to me because I mean it started with uh you know Ray and Debra not knowing how to handle ali not listening to them. And then Deborah was all about going to parenting classes and then Ray was hesitant but he went but then he uh started like openly mocking it. And then it wasn't until he saw it work with his parents that he completely got it. But by that point, Deborah is completely out on uh these parenting techniques. Like the plotting of. It was weird, I liked where it ended up and it was funny along the way, but it was just, I don't know, maybe it's look maybe it's like life, maybe the it's it's about the journey, not the destination.

But yeah, I mean it made it made sense to me like you know, the the the the actions and the kind of reactions that they took kind of checked out with kind of what was happening in the show. Deborah was unable to succeed with this parenting style, so she gave up on it and then Ray was able to succeed on it. So he began to believe in it. Yeah, I think maybe what I'm reacting to more is like I wouldn't have handled this in the way that Ray does. I mean at the beginning and at the end I'm fine with what I mean, we'll get into more specifically, but I'm fine with how Ray deals with this situation. But it's like that middle part was just kind of weird to me in terms of I didn't feel like the ark of those care of Ray and Debra in the episode. Um I don't know, I mean it it made sense within the logic of it, but it was kind of, I don't know, but it was a good episode.

Um and there were a lot of funny moments. I think it was a great premise for an episode um within the family context. Like it's a very uh it seems like a very basic premise but I think they did some unique things with it. Like obviously every family sitcom has the oh the kid isn't listening to Mom and Dad episode, but because of the way that this family is structured and because of the, you know vocabulary of this show, I thought they did a really good job with it. Um I do want to say we are going to be giving some thoughts on like the way the characters handle this, this scene with parenting. I feel the need to just put out there that you know, we're in our twenties we don't have kids we don't know what the hell we're talking about but we're going to give opinions anyway and deal with it. You don't have kids that we know of. This is the this is the topic of discussion and all we can do is honestly react to what we see.

Um you know we're not basing it on our own experience so much is our own way of Well it's our our way of what we in our minds think uh you know, not having any experience with it but what we think seems or looks like good parenting. You know, I don't know what you guys are talking about. I know more than actual parents. Well you did write that book. Yeah I was gonna say yeah you wrote what to expect when you're not expecting. Yes bestseller. Well relative Sold over 10 copies. Best of your books. Yeah bestseller. What were some of the other books that you wrote that? There was the one that you the cookbook that you wrote. Yes. That one and also the other um I don't I don't know I just I feel like shake it till you bake it isn't really for the demographic of everybody loves everybody and I feel like the mechanical the sort of underlying premise of it is faulty that you the friction of shaking a bag of raw chicken is not going to bake it, you know I mean not in not at the speed that a human can do it.

Yeah, I guess, I mean not to, but if you the recipe look, I'll say because I did try all the recipes and I have to be honest, I tried shaking it for the first recipe and notice that the chicken just came out of the bag raw, so I started baking it then you know, fantastic cordon bleu if I may say okay, but you didn't shake it till you know I baked it and then you shaked it period. Okay, so we go to our our cold open and rake is coming downstairs. He just put Alex. Ali sorry Alex, he just put Ali to bed uh and he read her Rapunzel and mentioned that um you know if you lived in a tower and your hair was that long and you didn't have access to shampoo, it would probably be pretty greasy. So he tells Deborah that Ali wants a haircut. Now, I thought that was funny, that was funny.

And uh and and then Deborah goes upstairs to uh I like the line when Deborah was going upstairs to cut the hair and Ray mentioned, I gave her a dollar to tip you with, I thought that was I thought that was funny, I also I want to commemorate her. Um just shout out, I forget her name, Ali's actor in this episode. She was fantastic in Sweden. Yes. Madeline sweeten did a very good job on this episode. I feel like the child actors on this show were well cast. Um we'll get into that. We go to the anti gravity opening that we first saw last week. I actually hit the old skip intro on this because I don't like looking to um I like you guys are weird. Um and then our next scene, everybody's in the living room, everybody being Deborah, Ali and the twins and Marie frank and robert. Um and crazy day and Deborah asks Ollie to raise coming home with dinner.

Deborah asks Ollie to clean up the dolls on the table. Uh and Ali just ignores her at first and goes and shows Marie one of the dolls and Marie has a funny line of what's this one? A Streetwalker. Deborah's like, no, she's an aerobics instructor. Um but Ali continues not to listen. Ray brings home some food from nemo's presumably not a pizza because it was in a bag, but maybe. Well, we don't know, we don't know, nemo could have been pizza balls. Yeah, or he just dumped some loose slices into a bag for Ray. That's also true. Maybe he's just bad at that. Yeah, that's possible, but Deborah asks him to get rid of the Barone's um and Ray sort of tries to get get them out and robert mentions that he doesn't, he doesn't even try to get them out. He literally just says, go home, which was good. He says the words, time for you to go home, you know, I just which they ignored and he didn't follow up on, which is not great.

But I I was, yeah, he wasn't trying to he wasn't try, he was just like, you guys got to go. I thought that he he understands his family enough that like, like beating around the bush is not gonna help, he just has to be straight up and be like, go home. It's time for us to have dinner. You can't be here frank. Um I don't know what they're, what are they watching a sports game of some kind? Um Yeah, he says he's watching the game frank, cannot watch it at his place, or they can't watch it at frank and Marie's because frank is taping channel five, presumably Fox five uh on uh he's taping channel five so that he can record a chicken commercial on their tv. It is the one where the chicken goes to the restaurant to eat the chicken because it's so good. And this sets up a running joke in the episode of The Barone's just being absolutely thrilled with this and then Deborah not getting it and then it does come on and frank and robert absolutely giddy at the sight of this.

Chicken, Ray was enjoying it too, to be clear, like everybody like kind of stops and looks at it and it's great. Yeah. Which um there's absolutely nothing to say. I thought I thought it was, I thought it was cute. I don't remember ever, I know that, you know, I remember when we were younger and we had to like record the radio when like the song that you wanted came on, but I don't remember um doing that with like commercials. I don't know, maybe I just wasn't that into. Yeah, well, I always made sure I watched, you know, I made sure the Super Bowl was taped because I liked the commercials. You and I are very different people Alex mike that has been established plenty of times, both on this podcast and our previous one. Yeah, that's true. Um but Deborah is still trying to get Ali to clean up and then Ali yells no at her and the temperature in the room changes significantly as Marie frank and robert, they're about to leave, but then they turn around and Marie's face when um Ali yells no is you know, she does a very good acting job of the judgmental mother in law in this moment, I feel like um Deborah threatens her with no dessert, that doesn't work and I think it's funny frank and robert's reaction to no, no dessert and then to no tv for a week um commentating it like a sports game, almost just like, but Deborah frustrated, tells Ray to handle it and Ray does a terrible job.

Um well not, but his first attempt and then Marie intervenes of course and tries to bribe her with candy, but that doesn't ultimately work. And then I thought she had the funny line of I don't know what Deborah has done to this child. Deborah is controlling this. Um And then Ray finally does threaten her with no tv for a week and counts to three. The dreaded count to three. He gets 22 and three quarters and then he's like, I gotta warn you, I don't know any more fractions. Um Which is very, very fun. A lot of great jokes in this movie in this episode. I consider this, I consider each episode of Raymond to be a cinematic undertaking. So it's a cinematic experience. Yes, I agree. This episode actually had some uh in the next scene it has some weird like tracking shot and zoom like the camera work is more advanced than we typically see. Um But I liked the line.

Why do I have to do what mommy says? And Ray responds with because I do. That was my first audible chuckle for the episode. Ultimately Ray gets to three and then Ali screams and runs away and yells, I hate you. Um Which is rough. You know, as you mentioned, we're not parents, but that feels like that would be a rough thing to happen, especially with other people around you. Especially some as judgmental as the boroughs the next day or something. Well, I also, yeah, I just want to put out, there is one other line that Marie says before she likes, that's where she's like Raymond, how could you, you what what, it's so embarrassing to scold and yell at people in front of other people if you yell at your Children in front of other people and then she storms out and as she slams the door races, I hate you, which I thought was funny. But also it was kind of like if the, if the barons are over every single day for several hours a day, they are no longer guests.

Like I just like, it's almost like what are you doing? It's the same thing. I just, yeah, that's so, I don't know, I unsurprising to everyone. I think Marie was being unfair there. But yeah, that's my yeah, yeah, that was a good line. Um the next day or something. Debra is loading the dishwasher. Ray comes in and she tells him how terrible her day was because that's where we get uh she's having a terrible day because Ali every, you know 20 minutes was asking to watch tv um and then she gives Ray this flyer for parent effectiveness training and raise like where did you get these? And Deborah's like they were sticking them on the windshields at chuck e cheese, which um and they Ray doesn't want to do it at first. Um but he, his whole argument is like, oh, this should all come naturally, which is um, you know, not parents, but seems wrong.

Uh it's just unrealistic I think and I think everybody. Yeah, and he thinks they're, you know, good parents, great parents and Deborah has the line, great parents don't find themselves in the supermarket yelling, we don't throw plums, there's a story there that we're not going to explore. I was hoping that would be the end credit scene of them back in the supermarket, like like the, the story of why or we see them in the supermarket after the events of this episode and uh Debra successfully stop sally from throwing plums. Um but that would require building two unique sets for this episode, which they will not do. We go to our next, eventually Ray agrees to go and we go to our next scene, which is the classroom. It's being taught by this woman, Celia who's played by linda Cash, who works a lot.

She was, is probably best known for being in a couple of the Christopher guest movies, best in show and waiting for Guffman, but she's been in a million things. Uh and she is a uh an alum of the Toronto Second city um theater. So that's linda cash, not a lot of fun facts about linda cash. She just seems to be a working actor and we respect her. She actually knocks it out of the park in this scene, She's saying, yeah, she does very expressive on, into an honestly surprising degree. I wasn't expecting such excellent performance. I'm try trying to think if we've ever had a guest star on this show, Who has, you know, not knocked it out of the park. Like all the neighbors and neighbors were really strong. Pretty good. Yeah, I haven't seen the woman that she yeah, she did good.

She did good. Um, I guess the worst guest stars in terms of pure acting ability are probably some of the athletes athletes. Yeah, I agree. Even in like Tommy Lasorda, really good athlete, guest star. Um, you know, barry bonds did a decent job. Barry bonds said all his lines. Yeah. Um, that's all you can say. That's all you can expect from these guys. Was there his mind was on other things. He was like, how can I get bigger? How can I be stronger? And then he found the solution shortly thereafter that so they're about to dismiss the class. And then Deborah asks the teacher uh, specifically what they should do about ali not listening. And the teacher suggests they try active listening. And Deborah asks what that is and all this time. Ray is trying to be like, okay, thank you, Goodbye. Um Well, I mean, I will say that this, that Deborah did pull the last question at a meeting. They were like, all right.

If we don't have any other questions, we can go home and Deborah was like, actually can we start this entire other lesson real quick. So, I mean, I get why Ray was a little embarrassed for that. I guess they asked that question or she honestly Celia should have built in some time for specific questions. Um but it is weird to me that the entire class stayed, but I guess they also wanted to learn about active listening. Um I don't know, I mean, you know, you're going to an adult education class, you probably want to get your uh education on, your education on Yeah. Um but Celia has Ray come up and do some role playing and the premise is that Ali is refusing to visit grandma on her birthday and Ray has a funny, I happen to know grandma and I don't blame you. Um but yeah, like we said linda Cash does an excellent job in this scene of role playing.

Uh and then Ray brings up that grandma is probably not going to have many more birthdays left and so she cuts it short and suggests that they don't bring up grandma's mortality. And uh then Celia suggests that Ray acknowledges Ali's feelings and reflecting the feelings back and uh he, you know starts doing pretty well but then he flames out once it stops going well and ends up screaming because I said so and threatening her uh which prompts the teacher to dismiss the rest of the class and asks Ray and Debra to stay after. So I will say that I think that so okay, I have thought which was that there was no point. I I don't entirely blame Rafer this becoming a cluster bleep, say it, I'm sorry, part of your new thing now you don't swear either.

Fine cluster fuck. Is that better? Is that is that is that whatever are you okay? You okay now? Okay, good. I'm glad that we got okay, cool. Anyway, I was gonna say I don't blame I don't blame Ray for this becoming a mess. And the reason why is because I the instructor was kind of just like all right, let's practice active listening. You be an active listener. Like she didn't really explain what it is that she wanted him to do until later on down the road reflect the feelings back, but did not give any examples, nothing like that. Um So yeah, I don't blame him. We didn't we didn't see the rest of the class. Yeah, maybe the whole but then why would Deborah have we, I guess that's a really good point Alex is what was the bulk of the class that Debra's situation was not answered by when the scene, when the scene opened, she was talking about bedwetting, which is like, okay, that's an important topic, but like, you know, probably doesn't really match up perfectly with what they were interested in.

Yeah, does that fall under parent effectiveness? I feel like parent effectiveness is more like this listening stuff. No, active listening and you know, resolving conflicts and communicating. Um Not apparent. Um, but yeah, I don't know what the content of the rest of the class was, but we come out of there. She has reigned Deborah stay after and we go to our next scene, raise in bed watching the chicken commercial, laughing chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken and Debra brings in their homework. So clearly, uh, the teacher gave them some homework after class and they tried steamy uh, role playing part two. Then Ray uh is 12 years old and he refuses to shovel the driveway. Uh and Debra really tries the active listening thing, but as she says, are you being Ray the little kid or Ray the big gas because she he is not taking this seriously at all.

Uh and uh, he complains, he tries again, he says, I don't want to do chores something, something uh I only wrote down, I don't remember what the start of this was while you're up in bed, not sleeping with daddy. And then Deborah replies, well, we all have chores, we don't like to do uh was a classic radio. But yeah, Ray is a real dick by not taking this, like, this is what's weird to me is like, he goes from, I don't really want to put in the effort to this to openly being uncooperative and it isn't until it isn't until Debra starts crying, that he realizes that this is probably something that's very, you know important to her, especially because we find out that she tried it on ali when they got home and it didn't work. So Deborah is frustrated by this. She really wants to find the solution so that they can have a functional relationship with their daughter.

Um, so I, yeah, this it was just weird to me to see because I didn't think that the events of the class would have made Ray so obstinate about this and so uncooperative and I mean I guess he was embarrassed. Yeah, but he's not in that situation anymore. He's with Deborah. So why, why completely discount all of it? Um I don't know, it was, it was just, I understand why it was written this way, but it, you know, the, I don't know the leap there maybe on the drive home maybe on the drive home where he was like, you know what? That was actually stupid. I hated that. I just want to go home and watch the chicken commercial and then he turns on the, he's listening to the radio and the chicken commercial comes on and he blasts it as Deborah's trying to tell me like no chicken. Um that's probably what happened, right? Yeah, it's weird.

They didn't put that on screen. You know that actually, yeah, that checks out. Yeah, that got cut for time and you can't and obviously the chicken commercial is a major campaign. So they're going tv radio, print billboards. It's absolutely I bet they drove past the chicken commercial billboard while the chicken commercial was playing on the radio. Okay. Um we go to our next scene. The Barone's house Marie is apparently making the meals for the week in advance and freezing them and then, but as she's doing this frank and robert are eating it all um and then Ray comes over and uh frank immediately starts making fun of him for going to the class and says that they should go to grandparent class to learn how to get the nose and other examples, I don't remember. Um yeah, they're just making a goof. But then Marie finds as this is going on, Marie finds their tax refund check stuck to the ice cream.

So presumably they received the check in the mail, put it on the counter, forget about it, take the ice cream out of the freezer, dole out the ice cream or in frank's case just went and ate it and then put it back on the counter condensation attached the check to the bottom of the carton replaced in the freezer, Does that make sense? That's probably what happened? I don't know what it is about this scene, but something about uh frank, just like selfishly going for the food and just eating it without considering anyone else's opinion. It just really spoke to me uh about that or no, we're trying, we are trying to cover up the tensions that are developing between us and putting on a happy fun show, but we'll talk about it later, that was all, hopefully that was all edited out, but as I say, I'm busy. Um but Marie starts screaming at frank about the tax refund check and then Ray something clicks with Ray and he uses this opportunity to practice practice active listening and starts feelings back at them.

I think he specifically said like, oh hey we were talking about this in class and he was just kind of watching it first and then he was, you can see like the gears turning in his head and like at some point he was like, oh I think I know what I could do here and he does it, I think he does a pretty good job, really does work and it surprised, it feels like he uh started on hard mode or something because to get Marie and frank down from full on screaming at each other too, uh frank apologizing and Marie thanking frank for all he does, which includes as far as I could tell, just fixing the thing, but it actually is a really good example of a healthy like communication like argument because Marie, you know, they touch on omary shows her appreciation through actions like making all this food and frank. Just feels like he would like to hear the words because you know, and frank apologizes for being inconsiderate and it's, it's a really resolution.

Ray nails, this one felt very believable. It really did, I thought it was, it was a good moment. But so Ray is like thrilled with this. He's giddy, he leaves. And uh, Marie does, is this frank start eating the ice cream or does he start eating something else? I can't remember but start seeing something and Marie comes over and she's like, how is it chichi? And frank is like Cici like, and robert is absolutely disgusted. Done. Uh, is this the first time we're hearing their uh, Marie's pet name for frank, definitely. I would have remembered this is definitely we would, we would have talked about it. Do we ever, do we hear it again? I hope right, this isn't just like a one time thing. I don't remember what would even come from the nickname for frank. Like, I don't understand. I don't know there's a story there, but I don't know what it is. Well, uh, there's a brand of salsa called cheese.

I don't think that's gonna be the same thing. I'm going to be real. But remember in season one episode, so obsessed with Salsa, maybe it could be a new nickname. Maybe this is a recent nickname in the past 20 odd weeks of you like Salsa so much. Let's call you chichi. That's as far as I know, that's the best explanation we have right now, but maybe we'll find out the origin, you know, we haven't revisited. Our young Marie spinoff in half a year maybe, maybe we could cover that. How is that draft coming by the way, mike, I know you've started writing it by hand. Yeah, well I started typing it and then I just transitioned to going by hand once I realized that technology was bunk. Um, and then I got distracted by my manifesto. I'll come back to it. Is there a little bit of overlap between the two when you, you know, aren't paying attention and you start being like the Earth is flat hi frank.

How are you? You know, is that typically? Yeah, a couple of times, a couple of times, one character in particular introduced a new character into everybody loves Raymond. His name is Jeff and he's he's the he's the author insert. So he'll go on a few monologues, but we'll talk about that later. He turns to the camera and says, have you ever noticed that the horizon appears to uh, you know that dot uh, I should learn some flat earth specifics so I can communicate with, you know, so I can tear them down. Is Jeff based on somebody from your meetings. Yeah. No, it's like an anonymous thing. I can tell the real name, but it's based on something you've already told us. You told us about Dylan. Yeah. And I got a strongly worded email from he who shall not be named about that. So, and you you say email, but because you're off technology. You're talking about Earth male. Yeah, exactly. He he literally dug a hole and put it in vertical so I could find it coming out of the house one day.

Yeah, exactly, Exactly. What doesn't that undermine your no, no china tunnels all over the world. Shut up about it. Don't you mean all around the world? So Ray goes back to his own house across the street. Yes. Ray goes home. He's on cloud nine. Deborah's talking to Ali she tore open Michael's giraffe. I like how Ray came in and saw them arguing. He was like, oh perfect, he's giddy. He's seen active listening work. So he starts, he jumps in and starts coaching Deborah through it. And then eventually he just takes over and they arrive at Ali uh I was upset because the giraffe used to be hers. So that's why she acted out by destroying it.

And she asks for the giraffe back and Deborah says, well it's broken now and she's like, I know, but I want to fix it for Michael and tears because they, you know, resolve the conflict. And Ray is obviously feels like he just ran a marathon or was elected president. He's on top of the world. And uh, Deborah is annoyed and she even makes a gagging motion because Ray figured out active listening before her. Uh so I mean really great scene. I feel like just to see Ray being a good parent in this way, you know, to to show that he can do it. Uh which I feel like we haven't really seen a, there hasn't really been, I feel like a kid's episode since what the ball like that was really focused on the kids. Um where he came in dressed as santa at the end of that episode to keep alleys belief alive, which was really nice.

Um, but yeah, great to see. Um, he is kind of annoying about it. I, you know, to see where Deborah's coming from for sure because he's really, I mean, I'll say it, he's mansplaining active listening to his wife in front of their daughter. Um, but we go to our hot clothes at the end and Ray and Debra are watching the chicken commercial and then frank and Marie barge in looking for Kleenex because they have five half empty boxes and frank is mad that they don't pop up anymore, which is a real issue with tissue boxes. I feel like, but maybe not worth storming into a room and tearing open drawers and screaming at your wife. Um And Ray tries to facilitate again, he, I think he even turns to Deborah and he's like, I got this and uh, they completely have no tolerance for it this time and it and it ends with Maria announcing that she's sleeping at Ray and Debra's house and frank storms out and Ray, I thought this was a pretty funny closing line.

He goes back to his old methods and just yells after them. No tv so that's that episode, I thought it was decent. I like what I like about that hot clothes opposite of the cold open we should say is that um, I don't, you know, it's, it provides the reset. I feel like for when we see moving forward, Ray not having learned this lesson at all or maybe learning that it's not worth trying to solve marine frank's arguments for them. Kind of resets in a natural way and we don't want Ray to get too much of an ego about him. Like we've seen it a couple times and it's not attractive on him. Uh it's another when he's kind of a hangdog like uh you know, pessimist or are you gonna say mike, I was just gonna say, I thought that like I mean talking me wrong, I'm glad that it worked out. But like I, this is a weird kind of moment for me when I'm looking at this, this kind of like kind of like I was saying in the beginning because like yes, active listening is crucial.

Active listening is very, very important. I don't know if I 100% agree that it replaces, you know, the punishment aspect, you know, like clearly don't get me wrong, like the uh speaking of someone that I should premise for the third time that I don't know what I'm talking about, not a parent, but um at the same time, it's like at the beginning yeah, no tv you're not really getting to the heart of the issue wasn't ideal, but at the same time it's like, you know, I just thought it was, it was a little strange that, you know, at least six and I think that it's it's not inappropriate to have some consequence for, you know, destroying property or for being disrespectful to the parents. Um and so I thought it was interesting that, you know, and I maybe I'm looking for too much nuance and parenting from everybody loves freaking Raymond, but at the same time I thought it was weird that like yes, they had the success in active listening, but there wasn't a consequence for for ali it's what happened was Ray apologized to to Ali and I just, I don't know, I'm glad that she was mature enough to realize that the switch, but I thought it was, I thought it was a weird kind of take that they didn't have that say that I don't believe this was intentional, but the episode or I don't believe that they have this in mind when they wrote that what we see that argument resolve as is actually more of a restorative justice thing where ali is actively making amends to Michael by repairing the draft or at least trying to and then Deborah will probably end up actually fixing it.

Um but you know, there's I get what you're saying because to have a protracted discussion with a six year old, getting to the root of the problem and arriving at a restorative solution is probably not practical in everyday life. And um depending on the developmental stage that the child is in does not always produce any sort of meaningful, because, you know, as we've talked, we've actually talked about this before. Kids at different stages have varying understandings of abstract reasoning versus concrete reasoning and kids who are very young, um and almost not, maybe a little younger than ali at this point, if she's six have a very black and white sort of sense of good and, and bad and, you know, actions have consequences, these are the rules. Um so I think that the stage that they're in, uh and, you know, again, reading too much into this is ali is beginning to have at that sort of abstract reasoning where, well, why is that the rule or why do I have to listen to you?

So, you know, at that stage, and, you know, this is an ideal situations where you have unlimited time. Uh at that stage, it does sort of make sense to drill down to the root of the problem and find an equitable solution, not to say, you know, some things are just the rules, but it's about arriving as to why that's the rule. Well, we don't destroy things because they don't belong to us and that's hurtful to other people. Um or we take our dolls off the table so that everyone can eat at the table together, like they didn't have that conversation with ali at the start, they just tried to go straight to the consequence. What I think was the kind of intended message of this episode that they could have spelled out a little more where it's not about, especially kids these age, this age, it's not about like, kind of like, having that, like, kind of like, discussion with them that they're like a little too young to be having and actually understand maybe the root of the issue that can be resolved.

It's more about teaching the parents, Ray and Deb in this example to actively listen, quote unquote to their kids, so that they can understand why they are behaving that way and then take appropriate reaction to resolve the issue. So the lesson is about making or teaching them to like put in that extra effort just to understand why their kid is taking the action that they're taking, so that then they can decide what to do, that's kind of what I got. I think also, you know, there's no expectation that the kid understands this side of it, like all that they experience is, you know, we're talking about what happened and then at the end we arrive at this is what you need to do, so it's more action oriented for the kid, whereas it's more in order to get to that action action for the parent, it's more about, you know, understanding, like Alex was saying, um and you know, for disclaimer purposes, let's just say uh we are not parents, as we've said, but you know, I think the three of us are all coming from similar places and that we all have graduate degrees in education and understand the development of Children, um or you know, to an extent, we're not parents, but we we have some grounding in this, which we don't often talk about because that's not what the show is about, but it's we're all very smart people.

Yeah, we are, we are not, we're smart guys, and this smart guy saying the flat earth, anyway, yes. How do we balance legitimizing our opinions with the reality of our personal lives? Uh Good question. Well, you know, you, well, you've come a long way since then, since you graduated, uh someone say you've strayed from the flock, some would say, my eyes have been opened, that depends on perspective. Alright, so let's go to the barometer, we've taken enough. Let's go to the barometer, let's talk about the scale from 1 to 10 on which we rate Ray at the end of every episode as we established last week, we're going in reverse now to say one is the worst men in television history. We're talking about our Don draper's walter, white's men who actively harm their families, and 10 is the great dads of television history, Uncle Phil Danny tanner. Uh for me, I like I said, I liked where Ray's start and end were I liked that he started uh you know, parenting one way, because we're mostly talking about him as a father in this episode, um sort of trying to parent with that heavy hand authoritarian style to the point where he ends up, which is more of an authoritative style, where he's trying to established ground rules, but, you know, have understanding and communication with the child.

So I like that. So, you know, I'm inclined to give him like a seven. I don't I'm not crazy about the way he interacted with Deborah in this episode. So that sort of knocks him for me. I feel like as a husband, he goes between not wanting to help, to openly mocking the attempt to solve the problem, to eventually gloating about how he's figured it out and she hasn't. So, I mean, with that in mind, maybe he's going down to a five, but as a son, he does try to intervene and solve his parents problem and and teach them some, you know, adaptive ways to deal with their problems, which is ultimately futile but is admirable. I'm just gonna say a six. Alright, that's that's solid. That's fair mike, okay. I mean, I I'm with Adam for the most part on this one.

I think that he's it's a weird episode because he's a great father by the end of it. I think that he tries to be a father at many different times, he's a good son at different moments and he's an absolute piece of crap to Deborah. So it's like it's a weird balance. I'm gonna I feel weird giving him even like a positive rating based only on his relationship with Deborah, but he does such a good job, I think in the other two areas that I can't give him that, so I'm gonna give him a hesitant five, Okay, five Alex, where are you coming in? Cool. Um I definitely see where you guys are coming from and um I respect that idea that Ray does learn active listening and he practices it well and he uses that to really resolve issues with Ali and his parents in this episode, in a mature way. He under he learns about where both sides are coming from, He takes time to understand and make sure both parties understand kind of where the other is coming from in order to create a nice middle ground to resolve the issue and he does it extraordinarily well.

But also, as you both have said, he uh he definitely, I mean in very, in a very Ray way, he's like, he treats it like uh like Spider man before he learns great responsibility, that he's just like, oh my God, I understand, I am I I am perfect, I I have this down and I am an expert now and then when he does the like oh you'll figure it out one day to Deborah or oh my God. Um But I think in my opinion the goodie does in this episode, even if his parents, him and his kids learned nothing outweigh the negatives. I'm going to go with the six as well. Alright. 5.6. Yeah. six 5.7. Let's call it. Um yeah, that's exactly the same as last week. All right, Ray straight line, he's averaging, that's better Than bad. uh yeah, his total average is 5.7. So that's good. Uh that's it. Then we've solved it, we've solved parenting.

So that's this show. If you like it, you know, Barone Zone on instagram and facebook, go to post fund dot org slash donate pay what you want for monthly bonus episodes in the burro Zonis go to forums dot post fund dot org to post a remembrance which is an appearance of the cast in other media including but not limited to print film tv um N. F. T. S or a judge Deborah, which is a oppositional hypothetical. So something like, you know, who would you rather have as parents frank and Marie or nope, that's terrible. That's complete one sided. Who would you rather have raised you as a single father Ray or robert. How about that? Oh that that would be a good one. That's a good debate. I think I actually choose Ray on this one. I'm not gonna not gonna front raises issues, but I think that, I think that robert has more.

So I think I'm gonna go with Ray at this, at this stage in the game, I'd probably choose robert. So there you go. There's Judge Debra waiting to happen. That's what happens in Judge Deborah. So go to the forms to submit those and any other questions, comments concerns, no, not concerns. Um, questions and comments. Actually, I don't even want comments. It's just if you have a direct question or a compliment, please put them on the forms or go to Apple podcast, Spotify and rate and review this podcast. Help us climb the old charts. Anything else to add mike Alex? No, thank you guys so much for listening. All that's left to do is our classic sign off everybody.

Shake It 'til You Bake It / 2.2 Father Knows Least
Shake It 'til You Bake It / 2.2 Father Knows Least
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