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The Canada Dry Nesting Doll Hour / 2.5 Golf (w/ Khalonji Bulluck)

by Post-Fun Podcasts
November 16th 2022

Mike's still missing after his backyard barbecue with the Flat Earth people, so returning champion and newly-minted husband Khalonji Bulluck joins Adam and Alex in the Winneraygo to give us an upda... More

God damn it. Has he called back yet adam? No I've been trying his cell phone. I've been trying his landline. I tried his blackberry his palm pilot. Have you tried his grinder? I did yeah I reached I made a burner grinder account and well you know I'm a married man. Oh yeah I made a burner grindr account. I hunted him down. I know of course his user name which is a little mike big D at I guess you don't put an ad at the end. But um yeah I reached out to him and I even sent some pictures of Ray some shirtless photo shops I did of ray but no response didn't didn't even didn't even open him. Oh God left on unread. Is he okay. I I feel like I don't know answers some things at some point. Yeah I mean we haven't faxed him yet but we got a record.

I mean I gotta get back you've got a thing I think right I don't even think it's possible to record two. Oh oh that must be him. Alright let's oh my God, ecology. What are you doing here? Good evening gentlemen is that mike? No it's Callen. G remember Kalani Bullock our dear friend our author friend. Of course I remember Colangelo get on in here this tight little RV. Yeah come on in. Welcome to the Winnebago. The recreational vehicle. How are you? We haven't seen you in. Oh gosh what's it been 27 weeks or something. Something like that. Yeah something exactly like that. Um The smell here is let me say you know what's the word for exquisite but in the bad way distinguished, okay. Like distinguished. Yeah. What are you doing in this part of town? We're parked next to the old steel mill as usual. Well, I heard the sounds of, you know my grindr account going off.

I was getting a lot of notifications but I realized I didn't have my phone on me. So I just followed the sounds and oh my God. And then I realized my phone was in my back pocket. But little details. Wait, are you little Mike Big D. I've been making, I've been reaching out to the wrong person adam. What a mistake. Oh, Mike Mike's account is big. Mike. Little D. Yeah. Uh, it's fancy that you showed up here because we're a man down. Yeah, we're about to record remember about 27 weeks ago when you were on. Everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. Yeah, that's still going on. Yeah. Actually we're, you know, we didn't get canceled. Not yet. We own the network. It's on its way. Um, We were actually about to record another episode. We're gonna, you wouldn't happen to have watched season two, episode five of everybody loves Raymond. Have you golf? You say the funniest things.

I actually did just watch the show just just this particular episode just now. Yeah, it was, it came on in my youtube feed and you know, I paid for it. So of course, yeah. You rented it from youtube and then you, you, but in your pocket. Yes. Yeah. It played and I heard it and I was like, well, might not just like I should just listen to it. You may as well watch it. Yeah. No, I understand. You wouldn't have let me say, you know, I just, it was $2 well spent. Even if I didn't realize that I paid it, Got $2 per episode, that means You would pay five 100 dollars. Everybody. God, that's that's yeah, that's that's a big ask. That's the price of comedy. Yeah. Well, you wouldn't happen to have like form detailed opinions about each scene and you know, would be prepared to talk about it right now.

Well, let me check my back. Oh, here. I made a, just randomly a compiled list of notes and observations during this is a whole legal pad. Full Mike doesn't do that much work. Mike doesn't do any work. He's on, you know, when we record, he's on his phone the whole time. Fielding grindr messages, faxes, etcetera. He's a very in demand guy. Or at least he was, I don't know what he's doing now now. He's in demand in a bad way or so. I think, yeah, we did hear, uh, you didn't happen to hear about that. Um, riot at the public storage facility in uh, in South Lynbrook, did you? I did hear a little bit about it. I heard that the rampage went on far longer than the police are able to manage. Yeah that's right. It did sort of spiral out of control didn't it? They toppled our statue of Liberty which is smaller than it sort of if the regular statue of Liberty were Russian nesting doll and the las Vegas one were the one inside of that one.

Ours is the one inside of the las Vegas one. Um Or it was until it was toppled into the sea. It's smooth. Yeah it was more of just a puddle that it was tipped over into but we can't get it back. No it fell into the sewer grate so it's gone. Um Which of course leads directly to the sea. So Callen G um what have you been up to? Have you? Here's a question that we have asked. One returning guest and will now make a regular thing since you last were on the show. Have you kept up with Raymond? Have you gone back and watched everybody loves Raymond again in the seven months since you last watched it. Besides this past episode. Well, in a short answer, no, a much longer answer. No, I haven't had the time to. It didn't seem Raymond wasn't funny to me and that in the one episode that I watched I was like well I don't see the appeal here but I'm back and I will say this.

Some of this episode made me see I made me think of you know, I see the appeal now kind of, we'll spoil it, but we're gonna be interested to hear everything you have to say. Absolutely. Um well, that's great analogy. You know, now that you're here, we we have sort of fallen into a rhythm of this show of checking in with each other. Um, what was so, you know, if you want to sit in mike's seat, you know, minding the, you might want to put like a couple paper towels down. Here's a roll. There's like a big indented, like just because like, you know where he sits, He has a very specific, like the memory foam has memorized exactly the in the way he sits. All your roommates here are starting to give me weird feelings. All my roommates. What are you talking about? You don't consider the rodents your roommates. Oh well those guys are common mistake. Those are the so you know, the animatronics from chuck e cheese.

If the animatronics from chuck e cheese were Russian nesting doll. And the ones in the las Vegas chuck e cheese are slightly smaller than those than mine are the ones that would go inside of the las Vegas ones, adam, What is it with you and Russian nesting dolls today, I'm a little unsure about telling you this. Oh, do tell then please share it. Don't tell anyone fun of me. Everyone who's listening. Don't make fun of me, but I think, I think I might be a Russian nesting doll. Now, I don't know if it's a little person living inside of you. I don't know if I I am the one that came out of a larger one, or if there's another one living inside of me. But I have this feeling, I just know that some way somehow, if you think about a feeling that you might some way somehow be either a smaller version of somebody that was once nested inside of them, or might have a smaller version of you nested inside of you.

You might be a Russian nesting doll. If if you think about a grand scheme, aren't we all Russian nesting dolls? Um I came out of someone else, but we don't all have somebody come out of us. So. Yeah. Well, yeah, that that depends. Yeah, that does depend. But you know, I don't really want to talk about the way adam, Do you think you're like, are you do you think you're pregnant or I don't understand where this is going. It's not well, I don't feel like there is another being inside of me. I feel like there might be a smaller version of me inside of me. That if you were to open me up at the middle, the same me would come out. You see what I'm saying? Not a baby. That's right. Thank you for clarifying adam, That makes a lot more sense. The statue of liberty example is the perfect one. Yes. Yes, it was. So uh that's that's uh I think for hippo reasons we'll cut that out.

But Alex um let's change the subject. I'm sure Colony would be. Are you a registered voter in the city of Lynbrook? I was until what happened? The incident. Oh, no. Would you care to share with our listeners or? I mean, I know about this. You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. But it did it upended your life. Don't make a good story at the very least, You know. Yeah, alcohol is, you should always drink responsibly and I had just turned 21 and I was not the responsible adult husband loving father to three imaginary cats that I am now and I. Yeah, Well, but how did that end up in your voter registration getting, I guess. Yeah. Well, so, you know how some people are put on the offender list because they urinate at a playground?

Well, you're talking to guys who know exactly about and one in Abstentia, who knows exactly about. I went to the mayor's office. Oh, and we are intimately familiar with the former mayor. Oscar, the mayor and Alex is, I don't know if you know this and this is what I was getting at Alex is running for mayor. That is correct to replace Oscar who has since left this planet. Okay, okay, let me know if my stain is still there. Well, that's if I that's all, that's only if I win. But I will check. I'll make you a deal. Callan gee if I help you get uh back registered to vote in Lynbrook, um then will you vote for me? And then if I win, I will check to see if you're staying is still there. Yeah, this is I I'm okay with that. Okay. I can even endorse you to on the campaign trail if you need. Oh, sweet. Yeah.

Do you have any references? So this is your processes? You vet the people who endorse you. That's probably something that more politicians should do. It's it's important to do. I want to make sure I know who's supporting me. So you're about to interview him for the opportunity to endorse you. I'm a strange guy, adam. Yes. I I don't I'm not unfamiliar with that fact. Please proceed. Yes. Just don't references. I have a lot of character references. You can ask any of the characters in my book. Oh, well we did here. You know, we we alluded to our dear friend Colony being an author of note. You want to update our audience on the progress of your book? Is it still plugging ahead? It's so it's still coming along a lot more than the last time I was here. And yeah, and we almost have an ending, like in mind, not written an ending in mind just building stronger characters.

If you were to guess estimate how many more guest appearances on everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. It will take before the book is done. If we're going by an average of, I'll be back in 27 weeks. It wasn't 27 weeks, I think it was 21, we've released 29 episodes of this. 21 weeks, like yeah, 21 every 21 weeks or so, 21 weeks. Um The time we get to like season five, it will be done. Okay, well that's something to look forward to. All right, look forward to it, you know, it feels like a long way away, but season two popped up fairly quickly second, so we'll get to five very quick. Um I do want to follow up on my question that I asked you the first time that you were here is either Ray romano or Ray Barone a character in your book and if not, why did you not add it after we asked you to last time?

Um My book is filled with fathers of varying levels of capability, but none are as vile as rare. Um Oh my God, wow, it's been doing okay lately. So you must have some really good dads in that book. Yeah, you must have a slew of Daniel Tanner's in that book because Ray has been actually Ray has been doing a really terrible job past couple of episodes. The most recent episode was good, but everyone before that was thoroughly average. Um so you have not added ray to your book. Well, it's been a pleasure having you. But uh no, no. Well, ordinarily we would kick you off the RV for saying something like that. You know, the audience would not be happy with us if we let you stay on the show and be, yeah, We really don't have a choice because it is impossible to do this show with fewer than three people.

Um so can you stick around and go through season two, episode five with us? I'm kind of stuck to the seat right now. There's something sticky. Oh no, don't worry about that. You just put down more viva. Okay, well, we'll get you out of there before, before the episode wraps up. Oh, Oh my God, were we recording this the whole time? Oh no, I was recording a voice memo to send a mic on grindr. Oh, well, I let go. He's going to be, maybe we can just plug that into the episode because there's a pretty solid first segment. Yeah. Hey, you know what, Welcome to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond officially. I guess we gotta stop accidentally recording things. That's Alex sheer. I'm adam Rudy joined by author. Dear friend and most importantly, husband Qalandia Bullock. Mike. D is not here. Um I don't know what happened. Something must have happened to that backyard barbecue, but hopefully he'll get in touch with us.

We're going to go look for him after we're done with this episode. We'll pull off the signals fire hydrant and go looking for Michael. But for now we're gonna be talking about season two, episode five. Right after this. Don't go anywhere. I'll do a suggestion sport. Mhm. All right Alex, We're getting our asses kicked out there. I mean again, if mike was here, we'd be we'd have a chance at this amateur podcasting softball league. But yeah, no, it's it's awful. I can't believe they're only they're making us play with two people. two Against 7. It seems unfair. It does. You know what also seems unfair. The Barona Sonus. Well, I think you're actually confusing. Sorry, let me take a swig of Gatorade here. That's fine. Sorry for going slow motion there and you know, dreamily getting doused in gatorade. Um I think you have The Baroni Zone is confused with other premium podcast subscriptions.

Oh, did I mess up again? I think the heat's getting to me adam you might need to go to the hospital. Um The Barona Zonis is actually not unfair. In fact, it's the most fair thing that you could do because unlike other premium podcasting subscriptions, this is a one time pay what you want. Get lifetime access to, monthly bonus episodes of everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. Uh every month direct to you pay one time, pay what you want, lifetime access. All you have to do Alex. And this is what sets apart from other premium podcasting subscriptions is none of them will ask you to go to post fund dot org slash donate to pay what you want for access. And I wish I wish they would though. I wish they would. Well, well we're, you know, we're not supposed to tell anyone. But uh while everyone was getting off of the charter busses for this amateur podcast, softball league, I stole the rss feeds of all of their premium podcasting subscriptions.

So if you go to post fund dot org slash donate, you can have, I'll, you know, send it to you on the sly premium bonus episodes of uh are we playing against uh the nuts, premium Barone Isse, I guess it's not Veronis premium bonus episodes of the nuts podcast, which is recorded by the Planters company. Its mr peanut talking about different kind of nuts every week and then he does a bonus feed where he talks about, you know, colloquial nuts, testicles and it's much dirtier. It's an after dark kind of mr peanut thing. All right there, there's there's hyping up the Barona Zonis and then there's just lying. Please give those that liable to the Planters Corporation. Yeah. Yeah.

All right, well, take me to the hospital then I'll just say post one dot org slash donate. You get the Baroni Zonis and nothing else. And look, we got to get back out there and then we got to get Alex to the hospital. So you know what they say. Right, nope, play ball. Oh, I'm not okay, welcome back to everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. We're here with Cullen J Bullock. He's back baby. And better than ever. I'm going to introduce all of our returning guests that way by saying they are back, comma baby and better than ever. Are you? Better than ever? I am better than ever, stronger, faster. Better. Yeah, yeah, we're thrilled to have you back here and uh you know, I'm excited to go through season two, Episode five of everybody loves Raymond with you. It's called golf and uh that's how it's pronounced.

Golf, not golf is not golf golf. This must be a regional thing. Yeah, Adam I've been golfing since I was four. Since you were four. Yeah, one year after Tiger Woods, as we learned in this episode. Yeah, that's correct. I I know I was a year too late. Your parents, I wouldn't be here. Your parents saw Tiger out on the green and they were like, oh sh it, we gotta get them out on the golf course, joe golf course. Um Overall impressions of golf fun fact, this is a co written episode between Ray romano, kevin James and uh regular, you know, core Raymond writer, um tom Caltabiano, tom Caltabiano, Is that why? It's funny, is that why? It's funny. Yeah, it's got that kevin James voice that uh you know, really spices it up. Um Kevin returned in this episode returned.

Okay, He's been in, I think A couple. No one or 2. He was definitely in the basketball one in Captain. He was in uh he was in I love you remember because he burst into the shower. Right? No way. That was also Captain, he was in um uh yeah, the recent one that we just watched. Oh raised on tv so yeah, he's uh and at some point, I'm not sure when it's gonna happen, but you know the king of Queens, the kevin James sitcom is gonna come out in a few years or soon. Uh as we are in the timeline of everybody loves Raymond and the character of Kevin who first appears on everybody loves Raymond ceases to exist because Raymond and the king of queens crossover and Ray is friends with the character of Doug Heffernan. Isn't that interesting, interesting. Let me show my age a bit because I didn't recognize Kevin James immediately when I saw him and I wrote down is that paul blart?

Yes, it is paul that's paul blart mall cop, That's how I know him too. When I was I don't know why I just remember this when I was a kid and I saw like the box set that my dad had of the king of queens. I didn't know queens was a borough in new york. I thought the king of queens was like a game of Thrones esque, like drama show about a man who ruled over all queens and I was very disappointed. Um what a disturbing patriarchal fantasy that is. Um It's just that's what I assumed. Yeah, well you know I guess does say something about child Alex, I've grown and progressed since then, you are a good man now, but let's do our overall impressions of golf for me uh surprisingly nuanced and complicated episode dealing with themes of mental health and healthy communication in a marriage, like it's almost as if they heard our criticisms of every episode that came before that and it's like okay well we'll do this, we'll show a nuanced, complicated, realistic uh relatively realistic like conflict that resolves around revolves around, you know Ray having an anxiety attack.

Um I wouldn't say it was like the funniest episode, although the set piece of and we'll get to it of Marie's role in this episode is very funny um but definitely like a good, like you know, a real interesting topic for them to take on, so I really enjoyed that Alex, What was your overall impression? Okay, I'll go next then. Sure, I feel very similar similarly to what you said adam, I think um it's definitely one of the more nuanced episodes I thought um while not like the funniest, I thought it was definitely one of those episodes that I really couldn't look away from like a train wreck that you just like have to watch, It's enjoyable in a weird way to watch Raymond kind of try and figure out why he feels so crummy about being able to Golf and I felt very similar. I I felt what he felt in that, in those scenes where it's like, like, golf should be really fun, relaxing.

Um and it's just like, because it's all based on that one little fib that he did to Deborah. Um it's just like, he really can't enjoy it and he communicated that well and I literally felt that as it was going around. I uh I liked this episode a lot. I'll pass it on to you. Oh, well, I thought the first half of this episode was very funny, the second part and, you know, the jokes dragged on a little bit, but I did enjoy my experience watching this episode more than the last one. Yeah, the one that you watched last was season one, episode eight. Right? What was that? What was it about? It, was it featured like, we're two race comments from the dad. Um that doesn't narrow it down. That was it, it was in laws, right? It was, yeah, frank made those awful, awfully disturbing comments about, like, cambodia and Vietnam.

You also didn't like the french. Yes. Yeah, Yeah. Um so compared to that, you found this to be more well, so the 1st 11 minutes, because after that I didn't really laugh much, but but the 1st 11 minutes, I legitimately did like, laugh out loud, which is, you know, very novel. Um I thought robert was hilarious. I wrote dammit, robert made me burst out laughing. Well, don't spoil when that was, that'll be interesting to it comes up, but it did make me think, wow, I do see why people did kind of gravitate towards the show. It did have a lot to um not only laugh at, but to think about too, which is uh which is pretty refreshing for a sitcom. So yeah, I enjoyed it. I definitely see why as following and if I do come back on the show 21 week, if you find your way to whatever the Barone Zone will be at that point.

Yeah, I definitely uh be looking forward to watching more. Oh great! Um yeah, it's interesting, it's interesting to now be having guests two seasons into this, into watching this show because I think our reactions to it come with a lot of baggage of seeing all different iterations of Ray and then, you know when people come back having just seen, you know, two episodes um you know, they have a lot less of that baggage and I think can give a more, you know, like unweighted, the baggage metaphor is really what I'm carrying through here carrying, they bring a carry on of one episode of Raymond as opposed to a steamer trunk of two seasons of Raymond that we're carrying. So I think that's a really great perspective to bring like people like those listening to the show, our show, not everybody loves Raymond, like are following uh are kind of, you know, journey with the show, Adam Mike and I and then it's we're already kind of starting to get this kind of like mini community of a couple of returning guests who will probably, you know, come back every season or twice a season, and I hope Kalani will be one of them uh that we can kind of see them kind of grow or, you know, journey with the show in smaller chunks and see kind of how that differentiates from the whiplash that we normally provide you weekend and week out.

Uh so great to hear, I agree Alex, it's great to hear uh that you enjoyed ecology. Um but let's start going scene by scene through this as we do. So we start with our cold open, it is Ray and Kevin in Ray's living room, watching golf, and Deborah comes downstairs uh and is like, oh, watching golf again, sort of setting up the premise here being that Ray is an avid golf fan, uh and that is taking Deborah sort of resents that, or at least finds it to be taking up a lot of his time. So that sets that up and uh Ray and Kevin are watching Tiger Woods playing golf, and at this point Tiger is 21 years old, pre ridiculous, sprawling extramarital affair. Um and uh he started playing golf when he was three and uh, you know, I don't know a ton about golf?

I do know that Tiger Woods and his dad have a special relationship where his is it like a thing where his dad forced him to play golf at three? Or is it just like, is it more nurturing than that? I I literally don't know, I do golf, but I do not keep up with the sport of golf, and I do not watch it mainly because to me, it's more like sleep aid than a sport. So, um, Call Angie, you're a golf fan, know all the, all my, like, my older coworkers and like my great aunts, great uncles, they play golf. Never really found my niche in it. I it's not a very interactive sport. Not a lot of room for self expression. Yeah, that's I don't know if anyone's ever said that's ever been anyone's critique. Have you have you tried mini golf? That has a lot more freedom of expression in Mini golf is very fun.

Mini golf is in my book, superior to golf, by the way, Mini golf. A lot of people don't know golf is if golf is a Russian nesting doll. Okay. Uh, but we see some footage. This is like real footage of tiger woods. It seems like they needed to pad this episode out. Um, real footage of Tiger Woods walking down the fairway and then he sinks his putt and we linger on some footage of Tiger Woods hugging his father for a very long time. And this show of so interesting. Yeah, I did not have that. Really. Where did you, I watched on Youtube. You really did watch it on Youtube. I really did drop $2 for the standard definition episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. I do own it. Which is a novel that is weird in ours because Adam and I we both watched it on the cock, the peacock and there was like a good like what what would you say?

I have like a minute long gag where Tiger Woods and his dad are hugging and it cuts back to Ray and kevin watching and they slowly start to kind of get emotional and tear up until they have to like get an excuse to Yeah. Not look at each other because men can't be vulnerable emotionally in the night. Yeah. That's seen read differently when you don't just you hear the announcer saying, oh he's gonna go hug his dad and you just see them going like they're looking very lovingly at each other and like it felt like they wanted to hug each other which was strange. Is like an interesting context. Yeah. It read it read differently without that we it is a thing that portions of this show are edited out of very like the syndicated version of the show that was like on tbs and stuff. Um That has apparently a lot of the cold opens like this scene missing entirely. Or cut down, you know, to make room for ads, but on peacock, they seem to be intact in their original versions.

Um So we can give you the peacock log if you, you know, come back. You don't have to. Yeah. Ok. Yeah, I'm writing it down in the zone is yes, we can all watch just just on the dashboard, I'll pick it up on my way out. Um So we cut from our cold open to the anti gravity opening. So there's a couple different openings to this show. Calandra. You probably saw the first time you were here. The one where Ray's building like a fisher price play set um in the yard. Or maybe you saw the conveyor belt one where his, well, this was a variation on that that um it shoots and misses it. Did you get to see the intro of the family? I I wish I did. The episode was 21 minutes and 30 seconds long, interesting. They cut that So, and I was like, I feel like the last one I watched was like 24 minutes.

So definitely like three minutes of footage just missing. Well, to catch you up, mike and Adam hate the the intro that Adam was about to talk about. I think it's fun antigravity. Yeah, so like the conveyor belt, It's Ray speaking to the camera sort of describing his life and he's like, I live in Long Island with my wife Debra, and then, as he says, my wife Deborah, a very poor green screen of Deborah, sort of flying on like a wire swoops into frame and then swoops out and it, it looks incredibly uncanny because the technology is not quite there yet, so, and it he does this for the whole family swoops in at various points and it's just, I don't know, they had a good thing going with the conveyor belt, but uh yeah, the technology was not there for sitcoms to do this sort of highfalutin concept. Um they just can't pick an intro, could you imagine adam not being able to pick an intro and just sticking with Changing an intro every 26 weeks.

I can't imagine that. Um Never, but we cut out of that. Um by the way, you guys get, well, Conte didn't, but Alex, were you getting peacock ads for Lopez versus Lopez? That looks good. Right? Yeah. And I also got the new Dwayne, Yes, Young Rock. Young Rock, I gunned head. I would rather watch Young Rock than Lopez versus Lopez. No offense to George Lopez on his fifth eponymous sitcom. I don't I don't want to watch George Lopez unless he's jumping through the sky. Am sands trampoline. I have no interest in George Lopez. Um we should do a, I don't know if we're the people like George Lopez, you know, I will be back more often for that. I love to watch George Lopez again. Yeah, that might be a little Barona Zonis action. We'll see you black people, but I do really like that.

Show. One thing I do know about George Lopez is that he needed a kidney transplant and his wife gave him her kidney and then he divorced his wife, jesus christ straight out of the Andrew Tate. Playbook. Huh? I don't know who that is. I'm sad that I do. Um we cut back to Ray and kevin on the couch. Now Michael sitting between them. Debra comes back into the room asks Ray Ray engrossed in golf. Um, did you check Michael's diaper. Ray says, I think he's okay. Deborah lifts him smells it and removes the child to change him. Uh, Kevin, Kevin says, I'm not sure I could even pass that test. I don't even know what that means. It means Kevin must also have broken his bed. Um, as a reference to last week, um, Ray, uh, and kevin continue watching the golf and raise like, oh, it's hard for me to watch golf because all I want to do is go play it.

Um, he just got back from five days on the road covering sports and Deborah um, wants him to be home, you know, obviously, uh, and so he's afraid to ask her to go play golf with kevin for a day. So they come up with a little plan to manipulate Debra into letting Ray go golfing. Um, rather than, you know, communicate or compromise when they did this when this was set up? I thought um and this is, I think why I was such a fan of the way this episode uh, turned out to be um I thought it was going to be like Ray's getting one over on Debra, classic sitcom husband move, but the fact that they do this and then point out that this is not a thing that you should do is class. And it's not even like not to spoil the episode, it's not even that Deborah finds out it's that Ray comes clean of his own conscience.

And I thought that was really unique for this kind of show, well not to give it to many points. And then, you know, we'll get to, we'll get to that when we get there, but I say that I'm coming clean. Should have an asterix appended to it, like A Big one. Yeah, we'll get right. Oh yeah. So their plan is that Kevin will ask Ray and Ray will say no to sort of be, you know, the model husband and father. Um and then Deborah will be so impressed by his selflessness that she'll let him go. Deborah comes down the stairs and Kevin initiates this plan and Ray says no, I want to be with my family. Um, Kevin says they just recited the Westchester golf club. Um, I don't know enough about golf, does that mean they replaced the entire golf course?

That is a huge undertaking. You know I know a lot about golf and I don't even know what it means. It seems like a lot to reset a golf course. Um But yeah I think that's why it's a big deal. Yeah. Well it must be a huge deal in the local, you know, Nassau through Westchester County golfing community. Um Debra's not taking the bait as they, you know, Kevin continues to try to convince Ray and Ray keeps saying no. Ray, I thought the physical gag of Ray going over trying to get Deborah's attention by taking the mail out of her hands as he's saying no. Uh It was pretty funny. But then Kevin comes up with this lie uh that he knows somebody at the golf club so they would be able to play for free. Um And then Deborah says that she thinks Ray should go if it's free. Um With the caveat that Ray should lay off of golf for a bit after this so that he can spend some time at home including watching golf playing golf.

Computer golf, which In the 90s I can't imagine was incredibly immersive. Um No, probably not. I'm sure there's a P. G. A. Golf game won't like I'm sure there was it, what would you like? Point and click? I don't know. Yeah it's the graphics? Uh we're good enough that you could just with a small inputs like animation basically carried the game, so you didn't, it was fairly immersive. Oh, you did play late 90s computer golf. Yeah, so you're sort of an expert on this. Yeah, expert in all things video games related. You could say media analysis. We should start introducing you. So your titles. Dear friend, of course, author, husband, media analyst. Yes. Okay, good. Just keeping track um for next time for next time.

So Debra says no watching golf playing golf, computer golf or Dorf on golf. Who knows this reference, nope. Is that like a long, like a game like lawn darts forgot? So Dorf on Golf is a 1987 comedy short film starring Tim Conway and it is the first in the series of eight films using Dorf playing sports. So Dorf is a character created by tim Conway, who uh was the characters accomplished by tim Conway taking off his shoes and attaching them to his knees and walking around on his knees. Um and having regular sized arms. Mhm. Each film focused on a particular sport with Dorf humorously giving instructions on the history and the play of the sport.

So I don't know how to respond to that. Yes, humor was different back then. Uh I don't want to invite angry, I don't want to invite angry letters of people who, you know, Dorf on golf is their favorite 1987 comedy short film, but uh, you know, maybe we should watch it and render an opinion, but just reading about it and seeing pictures of it? Um Yeah, I'm I'm good, evidently Ray liked watching it I guess. And so that's included in Deborah's prohibition, but we cut to from there, the golf club robert, Kevin and Ray walk into the locker room, Ray one robert loss. And this is where we get the character trait of robert. Apparently he's a he gets very frustrated with himself is my read on it. Um so much so that he screams curse words at the top of his lungs. Um and they come back in the locker room and uh Ray wants to play another nine holes, but he really should go home, but they they're about to go play nine more holes because Ray is like, you know, fuck it.

Deborah gave me permission, what's what's nine more holes? But Ray starts having uh you know, he starts feeling tightness in his chest, he starts feeling claustrophobic. These are classic symptoms of an anxiety attack and um one so kevin and robert don't really know what to do here. Um but robert instructs this is the only thing worth really pointing out here, robert instructs kevin to go get him some water and Ray yells out, make it a ginger ale and I'm holding up my mini can of Canada dry zero sugar because even though we never see the can, you know that Canada dr dropped a little more money to get a oblique name drop in this episode. Kalani, were you here when we talked about the insane product placement of Can dry and everybody loves Raymond. No, Yes. Canada dries.

The primary sponsor of when you think about a sitcom about a uh a man who lives on Long Island with his wife, three kids across from the street from his parents and brother, uh, italian american family, you know, twins. Uh it makes you want ginger ale. The official drink of everybody loves Raymond. I don't know how, I would love to know how that happened. I would love to know how they willed it down to that and not like pasta sauce or something or, you know, gatorade, I don't know. So as coming from Overwatch, the most recent sponsor that the league has now is Butterfinger and only because they just want product placement, they just wanted to like, Yeah, so yeah, it could just be, you know, Canada Dry was like, find us a sponsor. Find us something to sponsor. Yeah, yeah. Find us something to sponsor.

Not find us a sponsor. Canada Drive. Everybody loves Raymond. Um, so Ray Oh, and kevin asks Ray for a dollar to go get him a ginger ale and then we cut to Ray in the Doctor's office. Um it was unclear to me whether this Doctor's office was part of the country club complex. I don't know if you felt that way, but it like the decor seemed the same. I don't know. No, I know exactly what you mean. Um And also the fact that kevin and robert are still, I mean obviously it's conceivable that they would have all gotten into a car and gone to the doctor, but I don't know. Maybe Ray and this appears to be raised regular doctor, maybe Ray just goes to the doctor at the Country Club. I don't know, I gave it the past. I was like, you know, tv shows film on small smaller sets and it looked like a doctor's office enough that it didn't like break my immersion. And the doctor was pretty funny. Oh yeah, the doctor was really funny.

Um Yeah, so you don't think that in the reality of the show, Ray goes to the golf club. Okay, all right, now that's also a valid position. Um, Kevin and robert poked their heads into the doctor's office and Kevin thinks he asks Ray if he thinks it might be a deer tick bite. Um Ray says now this was something internal, something internal, roberts. This was a really funny line of maybe you have a fear of public speaking, just, just quiet, just, I did lose it at robert's face after he said that like no realization that what he said was just insane, no accounting for the context or anything. Um but Ray thinks he's feeling guilty because of the trick that he played on Deborah and robert and Kevin leave dr Sundram, who we get his name in a subsequent scene, he's played by Iqbal Fiba, who uh you might know from Glee, where he played Principal Figgins uh for 58 episodes.

I've never seen Glee, and other than I haven't watched it either. And other than that, you know, working character actor, little bits here and there, um recurring on a couple of different things and you know, just another solid Raymond guest star, he really crushes this scene. Um his like manner as very like um he's almost suave, you know, he's like, hey play golf, you know, um he's a very cool doctor, um he says Ray is perfectly healthy, this looks like an anxiety episode. Um and then he abruptly changes the subject. Did I see robert in the waiting room? How are his feet doing? I tell you that was an uphill battle, I love the no context, no context, robert discussions that we get on this off camera. Life of robert is like the most fascinating part of the show.

Um The doctor says that Ray had an anxiety episode. He says his metaphor is your mind is or I guess this is a similar, your mind is like a donkey, you can only throw so many bags on its back, so he thinks Ray needs to relieve some stress, asks him what he likes to do to relieve stress races golf. So the doctor says you should play golf, you got a wife, three kids parents across the street. He says this anxiety attack was a long time coming. So he should do, what relaxes him. Um where are we? So Deborah or Ray says, um so I have to tell my wife that I have to play more golf, and he says, the doctor says doctor's orders, so raise, getting up to leave, and he says by the way, would I see a podiatrist or a proctologist to get a foot removed from my ass, which is very good.

His dread. I would have loved to have seen uh I mean we don't need to see it, but I can imagine the foot in his as well. Yes, I can, I can imagine that and I can see that through the magic of Photoshop. Um but I would love to or I can imagine the arguments that Ray and Debra have gotten based on, you know, we've seen the basketball episode, how Ray spending time away from his family at sometimes the worst times uh really fucks things up. So I can understand his worry here about telling. I do sorry to interject, but I do have a big question here. This isn't filmed in front of a live studio audience, right? It is, it is okay. Which we'll come back. I'm sure we'll come back to it, but the line coming up got a very loud reaction from the audience, which, you know, you know, it makes me wonder some things about the title character.

The the audience is a tricky thing. Um Last week there was a joke, Do you know what gelding is? Yeah, that's when you um castrate human horse? Human? Oh, I thought, oh it's like any castration. No, it's a it appears to be specific to a horse is what we found. But the audience, I only heard it in reference to like medieval torture methods. Yeah, I guess we didn't think about that. The audience when there was a joke where Deborah is reading a book and then she makes some cutting remark towards Ray and Ray's like, oh what's that book about gelding? And you would think that every single member of the audience knew what gelding was? None of us knew a gelding was. It's interesting to see the the gaps in uh you know what, we sort of suspected that that was a canned laughter moment because unless they bust in a bunch of horse farmers, I don't, we didn't really see how everyone would get that joke or you know, maybe they have like the the guy holding a sign that just says, please laugh now laugh now, period.

Um Ray, or actually we cut them to frank fixing Deborah's dishwasher, Deborah's in the kitchen with the kids and uh frank finds some chicken bones. I was still writing down stuff from the last scene and I don't rem remember if they revealed how the kitchen the chicken bones got in there. did either of you pick that Up? one of the kids put their plate in the dishwasher with things like Yeah, it's plausible, certainly. Um but frank is annoyed by this, he storms out. Uh and on the way out he runs into Rey, he yells, what does he yell? No bones in the dishwasher. Um Ray comes home and he tells Deborah or starts to tell Debra about getting a weird feeling in the locker room, that we get a little insight onto another conversation that Ray and Debra were having at some point where she sort of exasperated lee says, Ray, you are not gay.

And Ray says that's the line you're referring because the audience labs so like noticeably louder at that than any other joke in the show and not just like it wasn't funny, I also laughed at it. But the trope of Ray being questioning his sexuality is come up both times that I've been on the show. Yes, what was the other thing? The other thing? Um I think he asked am I gay? Like, he was like, he and Deborah were talking and at the beginning episode he just asks, am I gain and like, no, no one answers it. Uh Well yeah, and then Ray, in response to Debra saying Ray you are not gay says, I know you told me this is something else and isn't there an episode later on Alex that directly deals with this, of Ray having some feelings don't know, he and robert are talking about it, you know what listener let us know, you look into it for us and then later In a letter and mail it to Lynbrook New York Post Office Box one or you know, email us or D.

M. S. Or you know we got the forums, I like there's something about getting a letter in the mail. Yeah Adam No 1's doing that, I'd rather actually talk to the people who listen to our show. I just I think it's a I think it's super interesting that a sitcom would even like um to not make it a one off joke that the main character is like semi questioning and they played up for laughs like every time. But I do think it's uh it's interesting and you know, no slurs are being thrown, so I think that's a for the late night um It's interesting because last episode um was about Ray learning to play the piano as a child and his dad frank uh did go on a sort of like little homophobic run about um you know why didn't I just sign you up for ballet class? Um And that is like like uh like that feels different from this running arc of Ray being bi curious um It feels like this is like a canonical dimension to Ray and I feel like Ray is that you know Ray is probably hetero flexible at least he's probably thought like about it more than once.

Yeah, I think he's thought he's it's come up too often for it to just be like a passing what if moment it's more like what if but uh with stronger conviction behind it. Yes, there it feels like there's a there there as the expression goes um I wish they would have done a full on like that would have been very bold for the late nineties, early two thousands of having an episode where a sitcom dad uh comes to grips with his sexual identity and uh you know, acknowledges that in a mature way that isn't like the the, I don't know if it rises to the level of a trope, but there's you know, other examples of he was married to the sitcom mom and then he realized he was gay and now it's gay dad dada dada dada. But like a an actual like mature and nuanced exploration of um you know, a bisexual sports writer named Ray Barone.

I wish they would have had the balls to do that. There's probably fan fiction out there for the exactly that, but I mean it's The 90s. Yeah, I don't think it's sad to say, but the studio would have not allowed. That's by no means is stupid. I'm surprised that it that the you know, the lingering doubt that Ray has is, you know, as it's at least semi prominent in my mind as being a thing that happens in this show. So I mean that's something, right? Yeah, we don't have to talk about this anymore, I can't talk about this for hours. Um But yeah, he says, I know you told me this is something else and he's about to tell her about the anxiety attack. And Marie barges in. She is extremely concerned because robert told her about Ray visiting the doctor and frank comes back, Marie tells him, you know, he had an anxiety attack and frank says an anxiety attack.

Everyone's having those nowadays. It's hip. That is so relatable even today. Well yeah, I mean who among us has not had an anxiety attack? Um But yeah, frank is like everyone's having those nowadays, it's hip. Um I think everyone's always been having those and maybe frank is just now noticing it because some of the stigma is disappearing at this point. We're starting to actually, you know, I talk about it at this point In time in those in the 90s. Uh Marie says it's not funny frank, our son has mental problems, which is very just a great Doris roberts line. Uh And then robert comes in and uh you know, sort of enters the conversation and looks at Ray like suggestively, so you tell her what the doctor recommended for you and Ray kicks all of them out at this point because Deborah is, you know, obviously distressed by the lack of information and robert does not leave robert sits at the table and begins eating their salad with his disgusting hands um and no dressing, no dressing.

He's just picking lettuce out of there, um which is just seems unnecessary, very robert thing to do though, it's a very robert thing to do and he does touch the lettuce to his chin as he must because of his obsessive compulsive disorder diagnosis, robert, Debre asks if robert is staying for dinner, and robert says this is a funny callback. He says, no, he and Amy are going to joe zoo, which is that japanese restaurant and uh well, Deborah says, oh yeah, that new Japanese restaurant and robert says it's japanese, they make you take your shoes off. Deborah's like yes, and you know, she's just trying to get back to talking with Ray um and then robert runs out of the room to make a call. So, a funny call back again, the offscreen saga of robert, a funny callback to the doctor referring to robert's feet as an uphill battle. Um also surprising that he has a wife, it's his girlfriend, robert was divorced actually, I think this was first mentioned on your episode or your last episode, robert, His first wife divorced him for somebody that he arrested.

So what? Yeah, terribly sad. It's still, it's still it's still kind of hard to believe that. So man, yeah, I love robert, robert is my favorite character hands down. Yeah, I think he's probably my favorite character to he gets the most, I mean, the whole extended family, like the Barone's Marie frank and robert. Um I feel like they get to be the heightened characters and you know, they get to have the most fun on the show. So Debra finally gets a chance to ask Ray what happened at the doctor and um she asks Ray what the doctor told him to do and he very hesitantly says that the doctor told him that he should play more golf. And then he shows Deborah the note that he made the doctor right? That says more golf and Deborah, I like that, he said he got it written because he didn't think she would believe him, which is fair, it is fair, it's an interesting diagnosis.

Um and Deborah takes a, you can see her wheels turning as she's wrapping her head around this and what's the appropriate response and well, he did just have a mental health episode, so I should uh you know, try to work to resolve that and you know, not get in the way of what the doctor is telling him to do. So if the doctor says play more golf, he should play more golf, she leaves to get the kids and it's kind of sweet to Ray, she's like, I made you some lemon chicken. Uh and then she walks out, Ray kisses the note because it is his free ride as he later refers to it. Um This is an interesting, this is like the dimension of this conflict that makes this episode interesting is Ray did not set out to trick her intentionally. He wanted to play golf and he did trick her initially, but at this point it's the ruse is going on regardless of what he's doing and has its own momentum.

So now the decision or the conflict is Ray deciding whether to stop playing this game and you know, realized that he really doesn't need to go and play more golf. He had an anxiety attack because he felt guilty about tricking Deborah. So I think this is this scene sets that up in a nice way um to the later one, back in the locker room. Uh Okay, so we cut to from this scene, Debra running around the kitchen Marie comes in and she says, are you okay honey? You look a little drained Deborah's like doing 16 things at once, Marie has her, sits down, has her sit down and says uh you know, you gotta help Ray relax. Maybe the way that you could help him relax is very simple. Are you making yourself available to him, jesus? Oh boy classic. I think I think we found it.

I think I found the point where it is now like beyond like even beyond like pushy mother, like invasive, like this is too far too many levels. Way too far. Um and you know, it's interesting following up a really nice nuanced Marie ray relationship to just the most like cartoonish way that she could be an invasive mother. Yes, please have sex with. I thought so. Deborah is like, what? How could you ask me that? And she's like, you know, running out of the room and Marie's calling after her, you know, Raymond doesn't like to ask for things. Yeah, I think we've seen him beg full on beg for good old sex before. Um, and then Deborah goes upstairs and Marie calls after her, have a glass of wine first. Uh, and then we come from there, we cut back to the golf locker room, robert lost.

But this time he did not swear he had some self control until he punches the locker full force. I'm surprised the locker didn't uh, fully implode when that breaks his hand or hurts. Yeah, that's a powerful locker. Well, robert has been there before, so we have to assume that the management, uh, after previous incidents has reinforced it and a locker wouldn't want to offend an officer of the law. That's right. Um, lockers famously pro cop because they have a lot in common with handcuffs and yes, okay. Um, yeah, I don't know. Um, where are we? Where are we? Okay, so yeah, robert, punches the locker Ray this time. So they finished a round of golf and kevin and robert are like, let's play nine more holes. But Ray this time doesn't feel like playing nine more holes, in contrast to the earlier scene, uh he starts talking about, you know, he wants to go home, he feels like he doesn't deserve the free ride of getting to play golf whenever he wants, that he's getting and it's making him not enjoy the game.

Um And when they came in, Kevin alluded to the fact that Ray Lost, whereas at the beginning Ray one. So it's interesting to see how this guilt of maintaining this, you know, uh status quo around the gulf is really affecting him. Um He runs out of the locker room to go home and go talk to Debra because he wants to get this off his chest and tell her the truth. Meanwhile, kevin and robert decide that they are going to go play another round and uh robert asks if he can have some more strokes because he thinks he broke his hand, yep. So after that we cut to Ray walking into the house looking for Debra calling after Deborah. Deborah calls for him from upstairs uh seductively and the kids, she says are at linda's house. That's the first mention of linda and or Bernie that we've had in a while um and she wants Ray to come upstairs, raise trying to get her to come downstairs, but she's like, no, you gotta come up here and raise suspicious, it's three o'clock, this can't be sex, but then he says, you know, come on down, but Debra says, well, I'd have to put clothes on and he's like, oh ship, this is sex.

And we cut to our most recent confirmed good old sex. Come counting indeed. Have you been here since we started counting the number of times race had sex? No, no, no, no, it's not account so much as like, you know how some bars will have like a ship's bell that they ring when something happens. We did have sex in the episode. I watched though, at the end. Really? Yeah, Yeah. Like at the end where Deborah is like, you know, you're being pretty mean to my parents and they kind of reconcile and in that reconciliation, I think it's alluded to, like they have sex off screen. I mean it's all off screen, but um, we need a bell. Yeah, we do need a bell. Um he has had it, you know, for a guy who acts like, he, well, I don't know what the timescale is, but the guy, he acts like he never has good old sex, but he does have good old sex fairly often.

I remember there is an episode about the amount of times Ray has sex, I think he mentions twice a month, twice a month by one that I could be remembering incorrectly, interesting. Um Post coital Ray and Debra cuddling on the bed. Very sweet. And he starts talking to her sort of cautiously about golf and he admits that the anxiety attack that he was experiencing wasn't from needing to play golf, it was from tricking Debra into letting him golf. Uh He says kind of played yah, sorry pats her on that. Um Sorry, And Deborah's like, well what about the doctor's note? The doctor's note was real, but she asks him if he told the doctor that he tricked her and he did not.

And this upsets Deborah rightfully so to have been lied to in this way. Uh She sort of uh you know Ray did experience a mental health episode sort of um at the very least, um what's the word I'm looking for? Uh makes smaller, she's very reductive about raise anxiety attack at this point, she says, I think I deserve an episode which you know, I'm, everyone on this show would benefit from some sort of psycho logical or psychiatrist, psychiatrist yeah, some sort of psychiatric or psychological intervention I think um in fact, I think all people would. Um But she tells Ray at this point, she admits that Marie came over and told her to have sex with Ray and they Ray freaks out because now he's thinking about Marie and his mom asked his wife to have sex with him, I love that he said you because like like when I was starting to think about is like, wow, that is kind of gross.

It's incredibly uh it's Yeah, no, all boundaries eroded. Um And Deborah's also by the way, then she starts thinking about Murray and they both freak out. Um I thought it was interesting in this scene how they are yelling and freaking out, but they're also doing it in a way that is like, it's like they're yelling towards reconciliation, right? Because Ray is like, why do you think I'm confessing guilt, guilt? That means love, he says, which is interesting. Um But Debra says yes, you confessed after we had sex, and Ray says, well you're very good looking, which is a funny little line. Um But they, it's it seems like a very real couple argument in a way because they're both or like a fairly adaptive, like proper, like not, but you know, effective communication between the two of them because they do, you know, state their positions, they um apologize.

They, you know, and he says he promises never to play golf again, but downgrades that to a compromise. He says he'll play less. Uh and only if he knows that it won't take anything away from their relationship. Uh Endeavor then suggests that they play golf together. Um It was not a it was a pretty effective, am I wrong? It was a pretty effective communication between the two of them. It was nuts, but it was they came to a conclusion and I think they both came out of it for the better. I like the resolution. I do think that Ray didn't get off a little too scot free for my liking. Oh yeah, yeah, he he had a lot this episode. Um Yeah, I think so. I don't know. I think he apologizes fine. I don't know if he yeah, I like the apology, love the reconciliation. Maybe he should have had a little more punishment.

Like maybe we I would have enjoyed a scene where he's taking care of the kids and while Deborah can like relax or take a nap or whatever. There's no uh reparation, there's no like, restorative amends making going on here. Yeah, he apologizes and they, you know, he learns a lesson and they compromise, but it you know, the damage is done and Deborah clearly has had a very stressful whatever period of time this has been. So I think you're right. Um but we go to our hot clothes and I think this is what you were referring to when you said your big asterisk about how Ray was in this scene because uh wow! So kevin and Ray back on the couch in the living room and uh Deborah, they are watching golf and Ray is like, alright, you set and at that moment Deborah comes down with her golf stuff and it's like, all right, Ray, we gotta go uh you know, we we gotta make our tea time and then Kevin says, you know, it's going to rain today, don't you?

And they're pulling another fucking trick on Debra. So she doesn't want to go with his wife, doesn't want to golf with his wife. Even one time, I mean, come on, clearly Deborah, by the way enjoys golf. She has all of her own golf equipment. Even robert who's been invited to all of these golf outings was using a rental golf bag if you noticed. So it's not like it's something that Deborah's clearly like encroaching on. It's like this is something that Debra likes to. This was this really pissed me off. It was for so for a sitcom for for the sake of comedy, it was it was pretty funny. But um, we're here to judge, raise moral characters as a husband, father and a son. Uh didn't do a lot of the sun part here, but as a husband father, he's a Yeah, he's he's pretty low on this one.

Yeah. Well, I'm interested to hear what your, what you think about it. I think by the way that yeah, you're right. The comedic setup of this. You know, the parallelism between the cold open and the hot clothes. Great. You know, we called back to it. We hit the same beats, um strong sitcom joke construction as usual. The reality of looking underneath of that, of that is heartbreaking. Especially because it seems like Ray learned his lesson there. I mean, I don't know, but yeah, let's talk about it. So Callen gee, it sounds like you're you're ready. You're locked in with how you feel about Ray and our classic matter. Um Well let me just set up the barometer here even though it's classic as we established last week, there may be some new people. Um It is the scale from 1 to 10 on which we rate raised performance as a husband, brother, son, father, golfer patient. Uh what else was he in this episode?

I don't know. Um, dishwasher destroyer. Um, with one being the bad men of television, you're don draper's walter white's and 10 being the great dads of sitcom history, uncle Phil, Danny, tanner, kalon gee. How is Ray coming in for you this week now, taking everything into account. Um, I really liked his apology. I liked how he communicated eventually, but again, he lied. He um, he directly lied to her at the beginning, had the chance to tell the truth, omitted the truth, which is another lie. And in the process got her not only to do, to continue doing the housework, but to take care of their Children and um even get, you know, have sex, not to say that, you know, married people shouldn't have sex, but just because mike's not here. You know, he would want you to know that it's good to want to screw your wife.

Yeah, I, I just think that maybe, um, I didn't like that. He did it while also hiding something from her. I didn't make me feel icky on the inside, being honest. I'm going to put him at a 30 as a husband as a father. Um Oh you're doing a components. Okay. Oh yeah okay I'll say it it's like similar score for for that. I mean he let his son sit with however long he was watching golf then he'd want to admit probably right, you know that's um I think he gets out through there too because he doesn't even do anything at the end of the episode to be like I'm also taking care of it like he's not even holding a kid which could have been very you know very something small, something that we see.

But alas, so your final score then is three three Closer to a two. You can do decimals if you want. We'll generally describing three. Alright Alex. What about you? Um Yeah this is, this is not good red not too good this week. Um He did very bad, let's let me mentally review everything that happened in this episode. He it all like I feel like it all started at like such a small little thing like one bad choice to just kind of try and manipulate his wife which you know that's just that's just his parents shining right through him giving him that those bad, those bad ideas that just kind of just sit and like you know fumble inside the barone D. N. A. At this point.

Um I do really like that. Uh He kind of had like kind of a conscience in the episode too where like he made a bad decision, he recognized that it was making him feel bad like very quickly that that was his guilt. And then instead of doing the right thing he then takes advantage of that to again to get more golf which makes him feel worse. Um So he makes the same mistake a bunch of times and eventually learns and comes clean of course after good old sex. So it's just like I just feel like Ray just like took like way too many conveniences in this episode to just get what he wants before he had to deal with his consequences instead of doing what I think is the right thing and coming clean before taking advantage of what he would have received out of his manipulations. I'm going to think I'm gonna say 3.5 Okay. 3.5. Um God 3.5.

Okay. Um I agree obviously with both of you. The I mean on the one hand I want to give Ray credit because he did have sex. Yes of course, that's an automatic point in my book. He um he felt guilty and he did something about it, he apologized and admitted it but like you're saying it was a long road to get there. He had several opportunities to do that. He didn't uh you know after the first anxiety incident he did not then go and tell Deborah that he felt guilty and apologize to her. I think uh he took the, as he often does and as he's done since the pilot, he took the path of least resistance, which was to take the doctor's note and leave out the fact that it was not about golf, it was about guilt and he wrote that several times until it became untenable at Deborah's expense.

Like you guys are saying uh being absent and increasing, you know, her share of the rent, the parental and household responsibilities. Um, he knew, I mean he knew what he was doing. So you can't give him that much credit even though he came and apologized at the end. I liked where they ended it. You know, it seemed like a resolution that worked until he went and did the exact same thing again, which you know, is he didn't learn anything. Um, I can't, I cannot in good conscience give him more than a 2.5 on this one. I was really the, the, it's not even cowardice. It's it's just the fact that it feels so intentional. Like he had options and he knew that he felt bad about it, but he didn't do anything and then he went and did the same thing at the end. Um Yeah, it's a sitcom and this is not going to have any lasting effects on the show or the characters, but I mean in a bubble, not being Ray and Debra if this were to real people, which is how we try to look at these things that sucked up.

So it's more, I just think it's just more fun to take it seriously to try to like imagine if this was a real person. We do get people Who tell us to not take it so seriously and not to over analyze this show and then they continue to click on a 2-hour review of one episode of everybody loves Raymond. Yes. In many ways, it seems like um, what we think the point of this show and what people would like the point of this show to be uh do not connect, but you know, still listen, you are welcome to do your own. Everybody loves Raymond podcast. Uh is just, is sort of my overarching philosophy about that. You know, listen, don't listen, do your own thing. Uh Ray live and let Ray uh, but raise average for this episode then is going to come in at a three even, which is an all time low for our, you're here on a very important day.

Congrats, drop the balloons. Everyone, Ray has never been worse. You guys have champagne in the glove compartment, we have loose champagne that spilled in the glove compartment when we tried to chris in the RV. Um, yeah, I'll definitely, we'll definitely take it's very, yeah, it's now hitting me that we have rated Ray worse here than what he did at that funeral. Yes. When Ray ruined that man's funeral and made it all about himself. We thought this was still worse. Manipulating his wife is probably worse than that. Yeah. Because his wife's alive. That's exactly what I was going to say. At least Gus was dead. You don't have to suffer through that. I mean the betrayal. Um, yeah, I mean I, even with that in mind, I do feel like he is 0.3 Baran meters less than he was then.

Um, so yeah, that's hey, it's a down note to end the show on, but that's how we feel and hey, maybe he'll do better next time. Uh, that's it for us. So Callen g uh, is there any parting words that you want to leave us with before we hit our classic sign off. Um, I need suggestions for a title of this book because I would like it to have like a real title eventually. How about everybody loves everybody loves everybody loves Raymond, sponsored by everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. Uh, and then our, our apple podcasts link, I'll give you $15 and a case of Canada dry. Okay, well you drive a hard bargain and I'm extremely thirsty if you don't get a better offer.

Uh, that offer stays on the table. Yes. And, and that way when, when you're actually like negotiating deals and you get an offer, you can't say, I do have another offer on the table and then not clarify. Well, yes. If hey, reach out to colonize you will drop your social link in the description, reach out to colony with unsolicited book titles and he will take them under consideration. But uh thank you again for being here. Thank you for filling in for mike. I think you know Mike's got, he's gonna step up his game if we can find him to not be replaced permit, he's got to actually show up. You know what else I did want to say this once. This now means that I am the only person who has been in every episode of everybody loves everybody loves Raymond. And I guarantee you that will not, that will not, that will not stay true for insanely long as I'm sure I will miss an episode.

Yeah, I think uh if we all have missed one, I mean there's an argument to say that we should never all three be in the same place at the same time as sort of a vice president president, not flying on the same plane kind of thing. Um because just in case something happens so that the show can continue so that the vital work that we're doing here can survive any sort of catastrophe. Uh Speaking of our vital work, some of it is here on this free feed and some of it is over at post fund dot org slash donate where you can get lifetime access to the Baroni Zonis feed for a price of your choosing, pay what you want. Lifetime access, not a subscription. Um We're doing a episode uh It is a judge Deborah over on the Barona zonas feed for november. So that's exciting. Go check that out. Check out our other Barone is content from months past um Barone Zone on facebook and instagram Raymond at post fund dot org and that's just about it, Alex any closing thoughts that you want to leave the listeners with before we hit the classic side off.

Not that none that can come to mind adam, I'm feeling pretty good. So that means there's only one last thing to say. It's our classic sign off. Callen G everybody loves Raymond.

The Canada Dry Nesting Doll Hour / 2.5 Golf (w/ Khalonji Bulluck)
The Canada Dry Nesting Doll Hour / 2.5 Golf (w/ Khalonji Bulluck)
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