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How to build multiple revenue streams for your business & manifesting your dreams into reality with life coach, Amy Rushworth

by Female Startup Club
April 6th 2020

Welcome to episode 8 with Amy Rushworth. This is the first episode of @femalestartupclub that I’ve recorded from the comfort of my bedroom floor, and I’m pretty sure that's what you’d call seriousl... More

it's been a few months since I joined the hubspot podcast network and I'm so excited about the other shows in there that I'm learning from, especially the gold digger podcast hosted by Gina Kolata Jenna's show helps you discover your dream career with productivity tips, social strategies, business hacks, inspirational stories and so much more. I just finished listening to her recent episode about how she grew her show to 60 million downloads and was blown away by some of the insider tips she shares and here's something else you should know on January three, you're going to hear a certain someone in Jenna's show that certain someone being more, make sure you pop it in your diary because I am so beyond excited. I can't wait for you to hear it. Listen to the gold digger podcast wherever you get your podcasts. This is episode eight with Amy Rushworth. Mm Hi, this is the first episode of female startup club that I've recorded from the comfort of my bedroom floor and I'm pretty sure this is what you'd call adapting to quarantine life.

Today's episode. I'm chatting to Amy Rushworth, she's a confidence coach, a speaker and the host of her namesake podcast, the Amy Rushworth show and it's an episode full of the feel good stuff we need now more than ever in our life, especially in moments of stress and anxiety during this time. She's someone to tune into and soak up her happy vibrations. Amy is a gorgeous friend of mine who's been building her empire over the last few years here in London, she radiates warmth and love and when you're with her, you feel truly seen and heard from being a party girl, working in fashion, making little money and hitting rock bottom in life to becoming one of the UK's leading confidence coaches and building the business of her dreams, guiding women to transform their lives, earning more money than ever. And being truly fulfilled in life has filled my cup to the brim to watch on from the sidelines. I was super excited to talk to her and ask her all of the questions. We're covering a lot of valuable topics today. Like the importance of continuous learning and self development to achieve your goals, how to expand your business, to introduce multiple revenue streams and what's up with manifesting.

We've heard it everywhere. So what is it? And how can you start doing it consciously today, this is amy for female startup club. Cool. I want to go back to the back story and talk about how you ended up figuring out that you wanted to be a coach and what that journey has been like so far for you to get there. Mm hmm For sure. Yeah. So it's been a wild ride from the beginning, even now it still is I went through a lot of stuff in my personal life that led me to my calling. That led me to what I do now it was almost accidental. I know that a lot of other business owners will share a similar story. So for me, my journey actually came from being made redundant. I just moved over to London for a separate job in a separate industry. And intuitively, I already knew that that industry wasn't fully aligned with the person that I was becoming. I was changing a lot.

I've been transforming and doing a load of personal development. I've been through a really big transition with my mental health and overcoming ptsD and anxiety and I've been doing this amazing sort of healing or myself. But I was working in the fashion industry still and that was kind of like the piece of the puzzle that was still not really fitting with this new version of myself I was becoming. So I moved over to London, I thought I had this great fashion job at this ritzy designer, you know, it was really like stroking my ego a lot, but it wasn't obviously right and then I fell through, I took another job that wasn't fully right, got made redundant. And from there, I really had to sit down and think about, first of all, what am I going to do to pay my rent and figure out how to get a job, because it's quite hard to find work in London. And I started thinking about, yeah, I started thinking about, well, you know what if I'm going to stumble and fail per se, although I don't really believe that anything in life is a failure.

But if I'm going to come up against resistance and challenges, I'd rather do that in relationship to something that I'm truly passionate about. I'd rather fail and make mistakes and get back up when I'm doing something that I really love and I wanted to figure out what that was. So I started literally with my journal figuring out what is a dream day look like for me, What are my values? What is my legacy for this lifetime going to be? How am I going to be remembered? And I noticed when I was doing this that everything I was writing was really inconsistent with how I was living. And so at that point I'd done enough work on myself to know that alignment and manifesting the things that you want. Yes, it's mindset, but it's also taking action to move yourself closer to that possibility. So I thought about what are the actions that I could take to explore these values, to manifest them as a career as a business. And I kind of just had what I call like a psychic download where I just suddenly realized I was like, I should be a coach, Why have I never thought about this?

This encompasses all of my values, all of the things that inspire me. I, you know, really big thing for me was that I wanted to help people to heal and to transform the way that I had been doing in my life. And yeah, I went from there and I just started exploring, I booked different courses, certifications took action experimented and it sort of all came from, came from that. And so the actions that you talk about, were they the courses or was there other things that you needed to do to like fulfill those? I've done so many different things. There's been things that I've done that have then grown and evolved into things that I still currently do. There's been things that I'm like, oh, that was fun, but like, not for me, but I don't see anything as being a redundant decision or the wrong because if anything you just cross off the list which gets you closer to your calling or to your niche or to what you want to do.

So when I first sat down with this journal, I knew I wanted to help people, I knew I wanted to guide people in some way. I just wasn't sure that exact context of that. So a lot of my clients now become coaches and they go through the same kind of confusing process. So what I did was I found two courses that really resonated with me that was sort of different. So one was a health coaching certification and one was a Pilates certification to teach reformer Pilates and I was really interested in the body and the energy of the body and all of that, that's kind of why Pilates was appealing to me when I did them alongside each other. I very quickly realized through tuning into what I felt and what was enjoyable that I was more drawn towards the talking and the therapy and the psychology and working with people's mindset more so than getting on a Reformer Pilates machine and guiding people through a class. It was fun, I was curious about it, but it was only through taking action that I was able to clarify that and that's kind of a continued theme.

Yeah, I'm always willing to try new things and I sort of take the things or the pieces of what I learned and uh integrate that and then I leave other things that I don't resonate with, you know, and I just allow myself to continue learning and exploring even now. Yeah, totally. And what happened like, like what was the next steps for you to be like, okay, how do I actually be a coach? Like how do you, how does your language change to tell people, how do you get a client? Yeah, it's it's funny now to think about it in hindsight. I remember that a lot of imposter syndrome came up for me when I first began because I had so radically changed my life, I changed who I was and there was still this part of me that felt like I didn't have a voice that I didn't have anything new to say or who was I to help people when I was still, you know, evolving myself, I was still working with my own coaches and there was a part of my ego that was feeling embarrassed, I suppose, because in the past I've been so different, I'd been wild, I partied a lot.

I was a completely different human being and so there was that part of my ego that was worried about judgment and scared about what people would say or whether people would want to come and work with me and all of that sort of stuff that I think goes through most people's mind when they they go out on their own to do something new or radical. So that was present for me, but I knew enough about manifesting and uh, you know, personal development at that point to know about certain techniques. So I knew the power of my language, I knew that I had to speak my goals into existence. Not in a fake way, not in like, away where you're claiming something that simply isn't true, but using your language mindfully to create the possibility and put it into action. So when I was going to events and networking, I was telling people, even though I was still studying, because we were working with practice clients during the certification, you know, I'm coaching people in a BNC, I'm working towards a business that does a BNC, I'm in the process of that, which is more verbal language rather than saying, I hope to become, or I wish that I could be, which uh sort of really slight nuances in language, but there's a really big difference between, you know what sounds empowering and what doesn't there?

So I almost like spoke my desired reality, the reality I was creating into existence through into existence through conversation through the language I was using and I was saying those things to myself as well, because for me, that voice was very prevalent within that was saying, you know, who are you to do that? That um so I used my language and I declared my goals as well out loud to other people because that is also a really powerful way to manifest goals, is to tell people about it because you're more likely to do it when more people know about it. Yeah, so I was doing that, I was networking a lot and I really put myself out there from the get go, I spent a lot of time not focusing in the early days on how do I get clients? I was playing the long game of like how do I build a brand that people know like and trust. So I wasn't necessarily interested in how can I get a client really quickly and get this amount of money really quickly.

I was more interested in what brands can I collaborate to align with, to tap into their audience, to build my own audience, how can I nurture my audience from the get go and give them loads of value and contribute to them. So I put myself out there a lot with speaking and talks and I created a lot of free content and I was building a foundation essentially, which then allowed me when I hit that kind of boiling point to really accelerate my growth and my sales and all of that because I built a solid foundation beneath it. Mm And for you, um like I obviously know a lot about what you're doing, but for other people who don't know obviously as a coach, you have your 1 to 1 clients but can you share a little bit more about all the revenues um all your income revenue that you get from the different projects that you run under your business. Yeah, for sure. So a lot of people are quite surprised to know that I have so many different revenue streams and a team of people around the world because they kind of just see me on instagram and I'm usually like a bit silly and I'm quite fun.

And then there's actually this whole sort of thing going on behind that. So There's 1-1 coaching which is a limited edition sort of offering because obviously it can only work with a certain amount of 1-1 clients at one time. It's very bespoke. It's very intensive. We spend a lot of time talking. So there's like a limited amount of time to scale that side of the business. And I think that's what a lot of people would be like. Well, you know, I can only fit in X amount of clients per day and that's not enough money for me to live without realizing all the other opportunities there are. Yeah, for sure. So like in a short sighted sense, one to ones is where I started and that would be considered the cash cow of the business because it's between two and £3000 per client, which in Australian dollars is obviously almost double and you're working with people for sort of 22, six months and you're turning over those clients, you could make, you know, a decent amount compared compared to what I was making in fashion for sure.

It gets got to the point where also that's not a sustainable way to conduct business because if I'm sick for example, or say I wanted to have a baby, that revenue stream will completely stop as soon as I'm not available. So I started, I was thinking about this early on about like what is the next expansion from here? So from from the one to ones and speaking, which were the sort of two original revenue streams. So getting paid to speak as well. Uh then I developed online program. So I've got an online program that is a scalable online program itself lead. But we also do live rounds twice a year, which allows us to get a bigger influx of people that come through during those times. But the program can sit there and sell itself through marketing through me promoting it through word of mouth at any time. So that kind of sits there now and then, uh, there's also the podcast.

So my podcast generates revenue for me because my sponsor pays me, but my sponsor is also a marketing partner. So they send the podcast out two, people a week. So then those people come across to the podcast, which I also talk about my products and services on there. So, you know, more people come through there. Um, and then we've also got retreats. So do a couple of retreats a year. And there's other online, um, offerings, webinars, online events in person events. Obviously not at the moment with coronavirus, but you know, there's multiple streams of revenue and there's more that are being developed at the moment that I haven't announced. So yeah, there's a lot going on a lot going on. I feel like I jumped the gun a bit and talked like went straight into the sort of where you are now. But I want to also go back and talk more about when you were in that learning phase and more about the courses and things that you did before.

Um, specifically the online education that you did with Marie folios B school. And I think you also did Tony Robbins and those kind of like really big name top kind of course is what your experience was. Do you recommend them to other people getting started, that kind of thing? Yeah, for sure. So I've done so many things and I continue to, I'm really someone who is willing to try something new all the time. I'm a very curious human being, I always have been and I've done a lot of work around money mindset as well, so I don't have a problem investing in myself. Like if I had uh you know, a couple of $1000 in my account and there was someone that I really wanted to work with and I was really drawn to them, I would make it happen, you know. Um So because I've done so much work around like abundance mindset just through personal development modalities that really helped me to, you know, look at these things with an open mind set and think about, you know, how these things going to help me to expand and how these things going to help me to create abundance by investing in them.

So with that being said, one of the first things that I did invest in was the school that was amazing for me at the time because I was in the complete infancy of the business, I didn't know about marketing or how to create a client avatar, I didn't have any awareness of that stuff. So I did that and I also had a 1-1 business coach, which was really, really helpful because you can get advice on your specific business, whereas with the school it's more like overarching and you're applying and integrating it To your business. Um it was very helpful to have a 1-1 coach, I chose someone who was in my industry who I admired, who had walked a path similar to the path that I would like to walk, who I saw leadership in who I thought of as like an amazing mentor, so I invested in that and then I've done so much personal development, which truth be told sometimes you can think of that stuff as like optional when you're in business, but ultimately having emotional mastery over yourself and knowing yourself really intimately is so powerful if not more powerful than knowing strategies because so many, if not all of our decisions are made from emotions and if you've got a ton of limiting beliefs around money, around your confidence around your voice, your self worth around being rejected even because you get rejected all the time in business.

So if you don't know those things and you haven't worked through those things, it's really hard to make empowering decisions in business because, you know, there's things coming at you all the time, there's problems, there's um you know ups downs curveballs, so the personal development stuff like Tony Robbins, I did landmark, which you've done as well. Um I've worked with tons of different life coaches, spiritual coaches and I do this work actively every single week. Like I've never stopped doing that work and I've, I've found it really awesome for my business. And do you think for people who are in the position of um starting a business and may be in the position you were at the beginning, do you think for them, the best thing is a school like the school, I guess it's unique to each person. It depends where you are, if you're thinking of creating a business similar to mine in regards to being a life coach or being someone that's helping others to develop and to nourish their mindset, you have to be doing the work yourself.

You can't ask other people to invest in you, if you're not willing to invest in yourself. You can only, and you've gone, so I'm always doing that, that work there as a priority. And then in terms of business b school is great if you're starting out, I would say it's not as great if you already have a lot of experience in marketing for example or for someone like you do, like you have an awareness of social media and how to write copy and things like that. That's, if that stuff is already your jam could not be like, it will be, it depends where you are in the, in the sort of scale of business for yourself and what you already know in your background and that kind of thing. Yeah, totally. But what I do really like about Marie folio and what she teaches in B school is she's giving you strategy, but it's coming from this really authentic place.

I think that she is a really authentic communicator, she is a spiritual person, she she's a good egg, you know, so she teaches strategy, but with this kind of authentic energy behind it. Whereas I do think that there's a lot of saturation out there when it comes to sales and marketing, that is just so not authentic. It's so unsavory, it's so just not appealing to so many people. So in regards to that and how she mentors you to create copy and come from your own gifts and your own authenticity. I think that that's really powerful. I've heard her talk before on a podcast and I remember her saying something along the lines of um and we kind of touched on this before, but I forgot to go deeper into it about how like how you have to deal with your with the criticism that comes towards you for being a life coach when you're actually really young. And and I was wondering how you deal with criticism and if you even get get that if you hear that criticism.

Yeah, for sure. It's interesting that I am in this line of work because you know, I don't know if you've got any of the people watching it into astrology, I'm really into astrology and my, my zodiac is leo so leo's hate being criticized, but love being the center to everyone's attention, my rise and is Virgo and Virgos and massive perfectionist, right? They, like, love the details and can be quite self critical, so I've got that going on. Um there's been lots of different learning experiences for me, certainly along the way of learning how to separate myself worth from how my brand is doing. Um almost, almost like not in the way that you would think, like, it's almost like it's been like me learning that I'm always worthy, even if the brand is doing, you know, really amazing. The brand doing amazing isn't about me, it's about the brand and I'm always inherently worthy. So that's been something that I've learn with time and experience and, you know, different situations that have come, I haven't received a ton of criticism.

People tend to just kind of unfollowed me if they're not resonating with the message every now and again, you'll get, you'll get someone who kind of slides into the DMZ, but also there's like a lot of mystery around me was always old. I am. So yeah, yeah, I feel like there's always those nasty people who enter the DMZ with their feedback, You're just like, bye Yeah, bye Felisha, truth, truth be told though, I have, I have not had anyone that has been incredibly nasty for the sake of being nasty sometimes just disagreement or sort of questioning something that I've said very even very rarely and I genuinely think it's because you know, I put out this certain vibration in this abundant message and people who are there for that love it and then the other people just tend to and follow me and that's okay. You know, I've like learned how to disconnect myself from that, but it still hurts, you know, if you feel like someone's being critical of you or um sometimes people accidentally reply to your stories and they're trying to talk to their friend and you know, it goes to you so things like that, it's like, oh, but I've done so much development and work on myself that it's very quick for me to separate.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I imagine like people also kind of think, well you teach confidence so like you must be super confident so you like you don't have the same issue as I do or something like that, those kind of like thoughts that people could project onto you, which might be difficult. Well not difficult, but strange to be part of because obviously everyone's Not 100% confident all the time. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. And I have gotten that question before in interviews and from others around how how can you talk about confidence or talk about this when you look the way you do or when you have your life together and things like that, and I see it now is like an opportunity to show people um you know, to really embody my message, to show them, like, yeah, I have like this amazing life, and I have certain privileges and things like that, but a lot of that I built, you know, and most people who know my story know that because they know my background, they know what I used to be like, um so everything in my business is this amazing learning experience, and it's very healing as well.

I think it's I think it's good to receive criticism and to have those experiences because it teaches you um something every single time. Yeah, absolutely. Um and I wanted to talk about, you just mentioned a bit earlier that you have a team all around the world and more than ever, it's so relevant to talk about remote teams. Um So yeah, can you share how you built your business and the kinds of people that you're working with all over the place and what they do, and how it works. Yeah, for sure. So, I am a very intuitive person, and I'm always evolving and I'm kind of always letting the business be guided by what feels good for me rather than sticking to a plan for the sake of sticking to a plant. So it's different to how other businesses might run, but this is just what works for me for me, it makes me happy, so I like to work with freelancers quite a lot, I like to kind of outsource things rather than have employees per se in my team at this stage in my business, so that gives me the flexibility to choose different hours to, you know, obviously work remotely to each other.

Uh the first person that I outsourced to was an assistant, and that was really early on in my business, it was a scary thing, because at that point my revenue was coming in, but it was like some months it was, you know, some money and some months there was like, hardly anything coming in, or nothing coming in, so it was a leap of faith, because I was like, okay, first of all, if I pay someone else, am I going to be able to pay myself anything, But I was at that tipping point where I didn't hire someone and I didn't outsource certain tasks, then I just wasn't going to get ahead, I wasn't going to be able to really leverage my own gifts in the business and really like, and keep that momentum, keep firing as you move along. Yeah, so the cool thing about outsourcing to sub contractors or freelancers is like, usually they're used to that kind of flexible lifestyle as well, so I was able to hire an assistant for two hours a week, and then we went up to four hours a week, and you know, now it's at three days a week, but sometimes she jumps on more than that and sometimes less, so um it's really cool to work that way as well because those people who work that way tend to have a similar paradigm about life as well and about flexible working, it also means that the people that I hire can have a really nice work, balanced lifestyle as well.

So my assistant, she's a single mom and she can do the work around you know, her child and I'm happy to work flexibly like that, so that's how it works for me and then I just kind of outsourced to different freelancers at different periods, depending what we're focusing on. So sometimes, you know, it's like outsourcing to performance marketing. Other times it is outsourcing to a manager who's looking at brand collaborations and sponsorships for events, so it's changing and ebbing and flowing, but I do have sort of a team of people that I work with at different points at different times in the and when you, for just for one example, when you found your assistant, how did you go about finding someone like that? And you know, I know from not only my personal experience but from what I hear a lot of the struggles from women that I speak to is finding someone that works because it might take you like eight goes before you find someone you click with and obviously that takes a lot of time and a lot of back and forth and Lola and I know you have a different experience.

So how did you find your person? Yeah. So I had another assistant before my current assistant and I learned a lot from the first experience. So um you know I learned a lot about that process of hiring even though it was only hiring a freelancer and not you know a full time member of my team. I learned a lot about boundaries and about being an explicit communicator and having certain rules and expectations and laying things out really clearly because I was kind of just being my normal friendly self and that doesn't always work in a business. So um I learned a lot with the first assistant that I had and then you know we parted ways and you know in a in a in a nice way but you know I learned a lot from that experience and then I took that into the next experience of finding the next assistance. So the way that I found them both was through an agency that has a couple of assistants that will work virtually. And what I really liked about that was that if your assistant is sick or you need to outsource a task that they're not qualified to do for you.

For example like video video editing, podcast editing. You can then just go to the agency and say do you have somebody that can do this particular task, you know on this certain day. So um I went through an agency through recommendation of a friend that I trust who was also a previous mentor of mine. So I always love to get recommendation for stuff like that because I think it just helps you to kind of cut the crap like you were saying before and you can go through someone you trust and I knew if Lauren has recommended this to me then it's going to be legit because Lauren is legit and and then you know she's Capricorn and she doesn't take ship from anyone. So she's like this is a this is a good choice I went there and it has been and it means as well I can outsource other things to their other assistance. Like we use one of their other editors for my videos for my podcast and everyone's just on the same, you know on the same team on the same wavelength and I get one invoice from the agency and it's just you know, less admin for me.

So that's how that's how I found my assistant. But I think tips for anyone who's looking to do that is like see if you can get a recommendation from a friend or from someone that you trust, particularly if you Respect and admire the way that they work or your similar to them and they can give you a similar experience of what it's like in terms of the dynamic with that person and often with virtual assistance. They're working for more than one business. So when you interview asked them who else they're working for and see if it seems like a similar business to yours. And interestingly with my current assistant, she was working for another business that was very similar to mine. When I asked her, she didn't tell me the business name and it turns out is one of my really good friends. We found this out after we realized we're working with the same assistant and you know amazing. Yeah. Um so that that can be helpful questions to ask. Um and then also one of the questions that I asked when I was doing interviews for my second assistant were things like based on my experience from before.

It was like what would you do in if you make a mistake for example and just see how she answered that. And then I also asked you know, what is your vision for your life for the next five years? What do you want for your life? What are your key values? Just to kind of ascertain like what that person's vision is, how that's going to translate into how they work for me. How fully they show up for me and also knowing that they're just in the lined character so that they have similar values and ethics to me. So that would be my kind of key takeaways from that. Mm Great. You need to get me one of those actually struggled a lot with via is over my time. But yeah, I need to go to an agency and I've heard other people who have got great success as well. So yeah, very cool. Um let's move on to talking about goal setting and manifestation because I know you're a total pro at it and you talk about it often on your channels and with goal setting you've sent me pictures before that I've just so appreciated seeing of how you kind of laid things out.

Um So yeah, do you want to especially during this time with COVID-19 going on and everyone being at home it's the perfect time for goal setting. It's the perfect time for manifestation. So I thought we could talk a little bit about what it actually is and how you've used it for yourself. Um and then maybe some advice that we can share for things that we could do at home ourselves. Um During this time. Yeah. So we're all manifesting whether we are doing that consciously or not because what we're believing, what we feel within, what we think about determines our decisions which determine actions and reality right? And then reality reinforces what beliefs we have about the world about ourselves about business. So well we're always doing that but you can consciously create that using different principles and laws and working with concepts like abundance. So for me abundance is the vibration of manifesting. It's recognizing that abundance isn't determined by the amount of money in your bank account at that present moment.

It's about what you believe about money, about yourself, about your contribution and operating from that within manifestation we have the law of attraction which many of you have probably heard about. And the law of attraction fundamentally states that like attracts like so what you embody what you believe is what you receive. And it's not about saying okay all these negative things are happening to me it's my fault. I'm going to blame myself because it's going to create further cycle of lack and efficiency and no abundance but it's saying how can I take responsibility for abundance in that moment. So how can I stop just thinking about myself and how can I think about helping others adding value in business. Obviously amazing because you can really clearly tell when someone just wants to sell to you and when someone actually wants to add value to your life who wants to really help you. And I think those are the people who get ahead and manifest success and abundance long term because they're they're not in it for a quick win.

They're not in it to win authentically sell something or cheat you out of something or manipulate you And so they're selling and their results comes across with a different frequency. Um and this is applicable not only to business, but to your life. You know, it's like how can we start thinking about co creating with others, collaborating with others rather than competing with others all the time. Even if, you know, on the superficial level you have competitors in business, how can you co create, how can you all add value together alongside each other? So what blocks us from that? What has blocked me in, you know, the past before I knew about manifesting and all of these laws and abundance was, you know, a lot of conditioning from early on in our lives that creates scarcity. So for example, many people in school, you know, we're told to comply, were told to sit in our chair to not have fun to not pass notes. You know, we're not here to have fun, we're here to learn. And if you follow the rules and you learn, then you'll succeed in life.

If you go to university then you'll succeed in life and you'll win and you won't lose. Even if you look at games like musical chairs when were younger, they keep taking a seat away and at the start everyone's dancing, but then they start getting really weird and staying really close to chairs and maybe nudging each other out of the way. So there's so many messages just in really small implicit ways that we receive when we're growing up, which take us out of abundance and make us think that there's not enough that were not enough that we must compete to win. That we must sort of like elevate ourselves above others at all times in order to win. And then that creates a lot of lack within which obviously what we believe and think about determines our decisions, our actions our reality. So if you always believe that your abundant regardless of whether you're new to an industry or you don't have a ton of money to invest right now in your business. If you think in the abundant way you think about, okay well what do I have to share, what do I have to abundantly offer? And if for example if we look at my business, one of the reasons you might get into a business like mine is because one of your core values is helping others.

So I remember very early on in my business I was feeling a bit flat because I was like I don't have any clients and that means that I'm not good enough and you know what's going to happen. But remembering the abundance code in this abundance law, I started thinking well I got into this to help people so I'm sure I can help one person a day in some way. So I would show up differently on social media instead of hiding I'd reply to d m s I would think about I would give people free stuff, I would think about how can I contribute with what I have right now. And that allowed me to then start to manifest helping people in a paid and tangible abundant way over time because I kept thinking about how can I contribute rather than what do I get? Um So there's there's so much we could discuss about manifestation like I talk about it all the time and it's a huge part of what I do and what I teach people but um start by asking you know what are my beliefs about how abundant I am, how enough I am and how can I start to change that?

How can I start to contribute to others? How can I start to leverage what I have already And that creates more the more we give, the more we receive? Mm. Yeah. Amazing. And so for all the people who might be struggling a little bit at the moment because of the loss of income because everything's on hold or maybe being made redundant. What's a specific exercise that we could do at home today or tomorrow. Yeah. So um you know you can do meditations around abundance if you if you went on Youtube and looked up abundance meditation there'll be loads of them. Um you can also practice gratitude. So right now if you've had a lot of external things taken away how can you reap program or refocus on what is abundant. So what is great. You know I've seen a lot of people complaining about being stuck at home and stuck in isolation and I get that? But like could you be grateful for the fact you have a home to isolate in, could you be grateful that like the biggest problem for you right now is boredom or could you be grateful that yes your business might have suffered extensive losses but could you be grateful for all the experiences that have given you bravery to focus on this moment and you know that can be done.

It simply is writing down three things you're grateful for every day. It sounds very very basic but it literally rewire your brain. If you look it up you'll see this. They use it in the treatment of trauma and pTSD it helps us to reduce feelings of envy, negativity and it helps us to focus on being an appreciation which then helps us to be in abundance. So you're going to achieve a lot more if you want to achieve and get through this time right now if you're feeling appreciative if you're feeling abundant than if you're feeling lost and stuck and stuck in scarcity and defeated and like a victim and you're only the victim. If you decide that you're the victim, you can be the creator if you want even in a challenging time, it's a great time to be a creator. I would say tell us about your academy that you've made might make your magic academy that's coming up um Yeah what's it all about? What is it? Why are you doing it?

Yeah the academy is my I say an eight week program but it's really a program for life. You know, there's eight modules and there's video master classes, meditations to help you to rewire your mindset, your beliefs, your energy, your body, your spirit. And we go through an eight step process over those weeks that is designed to help you to awaken more confidence by healing the things that are in the way of that. So healing any beliefs that align with something like I'm not good enough for I can't do that, healing procrastination, procrastination is not a natural state of being. We all do it. But it comes from limiting beliefs that comes from fear, it comes from fear of success or fear of failure or fear of judgment. So we go deep into the kind of main frame of the subconscious mind and figure out what it is that's limiting you or keeping you stuck or keeping you lost or feeling lonely or um you know, fearing change whatever it is that you're struggling with overthinking and we start to move through those things through tools that really work to help you to shift your emotions to take mastery over that and then we start to release, we start to release the shadow sides of ourselves and then we start to move into action and manifesting and abundance because a lot of people just want to skip to that end part, They want to just go, I want to learn about the law of attraction or I want to learn how to create my dream life, but it's like watering the leaves of the tree and not the roots, it's not going to do anything.

You're going to maybe get a few quick winds and go yeah, but as soon as something goes wrong or you're stuck in the same pattern, you're going to wonder why and you'll probably blame yourself for it. But really it's just because whenever we come up against a pattern we feel stuck or the same thing keeps showing up in our life. It's just because there's a deep rooted course. You know, there's a deep rooted belief or deep rooted trauma or imprinting in the mind, the subconscious that hasn't been recognized or healed or dealt with. So that's what we do in this course and we're starting a live round of the course, as I mentioned earlier, we do two live rounds a year, which is a really good time to join because you're not just doing the program on your own. You're getting eight deep dive mentor ship calls with me and women all around the world where you can ask specific questions and get, you know, coaching mentoring attention from me to really work through that stuff and we do additional uh Work and there's additional content on those calls that isn't in the course.

So it's an amazing program, I think 82 women did it last year and almost all of them have done something really radical with their life, tons of them are coaches now, Yoga teachers living in different countries with new partners. Leaving marriage is like it's quite radical the changes that occur when you do that work, but it's a really amazing program and I love I love hosting it and when does it start? It's starting on the next live round, April 27, so a couple of weeks away. Um so yeah, really excited because we haven't done a live round for probably like more than six months now, what if there's people out there listening to think, oh that really sounds amazing, but I'm essentially not confident to go in a group and have to talk with multiple people and to share and do things where other people can see that I'm doing this course. Yeah, such a prevalent concern that comes up and I think, you know, that's that's the limited mindset speaking, that's your inner critic speaking, Your inner critic is like, I don't want to be seen, I don't want to be heard, I don't want to open that box because what if I open that box and I can't handle what's in the box, you know, that's a really big thing.

People don't want to open Pandora's box, especially in front of other people, but ultimately, and the reason I continue doing these live rounds versus just leaving the program as a self like program because that would be a lot less work for me. The reason I do it, first of all, I love doing it, but secondly, the feedback from every single member who's done it, even all of them are scared when they start is that that's their favorite part connecting with the community. And that is a very healing aspect of this program because it's all well and good for someone to talk to me about it and they know I'm compassionate, they know I understand they know that I'm not going to judge them, but to share that in a group and then to have all of these women who are different, but also alike support them and say, I see you, I get that I'm going through that too. Oh my God, I've never told anyone that or hearing other people share things that they thought they were the only person experiencing is incredibly healing and we used to do this in society and cultures.

You know, Before patriarchal times, women were forced to be reckoned with, We come together in circle, We would support each other villages of women would come together, you know, just to support each other and raising families and to pitch in together and to hold each other rather than compete with each other, but that's sort of competitive comparing aspect that many of us have been conditioned to operate inside of, that's not our true nature. So this program coming together and doing this, it can feel intimidating, but it is so healing for your confidence and it is very healing just for the feminine collective. Anyways, more of these groups that occur, whether it's mine or you join someone else's circle or program, you know, it's very impactful, very healing for the soul. Yeah, it sounds amazing. I'm excited for you. How fun Thank you. Yeah, well it's not always fun in there. It's um it's hard work. You know, it's it's healing, it's hard and messy, but it is amazing by the end to see the incredible changes that everyone makes magic.

It's a great name. Yeah, I like it. Um, so normally with female startup club I do a quick fire six questions and it's the same six questions that I asked to every woman that I speak to. Uh so let's get started. Question number one is what's your why? To empower ignite guide and open people up to their true cells. Number two, what's the one thing or one moment that made your business? Really pop the decision that I made to always be unapologetically myself and to make decisions that allowed me to be that person rather than decisions that felt strategic. So being authentic. Where do you hang out to get smarter? Could be books, podcasts, internet, people anything. I love doing breath work and I see my own breathwork mentor because it allows me to access different layers of my intuition and my spirituality myself and I always get the best ideas after I've done that.

So that is what I do, which is really weird and unusual, but that's what works actually a lot of women that I've spoken to end up bringing up breathing and their breathing techniques. Um what's the technique that you use currently? I work with a technique called rebirthing and it's really potent for me, very powerful. It's it's not only a physical experience which other breathwork is, but you get into emotion releasing trauma, but also the divine. So you know, I get messages and see angels and all sorts of things. So it's, it's very profound um and helps me to be more creative and more connected in the business. For sure. I've been doing a bit of Wim Hof breathing techniques recently, which has been interesting because it's so different. It makes me feel really, it's really intense obviously. Um but yeah, I also really enjoy all these these new breathing things I'm coming to learn about.

I'm definitely gonna google that rebirthing. Um how do you win the day? What's in your like am and PM rituals that you kind of live and swear by, I am always changing, evolving depending on, first of all, where I am in my menstrual cycle in the month because that massively determine so many things and I use that in my favor as well, but also cycles of my life and cycles of where I am in my chapters as a woman. So like I'm about to go through my Saturn return, which means I'm going to get my main karmic lessons for this lifetime this year. So right now what I'm doing is really just taking time to slow down more and not pushed so hard, being more patient with things that I want to create. Uh leaning into doing the work behind the scenes rather than focusing so much on the external stuff and focusing on creating more content.

Being more visible on instagram. I'm more actually going inward and doing further certifications, reading more and just taking time for myself to meditate and to heal and to do all of my sort of self care. So it's a mix of self care but that's kind of like the flavor at the moment to win the day. If you had only $1,000 left in your business bank account, how would you spend it? That actually does happen. You know, every now and then, um, I, I would probably, I'd probably spend some of our unlike crystals and incense. Like, let's be honest, I would, but in terms of business I would be looking at how I was going to invest that to generate, you know, abundance in return. So probably investing in help in a mentor in paying my assistant may be doing some ads for something I'm creating or doing a new course. Amazing and number six, last and final, how do you deal with failure?

And that can either be like a specific example or just a general approach when you're thinking about things going wrong, crisis management. Yeah, a really favorite quote of mine. I'm not sure who originally shared it, but is no eagles next opportunity. So every time there's a failure or a perceived failure, I usually think about, okay, well what's the opportunity here? So for example, like we can look at what's happening right now. So my whole year and everything I've been devoted to was around in person experiences this year because last year I really kind of took more of an online backseat with everything and I wasn't as available. So this year I was like, Okay, is the year that I'm going to do this massive event and there's going to be 700 people there and I'm going to do these two or three retreats and you know, I've been working on all of this content and paying people to help me to create these events and obviously everything is now canceled.

Um, but when it happened, I was a little bit disappointed and I, you know, I had a little cry because I was sad about my event not happening, but then I immediately was like, what is the opportunity here? And so my kind of approach to anything that is deemed a failure is like, this is a redirection, what am I being redirected to receive to notice to learn and the universities had a different plan for me, it wants me to focus on these other programs that I was creating, but I kind of like put on the backburner and so now I'm like, you know what, I've got amazing time to do that, I've got so much more time to focus on this other certification I'm doing, I'm creating a lot of other stuff and so I just see any failure as divine timing and you've got something else to learn or something else that is going to work out better. And I find it is a much more empowering way to approach those kind of situations, but also allow yourself to be disappointed when you are, you know, don't bypass it, but also don't get lost in it.

Yeah, absolutely, really good advice. Um, and last of all I put a call out on my instagram for some questions that people wanted to ask you a confidence, a confidence coach. Um, so I'm just gonna find them here. The first one is, how do we readjust our thinking and our mindset to pursue the same goals within our careers with this current setback with Corona and how do we stay motivated with everything that's going on in the world and the example that this person gave was for example, I've been expecting a big pay rise and that's obviously been taken away or you had kind of like what you were just explaining you had some really big career goals like an event or something and it's all been canceled just how to keep on top of that kind of thing. Yeah, for sure. You know, it's really natural to feel disappointed and right now is this incredible time of healing? If we start to really recognize it within all of this madness, what a lot of people maybe haven't noticed is that we've been given this pause, we've been given this space, this isolation or this moment to notice.

You know, what are the things that I was attaching my self worth two that are crumbling away because our self worth should be inherent. But for many people who are high achievers and I would put myself in that category as well, you can really easily get your self worth and meshed with what boxes you're ticking. So if anything, even though it's disappointing, it can be an amazing call to remember that you're inherently worthy regardless of money regardless of external staff and part of that abundance code or that abundance mindset that I mentioned before is remembering this and we're taking it from being, you know, if I get more, then I'll be more or if I get more then I'll be a better person or then I'll be kind or then I'll be satisfied and start to think about how can I be satisfied in this moment. How can I be appreciative in this moment, how can I value myself regardless of the money in my bank account. How can I value myself as a human being and celebrate the things that you are that can never be taken from you.

Like the fact that you're kind, the fact that you're you know intelligent, the fact that you're a beautiful person on the inside and it might not take away the disappointment, but it just helps you to reframe. Um and also it can be helpful to remember that this is all temporary, the same way that, you know, all things in life are temporary, Everything is always changing and this is just a redirection right now and there are many beautiful lessons that we're all going to take from this and you will rebuild, you will get there amazing. Love it. Um second question was, how do you become okay with the parts that you don't like about yourself? And I think that's such a good question when I received it, I was like, yeah, really good one. I want the end up. It's so funny because so often the things that we don't like about ourselves, first of all, we magnify them so much more in our own heads and sometimes the things that we hate about ourselves are really dislike are the things that other people really like.

I've had so many random conversations with friends before and I've shared an insecurity of mine and they're like, that's what I love about you, like, so recognize that your perception is not the truth, it is your perceived truth, but it's probably propped up by a ton of bias and limiting beliefs to reframe this the maker, Magic Academy is really good for this. It really does help to change your self perception because you're getting to the deep roots of your beliefs specifically about yourself and your worth and your value and awakening to what that value is. We spend a lot of time in the second and the third modules looking at a strengths based approach, which is writing down things that you're amazing at writing down things you like about yourself, looking at it all the time, instead of having repetitive negative thoughts all the time. But ultimately, what you have to do is you have to identify what are those for those main critical thoughts that you're in.

A critic likes to talk about the most. How can you start to rewire that? How can you start to reframe that? How can you challenge those thoughts? And ultimately, as soon as you start to shift the beliefs, everything else actually changes on the external, because everything starts from the belief systems that we embody. So, working with a coach is a great way to reframe that. But if you're not gonna work with someone then using affirmations getting clear on what you like about yourself, leveraging what you like about yourself, instead of trying to fix the things that you deem is less worthy and making it a consistent practice? You know, these things don't just come about from nowhere. You have to ritually sit, you have to practice it and you have to embed a new story. Yeah, amazing. And the third question was how to say no, if you're a yes person. So the way I frame this is think of your yes and your no as an investment like money, A lot of people are more careful with their money often from limiting beliefs, mind you, but a lot of people see money as this energy exchange, right?

Because they have significance and value and beliefs around what that piece of paper or that digital number means. Whereas we just kind of say yes or no, uh particularly if you're someone who identifies as like a good girl or a helpful person, you know, if that's part of your personality, all of that comes from conditioning. So we kind of flippantly give our yes, so flippantly give are no. So think of the yes and noes an investment like money when you say yes, ask yourself or pause before you say yes and say, you know, is that something that I want to invest in right now because your time is a more valuable currency than your money. Your money can probably make more of your time, You will never get back. So think about, you know, is that an investment that I want to make? Does that come from an empowered part of me? Or does that come from a part of me that is worried about their reaction If I say no and um you know, doing personal development, working on your self worth. Maybe during a program like mine helps you to do that be more confident because it's really hard to set boundaries or say no when you have a ton of beliefs around what that means, what that means about you, what people think, how people judge you.

But the first step think of it as a currency and make sure that when you're saying yes, it's two things that you want to invest in. Amazing, thank you so much. I've so enjoyed this chat. Um just if you want to share where people can find you where you are on the internet, where you're hanging out at where they can get up to your courses. Yeah, sure. I'll send you all the links and um the main places you can find me instagram. So my instagram is this is Amy Rushworth and my website is Amy Rushworth dot com. You can find my programs, they're my retreats, you can Apply for 1-1 coaching and all the kind of juicy magic is there on the website. Amazing. I will link everything in the thing. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Hey, it's just me here. Thanks for listening to this amazing episode of the female startup club podcast. If you want to hear more, head to my instagram at Dune Rasheen to see my filmed interviews with incredible female founders like Erica from fluffy Beauty Greta, from drop bottle and Sammy Leo from breeze bomb.

And if you like what we're doing here, visit our website and sign up to female startup club dot com to get all of the good stuff delivered straight to your inbox and lastly subscribe to the Female Startup Club podcast. No. Mhm.

How to build multiple revenue streams for your business & manifesting your dreams into reality with life coach, Amy Rushworth
How to build multiple revenue streams for your business & manifesting your dreams into reality with life coach, Amy Rushworth
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