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6 quick questions with Amanda Klane, Founder of Yasso (part 2/2)

by Female Startup Club
January 25th 2022

Hello and welcome back to the show. It’s Doone here - host and hype girl. Today we’re learning from Amanda Klane, the founder of Yasso. A frozen greek yoghurt company that’s been putting smiles on ... More

Oh my goodness, it is 2022, I cannot believe it and I don't know about you but january is a time for me when I'm feeling so invigorated for the year ahead. I'm full of energy, new goals, dreams, excitement. It's a time for me to learn new things and set my intentions for the rest of the year. And with that in mind, I love to dig into new podcasts like success story hosted by Scott D Clary and brought to you by the hubspot podcast network. This is truly one of the most useful podcasts in the world featuring conversations about sales, marketing business and startups with super successful people in the industry. So if you're in the mood for some fresh energy, I would highly recommend starting with episode 189 called how to build an iconic brand with joe foster, the founder and Ceo of Reebok. It is a pretty wild ride. You can listen to success story wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome Back. Here are the six quick questions.

Mm hmm. The question number one is, what's your, why? Why are you doing what you're doing? I think just to leave the world a little bit better place than I came into it and that's through the products we create or the success we have and the ability to get back to the communities. I think it's just to hopefully do a little good, did I also read you started a not for profit organization and you give back sporting equipment, you guys are doing so many things. We try, we try to give back as much as possible, especially the obviously the communities that helped make us who we were. I love that putting smiles on all the faces everywhere, So many faces. Question number two is what do you think has been the number one marketing moment in the journey so far? You know, I don't think we've had just one. I think it's a culmination of probably a bunch, you know, we didn't have that like One moment where Oprah was like, yeah, it was the best. Although if you're listening Oprah, you can still do that. But we didn't have like that. I don't say like one pivotal moment.

I think it was a lot of the sum of a lot of different moments together. Do you have a favorite moment? Like I joke like early days, like, I don't know if you've ever seen these, but in the US big belly trash cans came to cities, they were like these big trash cans that like were new and they wanted to make money. So they started marketing on the sides of them and they were cheap because no one had ever seen them and we were like, well we'll do it. And it was surprisingly insane consumer awareness from it in the city of boston and then big companies started marketing on them and they got expensive to do. But I'd say like for me personally, that was a big moment because it was the first time you saw your brand like outside. But it's funny because it was trash cans, which seems so wrong, but it was a great marketing tool back in the day and then everyone started using them. Yeah, that's so random. Yeah. Look for the, look for the underdog opportunities. Yeah, no one wants the trash can weird, we'll take it. Oh my gosh, that's so random. I love it. Question number three is, what's your go to business resource when it comes to a book, a newsletter or a podcast?

Um you know, I read a lot of different books and say one of my, my favorite podcasts ever is like Guy raz how I built this. I do love just any podcast really that I can listen to, like the journey of entrepreneurs and why and how they created things is I think just super beneficial and educational. Mhm Absolutely. I love guy, he's so great, it's such a great interviewer. Question number four is how do you win the day? What are your am or PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and motivated and successful. Yeah, I think for me personally it's just like working out, I think work life balance when you're an entrepreneur in the early days sometimes gets really hard and I think what I learned is I'm actually, it may not seem like it's beneficial to take the time, but it is beneficial to take the time and focus on you whether that's working out, reading whatever it is they you would like to do to keep you straight and then honestly recovery is as important as anything, you know, if you're not recovering at night, You're not, you know, working your best the next day.

So nowadays it's like good sleep. I sleep solid eight hours a night. Yeah, I'm I'm like on this sleep journey at the moment, I'm having like not great sleep and I'm trying to do all the things new mattress, new broadband, like I'm like on a journey to better sleep and more restful like deep sleep. Yeah, because of time I lost that during like our journey where like you're just burning the candle at both ends and you will burn up, you know, you will burn out. And I think if I could look back and tell myself like just recover, make sure you're recovering. I probably would have been more effective in some of those years, but easier to say now. But I think that when I go forward, that's really what I focus on. Yeah, Yeah. So key sleep is so key. That's great Question. Number five is what is the most important spend of a dollar for you today in the business, your people? Yeah, I think um Honestly No one will survive in this industry alone.

Your team is everything and we have an unbelievable team at you also and you're making sure taking care of them, you know, every, you'll see everything else. Just elevate. Mhm. For sure. And last question question #6 is how do you deal with failure? What's your mindset and approach when things don't go to plan, learn from it and move on. Said get over it, learn from it. 100%. It's gonna happen. Mhm. It is. It's going to happen. It's going to happen most days. It's gonna happen a lot. Like I always try to see what was the lesson, what I learned from that and then just move on from it. Amanda, thank you so much for taking the time to come on the show today and share your journey and your learnings. I'm so excited to see what other brands you're gonna be launching from the incubator this year. Awesome. Thank you for having me. Hey, it's Doom here. Thanks for listening to this episode of the female startup club podcast. If you're a fan of the show, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com where you can subscribe to our newsletter and learn more about our D. I.

Y. Course the ads, N. B. A. I also truly appreciate each and every review that comes our way. It might seem like such a small thing, but reviews, help other heirs find us. So please do jump on and subscribe rate and review the show. And finally, if you know someone who would benefit from hearing these inspiring stories, please do share it with them and empower the women in your network. See you soon, Yeah. Mhm, mm hmm.

6 quick questions with Amanda Klane, Founder of Yasso (part 2/2)
6 quick questions with Amanda Klane, Founder of Yasso (part 2/2)
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