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6 Quick Questions with Nadya Okamoto, Founder of August (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
March 15th 2022

Today we’re learning from Nadya Okamoto, the founder of August, the lifestyle period brand that makes sustainable period care that actually works. Nadya is one of those women that is impossible not... More

are you on the lookout for a new podcast to listen to Being boss by Emily Thompson is brought to you by the hubspot podcast network and something I love about this show is getting the chance to support my community of fellow creators and business owners. Being boss is an exploration of not only what it takes, but what it means to be a boss as a creative business owner, freelancer or side hustler. And I know it's going to resonate with so many of you who are listening in. So if you like female startup club, trust me, you're going to love being boss. Welcome back. Here are the six quick questions question number one, what's your, why? Why are you doing what you're doing the big sister thing? Love it. Love it. Question number two is what's been the number one or your favorite marketing moment so far um going viral on Tiktok for the first time. How many views did it get?

I don't even know, but I think one of our videos got like has 30 million and has definitely been one of the faster growing ones. That's wild madness. It's crazy. Question # three, What's your go to business resource in terms of book, podcast or newsletter? Um I don't really follow a lot of business things at all. Mostly because like in terms of consuming media, I I listen to a lot of the daily, the new york Times, the daily, but I would say that for me, like there's actually one of my friends Casey Lewis has a newsletter called after school that's about like youth trends and I really love that one. Amazing. I will link that in the show notes for anyone who wants to check it out. Question number four is how do you win the day? What are your AM or PM habits and rituals that keep you feeling happy and motivated and productive? I just sleep as much as I possibly can at night. I love that. I need to sleep Question # five, What is the worst money mistake in the business that you've made? And how much did it cost? I would say that like at the beginning we kind of didn't trust our instincts around like pr and influencers and we ended up like hiring some outside agencies situations and probably spent about 30 k of costs that at the end of the day, like we got out of those contracts early because we were like, we can do this ourselves.

Um and we have been doing it ourselves, but I would say that a lot of it is like it was kind of trusting our gut that we could do things differently than hiring like leaning on external agencies. Yeah, I totally know that feeling. And last question question # six is what is a crazy story positive, good, bad ugly whatever in the business that you can share. I think it's just like, it's just a crazy moment every time. Like I have period blood in my underwear and my first instinct is to make a Tiktok about it. You know what I wanted to ask you actually on this topic just quickly as a final question is how do you deal with like the negative side of Tiktok and the people like the, you know the haters? Yeah, I mean, I think that for the haters who like say I'm gross and disgusting for being obsessed with periods of showing it to me and just use it as motivation. Like I just kind of, it just feels me with this idea of like the fact that you're calling it disgusting kind of reveals that it is so stigmatized and that's what we're trying to work through. And so I think that if anything, it kind of makes me more interested in it, you know?

Um, and that's something that I, I spend a lot more time focusing on fuels the fire. I love it. Exactly. Nadia, thank you so much for taking the time to come on the show today and share your journey so far with august. I am endlessly inspired by you and your energy and your big Sister vibe. So thank you so much. I'm really grateful. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. Hey, it's done here. Thanks for listening to this episode of the female startup club podcast. If you're a fan of the show, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com. Where you can subscribe to our newsletter and learn more about our D. I Y course the ads, N. B. A. I also truly appreciate each and every review that comes our way. It might seem like such a small thing, but reviews help other heirs find us. So please do jump on and subscribe rate and review the show. And finally, if you know someone who would benefit from hearing these inspiring stories, please do share it with them and empower the women in your network, See you soon.

6 Quick Questions with Nadya Okamoto, Founder of August (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Nadya Okamoto, Founder of August (part 2)
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