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6 Quick Questions with Hillary Peterson, Founder of True Botanicals (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
March 22nd 2022

Today on the show we’re learning from Hillary Peterson, the founder of True Botanicals.

True Botanicals is a natural biocompatible skincare brand on a mission to deliver luxurious, clean prod... More

are you on the lookout for a new podcast to listen to being boss by Emily Thompson is brought to you by the hubspot podcast network and something I love about this show is getting the chance to support my community of fellow creators and business owners. Being boss is an exploration of not only what it takes, but what it means to be a boss as a creative business owner, freelancer or side hustler, and I know it's going to resonate with so many of you who are listening in, So if you like female startup club, trust me, you're going to love being boss. Welcome back. Here are the six quick questions. So question number one, what's your, why? Why are you doing what you're doing? The beauty industry should serve our well being and our beautiful planet. Absolutely, Question # two, What's been your favorite or top marketing moments so far? I think I would have to say harnessing the authentic celebrity passion for our products to extend our reach. That's crazy by the way, so cool. It's been so exciting to see how that's impacted our growth.

The photo shoot of Olivia in her pool. Oh my gosh, that was really incredible. That was her idea, loved it. That was that was really cool. Question # three, What is your go to business resource when it comes to a book, a podcast or a newsletter? You know, I try to surround myself with seekers. So it tends to be functional medicine doctors. Thinkers like Zach Bush who's focused on the microbiome and regenerative farming. So it's a group of people probably more than a medium and it tends to be people who are challenging the status quo. I love that Zach Bush, I'm going to check him out. Very interesting. Is he like a newsletter or is it a website or a twitter or he has a nonprofit called farmer's footprint? Okay, Farmer's footprint dot com. And there have been a lot of great podcast interviews with him and he's a functional medicine doctor, Mark Hyman. Really interesting functional medicine doctor, um scientists at universities.

I follow a lot of university scientists who are studying aging and wellness and sustainability. I love that. Very cool, very interesting. I want to learn more about alternative therapies and functional medicine and things like this when it comes to sleep health. I feel like I struggle a lot with my sleep and I'm like, God help me, please someone help me. I don't think you're alone when I'm with my girlfriends, we end up talking about that a lot, the latest that we're doing for sleep. Oh my gosh, I just bought the, I just started using the whoop. I'm digressing here. I just started using the whoop and it tracks your sleep. It's a sleep tracker as one of the things that it does and I'm just like never getting restorative sleep ever. And so this is why I spent my whole life tired is because I'm not sleeping probably and it's like crazy to see and I'm so sad the other day, it said I had, you know, I went and I'm always in bed like 8 to 10 hours kind of thing, but like the other night I slept 3.5 hours of actual sleep across the different stages and I was like, well that's not enough.

And I wake up feeling, you know, sick and groggy and emotional because I'm so tired, it's a worthwhile pursuit keep at it. So my girlfriend just showed me her whoop um last night actually she was over and she was showing me how you can. I'm really curious now, I wanna see, but I'm a big sleeper, especially now that I have the fantastic ceo charge, she's changed my life, shout out to her love that Question # four, maybe you've just answered this, but how do you win the day? What keeps you happy and productive and motivated? Oh gosh, I would say that, you know, in addition to having a business that feels like a true reflection of my authentic desire to transform skin and the health of the planet. Um it's very exciting to be able to work on something I believe in so passionately. Um I would say that for me spending time in nature is the perfect balance to that, you know, with my friends, with my family in nature, I think it helps me sleep better, it helps me keep perspective.

So I'm really lucky to have access to nature and I'm out there every day. Beautiful. I love that. I've mixed these final two questions up in recent episodes. So question number five is what's the worst money you've ever spent in the business? And how much was it? What's your big kind of money mistake? Wow, I'm blindsiding you. Oh, you know what? I think the worst money that I spent my biggest money mistakes was over investing in packaging when we were thinking that we would save money because it would make the per each cost lower. But of course, we just kept changing the packaging because an ingredient would shift, you know, there was always something changing. So I would just say early on spending too much on packaging when it just wasn't time yet. Do you remember how much it was? Oh sure. I mean, I would say, as we were growing, we probably wrote off hundreds of thousands of dollars of packaging over the years.

Oh my God, that's crazy. But I've heard it so many times, I've heard it so many times that people are like, spend more per unit on your packaging and buy less because you're going to change it all the time. I've heard it a million times over. Yeah, for sure. I asked this question because I've noticed that on arctic to, on my Tiktok account, people just love these like tiny moments of mistakes and one of the best performing videos that I have is about this founder who again, also spent money on packaging. That was, I failed basically. I always, it's great all in the spirit of saving money, all in the spirit of saving money for a tough lesson alone And question number six, you've already shared so many of these in this episode already. But last question is what is just a crazy story, good or bad from your business business journey? Rather I would have to say for me, what just feels so surreal is the groundswell of passion for the brand that's coming from the most unexpected places.

So in one week, um, you know, I've always been a huge Diane Keaton fan. I've loved her movies and she commented on our social media and I went and checked to make sure it was really her. Um, and then in that same week Lizzo posted about us And I called my 21 year old daughter and I think that's the moment she decided I was cool. I said, oh my gosh, look at this Lizzo posted about us. So I think it's just this groundswell of passion coming from these incredible places that has just been very unexpected and very exciting and has really made a huge difference for our business, which is wonderful. That is so freaking cool. Gosh! Hillary, thank you so much for taking the time to come on and share your journey so far with true botanicals and all the cool stuff that's going on for you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. Really enjoyed the conversation. Hey, it's Doom here. Thanks for listening to this episode of the female startup Club podcast.

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6 Quick Questions with Hillary Peterson, Founder of True Botanicals (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Hillary Peterson, Founder of True Botanicals (part 2)
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