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6 Quick Questions with Galyn Bernard, Founder of Primary (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
May 3rd 2022

Today we’re learning from Galyn Bernard, founder of Primary.

Primary is a non-gender, sustainable and inclusive kid’s clothing brand rewriting the rules for what kids wear every day. The ... More

Welcome back. Here are the six quick questions. Mm hmm. Question number one is, what's your wife? Why are you doing what you're doing to give kids confidence? Oh, I love that. It's a feel good thing. Question number two is what's your like top favorite marketing moments so far? This is a repeat. But it is the marketing like headline, not all baby suits need to say little slugger. That was a big one. Question number three, what's your go to business resource when you think about like a newsletter, a podcast or a book? I really love the after hours podcast. It's actually where we first heard about the four day workweek concept, But it's three Harvard Business School professors who are just sort of talking casually about topics of the day or, or random things that each of them has brought in and it's really interesting. It's like smart perspective. I feel like caught up on the news but also like I understand it without having to read like 600 newspaper articles and like have my eyes glaze over.

So I really like that one. I haven't listened to that one. I'm going to check it out. I'm gonna link it in the show notes for anyone who wants to check it out as well. It sounds great. Question number four is, how do you win the day? What are your AM or PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated? I am such an early to bed girl. Like if the lights are off at 9:30, I'm so thrilled. Um if I have like Had some sweat during the day exercise anything even for 15 minutes, I feel so much better. And so I try to get that out of the way before Paul start in the morning and, and then in between, I think I feel the happiest when I have made like at least one real connection with another human during the day, like whether it's family or friends or something where I don't know, I really need that sort of one on one like connection time. So, so that's a huge one for me too. I love that Question # five, What has been your worst money mistake in the business? I think that we Raised our 2nd round too late.

I wish that looking back we had thought about because we ended up raising a little more money early on than we needed. And I wish that we kept the original plan which was like get to launch and raise money then because once we got through launch and we talked about like, you know, inventories sold down and like the sales trajectory is not great because we don't have any inventory, it was harder to raise capital then then it would have been if we just stuck to like, okay, this initial capital was to get us to launch were there, we did it, it's awesome and like now let's go raise our next round. I think we're like, oh but we have more money in the bank, we'll just wait and we shouldn't have done that. Hmm that's interesting. That's a really interesting perspective and one of those ones that's like, you only know in hindsight completely, completely. Yes, so that, that's what I would have changed. And last question question number six, what is just a crazy story that you can share from the journey of building a business, good, bad, anything, whatever you want? Well maybe too long a question for a speed round, but when we can make it longer, we can make it look like when, when we started the business, we didn't get an office.

Initially we looked at like, you know, so if we work desk spaces in the city, Christina lived in New Jersey, I live in Connecticut and so we were both coming in and we ended up both joining the Reebok Sports Club on the Upper West side because they had a huge open space with wifi and amazing food and like as we were starting, the business were like, and we'll just like exercise all the time and we'll get so healthy, it will be great, And the membership was like much cheaper than renting a desk somewhere. And so we did that, which was awesome. I highly recommend um for like we were working there for like the first like 6-7 months or so. And so all of our calls were in this like tiny phone booth, there were only two of them for like everyone who was working in this like communal space where the food was. And so there was always like a line for these phone booths and it was like always stressful like we have like a 1 30 call and like the phone phone booths were occupied and so we did a lot of calls from the phone booth and one of them was a pitch to an investor and I think it was our seed round actually and we were talking about the business and the vision for the clothes and and he just had such a strong view on our clothing which wasn't his background at all, where she was like you know what would be really awesome is if you could have like something like really just like visual that like everyone would see it and recognize like oh that's the primary thing and his suggestion for real was like like what if you guys just had like everything from primary just had a huge fucking zipper on it, Like verbatim said huge fucking zipper, like everything was just have a huge fucking zipper.

And so when kids were at the playground, all the parents will be like, oh look at that zipper, that's a primary hoodie like and so you know, it's like just think about it. Just think about that if that's something like that maybe could be helpful and it's such an interesting example because it was so crazy and so obviously at odds with like, everything else we were trying to do about the aesthetic of the brand, but also such a good representation of all these conversations where everyone has an opinion, everyone has the like, here's what's gonna solve your life. My idea is going to solve it. And so it was one of the early learnings for us. We're like, we didn't know that that was gonna be true, that everyone was going to have an opinion about like, what else we should be doing and how we should be doing things differently. And so early on, I think when we had calls like that, maybe not that one, but other calls like that, it was like, oh, well maybe we should think about doing that and like, huh, that could be interesting. Maybe we should think about that. And all of us and our heads were spinning because like, everyone had something to say and and it took us a little bit to get back to like, you know what? It's like, that's okay that can go in the notebook to, but we're like, we have a lot of conviction in our idea that is ours and specific and it's what we're here for and like, we're just gonna keep coming back to that.

It's very easy to spend on like, other people's suggestions and sometimes there's like a nugget there that's great and worth considering. But in general, I think having the conviction and like sticking to your guns on your original idea is so important. Otherwise it's a huge, like mental energy sector. Otherwise you end up with huge fucking zippers all over the world, which maybe it will just be the next, the next company if we, if we do that, but for now we're gonna stick with Primary. Oh my gosh, I love that though, because it goes back to what I was saying earlier of like, you really need to flex that muscle of just finding the focus and sticking with. Like, you're, you're kind of like, blinders are off, you're like just in a straight line, you're just kind of keeping focused on what you're doing, like one step after the other kind of vibes, but it's hard because someone will give you an idea and you'll go off for a couple of days and explore that idea and then you're like, I need to just come back and like focus on what is my vision, totally. Yeah, it's so hard and it's tempting to, because along the way, especially raising money, I think like there are plenty of people who are like, oh, that's interesting.

It's just not for me, like, I don't want to invest and then like, you're in this place where like, oh no, is this like a terrible idea? It's like, no, it's just not for everyone, and that's just how that goes, Love it. Love it, Thank you so much for joining me on the show today and sharing all of your learnings and your lessons in building primary so far. It's been such a joy. Thank you so much. Thank you. It was so fun chatting. I appreciate it. Hey, it's Doom here. Thanks for listening to this episode of the female startup Club podcast. If you're a fan of the show, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com where you can subscribe to our newsletter and learn more about our D. I. Y. Course. The ads, N. B. A. I also truly appreciate each and every review that comes our way. It might seem like such a small thing, but reviews help other heirs find us. So please do jump on and subscribe rate and review the show. And finally, if you know someone who would benefit from hearing these inspiring stories, please do share it with them and empower the women in your network. See you soon. Mm hmm, mm hmm.

6 Quick Questions with Galyn Bernard, Founder of Primary (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Galyn Bernard, Founder of Primary (part 2)
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