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6 Quick Questions with Katie Spies, Founder of Maev (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
May 27th 2022

Today on the show we’re learning from Katie Spies, founder of Maev.

Founded in 2020, Maev started as a collective of dog parents who wanted better for their dogs. After Katie’s adopted do... More

welcome back. Here Are the six quick questions. Mhm. So, question number one is, what's your why? Why are you doing this every day? So intrinsically I'm a product person. I love tinkering and building and iterating. And so anytime I get to geek out on that, I feel so fulfilled in myself. Um extrinsic lee, I've had dogs who've had health issues and so if I can remove that headache and pain for other people, that is everything. So it's little. Both. Question number two is what has been your favorite marketing moments so far? Um I think in those early days when we posted fliers up and they sometimes were very silly. It was like horoscopes for dogs. Text us at this number and sometimes we're more serious. But oh my God, I love that. I would definitely text that number. Yeah. Like how standing out in Soho one of the hardest places to stand out, having people post about it on social. And then a friend of a friend of a friend would somehow pass it back to me and I would be like, okay, somebody who's not just my my mom or my best friend saw this and liked it.

Um That was really fun. That is so cool. Did you think of that? Who thought of that? I love that. I thought of it at the time and then uh we tried to hire an astrologist and it was the whole thing to text horoscopes to hundreds of dogs a day. It was way harder than I expected. Oh my gosh, yeah, that's true logistical nightmare question number three. What's your go to business resource when it comes to like a newsletter book or podcast. Oh, I love this. Um, mine is, there's this book called High Growth Handbook by Eli Gil. I actually, so I just bought your book and it sounds very similar. So I'm excited for mine to be your book. But high growth handbook is like a series of founders telling you different things that they struggled with and how they overcame it. Um, and it's candid feedback and advice. I'm super excited to check it out. Thank you for that And thank you for buying my book. That's so kind love that for me and you can't wait. It's probably helpful for me. So I hope so. I'm sure it will be question number four. How do you win the day? What are your AM or PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated.

Yeah. The biggest one I think is I am a methodical note taker. I take notes on everything. Everything is written down. Any conversation that I have or little thing that came to mind is written down in that way. When I'm going to bed at night. I don't have to be worried that something slipped through the cracks or I won't be able to go back to it tomorrow. Um, so it is really nice. Everything is written down. I love that. You use the remarkable tablet. I do actually. Yeah. I've heard many good things I do once you're in the habit, it goes really well. Nice. I really need to try it. It's on my list of like, do I need this tech app or like not tech app, but like do I need this new device in my life? Or do I just like stick with pen and paper. It's like one of those things I go back and forth on. Same with the kindle. But I just gave in and got myself a kindle and it's just such a game changer. It's unbelievable. I can't believe I waited so long anyway. Yeah. I love a gadget. So it doesn't take much to convince me. Yeah, me too. Actually Question # five is what has been your biggest money mistakes in the business?

And how much was it? Mm hmm. Yeah, hiring those brand agencies when we were so young as a company, we hired a brand agency And it cost us I think just shy of $100,000 and we ended up doing all the work ourselves. Um so it was more about the time and effort. But 100K. was a very big mistake, yep. That's a pretty big mistake. That definitely sucks. Oh my God. And it's also a lot of time, right? Like you have to find the agency that the agency go through the processes that come with working with agencies. It takes a lot of your time to offload everything that's in your brain and then for it not to work out, it's a real, real shame, hate that for you. Yeah, thank you. And question # six, the last question is, what is just a crazy story, good or bad in the business that you can share from the entrepreneurial journey so far? Yeah, everyone has um anybody in frozen, I'm sure has many, but for us um on thanksgiving day 2020 so peak pandemic era thanksgiving, I got a call from our operations manager saying you're going to want to come down here and ups had returned three full truckloads of boxes that we're supposed to be delivered the day prior and it's thanksgiving.

So everything was shut down and um these were customers who were expecting their boxes, so for the next few days all of us were in our cars with boxes loaded to the roof, driving them around the tri state area and dropping them off individually and that was a very memorable crazy time Hand delivering boxes to customers. Yeah, wow, that's crazy. Oh my gosh, how did you know where to go and like the map to follow. That's crazy stuff. Yeah, that was the hardest part is like loading it all into google maps and then having an address the incorrect or fall off of my little pin and be driving around but having thanksgiving day where you have to go in and sort and deliver boxes yourself is hopefully something will never have to do again. Yes, absolutely, I hope so too, Gosh, this was so cool! Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your journey and everything that you're doing with Maeve. I'm so excited to see what happens next. Thank you so much. This was a blast.

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6 Quick Questions with Katie Spies, Founder of Maev (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Katie Spies, Founder of Maev (part 2)
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