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6 Quick Questions with Reshma Chatteram Chamberlin, Founder of Summersalt. (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
June 16th 2022

Today on the show we’re learning from the co-founder of Summersalt, Reshma Chatteram Chamberlin. Summersalt launched in 2017 after a serendipitous moment with her co-founder Lori, and what started ... More

Welcome back. Here are the six quick questions. Mm Question number one is what's your wife? Why are you doing what you're doing every day? Otherwise? Because you can create a future of our dreams, right? When you think about things that you want and you want to create and you want to give your family and you want to contribute to the world. Really, truly changing women's lives once when Sudan one garment at a time. The amazing emails we get is incredibly rewarding. And when you can do that while building an incredibly large business, it's just the fun stuff. So we do it for our customer and then of course, for our family. Love it. Question number two is what has been your favorite marketing moment so far? So we launched our everybody's a somersault body campaign and we launched that every summer and that is definitely amount of emails we get from customers and their kids and people who have never seen themselves in marketing are seeing themselves reflected again. Um, there's so much more inclusion that we can do, but we do an amazing job.

Every time we launch that campaign, it just just makes us so happy, fills your cup sounds so cool. Must be fun to work on it as well. Question number three is, what's your go to business resource. If you have to kind of go for a podcast, a book or a newsletter, it's gonna be very honest. I've literally not had time to spend time in books, podcasts or anything. I do find a lot of great inspiration on instagram and Tiktok that might not be like the straight line answer or someone wants to hear. But it's really important for me to keep up with my industry, what's happening in the social space. Um, and so I do spend quite a bit of time on social media. Um, and then of course, I think we have amazing people around us who, you know, when I need a dose of inspiration, my co founders, an amazing source of inspiration for me. Um, and I bother her all the time. So she's my book and podcast all in one shot out to Lori. I love that question number four is how do you win the day when it comes to your A.

M. M. P. M. Rituals that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated. Um, of course, you know, working from home has changed the dynamic for everyone. And so I actually quite enjoy it and go to the office. Our teams go one day a week, Laurie and I go two days a week and try to overlap one day in the office. And it's working really enough. It's a really fun schedule because we get to see everyone, but everyone gets down time and continues to have kind of some of the flexibility we've all gained from working at home. But my am and PM rituals am is making sure I spend time with my dogs and my husband need a nice breakfast. Um they're just definitely, um, you know, the light of our lives. These crazy dogs that we have and you haven't heard them bark once so thank thank you to them for that shout out to the dogs. I know definitely mara and Cody are their names um And then P. M. It's all about kind of unwinding. I do like to kind of step away from my computer, have dinner with my family, but then I do like to spend time in my inbox made at night and some people you know I don't like to use their phones before they go to bed.

I'm not one of those, I use my phone it's fine and I sleep just fine, you Know, so I like to spend some time making sure I'm prepared for the next day and that means tackling emails and other things um scheduled tool and gmail is your best friend. So again I'm not bombarding everyone's inbox at 11 pm that I'm able to kind of have that peace and quiet to get through things that are critical to me. Gosh, I'm on this journey of like trying to not use my phone at night time and in the mornings but also using my phone at that time in the morning and I have this constant battle of anxiety because I'm like I want to be on it but then I don't want to be on it. It's a tough one. I've heard both sides of the coin and I think society makes you think that you have to be one way to achieve like work like balance and all of this. I honestly, I'm not, there's no such thing as work life balance if you're an entrepreneur and maybe that's, you know, not a popular thing to say, but it is about finding an equilibrium that makes sense for you as opposed to balance.

There's no such thing as balance. Our lives are incredibly overflowing in every aspect, but that's the most joyous part of it all. Like there's just so much um, and it's just a matter of prioritizing things. Someone once told me that you have to figure out when you're juggling which balls are plastic and which balls are glass and they interchange. So in a particular given week, you know, there might be a family thing that is the glass ball and you have to prioritize that and that's okay. And other times families, the plastic ball and it can drop and you can pick it right up right. And um, it might not be just general buckets. It might be specific things, but um, I think it's submits to believe that we can have this clear divide. I think the Joel comes in being able to integrate it in a way that works for you and it works differently for everyone. I want to use your phone before you get to use your phone before you go to bed, you're full of good analogies today. I really like that one, that's another good one. Question, number five is what's the worst money you've ever spent in the business?

And how much was it? Oh my gosh, I don't think there's ever a worst money because everything comes with good learnings and experience and we believe in thoughtful and tactical tests, so um I would never lump anything into worse but have tests not work the way we wanted to. Absolutely, but the goal was to test and learn. So you want to do it in a calculated, thoughtful effective way where you understand what kind of that return on investment could potential could be, but you could also understand, put it work either. And so I think when you think about kind of outlining fashion, any aspect of your business or spending, think about kind of how you can give it the tools to succeed um and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and you won't know till you try so understanding what your parameters are to make those informed trials and thoughtful executions as in Mhm Yeah, I love that, that's a great way to think about that. Good one, A B testing testing in general before you dive right in and question number six, last question, what's just a crazy story that you can share from your journey in building this business, good, bad or otherwise, I just been bumping into lori, you know, I mentioned our founding story and it's just absolutely kind of chaotic to think that we would both be in new york at the same night when we live in ST louis.

Um I if anyone knows me, the idea of going to an event is absolute total torture, like I do not want to do those things and I was at an event that I wasn't invited to and someone was late. So I think the craziest, you know, kind of turn of events is city, we don't live in event. I was not invited to person was late if that person had been there, Laurie and I wouldn't have had the time we needed a loan to talk through it. Um Laurie could have been late to, there's so many things that happen to make that moment real. Um so I would say that's one of the craziest, craziest, kind of weird, serendipitous things and um here we are, five years later, that is just amazing. Life is so weird, sometimes, so weird. That's cool. Is it just, you know, sometimes you have to get yourself out of your pajamas and go to that event. You don't want there to be some potential there, say yes when you really want to say no, Yeah, right, this is so cool, thank you so much for coming on the female startup club podcast and sharing your journey so far with some assault.

I'm so excited to see what's next. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me and hope everyone has a wonderful, joyful summer. If your marketing and e commerce brand, you already know that data changes everything more data means more power. And if your email or SMS tools can't handle all that data, they're probably holding you back and that's where Clay Vo comes in. It's top notch personalization and segmentation. Help you send the right message at the right time, guided by unlimited real time data from your online store and text, request a demo at Clay Vo dot com. That's k l A V I Y O dot com female startup precincts.

6 Quick Questions with Reshma Chatteram Chamberlin, Founder of Summersalt. (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Reshma Chatteram Chamberlin, Founder of Summersalt. (part 2)
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