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6 Quick Questions with Tash Todd Williams, founder of Word of Mouth Collective (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
June 28th 2022

Today we’re mixing things up and learning from Tash Todd Williams, founder of digital marketing agency Word of Mouth Collective.

I’ve known Tash for circa 10 years now and have had the ab... More

Welcome Back. Here are the six quick questions. So question number one is, what's your why? Why are you doing this every single day? Okay, so I feel like there's and I thought about this a little bit, I've got three parts to it, but be quick. The first is building wealth for me and my family and my friends. So one part of our business is that obviously I work with my brother, this may sound and reek of nepotism, but we hire a lot of our friends and that is because I don't see the point of success and neither does Alex without it being with our friends and people that we love. Like what is the point if you're not sharing with people that you love? So that's drives me every day because we have so many people that work in and around the business that I have known for 20 plus years and that they trusted me to do this for them and with them, so that's a huge, huge driver for me. But outside of that, like non selfishly, um there's a really big gap um and it's starting to be filled by people like you and people like me which are women in this industry who have the privilege and the capacity to Make a space for other women that don't have that privilege or that voice.

So I find it quite a big responsibility firstly as a woman in my 30s, but also because of my background, you know, I understand the privilege of being fairly white passing, but like my mom's korean, so I do think there's also an element of like people of color, women of color, um women of other backgrounds who have even less access to this space than me. So I we have a really big focus on mentoring and supporting female founders and female clients and I'll always and try to fit them into the client mix, even if the budget is not quite bad because it's vital to me that they have the opportunity to succeed. I love that. That's so, so cool question number two, what has been your favorite marketing moment so far? And this can be a marketing moment that was around growing your own business or it can be a marketing moment for one of your clients. Um I mean there's so many, but I think this year has been, you know, particularly after Covid that was challenging for all of us.

Right? Um, so we partnered with um this is a new foray for us into new media, it's actually into podcasts. So we are working with the incredible team Behind The Deep which is hosted by Zoe marshall. And we sore a need, or Zoe saw a need specifically in the start for tapping into this new media idea of paid subscriptions for podcasts, which is fairly unusual in Australia, although has great uptake overseas. So we fortuitously came across each other, built out a strategy over three months and launched four weeks ago, The subscription launch was the top in the top 25 subscription launches in the world for Apple. So when you think about like a little old us in Sydney against some of these huge players in the States. For me, the stories that we're telling on the date which are often around women, domestic violence, eating disorders, There's a lot of really important topics that we cover, the fact that that many people care about what we're saying.

Um I'm very proud of personally and just the success of partnering with Apple like that out of this world for us. So it was a big win. It's A Real Good one. That's a cracker question number three, what's your go to business resource when it comes to a podcast newsletter or a book, is it lame to say, I think they'll start up club. So definitely, definitely you. Um, you know, there's a couple of podcasts I listen to, we all know who they are, like entrepreneurs on fire. All that stuff is great and I do listen to it all, but I have to say my piece of advice is look for info or resource in like the unusual, so often it will be me watching a random interview with like a comedian or a chef and I'll look at how they perceive a situation or problem and I'll take that and apply it to how we do things. Um, so that I find sometimes more valuable because those like really unique perspectives is something you don't often think of.

Um and outside of that, I get my biggest brainwaves walking around the shopping mall, like I'll walk around like bullies for five hours and just think of things on the weekends. Um I also love shopping, so that's probably part of it, but that I'll just get like brain waves and I'll just write it down and notes on my phone or leave myself voice notes and then come back to it the next day. And often that's been my best ideas. I've been having these dreams that have been waking me up and then I can't go back to sleep until I write it down because I forget, I'm someone that forgets my dream immediately as I wake up. But I it's been like waking me up in the middle of the night for like the last five nights, different things, but then I'm like, I can't set, my brain is just like overdrive and I have to literally get up because I don't put my phone in my room anymore. I have to come out to the kitchen, put it on my phone and I'm like, what are these moments? I'm not having it? Like, stop waking me up. I do. I need it. I need it. It's yeah, it's driving me crazy what you wrote down.

No, okay, okay, question number four, how do you win the day? What are your AM and PM rituals that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated. Okay, so I have a bedtime ritual, but I'm extremely chaotic. So I have zero routine in the morning. It's just like whatever I feel like doing, I'll do um how do I win the day? I was thinking about this a lot and I think it's Not working 24 hours a day. Like I hate this concept that like the 24 hour grind and hustle, you're winning. Absolutely not. Like if you can work one hour a day, you are winning. If you can work less hours in a day, that's winning to me. So having balance, having time to see my friends and family, you have like one life to live, Screw working 24 hours a day, I love my job and I love what we do, but If I am working until eight o'clock every night, which I don't anymore, um I'm losing, so winning is switching off.

Amen sister. I hate that hustle vibe of like work till you die. I'm like so unreasonable, not for it. I want to retire at 40. Like that's my goal. Oh my gosh, 100% question number five, What is the worst money you've ever spent in the business? And how much was it? Okay, we've done some dumb dumb things, but um last year we went through our AMX and we had spent like, I mean there's a few, no joke, 30 K on Uber and Uber eats Um for our team and for travel and for subscriptions it was obscene. It was like over 20K. So we saved by cutting that down. Like we cut almost all of our subscriptions which honestly I think a lot of business owners would do. You sign up for like whatever reporting tool and you forget about it and you sign up for this whatever document thing and forget about it all.

Dropbox or glue. Um Cut that immediately, go through and audit your transaction history because we found So many transactions we saved 20 grand immediately. I mean I don't have, I don't have a license because I just never had the proclivity to learn so I don't have a license either. You and I are so similar. I dropped out of uni. I hated authority. That's why I always had to do my own thing. And like I just look I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try. I promise my husband. Um but I have no choice but I say this every year, but next year is the year in Australia and I'm going to be actually doing it. Maybe we can do that together. And I'm so unrealistic about what car I want. He's like no you cannot have a Porsche taken or however you say it and be on your learners.

Can't you cut you? I don't know. Yeah I know my husband's like you're not allowed to, I'm not allowed to drive any of his cars like you're like you'll scratch them blah blah blah. So look, Uber is a non negotiable for me personally, but we were able to like one piece of advice I can give is audit even personally after that. I went through all my own transactions and I'd like to subscribe to stupid apps and things that I didn't need and even that I saved probably a grand personally so 100%. You know what I do is I get all my invoices sent to my main inbox and just every time they come in I actually just double check that I'm still using it and if, I don't. I cancel immediately on the spot. So I'm kind of always aware of what my subscription ish are. But I have noticed there was some on my personal um in my personal banking app, in the U. K. You can see what your direct debits are specifically and I was like, oh these ones are like not in use anymore, like I can get rid of these.

So it is important to really check and keep on top of those invoices. It sounds like, I mean look what a first world problem, but you know like it's just so crazy that we set and forget like this and like honestly I'm a marketer's dream on the flip side because I'm a marketer's dream. I love being sold like things that look great, like you would not believe the amount of ridiculous things I bought because of Tiktok like face wands and colors and like I will just sign up for absolutely like, yeah, that sounds great and I forget about, that's so stupid. Um, I mean not, I'm not calling anyone stupid, I'm doing it myself. Um, but if you can go back and check and don't kick yourself for like, like what's done is done, You spent the money, You can only fix it from here on in Question # six. Last Question. What is just a crazy story? Good or bad from your journey in entrepreneurship?

I just, I mean, look, there's so many, um, as a woman in business, which I'm sure you may or may not have experienced and probably many listeners out there. The amount of times I have been in a room with my brother where, and this maybe doesn't sound that crazy anymore, but it still shocks me to this day will be sitting in a room and if it's a male client, Maybe one in every 100 but still they will only address my brother. So they'll ask questions. I'll respond and they will only acknowledge or address my brother and this has happened to me countless times. Um, or they'll ask you like, are you married, how old are you? My brother gets none of that. Um, I mail clients swear at me. I've never had a female client swear at me in my whole life, but I've had male clients swear at me, former male clients. So I think that we shouldn't normalize that.

That is crazy and wild that people behave in this way to women still in in a business setting. So I mean every woman could tell you 1000 shitty ways men have behaved them at work, but you know that's just a few of them. Oh my God. Yeah, that that is crazy. And something that just grinds my gears real good. That is why what you're doing is so important. So having space for women to be heard and to tell their stories and to feel respected and valued. Um and I guess we have to build up for ourselves because no one else is going to do it for us but don't do like I I'm very appreciative of what you've built and I think it's incredibly important. Thank you so much. This has been so fun. Thanks for coming on the show. I've loved chatting with you. I think we are, this is so amazing. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm so grateful and I love everything you're doing. Thank you so much.

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6 Quick Questions with Tash Todd Williams, founder of Word of Mouth Collective (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Tash Todd Williams, founder of Word of Mouth Collective (part 2)
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