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6 Quick Questions with Helen Hall, Founder of Blender Bombs (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
June 30th 2022
Today we’re learning from Helen Hall who is the founder of a biz called Blender Bombs. In this episode we cover: her journey from starting this business with just $300 in her kitchen, growing organic... More
Welcome Back. Here are the six quick questions. So question number one is, what's your, why? Why are you doing this every single day? I think because I'm not, I think I know because I do not want girls to have to go through or boys to go through what I went through in terms of like yo yo dieting and spending, you know, the best four years of my life, like college being insecure in my body, being insecure and thinking about food constantly, like being addicted to food than starving myself. Like it was horrible. There's nothing, there's no better feeling than having control over your cravings and like not thinking about food. I don't even think about what I eat anymore and I always enjoy it. So for me that's my wise, like people to prevent the mistakes that I made. I love that Question # two is what's been your favorite marketing moment so far? I wish I could say shark tank, but our episode didn't air.

Oh my God! What? I know, we went in, we just didn't bring enough drama. We didn't get ripped apart or anything. So like, we didn't have drama. We didn't take a deal. So we didn't have drama, but I still got to meet Mark Cuban and I've kept up with him. He's been very, he's like offered free advice and stuff. It's been crazy. But I would say marketing lies. Just having an instagram platform, which I feel so old school saying that because I know Tiktok is the new thing, but having a community on instagram it makes me want to cry because if we're deciding between two types of packages, like they pick which one they want or which one they like, if we're deciding on a new flavor, like we'd run a poll, they pick it, they always give me honest feedback. It's like, it really does feel like family. It's kind of cheesy, but it's us. That is so cool. I love that. So, and we hear this on the show a lot, like bringing in your community through things like instagram. And even if you have a really small community, like that's still your community. If you've only got 1000 followers, you've only got 500 people who are following you on instagram, you can still poll that audience.

You can still ask them what they think and what they prefer and build from there. I think it's great advice Question # three. What is your go to business resource? Besides the book you just mentioned, if you're thinking about a podcast, a newsletter or a book. Oh, alright. Um when it comes to like culture, I'm obsessed with the book, let my people go surfing. When it comes to attitude. I love Bethenny frankel's book. Business is personal. And then when it comes to like outside of the box marketing, I would say I love Tiktok like just going to Tiktok and seeing what other brands are doing. It's I like Tiktok because it's not try hardy. It's very organic. Um I think that's the future as being more organic and vulnerable, which I'm working on. It's really vulnerable, but I agree. And I love that, I love that you said that question number four is, how do you win the day?

What are your am mpm rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated to keep showing up. So I follow the 80 20 rule with this too. Um I try to, like, have a productive morning, 80% of the week. So like five days a week, and which is the work, I guess. But my morning routine always changes. I've never been one to follow rules very well. So I don't like a strict schedule, but I always try to do this games, it's called games. And it's like, gratitude affirmation manifest and vision and silence. So I try to like, And again, the 80 20 rule can apply here. Like I tried to go, like, write that down or go through 80% of that, and then at the end of the day, you can do that in your head, or you can write it down. And then at the end of the day, I hit on build, which is um you know, be like, what did I do for my business? You, what did you do for yourself? I would you do for your income, l what do you do for your relationships that day?

And then um d like, what did you do for your development that day? Um, so I tried to, at least like it, You know, four out of five of those. I love that. I haven't heard of either of those before. Um that's so cool. Oh, did you make it up? Oh my God, I love that. Yes. I like acronyms. Oh my God, you absolutely should. That's genius. That's such a cool framework to operate under. I love that question. Number five, what is the worst money mistake you've had in the business? And how much did it cost you? It's always going back to hiring the wrong people. Um, it's been wasting a lot of human capital. Um, one was like an ex that I dated and hired and he was very helpful for the business in a lot of ways, but in a lot of ways not and like lawsuits came from that, which are super expensive because I didn't protect myself well enough other money mistake keeping people on the payroll when I knew I should have fired them, keeping them way too long and then after letting them go, finally, because I was a people pleaser and I waited too long but realizing there were so many things that they mismanaged in the business, which cost me a lot of money.

So biggest thing I learned last year and this year was to be so scarily picky in the hiring process. Get three references like good references, put them through a little trial before they're on boarded, listen to your gut, always your gut always knows. And when you know you need to fire someone, just get over with, they do it and it gets easier the more you do it. Like now it's so easy for me to do it because before I really, what I care about those other people, I care about pleasing, not like the rest of the world. Mhm wow. Holy moly and last question question number six, what is just a crazy story you can share in the business, good or bad or anything in between. So the craziest thing that ever happened and if people have heard me on the podcast before, I probably talked about it. So I'll give two. But if you haven't heard it, I think this is crazy. It was, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to be in whole foods by 2022.

And again, the business started in 2017 and we launched our legitimate packaging at the beginning of 2019 and I remember going to instagram and being like, what now they were allowed to wholesale because we have legitimate packaging, where would you guys like to see us and everyone's whole photo foods, whatever. I emailed whole foods like 100 times or maybe like 20 times and they just don't answer. So finally I went to instagram and I was like, look, I have emailed whole foods 20 times and they don't answer me. So if you have a direct contact there um let me know and I'll reach out to them and then within like an hour I had a message from corporate Whole foods being like fly down to Austin and pitch us and so we flew down the following month pitch and then we had a second pitch like the next month and we flew down and pitch and we rolled out nationally with them in 2020. Oh my God, that is so cool. The power of community. I love it. I know, I still don't know who it was that did that, but I hope that they told me one day or email me because I get lost in the D.

M. S. But and then another crazy thing would just be honestly my last year has been wild in terms of business, I was engaged and the guy I was engaged to worked for me and again going back to my gut like the whole relationship I knew it wasn't meant to be, you know we would break up every like six months and I just was never happy but I was like got to stay together for the business right? And finally we broke up and it was a horrible breakup like it was but he cheated basically, he's not basically he did cheat and from that it was like a series of unfortunate events that happen in the next six months, went through a lawsuit with him, going through so many issues with, it was like a divorce, even though we weren't married, but then I tried to hire someone else to take over his place and I didn't get the right reference checks.

That person ended up like doing a lot of sketchy things with the business because I was so like emotionally hurt at the time that I wasn't paying as much attention to what this new hire was doing as I should have been. And then we have another new hire coming after her, same thing happens and but it gets better After like 3-4 months of turmoil, what felt like Turmoil. Then some really awesome people got involved in the business and we got rid of any potentially toxic people in the business in my personal life. I started dating this like, incredible man and this was we started dating like last summer and now we're married. You just know when you know it's the craziest thing ever. Thank you. He's like the biggest blessing. But we have added two or three new people, well four, we've added four new employees to the team who are just so strong. That probably never would have we never would have found them if I didn't go through that hard time last year because it was like, they came to me when they saw what I was going through and they're like, I can help, you need my help.

I'm like, I do need your help. So that's been cool, is just knowing like, when you go through a period of hell, like it does always happen for a reason and you learn so much from it, and then it's rainbows on the other side. I love that, and that is such a great note to end on rainbows on the other side, no matter what you're going through, anyone listening, every entrepreneur, every person, everyone goes through ups and downs. It's all part of the journey and you've just got to kind of get on to that other side and know that things will change. Yeah, and even for entrepreneurs whose businesses don't end up making it, like, think of it, like the most powerful internship that you've ever done in your entire life, you just learned, there's no price that you can put on what you learned from starting a business and the knowledge that you gain from it. So a lot of, a lot of businesses don't succeed, so I think that it's important for entrepreneurs to not necessarily think about it as like a success or a failure, but honestly it's like an internship.

Mhm. I love that. So true. This was so cool, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your story so openly and so deeply, I've really loved chatting with you and I'm so excited to see what's next. Thank you, we have a discount code for your followers to, if we want to do it. Um, I was gonna do f. s. c. 15. Great. Perfect. And that's black dot com blender bombs dot com. Fsc 15. Go there now, check it out. Getting an online business off the ground isn't easy. So if you find yourself working late tackling a to do list, that's a mile long with your fifth cup of coffee by your side, remember? Great email doesn't have to be complicated. That's what clay vo is for. It's the email and SMS platform built to help e commerce brands earn more money by creating genuine customer relationships. Once you set up a free clay vo account, you can start sending beautiful branded messages in minutes. Thanks to drag and drop design templates and built in guidance and with e commerce specific recommendations and insights, you can keep growing your business as you go.

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6 Quick Questions with Helen Hall, Founder of Blender Bombs (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Helen Hall, Founder of Blender Bombs (part 2)
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