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6 Quick Questions with Lucy Goff, Founder of LYMA (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
August 2nd 2022
Today on the show we’re learning from Lucy Goff, the founder of LYMA. If you haven’t heard of LYMA before, it was started in 2018 as a powerful supplement specifically created to change people's lives... More
Welcome Back. Here are the six quick questions. So question number one is, what's your, why? Why are you doing what you're doing every single day to help the millions of people who don't feel good or don't feel as though they look their best to help people look and feel their best. Gosh, it's amazing. You can help. Absolutely. Question number two is what has been your favorite marketing moment so far? Um, I guess winning the fast company's most innovative award for the lima laser. Um that was complete spine tingling moment. That was a good one, congratulations by the way, Question # three, What is your go to business resource? If you were to pick a book or a podcast or a newsletter? I guess I would, I probably wouldn't pick any of those and I'd have to say the team at lima.

Everyone has got incredible insight has come from different industries, all different industries. You know, it's not necessarily from helpful beauty. I think applying those learnings to a different industry is where you get the magic. I love that question number four is how do you win the day? What are your AM or PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated. De lima supplement. I tell you, I was, I told you before I just had a baby a few weeks ago when you're pregnant. You can't take lima because you can't take anything, you know, nothing's been really tested on pregnant women. So I had to stop taking lima for nine months and I got to when I stopped taking it two weeks in after stopping taking it. I was thinking yeah I feel pretty good. Maybe you know I don't know what it was doing. You know I was thinking maybe I don't need it anymore anyway like four weeks later I couldn't sleep.

You know everything went back to what I was before I started taking lima. So I really appreciated having a baby and started taking them again and it genuinely gets me through the day goodness can't wait to try it. Question number five is what's been your worst money mistake in the business? Oh God this is something that I genuinely did when we moved into our new head office last september I bought the world's most ridiculously priced chair for um just as you walked in and it really was the world's biggest waste of money. And when it arrived I realized it was a doll's chair that I bought. It arrived in this little box. It was I just looked at the picture, I looked at the measurements and it was it was actually a doll's chair that I bought.

So I sent it back. How Much was it? It was £6,000. What is so funny! Oh my God at least you're able to return it. My goodness! No. Well I think I I think in the end I just annoyed the guy so much that he took it back because I want to hear from this woman again. Ever. Oh my gosh I feel like this, this question that answer blends with my, my final question, which is, but maybe you have some more is what's just a crazy story that you can share? Good, bad or otherwise in your entrepreneurial journey so far? Well, I think I've really exposed myself the last question, so I'll just say something good for those. I guess seeing waking up and seeing kim Kardashian using the laser. Oh, Great one. When did that happen a few weeks ago?

Oh my gosh, Holy moly, that's crazy. I watched an interview with her recently where she was saying, you know, she doesn't get fillers and she doesn't get any, have any work. And she was saying, you know, I invest in good quality products. Like I spend a lot on my skin care, but I don't have like, I don't know what term is, but like work done on my face, I just invest in the best interesting. So yeah, I think I will never buy another chair ever again. Oh my gosh, well, thank you so much lucy for coming on the show and telling us all about lima, it sounds absolutely amazing. Such a crazy product for health and wellness and sleep. My goodness, thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. It's been a real, real pleasure. Really enjoyed it. Hey, it's dune here. Thanks for listening to this amazing episode of the female startup club podcast if you're a fan of the show and want even more of the good stuff, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com where you can subscribe to our free newsletter.

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6 Quick Questions with Lucy Goff, Founder of LYMA (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Lucy Goff, Founder of LYMA (part 2)
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