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6 Quick Questions with Ali Clarke, Founder of Bondi Blades (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
September 2nd 2022

Welcome back to the Female Startup Club podcast! It’s Doone here, your host and hype girl. Today we’re learning from Ali Clarke, the woman behind Bondi Blades - Australia’s first at home derma razo... More

Welcome Back. Here are the six quick questions. Question # one, What's Your, Why? Why are you doing this every single day? My why is because I want to help people save money and give them glowing, beautiful hairy funds free skin because I'm very passionate about hair removal and also for my family, it's given us the opportunity, Uh, you know, financially to be able to be not doing 9-5 slugging out in jobs. My husband and I were working together. Now sometimes we want to kill each other, but my, you know, freedom as well, like um, if we want to now, you know, we'll be able to go on a holiday whenever we want without having to put in for four weeks and you'll leave, you know, those sorts of a few. Absolutely freedom is important. Question # two is what's been your favorite marketing moment so far? My favorite marketing moment I think was when lizzie first posted for us and actually sold us out and then I filmed a Tiktok of my little car, you know, the Australia post bucket.

The plastic buckets had had about 20 of those on a car and it was overflowing with orders. And that was probably my in terms of a marketing moment was yet her catapulting it out there that way. That was awesome. That was so amazing. What a thrill Question # three, What is your go to business resource. If you have to think about like books or newsletters or podcasts. My go to is actually Tiktok would you believe besides google, I would definitely believe, you know, I find a lot of valuable information on, you know, Tiktok, the people I follow on Tiktok other business owners and that's a real resource for me. Other than obviously googling things like, and I don't think being a small business owner, half of my day would be spent googling things. But yeah, definitely. Um, Tiktok and other business owners love that power of network. Question number four, how do you win the day? What are your am or PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated for me to win my day.

I have to get up and go for my walk. If I don't go for a walk and have that out myself walking around the tent my day. It just doesn't, I don't feel inspired or I don't get that endorphin rush. So to win that, I got to go for my walk. Um, and yeah, that would be it. I love that. I need to focus more on a daily walk at the moment. I love a walk me. I can't believe how much my mood changes. If I don't go for my walk, I get cranky and irritated and yeah, Question # five, What's been your worst money mistake and how much did it cost you? My worst money mistake was the distributor with the retainer for sure. And that cost uh 12 5, 6000. Yeah, that's a lot. Yes. That's the worst mistake I made was agreeing to such a sign onto that. Yeah.

Gosh, gotta have a cancelation clause. Yeah. And question number six, last question, what is just a crazy story, good or bad or otherwise, that you can share from this journey of building a business? I think the craziest story is just the fact that a distributor reached out to me randomly while I was in the gym and got my product to where it is like that. Is that not the craziest thing ever to happen to a small business owner who is just doing their business as a hobby on the side or working full time? I really think that would be the craziest thing. And to then have your product in all these stores. That is bloody crazy. Love that for you. Love it. Thank you Ali, thank you so much for taking the time to come on the show today and share all your learnings. I have loved listening to you. I'm such a fan. Love your Tiktok. Everyone should go check it out immediately. I'm gonna link it in the show notes for everyone who wants to check it out. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. It's been lovely talking to you. You have a great afternoon.

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6 Quick Questions with Ali Clarke, Founder of Bondi Blades (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Ali Clarke, Founder of Bondi Blades (part 2)
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