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6 quick questions with Rebecca Veksler, Founder of Solcups (Part 2)

by Female Startup Club
September 20th 2022

Today we’re chatting to Rebecca Veksler, the founder of SoL Cups! After going through a chronic health issue, Rebecca started this reusable cups business alongside her mum while she was back living... More

Welcome Back. Here are the six quick questions. So question number one is and this we've definitely touched on. What's your why? Why do you wake up every day and do what you're doing. I love this question. My why is I really believe that I have through this company and through you know my voice, the ability to create positive impact and positive experience in the world and there is nothing more special than not only seeing that we're changing the environment one cup at a time by eradicating the requirements for plastic production, but people's mindset, if I can change someone's mind set to be a more positive one and a more conscious consumer, I can sleep at night. I love that. That's so cool. Great mission to have. Number two is what's been your favorite marketing moment since you started the business. Oh um my favorite marketing moment.

Probably seeing the product like on posters on busses all over new Zealand and also through the U. K. And europe. Like just traveling and seeing your products like bill boarded all over the world. I just think that's so surreal. I still can't really understand it. Yeah, well that sounds like a different kind of thrill. Very exciting. Yeah. Question # three is what some of your go to business resources when you have to think about things like a book or a newsletter or a podcast. I always go to my mentors definitely. And if I could suggest the biggest most valuable piece of advice is build your circle, build your network and build your tribe and make sure everybody in that space is much smarter than you are. I love that. I love that we've been building a private community, it's called Heart Club, but we're in the process of launching 2.0 and it has just been the most joyful thing to be part of because there's so many women who you are first time founders starting their business coming in and coming together and I learned so much from what they're going through and like what they're doing to kind of get the word out there.

It's just such joy. And I think having that network of other founders around you that you can turn to and ask questions is just invaluable. You can't, you can't find better answers to questions, you can't find this stuff on google. It's it's so important. I totally agree. Question number four is how do you win the day? What are your AM and PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and motivated and successful? I love this because my entire sentiment is do one thing a day that brings you joy and fundamentally I didn't have much of a childhood. So I always try as much as I can to bring in that play into the office into the day, into my life. So my morning is really important to me. It's my special time. I have to work out. I have to journal or meditate or just have a little bit of peace and if I don't start my day like that, it's just my brain isn't together. So always have me time in the morning and During the day I like to implement 5-10 minutes of playtime and that goes for everyone in the team.

So I have a hula hoop, I have a trampoline. Um I like to get everybody to sort of stand up and stretch or just get out of the office and go for a walk or something. I've got the dogs as well, so any kind of play. Um and then in the evening I really, I know it sounds so ridiculous but silence like there has to be half an hour to an hour where I don't talk to anyone, I don't look at a phone, I don't touch the computer and I just stare at a wall because and meditate essentially just to reset and reboot, have some quiet inside in a quiet. I love that Question # five is what has been your worst money mistake and how much did it cost you? Um Got a few of those. Um The worst one was we this is a terrible story. We built the second version of our e com website with this company that promised us the world charged us in total.

It was almost $50,000 in losses because it's such a terrible story. I'm like I have pTSd thinking about it, they had to redevelop it a number of times because of terrible coding problems, but somehow managed to blame us because of our naivety and then in the end left us half dead as a half completed website and it turns out that one of the business partners ran away with all the money and ended up being this like big fraudulent case. I know it was like Shia bad luck, but although that was such a terrible loss and it was a ridiculous amount of money, we ended up meeting an incredible developer that not only overnight built us a website for free just because he felt so bad for what occurred, but you know, again to this day we still work with them and yeah, we're so grateful to have been saved, but that was that was a horrible, horrible loss of mistake.

Yeah, that sounds, that sounds painful, That sounds crazy, but shoutout to the developer who helped you and came to be a saving grace, That sounds absolutely amazing. So many good people out there. Yeah, there's always a silver lining, there's always good people. Absolutely. Last question question number six, and you just gave us a pretty good one, but not that one, What is just a crazy story, good or bad that you've had from building your business? Oh my God, a crazy story. Um Honestly, there's so many, like I've lived such a crazy life, I think for me the craziest aspect and I know it's so simple and it's not that shocking, is walking and traveling around the world and seeing people use your product like in the smallest town in the south of France in Nim, I was like literally there for three days and I think I experienced, you know, a dozen or two people walking around with a soul cup and to me that's enough.

Like that blows my mind. Like I will never get used to it, I will never understand it. Like I remember in the first like year of operating being in new Zealand and seeing people walk around, I'm like, where did you get it from? Like how do you have 1? That is so cool. I know it's not like wild, but to me it is because it's just you know how we started so small from a living room, you know, growing into this incredible global brand where people all over the world are reducing their waste by stopping single use plastics by using a product I designed with my mom is just insane. That is just insane. That is so cool. It's such a cool story. I'm so grateful that you came on the show to share your journey so far with me and for everyone listening, thank you so much Rebecca, thank you, thank you so much. Hey, it's Dune here, Thanks for listening to this amazing episode of the female startup club podcast.

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6 quick questions with Rebecca Veksler, Founder of Solcups (Part 2)
6 quick questions with Rebecca Veksler, Founder of Solcups (Part 2)
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