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6 Quick Questions with Zara Saleem, Founder of Delhicious (part 2)

by Female Startup Club
September 27th 2022
Today we’re learning from Zara Saleem, the founder of Delhicious. A 100% natural Ayurvedic-inspired skincare brand that started in her kitchen while on mat leave. And this has many important insights... More
Welcome Back. Here are the six quick questions. Question # one, What's your why? Why are you doing this every single day for me? Um I think my wife has always about is underpinned with helping people. And I think that's where my teaching side came from. If my business wasn't something that was making a difference to people, I think it would be easier for me to give up my y is around my customers community and also representing culture, which I think is so important and it's about representation for me. So my wife is to inspire younger generations of, you know, women of color who can look and think like if she did this and you know, it's great to see our heritage and our culture sitting in mass market. That's definitely my wife is so important. Question. Number two is what's been your favorite marketing moment so far? I think it would be between our glossy box going live. That was amazing. That was an incredible moment for us. And also like when our first videos went viral on Tiktok because it was no ad spend like where we've gotten to has been totally organic.

Um, so marketing wise, we've not spent a penny and that's been, that's been amazing. So I think it would be between those, that feeling of like, oh my gosh, like we're getting somewhere with this. You know, absolutely Question # three is what's your go to business resource if you have to choose like a book or a newsletter or a podcast. Um it would definitely be girls that invest. Oh my God, I love sim, she's so great and sonia, I mean she's so great and actually when I first started delicious, she was running a different page at the time and we were kind of, we chatted at the time so to see her and how far she's taken something that was so you know, new to the world and it's such an amazing, it's such a great concept to make women financially literate. Like it's just incredible isn't it? And it's just the way that the investment space is so dominated by men and they just make it so easy to digest and they're fun to listen to. That would definitely be girls that invest and she's recently got her book out as well, so I can't wait to get that. I love it all. I love it all so much. She's coming on the show in october and I'm so excited.

Amazing. Oh my God, that's amazing. Yeah, I think she's so great shout out to question number four is how do you win the day? What are your am mpm rituals that keep you feeling happy, successful and motivated? I think that would wouldn't even be around like my to do list or anything like that. I think as a, like as a woman and as a mother for me, my winds come from feeling like I haven't just devoted attention to my business and have been present as in my other roles that for me is so important, like the days that I'm just an entrepreneur, I'm just, you know, working on the business. I don't feel like I've won the day, but when I've, you know, been able to have a little bit of balance and I've, you know, made it like a good dinner for my kids, I've read, you know, I had the time to sit down, do some reading or whatever it is, those are my wins. It's having that balance is definitely not gonna be, you know, it's not about that checklist of what I have to do this in the morning or the evening. It's that overall feeling of feeling like I am present in my roles and that's important to me.

So that's definitely how I feel like I've won the day. I love that. So true. So true. Question # five is what has been your worst money mistake and how much did it cost you? Worst money mistake? You know, I think we've been, we've been quite lucky in the sense that Everything has been very careful. However we um, I feel that when you skip stages, you can leave it leads to issues. So we had a order of um, some mailboxes that we place an order for we, we use the factory before. We didn't test the final sample and they came and they had these like tear strips that were just horrendous and we had, I think it was around worth £15,000 worth of stock that we had ordered. And we were like, oh my God, we did not test the final sample and now we've got all of these boxes and they were just kind of like, yeah, well that's it. You know, there was just no resolution to it. So they weren't totally unusable but we still had to use them. But it still felt like it was such a bad move on our part.

We should have, we should have been more diligent with the, with the process and we weren't. Um, so I think sometimes if you skip stages, it can lead to, it can lead to a lot of money lost and for us it felt like a big loss. Yeah, absolutely, totally feel that that's crazy. Yeah, lesson learned. Always test definitely. And question # six, last question, what is just a crazy story, good or bad that you've had from building this business. I think my only like main crazy story. I think business has been on such a journey and it's, we've had so many crazy moment. I think the glossy box order would be our crazy moment of, you know, like our neighbors looking out their windows and seeing like pallets being delivered and we would literally be unloading like 30 bag kilos of t onto our driveway. I think that was really crazy for us. And I also think like for me, the experience of just being on Dragon's Den was quite crazy too. But yeah I think that would probably be it for us. I think we've just been on such a journey like it's just been it's just been overall so crazy.

But I think we had a crazy start. So for me it was definitely that that order was just it was just insane. I love that. This has been so cool. Thank you so much for coming on the show Zara and sharing your journey and all these ups and downs you're going through. I am such a cheerleader, I'm going to be here for whatever you need. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me. It's been so fun. Hey, it's dune here. Thanks for listening to this amazing episode of the female startup club podcast. If you're a fan of the show and want even more of the good stuff, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com where you can subscribe to our free newsletter, we send it out weekly covering female founder business news insights and learnings in D. C. And interesting business resources. And if you're a founder, building an e commerce brand, you can join our private network of entrepreneurs called hype club at female startup club dot com forward slash hype club. We have guests from the show joining us for intimate. Ask me anythings, expert workshops and a group of totally amazing like minded women building the future of dTC brands.

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6 Quick Questions with Zara Saleem, Founder of Delhicious (part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Zara Saleem, Founder of Delhicious (part 2)
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