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Introducing MAJIC ✨

by Female Startup Club
November 11th 2022

Hi everyone! Doone here - your host and hype girl. Thank you for tuning in to my solo episode this week. 

Today’s episode specifically is a super super exciting one for me, because I’m go... More

this podcast is brought to you by Clay vo the email and SMS platform built just for e commerce brands, start sending beautiful branded emails in minutes with a free account at Clay vo dot com, that's K L A V I Y O dot com. Hello everyone. It's dune here, your host and hype girl. Oh my gosh, it's been a hot second since I recorded a solo episode and I feel like so much has changed these past few months, I feel different and happy and sparkly and I've missed tuning in with you guys on these solo episodes. I don't know if you've been following along with me on social media, but if you have, you might know that a few weeks ago I permanently moved back to Sydney Australia with my husband, P A and our little dog, sweetie and we've just been getting ourselves settled into our new life, which I have to say has been absolute bliss.

God, I missed Australia. Not being able to come back here for three years has just been so wild, absolutely wild. My gosh! So anyway, that's what's up with me, I'm back in Australia, things are great. But what this also means is that I'll be coming back interiors every week with my solo episodes to tune in with you and chat all things business and today's episode specifically is a super, super exciting one for me because I'm gonna be sharing with you what we've been working hard on behind the scenes for what feels like forever, but it's actually just been the last couple of months here at female startup club. So let's get into it these days, every new potential higher can feel like a high stakes wager for your small business, you want to be 100% certain that you have access to the best qualified candidates available. That's why you've got to check out linkedin jobs, linkedin jobs helps find the right people for your team faster and for free.

If you're a subscriber to the fsc monday newsletter, you'll know that we're always posting Lincoln jobs from female founded companies around the globe and it's so easy for you to do the same once your job is live, add the purple hashtag hiring frame to your linkedin profile to spread the word that you're hiring even further. Simple tools like screening questions, make it easy to focus on candidates with just the right skill sets and experience so you can quickly prioritize who would like to interview and hire and with the end of the year in sight, now is the time to get your ducks in a row to start the new year strong. It's why small businesses rate linkedin jobs number one in delivering quality hires first, leading competitors Lincoln jobs helps you find the qualified candidates you want to talk to faster post your job for free at linkedin dot com slash fsc that's linkedin dot com slash fsc to post your jobs for free keys and see supply. Okay, so the building blocks for what I'm about to share with you have been around since the very early days of female startup club. This was always right in the middle of that big vision of what the future would hold for the podcast, the ultimate goal.

If you will, if you're familiar with the podcast, maybe you're new here or if you're familiar with me, you've probably heard of Hype Club, which we launched last year into beta mode. Hype club is our private network full of amazing women who are launching and building the next wave of DTC brands. We meet weekly on intimate zoom calls to chat about everything that's going on behind the scenes, the good stuff, the bad stuff, really bad stuff. And I'm not kidding you. When I say, this is where the magic happens. We show up to support each other, we brainstorm ideas, we help connect people to the people that need to be connected to and so much more. I am so, so proud of the community we're building in there and the women who are part of it. And so now with the Foundation that we have Hype Club is ready to go through an evolution.

We're ready for some new beginnings, some new vibes. I think there's that saying about, you know, letting go of the past to allow new things to flourish and that's it. We've outgrown our community one point, Oh, and we're ready to embrace the next stage of female startup Club with Arms wide Open a stage that's all about nurturing that incredibly special community that we've already created, building an inclusive space for anyone that could do with a bit of sparkle in their lives and spreading the impact of female startup club far beyond what we previously thought possible. So today I want to introduce you to Magic and that's magic with a. J. So I hear you asking, what exactly is magic? Well the short gist is that magic is a tool for newish founders and future founders from all around the world. You come to Magic to meet other women who are building their first businesses.

You come to magic to access frameworks, blueprints and S. O. P. S. That can be implemented immediately into your business. And you come to magic to learn from world class experts and mentors so that we can support each other, be as productive as possible, work towards creating generational wealth and build businesses with impact and purpose. My God, it feels really good to say that I love talking about magic, I'm so excited. That's obviously the compact version of this, but I want to give you a bit of a breakdown into five reasons why we're launching 2.0 What makes magic a little bit different and a whole lot more magical firstly, Magic is mentorship. I recently read an Oprah quote that said a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself and this really resonated with me. I love that as entrepreneurs sometimes it can be scary to ask for help and reassurance, even though it's exactly what we need and literally right now if you could see me, I have my hand up in the air because I am so guilty of this so often we just need a bit of extra perspective, a fresh set of eyes to see all those sparkly bits inside us that we are so good at minimizing that inner negative dialogue can become so loud and so repetitive that we can actually start to believe it and friends, I'm here to tell you that we are here to stop that nonsense.

We recently asked our newsletter readers what they felt was missing from their businesses at the moment and the answer was a resounding mentorship, taking the lead with 67% of the votes, answering that. So on. Second thoughts, maybe we do know that this is exactly what we need, but the right mentorship is just really hard to come by and that's for a number of reasons firstly everyone needs mentors at the moment, it's widely understood to be one of the best things that you can do for your career which has resulted in a supply and demand issue. Many people quote accessibility to be a big struggle, simply not having the right network or access to the right kind of people that could provide the real value as a mentor and this is where magic enters the chat, Magic is a way to make mentorship more accessible and achievable for everyone. Firstly, if there's one thing that hype clubs taught me, it's that there is so much to be said for mentorship, reciprocity.

The first class mentorship I've witnessed between members in the group has been unlike anything I've seen before in a group like this, everyone really pulls their weight, you can get mentorship from those who are a little bit further along in the journey, those with a totally fresh perspective, those in a similar industry to you, but also those that are doing something completely different to you, you truly get to know each other and be cheering for each other secondly through a modern mentorship initiative, we invite successful founders, often women from the show to pop by for casual Ask me Anything mentorship sessions, it's an hour to get direct mentorship from someone who's been there, done that and made it completely at your disposal And then there's 1-1 mentorship In Magic, you'll be able to access different mentors that you book 1-1 calls with on an hourly rate that you wouldn't normally have access to for that next level of guidance and this is what I'm really excited about.

Okay, point number two, Magic is community, I don't know if community is actually the buzzword of 2022 or if we're just all the more in need of it than ever community is actually really central to the human experience, We are so hard wired to connect even the introverts, I see you and it reminds me of the term cougar, it was all the hype a couple of years back, I don't know if you remember who is the danish way of living that prioritizes the feelings of calm and coziness, but also those of a strong sense of belonging. It's like that fuzzy feeling you get from knowing your neighbors by their first names and it's exactly the feeling that I get when I think about our community members, it is so easy to get lost in the day to day, but we need to remember just how key community really is and just how important it is to actively make space for it in our lives.

Nothing shows the true power of this community as this recording that I'm about to play for you does by one of our community members. Becca who I actually just want to pause to give a special shout out because Becca is not only an amazing founder of a company called Wind in but she's also become our community manager and she is one of the kindest, smartest women that we are lucky enough to have, guiding all of us through this journey right now and anyone listening, who's been part of hype club will be wholeheartedly agreeing with me on this right now, you're absolutely the best Becca and I am so grateful for you along with building wind in. I am the community leader for Magic, which is a private community for female entrepreneurs founded by female startup club. When I first joined Magic, I was having a really hard time, entrepreneurship is a very difficult journey and I was honestly on the verge of giving up.

I introduced myself to the community and I just kind of shared what I've been going through. I immediately received D. M. S from community members and they were just kind of sharing that my experience resonated with them and they have been through the same thing and they encouraged me to keep going. The magic community has honestly meant everything to me over the past several months, there's nothing like sharing with people that truly understand your experience and deeply feel, you know, the hurt that you feel when things go wrong and deeply feel the joy in your successes. I feel so supported by the amazing, smart, helpful women in this community, they are truly what brings the most value to Magic every week we catch up via zoom on a virtual coffee chat and I look forward to those days so much, it's just a chance to let each other know what's been going on and try to support each other on our journeys.

There were a lot of times over the past year that I didn't think I would be able to bring my product to launch and I'm super excited to say that two weeks from now, I'm launching my product, I am creating to launch events with another founder that I met through Magic and I can't wait to launch, I can't wait to share it with the community because I know that they are deeply invested in my success and I'm just so grateful to them and I love you guys so much honestly hearing that for the first time just made my heart so happy. It filled my teacup right to the brim community and network is seriously powerful. And if you're going through loneliness, if you're going through overwhelm or you're just wanting more like minded people in your life, I would absolutely love to see you benefit from being part of this next chapter with us.

Point number three Magic is the antidote to information overload at the risk of sounding like a boomer, I don't know about you, but I feel like we've reached a point where this online world is causing way more confusion than solutions. Just last week, I was looking on Google for a simple template to show us an example and I was met with every complicated 15 step how to do this, how to that intricate theory, you can imagine and of course ended up writing my own at what point does information overload become just that an overload? I can't pinpoint it exactly, but I'm pretty sure that we've well and truly past it so much content is written for google bots to gain organic rankings. So blogs and publishers can make ad revenue rather than adding actual value or solve the problem that someone is searching for. And to be honest it's frustrating. So you know that thing they say about solving your own pain points.

That's exactly what we've done. Magic will be home to hundreds of blueprints and S. O. P. S. That will tell you exactly how to go about solving a whole wide range of business problems without the fuss for those who aren't familiar just quickly. S. O. P. Stands for standard operating procedure and it's essentially a super pointed and easy to understand checklist on how to get something done like googling something and immediately getting the most efficient instructions on how to get something done. Imagine that that's what we're doing. These have been accumulated from years of experience chatting to more than 400 female founders, working directly with service providers and businesses in the space and pulling together all of the most reliable resources and we are so proud of it so proud. Additionally, we host workshops around once or twice a month where a world class expert will pop by and demystify difficult topics.

For example, talking through affiliate marketing, talking through pr talking through things like this and give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you have tactical lessons and strategies to help you grow your business along with a general catch up to chat and catch up. And if you can't attend the live session, you can always watch it back in your own time because as a member, you'll also get access to our entire library of past workshops, including some amazing sessions we've had so far on things like crowdfunding with I fund women and ex Glossier alarm kim johnson on building community in 2022. And the fourth point I want to talk about is the money piece. Because you know how much I love to talk numbers? We're launching Magic with affordable pricing across two different tiers. Now let's be clear, I want to put something out in the world that's as accessible as possible for as many people as possible, especially if I'm putting something out in the world that has the power to significantly improve the lives of its users.

And obviously Magic holds that power when we were working through the financials. The truth is that it's near impossible to create something truly magical without asking for some kind of contribution. So instead of just doing one tier and having one user base, we've brought it into two different tiers to offer it to more people. There's the standard tier, which is 4 99 a month and you get access to a number of assets every month, you get access to add free episodes of the podcast and an inspiring community of Epic women offering daily encouragement and support. Now, don't get me wrong, We live in a weird world where 499 is the price of coffee but for 99 can also feed a family for the night. So there is no way I'm gonna say this is affordable for everyone but that's how we're able to make it work for as many people as possible. And if you can also make it work then I would be so excited to have you inside magic and chat with you every day.

And then there's Magic Pro. It's launching at 39 99 a month which includes our twice weekly calls, access to our complete video library and all of our S. O. P. S. Blueprints and frameworks. And my last point finally point number five Magic is our members. This two point oh version is coming into the world inspired by and deserving of the members that make magic so damn magical. And I want to tell you a quick story here and it's the reason why I called it magic in one of our weekly catch ups a few months ago, one of our members was having a truly terrible week like everything that could go wrong was happening while also experiencing some really big wins, taking her on this classic entrepreneurial rollercoaster of a journey that is just overwhelming and what happened was everyone was rallying for her helping her reframe what was going on and coming up with ways to move forward, fix this like the stuff that she was struggling with and help her out and I was telling my husband about it and I said it's really just magic that's happening in there, you know, and then it hit me magic, but with a j.

Oh I love it. Oh my gosh, I am so grateful to everyone who is part of female startup club in some way, whether you're just tuning into these episodes on a weekly basis or if you're part of what's to come with magic, I pinch myself that this is how I get to spend my days, we're launching magic mid december and if you're on our wait list, you're gonna be the first to know when we're about to go live. So keep in the loop with us by popping your email into female startup club dot com forward slash wait list as we're gonna be announcing some super exciting master classes that are coming and our first R. I. L. Event series that's coming to Sydney. Yes, we're starting to do events. I'm so excited. Alrighty, that's all for today folks, thank you so much for listening in this next stage of female startup club is everything we've been working towards and I am so proud to bring it to you next month in december and as always, before we go, if you're on your phone listening to this episode, take a quick screenshot of the podcast and share it to your instagram stories or leave us a review in your podcast app to help other ears find us.

I love it so much when you do that and I read them all by the way and of course you are always welcome to slide into my DMS or into my inbox, feel free to ask me any questions or share what you're thinking, what you're feeling. You know how much I love to chat. You can reach me at Dune rasheen in all the usual places, have a great week and I'll see you soon. Bye.

Introducing MAJIC ✨
Introducing MAJIC ✨
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