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6 quick questions with Brittany Charlton, Founder of Ohh! Foods (Part 2)

by Female Startup Club
December 13th 2022

This is Brittany Charlton for Female Startup Club.

Hi and welcome back to the show. Today we’re joined by Brittany Charlton who is the founder of Ohh! Foods - a company that aims to make ... More

Welcome back. Here are the six quick questions Question number one is, what's your, why? Why do you wake up every single day and work on this business? Yeah, good question. So my wife is around creating inclusive snacking. So for me when I was growing up, um I, my mom always made sure that I had like Sherbert instead of ice cream if they're having ice cream day at like at daycare. And I never really felt what it was like to like, you know, be left out because of my food allergies or anything. And so for me, creating inclusive snacking, allowing for people to have snacks regardless of their food allergies or restrictions is really what gets me up? Like I'm stoked about like what I'm doing and like how we're building out the products that we're building and making and yeah, I think that's just like what gets me up is just that bigger vision of like how can we continuously build out this bigger vision of inclusive snacking and like what else can I create?

Possibly. Yeah, just like the bigger vision of what we're doing, um, and just making it so that people can feel safe and they don't have to compromise on what they're eating just because they can't find it or anything. That absolutely gosh, amazing Question # two is what's been your favorite marketing moment so far? I think my favorite marketing moment is coming up in january february actually because it's a really cool activation, but I guess one that we did recently was the launch of our frosting and I think that was a really cool one just from like the pr kit that we launched and then making it accessible to like, not only influencers but like consumers can get a pr kit and um just like building out that whole vision but are frosting was like literally Betty Crocker but better for you and it was, it's amazing. So I think that was a really cool marketing moment for us.

Yeah, Question number three is, what's your go to business resource at the moment, if you're having to think about a book or a podcast or a newsletter that you're learning from? Yeah, masterclass, I recently just bought it for the team to use and master class has been the biggest thing that I've learned and it's, it's amazing because they have like everyone there possible that you can learn from. So um I would say go get that, it's really cool, isn't it? I quite like the Jeff Koons episode, yep, oh series, whatever you call it, do you have a favorite who did you love? Yeah, I loved Sara blakely was amazing, she was amazing and then the Ceo of Starbucks, I cannot remember his name, but he was amazing as well. Um just from a standpoint of like speaking about leadership styles and um and being accountable to your stakeholders and raising capital and everything and like not to just raise to raise, I thought that was really insightful um yeah master class all the way, I love that question number four is how do you win the day, What are your am or PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated?

Yeah good question, something that gets me really motivated in the morning, getting up and going to the gym, I don't do that enough, I get a routine a lot, especially um lately in quarter four, but going to the gym just shot that I get from like getting up, getting on a treadmill and then doing my workout brings me so much joy. And then another thing is five minute journal, just taking a minute to be grateful for the things that I'm doing in my life. Um You know so many people want to be doing and just making sure that I'm like taking that moment out to acknowledge that uh and then mind Field is the third one, so whether that's masterclass a podcast or a book um I always try to finish like a book a month and so yeah I love that shout out to Alex and Mimi, who are the creators of the five minute journal, we're such fans over here at female startup club, Question # five, What is your worst money mistake?

And how much did it cost you? Hm I wouldn't say it was a mistake, I would say any time that we've created like packaging um those have been interesting because then we would have to throw them out, I think the most it's cost me was probably like $2,000, which was unfortunate. But it was just more of like, uh, I could use it. But it was, we just knew it wasn't converting on shelf. And so yeah, I think that was one mistake. I cannot remember any other. Honestly, I feel like my days go by so quickly that I often just don't even remember half of the things that go wrong. You just breeze on past it. Go, go, go. It's the best way to be. Yeah. And question # six, last question, what is just a crazy story you can share from building. Oh, foods good, bad or ugly. Mm hmm. I would say, you know when we got into walmart, I think that was a really cool story.

But basically it was like a round table. It was like a dating speed dating essentially. Um, within their headquarters. Um, it's through a company called we connect um international and they connect with different like retailers. But when I met are our buyer for the category that we wanted to be in. Um, she immediately like stopped are like round table conversation, picked up our bag and like ran it to her buyer that she had for like the category and then came back and she's like, this is like, this needs to launch, its so cool. So amazing. And just like, was so excited about it. Um, and I thought that was like a really cool moment until this day even though she doesn't work. The original person that I connected with, she doesn't work at walmart anymore but she's just been an amazing champion and any time I see her a trade show since she still works in the industry, she's just so excited to see me and I'm so excited to like share any opportunities that she has with me for anything else.

I mean that she might want to help us do. Oh my gosh I love that so much. And that goes back to the power of network, the power of relationships. You know, no matter where someone might go on their professional journey after they've left a certain retailer or a certain store, they're still out there cheering for you and championing you and what you're doing. I love that. So cool. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you Brittany, This was amazing. Thank you so much for coming on the female startup club podcast and sharing your journey with no foods and all the cool things that you're up to. Yeah, no thank you for having me. It was great. Hey it's june here. Thanks for listening to this amazing episode of the female startup club podcast. If you're a fan of the show and want even more of the good stuff, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com where you can subscribe to our free newsletter, we send it out weekly covering female founder business news insights and learnings in D. C. And interesting business resources. And if you're a founder building an e commerce brand you can join our private network of entrepreneurs called hype club at female startup club dot com forward slash hype club.

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6 quick questions with Brittany Charlton, Founder of Ohh! Foods (Part 2)
6 quick questions with Brittany Charlton, Founder of Ohh! Foods (Part 2)
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