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6 quick questions with Alyce Tran, Founder of In The Round House (Part 2)

by Female Startup Club
March 4th 2023

This is Alyce Tran for Female Startup Club

Hey guys, welcome back to the show - if you’re new here! Hi! I’m Doone, your host and Hype girl in business. Every week we learn from 7,8 and 9 ... More

Welcome Back. Here are the six quick questions. Question number one. What's your, why? Why are you dedicating your time in building in the round house? Because I love it. I love, I love how fun it is and how easy it is to bring joy to a table and to the act of eating. You know, either a simple or very fancy meal. I just love even just opening my drawer, my covered and seeing all the color. And I'm like, how did I live without this before? I love that. I had a nice set of white Wedgwood crockery, you know, like it was lovely. It is lovely, but like now it's just the latest color trends and the latest, you know, translation of what I think is fashionable into a plate. I mean, I love it. 100%. Love that. Love color, lovejoy on a table for sure. Who doesn't? Question #2 is what's been your favorite marketing moment so far? And this could be from the daily edited or in the roundhouse who we did something really fun with milk run for Mother's Day in the roundhouse.

So like, you know, I always love one of my things is like the last mile for delivery. And I always like, I'm in all of these like fast delivery services and like, if only I could have guys on bikes, driving plates around, like, obviously that for me is not feasible, but why can't it be? I often ask myself a question but why can't it be a milk run? Are doing it? Um So we did like a last minute Mother's Day thing that you could buy, you know, the interface is quite good, like you click and buy it and it had, you know, egg cups, a platter and then the things that you would make your mom breakfast with and that was cute. It's just a very easy one. It doesn't, you know, they're not always having to be um giant, giant things that we've done giant things within the roundhouse with, you know, out some people we collaborate with and things like that and that's all good, but sometimes just like little ones are easy to go to the ground and cute. I love that. That sounds so sweet, fun. And I also love having fun in business, like doing the things that bring you actually joy in those kind of moments, especially in marketing. That's where you can have fun and do the more grassroots kind of stuff.

Question number three is, what's your go to business resource if you have to think about a newsletter that you're reading at the moment or a book that you're reading? Oh, newsletter. All books are actually a more podcast podcast. I like to keep myself up to date. Right. So, it's not like I'm looking for instruction for someone but from someone, but I'm generally wanting to ensure that I have the latest in knowledge of the industry. So, you know, I like to listen to like, glossy and business of fashion podcasts. Even if it's someone who has a completely different business to me, they, everyone's got a little point of view. And so, you know, you always take away one thing like that. I don't have, I don't look at anything that's extremely instructional. It's more inspo Yeah. Love it too. Question number four is, how do you win the day? What are your AM or PM? Rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and motivated? Yeah. So one of the things that I do say that um young team members that, you know, work in my teams and things is, you know, they're like, oh, you know, I'm tired or whatever and people describe me as an energizer bunny, like I am able to just, you know, keep going and do things and it is having a very consistent lifestyle.

So like in the mornings, like I get up, I go to the gym every day. I have breakfast. I take that time I read the newspaper and then I'm ready to go. Um and I go to bed and sometimes I miss out and stuff like, you know, my sister's like, I think you miss out on all the gossip because you leave so early. You know. So, even if I'm out, I leave because I'm tired by then it's not because I want to miss out on the cost or the fun part. I'm generally home before midnight no matter what, what is going on that, that evening, whether, like, for example, on the weekend it was Mardi Gras as you know. Um But, you know, a lot was going on, but I still went home and that means on Sunday that I can still do work and things because if I don't, then it really does mess up the week given the volume of work that I'm doing at the moment. So, yeah, it's that, you know, you have to have some sort of boundary routine and boundary. Absolutely agree. Question # five. What's been your worst money mistake? And how much did it cost you? Okay. So I'm single and I live in a five bedroom house right on my own.

It's lovely. And I kind of bought the house because I felt like I needed to buy something post the daily editor that was like, oh, I've done something with my life is so silly. And then I listened to this like, podcast exit from Mark Boris and he's like, Australians defined themselves too much by their property. And I'm like, you know, um and I totally agreed with the sentiment. Um, it's not like it's a waste of money but, like, I don't use it. Someone was, I took a photo of my, like, my mom came in, like, my parents have keys to my house. She came in one night and she was like, so you watch TV, on your bed when you have three TV? Areas in your, yeah, I don't, the TV is here for show one of them. I've never turned on like you're like this is it? The room is the best. Yeah, exactly.

So I still operate like this is a two bedroom, small house and I'm just not like using, utilizing it. And one thing is though that now I can have friends come and stay and things like that and that, and that is really nice to have that ability to host people and things like that. Absolutely. But yeah, that was dumb and yeah, it's really dumb. Australians are really into the property, you know, having the house thing. It's less my vibe. I'm more like I'm more like rent and have the freedom to move if I want to move overseas. Yes, there's nothing wrong with that. And I do think people put a lot of pressure on themselves to do that, including myself, right? Like we got on this call and I must live in a house that where I can see dolphins from that maybe that will change. But I mean, we all want that Question # six. Last Question. What is just a crazy story? Good or bad from your entrepreneurial journey? I guess it's like my level of dedication to like finding things.

So again, people always want these shortcuts like, oh emails from people about how to find supplies. I'm like, dude, I don't know anything about like how to get a candle. Like it's not my, my vertical and if you are in the same industry as me, I can't help you, right? Sorry, generosity you said so far. But I've gone to the lengths of going to Jacksonville, Florida to a supplier who wouldn't respond to my emails. Um You know, because he was like this old man, he just wouldn't respond to my email. I want to order stuff from him. And so I landed in like Jacksonville, Florida like this tiny American town, like got off, got off the plane and, you know, people were wearing Greater Make America great again, trucker caps and stuff. And my general manager was really scared. I was like, I'm just gonna stop here on the way to New York. It'll be fine. I'm just gonna go and see him because once he, once I see him and I can secure the machinery, I will, I will put DHL labels and I'll get them sent back to the office.

Like this is the level of like motivation that I have. So I went to his random factory in the back, you know, in the suburbs of Jacksonville, knocked on his door and he was, and I was like, I'm always trying to, I've been emailing you and he was like, oh my God, like, no one comes and sees me. He was actually really, like, why are you here? Yeah, he's like, he's like, don't you live in Australia? And I was like, yes, yes, I do. But I'm here. Can I please have some machines? Hell, yes. Did he give you the machines? Yeah. And he was like, well, these are actually on order for coach, but I will give you these because no one's ever come to see me before. No one bothered to come and see me and, you know, give me the time. I love that. And then I was like, yes, yes. And then, you know, he went and had like, I've never had because, you know, Australians, we go to America but we go to L A Miami New York. Like very few of us would go to like proper America where we were going to this diner where the drinks were like the size of half my torso, you know, plates of food.

Oh my gosh. But it was worth my God. I love that. Let's all operate on that level. Just go and get it done, do whatever it takes to get it done. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I love that. I love chatting with you. I'm excited about all the things you're doing. I'm excited to see what else you start. Do you want to share any anything else you have in there? We can talk about it later. I'll send you it and then you'll be like, oh, amazing. Oh my gosh, Elise. Thank you so much for taking the time. I've loved this. Hey, it's Dune here. Thanks for listening to this amazing episode of the female startup club podcast. If you're a fan of the show and want even more of the good stuff, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com where you can subscribe to our free newsletter. We send it out weekly covering female founder, business news insights and learnings in D C and interesting business resources. And if you're a founder building an e commerce brand, you can join our private network of entrepreneurs called Hype Club at female startup club dot com forward slash hype club.

We have guests from the show joining us for intimate, ask me anythings, expert workshops and a group of totally amazing like minded women building the future of DTC brands. As always, please do subscribe, rate and review the show and post your favorite episodes to Instagram stories. I am beyond grateful when you do that.

6 quick questions with Alyce Tran, Founder of In The Round House (Part 2)
6 quick questions with Alyce Tran, Founder of In The Round House (Part 2)
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