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6 quick questions with Sandy Ronalds, Founder of NAT'V Basics (Part 2)

by Female Startup Club
June 20th 2023

This is Sandy Ronalds for Female Startup Club

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Welcome back. Here are the six quick questions. So question number one is, what's your, why? Why do you wake up every day and work on TV? Well, the reason for starting that V was to really create a brand that cared for my daughter's future. So that was really at the heart and soul of everything of TV. And also for everyone else's kids, like we should really care about the brands that we are starting these days. Um And we really want them to be better for people on the planet if we can. I love that. That's your tiktok right there. That's your tick. That should be your tiktok theme. It should be coming from you. That's so cool. I love that question. Number two is what's been your favorite marketing moment so far? There's been a couple to be honest. Um We've fed over 11,000 humans with Oz Harvest. So that was really cool. Um That was a year or two ago, we did a bit of a campaign where every order we donated a dollar, so $1 it used to feed to humans um with Oz Harvest. So we're pretty proud of that. Um we've also planted over 2000 trees with one tree planted.

Um So that was really cool as well. Um That was in when we were like going through the raging bushfires in Australia, um, which was pretty full on. So that was, you know, nice to give back in that area. The third one we, I recently got back from L A. We did a really cool photo shoot with the Darling Shine Girls. Um I'm not sure if you know of them, but um Elodie Pullen and Chloe Fisher, um they have a, they have their own podcast and um but we're, we're doing a really cool colab which is launching in a couple of weeks. So I think that'll be one of my favorite marketing times. Um Once that launches so pretty excited about that. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you. I'm gonna keep that, keep that in my vision. I want to see when it comes out. Yeah, we started the pre hype campaign on Instagram. So if you head there, you'll be able to see some really cool videos and things of the, the girls in the products. My gosh, I love that question. Number three. What is your go to business resource? What's something that you've been kind of consuming lately, whether it's a book or a newsletter or a podcast or to be honest, you, I recently have been, you know, listening to um podcasts and as I said, when I first um jumped on with you that I didn't really feel worthy because I'd been listening to all the amazing, inspiring female founders that you had on and I'm like, I don't stack up to that.

What am I doing on here? That is crazy. I felt so insecure knowing that I was coming on and then you had some woman that, you know, selling a cosmetic brand for 600 million. I'm like, Jesus. So obviously, I've been learning a bit from your podcast, which has been amazing and just a different way that people do things is really like, nice to hear. Um I learn a lot from my network to be honest. Um So I employ a lot of external people to help. Um Not a lot. So we've just got a marketing agency that does our meta stuff. So they are experts in what they do. So, you know, they're usually giving me advice on what to do next. Um You know, through, through that platform. Um And then we've got our web it guy, he's on the ball. Um Also all the apps that sort of plug into Shopify. There's so many free resources that they all give on their websites um with analytics statistics, um best practices. So it's always good to jump on to the platforms that you are using and read up on what the latest is. Love that there are so many good resources online.

It's also hard to sift through them all sometimes, but they are all there for sure. Question number four is how do you win the day? What are your AM or PM rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated? I don't have one to be, I mean, every morning I'm guaranteed to have a coffee. Um So that's definitely a ritual, but it does change. Um You know, I got a small family. Um so a young family so I've gotta get up, get my daughter ready. Um, sometimes I'll take her to school. Sometimes I'll let my husband do it. Um, every day. Sometimes not every day is a win. And that's ok. Sometimes you have a, a, a mole of a day and you sort of come home feeling sort of, oh, my gosh, everything's wrong. Everything's going down, the house is on fire. Um, and that's fine. But, I mean, a good day for me is having a nice sort of consistent day at work. I love making to do lists. I put them in Monday and I really get through them. Um, try and be as productive as I can.

Um, making sure my family's happy at the end of the day and I've got like a nice warm bed to sleep in is pretty much a win. I love that beautiful question. Number five is what's been your worst money mistake? And how much did it cost you in the business or? I probably couldn't put a dollar figure on it, um, off the top of my head. But one of the biggest mistakes we made during COVID was over ordering, um, we had a real problem at the start of COVID where we couldn't actually keep stock available. And obviously, if I don't have any stock, I don't have a business to pay overheads. So I have to have the right amount of infantry levels to keep the business afloat. Um And so when I couldn't get it, it spooked me. And so then I went overboard and ordered way too much. And I mean, luckily we're not fast fashion so we can always sell it like it's not like we have to, oh, it's not in fashion anymore. Um It's not a trend. So, um it's fine once we sell it, but, you know, having it just sitting on the shelves is also really, really bad for cash flow.

Um because we, I have to pay for everything up front before I even sell it to our lovely customers. So that is a real problem because all your cash is literally tied up on the shelves. Um, waiting to be sold. So yeah, I wouldn't be able to put a price on that. But yeah, that's probably the biggest um, blunder when it comes to money that I've made. I've heard that a couple of times, especially because of COVID and yeah, issues with forecasting around that time and with everything that was going, going on in the world supply chain issues. Well, there was so you couldn't like the manufacturing was overwhelmed. So usually our lead times are about 90 days. They were blowing out to way beyond that. So we couldn't even get the product made in time. And then once it got to port, there was no containers and like the price of containers like doubled. Um So everything was just incredibly difficult um to, to, to do and to get infantry in. Oh my God. Crazy. Do you think that it's kind of sorting itself out now?

Like are you close to getting kind of like rid of all of that initial stock that you had kind of had? We've still got depends like for our best seller, our g we're back to normal with that, but for some of the other um styles that we don't sell as quickly, we still got quite a bit of those. So we'll see how that goes. I mean, again, I'm very lucky that we're not a fast fashion brand. So I don't have any need um to keep up with trends. It's literally basic company undies that no one sees that you're happy to wear um is what we're about. So yeah, question number six. Last question, what is just a crazy story? Good or bad you can share from the journey of building TV? Or um I don't know, we don't have too many crazy stories, I suppose the craziest thing is, you know, starting off in my mum and dad's spare bedroom a year later, um moving into our first commercial space and then the year later, which is our full second financial year doing just under 5 million revenue.

So that sort of exponential growth in that two year period is crazy to me and I wasn't expecting it. Um but I'm pretty happy that it happened. Oh my gosh, that's amazing. Yeah, obviously with that growth, um there comes lots of teething problems so I can't even think of them off the top of my head. But having, you know, not enough growth is painful, but having a lot of growth all at once is also very painful. Totally. Totally. Oh my God. Good way, I suppose. Yeah. Good problem to have. I love that for you. Where does um nat V come from? By the way, the name when we first started to be honest, we did call it native um basics. And that was because we were using native flora and fauna from planet Earth to create sustainable basics. Um But a year um into it, I was approached by a um aboriginal lady who said that it was, it was something that, you know, they, the community didn't really like. Um So once I heard that it literally took me 24 hours because I didn't start NAT V to upset any community anywhere.

Um And so I quickly made the change to TV and so our logo has always been that v anyway. Um So it was an easy change one because I didn't want to offend anyone ever. That was never, you know, part of my, part of my goal when starting. Um and then, and then second of all, we, we, when we changed it, we, we made it. So this is gonna sound funny, but TV, now stands for natural fibers for vaginas. So TV, natural, natural, full vaginas essentially is what we've now changed it to and hopefully, yeah, everyone's ok with that. Did you have to go through trade marking a second time or you hadn't trademarked? I did. Yeah. So it was quite an expensive um uh process but happy absolutely didn't have any issues doing that again. We never, I, when I chose that name, it was purely for the flora and fauna. But when I found out that, you know, for a community of people, it had a different meaning. I was um first of all shocked that I wasn't aware um had to educate myself um at the time and still to do, continue to educate myself as much as possible.

And you know, again, it took me literally 24 hours to be like, absolutely, we were changing it. So we did and that's what we did. Yeah. How did you navigate that with your customers? And was it like seamless? It wasn't um we did do some Instagram stories to explain that we wanted to align and then make sure we weren't, you know, offending anyone and that was our reasons. But we still had a few influencers saying native and I was like, please don't say that anymore. We are navy. Um please, you know, change that. But um over the years it's just happened now and, and people we'll say TV, here and there, you might hear someone say native, but we always correct them and, and move on. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your journey and all of your amazing insights and gems to building Nat V. I've loved this. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Hey, it's June here. Thanks for listening to this amazing episode of the female startup club podcast. If you're a fan of the show and want even more of the good stuff, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com where you can subscribe to our free newsletter.

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6 quick questions with Sandy Ronalds, Founder of NAT'V Basics (Part 2)
6 quick questions with Sandy Ronalds, Founder of NAT'V Basics (Part 2)
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