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6 Quick Questions with Natalia Bojanic, Founder Form Nutrition. (Part 2)

by Female Startup Club
July 10th 2023

This is Natalia Bojanic for Female Startup Club

Hello and welcome back to the show! It’s Doone here, your host and hype girl! If you’ve just found us - hi! I’m so happy you found us. Ever... More

Hey, it's June here, your hype girl in business recently, I heard someone say to be great. You just need to be good consistently and that really resonated with me, but it can be tough to figure out where to focus and how to overcome the feeling of overwhelm when you're doing all the things. Sounds familiar, right? I've been there and I know how great it is when you have someone by your side being your hype girl and sharing the expert knowledge and value that you need to get from A to B to C today. I'm excited to share with you the launch of my coaching and consulting services. If you're a founder and you need guidance and support with your marketing and sales, let's do it. Or maybe you're a business owner wanting to level up a star player in your team. Yeah, let's do that too. Or maybe you're in a corporate company and you're looking for someone to consult and execute on an out of the box campaign. I can do that too with a decade of experience in brand strategy and content creation for major brands like Snapchat, the iconic and IMG combined with interviewing more than 500 of the world's most impressive founders, building my own businesses, leveraging viral content strategies and my insider knowledge of the VC world.

I've got a unique vantage point to help you achieve your goals and I would love to be your hype girl. I'm only taking on a limited number of clients right now and you can learn more by going to female startup club dot com forward slash coaching. Welcome back. Here are the six quick questions. Question number one, what's your, why? Why do you wake up every day and work on form nutrition to benefit others? So cool. So key as well. Question number two, what's been your favorite marketing moment so far? I think it goes from having billboards around uh the UK to, to even like doing sampling and you like in front of, of the person who loves your product and you get to get that love. So those, those 22 extremes, right? Billboards and the the connection with someone who loves your brand. Totally both like really profound and really thrilling as well. Question number three is, what's your go to business resource?

If you have to think about a book, a book, a book or a podcast or a newsletter? I think a really meaningful book is Shoe Dog by Field Knight. That is the story of Nike and I, I was never attracted to it if, if I'm completely honest. But um it was a gift from our first intern and she gave to me and I said, OK, gave to me, I have to read this and I had tears in my eyes, which I, I thought I would recommend that a lot. I feel the same. It wasn't something that I was, um, like drawn to, but then everyone kept talking about it, everyone kept talking about it and I read it and I absolutely loved it. I also really loved the movie that just came out called air if you've seen it. Yeah, it's so good. It, it's, it's really good. Question. Number four is how do you win the day? What are your AM or PM? Rituals and habits that keep you feeling happy and successful and motivated? I do meditate which helps a lot, but also movement, movement is very important.

They're being like listening to Brazilian funk music during my power walk or lifting weights, strength or going to, to yoga. It's a way of accessing your free pharmacy of your good hormones and, and that makes you like more energetic, more a bit for the rest of the day and I fast as well and I sleep. So I think it would be like this, this main, main things. I, I do prioritize sleep although I'm not doing right now, but I've mucked you up. I have a bank of, of sleeping that I have a lot of sleeping credits. So good question number five. What has been the worst money mistake in the business. And how much did it cost you? I think the biggest amount of money that we have lost so far has been uh £40,000 and that happened from one of our stockers uh going into a demon administration.

But you know. Yeah, but the interesting thing is that it was the same retailer that was Planet Organic. I don't know if you're aware but Planet Organic went through administration. But then like super cool Rene Elliott, who was the original founder, took the business back. Rescue Planet Organic, which is the story. And if you haven't had her in the podcast, I'm very happy to make the introduction. I was with her in a dinner like two weeks ago and she is incredible. Oh my God. I love caring woman. Yes. And she, and then, you know, and they, of course, from previous administration, we just had like, we just lost the 40 K but we, we still with them, you know, as soon as she took over the business again and say no, you're so important for our business. The business that have generated, you know, a couple of millions for us then, you know, it's, it's ok. So we are back with them. Wow, that's crazy.

Last question. It's a crazy one. What is just a crazy story? Good or bad you can share from your journey building for nutrition. I think the London Blue story. It, it's hard to top that one. It's a hard one to top. That's a hard one to talk because it, it's just um so genuine and so authentic and something that, you know, we could never imagine it to happen and it did, it took a long time to happen until we get the contract to get everything organized. But yes, Orlando Bloom is part of form, which is super cool. Did you get to meet Katy Perry? Not yet. Not yet. Hopefully, hopefully so cool. She's, she's incredible. She, she's incredible. Oh, my gosh, Natalia. Thank you so much for making the time. Thank you so much for making the time at this time of the night for you. I am so grateful and I'm so excited to meet you in person in London in a couple of weeks. Well, I see you in August. Have a safe trip and I'm excited to meet you in person too.

Thank you so much for having me. Hey, it's June here. Thanks for listening to this amazing episode of the female startup club podcast. If you're a fan of the show and want even more of the good stuff, I'd recommend checking out female startup club dot com where you can subscribe to our free newsletter. We send it out weekly covering female founder, business news insights and learnings in D to C and interesting business resources. And if you're a founder, building an e-commerce brand, you can join our private network of entrepreneurs called hype club at female startup club dot com forward slash hype club. We have guests from the show joining us for intimate, ask me any things, expert workshops and a group of totally amazing like minded women building the future of DC brands. As always, please do subscribe, rate and review the show and post your favorite episodes to Instagram stories. I am beyond grateful when you do that.

6 Quick Questions with Natalia Bojanic, Founder Form Nutrition. (Part 2)
6 Quick Questions with Natalia Bojanic, Founder Form Nutrition. (Part 2)
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