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Unmasking Your True Self

by Vanessa De Jesus Guzman
October 27th 2021

Many around the world participate in Halloween by buying costumes and masks. However, do we wear masks on days other than Halloween? This episode discusses what it means to become our most authenti... More

you're listening to the free to be mindful podcast which provides bite sized tips for busy parents, educators and anyone working with kids, these real talk conversations focus on mindful living, mental health and personal growth, helping all to learn, grow and inspire with mindfulness in mind. I'm your host, Vanessa to jesus Guzman educator licensed professional counselor, entrepreneur and mom. I'm passionate about helping folks live life with peace of mind and ease of heart while not losing their well, you know. Here we go. Yeah. Mhm. Have you ever tried to practice meditation but have no idea if it's working or even if you're doing it right, wouldn't it be awesome if there was something to let you know when you're in the zone to let you know to do more of that? Well, there is something that does exactly that it's called muse muse is a brain sensing headband that helps you find more calm, sharper focus and better sleep.

It does this by measuring your brain waves and lets you know exactly when you're in a meditative seat. It's an awesome tool for kids and for adults alike. You can get 15% off any muse product by clicking the link in the show notes, below Check them out at choose and again, don't forget to use that link for 15% discount at checkout. Hi and welcome back to the free to be mindful podcast. I hope that you're feeling good looking good and doing better in this world than you were yesterday. I always like to start off by reminding you that at the end of every episode there is a short guided meditation so make sure that you listen the entire way through. Also if you feel that you need more than that every Tuesday evening at nine p.m. Eastern time, I offer a mindfulness with people of color where we see you because we are you. I am one of the co creators and we offer a guided sit every Tuesday evening from 9 to 9 30.

So you're welcome to go to the website and register, there's no fee. We just welcome everyone who needs a little bit of time for themselves and you know what a difference it makes once you experience it and with that being said, mindfulness with people of color is offering a virtual retreat on saturday november 20th from 10 a.m. To one p.m. Eastern time. And if you'd like to find out more information about that, you can do the same. So my friends, it is almost Halloween here in the United States. I wonder I've never thought about this before. If the rest of the world celebrates Halloween. I know in Dominican Republic they did not used to have that. But now, as things become a little bit more Americanized, some people do celebrate Halloween even there And I'll share with you that before living in Jersey, I grew up at least my early primary years in the Bronx and living in the Bronx in the early mid and late 80s, it wasn't really a place that perhaps was safe enough to trigger tree.

I really didn't celebrate it as a kid. So of course being from Dominican Republic, my mom didn't celebrate it when she was a kid and we may be dressed up about two times in my early primary years that I can remember and when we did dress up, we didn't go door to door, we went to the park and then came back home. So because I don't have that experience, I'm not really a fan of the holiday. However, my son, on the other hand is all about it. We discussed plenty of weeks prior to now of what he was going to be for Halloween. Something about a Minecraft diamond Extra something or the other. I don't quite follow, although I try to, so he has his Halloween costume ready and we have trunk retreats that we're going to and different things around town and he's still so very excited and he asked me, what am I going to be for Halloween? I think I'll dress up as a tired mom. It's really not dressing up at all.

But with that being said, it makes me think of Halloween and masks the costumes right. Everybody gets all decked out and really hides their own personality, their own persona to be someone else. And yes, maybe the United States and perhaps some other places in the world celebrate, this right, celebrate the aspect of putting another mask on and being someone else on 31 October and it makes me think if we as a society perhaps dressed up as other people, not literally like we do on Halloween. But if we as a society, we're mass to become other people or try on other types of personalities or leave ourselves behind for another type of character on an everyday basis. So when you really think about it, we as kids learn what type of language we can use in school, what type of language we can use at home and what type of language we can use with our friends.

We learn not only the language, but also the types of topics that are appropriate or inappropriate to speak about, depending on the group of people that were with. But even now as adults, we use different types of language. We talk about different types of topics, depending on who were conversing with. If we're talking to family members, two childhood friends, to adult friends, two friends who are parents of our kids friends, two colleagues, every single group, it seems perhaps that we wear a different type of mask and some of these changes are natural. Some of these changes are expected. But what I ask you to reflect on today is really the scope of the change. How far away do we take ourselves from our truest, most authentic selves depending on to whom we're speaking and the reality is that all of us where a variety of mass throughout our day because we all have different roles that we play throughout our day.

So for example, I myself am a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, cousin, Godmother, educator, therapist, leader, member of different organizations and associations, a member of my community, of my state and of society as a whole. And I'm sure there's a lot more that we can come up with if we really take the time to think of the different things that we are a part of and with that with every role that we play, we do wear a different mask. We do perhaps show up a little bit differently because we offer different groups, different parts of ourselves. But the true question is, what is our most authentic cells? And furthermore what does it mean to be authentic authenticity means having a true awareness of not only who you are, but also what you stand for and not letting other people jade your opinion or your beliefs, your morals, your values, your ethics because you show up consistently and honestly and there are a couple of different strategies that we can do to really figure out who and what is our most authentic cells?

And the first is to think of when do we feel our most authentic or to phrase it differently? When do we feel our most real without putting any mess or without using any filters to watch what we say or to make certain decisions? When are we just us, Something else that helps us figure out what our most or who are most authentic self is is being present, which of course is being mindful when you are really connected to yourself, when you're not distracted by outside voices or even the internal voices that perhaps do not belong to you. That's when you really have a keen sense of self awareness that you are being you, without playing another role. Another strategy that helps out is having a strong support system, People who know you for you and who take you for your bare bones and who you are will really encourage you when you are being yourself and perhaps call you out when you're not being yourself, they'll encourage you to shine and to really come forth even when perhaps you doubt yourself so to find these people, sometimes it's people we've known for a long time and sometimes it's folks that we perhaps just met recently in our lives begin to surround yourself with people who really encourage you to live out your craziest dreams rather than putting them down and check in with these different types of relationships that you have in your life and when you do that, you'll begin to really see who is a support system that pushes you to be your truest self, the next thing to keep in mind along with that self awareness that we just talked about and having that strong support system is then to take action yourself toward becoming your most authentic self and the way you do that is really thinking about what are your biggest dreams?

What are your goals? Are you on those paths that can help you achieve those dreams and those goals? And if you're not then take action to get there And of course sometimes it's not one major action that makes this happen, but sometimes it's a domino effect of a lot of small steps, A lot of smaller actions eventually make that big impact, authenticity is a concept that really is woven deep into our society and so many people have a lot of different things to say about it here. A couple of quotes that perhaps can help you put some things more in perspective, comedian Amy poehler says, you attract the right thing when you have a sense of who you are, motivator, Tony Robbins says the strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his identity, athlete, Michael Jordan's says, authenticity is about being true to who you are, even when everyone around you wants you to be someone else.

And finally burn a Brown states authenticity is a daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are and as we go into celebrating Halloween to bring it back to full circle, really think about what are those masks that we wear? What are the different roles that we have to play? Is it necessary to do those things sometimes? Absolutely. We don't talk to our colleagues the same way that perhaps we talk to our partners or our own Children. But at the core of it all is the person who we truly are. It is my hope that you can be your truest self. Each and every day for that is a person that you are meant to be and the role that you can best play during your time on this earth. So right now, regardless of where you are or what you're doing, take a deep breath in through your nose as you feel your belly rise and let that breath go out through your nose as you feel your belly deflates.

So let's take some time right now to reflect on a few questions that can help you become your most authentic self. What aspects of yourself do you like the most? What are some accomplishments that you are the most proud of? What are three things that bring the most happiness into your life? And then think of what are some things that you would like to change about yourself? What is something perhaps that you may regret and want to do differently Now? It is my hope that the reflection to these questions, bring you some answers and perhaps bring you peace as you make any changes necessary to be the truest version of yourself.

Mhm Have a great week. I hope you enjoyed this week's show. It would mean a ton. If you took this moment to review the free to be mindful podcasts on the platform, you catch your favorite shows that quick and easy act lets me know what you enjoy and it helps others find the podcast too. And of course, don't forget to subscribe so you can listen along next week. In the meantime, I welcome you to catch me on social media at counselor V to jesus. And as always remember in a world where you are free to be anything that you want to be, you are always free to be mindful. Catch you next week.

Unmasking Your True Self
Unmasking Your True Self
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