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Ep38: Consult a Counselor

by Vanessa De Jesus Guzman
September 17th 2021

The “Consult a Counselor Series” is a segment of the Free to Be Mindful podcast, which answers parenting related questions to help caregivers live life mindfully. 

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you're listening to the free to be mindful podcast which provides bite sized tips for busy parents, educators and anyone working with kids. These real talk conversations focus on mindful living, mental health and personal growth, helping all to learn, grow and inspire with mindfulness in mind. I'm your host Vanessa to jesus Guzman, educator licensed professional counselor, entrepreneur and mom. I'm passionate about helping folks live life with peace of mind and ease of heart while not losing their well, you know, here we go. Hi and welcome back to the consultant counselor series. In this series, I answer parenting related questions so that you can be present in agrees with your child and live life mindfully. Today's question is my kid does not like his teacher at all and it's only the start of the year, should I ask for a change in teachers?

Thank you for this question and I've got to share as a former teacher, middle school counselor and educator of 18 years this year, believe it or not, I have a few opinions on this question. So the first is I would recommend you having conversation with your child as to why they don't like their teacher and what exactly are the reasons is it because they give too much homework, is it because the teacher has a different teaching style then their learning style or is it something completely different where they feel like they're being picked on in a very negative way. So when it comes to having different styles or when it comes to being very strict or assigning too much homework, we want to make sure that we always give our kids the message that in life we will sometimes clash with others. We will not like everybody we meet and not everybody we meet well like us either because we all have different personalities and that is what makes us all amazing as a human race.

And eventually as the year goes along, you can always check in with your child and you may be surprised as to how they feel about the teacher a couple of months into the school year. Also remember that the school year just started. So it's important to give people a chance and you can make that into a learning moment as well. Now if the case is completely different and your child feels like they're being picked on in a way, not because they don't know the answers or they do know the answers. But if they feel that it's a clash based upon something, they can't change about themselves such as race, gender, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation or anything along those lines, then the conversation is much different. And at first I encourage you to reach out to the teacher via email to voice your concerns and request to follow up phone call or an in person meeting and we all know how things can land completely different on paper versus in person where you hear the concern and the voice inflection of somebody else.

So I think that an in person meeting would be greatly beneficial if you feel after coming up with some interventions and you've given things time, then you can go to the next step whether it be to contact your child's school counselor or to contact your building administrators before going elsewhere. We want to make sure in education as in with any job that we follow the chain of command and that we don't go from 0 to 100 right away unless it's something that has compromised the safety of your child. Also keep in mind that your child may be in that same school for a number of years. So you really want to make sure that the situation is handled well. So it doesn't impact anything in the future while your child is there in the same school. So I hope this helped. If you think this could help a mom, dad or caregiver friend, be sure to share it with them and subscribe to my podcast so that you don't miss the next one. And if you have any questions for a consultant counselor, you can always email me at Hello at free to be mindful dot com or dM me on instagram at counselor V to jesus.

And remember in a world where you are free to be anything that you want to be. You are always free to be mindful. Thanks so much and catch you next time

Ep38: Consult a Counselor
Ep38: Consult a Counselor
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