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What's The Next Big Social Platform?

by Lloyd Southammavong
January 5th 2022
Have you ever wondered what social platform will take over our lives in the near future. With platforms like Snapchat and TikTok taking the younger generations by storm, will these kings of social med... More
this episode is sponsored by Anker. If you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain it's free. There are creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on Spotify, apple podcasts and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast all in one place. So download the free anchor app now or go to anchor dot FM to get started. Thank you What's up guys? Welcome to Good for nothing. It's the one and only Lloyd and I got my two guests here at Calvin and Trey introduce yourselves. My name is Calvin also psycho, blue Psycho, Blue Trade Dog 20 to have me on Twitter. What y'all been up to just chill, you know, life of Winfield, not ship to do really, but I mean it's Winfield hometown, you know, skating fast and eating house man. Um one thing I was wanting to ask you guys about how do you, how do y'all feel about like the boxing landscape right now?

Especially do you think, do you think celebrity fights like this are ruining the sport of boxing or do you think it's just for entertainment? Like what are your opinions about that? I think it does affect the business a lot. Just because of the money. You can't take it can't take it as seriously bro, that's what I'm saying. Like you can never tell if it's like rigged or not, especially with how much jake paul money makes and ship it. It's like you got more eyeballs now but the legitimacy is coming in and helping me out. I still believe he's a good boxer. I think he has what it takes athletically gifted. Yeah, I mean he's not but I do I do feel bad for the boxes that actually do put in the work they get. No like the champion, they're fighting for a belt on his under card and nobody's watching. It's all about like marketing. Like Yeah, that's all it is for sure. But like he's literally coming from a place where he already has makes makes his money and he has his fans and stuff so that promotes it and it adds on to the money rich get richer.

You know that's how it usually goes. That's the controversial. People don't even like him. I don't even like because you know why they're they're just waiting for that moment where he finally gets knocked knocked out. That's three fights but not not like the more he wins, the more like people are wanting to watch to see is like is this finally him losing. That's what I mean, that's that's the debate is if he's a real boxer because he hasn't boxed a real boxer. Yeah, he's a real boxer. Tyron Woodley as well, potentially he came, he does look good in the ring. Like not not not not actually does look good in the ring. He knows he's got hands, he trains with. He's definitely good. I don't know do you do you classified Woodley as like a good fighter? I thought he was. No bro, I thought he was. He lost it. He got the belt ever since he got the belt. One ST this ship. I don't know what it is. I don't know if it's a mental to see who'd you lose to whenever he because he went down for when he first lost, he went ever since then. He couldn't Winship he knocked out Robbie Lawler bro, Best surprising his career, Thompson.

What? Twice beat Darren till's ass. They were all boring. What happened? Because he's a wrestler, ain't he? But he was knocked out. Robbie Lawler, He out struck Stephen Thompson and Darren Till who are both strikers? Stephen Thompson lost it bro. It's just it's not there, it's not there. He doesn't want it. He's old too. All right. What do you think he should? Who do you think he should find next Jake paul? If it comes? I think Tommy fear is a good Tommy. Fair is a good boxer. He's not a real boxer, but it's a step up. I think it'll it'll prove to it'll definitely prove that jake can actually box Tommy, he's not a good boxer, but he knows more about boxing and I mean, he's grew he grew up off these boxes is a real boxer. Ryan Garcia versus versus jake paul Ryan Garcia would probably no no don't Ryan Garcia right now. Yes Floyd Mayweather is in this problem, he would be would not be able to beat him.

You don't think you think Ryan Garcia could beat Floyd Mayweather on, you know, I think I think flo would beat him now bryan Garcia Garcia is the great watching youtube bro, but he's ran by canelo, canelo wanted to he doesn't he doesn't he doesn't he's running from tank and whatnot. Come on, I heard there's talks about I would love to see him spark Ryan Garcia's ask bro. Yeah, definitely wouldn't see tank, Oh my God, that would be. But there's talks that Ryan Garcia is supposed to fight that Isaac dude that last fought Davante Davis and that would be a test because Isaac fights like Davis but obviously Davis's Toronto. Davis is not going to get beat bro, he's just I don't think he's the best but he's a scary motherfucker. I mean he hits his wife didn't hit his wife. Ryan Garcia did. Garcia Vontae Davis has dragged his wife out of the basket, I forgot about that.

He did that. How do you feel about Gerald Williams and a bunch of all men fighting, I gave it to him though, still Deron Williams that has been training for a while but he's got hands that it's kind of weird, they're kind of hugging each other half the time, I mean, you know trying to tackle him to the knees every time speaking of uh let's let's name some some like key matchup, you guys want to see fight like anybody if you wanted to boxing boxing like matt Barnes and derek fisher or um Yeah definitely the paul brothers, they got to fight each other would be a nice one. That would be a good closer and wait then. I think jake would beat the brakes off. I think he would to why the funk did Logan fight Floyd. It was but there was literally no fucking reason behind it at all. Jake is the better boxer that she's had more fights, which is why Logan won't fight him. I don't they won't they won't fight that, it won't happen. But we know who's doing that, definitely Jake paul would want I would love to see Fury beat Joshua's s I think that would wouldn't even gonna happen.

That's going to happen because josh has been losing bro as much as I push it with Joshua being good. I think Wyler is obviously 10 times better in the back to the what I was asking. I want to see like Suge Knight and like rick ross. Suge knight rick ross. I don't think I can fight, I really don't I mean he's too many jokes, Fat joe and Suge Knight. Suge Knight would fucking I think Suge Knight's murder anybody in the music industry that motherfucker's kill people. I Mean I don't know bro, Fat Joe and 50 cent beef remember that. Yeah. What's that? There's a fucking funny as video that was sucking 50 cent used to patrol with Fat Joe's music would be like people falling and shipped. I don't even know what the yeah. Yeah, just watch, I feel like 50 cent doesn't have some experience though. Yeah, I didn't hear a little bit. I Remember when him and Floyd Mayweather was going to read one page of harry potter without stuttering and he would donate the charity. That was Yeah, no, I feel like that was a challenge for Floyd because I mean you know he couldn't do it.

I don't think he could do it dude, I don't think I could do it. I don't think he can read fucking biggest book like that harry potter that was like what high school curricula? Purple Mark bro. I used to be like the Greenmarket books. Picture books Up in the 9000s, do you think would be a good matchup for Beetlejuice from Beetlejuice, I should have known it was going no that's a landslide for Beetlejuice bro. No, for people back he already beat Floyd Mayweather's dad remember listen, listen for people back at the hometown, Beetlejuice hit my line, I got a um all start coming up. His name is Tanner, Randall, I think that's a pretty even match up. That's a good fight right there boy, I don't know. Beetlejuice beat Floyd Mayweather is As you remember that. No, he said that, he said that, he said would you beat Floyd Mayweather? He said honestly, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice charlie's Ellen off set it up, charlie. Villanueva is probably one of the greatest of all time as well. Nothing would be funnier than the video of him ordering a pizza and he sucked the fun at pizza guys.

That's probably the funniest video in the world when he whooped when he whipped the funk out of Deontay wilder when he walked in and we ran out of the ring dude was picking on old dudes like and whatnot Senior, he's getting on the work bro. Funk know who was Floyd May motherfucking. Yeah he pees his ass up sucking, running out of the gym and ship. He got he got in there with some fucking scary motherfucker bro. He got in there, he kept running and then that's the end clip where he was on the fucking his knee and he's with that uppercut. If he would have got hit with it. Talking ship to Deontay Wilder, I would not get within 20 yards of that motherfucker. If you know like that movie where there's a timer on top of your head to see like that's how long you got left, that's I don't think it's Black Mirror that was like that was the relationship like the it's a movie where like on top of your head you can see how long you got left to live, how would you live your life if you knew like how much time I have left if I had a date or would you would you want if there's technology for for you to do that, I wouldn't do that.

I wouldn't want to No, no. Yeah, definitely wouldn't know. I want to know and I wouldn't want to know because then you're just like you're living the rest of your life with thinking about it. That's all it is. You're just counting down the days that's gonna be that's gonna end up being rather than going to do your bucket list. Or there's this that question that people ask, would you rather know when you'll die or how you'll die? And I always said when because when, how it's like, what do they say you're going to die in a car accident right? Every time you're driving a car, you're gonna get paranoid that what this is? And that's the thing is that's the thing though, Can you prevent it? If you know you're going to die in a car wreck and you never ride in a car again in your life, you wouldn't you're still going to die? Is it inevitable? Like that's for sure how you're gonna get some final destination ship? Well it's okay. It's just finds a way I don't know then I probably wouldn't want to know when I would I wouldn't want to know how I would want, I think I would rather know how than when, because the time is just an issue. Honestly you might be right because what if it's like a painful as death and you could just I mean if you're at least prepared, I feel like if I knew when I was going to die it would just be a countdown.

Just anxiety. Just clock. That's all you're thinking about. You're just counting down the days. I feel like that would be miserable. At least if you know how you don't know when it's gonna happen. I think it allows for me to plan. Well yeah that's true but that's the thing about life bro. Just do what you want while you can you never know when it's gonna have fucking right after this podcast we could die right now. We can get fucking slammed by a missile right now. We have no idea fucking Putin over here. Yeah. Out of all places he's gonna drive, Calvin's got enemies. We can't drive by right now. It's just sucking spray us all this trap, right? Like yeah, you have to say that. No, I don't know you can plan it out. So it says you're dying like 30 years, right? I guess. Well some people if you get like sick and you get a timeframe doctors will tell you when you're gonna die or I'll be like unless it says you'll die in like the next week but when you find out like damn, I feel like that's what you're supposed to. What do you even do at that point to hang out with your family, cherish the time that you do everything.

I lay in bed for a week and then just die. You got to spend the time with some people at least though. I mean if you know it's fine, I wouldn't tell anybody. But I mean if if they say you got a month to live and you ain't got no money to go on no fucking dream vacation or something. Just fucking lay up in the house. See your family. Well if it was to that like where I didn't have money then I'd just be a criminal didn't just do things that I start robbing everybody, do things that I'd at least try to rob a bank bro. See if I could get away with that one because then you're going to die in jail. Not but what if you get away with it? You never know until you try and the consequences one. It's not gonna be like a 20 year since it's going to be like a week just like to start house by house and just start robbing houses. This is incriminating evidence. You got this on. We'll just go on like a wild police chase and then they'll find you dead. So I mean there's no point really ain't gonna go to Calvin's neighbors gonna get robbed after this and he's going to be the fucking number one subject incriminating incriminating. Yeah, I think that'd be pretty cool.

I'd probably go skydiving till I die. Okay, Just without a parachute. Just one time. One time for that. One time I got to go skydiving. I would like, I heard it's not as like crazy as you think it is. Yeah. People, people who are afraid of heights. Oh, I used to be as a kid. I was like, I've heard like you don't even a free fall for that long so you're just basically just floating in the air so it's really not that Yeah, I feel like it's like when you get that when you go on a roller coaster and it's a stomach thing. I feel like. And then yeah, you're basically just getting caught. Yeah, it's just not that much the wind resistance and everything because when you're on a roller coaster it's propelled down so I feel like it feels faster than free falling falling for for a little bit then it might be a little bit, but if you're like this the wind resistance, I feel like it can't be as scary. Yeah, around spider monkeys and ship. I've always wanted to the wingsuit ship ever since I watched that transformers movie when they jumped out of the ship and they were zooming through the buildings in new york when they were like crashed over and they were, that should look badass.

Dude. They have people just sucking smashing the buildings and ships just the extras on the side. It actually looks fun though. I would, I would like to go skydiving some extreme sports when we all get older and we got some money. We're just going to extreme sports and then we're gonna fucking motor bikes and motorbikes fucking, we're going to go skiing on the highest fucking slopes to our body. Our body is not going to be able to handle that at all. I think I think I would like to go skiing right now would not be able to, I've always wanted to do, I want to go snowboarding and skiing to spear fishing. You know those dudes like no, no, no like the underwater diver. Yeah if they're just holding their breath they can hold their breath for like what's that called? It's not snorkeling, it's sucking. What is it? I don't remember the word for it. I know what you're talking about underwater fishing more shallow. Yeah. Remember there's these dudes and uh that I watched on Youtube in Indonesia or something like that. Yeah and all they do is just go fishing and then And then the rent is like $500 and they're living like luxury you know because yeah I've seen people like living in hawaii with some ship like that we're just living all natural and you just pay rent and you just fucking live that's gonna be a nice.

It's gotta be a peaceful blessed we are to live in the US. Especially if I can watch those videos, those kids building swimming pools and whatnot. Yeah, we can just go to a fucking pre built building grade, a fucking swimming pools, clay and literally nothing. I think I read that, that they really don't do everything by hand. No. Yeah, I mean it's obviously hard, but I mean still just to do something like that, like they have like excavators and ship. Yeah, yeah, of course. I mean like those videos where they will dig a hole and they'll stick their hand down there, they'll pour some soda in this ship and then pull out the biggest fish that sh it ain't real bro. No funk, no hell no, you poor some seltzer water up in the hole. Make a big gas trout come out in the middle of the ground. Have you tried it out? Come on bro. Have you tried it? So you never know unless you know, it's just like their cigarettes. Look here, they just dropped fish from the top of the fish, swims down to the pipes a foot away and just that's what they've been exposed like that before.

I've seen this ship. It this one big gas fish right here in the middle of the ground, we just dug a hole, pour some soda in there, it's a Tuna fish, that's the £80 tuna fish. Get out of here. You ever wanted to, our thought about experiencing like living with tribes in africa asia and ship. Not at all. Like not even for a couple of days a couple of years ago. You know that one non contact island they had where you're not allowed to go there and that motherfucker went there by himself on a little boat. I'm not talking about that, I'm talking like the people who killed him and then his wife went eight his as they ate him, his wife went there and then they killed her too. They killed him and ate him. Yeah. Yeah I mean he was like trying to spread his Christianity was trying to tell them about jesus and they killed him. Yeah but he's like imagine talking to someone who doesn't know english it's like talking to a wall. No offense to you. They haven't it's a barrier like any outside world, they don't know what language you speak.

They're not gonna understand. It's like they don't even know that it's it's kind of like having an alien come visit you like yeah the government won't even fun with them. That's how remote they are. They just leave their ass alone. They're just like hey but in reality it's all you could like get a bunch of fucking friends and a bunch of guns float to the island and fucking takeover. That bitch bro. It'd be like in Vietnam. They know the territory they got booby traps and ship. I mean you could just start a war. I mean if the land is precious. we'll see that's what I'm saying. That's what we thought in Vietnam to we thought he was about to go over there with that big guns and they was hiding in trees and they had booby trapped technicality bro. We wasn't trying to bomb like the pedestrians. Well that's what I'm saying. We went over there and we thought we was about to fucking rough everybody up and they was but this would be a little bit easier though because well just yeah you're not we tried that but this is smaller and smaller.

Listen listen listen to this though like not to take it there if you need if you need to cut it out you can but think about how like the cowboys and indians motherfucker think about that general Custer, he fucking lost they got slaughtered weight, you got to cut that out but the indians didn't always lose bro. They went up there with guns, no technology and they lost a lot bro. Being on the fucking homeland knowing the territory and scheming and ship like that wins a lot more battles in the fucking guns on firepower and ship it's a whole complete what if it's like you know how there's never been a war on us? Well since the revolutionary war civil war civil war or whatever so okay what if like modern times like right now if there was a war had to happen in like fucking what L. A. Or something to see if that happens here though. Like you got civilians. Well I guess you sucking same with like Afghanistan and Syria the they try to say that this would never happen because we have all this different military and it's like but I don't think it would be.

Well yeah that's true but because our governments like so like organized to where like they can't really shoot civilians now if different country comes here they're going to shoot civilians for sure. I don't know but the States is so big that there's no way that anybody can really take over. Do you think there will be World War Three? I don't think there's potentially no not space warfare. Maybe that counts though. But like I don't know technically I mean we'll do you mean like on planet Earth or just amongst earth? Like countries and ship? I think just a month amongst earth countries. Well it's like fucking college. Do they went too far in space and ship when they space station? It's not at that point now. But I mean I think either we keep some kind of peace until the world ends and we funk up the environment long enough to where we're just we can't live here anymore or some sh it pops off it's the entire world is in the only world War three is happening like the US and their allies and then Russia and china the cold war bro we're we're this close to fucking nuking each other and that turned out to be a non incident there's way more tension now I feel like with media and everything like that it's fucking like on the edge of sending a fucking nuke straight to we're on the edge of that ship.

Like I saw something one time that said I don't remember who the president was. Maybe Nixon or somebody he got fucking he got blasted he got drunk as shit and he told him to launch the code launch the nukes and they were like no let him sleep it off and asked him in the morning in the morning he was like no don't do that ship. He got drunk and he was like nuke those motherfucker's dude if they would have listened to him bro I don't think we would not be here the president's call. He has that not all by himself but he has the last say I think you're exactly the decision as a part of the fucking checks and balances and bullshit like that it reminds me of um well when Truman was remember how they said they were supposed to be like a third nuclear bomb that was supposed to be dropped and Truman said no or something like that. But yeah that's that's that's crazy to think about that One guy or I mean a group of people can make the decision that would kill 300,000.

It's crazy that we straight up talk about we straight up fucking we dead as newton bro, we dropped atomic bombs various treatments. Yeah that motherfucker obviously didn't get fucked because I mean I think he thought, I mean Japan was trying to take over half the world with fucking Germany anyway but that is insane. That's against like all the fucking war laws and everything we have. That's insane. That's the reason why they did it was because it's kind of like a payback for Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor, that's why we got in the first place and that's what incapacitated and made them so crazy, it's like all that happened, all that tension and like look how neutral fucking Japan is now like Loki Japan is probably like a thriving market, it seems like no trust me that's probably the most place I've ever wanted to go. They fucking in the blink of an eye murdered so many people dude, so many people to bump just like boom so that's why so many people bro, Those bombs were fucking insane, they had Einstein on that motherfucker design and that ship, the person who dropped that ship was fucking I wanted to kill himself afterwards.

That's crazy, they killed so many people, innocent civilians bro. Imagine if America got nuked and they killed that many people it would be the biggest news story in the history of the earth spinning back and we straight up just wiped out half their fucking country, you don't always have to fight fair dog. Like if you want it to end. We was in war with Germany to man, we didn't knew Germany it was far too they wanted to but it was too far. They didn't have enough fuel, the gas bombs and the planes and yeah that would be too much fuel and they wouldn't have. But I bet you I bet you Hitler was pissing his pants after you heard about that ship. He didn't believe it. That's what I read, he believes it now like well he obviously died before he even like even when they stern Berlin and all that ship he was he was already dead. I think he was denying it up until I thought he got caught in Berlin like that he was in the bunker. Yeah but he was denying it up until the end. That's why they he got fucked, he got caught, he got way too.

I think another thing is they said you know how most of the nazi regimen was like on meth and ship. So I think yeah they were creating super soldiers and probably some of the officers that should probably had some too because they were kind of like paranoid and kind of like over doing everything. Yeah bro, fucking Stalin had his family killed because he thought they were plotting to assassinate Ibrahim killed like half of his family and cabinet because he was paranoid. I feel that though you know you can't trust nobody, you might get back door on his days, you never know bro. Then Germany should have won that ship. They were way more technology, technologically advanced, Way more technological and plus you know they were they were focusing on killing their own people and stuff like they they just focused on the war now. Imagine if Germany did one, we wouldn't be fucking friends of it now. No fun, I don't know if we would be fucking born, I'll be stuck in. That effect is freaking crazy bro. You can say that about anything right? Like events that could happen if JFK never got assassinated, we wouldn't be here, where would we be JFK was assassinated, Kansas, it's hard to say like what do you mean by that?

Because one event even something like that was significant, especially for the country in the world and everything, but something insignificant, like even like if he didn't decide to have the parade that day or something like that or he didn't get assassinated, the whole political sh it would be different. They wouldn't fucking who was the Nixon that came in after him? He he was the vice president. Never would've happened, it would've he was because he was a democrat right? The whole political environment would have been different and he was pretty radical for when he was too so it was everything would be different. The butterfly functions fucking crazy bro. Deep, it's crazy to think that like, small events could change, but then we'll never know. You know, do you believe in like parallel universe? Yeah, yeah. Where there's multiple universes to where like a small Manhattan spiderverse, like yeah, say like in other universities like this happened, this happened and then they're like in a whole different world here, in a different universe, we go off this topic and go down a different path and our lives are completely different.

Yeah. Yeah, it's hard to say that, I mean the size the science backs it up, I think it's really what's that? The Mandela effect like like that ship you think some sh it happened is completely different, but then at the same time you should be like damn, did I forget about it? Or like do I remember, do you think the Mandela effect only adheres to our dimension though in our consciousness? I think in a different dimension, the Mandela effect, it could be everything that you have the Mandela effect about could be completely true in a different dimension. I don't know, like since you straight now. Yeah, I mean you're right. Yeah, it could be yeah hypothetically, you never know took a turn that went south fast. You could be gay right in a different dimension though, like you know, it's just the opposite bro, I don't even know how if that if that's how we're excited, you know? You never know, he's just saying ship, you're right, you're right, you could be gaining a different universe. Like I said I don't have a problem with it In a different bro in a parallel universe right now Calvin is sucking five cocks in a circle right now.

He's in a different university. Could be stuck in mind. You never know. Well okay infinite infinite amount of parallel universes universes. It could be this one, it could be this one right now jesus christ today sponsored Manscaped. Yeah use the promo code seatgeek shoutout to seatgeek for sponsoring this episode. 50 percent off. Use john boy media sponsored by Kentucky fried chicken. The colonel himself used to discount code good for nothing, anger liking a good for nothing. 15% 50% of the first family sized bucket of KFC, you know with how everything's going into virtual reality and technologies improving like drastically like when you see Black Mirror and you see like technology it's just like it's becoming more real and real and what they're doing is making progress, you know like it's and disturbing and that's why Black Mirror is so good bro because that ship it feels like it could be real every episode I watch just fix me up like I Did because I watched the video game one, I gotta rewatch that ship dude I probably will but the whole movie they made about it.

Bandersnatch one that 1 that one episode where you know it's like that haunted scary game. Yeah and it was like.5 seconds and his heart exploded or something like that you know he had his phone on. Yeah yeah yeah yeah but it's the one where like you're going to trial within a trial like a haunted game where you're actually do the implant where the game the game basically takes you takes your biggest fears and makes it into the game and he was supposed to turn his phone off but he wanted to leak information about it because it was a big deal and it was controversial. You know which one really sucked me up is because like the one with like the points one you know I'm talking about the account where you imagine living like that would suck because if you didn't have to feel like that. I mean it's kind of like money though like people the world is in a state of that anyway though you know likes on social media and ship I feel like that's that's halfway true already. The rating system isn't concrete but that definitely seems like something that's kind of similar to the real life.

It definitely seems like something like that happened because it's not like like you see a homeless man it's not like you're going to be like he's gotta fucking score of 77 out of 100 fucking loser. Damn your score up bitch. That's fucked up. How would you feel about living in a world like that though like we're on the way bro, here's the thing bro from even when we were born, they didn't have cell phones, they had super big computers that couldn't do ship and now we can do everything times 100 in these fucking things in our hand, technology advancing so fast, I don't think we can even fathom what it's going to be like in like 10 years when we have our own kids growing up and everything. My parents bro, if you would have told him we had our own smartphones like this and our kids would be like that they would have been like what the fuck? Imagine what technology is going to be like and when we have our own kids when they're our age unfathomable if we're even fucking still around by then everything technological I remember I didn't get my first cell phone until I mean I had like a flip phone or a bowl of black, not a blackberry but those yeah I had a slide on the slide Pharm and I was in like 6th grade, seventh grade or something like that but that was even seen kind of like too early you know to have a phone but I Didn't I didn't get my phone until I was in 8th grade.

It definitely was because I always Thought that was a late one like I would always lose my phone, those slide ones was elite though. I missed, I missed the flip phones, I thought about getting a Motorola razor last time I was going to get an upgrade half of me was like I don't have the attention span for it now. I'd be scrolling through twitter all the time but I'm like ideally if I had other hobbies and I didn't need to fucking feel so connected to people just walking around with a flip phone, I feel so hard, I would feel superior bro. Internet web on them, phones barely used to get on facebook on the images, you gotta scroll down every time. Yeah, that ship would be badass though. I wish I could do. There. Is that one thing that I always wanted a sucking the sidekick bro? Yeah, yeah yeah my grandma, my grandma had, I had one of those two, that was my first second phone. I've always wanted it, I don't want it anymore because I was obviously the best. Yeah my second phone, it was those little half ones that had a touch screen but then you slide it up and it had the little 1-1 through nine ships.

Oh yeah, that was my first or second phone. I had a couple of slide ones but that was I had one of those, I had one of those like I've always wanted one when I was little because all my cousins had it and I was like damn, that was, I thought it was hot ship. And when I got mine bro, everybody would moved onto fucking like halfway smartphones anyway and I was still like damn I'm sucking pop pop pop pop pop pop. I was typing so fast that it was the ship bro. I was a number one texture in the country because I hate nowadays everybody be texting me on Snapchat. Like motherfucker, you got my number, I don't want to open my Snapchat. Was just like when uh when we were growing up with my space being big, I've never had in my space never I didn't even get Facebook until I turned 13 because that was the rules. My parents didn't love me, never had a Myspace because they weren't on my top friends. It seems so fun though. My space seems so much more fun than facebook because there's there's so much you can do in your profile. Just customize, you could have like there's ways for you to insert like music on the songs and it's like a little radio station and it's all your top songs and ship it.

And it was cool because I think there was like some coding that had to be done and ship but um that you could like edit your background to have it like flashing. Yeah you got your playlist on their website. It's it's up but it's more into like some music but I think it's pretty much just gone bro it's just there, we got to bring that ship back bro I saw something I feel like a couple months back on some social media that said it was like the new Myspace, like they're trying to kick start a new social media app because facebook is just for like old people now. Yeah, people are transitioning to you know, instagram and snap. But do you think there's gonna be another social media platform that people are going to start using? Because do you think, do you think that instagram is gonna turn into something like facebook and like Snapchat? Like where does on facebook on instagram now? But do you think the older people are going to transition into that more and then people are going to move on to the next big thing because remember Snapchat came out of nowhere and when people, when people started Tiktok as well, Tiktok and that's fairly new. So it's like I think people are definitely transitioning more into Tiktok so it's like Tiktok instagram snap, I don't think Tiktok might be the fucking biggest blow up And even Tiktok Tiktok took over remember it was like fine then it was like musically and now it's it's you know why it's so good though, you know how like their people were afraid that Tiktok was tracking and people's information and stuff.

But the thing is they made your like for you page personalized catered catered to mine so well, you know and yeah and it gets trendy as well but even if you're doing that, you can still scroll through shit and you'll see the ship that you would never have come across like on anything else that could, that could do a lot with um, with marketing. Um you know when we talk about stuff and there's like ads that pop up and it's kind of like freakish and stuff and then there's ways if you choose to do so you could like block them from tracking your ship, but at the end of the day it's really benefiting you. Yeah. And some people just don't want that even though it will help them from a business standpoint. Yeah. Making your life easier. Especially if you want to do it like that. But with Tiktok um it's crazy to see. I know when like my friends share their tech talks with me, their whole for you page and the ship that they pops up that pops up on their feet is just so much different. Like there's no way to tell any of that ship with papa.

Remember Calvin was telling me, he had like what was it again? Those mind cards of tarot cards? Yeah, readings, readings never liked the video or watch the full video and they just constantly was on my ship. It changes hella fast to like, you know that it was only like three weeks. But you could like, like never like you've never seen before and that could be why. But I mean like at that time I wasn't nobody because I thought it was just like on everybody's shit and then I asked you guys started popping up after you started sending it to me. Yeah, you've corrupted everybody else's ship. Fine, that's fine. I don't want to be the only one. She don't want to having these witches read my fucking witches, that's basically what they are. They think so. I don't believe half of them. Anyway, there's bullshit. So how long do you think until the next social media blows up it's gonna be a while, it's gonna be a while. How long is a while though? I feel like Tiktok is still the crazy for a while but how long is a while?

I mean A year or two twitters, twitter still going very strong face facebook but it's it's been it's still popping and they're trying to do that whole because the metaverse bullshit, they're trying to do all that I think, I don't know instagram I thought was going to die a couple of months ago but I feel like it's still, it's still there for some reason. Everybody likes to text me on there and not stress, he hates the app. He's like what I got a reply now right, right because because I have to open my whole last phone just to read what you said when I could just read it on the screen and if I want to ignore you, I gotta open the whole app and everything, I could just read the text, jesus christ, you sound old. The next, the next social media thing has to be something even more different than what it is and it's also something that we don't know what we need yet. Yeah, I don't, I don't think it's going to be similar to anything that we have right now.

I feel like the spectrum of apps we have right now pretty much covers the whole array of, who knew that these couple of minute videos. Well vine was that ship and they just, they literally just made it longer. That's all it was. It's literally the same ship. They just made it longer. So it's more accessible. I guess you get more content and everything and anybody can go, anybody can go viral on Tiktok. It's crazy. I think the reason, the reason why Tiktok is so popular is because our minds are so like we were always wanting to move to the next new thing or whatever short attention span. So when we're swiping through these uh, these videos and ship it, its like kind of feeding the craving. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. That's why it's so addicting. Like Tiktok will be different because I'll be on that ship for hours into scrolling and I can't stop and I don't even, even days when I'm like, I don't get on it intentionally, but I get enough notifications where I'm like, all right.

I guess I'll check them and then I'm on that ship for fucking four hours. Dude, the rabbit hole is insane. The amount of videos you send me every day, 16, but I don't even like, I don't even be on it all day, bro. Like I'll check it like maybe once every three days, but the one time I open it up, I don't close it for like four hours and everything that comes up on my feet, bro is fucking hilarious. I just want to share all of them, bro. That's so funny. That ship is good, bro. That's that's one of the best humor, content apps. That's been around for some weird on your dick because I definitely have basically the same for you page and we'll be sending the same videos to each other on accident. You and scott scott was sending me the same. Should have already seen. But it's it's funny though. I mean, I tell myself I'm like, bro, sometimes it's just a bunch of girls dancing. I'm like bro, I'm just trying to see some cooking videos, man. Look, I never ever, I won't say never for a short period of time.

I have some girls on my Tiktok But for I'd say about 95% of the time I had Tiktok and I've been scrolling through that. I didn't get no fucking thirst traps bro. That's that's y'all, motherfucker's, that's why it comes on that ship because you'd be liking ship like that. It is, I never see ship like that always horny, motherfucker's, you know like that's what I think is not got nothing to do with me. Society, today's society is blessed Loki is for all these like motherfucker's younger than us going viral, making all this money and ship it to available overly available to attainable bro. The fucking consumerism you go fucking I mean it's not like we still can't do it but like Imagine bro, but like 50 years ago you wouldn't meet maybe like less than 1000 people in your life may be on like a good day, but nowadays you can put a tiktok out there, it gets two million likes and fucking 13 million people have experienced like senior face in a date.

That's crazy. You know you're living for everybody if you can cash in off of it if you're good enough. Like it's so funny funny how like easy it is for them to make you know what's gross too bro, you'd be going on those lives where they do the versus shit, send me gifts, send me gifts like like like like blah blah blah blah, I'm like damn bro, you like thirstiest right now, you know so they can't be enough to fucking look like that in front of that many people. That's embarrassing. Yeah hit that like button, hit that like button, come on, we, turn it up, turn it up, come on, keep hitting that like that's embarrassing. No, no it's not because you know, you know why they do it though and so the more likes to get the more it will pop up on people's feet. Well yeah but why not? You wanna That's embarrassing though. That's not embarrassing, thirsting for likes like that even like if it gets you famous semi famous these people that are doing on will be famous for a long time, it's free marketing bro, all that you guys press the like but you know 99% of the people that are doing that sh it are not going to be famous ever especially for the short time and they're on their hit that like button, hit that like button my still on my here but that's embarrassing but I don't think for nothing.

That's crazy bro, y'all fucking sellouts man. I mean I don't want to give me the money, there's always a price for everything ain't getting paid enough for that though. You give me enough money, I'll be working on all fours doing fuckingo, marking at that ship. That's probably you gotta realize that's probably their only income right there. But yeah that's what I'm saying is motherfucker's being fucking there's a price, there's a price for everything for me, you got to give me a significant amount of money for me to be barking. Also you gotta you gotta you gotta prove it first and you got to do it first before you even get that money that's why you prove what you be on there. It's not like we're turning up turning up hit that like proving that it's like a DJ. That's annoying as DJ. That's what it is bro. I get a couple more drinks and y'all, I'm gonna sound a whole lot better. It's like the no, no, no, no no. Like after every like after the middle of a song before the beat drops everything.

That's the thing. That's the thing bro, and how many of those DJs that do that shit name? Five DJ? DJ, Khalid um That's the one, Marshmallow and Fucking Calvin Birdman. He ain't a DJ, he's a producer. See that's what I'm saying, you can't even name him bro. Uh There's like there's so many DJs out there, I just don't hear it. There's too many, there's not big enough to name though and they'd be shouting out in the fucking dance parties and shit, you know, they get I guess I guess I'm just sucking my pride is too big, bro. I won't buy into that ship though. They buy into that hype. To what extent, but it makes it fun for a little bit and then five years down the road, you're broke again and everybody knows you as a dude that was fucking thirsting for fucking likes on Tiktok, then what? Then you're back at Square one and nobody respects you, you gotta do it again and then that ship don't work the second time because that's just played out.

It doesn't work, you try something new after that. They're gonna get stuck on the corner fucking like fucking what's that dude patty something that used to live in his. Yeah supreme patty motherfucking ain't around no more. Nobody knows that motherfucker Danny maybe supreme Danny. He's the only motherfucker. I know that might know what he's still up to. Yeah. See what I'm saying. Nobody knows that motherfucker's doing now because it was fucking it was insincere. It was fake. It was bullshit. That's why he got famous. Yeah you know what I'm saying? I mean he made a lot of money in the meantime though and now he's broke so maybe not broke. He will be in five years though. But I mean that he's not smart. He's not smart. I don't know sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for clout and you really don't. Yes you do. You don't have I mean there's more ethical ways to do it but there's also not which is this fame not clout.

I mean it's like people who joined like only fans or something like that. You know it's it's and then I mean well while you're young it's like sex sells for a while though. Yeah it does while you're still young. If I was a girl I would I would have I would have if I was a girl I would have made it only fans a long time ago facts bro. If I was a sexy right now like I'm saying like, I don't know, it's just sometimes you gotta sacrifice for cloud and it takes, you may have to do some, some things for free. You don't have to man, why are you so desperate for cloud? That's not even desperate. I'm not doing it myself. What I'm saying like that's how you get yourself out there dude, that's priorities man. That's just where morals come into play man. Like because honestly it's just fast money. Like if you blow up, you blow up. But the people that do most of the time five years later, they ain't got no money. I don't know what that's like hell no, you ain't spitting nothing so far right now that motherfucker makes a milli guaranteed for it.

Dry it right now, spit something right now and make you a million. Yeah. You get exposure though. Come on. That's how you see people go by rules. What you gonna do for cloud boy facts, facts. I mean, I'm not gonna go crazy on it. Like I wouldn't do no things that will ruin my life for the, that was, that was just leaving the internet for the rest of my life. You know, that's extreme though, but there's, you would be on a Tiktok versus page going like this like this ship or if it's for a good reason, it's not though. It never is, it never is. People are so fucking desperate for attention and approval and fame bro, that's what you think. It's just an attention, I mean what are they doing it for? Money. Money, money, money, money. No, it's not even with money, attention comes money. Maybe if you can do it, you don't think that Madison would get tired. Don't get tired of dancing on the front of the camera every day. She definitely does.

No, I don't think so. I think she's too shallow. I think she loves that shit. Shot, Addison Rae hit my line. I don't even like her but let me let me hold some cash, right? That's what I'll date you for the money. I've been twerking my asked if I was making as much money as she was. Yeah, that's what I'm saying on the sell out. If I was getting paid by Addison right was making I would be twerking my at 24/7. She was doing it for free first. So what I'm saying you got to do it for free before she was rich. She grew up rich. I know, I know, but it's like a side hobby that you don't expect to blow up off of its like one of those things. All right, But why was she doing it to begin with? Because she wanted the attention. She wasn't getting paid for it. She wanted the fucking eyes. That's the whole point. The ice. Yeah, everybody wants the ice and I bust down fucking gold chains and my point is still the same, even if you substitute that in my point is still saying I mean yeah I guess everything from that perspective but at the end of the day it's just like you don't think she was one of those fucking mean girls at school who cares?

Yeah. Now that she's rich I guess. I don't think, I think I think she was rich before she got famous. I mean her parents were definitely well besides the point, the point still you know why not? She's making her own money look bro. It doesn't matter if you said you was gonna pay me what you pay her and all I had to do was shake my ask on Tiktok. I would you know you're just you're just you know you sound like you just sound like a hater just because I'm sucking dissing your girl. Where are you getting help? I don't even think she's fucking, don't even think you're lying. Don't motherfucker's she kind of thick bro. Like it's not even like a good thing. I think her face, her face is like jesus christ. Uh now I'm being hated. Yeah see I turned it around on you that's what that's my game bro. Alright make you second guess your so thank you guys for tuning the good for nothing dropped the socials if you want trey Calvin At trade dog with 2GS 22 Twitter underscored anything so don't expect anything Instagram all the same trade route 22.

Yeah. Uh New episode. Every sunday. This is a very interesting conversation. We kind of jumped from fucking boxing to social media to the metaverse to selling out. I mean all kinds, yep, yep. But but thank you guys, and I'll see you later.

What's The Next Big Social Platform?
What's The Next Big Social Platform?
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