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Don't Stress About Things You Can't Control

by Lloyd Southammavong
December 6th 2021

In this episode, my guests Kilvain and Rey talk about spirituality, motivations, and up lifters. Let's change the negative ways we think and learn how to pick ourselves up when you feel like you're... More

this episode is sponsored by Anker. If you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free. There are creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on Spotify, apple podcasts and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast all in one place. So download the free anchor app now or go to anchor dot FM to get started. Thank you. All right, what's up? Y'all tune in to good for nothing. It's the one and only Lloyd. I got my two guests here, rake ap, introduce yourself. Hello, I'm Ray, I go to an M I'm K. P Kill van Philip that is Or I also go by Katie, but yeah, also graduate student here at texas A and M. So good to be here. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, our topic of discussion, I know Reagan to start us off. She got plenty ready. I got questions for y'all. So first today's theme is gratitude because we in november and thanksgiving coming up soon and our first question today is would you rather be rich like rich as hell?

Your whole life but have no freedom or would you rather be broke as hell and have all the freedom in the world. We was discussing this earlier and I was like, I'm gonna be rich, but she said you got to be trapped in the house and be rich and if that's the case, there's no point of being rich, right? I mean I guess how rich though, how rich we talking here um like millionaire rich rich, you don't want to see where I'm coming from. Like examples, so basically there was this girl and she was a Dubai princess and she so you know people in Dubai like they have so much money and like imagine she's a princess, so her dad gave her all the money in the world, but he locked her in the house her whole life and she actually ran away, like she ran away and it was a whole big deal, but like the the example for that is she was so rich, she had everything like servants every day, she got food blah blah blah, but she was stuck in the house her whole life, so she couldn't do anything.

That's a different perspective though, because that's that's the example because you know, it's exactly like buddhism right? The origins of buddhism where this prince was trapped in his house or in this palace and he never got to see the outside world and and he sneaked out and he'd see people crying like emotions and he had everything, but he sneaked out and he was like he was seeing people's emotions, people crying and it was all new to him, but coming from a us perspective where we already experienced that sh it, I'll do it and I think that's like not a thing about money, but the thing about parenting because like there's parents, parents, parents, parents that don't let the kids do shit, you know like I mean maybe they have money and maybe they don't, but they don't let their kids do ship and I mean if they do have a lot of money and it's the same kind of principle, even lock them in the tower kind of thing, don't let them do ship because they're trying to protect them from the world. Like the analogy you just gave because the world is kind of a fucked up player and I agree, I agree to some extent give them freedom, let them see people, let them see the outside world, all that I don't know, I would pick broke and freedom just because you have the opportunity to become rich but rich and no, I've enjoyed the freedom to work, to get rich if you're rich and you have no freedom, there's no point.

But it's kind of like that because you have to work to get rich damn there. So if you work and work and work and you damn that don't have any freedom. That's how it kind of it seems like the trade off is when you get there if that's what your aspirations are, you're not going to have the freedom that you have, you're going to have responsibilities too, whatever. Not the same because you know there are a lot of people say like when they got rich they like they like more or they like yearn for the days when they were broke because it was simpler. You know because like you just at home kicking it with your family, enjoying the good times. But you know what I'm saying, there's more money, more problems. So it's like you know you get it and then all types of ship happened and they said there's problems money can't solve. So then again I gotta have money to be able to get to that point. I think it's the it's that journey you take to get to that point. That is what's special like working the pass off experience ship that's important. But you know because that journey also teaches you like, like it gives you a strong mentality so when you do have that money you can control it and you know how to deal with it.

Not just spend it in two seconds. Yeah. Yeah. You know I like like myself in the house you know, I'll be like, hey buy myself a new car but I can't take it nowhere. Maybe I'll buy some land, I'll buy some land, you'll get sick and tired of that. You want people, you want interactions. I don't Yeah over here. Yeah. I mean so it depends on the situation. Like what are you talking about the Dubai Princess I'm talking like if we were to make the decision like I can't invite people over either. That's bullshit. That's just that's skewing the answer is so like you tell me if you have money and then if you like if you only if you have money you're lonely and you can't do you have money, you'll be out, you'll be out and about your family. That's that's skewing the answer. That's the best thing. You don't have a partner. All you need is your family doing the question bro. Yeah it's your choice. You don't pick the freedom for all the money, you know what if you don't have a leg and you have to have money like what if you like crippled and you have money and what are the limitations to being broken broken?

Like with freedom? Like do you have anything you want? That's literally you can go out the house and not do ship because you don't have any money. That's the thing. When you're broke, you have all the time in the world, you're like it would be nice to this ship, this will bounce the question more. You've got to be like you broke and you will never get money. You broke, you have much freedom as you want but you ain't getting no money. All right and then you trapped in a house and you got all the money in the world. That makes the question more? That's that's a good question. Okay. Based on that. What do you think? Rich and stay in my house. That's miserable as hell though dude, that's miserable as hell. Like okay, you could be just as miserable and broke as hell. Yeah, it is what it is. I mean, I guess you're talking if you're being broken freedom, I'm gonna be one of them dudes, you're so right. Like other countries, they like Jamaica for example, they just, they live in freedom but like it's not advanced there, it's all like island and natural, like everything comes to them, They don't have to work, they don't have to do anything.

That's from our perspective. I think everywhere has some kind of system where you have to do something, water has to run lights have to come on ships like and she never break, you know, ain't no budget, motherfucker's eating for us. So it's like, it's all from the trees, it's all, it's all from the land like yeah, The thing I can't be living like I mean it's with me when I'm 80 years old, and I just I did everything already and then I'm going to do that but I don't think I can make my name a name for myself. I just like live life with nature and it's not that time. It's like one thing I always had in mind is I'm trying to change the world. I don't know how I'm gonna do it that way, All the way, all the way. It's like the world is complicated. But then you think of, I live in a small town where I was from a small town and everybody got not everybody but like most people got that mindset where I'm gonna get a job, you know I'm gonna be stable. Yeah, I'm gonna stay there. Yeah but that's it, the content with that. Yeah.

And I've been funked up in that position recently to I've been thinking I was thinking about it before I came over here, I was like man I'm working this job, I'm thinking about going to another job, the other job I told you about the program logistics and then like funk that like not an hour though, that's not worth it but at the same time why am I looking for another part time job when like I should be trying to grow opportunities right now is the time we go to those entrepreneurs are exposed when people are talking like their students and their growing their business and stuff like that. And what was funny last last one I was talking to people about the cannabis industry that dude mike that was presenting he like he's put me on with his cannabis connect from Cali and stuff like that and uh but it's like it's that time like you know it's never too like why wait why wait to make your opportunities grow or whatever like that. So going on a part time job, a part time job or whatever job to job like if you if there's a bigger dream, you know, you want to chase chasing now kind of thing, like that kind of mindset I've been trying to get into and I've been trying to figure out easier said than done.

I mean there's steps to everything, they're just steps everything. Some days you don't want to get out of bed and it's like impossible to do that mentality that you're saying, that's what you will like I get that because I got like no, no, no. Yeah, no, today I was in bed like a motherfucker like late playing this little egg game, I've been playing like a motherfucker. I like it because you can get up to whatever bucket, but I felt like a piece of ship because I didn't go running with my dog, I didn't like, dude, I'm like there's so much that I could have been doing or I should have been there and I told myself I was going to do and then I laid in bed just one thing though, I say mental health really sets people back. It's probably one of the toughest challenges to overcome, you know, because you're fighting with yourself, you know? But how do we overcome that? Do you have any strategies? You know that that is like the main thing, I feel like life is all a mind game and I think it's like whatever, whatever you put yourself into like for example whatever you think or like I don't want to use the word manifest because I hate that word everybody uses it but it's like whatever you say like will be brought up in the future but you just have to, the second you, you make a plan or an action that's when, what you say you'll do but you have, it's the action part, not the, not the, you know just, you can't just say something every day and then think it'll just come to you, you have to do, I'm not saying exactly and some people are saying like principal with prayers like you know you pray, you pray, you pray you know and praying is a good thing, it's almost like meditating, which you know what I've been relating it to because I mean I don't pray too often, I need to meditate more, but you know, you just pray with no action, you just hope basically and hope isn't, is half the equation, you need the action behind it basically, you know, I used to be a monk for real, you share your experience right now like that, I was like 12 years old and it's traditional Buddhism to like as a kid you got to do, it I finally did it for about a month, and you.

you really get to see, I don't know it change in your lifestyle for like right away because I jumped right into it and the hardest part because you can't eat after 12 and you just gotta like fast for the rest of the day. But um I learned a lot with like meditating and 12, 12 pm, Wait, I can locally relate to that just because, so I'm muslim, so like we have, we have, we do do the like the fasting thing, but it's just a month and it's like, you know what daylight? Yeah and it's like during the daylight you can't eat and the benefits of it is actually crazy like there's so many benefits from it and I feel like you're getting your highest self, like you can't even drink water right? Yeah, no, you don't eat, you don't drink, you break your fast at sunset, you can have a drink water. No, no, it's not bad after a while it feels good. Like I feel like my body's cleansing like I'm getting back to my highest self, which is, which is I think is the purpose of life. Like you try to get to your highest self and then you don't, you can't like drink or smoke or do anything that month.

You know, I mean you can't do it already, but like people are more strict. Like for example french Montana, he's, yes, he drinks literally all the time because he's surrounded by that lifestyle, but he's muslim and once it comes to like that month that holy month, he's like, no, like I'm not drinking, I'm not smoking, I'm not doing anything and he's like, I feel my best at that point and but yeah, no, but I feel like because I did research with buddhism and stuff and I like, I kind of agree with what you guys do, like I actually like, like what monks do because they're like, they're finding their highest self for sure. For sure. I read this book not too long ago, jay shetty think like a month and it was a really good book. It got into the practices of meditation and different stages of it. I accept every religion, I don't judge for sure. For sure. I would say at this point I'm almost in the agnostic because like you believe in God, but you don't like adhere to a specific religion.

I grew up catholic and I went to catholic church, I've never baptized, I've never been baptized or anything like that, but my grandma's wanted it, but it's just whatever, but now, like I've just grown up just reading different, like I said, jay shared things like a monkey got into buddhist practices and stuff like that and I got into like different other readings, just buddhist stuff. I was trying to start this zen lifestyle, health and wellness brand, I think I told you about it and it's like, it's in practice because it talked about the, I forgot the internal flower or something like that, whereas a sermon, right, a lotus flower sermon or something like that where the guy just holds up a single flower and then he doesn't speak a word, but everybody just understands and it's just that kind of thing. Like Eastern religions are more spiritual. That's what I really like they say like islam is really spirit like centers are on astrology and stuff like that. Reading the stars, reading like those kinds of all backed up by science to that's also why like I kind of like for me, I agree with that because everybody is different.

Like some people are brought up into it, I was brought up into it but I never took it seriously until I came to college and then I found it on my own and did research by myself and like to the people who aren't religious like you like, so I watched a lot of videos and, and this um so these girls were not religious at all, but they were into death like they were, they would read books about death and stuff and they realized that like I don't want like, because I don't want to use like I don't want to use religious ideas but I want to use like talking about like energy, like for example God, I think with God is like an energy like he's like a creator and like we are also energies but like we're not creators just because like example, we sleep at night, like if you're a creator don't sleep, you'll see your, you'll die. Like you can't live without sleeping, you can't live without eating, you can't, it's like a lot of little things that it's like we can't live without, which shows there's a higher energy to me that energy, that higher energy is God, but I don't want to use the term God, so we don't get religious, but it's like, you know, there's a higher energy and and the, the girls in the video, they're just talking about energies the whole time and like how death, like how when you die, you you physically, you're physically die, like your body dies but your energy is still alive, Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Exactly, your energy is alive and it just rises and it's like you're waiting for that next. I believe in the afterlife. I don't want to get to religious, so I believe in the afterlife. But yeah, you got a buddhist islam, like I'm more spiritual, I like what do you mean? Like, I grew up catholic agnostic, my friends hate me for this, but I am buddhist, but I still believe in like jesus are like a higher being for sure. Yeah, for sure because they say that jesus and Mohammed were both real, but it's just like the argument of in a profit, but for sure. No, it's just that religion is like, say it's like division, you know, that's what it is, like it divides because at the end of the day, it's all the same God God and Allah is the same, so you know, just jesus and Muhammad, you know, and jews believe that neither. You know, there's no profit. So you kind of think it's like, it's like languages, how everybody got a different language in different countries and everybody believes in their own thing in different countries.

It's kind of like to think of the same thing, but it's not going to do what works for you. But isn't that like, I feel like that's also like for a purpose in itself because think about it, what if we were all the same? Like what's the point then? What's the point of this part of our life? I think the point of it is that we're all different and we're trying to find what the purpose is, but I think they're trying to make us all the same. I don't know if this is deeper, but like, you know, uh interracial is cool. I mean people the same, It's like more of a same mindset kind of thing. They're getting like mob mentality is like bigger than ever nowadays. Like, I don't know, there's just so many things like, not to get too like political, but like the sexual thing is on like a spectrum now. So you can be like, man and woman is kind of like not even a difference now. I want to say not even a difference, but you can be anywhere in the spectrum. So there'll be a day where it's like, no, no skin tone, no sex, No. Like, I mean, no, like not no sex, like physically maybe because like everybody would be the same gender and that's what I'm saying.

Like, um, you don't identify as male or female. I mean, it's just the way just looking, I don't know what's crazy. I mean, I don't want to get too political or nothing like that. You know, I don't, I don't like getting up into that because politics is another rat race type of attention grabber entertainment type thing. I don't look at politics as a real thing and just entertainment for people and every four years they can get riled up of who you vote for and ship like that. I want to talk about this party and that didn't work out for me. It's like something to talk about. You know, what do you mean? Like that? Like politics, It's just something to talk about. It's kind of like, like people with pop culture. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. It's just, you know, you seem mature and talking about politics. You know, it's like, oh yeah, congress and I don't understand that. I try not to get into that. I'm like, no, no, that's what I'm saying. I don't like that ship either because I feel like it divides. Exactly. And it's that thing with dividing. And, and I also like grew up without, I grew up like with stuff forced on me and I didn't like that.

So that's why when I tried to influence people, I don't want to force it on them. I want to show them a different side without labels, without anything. So I don't even vote, I don't know either. I voted in the last election and I voted Green party and I feel like it didn't, I don't know, I feel like the government came after me after that. Honestly actually I don't want to get too political but but they were saying that we're going to keep you know like there was no choices that I want. Like I said I wanted to write Andrew yang because he's asian yeah, but he didn't even make it to the last ship, but he's running for governor or like mayor of new york or something like that. You know, he's not mayor of new york, somebody else's mayor of new york city, but he's still in politics. Barrows doing governor of texas, he running for that ship. So that's a big thing. We need to look out for it too. It's like if you can vote in texas expertly voting for, I just say the person that supports marijuana policy, you know, that's the way it's moving and ship like that.

That's where my focus is kind of right now in my group like that I have at the school students for sensible drug policy was sdp Tamil Tamil us STP on instagram. But um hell yeah, just working to that kind of stuff like legalizing cannabis in texas, you know unique, those kind of people that like look forward in politics, Some people just like playing the game doing whatever they elected and don't do ship once they get in office. I don't know, there's like cow Kyle Rittenhouse ship out of Wisconsin is kind of big in the house, the news today ah and I've seen like Abbott commented on that and everything like that and a lot of people like why why are you commenting on that? It's not even nothing related and ship like that. So I don't know like it's kind of like yeah you kinda have to play to your fan base nowadays just rather than playing to like the people like fucked up people vote for you and you don't do ship for him, you just like playing a popularity contest type of ship.

There's another book I read that really got me into like islam and like the muslim stuff, it's called a message to the Black man in America by Elijah muhammed and I didn't even read it all the way through yet. But um it just talks about like it kind of tries to debunk or contradict Christianity in ways like they say like uh let me think of a good example right now but I mean the father son and holy spirit kind of thing like Alright father son, holy spirit kind of thing, I mean like it's all three at the same time but who is he truly is what they're trying to say and I don't really get that either. The Father Son Holy Spirit and the Holy spirit cool, jesus god, Father son cool, but like all of it and you will touch down a lot of it earlier with like the energy talk and stuff like that because like the, the energy thing is literally islam, but I don't want to use the labels, I don't, I don't want to, its energy vibrations, whatever you want to call it because I mean I don't even, it's something further than science can even get to because like, like this is something, a lot of people don't understand aura energy, like I said vibrations, you can feel it, but you can't explain it right?

And well I was going to add on, I was going to talk about, I was going to add on to what you were saying was like this idea about like you said like with the energy thing that we are auras are energies, if our auras are energy, that means energy, you said this earlier cannot be created or destroyed? Right, Okay, so if it's not destroyed, when somebody, when somebody passes away, do you think that they're dead completely or is their spirit remains? Um you know that's a crazy thing to uh I think it always remains, They say your ancestors are always kind of there for you to like help you out and stuff like that, I don't know, I don't think it's gone. I don't know what kind of planer existence they exist in. Like if it's angels or if it's just ghosts or spirits or whatever it is. Because like, uh I had two people passed in my life and I feel like they've guided me every day.

It's almost like my conscience, like they guided me as a conscience type of thing and that's kind of like I'm speaking of my like religious thing, but that's what I feel like what God is to me is like my conscience, like the thing guiding me every day telling me what's right to do okay. Like I know I recognized like the devil part or the bad part is like telling me Goofy ship, like my amateurs side where I'm like, all right dude, this Goofy shirt or whatever like that. But like, yeah, when people pass, I feel like they're there for, they're like, they work as angels for their, for their loved ones and stuff like that. And like I said, I've been going through some bullshit and I just feel like my people in the past that has really been there for me for for I see that though. But then again, I don't believe in ghosts. It's not even about ghosts. I believe there's angels and devils. Yeah, yeah. There's times in my life where I'll see something, something's telling me something. Yeah, like you feel you feel something spiritually like I believe in life, there's four aspects that like we try to get to write, I think like each person, you try to get your highs spiritually, your heart physically and mentally spiritually mentally.

So the physical part is jamming, you know, eating healthy below the, the mental, we already know the mental, we cover that the heart is in terms of loving family, having a family, like having your loved ones there and then spiritually, like to think spiritually is like is a lot of people don't think spiritually, a lot of people just do life without thinking, why am I here? Like a majority of americans, they go to, they go like they do this routine everyday work 99 to 5 and then boom, whatever they do after work and then sleep and then it's just a routine, they don't think there's anything more, but if you can think more like spiritually mentally, like if you can think more than what you do then I think that's the key to success. So they get more thinking in all aspects instead of just like, you know what I mean, Everybody just does a routine and doesn't think like what's going on here and I think the corona during corona period, some people were like awakening and some people were waking up, some people that I know in high school were never like religious at all, like never even thought about their lives were like going wrong and they were just like doing a routine, they started waking up and they started the BLM, The BLM is a huge example.

Everybody woke up to that, like, instead of the routine we were going through, everybody was like, wait, what's going on here? And they questioned their lives and like, I think that was the benefit out of corona and that's why God gave us corona even though it was sad and we lost so many people, it was like for a purpose, God gave, you, gave us corona or let's say it's crazy, Corona happened like, what was it called? A lab or like whatever. Apparently it was like, It was like, they knew about it 10 years ago or so they've been working on it and Wuhan, apparently I just found out that you've been knowing about this ship, they said Bill Gates know about this ship. I don't know, let's chill and let's not get this bit all the way shut down. But like, that's what I'm saying, we can't talk about a lot of that stuff because this podcast will get shut down. Yeah, no, this is this ship that's going to get into like on the charts. You know, you need, you need the conspiracy are people, you need to like that's like, you know, the people, you need to get to that, but that's what I'm saying, a lot of people are not woke, so that's the issue, I feel like J cole right now, but that's the issue.

People are just doing, nobody's thinking because you know what they say and which is true. Like a motherfucker, ignorance is bliss. It's true. Like a motherfucker right? You start thinking about and then because some people think about, oh yeah there's hunger going on here in africa, there's a war going on here, There's bullshit going on there. There's everything, the world is a fucked up place. Nobody, everything's going on every day. Every fucked up thing you can think about is going on every day and it's like okay you can try to think about fun, it's just fucked up, what can I do or you can focus on what you need to do that day, right? Because thinking about everything else is its energy. You think about everything else, that's your energy gone. You think about your thinking about it, thinking about, you're like stressing about it at the end of the day, but you can't do ship about it. So and the thing that helped me a little while ago when I realized focus on the things I can control right ship that's out of your control.

You can stress about it all day, you can be fucked up if you can't control it. There's no point of like stressing about it, you might as well like focused about things you can't control. Exactly. That's the biggest lesson, focus on what you can control so shits here. She's their funk. All of that ship is even going on in the next town over adding to what you were saying? Wait what did you know I was just saying you got to focus on what you can control what's in your environment your day to day. I mean if it's something that can make you better every day, that's what you need to focus on sometimes your job. Like I said I've been getting bogged down with just going to my job every day. I need to focus, I've been trying to figure out what I can work on that will improve me. Whatever will make me better. Like either it's reading a book, working on a business plan or whatever it else it is like what can I be doing now that can improve me? Like I still have my job, I want to maintain that I still got to pay my bills and ship like that. But at the end of the day what can I do to like accomplish what I want to do in the future?

I need to start working on it now. It's steps you know like that you need to focus on that ship rather than spending all your energy going back to where we're just talking about spending all your energy, spend stressing about ship, you can't control it, you have nothing to do with and adding to that. I think it's like everybody wants to change the world and like benefit somebody else. But how are you going to benefit somebody else when you can't even benefit yourself. And I think I think the first thing adding onto that like do things that you can control so if you want to world world peace or like change the world one day, focus on changing yourself for the better and focus on things you can control. So every day to make a new good habit like drink a gallon of water a day or or like eat healthy diet is also very important by the way, I swear like big ceos they're all all their health is like perfect, they wake up five am they go jogging. They they eat so good. Like people in America like in high school and elementary school they have talkies for breakfast, how are you going to learn eating talkies for breakfast like really?

How's your brain gonna work? We were part of that is like the economic gap like what's available and that's what I'm saying school is like the devil itself, They trap you into this box closed thing and tell you to do this this this and then they give you all these options in the cafeteria not knowing it's it's ruining brain cells and it's it's it's ruining their Like they can't think deeper, they can't, they can't grow, they can't develop and they'll probably end up working a 9-5. So think about all the people that's thankful, the topic is gratitude for all the people that is grateful for that meal, you know that don't get to eat at home, shout out to them. I'm saying though it's hard not to give a talk when people around you are given a fun like not giving a funk like all the good things, but like you said stressing stressing that we can't change. Like people in the program, they be stressing that they can't find a job for me. I've always been the guy who was like you know I find a job don't matter but it's kind of hard but it's kind of hard when you're in that environment where everybody is like you know I'm sad because I don't have a job yet.

Exactly what we're stressing that that's why people and that's why God sent leaders like us because really like some people just, they can't think like that so it's our job to help those people think clearly and think positive because positive mindset is so important. Yeah. Yeah, now that's crazy to see you know what, I was just thinking about coming here speaking about leaders like us but nah I was thinking about in school aspect to which is funny but I see I've seen you the other day right in the hallway that was outside of my other class. It was funny I see you by my waiter by my graduate classes and then when I go to work, I ran into Ray the other day and the other week, like it was like meant to be in the whole, yeah, for sure. For sure. And I'm like, damn. I ran into Ray. Then I ran into a lawyer like, like damn. Like fishes like the triangle and, and that's little signs that it's like, okay. Maybe like y'all think the way I think so.

It's like, like your forehead. So that's like, that's why like we were meant to find each other. I don't know because the way we did meet was like spontaneous. I think we had good chemistry and even the night we met and you told us about your podcast. I'm like, dude, if all three of us was on this part, I feel like we have good and that's what I'm saying. And like the way we met was not forced and that's also another lesson in itself because it's like don't go for, don't force things like things will come to you that are meant to be. And I think I'm meant to be on a talk show, but I feel like right now we need to work on our communication skills. So I'm talking about me personally, I have horrible communications three hours for us to each other. I'm a bad texture in general like, like sometimes, but I don't know how to communicate. I'm learning every day. I mean we got here without too late. Like how long were you here before for those 10 minutes, 10 minutes.

That's not too bad like. Yeah I mean we got here on the decent, we didn't say the exact time or anything. You know traffic is bad but we're only going to improve for sure and passed this like explaining business opportunities like explaining everybody that I meet. Like I try to see the best and recognize the skills like as an entrepreneur you got to try to recognize the skills and people and how you can work together in the future like okay bam I recognize your skills and bam if I'm working on this project that's venture this feature I see how you can work in that. So like I mean you with marketing and can work with anything everything needs to be marketed and she's like that and you know what's Ray and Ray is I. D. And I was idea as well so like everything needs to be distributed. You can make anything, everything needs to be moved from A. To B. Everything needs to be sold. Everything needs to be like planned out and coordinated. So like you got to find positions like we're talking about value chain in my thing, you've got to find a position where you're just invaluable where they need you and I feel like all of us have that and if we all work together in any kind of business aspect, I feel like all of our skills can work together and that's what something nice about this podcast is like we'll see each other grow In 10 years, we'll probably be in like suits okay, just kidding.

Hey, how we're gonna market this podcast? Shit. You have good sound quality. It's really good. Sounds like, yeah, like when I was doing the podcast, I was going through like my own training programs like lifting and and eating right, I went through like a month or two where I counted all my calories. I worked, I went to two times, I went to the gym twice a day and I own a job. So all I did was classwork gym or gym class, work, jim sleep and didn't you feel your best? I felt my best. Yeah, it was, I don't know why I felt so good and I didn't drink as much, I was content with staying home and working on myself and I'm trying to get back to it. It's kind of hard, you know, it is hard and it's, it's a journey and but like you just got to, if you look up one day, be like the next day, okay, I got this blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, like you just can't give up with the gym dude, I just got back into that kind of role. I'm trying to go back to the gym and I was in there last night like the first day is always the hardest.

I'm on my third day, third or fourth day trying to go consecutively and the thing about me, I kind of could see results fast, so like, I don't know what it is about it, like, I mean I didn't get too far out of the shape I was, but like, I've been seeing the results fast, so I'm like, damn, are stay consistent with stay consistent with because this is like, man, I just noticed that like, I just got out of the shape that I wasn't like fun results influencing what I'm saying. It's like you have a function like display right there, like, are you a gym coach? But I know when I see results that actually like influences me to do better, it's like when you do well on a test, you get an A that influences you to study more and do better. Like just doing good influences you to do better than that confidence, right? You look yourself in the mirror like, damn bro, I'm looking I can get out of bed and be like, I love me like, you know, but it's hard when it's at six or seven in the morning, it's like five, I'll be waking up at five am to go to the gym, you know what I'm saying?

That it's hard, I'm trying, I'm trying to get back to that because that's how it was. I swear that's like the best way to be because first you're isolated from society because you're just a step ahead and like, so I'm reading this book, it's called five AM club. You guys should read it. It's by Robin Sharma and he says like the key to success and the key to being like very successful is when you join the five a.m. Club And when you wake up at five am, naturally your life gets better. Like naturally you get blessings when you wake up earlier because first of all you're more productive and two, he has like this 23 step 20 method and it's like when you wake up at five am you do three things for 20 minutes, you exercise. But like obviously we exercise longer but in his book he says 20 minutes, exercising and then 20 minutes meditation or prayer. So like that can be yoga and that can be praying however you pray. And then the third step is like write down what you're going to do for the day or like like journaling like it's that three steps.

So it's it's meditation, journaling writing down what you're going to do and like accomplished for the day and then exercise like movement, some type of movement and that's like the like when I was doing that consistently, I do it now but not consistently. I'll do it like monday Wednesday friday. But when I was doing it every day like the blessings naturally came to me, I got like sometimes I get internships in the morning and I'd apply to them and then I got accepted to it. I'd study more and like ace my tests like it was just so many blessings were just coming to me easily. Like it wasn't a force. Yeah when I would get about five, no matter how late I slept when I got in that routine, if I sleep at to get three hours of sleep I can still wake up at five and you know I can't talking, I got into that thing like I'm saying sleep nine five am you Need, you need like eight hours of 78. I told myself as long as I get five hours of the 655 or six, you can function like four is like, yeah everybody woke up like that but I wasn't doing sleep is so powerful that it wasn't consistent.

Like I wasn't doing, I wasn't sleeping at two and waking up at five every day, it's like every every now and then I'll be up till like one or two and I'll still be able to wake up at five and be good because like when I was waking up at five though, I get everything done by like 10 a.m. And I'm like damn bro, I feel accomplished. I feel like a second day by noon he like ship like that was only 11 or 12 on the second part of my day. I'm like doing extra ship that I would never do and I'm like dang I'm really out here. Yeah for sure. It is different and it's like you got a whole another day almost with my mm A class. I'm trying to get back to what I used to go to class starts at five so as to wake up at like four or something. And like, well Ray, you said you've dealt with mental struggles before. What kind of like problems have you had? It was it was all it was all things I couldn't control and it's like when, when I was dealing like my whole life, I was dealing with problems that I could control and this was like I started dealing with issues that I literally like it was out of my hand, I could not control it, it was like it was it was bad, like it was bad problems and I just I just had to learn that you you can't like there's not a solution to everything and there's not a solution to things you can't control.

You just have to let it be and it's you just have time needs to just pass by because in the beginning of it, it was just so awful. But now I've developed such a strong mentality from it that like I want to start my own business, like I want to be a ceo like if it led me to be like such a have that entrepreneurship mentality now being antisocial is so bad for your health. Like we need human interactions to be happy. Like this guy, okay y'all know, Osama bin laden. So His friend, he was talking about, he had an interview and he was talking about solitary confinement when he was in there for 10 years, right? It was longer, he comes out of out of it, he comes out of it and he does an interview, right? And he said the only thing that killed him in solitary confinement is he just wanted to talk to somebody that's it, He just wanted that human interaction, like he literally was going crazy in his mind, all he wanted to do was talk to one person, this conversation we're having, that's all he wanted to have.

He was he was grateful for this conversation back to gratitude, I felt that I felt that because human interaction is so important, I'm always, sometimes I'm always like fun people, but it's like we need people to be happy. Like it's hard though when you live by yourself too, it's hardly living by yourself, it is chilling. Yeah, chilling. You know, sometimes you need your alone time because being everyday is bad, emotionally draining and like it's like extroverts, like um I see that in one of my friends, like yeah, you're one of those people that like, like to be out there social won't you needed time to sit back and recharge your battery and it's not, you can't be that that way all the time friends that literally like they're so broke to the point where they live with their friends and they live with them every day that they can't even think for themselves anymore, whatever their friends are doing they're doing. And it's like, how are you going to level up from that?

And then once that friendship breaks there on the streets alone board, begging, begging to come into our house or like, you know, it's it's so bad. You need a balance. I don't know. I I always saw myself, I was always like, introverted and people don't see that with me. They think I'm like sucking loud mouth. I talk all the time. They think I talk all the time. They're like, then you're extroverted people person Yeah, you are socially. I consider myself and it was on Kendrick Lamar song that painted it perfectly. But antisocial extrovert. Yeah. Just like, damn. Sometimes I prefer not to talk to people because I'm just like, chilling in my own sh it, in my own world, in my own head, whatever the case may be. But then when somebody talks to me at the time, I'm like, yeah, I'm all extroverted, lovely, lovely in the same way. Like, if people are willing to talk, I can talk all day, people aren't willing to talk, I'm just not. I'm not going to go on my way. Also having funny friends is a blessing.

Like, I'm like, sometimes I'm so good, I got a class clown in high school because it was to the point where like my looks couldn't get attention. So I had to make people laugh to get attention. I did, I did. And that's how I thought then. And then I realized when I got all that attention in college, I was like, damn, this comes with so many consequences. I don't want it. And now I'm kind of like both. Like I like being alone, getting on my ship during the week and then I'll be, I'll be with my friends in the weekend and just chill. Like that's good. It's good. You didn't peek. That's what they say. You don't want to peak in high school right now. Never know. Never know. Some people are so fine in high school and like they lose it in college. That's peaking in high school. Yeah. Like a motherfucker and I wondered if I was class clown in my high school best smile ship like that I want definitely like every supportive. No bullshit. I mean because I was well known like again, like I was that person that always walked like places by myself and ship like that.

Like at one point I had a girlfriend and she like that she'll walk with me sometimes, but for the most part I was by myself and like I said, I'm all, I didn't care. I was cool. I was cool with like the mexican people and black people, but it's like, you know, it's whatever. People just like rock with you, they funk with you being genuine and ship like that. So it's like, you know, even to the point because like I say a lot of points I get to that like when I'm like, I really don't go out of my way to talk to people, like it's whatever like, but if you're just being yourself and that's what I got class clown because I really don't think I'm funny, but like, you know, in the sense of just being yourself and like and the action is just being yourself, People just find it in some cases, people just find it funny you're right. And so, so it's just like, that's how you can do it, that's how you got to do. And that's what I was listening to Snoop Dogg on joe Rogan the other day and that's kind of what they started on and it's just like being yourself and that's the easiest thing to do when you got to go outside and paint on the face before you walk out the door, like being fake or whatever.

That's like how do I got to keep up this act what I gotta do? I gotta talk a certain way. I gotta walk a certain way. It's like stardust fucking thing in the world because that's like Exactly. Exactly. And the last step to that though, which is the hardest because we live in a society, we care about society's approval, right is not giving a funk about what people say, what people think outside of you when you're doing the action when you want to do something every how will people think like, oh ship how, how will I look to the people around me? How will I, how people perceive this like that? Because we all live in a society, we all want to be approved or liked by people in our society, by our peers and ship like that. So like you don't want to do ship that's going to make you like ostracized out of society. So you're like, you kind of think about it a little bit before you do any action, you're like with this um well this like made me look a certain way, will this make me look crazy with this, made me look like boom, Well I look well, well, you know, well I look a certain way and I think that's the last hurdle of not giving the fucky.

It's like alright, fun how I look how boom. Maybe how looks at me, how somebody down the street or down the block or whatever next to me looking at me like I'm gonna just do me like this is my world and I mean explaining people with entrepreneur reminds people with like going mindset people with like, and this is what something, one of my homeboys sucking me up on this Alpha beta thing and I don't know, he said something maybe not an alpha mindset. Like I don't know, people that think they're playing the first player game, right? People that think they're like, living life for real and I don't know, maybe there's N Pcs or whatever there else that you know, there is, but people that think they're doing this thing for the real thing and there's people out here bullshitting and the people like people that are out here really have a goal and a plan in the plot and not just living mindlessly like zombies. Um I think sometimes that like contribute a little more because I expected to do big things. You need people's approval.

You need people behind you. You need people like to support, You need Exactly. So you don't whatever get to the point where like, you're like, fuck society and what people think because everybody like you're just like, I'm just doing me. But at a certain point, if you recognize what you really want to do and it's like, okay, bam, I need support, I need people behind me and then you're like, okay, then I need to fall in line with society at the same time, Yeah, I want to do what I want to do. You want to live life Yeah, me, right? Your person, your, your individual at the same time, you got to fall in line with society and do what I do that all the time where I'm like, you know, I'm just doing me for everybody, but then some people like my friends and my friends don't like that. Yeah exactly. Told sometimes like that if you have comments don't matter. They just want to break you down so you're not but at the end of the day yes that's true. And that if you have friends like that I want to break you down. Exactly but at the same time friends but yeah exactly the one that let you be you and do you because sometimes like Mhm.

Yeah you want people to accept you for who you are by the same that you don't want to step on your friend's toes and just feel like you're sitting on their shipping on them in their life and whatever the funk is going on like you got to play a balance. Everybody wants to be an exception in society. You gotta play into society at the same time as no matter how individual you want to be, we're a part of society so it is what it is. I used to think like that too but like so you don't give a funk about what the people don't get home society. They used to shoot on me, I don't give a this is like the fat girl in middle school. I used to be bullied. I really used to be bullied bro. I want to know for sure it's like that you just got to grow up, haters are your motivators successful people all all the C. E. O. S. Today. I promise you they got bullied I promise you that I promise you they got bullied when they were young.

They used to call me taco meeting in middle school when I had nappy hair call me taco meat mentality. So bad that they had to they had to do stuff to make them happy naturally. Like every day they had to just better themselves. At what point is it overcompensating? That's the thing. It's like okay bam I'm bullied now I got to prove to everybody that I'm not the nerd they say I am and I can but it's not even about proving it's about it's about moving better and finding the right friends because the right friends that like if you really do you every day the right friends will come and they'll they'll support you and what you're doing but the wrong ones will bully you and they just wanna they don't want to see your friends and your friends everybody's different. That's the thing it depends who you're dealing with. And you also have to understand that a lot of people didn't grow up like you did and they weren't raised like you were so so their mentality is probably lower than yours and that's why they're bullying you.

It's out of insecurities to they say hurt people hurt people that's the thing. It's like if you if you feel lower about yourself if you want to make people feel lower than you if you already feel low fuck that. I'm better than this guy. I'm gonna make him feel lower and then boom, boom boom. And then you know what's the thing is too? And I feel like, you know, I feel like I I was funny in high school too, which is the thing when I came to college, I turned down but and somebody told me this like my senior year of high school like, oh you used to be an asshole and now you're like cool. But um it's like, yeah, you do that and you hurt people. But like words do hurt. People have been saying this more and more every day. It's like you think you're funny, you think you know, cracking or whatever. And it's like, you know, I was thinking about this like today or the other day like yeah, you like that when you make a joke at the expense of somebody else either there that right immediate or not. Like usually a funny joke is at the expense of somebody else, right? And it's like you feel fucked up for laughing about it.

But it's like it is what it is. But at the same time like that sh it hurts at the end of the day, like I explained there's somebody in immediate and at the same time, I don't know how much of it is getting Pc where you don't want to talk about like people in wheelchairs or like, you know that you know, trans or whatever. I don't know whatever it may be that's like Pc touchy touchy it's like you don't want to touch on this. You don't make the joke. It comes at the expense of other people. So like damn you bully. You make a joke. Fuck somebody's fucked up about it and he can really him. I never like bullied, bullied but like I like to joke around about fucked up shit and some people take it the wrong way if you're trying to be funny if it can still fuck up somebody fun them uncle Ricky safe them like anything like them joke. It's a Joke. You living your life for them what they think and everything else like him.

Like it's your life. You're trying to enjoy it to the fullest 100% like because that's the thing like if you sit there thinking about everyone that can affect PC. If you're trying to be like politically craig never be successful. If you think about everybody, If you think about pleasing everybody, you might as well say die. Exactly. Okay. Let me not say that by the end of the day. You do have people you are trying to please. Yeah. And it's the people that you care about. Like for example, I want to please my family. I want to please my brothers, my my parents, my dad who literally immigrated to give me a better advantage in life. Like all that stuff, you know and everybody associated with them. So then I think family is so important. Exactly. It's number one is going and I feel so bad for like kids that don't grow up with parents. Like in, okay, so in the Quran, I'm getting religious again, but it says like take care of the orphans because orphans are the ones who are going to corrupt this society just because they don't have a backbone to shield on, you know, like that's why I'm always like giving like money and charity to the orphans because that's, it's so important to have parents, Children.

It's so important and think about it. If we were to deal with the youth correctly, wouldn't we have a perfect world? It's about the youth. Exactly. Children are the youth. If they get treated shit in middle school and high school, they grow up to be to corrupt the world if they're treated well and with love, they grow up to be, to be lovers and givers and you know, it's really the kids to like that's what we need to, if you want to, if you want to change the world, focus on the kids, that's what they say. Yeah, but then it's the parents on top of the parents on top of that, that's living in this fucked up world, that's like, alright, this is fucked up. Those are fucked up. These people might be fucked up. Your racist people usually parents are the problem. The parents are the problem. This is what we've gotten. That's the headlines. This is another problem, like relating to the young demographic. Yeah, for sure. Parents are the problem.

But at the end of the day it's like everybody just has to learn how to be accepted. But yeah, thanks for tuning into good for nothing. Uh Got the homies, dropped the ads. Yeah, It's Kill Van. Like I said, Kill van. Kill Van Peak dot salim X. Yeah. And you find me anything at Kill Van. Just look at me, look for me. I kill Van. You'll find me. But yeah, I appreciate y'all coming in. We had some good discussions for sure.

Don't Stress About Things You Can't Control
Don't Stress About Things You Can't Control
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