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Ep. 42 - Energy Healing and The Science of Spirituality - An Interview with Drs. Tom & Shelley Negelow

by Hearts Rise Up
March 24th 2021
In this episode, we bring back Drs. Tom and Shelley Negelow for another visit on energy healing. The Negelow’s are both energy healers as well as empowerment consultants. Ann interviews this engaging ... More
Thank you for tuning your heart's in for another episode of the Hearts Rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host along with my co host and Siri and Concetta antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews. We're here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution, help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self Together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love joy and freedom. Mm hmm. No. Hello hearts rise up listeners. We are so excited today to have two of our repeat guests, Dr Shelley Niccolo and dr tom gigolo. And I'm going to give you a short introduction for both of them and anybody that has listened to our shows before and heard about them and hear them talk will be excited and we have new information to share with you on some of the healing work that they are both doing.

So. Here goes. Dr. Shelley is an advocate for women relationships and families for over 30 years. She has been mentoring and teaching women through one on one private lessons tailored to their personal and professional growth. She's also developed and teaches the life changing power of women's seminars which trains women in creating extraordinary results and turns the fire back on in their lives. Shelly says it's your birthright to live your life with focused passion and purpose and more joy and love brings you to an experience of freedom. So you have the quality of life we all seek. She teaches real tools for real life, extraordinary results, your roadmap and foundation for success as a master healer. She offers deep healing inner child sessions for both men and women in her private practice which provide lasting life changing results to the client. She is also the author of The Master in the Mirror, A woman's guide to living a passionate and joyful life Dr Tom Hello brings a unique perspective in helping both men and women to have a profound connection with who they are.

His multifaceted work includes training, personal and professional coaching, healing and channeling. His seminars and classes include the right of passage, a workshop for men which supports men in releasing the issues that limit their power. He also teaches the science of spirituality, a clear explanation of the energetic structure of our universe and how it influences our physical and spiritual experience. He is a master healer and has developed and teaches a cellular energy releasing healing method which combines emotional releasing and deep tissue restructuring of the body during personal healing treatment For over 30 years. He has traveled through the United States helping his clients restore their experience of balance and ease Dr tom is also a deep trance channel and channel of energy of ascended master cartoony. Combined energy of Saint Francis of Assisi. The shock johann and the indian leader who built the Taj Mahal and Pythagoras, the mathematician and philosopher.

He also channels the guiding one the energy of a completed universe thomas Channeling provides great insight into who we are and the challenges we face in today's world and the questions of our human existence. Both doctors Tom and Shelly have authored books which will be talking about in this interview And for over 30 years they've been known for training and coaching men and women to create powerful foundation for living a life. They love dr tom and Shelly have also developed and teach me mastery of conscious self which is an in depth training for experiencing the self in both body and spirit for the purpose of moving universal energy to create with passion. This program with Shelly and tom will talk about is specifically designed for those who are or choose to become healers and teachers and I know a lot of people in our audience are interested in that subject. So welcome doctors Tom and Shelly Hello and thank you so much for having us today.

We're so excited to be with you and our wonderful audience and I have to just do a disclosure that I've known tom and Shelly for Probably a 20 years anyway and I can't even remember how he actually first met. I know it probably had something to do with music and and healing. It's many years ago I think it was through Larry ruder and we met there at one of your events and we have been friends ever since. Wish we could see each other more often, but now we are connecting and we want to connect you to our audience here at Hart's Rise up to. So first of all, How did you two meet? Oh my goodness! Well actually through through my brother steve is a dentist and he studied dentistry at Temple University. Shelly is a native in from philadelphia and I was visiting him one weekend and he knew my brother and his then wife and they got us together And that was almost 50 years ago now and we've been together ever since.

It was a blind date for me. It was, they talked about an instant experience and that's how it was for me. I saw her and I said that's it, I'm done. Shelly is a little bit slower and it took her a little while to, to get it. But she eventually did. We met 50 years ago ST. Valentine today's Yeah, it's hard to believe 50 years because we don't certainly feel the age that we are not even a drop. No, you don't look at either. So when you met, what were you both doing or what were your early careers? Well, I was in theater, not performing, I was in technical theater design, lighting, that type of thing when we met and I was teaching nursery school, did you ever expect that you'd be working together in the way that you are now, Oh not even close, it wasn't even an idea, but one of the things that did happen and is that we went on a journey together of healing our lives and myself in particular.

And I was looking for how to heal, having come out of a very, very difficult family life and decided at a very young age somewhere in my mid to early teens that I was going to find a way to heal my life and not pass the pain onto Children that I would have one day. So, I've been on this journey since that time. So I determined that I was going to find a way to heal and to not only heal my own life, but to support others in discovering how to heal. There's that we've been on this journey since our early twenty's my goodness. Well, actually, I started in my teens, it's been a lifelong pursuit and incredibly rewarding, truly a wonderful life. I know a lot of times people who are healers either naturally or learned healers have to do their own healing before they can help others. And at the same time, I have heard from a lot of my friends who are in the healing arts that, you know, it's a constant reeducation and sometimes you run into setbacks and you have to get help from others as well.

So as healers, do you help each other? Well, here, we have a couple of incredible things here going on. Yes, it's true that the healer must heal themselves both physically emotionally mentally, the whole package of our human beings. What's happened in our lives of course tom being a channel is that we've been trained in the energy world from very early years and have been, you know, participating in our own work and the seminars in in the classes and the personal sessions that we've developed. You know, we train others in the experience of healing that we've had for ourselves and passed it on to other people. So what we've done in regard to healing ourselves is use each other and the healing and the body work that I do to keep ourselves moving forward. Like you said, it's real easy for healers to get stuck in a certain place and try and figure out what to do next.

And what we've been able to do is support each other in moving forward. But more importantly, I think for healers there and this is my experience in Shelly's experience as well as you do come to a place in your life where a lot of the things that prevent you from really experiencing who you are, they get healed out, they drop away and what you're left with is a true, real physical and emotional and spiritual experience of who you are and eventually get to a place where I'm gonna say you're holding complete, not that there isn't more to learn, there's always more to learn but your whole and complete and by that, I mean there's nothing missing in your life. You're not doing something because you're trying to get to some place, you're doing it because it's who you are, you're doing it out of the experience Of being whole and one with yourself.

So there's always learning what you're learning from the point of view of what now can I add to the experience of already being who I am? Yeah, that's a different life altogether. And and one that I certainly have been striving for my whole life to get to and finally got to you're not trying to fix anything anymore now you're adding to that, that experience or if you will that package of who you are and when you get to that place, your healing, if that's what you're in the business of or you just do, that's when you're really when you're heeling shifts and it becomes much more deep for yourself and the people you work with and much more profound. That is wonderful explanation. And it's kind of like a a sense of nirvana I imagine. But is it body mind and spirit completeness or can you be complete in one area and still be working on the others? There are no and this may sound a little strange, but there are no parts of us, it's all us, it's all energy, it's all our spirituality and it's all physical it's all emotional, it's all mental because it's all one thing Yeah, it may look like there are parts that work and I have to work on my physical illness, I have to work on, I don't feel that spiritual today, but that doesn't mean it isn't there, it means you're just at the moment not experiencing your fullness because if it wasn't there you couldn't get to it.

If it wasn't there already, you couldn't get to it, you see. So being who you are is already there. It's a matter of uncovering it, letting go of the things that prevent you from its full experience. But that doesn't mean it isn't there, it's kind of like ah Socratic method, we have all of our answers, we just aren't always aware of them. Yeah. Yeah, because then my next question may be a moot point. Let's see, do you believe the body can heal itself and that our minds are would get in our way? Or do you think that with what you just said before that it really is holistic experience? Well, certainly the body can heal itself in science, they took about homeostasis, which is the ability of the body to bring itself back to balance. So certainly the body can heal itself, it's not a matter of that, it's a matter of letting go of the things perhaps that are in our way of getting to that and having that become real now, sometimes healing ourselves looks like going to the doctor to set your broken arm or doing whatever is necessary for your physical body to physically heal, doing the spiritual things that supports you in raising your awareness, understanding your emotional body for what it is and how it works.

But all of that is a process of healing yourself. I mean when you go to a doctor and it gives you a pill for something your body is using that your body essentially is healing itself. So it's a matter of reframing sometimes how we think of things. Yes. Yes. Now I know that Shelly you wrote a book called Blueprint for healing and in context with what we were just talking about. Can you give us an example of something in your blueprint for healing? So actually tom wrote that book, So I'm going to have tom answer that she might as well have help me write it. So it's, you know, it's both of the books we've written on both of ours, A blueprint for healing really is an understanding of the process of healing ourselves both emotionally and physically. It also gets to some basic understandings of how it is. We get to this thing, we call ourselves the self, who we are all of that.

There are some suggestions of some exercises to do to support you, support people in getting there and it's really out of the years and years that I've spent working with people and supporting them and healing physically. The cellular energy releasing work that I do and been doing for, I guess over 35 years the book really comes from the experience of working with people at that energetic level. It's also talks about how the how our quantum physical illness supports who we are and and how we've developed out of that pure state of energy if you will. So, it's a real I think it's a real on treatise if you will on how we how we heal what it is to heal what it takes to heal. Just what it says are blueprint for how we go about the experience of getting to that elusive, who we are. Thank you for that explanation. And since you mentioned quantum physics, you were talking about quantum physics before it became come to the forefront of science.

So how have you seen Acceptance of quantum physics or how have you used it more in your work in the past 10 years past decades? Well, I first got interested in quantum physics and now I'm not a scientist and I didn't study to be one or any of that. But in the process of doing the bodywork, I wondered how does this work? I mean, what is the actual physical illness of allowing having the cells change and shift and let go of the what people call cellular memory. So, at first I went about trying to understand cellular memory, but I really didn't get a good explanation from any from anybody. They would tell me. Well, it's the cells and they carry on the chemical transition. And it was not a satisfying answer for me because I knew all that. But there was something else. And the experience I was having with working with people, something else was going on. So I was lucky enough to work with a man who was an actual physicist.

He was a astrophysicist, worked in the bell labs work Vanessa and we had some very deep conversations about how this quantum stuff works in the cells and how it shifts who and how we are. And I've actually taken that understanding and the work with him and the work and the studying I've done on my own and put together a class called the Science of spirituality because it's the quantum energy, it's the energy of the universe. That creates an experience of spirituality that as human beings we pass on and experience for ourselves. So how the quantum physics fits into this is in my awareness. I know exactly what's happening in the cell. When I support somebody. When I work with them and why the experience, the cellular energy experience is both emotionally, physically and spiritually based.

And when I work with people, we work in all three of those places, that's wonderful. That reminds me of Back in, I don't know, 2000s for 2005, I was taking a class and it was a massage therapist who worked with a psychologist and their offices were next to each other and they said that sometimes when a client was having a, having a hard time breaking through to a memory, he would send him over to the massage therapist who would then work on that until they had a kind of a release. And then he would come back to finish with their therapy session. And it really made sense that we can release some of that cellular memory that stays with us for so long. Both the good and the bad and so that makes sense what you're seeing. Yeah. That's very interesting because anyone who does body work will tell you that there is definitely for sure an emotional base that as you're working on the body can be released.

My work is specifically geared towards having that release supporting people and experiencing that purposely rather than like with massage therapy perhaps randomly or some other body work. So what happens is people experienced permanent change with that Rather than Oh it feels good for a day or three or 5 or a month. But then you're right back into it because with working with people at that level, that energetic level permanent change means it has actually gone out of the body, out of the memory, out of the emotions, all of it shifts and is released. And often we need that additional support as we work through that too. Yeah. I know I didn't do it by myself. I did it on my own. We, you know, only we can do the work, but we can certainly come and get support in that and very, very often we need, we need to, I don't know anybody who's done it by themselves well, that's good, good advice for those who want to learn and get into healing as well as those of us who are going through bodywork ourselves.

Next question kind of related is who are the three people who have most influenced you in your path? We'll start with Shelly, the very first person that influenced me as I was growing up because I did grow up in such a difficult family life, it was my dear uncle Irv, he was a musician and a zen buddhist and he just treated me with such kindness and love and he was the one that really supported me and growing when I was going through very, very difficult years and he was there, understood and was just there to give me a helping hand, I would say there was a man in our lives that really helped us in moving forward also with our spiritual growth. It was the early days of our discovering what, you know, what our lives were to become and that was a man by the name of Werner Erhard and we took many of his seminars and supported the growth of his organization for many years.

Our work doesn't resemble the work that he developed, but he influenced their lives very deeply and I would also say the person who was a great support for us was the man that tom mentioned earlier, the wonderful astrophysicist robert Van Dick, and he was an incredible man who really got what energy was all about. He transitioned from the life he was leading as a scientist to energy healing in his own way and developed machinery that actually help people heal illnesses in the body. So he really supported us with the growth that we were going through and especially tom with the understanding of quantum physics at that particular time, it was really necessary for our work opening up further. Thank you and Tom Well, there's been so many people along the way. I would have to echo Shelly's what she said about a Werner and the, the seminars and the things we learned about ourselves in the early days of our of our transformation, another person I would, it would be my brother steve has greatly influenced me and and supported me and my understanding of myself and the support that he's given me over the years and the other person would have to be Shelly when, when we first started down this road, I, you know, I had no idea what I didn't spirituality, I couldn't even spell the word and she started on this journey of discovering who she was and I looked and I went, all right, it's a little strange, but we'll just see what happens.

And finally she you know, she made so much changes in their life that I said, well obviously there's something there. So let me look at it for my life and see what value there is. And you know, that was that was the that was the beginning of the end. You know, I used to be normal now. I am who I am, your partner. Yes, Yeah. She really is a great partner. So it's out of out of the love and her unwillingness to not see me for who I am and have me see myself where I am was and is just a tremendous support. She never let me forget what I was about and still doesn't for both of you on your healing path? Was there anything that you wish you had known before you began this path or that you would do differently? You know, even through some of the difficult challenges that we had over the years and even some of the the mistakes that we made, you know, and some of the choices that I personally made, I thought they were mistakes at the time, but they contributed so deeply to my personal growth and to our growth together that I wouldn't change a thing, not a thing.

And the influence of your career path on, I know you have two grown Children and how many grandchildren? Four. So how how do they view your career and did they come to you for healing? Actually our son does. Our daughter comes to us for advice from time to time. Our grandchildren are very young and really don't know anything about what we do, and that's perfectly fine. But the love is intact both ways they love us and we love them. And I think that's really the bottom line, isn't it? Yes, it is. It's all about love first, it's all about love. What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career similar to yours? Well, I think the first place to start is with passionate commitment, like any career to be successful and certainly with a career that involves working personally and deeply with other people, you really have to be very, very committed to supporting people and changing and shifting their lives and supporting them out of the love that you are and what that takes is very clear personal willingness to grow and change with with what's so for you, you really have to know who you are, and you have to be willing to not back down on yourself and pursue it fully and completely to support people in their healing can be very challenging because you can only take somebody as far as you have gone yourself.

So, if you don't have a real true experience of who you are, it's going to make it difficult because you're going to want to do things that you haven't cleared yourself. And that's that's very, very well, I'm gonna say it's impossible to do. She got to get to the deep experience of who you are, no matter what, you can't give up, you gotta keep going because there's always something there that's going to say, well maybe I don't want to do this anymore and if that happens then you buy into it. Well, obviously going to stop doing it. So passionate commitment and the hard work, whatever that takes to clear yourself. Yes, that firm foundation is crucial and it comes out of not only that solid commitment as thomas speaking of, but never backing down off of your commitment for healing.

Never. And if something isn't working then you can always go in a different direction. I mean, that's what I did because I had no one to guide me other than my dear husband who was with me through the entire time. That's beautiful. Tell me about what is one thing and for either of you with your different programs or the combined programs, what's something that you did for a client that changed their life that you didn't expect would happen. And how has that influenced your practice? Yeah. For me, the healing work, which has really been the constant through all of the all the work I do seminars and workshops and coaching, really come out of that experience of healing. There was a woman who And when she was 13, 14, had her back operated on Her spine was fused in 13 different places, which is what they were doing back then. She's over 60 now. So that's a long time ago.

And she came to me when she was about 45 And she was bent over almost at a 45° angle. I mean, she had to lift her head up to see straight forward and at first I didn't know if, I don't know if I could help her. I mean, she was in really bad shape and you know, when somebody operates on your spine and fuses it, well, you're not going to take that apart. And she was a massage therapist, believe it or not. And she came to me and said, well, you know, let's work and see what happens. And after several months of working, she she wasn't completely straight, but she was as close as she's gonna get. And she was bent over maybe maybe slightly atrophied muscles started to regrow and her whole attitude and how she functioned in life was very different. So that that was kind of a surprise. That's an extreme case. But, you know, she had the of the willingness to go through it and the commitment to um you know, get herself better.

And that's what she did, wow, That must have been very validating and and it shows that it is a real collaboration between the healer and the potion. Yeah. To this day, she's my poster child, that's great. So for either the healing work or for channeling what's a common myth about your profession that you want to debunk. Well, one of the things I will say is that energy is not woo woo, it's real and learning how to master your energy and your feeling, nature is truly what human beings are here to accomplish. So there's work to be done for just about everybody on the planet, if they're willing to do the work and the work requires releasing whatever you hold on to letting go of whatever holds you back in your life. Whatever that might be physically mentally, emotionally, and feeling that connection that tom was speaking of, that is there for us to experience, but is usually covered over with the things we hold onto from our lives.

Well said, well said, it's our birthright to create a life to live the life that we really want to live. However we have got to want it and, you know, coming out of very difficult life, I could have gone down that same road that my family went down, but I didn't, I chose something entirely different in my kids wound up being whole people and I think that's about the best that we can do on the planet, regardless of any other great deeds that we can accomplish, you know, for those of us who do have Children, for us to be walking around as whole people is quite an accomplishment in this world. It certainly is. And it's interesting that we we study plants and other beings and measure their energy fields, but we don't believe in our own yes and yet. That's exactly so and we do of course have an energy field that's limitless if we choose to tap into it and use it.

Um and that's one of the things that I teach and the personal work that I do one on one and also in my power of women's seminar and you know, in our classes that we teach our relationship seminars and then mastery of conscious self when we're training teachers and healers or potential healers and teachers. Energy is the key to the whole thing and being who we are and you are a collaborator. I'll say I know you and tom work a lot together. But I also have experienced one of your seminars for women many years ago and I just wonder how do you choose your partners for these women's seminars and workshops and how have your workshops changed over the years, not including covid well, power of women actually did evolve as I healed And it's been clear it's been a whole program for it's got to be at least 25 years now and I've been teaching it for 35 plus. So I would say Power woman has been intact for many years.

It is my, it's my baby. It reflects my own personal healing actually, but I developed it and teach it in a way so that others can discover their own healing and learn how to master their own energy to create or manifest what they choose for their lives and become masters in creating a life that they love. Yeah, I'm going to say a little bit more about about Shelly's class. We've all taken various seminars throughout our lives. The thing I think that's different about what Shelly does is first of all, you got to want to and she brings that out in people in there and what is their real commitment to themselves? That's the first thing. Second thing is you gotta learn the tools that support that change. And that's the other thing Shelly has developed out of her experience not some learning thing out of her experiences as to what tools to teach the women so that they can make those changes.

That's the second thing. 3rd thing is the proper practicing of those tools just to be handed tools isn't enough. You gotta know how to use them. You have to practice with them so that you have a real experience, a real feeling for how that works and how that makes changes in your life. And that's really I think the secret to what why she's so successful successful with it. And while women change so rapidly actually is because those three things are in place and then they can take that with them and practice after the class is not just this feels good for a week and then you go home to the same old stuff. Mm hmm That is so true. I've been to many classes are taking classes online that you just get the information. You're all excited. But if you don't apply it and anchor it, then it just doesn't stick. So I agree. I agree with you. Thank you for endorsing Shelly tom. Here's a question for you. Tom What in terms of the channeling, what would you tell those who feel their vessel for channeling?

But they're either scared by it or they feel they're just making it up. Because you mentioned in the previous interview we did with you, you weren't sure where it was coming from. If it was your imagination or not. Yeah. Yeah, I got it. Exactly. It's a great question. Yes. At first when I started to channel for me, it was spontaneous. I didn't learn it. I didn't read a book. Nobody came to me and say, here's what you do, just out of the healing work. It started against spontaneously channel and at first I wasn't sure what was happening and what Shelly and I said because she was with me that first time we said, well if this is real and if this has value then people will, will get value out of it. And so after that I just started a channel and practice with people and channel for them. And what happened was indeed people were getting value. The more that happened, the more confident I got and I wasn't just making something up Now I'm a deep trance channel, which means when I channel I go away, there's no I have no experience of being there, I don't hear anything, I don't know what I'm saying for me.

Everything goes to black and then a little time later I'm coming back that isn't how it started. At first. At first I was conscious so I had the questions, am I making this up, Is this real? But the experience was especially when I was being asked a question by someone was that I had a thought of what the answer is and then something completely different came out of my mouth. So that was really the first indication that you know, there's there's something else going on here. And the other thing that happened for me and my challenge is working with robert Van Dick and he would ask some very specific things about quantum physics and not knowing quantum physics back then, especially at his level. I gave him answers on that very scientific level. And when I he played the tapes back for me it was like I'm saying that I I know this well it wasn't me knowing it, it was a channeled energy and that for me kind of completed the the wondering is this real or not because I didn't have that knowledge as tom true validation.

Yeah. So if someone is interested in channeling what you do is you just keep channeling. Just keep doing it and see the results you're having with people because you can't just channel in the bedroom by yourself. You know that has no value. You've got to bring it out into the world and see what happens with people. Yeah share it, share it. There's something else I want to add to this and and that is that it's essential for the person who is wanting to become a channel, is to do whatever they need to do to heal themselves so that they are clear vessel for whatever the channeled energy is, you gotta clear your body got to clear it. Otherwise, you know, the stuff that you're holding onto will influence the outcome of the quality of the channeling and the information that's you know, that's given to others and you know, tom and I have always had a commitment that we would continue to do the work that we do.

As long as it really produced extraordinary results for people. If not we would walk away from it. Yeah. That the intent has to be pure, it has to be pure. How has the channeling helped you personally tom Well, a couple of things. First being a trans channel, I think expanding, expanding my personal physical vibrational energy, I think what is what happened because I don't have proof, but it feels like it's expanding into the universe and as that happens I think for me there's a clearing, there is a washing away of giving myself up to uh that energy and connecting with universal energy in a way that has really supported me in expanding my experience of myself, my healing work. The channeling certainly. So that's one of the things that's done for me. The other thing is I think really interesting. There have been times along the way that you know, I've had these incredible insights into things.

It says, oh Shelly wouldn't believe this idea, this thought, this experience I had and then she'll tell me well, you know to me or the guiding one channel that about 34 weeks ago. So it's like I have this great idea only to realize it's if you will left over from the experience of channeling Kind of like an echo. Yeah, yeah, you can call it that that's a good like I'm gonna use that. So that's that's also helped me understand myself and understand the world and supported me and expanding my energy. Okay, thank you. Okay now I'm gonna stop for a second And just ask you because we're at 45 minutes. It went by faster than I thought, Do you want to do a short channeling or should I ask the last question of you both? Should I ask it of ascended master card to me or of the both of you. Well I'll do what I call them. Mini channeling. That'll be fine.

What will happen is key to me will come through again to me is the, the vibrational energy of saint Francis of Assisi pythagoras, the greek philosopher and mathematician and Shah Jahan, Shah Jahan is the indian leader who built the Taj Mahal. So those three energies combined in an experience of what cartoon talks about as unconditional love and has actually given me the name that I am the voice of unconditional love, which I obviously have accepted great title. Yeah, I, I like it. So he'll come through, he'll talk for a very short time. I don't know about what and then he'll specifically tell you it's time to ask whatever question you have and we'll go from there. Indeed. You want Shelly to prepped the audience at this point. Well, the only thing to do is just listen to it and see how it resonates with you.

That's what I would suggest and just enjoy because he has such a wonderful humor and is very understandable. Also, tom did say that he comes through as the personality of the Shah Jahan, which is like a little indian guy sitting right in front of you who has great wisdom with no judgment sounds beautiful. We'll go ahead. We'll go ahead and start. Okay, so I will hear me breathe some and then cartoons will come through and speak for a short time then he'll tell you to ask the question. Okay, okay, here we go. Well now. Good day to you, my dears. Hello kitty to me. And how are you on such a finding that this is We are very fine and very excited to have you with us. And so let us begin first very quickly with beginning to look at and the starting of understanding the vibration of who you are now.

What does that mean? Who you are? So let us say that who you are isn't who you think you are, who you think you are is do you think you are? Who you are? Is an essence of vibration itself. That is first the foundation of energy that is universal in its nature you see? So who you are first is the vibrational, universal energy that is see that is the beginning of who you are. But that does not explain the human experience of who you are you see Because the human experience of who you are is important because that is the thing that you bring into your life that you use as energy in your life that you experience as the foundation of going into the world.

You see who you are is everything who you are, is all the things ourselves experience of self. The vibration of self in the physical body. The emotional cells, the thinking self, the spiritual self, the emotional self you see that is all the human experience. So all of these things are who you are. No there may be things that you like or dislike about you, but that is not important because it has nothing to do with the essence of vibration, but who you are, we will tell you very quickly who you are and you can either get this immediately and have a wonderful life or wonder about it. That is your choice. Who you are is the energy and vibration of unconditional love. That is universal vibration and essence and it's being you see now, what are you going to do with that?

What you can do is let go of all the assumptions that you thought you are, begin to experience the universal energy of who you are you see. And if you will, the God Nous of who you are, begin to take this into your experience. And now ask yourself, given that I am already universal of and unconditional love and that is this part of the vibration of human experience and physical illness. You can accept that and now go into the world, not trying to get something would go into the world with that energy don't laugh and you will see very quickly that it is a very different and profound experience of being in the war you see. And so that is the challenge and has always been to challenge for human beings throughout eternity.

But the challenge you see is one that can be met when you experience the unconditional love. You are already, you don't have to get it. You already have it very good. And so questions please at this time, Thank you, thank you so much Khatemi We have, I have one question please. What message do you have for our hearts rise up audience As we move into 2021. In terms of self expression, healing and creativity. Yes, very good. Well, Self expression healing and creativity comes from one place and that is passion. Passion is what is built from the foundation of who you are. You see when you get a passion of self, you see then you are unstoppable, unstoppable in you're creating unstoppable in your loving, unstoppable in your being with others in this place.

You see passion is everything because it is from the vibration and the essence and the experience of self you see so express your passion however you do expressive with kindness, express it with the unconditional love you are already and you will discover a balance and harmony and the magnificence in your life that is completely fulfilling and hold for you. Very good. Do we have any other questions An No, I think that was an excellent way to send our listeners off to experience the unconditional love and passion for life. Very good. Thank you so much. And so, my dearest Until the next of our calming peace to you in this tong. I'm back. Thank you Tom thank you so much.

That was a beautiful message and I think throughout this whole interview and for me I just realized that in a lot of ways we have to flip our internal script because we may not have negative self talk, but we have limiting self talk. Some very really helped me see how you can flip it and expand possibility. Yeah, here's just kind of as a final point. I think people talk about good and bad and evil and are good and evil and really what's going on in our human experience, I think there is no positive and negative. I know that sounds weird for me, there is no positive and negative, there is no good and bad now, the things that we like and the things that we don't like that's certainly true, but rather than looking at good or bad success or failure, either I like it or I don't like it either it supports me in changing and shifting and like you said, flipping who I am or it doesn't rather than putting a value on, it isn't supporting me in creating what I want in my life and if it isn't what Shelly and I try and do is let it go rather than putting so much onus or so much judgment on it.

Fellow once said to me, if you want to live forever, give up judging, I don't know if I've really come to that yet, but I'm trying noble noble goal. Yes, well thank you. So we're up coming up on an hour and I would really want to honor your time. So I will ask if you have some messages for our audience in terms of things you're working on. I know you have a new website, if you could share a little bit about that and any events that are coming up. Yes, thank you anne, but if you go to Academy for conscious living, make sure it says for conscious living. So Academy for conscious Living dot com and that will be our website that pretty much will tell you everything about our work and also how to get ahold of us. You also can reach us at Academy for conscious living at on facebook and also the voice of unconditional love on facebook.

There are many channeling is there from time to time, we're about to do an event actually two events that the information will be on facebook on the voice of unconditional love and also Academy for conscious Living. Both of these events will be with dr tom Bigelow and ascended Master Key to me and it will be focused on manifesting in your life and we're really excited about doing that for private sessions. We can be reached at Academy for conscious Living dot com or at Shelly Neagle O S H E L L E Y, last name, any G e L O W at gmail dot com. We will have all those notes in our show notes as well, all those connections. And also you mentioned that you are currently not doing your the women's seminars, but you are still doing private consulting, is that right?

Yes. The power of woman is really a seminar that is built for meeting in person. However, I do coach Women one On 1, either by phone or by zoom and tom and I also do relationship coaching as well and we do work with people by phone and also on zoom. So tom you're still doing your sessions? Private sessions? Yes, yes, I'm still doing the bodywork sessions individually with people. The cellular energy releasing work. The thing I want to leave people with if even if you have just some curiosity and especially if you feel like you're pulled towards learning more about this, supporting people becoming a healer, whatever that may be for you don't ignore it. We'll be more than happy to talk to you about it. But in general, don't ignore that Pope. I will tell you that our personal experience is one that is incredibly full, working with people and supporting them in their growth and they're healing.

So if you kind of feel like maybe I want to do that or just curious, pursue that. Don't let it slip by. That's a wonderful invitation for anybody that's contemplating it at all. So dear hearts rise up listeners. I hope you've enjoyed this conversation today with dr Shelly and Tommy gigolo and please look up their information on their website and tom and Shelly any last words before we close out for today, I usually say at the end of every seminar, Go run along and play. Have fun, enjoy your life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mhm. Yeah, mm hmm. We hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving, heart centered, highest self. We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit Hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and are popular notes from your higher self until next time.

Keep rising up and may all that you love thrive.

Ep. 42 - Energy Healing and The Science of Spirituality - An Interview with Drs. Tom & Shelley Negelow
Ep. 42 - Energy Healing and The Science of Spirituality - An Interview with Drs. Tom & Shelley Negelow
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