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Ep. 35 - Finding Resonance With The Current Reality Through Our Inner Light - A conversation between the founders of Hearts Rise Up

by Hearts Rise Up
November 2nd 2020
Join us in this episode of the Hearts Rise Up podcast with founders Carol Chapman, Concetta Antonelli, and Ann Serrie as we discuss what's been happening in our lives during the ongoing Pandemic. Work... More
Thank you for tuning your heart's in for another episode of the Hearts Rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host along with my co hosts Ansari and Concetta antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews. We're here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution. Help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self Together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love, joy and freedom. Mhm Hello, Hearts Rise up listeners. Welcome to another episode of the Hearts Rise Up podcast.

I'm an sorry and joining me today are co founders for Hearts Rise up carol chapman and Concetta antonelli. We are coming to you from Georgia and France. Here we are. six months into the COVID-19 worldwide experience. We've gone through a lot of emotions and the current situations with civil unrest, with uncertainty about schools across the world, uncertainty about what's going to happen next, where the virus is going to go next. What the possible solutions are, how it's affected our lives has really brought us to a situation of experiencing the stages of grief. So whether we have lost a loved one, we've lost a job, we've lost the ability to socialize as we used to. We've lost the ability to touch, we can't see each other's smiles anymore.

Thanks to the masks that we have to wear. There's so many things that are going on right now and yet we see the light and gratitude that can come out of these uncertain times and difficult situations and people helping each other. People reaching out to do things for each other that they may never have done before. Getting to know your neighbors, taking care of the kids for somebody who has to work and their kids have to be at home for virtual school. There's so, so many things that are going on that we could 0.2, but we wanted to just discuss on our own experiences some of those situations and feelings. I think the first thing that came to me was kind of the shock of the situation and then it was like an adventure for a little while before we got to anger and denial and bargaining some depression and then acceptance, but I don't think acceptance, it's not like accepting that this is the situation going forward forever, but with some acceptance with hope and also gratitude for the abilities and the situations that we have the shelter that we have, if we're still working that acceptance of that as a blessing.

So going after all of that, I'd like to start by asking carol and Concetta who might like to start. Okay, well, and it's as if you came and sat next to me yesterday because everything you said in the introduction there is exactly why I actually said to someone yesterday. I feel like I've been cycling through the stages of grief on a daily basis sometimes on an hourly basis as I attempt to make sense, which I figured out yesterday is probably not the best way to go, is making sense of any of it. It actually just puts me in a big loop and creates a lot of anxiety and so yesterday I I was looking at those stages of grief and actually what that did for me is it helps ground me and and and give me a moment to be able to say, okay, what am I feeling at this moment and here we go.

It's that being mindful is coming back and practicing some mindfulness where I could say, all right, I'm right here, I can Look around me, use my five senses. Um and because I have been in the very beginning, yes, I'll agree with you, it was a shock, but I'm really good in a crisis. So if there's something, if I get a shock, then I take action. So I began to put routines in place and getting used to the whole confinement and actually all the way through june even after that we were as they say, now deacon find uh I was doing well. So I thought that I was done with those stages, I thought, wow, I've got this now, I can manage this uncertainty really well. And I had this image sort of being on my surfboard going, I've learned how to surf these waves and then along came and I started having some of the reactions that I hear from other people of that they, they had had early on that they were feeling, not just um, I was going to say confined but of course they were feeling confined but they were feeling constricted and that they were, they were not feeling good with this idea of not having freedom or choices.

And that's what I started feeling in july. And so it was, it was this moment of, of consternation to just sort of sitting there going, but wait a minute. I thought I was past and it's july taught me that it's a cycle. And that one of the things that has that month taught me is that to continuously come back to mindfulness for me, it's being aware, where am I in this moment? Most days I can wake up and say, okay, where am I? As far as in that fail if I'm going to use that the grief scale or the stages. But sometimes during the day it all shifts today was a perfect example of that. Is that I, I woke up ready to dive in and do all the things that I had planned for the day. And then somewhere along the line I hit a wall and there was anger mm hmm. Well wait a minute where no, I don't want to be angry.

But that's the next thing I do is that I just as if I expand this circle around me and say, okay, come on in. So that's you were talking about the acceptance and for me that some of it as well as saying, you belong here to all of this. Instead of saying, no, no anger today can't have anger. Well, it shows up sometimes. That's that's how it's been working for me. What about you, carol? Well, I was I was going to say there's a lot of emotions that show up continuously. And you're right when you had said that in the early part of this conversation, about how you were feeling how you handle crisis, because when you said that, it reflecting back in my memory banks several years ago when I was staying, staying with you for a few days in Boulder or long month. And remember when somebody broke in to your your place, you were amazing. You were so amazing how they broke in the middle of the night.

And you were you were so in the moment, mindful and just how you you handled that. And it wasn't until, you know, I'm sure that you've reflected back on that. But these are all learning points for us. They teach us a lot about ourselves and even in this crisis that we're dealing with right now, the pandemic, we all can reach and dig deep and and find strength within us to be able to move forward and to manage the myriad motions that surface. And it is amazing how you have you're seeing in the world, how how people are handling things differently. Some people are, are handling it really, really poorly. You know, I was reflecting on it as I was driving to the studio here today, thinking about what we were going to be talking about and I was thinking about how nonsensical things are in this world today and how some people are handling it extremely well.

This the crisis, everything that's going on in the world and even all of the what seemed to be insane kinds of nonsensical thoughts and decisions and actions by that by people that are just having such a hard time dealing with this pandemic and this, this crisis even to the point you see it in our political system where there's just absolute nonsensical behaviors and actions and it's it's gotten to a point where you see the extreme where people are much more self serving because they're feeling black or losing their, their positioning in the world and then you have others that are just embracing this is the change that is occurring. And I just marvel at those that are embracing it and how, how they're handling it so beautifully sort of seeing myself kind of like caught in the middle of it. And I'm just, you know, like sitting in the theater and watching a movie, that's what it feels like.

It feels like I'm just watching a movie and eventually this movie is going to end and we'll move on to the next movie. I want my money back on this one I had no, no, this was too much of a ride. Yeah, I'm more of a happy ending kind of person to, but I do look back from, from what both of you have said. I do look back at how our experiences of the past and our behaviors of the past come in to serve us. Like I'm like you Concetta, I am great with the crisis. But once the crisis is over then that part of me that feels like I need to take action and fix things, then it's frustrating and it can get to be depressing when you can't have an effect. So what are some of the other behaviors and the patterns of your past that have served you that have either not come into play now or really come into play at this point.

I think carroll points out something perhaps one of the things that that that I have used is the witness kind of coming up and being able to sit in the theater because I know there are moments like as I was talking about july this is a pattern for me where yes, I can do all those things that just like you said, it's like I'm an action oriented person and yes, I can be still and yet I get I get a lot of, I guess I could say it it's a resource for me to achieve. I get a lot of energy from, from doing that and yes, from helping people as well, So for me, one of the things that has actually, it's an interesting thing that reflect on this because I moved to France 14 years ago, I've been using, for example, the tools on skype and zoom and all of those in order to stay in touch with people. And so I honestly, that actually helped me get through the first three months of this is because I was very comfortable with that, I do miss human contact being and and it it is, it's it's such a dance to go back to the grief, it's such a dance to figure out how am I going to be with these people even can imagine hearing Yeah, these folks were all about kissing on the cheek, it's really fascinating to watch and here again, it's the witnessing of figuring out how are we going to do that?

How are we going to communicate with each other. So, some of that for me is is that I rely on, I keep coming back to this, but it's the witness just being an observer, and I also, some of the other things for me that I do is make sure that I keep moving exercise every day in some form or fashion, so that that way, whatever energy that I have that seems to feel, or that gets lodged in my body or I feel like I'm not moving, moving forward or doing something then then I make sure that I move it for one thing my go to has always been nature. So even if it's just a matter of getting out and looking at something green, you know, I make sure I do that, I have lots more, but I'll yield the florida count. Well I have to say like you Concetta, I'm very comfortable with all of the tools of operating virtually basically. And I can't say that I have really any less connecting with people even physically, but I will say that I'm very comfortable not having as much contact, let's put it that way and I can certainly see where you're coming from, where where there's a lot of people have have difficulty with that because we are such an externally facing world, that's what people thrive on.

They, they thrive on and that's just, you know, the typical personality types that are out there is that you've got to be go, go, go, you got to be out, you've got to be doing something that comes to a screeching halt that turns everybody upside down. And I have to admit for myself it's been business as usual for me, but that's just because of my lifestyle, but I used to be in that kind of world all the time, particularly when I was working at a 9 to 5 job, which was not a 9 to 5 job, you know in the corporate environment and I feel people today and the one thing I just, anyone who is listening out there take people keep saying, hey, take the time to quiet the mind and focus on some things that you wouldn't normally take the time to do, find things that have meaning and purpose for you, not just lip service that really, there's, there's so much wisdom in that and I think there's too many people still that are fretting over what is happening and and there's just fear and panic that is still still spreading and that's why you see people organizations rushing back to try to get things back to normal, even sending kids back to school and then they're just having to backpedal because her knee jerk reactions because they want to get things back to normal.

What they need to do is to start finding new solutions as to how we exist in the world today as it is. Because this could go on for the, for for a while and it's going to move us into if we allow it and not quit resisting but take the opportunity, embrace it and find find new ways of being as opposed to clinging to what life was like before all this. I think that we'd be a lot better off. I'm not sure how many people can actually do that, but I think that's what we need to do. True, true, yeah. And I just wanted, it brought something else up for me is that you're just a cursed me again about the stages of grief and how after a death we want to get our lives back to whatever normal was. But it can't be that person that experienced whatever is done.

And so it's that frustration of having to hang out in what feels uncomfortable and again, to talk about what has helped me in the past. And and it's it's a practice. And so for those people who think, oh, well, I have to get it right away. In other words, suddenly here we are confined at home and I've got to feel okay about this. Well, it is actually a practice because hanging out in what feels uncomfortable is not, well, I should say it's it's unacceptable, at least that's what I've been exploring lightly is about that's where we created. I have for myself and and in society in general, this is certainly my point of view is that we've created something that says, you must be comfortable at all costs. And the issue for me has been over these, this first six months of 2020 is that I'm learning more and more about how to hang out with feeling uncomfortable and what I'm finding and what has finally happened in august is this there's these moments of, oh, boy, it's even hard to get it out peace and calm that I feel inside of me that have been done that's unfamiliar.

And so when it happens I go, is there something wrong with me. But I've had a meditation practice for most of my life and that's what I've been trying to get too, isn't it? So, so that's what I want to say when when people are saying, oh I can't do this. I have, we want that normal back. Well is normal. It just takes some time to get used to it. Hmm Exactly. And that brings up the idea of resistance and surrender. So I feel like sometimes resistance, even if it's uncomfortable can be valuable just as surrender, ken. And in the analogy that came up when you were just speaking Concetta, I think about the oyster and the pearl and the sand, the grit that creates that beautiful pearl. It is uncomfortableness that sometimes creates the space for new ideas, new ways of making a living new ways of thinking. And I know it takes getting away from the daily media.

Getting away from what is irritating sometimes to get to a space where you can meditate and I just want to put in a plug for our website for hearts rise up because there's two excellent meditation on their one for sleep. And just one general one that will help somebody in a guided meditation to reach a little little island of peace, I'll call it. But any kind of method that you use, whether it's running gardening meditating if you can spend a little more time in that, that's what's helped me then it gives you time to think and maybe come up with new ways of doing things and it has also helped me look at the future and say, what was I striving for before, Covid and what's changed and what is really important going forward and to focus on those really important things like family or maybe making a career change or maybe just finding something that makes you feel creative so that you find some joy definitely.

Yeah, and I think that what happens is when you let go of the oars, the boat rights itself, and that's when things really begin to flow and you flow with it and as opposed to fighting, you know, fighting it or resisting and when we allow things to flow and that's when the universe kinda comes back to us and is always, you know, working for us, it's, you know, the universe is never working against us if we just know what direction that we're going and even just trust the fact that even if we don't know what the direction is, just trust our own inner knowing and Don't worry about so much about the how, because the universe takes care of 90% of the how if we just have our attention focused and in our heart in the right place to be able to deal with, you know, any circumstance that arises, particularly what we're dealing with today in our world a part of it too is something that China had said earlier about leaning in and leaning out.

Can you share some tips on how to let go of those oars to let go of the oars? I have to lean into whatever it is that I'm resisting and allow my mind space to just be with that, to just sit with it. And then I, for me, I, that's when I start to feel shifts and my my perception and my perspective of what reality truly is. And that's that's basically how I how I do it. What about the two of you? For me? I mean, my career has been that of a volunteer coordinator for many years and I find working with myself and with other people that doing something selfless, something of service to others. It just takes you completely out of yourself and your cycling of your mind, you know, and and what you're perceived problems are, and it just really balances me.

So that would be one of the things and also, like Concetta said earlier getting out and moving and whatever kind of exercise that you can do, just kind of resets. How about you, Concetta? I will agree with that again, and I also agree with you about helping others and probably the beginning of Yeah, it's probably in March, we had another scary cat show up and initially she would run away whenever she even, she would be at a far distance watching us and then you step outside and she would be gone so quickly, there was no way of getting to her. And so I kept putting food out and then the next thing I know she's weaving in and out of my life and I have found that and we do, we have another indoor cat, but I found that in my view, she showed up at the right time because in taking care of her and the small milestones that occur such as when she jumped in my lap or she's allowed me to take off ticks because she she definitely won't come and stay inside.

Um even helping animals, even taking care of your animals, I have found is a super way of getting outside of myself and and being able, so feeding the birds, I of course I love watching them, but just would go to our local bakery here and say, well do you have any stale bread that I can give to the birds? I just felt so good when they would show up and enjoy themselves. So it can be something like that really help shift your own energy. You even said it, gardening, you know, being able to watch things grow and certainly taking care of them, that's an important. And we were talking about leaning out as well. I have found that sometimes watching a movie or watching a program just listening to um well I have to say it's a podcast, Even if it's 30 minutes to me that's leaning out a little bit because you can get wrapped up in trying to figure out how, as carol said that it's best not to be working so hard on the how of something it can be also during that time when the universe gets to do its work when we put our feet up and just relax a little bit.

That's true for me, the relaxing is reading. So I try to find something that is uplifting or something that is like a fantasy that just takes you completely out of your current situation and it just calms me so it makes me feel feel good and carol. Yes, ma'am, I would say reading does it for me as well as meditation, just quieting my mind and I find that I'm doing a lot more of that lately and that is certainly helping me to keep things in perspective. And it's helping me also to be more cognizant of being in the moment, being in, you know, just being in the moment because this is all all that we actually have, you know, the past is the past, it's dead and gone and the future is, you know, somewhere kind of mysterious out there. So all we really have is the here and now and make the most of it and it truly is, it's a matter of perspective.

It's it's still a very beautiful world despite all the nonsensical things that are going on and it it's still a world of beauty and purity and love and and that's what I choose to see. That it's a choice. It's all it always boils down to a choice. And we all have to look at and think about the choices that are going to keep us moving forward. That's right. And that keeps us from worrying about things if we can be in the moment and kind of like, be like, those are pets and our loved ones or the birds. You know, do they worry about? Well, who knows? Maybe they do worry, but do they worry about yesterday and tomorrow? No, they're in the moment. No, I can tell you that this cat all she's she when she shows up, she's like, just put some food in the plate and I will gladly let you pet me.

So I think, no, I think that's a good point. I know I've been noticing that sometimes I wish I was just a dog or a cat because I there they're always in the the present. There's, you know, they're not thinking about the past or the future. Take lots of clues from them. Dogs are just full of unconditional love, aren't they? They are. They are And Concetta. You had mentioned something about the 90 10 rule. You want to elaborate on that a little bit more. Well, I think both carol and I were talking about that, I was just reading something this morning that was um talking about that the fact that we have, we are in partnership with the Divine, we're in partnership with the universe and we partnership implies that we're in this together and so we're trying to do everything, then we're not getting room to our partner. And in essence, for me, what that means is that I can say I choose the outcome to be feeling the blood.

So one of my, my things that one of the phrases I use daily is I choose the outcome of being healthy. And what does that mean? Where my action steps in there? My action step is to move my action step is to eat as healthy as possible. My action step is to take vitamins and other things that I might need to enhance my my body what I can on the universe or in that particular example is if I need some information, certainly I can go look for things, but sometimes I need to be taken out of my routine as well. So I count on the universe to send me people who are going to tell me things or I'll read something about. Um I didn't even know I had a symptom until I read something that said, oh, that's a symptom of fill in the blank. But I count on on the universe for things like that. Now that that's just a simple example.

So for me it means giving room for miracle for things to to show up serendipitously, which so often they do and it's when I leave room for that, then I can actually hear my heart, I can hear the universe speaking to me through my heart. That's beautiful. And that is that is always dependent upon our awareness of those synchronicities because sometimes they're happening to us left and right and we're just not not aware. So we have to be at a place of stillness and peace and also putting it out there like you said, to be aware of those gifts as they come to us and then to take action on them to not to let that go by that opportunity go by and I think we need to have a little bit of self control. And what I mean by that is, you know, self control through awareness. Once you become aware of something then you can catch yourself and you can redirect your thoughts.

You know, I think that's where the 90 10 rule can come into play as well because if you are, you know, just redirecting your thoughts, the universe will respond To the the redirection of those thoughts and particularly if you continue to focus and put your attention on that. And that's another I guess example of the 90-10 roll the universe always has your back and you were talking just a little bit of go about Well now you're you're actually addressing it right now as well is that we do have a choice about our thoughts. Certainly thoughts come up. They always do obviously sitting in meditation hoping for one of those moments of bliss where I'm not thinking about anything. Well speaking of the 90 10 rule, it's the 10 90 rule was the time. I've got 90% of the time there's thoughts and 10% or maybe some days 5%. I have no thoughts but I have a choice about what I do with those thoughts.

And that was that's another thing that has helped me along the way when I think about what, what helps me is to be really aware when I'm slipping into victim talk. And that's things like I don't have a choice. I'm confined here. It's true. The government has said for your safety, we want you to stay home, but I do still have a choice. I can go out, I can do what I need to do. There's ways. So, so I'm just using that as an example that this was one of the moments that I had to switch the way I talk. The words I speak. It's it's important to not speak. Well, it is important to be aware of what you're saying to yourself and to others. And so I find that that that has helped me is just to be aware of when I am using victims speak. That's a perfect, perfect situation. There's so many people including myself sometimes that you get into a cycle and I know just the other day, carol and I were talking and there seemed to be something going on with electronics and with technology and just nothing was working and it just became so frustrating and I became part of that victim mentality, like I just can't do this.

So just taking a break from it and going outside, it happened to have been raining and the sun was out and it was beautiful rainbow. It just totally reset my whole day. But yeah, sometimes you need something that breaks the cycle or that you have to say, okay, I'm not supposed to be doing this right now. Let me try something else and come back to it. Mhm And and it goes back as I was talking about my day where the anger popped up. It's it's also a matter of taking a breath and giving room for whatever has showed up regardless. It's not always easy. But just like you're saying, if you just give room for to it and you hear yourself saying, oh, I just will never, I'll never get this anytime you hear the word never. And always, that's my, when that comes up in my sentences, I go wait a minute, what's going on here and that's a good point to switch. Whatever you're doing, just do something different for a moment. Exactly.

That's great advice. You might have a rainbow. Yes. Well, one thing I wanted to talk about just as we're getting towards the end here is that some of our patterns and our routines have really significantly changed and not, they're not always bothersome. That has been a change. There's new finding new ways to do things, But just some of the largest conveniences, like for instance, I used to enjoy going to the bank and going in and seeing the tellers now, the banks are all pretty much closed. You have to make appointments and just to drive through or do automatic tell her. And I also used to like turning in my change. Well, there's such a coin shortage now. I thought they would want my change, but nobody seems to want to deal with money anymore. Everything's electronic. Same with shopping. There's a lot of people who are very comfortable with ordering online and it's a great industry now and logistics and transportation. So that's a positive that's coming out of it and people don't have to go shopping. But as a former retail person, I see there's a lot of change and not always perceived as positive in the retail world.

But what are your thoughts on some of the routines that you've had that have changed and are you happy about them or missing the old way, the less that I have to physically do get out and do things means I have time for more constructive things in my life. Believe it or not. It's like yesterday I had some running around to do. I went to the chiropractor and and I you know I had some other places I needed to go just after that and it takes so much time that if I did, if I if I can save myself that time, I would prefer to do that and ordering online, ordering more through online stores just frees me up for more constructive things. So I do think that the things are shifting in terms of how how we get things done and how we live our lives and it's not all negative.

There's a lot of positives that are coming out of this and it's good. I look at it as something good and you Concetta, I have mixed feelings about it because similarly I because of the traffic that has increased here, it takes longer to get things done if you're going out to do that with that. So we've we've created um middle ground which is that we will order and we have um and do pick it up at the drive through so that we don't have to spend as much time inside the grocery store. The downside of that is that unfortunately we've had some problems with chicken that has spoiled and we hadn't had it that long in the house. So that kind of thing that makes it a little more troublesome in as far we need that obviously it's unhealthy for that to be the case.

And it seems more difficult to deal with that after the fact kind of prove, well, you know, what did we do that cause the chicken to spoil that kind of thing. So on the one hand, I love the idea of being able to order online and go pick it up. However, I missed the activity of actually the visual pleasure of going to market and picking out my own produce. And I do like going to smaller stores, which is great. Um, but here again, the thing that comes in is that people who are not physically distancing and, and I want to continue to do that. So it's, it is for me it's a catch 22 if I go out and I'm going to go to the stores and I'll need to be okay with whoever is going to be around them because I'm not in control of them. I don't, I think it's a, it goes back to what I was saying just a few minutes ago about a choice.

So if I can keep it in mind that I have a choice, then I'm seeing this always a really positive experience. Plus it is putting us back in touch with our food meaning I'm spending, I'm thinking more about the impact of the packaging and, and those kinds of choices that we're making and, and I really love the idea of what you said Carolyn said just, yeah, it frees me up to do, you do more things like writing and, and um, and taking care of the garden and those kinds of things. And, and what about you? One of the things that I've found is I'm trying to be more creative. So I've been doing more in the garden. I'm trying to learn to play guitar. I'm doing some other things with the time. I would have probably gone out and done more shopping or social type of things. I've also learned to appreciate the technology. I wasn't really into zoom and all the other virtual meeting, but because of work, I've become pretty adept at them and I've joined book groups and other discussion groups and even my Toastmasters public speaking group are all online and it is, it's delightful to be able to see people and continue the activities without worrying about the drive or what time of day.

I could join a Toastmasters group in your city Concetta if I wanted to and all over the world. So those are some pluses. There's still a little bit of sadness in the actual, physically not being able to shake hands or give a hug and that kind of thing. But we will adapt. We will adapt to that. And I do hope we can come up with some see through masks more so people can see people's expressions. You made a good point with that. I, I meant to say something before because we were just out today, we went in the grocery store. And today it's mandatory that we have to wear a mask all the time now when we go out and even if we're walking from our car. So in the grocery store I'm used to smile and at the clerks and they are too, I realized I'm smiling behind my mask, but they don't know, I'm thinking to myself where I need to smile with my eyes, but they are taught and and and we're having to learn to speak to each other and not just smile.

So it's a it's an interesting what what you're talking about is that yeah, we're having to create new ways of communicating. I'm experiencing. I was concerned and experiencing the same thing as you Concetta. Yeah, I think we can learn, we can learn to smile with our eyes and it does force more conversation, which is a good thing. So I think we are all adapting and we are all coming to terms with the changes that are coming. I think the majority of change will be good. It's just that nobody, not nobody, but most people don't enjoy change in the process of change. So I think if we can all be patient and also go within and try to make sure our own spirit and our own mental processes are at a place of calm that then we can deal with whatever comes next better sounds like a plan. So anybody have any final words before we close out this wonderful conversation today, I'm just going to say that I would invite our listeners to have a look at our website, have a look at our facebook page, contact us if there's something you want to talk about, if there's something else you want to hear from us and know that we're all in this together and we have some great tools that we can offer to you and can help you with.

Yes, I wanted to ask carol if you would just give a little preview of what's coming up with the heart resonance primer too, because I think that would be a valuable, valuable tool for people that are in need of dealing with this change. Absolutely, yeah, that's a five week course that that's in development right now, we're just putting the finishing touches on it, and it's gonna be a live program. We're going to be taking a group of people and anyone can sign up to it, just go to heart resonance primer at the top of the menu on our website, heart resonance primer is on the menu and it's our site is heart hearts rise up dot com and that program is designed to help lay the foundation for creating more coherence and balance and all the different areas of your life. And it covers areas like meditation movement, improving your mental fitness things around environmental harmony, creating more more harmony in your environment.

Getting more in touch with your environment and it covers relationships and a few other things all those different areas of our life that have a tendency to get out of coherence and it's creating daily practices and habits that are going to create greater balance and it just really lays the foundation for further work down the road on a personal development standpoint. So it's a, it's a program we're going to be launching in the fall and we're also going to be launching a community called Hearts Rise Up and that community will be part of that program on a mighty Networks platform, there's more that will be coming in that regard, so stay tuned, Wonderful, I can't wait. And then the Concetta, if our audience needs something that is deep, useful and light, please check out our Concetta. C O S T. Blogs Concetta, will you tell them what O S. T.

Stands for? Yes, that's our occupy sanity tools. The title was something we developed several years ago when the occupy wall street phenomenon that was happening and and we thought well we need to occupy our own sanity and so we just came up with some tools and some ways of being in the world and so each month present you with a tool and give you some guidance on how to implement that tool in your life. We sure need those now. So we'll watch for the next one's from you. So my heart's Rise up Sisters, We will close out for today and please listeners check out our website and let us know your thoughts and some of your tips and techniques for being in the moment. And rising up. Thank you all. Thanks SAm for hosting this session. Yes, thank you. My pleasure. Everyone keep rising up. Mhm. We hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving, heart centered, highest self.

We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and are popular notes from your higher self until next time. Keep rising up and may all that you love thrive.

Ep. 35 - Finding Resonance With The Current Reality Through Our Inner Light - A conversation between the founders of Hearts Rise Up
Ep. 35 - Finding Resonance With The Current Reality Through Our Inner Light - A conversation between the founders of Hearts Rise Up
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