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Ep. 34 - Listen To Your Heart To Create Success From The Inside Out - An Interview with Jeanne Sharbuno

by Hearts Rise Up
October 11th 2020
An Interview with Jeanne Sharbuno – seasoned coach, team facilitator, fun ballroom dance instructor and author of “52 Ways To Live Success…From the Inside Out: Bite-Size Coaching for Success-Minded Pe... More
Thank you for tuning your heart's in for another episode of the Hearts rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host along with my co host and Siri and Concetta antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews. We're here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution, help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love, joy and freedom. Mhm Welcome to all our heart centered listeners.

My name is Concetta antonelli and I'll be your host for today's episode featuring genie charbonneau. We're going to spend time with her and learn more about her mentoring formula for success, attitude plus action plus accountability equals awesome. We'll also hear about her Aha moment when a snowy drive home from work put her in touch with her true calling and purpose in life. So let's get right to it. Jamie brings over 20 years of corporate experience and management, sales and marketing primarily in the commercial property and casualty insurance industry, an engaging speaker team, facilitator, trainer, seasoned coach and fun ballroom dance instructor, Jeannie has a unique ability to connect with and inspire people at all levels. Her clients include Bank of Montreal at and T. Xerox and numerous small businesses and associations and me as she has been my coach on several occasions as a trained the coach trainer for best year yet worldwide.

She loves to make a bigger difference in the coaching community by training and mentoring new coaches to be the best possible coaches, they can be for their clients. She is the author of 52 ways to live success from the inside out bite size coaching for success minded people, born and raised in Wisconsin genie now lives in Atlanta Georgia. She's a die hard green bay packers fan loves to ballroom dance and his mom to the cutest little Shiatsu on Earth. We have been friends since the mid nineties when we met when we were both members of a meditation group. Welcome Jeanie. Hi Connie, thank you for inviting me to be with you today. It's my pleasure. We're gonna talk a little bit of today and and certainly I'm the one that I can also speak to this. I've had experience working with you and being friends with you for all this time and today we're going to talk a little bit more about your journey and how you got to where you are today.

Basically things you've learned along the way and wonder if you could start us off here with your personal philosophy. How did you apply that in your life? Well, really my personal philosophy is that success happens from the inside out. I've been shaping my life around that, the coaching. I do the training and teaching I do with people, helping others to come from their inside out and I'll tell you, we so often miss the clues that we're telling ourselves, we tend to get too much into our heads. This goes back quite a while, I as you mentioned, I come from the corporate world, but I'll tell you, I felt like a corporate misfit from day one, I'm a teacher, a born teacher at heart always wanted to be a trainer, but could never quite make that happen in the corporate world, and my career actually became finding my life's work. Mhm. But I did start listening to those nudging that I would get and that's how one of the ways you and I met, but I joined a meditation group and at the time I was looking at networking and looking at different options for myself, I knew I loved to help people especially help people succeed in in there really in their work and their lives as a result.

And actually at one of our meditation retreats that you and I were both on together, I ran into someone who told me about the coaching profession and back then, and this was quite a while ago, as a matter of fact, coaching was really cutting edge at that time, but I knew the minute I heard that and this is what I'm talking about, that success happens from the inside out. I just I just intuitively knew that that's what I needed to explore and take a look at and see if it was a good fit and truly, you know, A journey of 1000 miles, really begins with a single step. That's what Jesus said, and that's what I was really doing in those early years as I was searching for my right livelihood and and taking different steps. But I got one step, that one piece of information that Marie Marie came by the way, if Maria's listened to this memory just opened up a whole new world for me and it changed my life, went back home from the retreat, did some research and found a coach training program that really fit my needs because I was still employed at that time.

And this was all virtual. So it really fit my lifestyle. And my whole plan was to get certified as a coach and then build up a practice until I was at a point where I could leave my job. You know, the universe always has a different plans for us. Yes, I know that one. I just recently heard a quote from Woody Allen Man makes plans and God laughs. Anyway, go ahead for sure. Well, that's what happened here. And my plan to become self employed and create a coaching practice happened much sooner because oh my gosh, I don't know, it was months after I started the training, but not that long of a time brain That I was laid off for the fourth time in three years if you can only imagine. So, really, I can relate to people who are laid off and what that feels like and what you go through.

But I remember that I was driving home that night from my from my my work and it was snowing out and I thought, never again this will never happen to me again where I will be relying on a company for my livelihood. So like I said, the universe catapulted me or God catapulted me into my work that I'm currently doing now, sometimes you just can't plan things out, they just happen and and that definitely sounds like a defining moment. And as I'm listening to your story, even if I know your story, I just and struck by how you were given the opportunity will say to live what you believe in, which is success happens from the inside out. And so they're at that retreat, you were listening on the inside when that opportunity crossed your path and something and you said, oh this, I'm resonating with this and it it definitely reminds me of your book, you talk about the having plus doing plus being, is success from the outside in and in this case you were focusing on being plus doing and having and of course with that little nudge from the universe that said, okay, we want you to do something else and that's how you got success from the inside out.

Yes, that's very true. We really do have that formula backwards many of us, you know, I was working with one client, Well a number of clients, but this client in particular, you know, young man had a wonderful job, young family and there were certain things that he wanted in life but he felt that he was very unhappy in what he was doing but felt he needed to continue this Yeah, to enable him to have those goals and achieve those goals. We do have goals and we do need to have goals, but sometimes we might be going about it in a different way. So he really wanted to have all the wonderful things, you know, the fancy cars, the fancy house, you know, the right people, nothing wrong with that yet it's where all of his focus went. But he was really quite unhappy talking about the having doing being formula with him, we started to shift things around and asking him to really get in touch with what's important to him, what does he really want for himself and for his family.

And as he got more and more clear on that he was able to make some shift to begin to start living from the, you know, from that place of first being and then taking actions, he followed his so to speak, his inner herself, his inner energy started all of that with very clear actions to end up having the kind of success in life he wants. And I'm happy to tell you, oh my gosh, his life has turned around he and his family and so so happy to see how happy they are and how continuing to follow that formula has helped him and I know it's helped me and, and I know you too Connie. Yeah, I have, I have learned again and again several times when, when I've been in transition, we've worked together and, and it is true. It's just coming back to listening from the inside out. What, what is the inside telling you? And it's certainly there's, I wouldn't say that there's something wrong with listening externally or listening from the outside in because I think there's got to be a balance there absolute first.

I agree with you that it's important to come on the inside. You know, in some ways it's for, for me I can, it's, it's a little bit like I just had this image of kind of being nudged along. So if you can connect to the inside, then it's, it's actually like urine in. Well, I could say this, it's your GPS. It's really going to guide you in the direction that, that you need and perhaps want to go. Well, I'm glad that this client has found his way by by using this formula. So we, I want to take a look a little bit more. You had your aha moment when you were driving on that snowy night. And again, we, I said it, it sounded like a defining moment and it also lead you to something else which there was. There's also another connection for us because you put me in touch with a ballroom dancer at one point in my life. So I know that's a real important aspect of your life and so tell me a little bit about that and how that is part of living from the inside out.

Well, I've always loved to dance and actually I'm dating myself here, but strictly dancing going way back. I loved that with Patrick Swayze, I think that was the name of it. Anyway, that when I saw that movie, I just loved, I thought I love to dance, I want to learn how to ballroom dance and at that time I lived in ST louis and never really did much with it, but once I moved to Atlanta, I, you know, this is a great way to meet people, I am going to take lessons and I actually had my first lesson after, I'd only been here a month. Well I just loved to dance, it's just my bliss. I mean, I can get onto the dance floor and all my cares in the world melt away. Like I said earlier, I am, I'm a teacher, a born teacher and the studio wanted me to become an instructor, but at that time I, I didn't want to do that, I just wanted to have fun, I did, I competed with my instructor and there were just so many fun things that went along with it, but there came a time and this is, I'm already within my coaching business now.

But there came a time that I was getting a nudge, my, my inner ginger Rogers was was literally attacking me on my heart and I mean it was like a lightning bolt hit me again, It was one of those light, I remember that day and I thought, you know what, it's time. And so when I went to the studio that night, I talked to the studio owner and the very next week I started training as a ballroom dance instructor. So I've been teaching ballroom dance for 18 years or so now and absolutely love it. It is my passion, unfortunately, haven't been able to dance too much these past few months just because of the circumstances, but that's starting to shift, but it's, it's just, I just love sharing the joy of ballroom dance with people. It's my happy place, you know? Yes, and I can attest to that because I've seen you dance and uh my personal experience of learning it, I do remember at first, I I understood finally that statement of having two left feet.

Well, I didn't feel like my feet, my arms, anything was working in in rhythm and together at all. I remember, oh my goodness, what will I ever get this? And then there was that moment when the brain and all of the appendages clicked. Yeah, you're right, everything goes away except being on that dance floor. And it was for me again, it was quite an extraordinary experience. And yet another reminder of following that bliss follow anyone is bringing you that kind of bliss. It's one of my flow activities, you know, flow activity is one of those things that you do that where you lose total track of time. It's just you're in, you're just in a place of you know, sheer bliss. But it's it's something you so much enjoy doing. That. Time passes you by your flowing in the moment. You know, it's it's just brings joy. It does. And as you said, Time stands still.

And this is another one of the nuggets in your book, which we're going to talk a little bit more about. But I also found this quote, this seems that you have you have in your book, which is a Hasidic saying, and it fits right in with this. Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, then choose that way with all your heart. Yeah. Isn't it something it is. Yeah, it is. It's powerful. I mean, as you read that, I mean, it just gives me pause. It's just really a quote to ponder on, to meditate on to, you know, spend time reflecting on, you know, often it's we have to wade through a lot of noise to really hear what that heart is saying. And if we sit with their quote, think you can ask what is it that my heart wants. And then, as you said, being still long enough to let that rise up.

And the thing I want to say is is not to be discouraged if it doesn't come up right away and to continue listening and asking that question, because the answer can come in different ways that yes, it can come when you're sitting still and quiet in your thoughts, meditating or contemplating. But it also can come when you're in the middle of a flow activity. It can come when you're taking a shower. It can pop up when you're driving the car by asking that question and you know, reading that quote and continuing to ask what does my heart wants. You actually are sending a message to your inner self, you know, to your subconscious and it's going to start percolating. We do go through a phase of percolating. I actually talked about that in my book, The magic of spontaneous combustion. I think that's the chapter on percolation. So, you know, you, you ask a question and you just let it percolate.

And then all of a sudden it pops up the answer. I mean, that was my, you know, like all of a sudden I knew it was time to start teaching dance. All of a sudden I knew that yes, coaching, that's the way for me to go and then having any other examples of it. And there is another way to hear what your heart is trying to tell you. I call it the gold filter, we all have goals. Goals give us direction. But if you ever wonder why am I having trouble reaching some of my goals where you've got to ask yourself, how do you feel when you think about that, that goal, what what kind of what's it bringing up for you? Because if you have this heaviness feeling, it's like, oh gosh, you know, we'll do that another day, there's something not right with the goal, your heart is telling you something's not right here. Sometimes it just needs to be tweaked. Sometimes you just need to say that's really not my goal, It's what I think I should be doing or what I think someone else wants me to do.

So that's another way to hear what your heart is trying to tell you and what what you really want. And and another way is I call it procrastinating to your heart's desire, where procrastination can really be our friend. You know, we think of procrastination is something really negative and it can be, but there are times when procrastination is a friend and what it's doing is it's telling you, wait a minute you're procrastinating because what it is isn't right for you, There's something not right about that, asking you to stand back and take a look at what's going on here, then make a change. I had a really big ha with this several years ago, I was involved with a group which was great at first it was a mastermind group and very, very good. But as time went on, I just wasn't getting the results I was hoping for and looking for. And I fell off kilter.

I felt like something's not right here. But you know what? I had, I hate to say this, but I had invested a lot of money and I thought, you know what, you need to just stay with it, learn, learn from it. There's something, well, I continued to just just wasn't working and starting to have some stress around it. And I finally sat down with myself and I thought, wait a minute, this is taking you in a different direction than you really want to go. So then I made the decision to make a change. Mhm. But that was an example of where I really wasn't listening myself for quite a while. So it happens to all of us and our hearts speaks to us in many different ways. Body was done. Got a clenched jaw for months on end, mm hmm. Something's not right. That could be one of the signals. And when I think about my own experience of procrastination on things that really, as you said, should have ended Or I needed to take a different direction.

There are signals. And like it keeps coming back to what you're talking, you've already said, But it's this working from the inside If we can be still long enough to let that wisdom, you said, the body wisdom, it's it's telling you that there's something going on. If you're clenching your job, it could be that you're cold for heaven's sakes. But it's it could be a lot more, It's a fine tuning of that inner voice of like maybe you better say it's a fine tuning of our ears, our internal ears that does take some time. Yes, it does. And it's a continuous listening and paying attention for us to hear, we need to hear from the inside out and then we can take action externally and then start from the outside. Well, and I think that's what you were if I go back to your your formula for success listening, if if I may and of course jump in this is not how you actually works. But for me, when I think of the attitude, I think of the attitude in some ways of being open to what your heart is telling you, then that's when you can take action is from that place.

And then tell me a little bit more about the accountability. How does that fit in here? Well, the accountability fits in with, first of all, we don't need to do it alone and the accountability comes in in sharing with someone else what it is you're doing, you want to be careful about who you choose, that, someone you want, someone to be supportive and approval champion you and help you because obstacles come up in and what we want to do and having someone to be accountable can help you work through the obstacles, can help you follow through on the promises you made to yourself to achieve the goals that you want to have. And of course that's what I provide in the coaching programs I offer. But the accountability is a very, very important piece because it's very easy to get sidetracked. Our mind can start playing a number on us. So that's the other thing about attitude is we want to make sure that we are thinking in ways that support us rather than sabotage us and someone were being accountable tool with the goals we promised to achieve and also who can help us navigate those obstacles because they might not seem as big as they really are, but if we are working on our own, they just become boulders and mountains.

So the accountability piece is I think a key ingredient and are having success personally and professionally. Yes, and I'll agree with that and having worked with you in that sometimes we get, shall I say blinded by our own stories, the things that we tell ourselves and it's helpful to have someone to reflect back to us that maybe that's not the case or in cases where we might be dragging our feet, it's also important to point out maybe you are dragging your feet or maybe you need to slow down, you know, we all have, we all have limiting beliefs, limiting thoughts and there's often one that plays a big part, you know, there's the strongest limiting paradigm and that's something I work on with people actually is part of the process of one of my coaching programs. I see how that works, it definitely is part of that equation gets you to that awesomeness.

You are currently, you're still doing what you love during the coaching, what's on the horizon, what's coming up for you right now? Well, you know, that's a very interesting question because with 2020 being the twilight zone year, it's, you know, it really is you know, so what I set out for myself the beginning of the year and maybe many of you can relate to this has changed over the course of this year, um just because of circumstances or we've had a lot of time to reflect and I am, you know, been asking myself what's next, but I'm also working with people and helping them determine what's next. And not only do I work with individuals and business people, but I also train and mentor coaches, so helping them to decide what's next, so what I'm saying about what's next, I think for some people they're really looking at maybe even making some major shifts in their careers or their businesses, not quite sure which direction to go or what the first steps are and you know, I just love helping people sort through that and then create a plan and then setting the goals to help them achieve that, but also I've noticed something and working with business people and particularly the coaches I'm mentoring is is getting clients is really important.

Obviously sometimes what they've been doing and a lot of the norm right now is doing a lot of online marketing, virtual networking social media for some people. And I'm finding that this with a number of clients I'm working with that just isn't working for them. And I have another way of helping people find clients that really speaks to who they are. And again, this comes from this success, from the inside out, working with what is more natural for them and it's really helping people get great results. So that's another piece of the pie that I'm working on and working with people right now, as you said, so many people are asking what next as we look back in my view, life has never been certain, However, It seemed more certain before January 2020, but if anything this year has taught us that a lot of things are shifting and changing and so to step out.

we don't have a solid ground, it feels like to a lot of people I know that I've talked to, it doesn't feel like that if I put my foot out there, I'll know where to land. So, having someone to talk about that with and to perhaps navigate now now what is next? Or maybe not even asking externally what's next? More turning inside Like you said, it's going in and saying, what would I like to be next? Going back to being before we step out? So that that's what you're helping people do is go in and say, what would I like to be next? It has been challenging as is normal when something that is this unknown to us. I imagine sometimes that our parents are laughing because they've, when we look back on everything that they've gone through that you know, we, we haven't been through world War but perhaps this is ours in a sense. Yes, that's it. Is that you're looking to assist coaches and clients alike with?

How do I figure out that piece for myself and I love doing it. Is there anything else you would like to add as far as going forward? Anything else you're working on before we enter into our lightning round? Whoa, let's move into the lightning round. That sounds very appealing. Okay, okay. Yes, so we just have a few questions and we call it a lightning round because we're just looking for some some answers to some questions like what lifts you up? Oh well, well what lifts me up obviously is ballroom dancing? Mm hmm whether I'm teaching it or out on the dance floor. Just dancing, social dancing there just is such just so joyful like I said earlier, if I'm down in the dumps just stepping out onto the dance floor, I just dance all my cares away. The other thing that lifts me up is being out in nature, going for a walk, walking my little doggie gracie and helping people, helping others lift me up.

So I dance with all of those things, whether I'm actually on the dance floor or being out in nature, walking little gracie or helping people in their lives. Personal, professional lives. I'm feeling lifted up just listening to you talk about that. I like this idea. Yeah. What helps you feel grounded and centered? You know, interestingly enough, it's very similar to what lifts me up, meditation helps me feel grounded ballroom dance movement helps me feel grounded. And again it comes back to the walking and and the dancing and just sitting outside listening to the birds, listening to the at night, the crickets or cicadas and just making sure I have my feet firmly planted on the floor on the ground and deep breathing and breathe. You know, how often do we catch ourselves shallow breathing. So just taking deep breaths helps me ground, can relate to that Nature is one of my go 2s as well. And meditation. What is your favorite book or your go to resource?

Well, my favorite book, I have lots of favorite books, actually my favorite book, you know, can I say my own book, 52 ways to live success from the inside out. Of course it's one of my favorites, Thank you, but also one of my favorites that is a good go to and I like it because it really complements mine but and I know people have heard of him but Jack can't feels the success principles. There are just some great principles in there and give you some with my clients and I've also used them with myself. Just you know, you can, if you're going through something, you can look at that and probably find a chapter that will help you. It's just another resource in helping you have success. If you had a genie in a bottle, no pun intended and only one wish, what would that be? You know, I feel like I should say something like peace for the world and everyone love everyone and you know, or vacation homes in several places around the world. But really, really what I would like is wisdom. That's my wish is to have wisdom because I feel if I have wisdom from that wisdom will then know what actions to take or how to live my life.

So that is my wish is wisdom. If you had that. Well you do have that actually I would like to say would the wisdom also see you know which coast to buy those vacation homes on with that wisdom and yeah, there you go. I'd like to say that if you are living from the inside out, then you're going to be spreading around some love because you're going to be happy and which that's what I've learned also from you is that that's as you've been saying, it's your, it's your place of bliss. It's when you're doing your ballroom dancing, which is something you love and you wisely followed your heart to bring yourself to coaching and to bring yourself to the ball on dancing. Thank you. Mhm Thank you. You're welcome. What other advice would you give people for them to rise up to their loving heart centered self? Well, similar to what I've been talking about is really pay attention to how you're feeling.

Listen to your body. Watch where you're procrastinating. I don't mean to react from emotions because if we're reacting out of fear or out of anger, we're not going to make wise decisions generally. But to pay attention to how you're feeling about things about people. And use that mm hmm. To know or find wisdom on how to act them. You know, listen to your body's messages. Listen to that. Your intuitive intelligence, your inner Gps as you said to do more of that. If you have a hard time trouble getting in touch with that. Take deep breaths. That will help you ground. But I think that's the best thing I could say is is listen to your heart, remember that quote that you said earlier Connie about the Hasidic quote, that is something good to ponder on because that's our Success from the Inside Out. Lovely. So let's tell our listeners how we can find you. They can go to my website and I think you'll have this posted Connie the website and the comments of this.

Yes, but my website is actually my name. It's www dot Jeannie. That's jay. He is an Eva a and as a nancy and as a nancy E as in Edward charbonneau. S as in sam H as in harry, A R B as in boy you and as a nancy o dot com. So it's jeanie charbonneau dot com. And on there, I have a number of resources for you. On the homepage, there's a special report. So if you are Looking for ways to help get things done and be more productive, there's a report there how to achieve more in one week than most do in 12. That's free. Just enter your email address and we'll send it to you. I also, if you're interested in my book, I do have a book page on my website and you can go there and either order the book If you're in the us or if you scroll down that page, about three quarters of the page down there is my free e book, which is some chapter excerpts from 52 ways to live success from the inside out.

I actually like to call it a taste of 52 ways to live success from the inside out. Just scroll down on that page until you find it and enter your email address and I'll send it out to you too. And I do have a blog articles on the website, some things like the power of paradigms, mindset matters, four tips to inspired, effective goal setting, how to blast out of overwhelmed. So is there just some of the black articles that you can read? I also have a free facebook group that you're welcome to join that. The name of the group is business success with ease. It's not just for people who own their businesses, it's for anyone. And because I think we are our own business were the Ceo itself, so you can search for that. And I'm also on linkedin under my name. Yes. So those are some ways to learn more about me. And if you do go to my website and you want to hear more about my career journey, you can, that's also one of the black articles or it's under the about me section. So you'll hear my whole story there. Okay, And also I do have something for your listeners that wonderful.

Yeah, so I have an offer. I'm offering a complimentary free 30 minute session with me. The first three people who email me at coach At Jeanie's Charbonneau.com. We'll do a free 30 minute session, clarity or breakthrough session. So we're getting to know you session. So I would love to offer that to your listeners. Thank you. Yes. And and once again I can attest go for it. Yeah, thank you. Connie Take that that opportunity to work with Jeannie. Even for 30 minutes, you'll be inspired. Alright, well I think that wraps up our time today and once again, thank you for taking time to be with us today. Is there anything else you would like to add? I just want to thank you, Connie for inviting me. It's been I've so enjoyed talking with you and and I'm hoping that our conversation, thank you to all the listeners who have listened and I hope you have found some good tips in our podcast today and I wish you all the best you, Connie and everyone listening out there to this podcast.

I wish you the best of success from the inside out. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. We hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving heart centered, highest self. We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and are popular notes from your higher self until next time. Keep rising up and may all that you love thrive.

Ep. 34 - Listen To Your Heart To Create Success From The Inside Out - An Interview with Jeanne Sharbuno
Ep. 34 - Listen To Your Heart To Create Success From The Inside Out - An Interview with Jeanne Sharbuno
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