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Ep. 28 - Find The Fun So Life Becomes A Game You Want To Play Again - An Interview With Marisa Raymond

by Hearts Rise Up
June 29th 2020
An Interview with Marisa Raymond, a wife, mom, mindfulness coach and board-certified genetic counselor and founder of Marisa Raymond Coaching. "Find the fun" is a motto that Marisa Raymond believes is... More
Thank you for tuning your heart's in for another episode of the Hearts Rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host along with my co host and Siri and Concetta antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews. We're here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution. Help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self together. We can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love, joy and freedom. Mhm, mm hmm. Mhm. No. Welcome to all our heart centered listeners. My name is Concetta antonelli and I'll be your host for today's episode featuring Marissa Raymond.

I'm looking forward to spending time with her and learning more about how she brings heart centered inspiration too stressed out grown ups so they can find the fun and snap life becomes a game they want to play again. So let's get right to it. Marissa and I have been friends since she arrived in France on what we call the expat planet 11 years ago. We adopted that descriptive because we did and still do feel like we landed on a different planet. We found ways to navigate and thrive on this foreign land by breathing deeply, creating together and sometimes screaming and crying together and most importantly laughing together. I think it's her personal philosophy that includes an element of fun that has helped us both survive and thrive Here. Marissa is the mary Poppins for stressed out families looking to release the weight of the world.

They've all been carrying on their shoulders, she helps them find elements of fun so they feel calmer, more in control and more engaged at home and at work, Marissa began her professional career as a genetic counselor and when she and her family moved to bordeaux France, she had to look for new ways to use her skills and experience to help others in ways that felt more aligned with her goals and her new lifestyle. After working with a life code, Marissa realized that this was the career she really wanted to build. So she pursued her certification After completing her 200 hour yoga teacher's certification, kids yoga and mindfulness trainings. She created Marissa Raymond coaching to help families create more calm and ease to strengthen their connection. All of this allowed her to create a unique approach to coaching that integrates the thing she loves most so that she can help families strengthen their communication, resilience and deep connection.

Welcome to the podcast, Marissa, thanks Concetta, it's so good to be here. Thanks for having me. You're welcome. We're glad to have you. So tell us a little bit more about this journey you've been on and how you've arrived at this place of being able to bring all these elements of your past experience and your life here on the on what we're calling our explorer planet. Well, I mean I guess the first thing is how we arrived on this expat planet. Yeah. Like as you said, I was a genetic counselor and we were living in colorado, which is another thing you and I had in common. My husband was offered the opportunity to do a sabbatical here in bordeaux and we, you know, said yes, we had this eight month old baby at the time and we're sort of like, when are we ever going to get this chance to go live in France? So we came for three months, went back home, I thought that was it. We had our french experience and then my husband was offered a job to come here permanently.

Wasn't as, as you know, the expat planet, um adjusting to a new culture, it's one thing to go for three months. It's a completely different thing to go for, you know, years or the no ending. And so we sort of fell into this pattern that I think a lot of americans do of like well and people in general like let me gather the information that I need to make this decision. And it seemed like we would be able to basically just pick up our life in colorado and move it here. My husband had this, you know, job that he was going to be welcome to an astronomy in the university setting. And everybody we talked to said, yeah, like because as a genetic counselor, like, oh of course, of course you're going to be able to make it work here. So we decided to come and very quickly found out that no, in fact my american diplomas were not transferable, that I was going to have to, if I wanted to work as a genetic counselor is gonna have to redo my diploma in the french system and that the university was on the other side of France from where we were living.

So it was just like okay, I guess the universe is telling me this is the time to stay home with my, with my son And enjoy the slowing down that we all talk about right. Like I worked 12 hour days and so there was definitely a part of my, of me that really just wanted to deep take a deep breath and get off the roller coaster for a little bit very quickly discovered that as much as I love my, I loved my child, now love my Children because I had another one here, I needed to have more adult interaction. I was feeling really isolated. I was struggling to navigate the new culture, the new language and I threw the universe's miracles, met you really like, you know, we met at Porto Usa at an organization that supports americans living here in France and french people who are interested in american culture. And the very first day we walked in there were people were like, oh you're from colorado, you need to meet Pancetta and I think through meeting you and then growing my network through you.

I learned that I wasn't alone. I learned that there were people who supported me who supported me verbally vomiting until I found what felt like the right path to take, who were there to support me. And I experimented and experimented, experimented. And yeah, I ended up really burning out in kind of saying yes to everything and taking on all the all the things and I got physically ill. The doctor was like you need to do something about this because otherwise you're going to be on medication for the rest of your life. And you really supported me through that. And the people in our creativity group. You were one of the first people that said you need to find a therapist or a life coach or somebody you can talk to. And the person that I found really the connections that I made was like, Oh yeah I'm a counselor. Like I have these skills and I have this science knowledge and I have this mm mm mm mm mm It's parenting experience. And I have this expat experience like why am I not sharing my skills with other people that I can help.

And so that's really my how I got here all just one step at a time and like experimenting and playing and making a whole lot of mistakes and having a support network that was like it's okay Cry and then pick yourself up and like find something you know, Find another thing to experiment with. It is quite an amazing journey. I am remembering how the shock of being on the expat planet. Of course there's the beginning and the excitement of, oh boy, we're off on a new adventure and the sensation of do I have this? Well maybe I do do have it like in the sense of I got this and yet the reality of navigating all of that does put a lot of pressure. And you said this to me before is adult ng is hard and missing. And yet you found, well I applaud your courage for one thing and you did find a way through all of this and it sounds like that you again, I go back to what you say about putting fun in what you're doing.

And I think that also seems to lighten things up. So could you tell me a little bit more about how you came about being the mary Poppins when I burned out. And really, you know, my body and my mind are telling me like something has to change and I think that's sort of the go to that people are told as adults as yoga and meditation and I had a four year old and a one year old at that point or 1.5 year old and trying to do yoga and meditation with a four and a one year old at home. It's not easy what I ended up doing was trying to entertain them by putting on yoga for kids videos so that they could watch while I practiced my yoga on the other side of the room and I found that I was not paying attention to my yoga videos I was watching There's and I would get on the mat with them and I went jump up and down and you know, make loud noises and all of these things that were really fun.

And at the end of those sessions like you know, 10, 15 minute kids yoga video, I would feel so much calmer than after a 30 to 45 minutes yoga session and not to knock yoga because I I mean I love yoga but that was a period where I really needed to just loosen up. Like that was the message that the universe I think was sending me like you need to have fun, you need to loosen up, stop the should I should be doing yoga, should be meditating, I should be feeling better, I should be taking better care of myself and just enjoying and around that same time as you and I have talked and so you know this like because the kids were young all of a sudden one day it was like, oh my gosh, this job feels hard and mary Poppins would say in every job that must be done. There's an element of fun. Like find the fun and snap the job's a game and it was like kids yoga as an adult doing? It was fun and it made me show up in yoga and really feel better and take care of myself and be more consistent in my practice because it was fun and it made the job of taking care of myself and feeling and healing easier.

It really, I think was all of these sort of different messages coming to me that like when we don't take ourselves so seriously, which oh my gosh, like I was programmed to take myself seriously right, as a little girl. Like there are pictures of me like crumpling up sheets of paper and throwing them on the floor because it wasn't perfect. I clearly was one of those people who had a very early age embraced perfectionism and sucked the fun out of a lot of things. And so it was really a great lesson and I think that's just kind of how I started practicing what I preach and going out there and showing people on the playground, like getting on the climbing gyms with my kids and laughing with them and playing and I got a whole lot of people staring at me because that's just not how french people generally speaking at the time were interacting with their kids. So it really was sort of like who's this crazy lady. But then I think people are like, oh that looks fun and like they're laughing and she's not screaming at her child and maybe I should try that. And so then I started getting approached by people like how do you do that?

And like, I'm having fun. Like I'm letting myself be a kid, imagine that it is true that one of the things that I had noticed when I first came and still do that a lot of times, the, the french parents would be sitting on the sidelines and just obviously observing their Children and making sure they're safe and they're okay. But they wouldn't necessarily get out there and interact. That to me is on your part, you were transforming something really difficult and easing it up. It is, it's in that song just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down and I equate the sugar to having some fun. I'm really appreciative of how you had an Aha moment where you weren't trying so hard and that sometimes it's in that trying so hard that the answers elude us again. I just think it's a way of rising up when we just let go sometimes. And isn't that what kids do as well? Yeah, I think that was exactly it right.

Like I started noticing changes in myself, but also changes in my Children, getting down on the floor with them and playing and laughing and not being kids are so sensitive there so empathetic, so open and empathic. And so my kids, they were sleeping fine, but we have these periods of night terrors we had you know them not wanting to go to sleep. All the things that you have and I think there are a lot of it again was sort of like oh I have to control this, I have to you know hire a sleep coach, I have to get a routine like all these things that were like should should should these are things I have to do to make my kid's life easier. And here I was making my life harder to try and make my kids sleeping. My kids sleep more easily. And when I started having more fun and playing more and getting down to their level, not only did I start feeling better but that rippled into them feeling more safe, more in control more heard and understood and so they relaxed and they were able to sleep better and eat better and all of the things that I have been trying to control before just kind of fell into place.

And I think that's the biggest lesson that I have because we came here to the expat planet like when you go to another culture and especially another culture where you don't speak the language the way you learn to speak the languages to speak like a child right as somebody who was highly educated and really identified as being a smart person. I really struggled with not being snuck being able to communicate the way I wanted to and I gave up a whole lot of power. My husband was fluent so I would ask him to make phone calls to doctor's appointments and enrolling our kids in school and all the things that I would have done in the US and it felt infantilizing and so I think that's really what it was like in some ways I was becoming that child who was the two year old having tantrums because the world wasn't working the way I wanted it to and like just being able to have fun and givin and and and it also allowed me to kind of own that that like I'm not the same person here that I am in the U.

S. And I get to reinvent myself and and I and this is what I have sort of been asking for. Like like I said I mean I had these 12 hour work days in the US, I always felt like oh I'm choosing work over home and my kid and the guilt about that and here it was like I have like I have all the time in the world with my kids and that doesn't feel good enough either. So I I really do think that like the self awareness that came with giving myself permission to let my hair down and have fun. It just made the self care which led to the self awareness easier because I wasn't putting pressure on myself to find the answer so that I could solve the problem. It wasn't a problem, it was alright yeah, I'm like I'm in my kids stage now, I get to develop like a kid does I get to take it one day at a time, I get to breathe and imagine that in essence it's the relaxing that actually gave you and I'll say myself as well, it gave each of us a sense of power a simply relaxing Yeah, I think it was Mark Twain and right who said explore dream, discover.

Um and I think as adults, we feel like we should have explored, dreamed and discovered everything. Like it's sort of, especially when you're, you know, you you spend so much time searching for information and learning about it for me. I know that I felt the same as far as feeling infantile, particularly with obviously the language you're absolutely right is that I had to write scripts out if I didn't ask christian my husband to do the making the appointments. And I remember one time you and I were talking about the fact that you you couldn't even deal with, like there was a problem with the phone and and you you couldn't even deal with that by yourself. And so it is that sense of having limited power and you're right, we're different, we live differently here. I love the perspective shift there is that we have this chance to reinvent our life and you're right, we both came here voluntarily.

even if they're probably moments when we both felt like, oh no, I didn't make this decision, right? They lied to us, they told us it would be wine and foie gras every night. Yeah. Right. Exactly. It is that that opportunity to be here and it does feel a little bit like we built ourselves from the ground up again. Yeah, and I think, you know, one of the things that I so appreciated about, what about meeting you and and the support that I got from from you was that creativity group because that you started with Diane because there was so much magic that happened there because there's a group of women getting together to create and so, you know, you are sort of going back into that childlike mindset of putting pen to paper and getting away from perfection and just experimenting and getting to talk amongst a tribe of people who get it and understand and I think that was sort of planting the seed for me to that like, oh if I get down on my hands and knees and draw with my son or you know, if, or if I go to the creativity group with Pancetta and Diane and I draw like it's fun and all of this self awareness and conversations and growth was happening in the midst of fun and I think you know what I'm noticing is that we're so caught up in this mindset of I need to know everything or especially now in this world of you know, 24 7 internet, like the instant gratification, like I can go and watch an entire season or like the entire series of a tv show on netflix.

Like I can watch six years of a tv show in like one day if I want to, there's an element of that that is great and an element of it that really sort of allows you to distract and hide and forget that you have power to make your own choices and you have power to, you know, I was doing, I'm not going to lie. I was kind of binge watching netflix instead of taking french classes, like you know, or doing my french homework when I was doing french classes because it was hard and I didn't want to do hard, but that was me giving up my power and so getting to go and talk to you and the other women about how we were all frustrated because yesterday felt easy and today feels hard. Um or yesterday the words were flowing and today I can't remember anything. Yeah, it really, it was fun, it was like, oh I get to bitch and complain with my friends and then like the energy gets out and then I can go home being more zen and so they're like, it reminded me of those sort of teenage, you know, high school sitting at the table and bitching about your parents and then everything feels fine and I did not, to be honest, I didn't have that in the US when I was working, I had a great group of friends, but we were all working 12 to 14 hour days and trying to balance family and we saw each other, but rarely we didn't have that sort of consistency of getting together and letting our hair down and having fun Well and it, it reminds me too of there's some balance going on because you're engaging using the example of learning the language, you're engaging a part of your brain and sometimes I would find that it would overload.

It was as if it had filled up and the only way for me to be able to regain or gain what I had taught myself or or learned about was that I had to stop doing it. So I had to stop doing my french lessons and go do something like the creativity group, like to switch, switch it up and it sounds like that that's what helps to kind of bring that sense of balance for you, is to use two different sides of the brain if you will. And and it kind of ties in with what you're saying about making things fun kind of relaxing into that. Yeah, yeah, that's I'm just for a moment taking a pause and absorbing that because it is it is that again, stepping back and allowing some things to flow from the heart and it does give our brain a rest in a sense. And then we can say, okay, you can take some time off here. Well, well, um, we connect in a very, in a much different way.

So you were mentioning that you were teaching kids yoga and mind and the mindfulness, We're in the middle of our coronavirus year. I'm going to call it that. So I'm imagining right now you're not exactly teaching face to face, but what else are you doing right now as far as the yoga and the mindfulness with kids, you know, I'm not teaching face to face, but I am lucky enough to have because I was teaching in a school before several schools and also had private clients that I do have people that were asking me to continue to do yoga. So I've been recording somewhat daily, it started daily and as we got further and further into the lockdown and sheltering at home became a little less frequent. But you know, just 5 to 10 minute videos of things that parents and kids can do at home to shake out the energy and their timeless, right? I mean they're, they're not specific to coronavirus. There are things that I would do in my class and I'm teaching some online classes as well.

And I also have a coaching business, you know, so in addition to doing the yoga, I'm I'm still coaching and working with families who and this is a great time because I think some of what corona virus and the shelter at home is teaching us is that we were on this feeding roller coaster of life and we were waiting for things. We wanted things to slow down, but we didn't know how to get off and slow them down. Now. We've gone the pendulum completely the other way and we're sort of getting what we wanted. But much like when we moved to France and was like, okay, all right, that's what I thought I wanted. But no, this is a little too much. We have to find the balance. And so one of the things that I am that I've put together is a new offer around helping families really find their rallying cry really tap into their values as a family so that they can find a happy medium between the before and the now. So that in the after going forward, they're really able to start living the life they want to live and find whether that's finding the fun or finding more balance scheduling the day, having more creativity.

So that's what I'm working with now. And yeah, it's been super. It's been a really fun experience. And I think it goes back to what we were saying earlier, like every, every day we have the opportunity to learn when we look at the world through that fun lens, look at the world through a child's lens, like everything is fascinating, right? It's like we're all of a sudden we're curious George again. And we get to say like, oh, like isn't that fascinating? Like there's something somebody else is doing that like I had never thought of, Let me think of it or like here in France. I just the other day did a virtual tour of the Museum of Natural History in new york. So it made me feel like everything from new york. It made me feel like I was there. But it was like, oh, that was fun. We're going on a virtual food tour as a family. So we're doing this a couple of times a week, picking recipes from different countries that were interested in visiting and doing a power point presentation about historical sites and what language they speak there and learning a few words and trying new flavors and it's just been a really fun bonding experience and it's something we want to carry forward.

So, I think, you know, this is a great time for us to really be taking that time. Like you said to stop and and process and feel into our heart. Um, and figure out like what fascinates me. What do I, what do I want to experiment with next? Like getting curious and, and kind of making a a new plan for for our life. A plan where we have a little bit more control over getting what we want. Mm hmm. And I've had the opportunity to watch and participate in the videos of the yoga videos you've been doing in. Honestly they are, they're so much fun. Plus I've been able to see some of your virtual vacationing and I think this is just a super idea for me as well. I adopted some of that thinking. All right, well on the horizon for us in the corona year is probably limited travel. And so I think that this time and what you've been explaining is that there's a, it's like a contain a creative container and and you you have, we have that opportunity to do just that is, let's see if we can navigate going forward because there's no going backward.

There is in this case we've got to find a different way. And I've noticed again that this aspect of being creative virtually going on a world food tour if you will, it also can be more satisfying than I understood. It could be. You know, it's the sense that we we have to have everything hands on be out in there. But this also helps us connect our hearts and our minds because we get to be really creative and find out what what satisfies us. And I think that's such a, you know, it's funny because I hadn't thought of this until you said that. But in many ways this is our finding the fun because as you know, like one of the things that it was sort of a tipping point for me and my burnout was getting my was having picky eaters. So my older son is a super taster and was because of, it was super super picky, my husband's a super taster so he was super picky.

So I was constantly having to battle him too because he was like, well I only eat five things and I'm fine. And so it was such a struggle and then I had, you know, this baby who ate everything and then got to be too and was like, well my five year old brother says no, so I'm going to say no and it really was a huge struggle. And so when you were talking about the virtual tour, I was like, oh yeah, you know what, like my kids are actually learning how to eat different foods now they're tasting foods. This is the fun way. Like if I had done this when Owen was you know little, I mean who knows? Obviously it was different, but, but this is a fun way to experiment with new cultures and new food in a way that like with something that I really, really struggled. So I almost feel like there's some healing to when you said that I was like, oh, it's the weight of not being a good enough mom and getting my kids to eat well enough when I was, You know, 10 years ago and all of a sudden it's like, Oh, like I did it.

I like I I achieved it and I can feel that and so I do I feel like there's just so thank you thank you for sharing it that way and and helping me see that that I've sort of closed the loop. Yeah and that's kind of what I can I see that you do with your clients and going forward now as um I think you've said as we navigate the post coronavirus existence, what what else do you see on the horizon as best you can make those decisions right now or continuing to integrate all of these wonderful experiences that you've been having. So I think the biggest question to ask ourselves is what do we love about what's happening now? Like what do we what do we love? What are we celebrating in our life now and what are we missing from our life before and really sitting with? What are our values? What do we want to for ourselves?

Because one thing that I know as a genetic counselor is we are all genetically unique. Like not a single person out of 100 and eight billion people who have walked this planet since the beginning of humans walking this planet. I have had the same D. N. A. And the same experiences. And that's true as a family right? When you bring those unique D. N. A. And experiences together you create and even you know a unique experience really sitting at when we can with, you know, whether you're by yourself or have Children or are married, what unique values are true for you. What's unique? What's your mission statement for your family if you will? And I think that's kind of even for us, what's on the horizon? Like I am really excited. You know, I'm not gonna lie. And you know, I've talked about this like there's so much grief and trauma coming out of this period that cannot be denied and that needs to be dealt with. And at the same time there's excitement and planning and newness that's going to come going forward.

And so what do you want that to look like for you? And it doesn't have to be what the next door neighbors are doing. It doesn't, It shouldn't probably shouldn't be what the next door neighbors are doing because they're not you. So what do you want and really getting to sit with that individualism. And so I'm really excited because one of the things that I created for the people who are listening for your followers is a free 30 minute session where we can hop on a call and start to talk about what are your values? What are the action steps that you want to take going forward to really start getting clarity and excitement and fun on what your post coronavirus life can look like and yeah. And so I'm really excited to do those and in doing that to learn what people are going to need after that. So I try not to think too many steps ahead anymore because much like the baby and trying to like, You know, learns how to walk one step at a time. I find that I learned so much just by kind of taking one step, seeing what I learned from that, and then taking the second step instead of trying to have 10 steps planned and never taking the first one because I'm not sure how I'm going to do step 10.

And again, in in this particular time frame, it sounds like a very prudent way. And actually, I think it's probably a good method of self care as well that we don't start jumping ahead if this year is any indication we're going to get detoured anyway into into something. Well, let's just say we'll have another exciting adventure. And that's what I yeah, we have to get curious and bi curious George and say how fascinating I love that reference because when I just thought of him, it is just like that, isn't it? He returns to his innocence and is literally as we know, he's curious about everything and that I wanted to connect that also with will be putting the link to the free offer in the show notes. And I clicked on that link and went ahead and looked at the page and it will just bring a big smile to your face to go. So I'm going to encourage our listeners to make sure they go and click on the links. It'll be lots of fun because it think of yourself as curious George and and go be curious about the link.

Yes. And I also I'll just add at the bottom of the linked to theirs, you can subscribe to my newsletter and once a week I send out uh yoga and mindfulness activity for the whole family. And so if you're interested in bringing more fun into your yoga and mindfulness practice, they're always short little activities but they come into your inbox once a week and that link is at the bottom of that page. So now we come to the point where we have what we call a lightning round and this is just a few fun and amazing insights and resources that we might be you might be able to offer to others. So one of our questions that we ask is what lifts you up. I love this question. So I get lit up by watching my Children and getting curious about what they're curious about. I love cuddling on the couch and playing and yeah, just getting creating connections, lights me up. So whether now it's with my Children because that's who I see but but before it was, you know, obviously getting to see my friends and have a glass of wine or a stitch and bitch session.

Yeah, connections Light me up and what makes you feel or helps you feel grounded and centered. You know, I am, I'm claiming this for the first time publicly right here going Jetta. You know this about me but a lot of people don't because I have the science background but rocks and crystals and spirituality really ground me. So I have a whole table of crystals and oracle cards and I find that that really grounds me pulling a card or holding onto a crystal. Mm hmm. And just sort of being in the moment with the message from them. Yeah, I know that one of my favorite things that you offer on your facebook page is kind of a weekly oracle if you will that you will pull the card and and give us a message. So I really, I really like that. Yeah. And you too. I mean that was something I learned from you. Well it helps me feel grounded and centered to, to watch that and, and so I appreciate that you do that.

So if you had a genie in a bottle and only had one wish, what would that be? You know, I really think and again this is given that the our times but it's for people to really remember that it's important to listen more than to talk. And I know that's not a wish for me it's kind of a wish for the world, but I think if we were all able, we have two ears and one mouth. So I had a coach tell me like you shouldn't listen, that means you're supposed to listen twice as much as talk to me. That is such a powerful reminder of you know, being able to connect and I feel like this is the world peace answer that people give on like my wish would be for world peace. I feel I feel like the step towards world peace is to listen more and and love more. So I do feel like that would be my wish that everybody would remember, they have two ears and one mouth and spend more time listening.

Do you have any favorite books or a go to resource? So one of the things that my kids challenged us with during this shelter at home time was we wanted to give them a sense of feeling in control a little bit and so they made a reading list for us and it's my kids are in 12 and nine and so it's been my new favorite books. When I saw that when I didn't hear that question, I was like, oh this is so bad because I feel like I should say like burn a brown and and I do of daring greatly um and dare to lead by Bernard Brown are amazing books, but my favorite books right now are the magic misfits series by Neil Patrick Harris partially because I love Doogie Howser and I love Neil Patrick Harris and Lemony Snicket and everything he's done. I'm a big fan and this series is, he actually teaches magic tricks in this, in this series and and the stories are so well written and I feel like they really resonate regardless of your age, there themes that transcend age about friendship and connection and magic.

So, and yeah, I'm gonna put out my, my childish fun side and say that my favorite books right now are the magic series by Neil Patrick Harris. Well, and you know what it occurs to me is that you are practicing what you wanted to have it if you could make a wish with a genie is that you're listening, you're listening to your kids and the wisdom that, that they can put forward just by being themselves and just saying, wow, these are, these are great things for us. So they hear you try them and now I'm, I want to look at his books as well, so you've encouraged me, Did they check him out? Yeah, there's three. And then the 4th one, which is gonna be the final one in the series comes out in September and so I'm like, we're excited, we're going to come out of lockdown and have another book to read. So it feels like the reward at the end of the tunnel to? Yeah, Nice. So as as we wrap up here today, do you have any advice for others to rise up to their loving heart centered highest self?

You know, I mean, I think I've shared it. Um, so just to reframe it or to restate it, like tap into your inner curious George. Don't be afraid to look silly or to have somebody judge you because that's about them. Not. You tap into your inner child and get curious. I love that advice. I'm I'm ready to go out there and explore. So with that in mind, tell us how can we find, how can people, how can our listeners find you out there? Yeah. So, um, my website is Marissa Raymond dot com and I'm sure you'll put that in the show notes and then I'm on instagram, Marissa. Raymond 77 on facebook MZ are coaching and MZ our yoga. So I have two separate pages and that's where you can find me. I'm out there. I'm really looking forward to connecting with all the heart centered amazing people that follow hearts rise up because it feels like part of a tribe knowing you and knowing what you create.

You create a tribe, You attract those people to you. So I I just feel so grateful to be part of that tribe, appreciate once again that you took some time today to be here with us and to share all your wonderful mary Poppins and marissa wisdom and again, this fun, I'm ready to go and have some more of that. So reminder to our listeners that we'll have all the links in our show notes and to go out and be curious and have some fun. Go have your spoonful of sugar. Mhm. We hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving heart centered, highest self. We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on Itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and are popular notes from your higher self until next time.

Keep rising up and may all that you love thrive.

Ep. 28 - Find The Fun So Life Becomes A Game You Want To Play Again - An Interview With Marisa Raymond
Ep. 28 - Find The Fun So Life Becomes A Game You Want To Play Again - An Interview With Marisa Raymond
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