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Ep. 23 - Tuning In To Energy Frequencies For Healing - An Interview with Dr. Tom Negelow, Healer and Trance Channeler

by Hearts Rise Up
April 20th 2020
In this episode, Carol interviews Dr. Tom Negelow, Healer and Trance Channeler where he discusses his background and goal of supporting people in their healing. For many years he and his wife Dr. Shel... More
Thank you for tuning your heart's in for another episode of the Hearts Rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host along with my co host and Siri and Concetta antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews. We're here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution, help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love, joy and freedom. Well hello again and welcome to the Hearts Rise up podcast. This is carol chapman, your host and I have to say I'm absolutely over the moon to have our featured guest on the show today Dr Tom Bigelow trans channel, healer, trainer and author.

In addition we have a very special person also joining us Dr Shelley gigolo Tom's wife who I interviewed a few episodes ago on our show, episode number 20 briefly, I'd like to introduce dr Tom who is the voice of unconditional love Tom is a deep trance channel and is nationally known for channeling ascended master Anatomy and the guided one. He has written three books, blueprint for life love and the human spirit And blueprint for healing. The path to conscious living. Tom is also a master healer and has been in private practice for over 30 years. He has created the cellular energy releasing healing method which combines emotional releasing with deep tissue restructuring of the body in his private practice. He coaches men in business relationships and men's issues along with his wife, Dr Shelley Niccolo, He teaches the relationship mastery seminars which trains couples and individuals in creating true partnerships in their personal and professional lives.

Tom travels throughout the country channeling healing and teaching. Tom. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me and Shelly, Welcome back. Thank you for having us today carol. It's really a pleasure to be here with you. Yes, this is awesome. I think particularly now or any other time on our planet is the need for some intense healing on so many levels due to the global crisis that we're experiencing with the coronavirus. And there's lots for us to understand in terms of what this means and how we manage through it and of course what happens next once we get on the other side of it. But first things first tom I would love for you to share a bit about your personal story. If you could give us some highlights about how you got into the healing work that you're doing, the teaching and then we'd love to talk a little bit about how you got into the channeling and hoping that we'll even have the opportunity to do a channeling session here if everything is aligned and we're meant to do so how does that sound?

Sure That's great. Well it was about well Shelly and I have been married for a pretty long time and in the early years we did a lot of self improvement work And it's really out of that work we did early on with ourselves and each other. That a lot of the things that both of us do now Developed about 30 years ago, like you said, I developed a cellular energy releasing healing method and that very simply there's a way to support people and experiencing, through letting go of the things that keep them from having their lives the way they want to have it, whatever that may be. In the early days of developing that work, I worked a lot with Shelly, we would compare notes after I worked with her so I could understand what I was experiencing, what she was experiencing and from that began to develop deeper, go deeper into the healing work. Initially, I worked in people's energy field and eventually realize that where the real healing takes place is in the body and in the body tissue, in the releasing of emotions of emotions through the body tissue restructuring the body.

So it was harmonious with the energy of the person. Unlike a lot of healing methods or body work, I focus on the body's energy, not necessarily initially the structure and as I changed the energy and those things are released. Then I look at what kind of structure or restructuring the body needs For them to carry this change forward and that's what I did. I've been doing it for, I don't know, over 30 years or so, how I started the healing work was we had nothing else to do on weekend. And Shelley said, well let's go to this healing workshop. And they said, well okay. I mean I'm not much interested in it, but I'll go just to go. And during that time I realized that I had a real insight into what people were going through both emotionally where it came from, how it got there from time to time. And I still do. I had visions of what was going on with them and why they were the way they were actually could see it in if you will in my mind's eye.

So was that really more of an intuition type of thing that you had that kind of sense. That was already there. Already present. Yeah, I think it was already there. Just waiting to surprise me. Waiting to emerge. Yeah. I don't know if you call it intuition inner knowing. I mean, I don't know what you want to call it. It was just there and I couldn't ignore it. So we did some other things. And eventually Shelly and I became did Ricky became reiki masters. I taught Ricky for a short time in those early days of doing that. I realized that Ricky itself, although a good healing method was too slow. At least for my experience with people. I was looking for something that brought them to a place of healing and change a lot faster. That's I guess when I had the realization that where I need to go is actually into the physical body. So I went ahead and studied anatomy and studied about acupressure and acupuncture and did those things necessary to have a, you know, a real good background of what I was doing and how to support people.

And that's, you know, that's the origins of my healing work. And what's interesting I think about it and we go into the channeling is that in the early days, like I said, Shelley and I would compare notes and one day she said, what are you doing? What's happening? And we would compare what was going on. And then she asked me a specific question, I don't remember even what the question was. But when I closed for some reason, I closed my eyes and you know how you think of an answer. When somebody asks you a question, you think of an answer and you and that's the answer you're supposed to give. Well, that didn't happen. I closed my eyes. She asked a question and a completely different answer came out of my mouth in a different voice. And for me it was like, well, you know, what's going on here? Why are you saying these things in a in a strange voice? And that's when she said, you know, I think you're channeling, I was conscious of time and I said, no, I don't think so. I think I was just making stuff up. I don't know, I wasn't in denial, but I wasn't quite sure what's going on.

So I said, well if it's real then it'll, first of all I'll be able to keep doing it and second of all, more importantly it has it will have value for people. And so that happened a few more times and and the channeling got more clear and at that time, like I said, I was conscious and several different let's call them energies came through me and as I kept channeling with her and then with some other people who I knew and were comfortable with it, I started to recede further and further away. It was like backing up when you're talking to somebody go further further back and you hear them less and less. And for me things got dimmer and darker and the next thing I knew I wasn't there, I actually went into and still do a deep meditative trance. Everything for me goes to black. I don't have a memory or an experience of what's being said or what I'm channeling for me, it's just going out and then moments later coming back in, it could be an hour, two hours I've channeled for as much as three hours at a time.

But for me it's instantaneous, I go out and then they just come right back and like there's no memory, I don't have a recollection of anything when I go out, I don't have an experience of going anywhere or having some out of body experience. None of that. So that's how that's how the channeling occurred. Do you think that it really stemmed from the earlier work that you were doing once you kind of moved beyond the rocky into the cellular energy releasing that you got so in tune with energy that you tapped into this greater source that have to say yes, you know, I don't even try to understand it. Although understanding and for me even being a bit scientific with it, I do have a deep experience and understanding of it. But yes something, I was tapping into something for sure and just kind of rode that wave to see where it would go. And what convinced me is sometime later, not soon after I began to channel, I met someone who is an astrophysicist, a real astrophysicist.

He worked for Nasa and I was at the Bell labs when they were going from tubes to chips and it has some inventions with the National Defense. And so he was, he was a real astrophysicist. Unfortunately he's passed, I was introduced to him and he said, well channel for me and let's see let's see what occurs because he in the time also had a spiritual awakening and was in the throes of inventing healing machinery if you will healing tools, electronic vibrational healing methods and he needed some information I guess. And so I began to channel for him and I channeled an energy that's taken the name of the guiding one as I channeled. So I heard he shared with me the tapes later on. And what happened was I was talking about scientific stuff, quantum mechanics, that at the time I had no idea of it. I didn't have any education in it.

I didn't have any scientific background. I knew very little about it. And yet I was speaking to him in in a realm of scientific understanding that I didn't and even now with them a little bit better with it really know about. So that's when I said, well obviously there's something here and we did that for some time. And he has he made a couple of different tools with it from the channeling. But as I listened to the tapes, I finally gave up that this is, you know, there's something, you know, not right about it, there's something odd and this is, you know, this is a real thing over the years. You know, I've been channeling like I said for a long time and I've channeled for many people and done a lot of channeling. Group channeling and individual channeling and I would have to say that people are getting value from it. So I'm going to keep doing it. How has the channeling evolved for you? And there are two energies that you channel share a little bit about how it's evolved for you and those two energies and how they differ and how you even know which one is going to show up or how do you tap into the one that you need to tap into?

Well the channeling has been along with the healing but it's uh it's been a real, just a wonderful, wonderful experience because what I am about is supporting people in their healing and helping them create a life that is wonderful and doing and creating the things in their lives that they want. So with the channeling people will ask questions and the energies will, will answer them. The two energies that I channel are key to me who will channel today. I thank you if we have some time you, to me is the energy of saint Francis of Assisi pythagoras and the Shah Jahan Shah Jahan is the leader who built the Taj Mahal and the combined energy of those three are unconditional love and so I've taken I guess I've taken that as my tagline because I like it so much. I love that. Let me talk just a minute about the gardening one. The guiding one is the essence of the energy from a completed universe and he describes a completed universe as one that is all everything has come together.

It's all one energy. One vibration and the essence or the feeling of that vibration is moving through our universe right now. And so it's from that energy that the essence of that energy that I, that I channel. So those are the two energies that I channel exclusively. I don't channel dead people. I don't do that kind of channeling, not that there's anything wrong with it. I just don't do it. And I very specifically channel these energies because they, for me, they seem to be the energies that really support people deeply and profoundly. Let me just describe the experience of challenge for me. Just for a minute, the universal energy has feelings to it if you like, call them frequency specific frequencies just like a radio dial tuned to one station, it's got jazz and another station, it's got talk radio and another station has some other things, but each of those are separate and distinct frequencies and from those frequencies you pick which one you want similar to this, both To me and the guiding one are different frequencies.

It appears as though because we're human, it appears as though they're people, they're not really that they're really energies that are universal, just like all you and I use a specific frequency of the universe to do what we do. We have our personalities, we have how we look, are thinking all of that, that's a specific frequency of the universe. And we pull that down and move it through our bodies and our energy and we think and do the things that we do the same thing with this. It's a specific frequency of energy. And as that specific different frequency that I call myself moves through me. I moved my personality, my stuff out of the way. And I'm a channel a tube through which energy moves. And just like when I'm doing Tom's stuff, I have tom's opinion and things that Tom says. And as the energy, let's say if Khartoum moves through me, it has its own energy and what it says and how it says it.

So rather than again, rather than thinking about it as people folks, for me, it's moving the energy through and having that energy, the universal energy, it's almost like having it speaking directly to you. It has identity book because we're human and we think with human thoughts and so it appears to be a human thing, which is how we understand things, how we identify things and how how does that differ from and and the the channeling that you do if at all. I mean how does it differ from others out there that are channeling? You know, I don't listen to other channeling. I'm certainly aware of it. I did very early on and I can only say that for me how it differs is this is the conversion of energy into information rather than you know, everything's all right. And we're here to help you kind of channeling so that for me is the difference from from what I can see how the energy is experienced by somebody or a group.

I'm channeling for and what others others. Okay. And I would love for us to get into a channeling session before the we maybe pursue that. I'd love to know a little bit about the books that you have written. A couple of them have a blueprint for life and blueprint for healing in them. And then of course, obviously the term love and the second book, so share just a little bit more about the expression of perhaps the the channeling and you and your work and how they come through in those books for others. Blueprint for life is We've taken years and years of channeling the guiding one and put together the book of that. Then it's the specific direct channeling information. I haven't changed any of it other than putting it into sentences and put it into topics. So that comes directly from the guiding one.

And it's a blueprint for life. Words of the guiding one. And it's like I say, it's the direct channeling is untouched channeling from from his uh from channeling over the years blueprint for healing to pass the conscious living is a book about my experience in working with people and supporting them and healing and what it takes and some of the exercises and things to do. And it gives I think a pretty complete understanding of the healing process, both physically and energetically. So that book is from is from my experience and my practice. A love in the human spirit is poetry that came to me in a dream state. Wake up and next thing I knew I was writing this poetry. So that's a number of items that I put together. A wonderful well all three of them have very specific focuses. Wonderful. And so we'll be sure to include those in our show notes before we kind of move on into doing a channeling session.

Shelly, is there anything that you'd like to add since you have experienced this for so many years with Tom? I must say that the channeling has given me a foundation for the work that I do for women in particular. And also the relationships work. That Tom and I teach together as well as my healing work because I do deep inner child work. It's given me a profound insight into supporting people and moving their energy really heal their lives at the cellular level because it really has to be cleared fully in the body physically, mentally, emotionally and ultimately spiritually. It has to be the whole human being. And so having appealed to that point myself and also watching tom over the years in a fairly early period of time after he started the healing and the channeling, he also healed his life.

I would always look at him as my role model and say, well I know you have an experience of life that I really don't have yet. And I said, so I'd have to roll up my sleeves and do some more work. And it took me a number of years later until one day I turned to him and said, I have the experience that you've been having for all these years is there's a clarity and what happens with the quality of the channeling and also his healing work, it's so profound because really he gave himself over to the channeling so that the channeling as a result of being wide open and allowing the channeling to move through because it's such pure energy. He actually healed his life and it impacted the quality of the channeling. It also impacted the depth of the healing work and it was always incredible. But it became even more incredible as he went through his own changes. So, I'm always honored to be part of this experience with tom and supporting others in their healing and becoming real clear so that they can manifest the life that they really would love to have and really for for me, especially in these times, but in all times it's very important for us to be able to go within and and be able to use that in a power that we have effectively in our three dimensional world, which is really what all of the things that we do are about.

But the channeling gives the foundation in the understanding and the energetic experience of what we're going through as human beings, wow, that's well said, I can just imagine the experiences that you, you have each and every day together with the work that you're doing and I think it would just be so appropriate at this juncture to go ahead and do a channeling session Tom would you like to just share how you normally approach and the process the energy of cartoony, which I've settled now and the guiding one, both have a specific vibration or feeling that I have when I'm going into the channeling, going into trance. So I actually set my body to that vibration. To that energy actually have my body feel that energy and it's a real feeling from it. The energy of Anatomy is a more subtle vibration. Energy Feeling of the dawning one is a deeper, stronger energy.

So literally, like tuning the dial, I'll set my body to whichever one I'm channeling, I'm an ad choice channel, it doesn't pop up, you know, at dinner time, hey, it enables us to plan a little bit here. So, and then I'll take some deep breaths and set my body to the vibration and then my experience is going to black going out and whatever happens in between, I don't know. And then short time later I come back kind of jump into my body and the other thing carol to know with the cartoony energy is that it comes through as the personality of the Shah Jahan, so that everyone needs to be aware of that, the vibration of all three men, The energy of all three men is there? But it isn't guys in the sky, it's really the essence of that energy. I think that's a great way of putting it.

Okay, so I'm gonna drop in and um I will talk to you on the other side. Okay, well now, good day to you, my dearest. Hello, Good to me. How are you on such a finding that this is, but we're doing fine, very good, very good. And so let us speak for a bit about what to do next, you see, because so much turmoil is about you in this time. How do you go about it? How do you get if you will through it? How do you become the master of life when it looks like things are stacking against you you see and so this is very prominent right now, but we will tell you that this has always been for the human being, you see has always been this in nature, so it is nothing new that is going on.

It is just making the physicalness of life, The logistics of life more difficult. And so How does one move through this? Well, very simply, what you must do is not stop creating. You see, what are you creating? And more importantly from what place or vibration of the self? The experience of the self are you creating it from you see? Because some people may think well creating, I'll just go out and do some things. No, although there's nothing wrong with doing things, the question must be answered, what is the energy? What is the vibration of that which it is you are creating into doing. You see, what purpose does it have? How is it going to bring you into the energy of the world?

You see consciously. The truth is your energy is in the world and the universe all the time anyway, but you may have forgotten to notice it. You may have forgotten to use the experience that it is that you are in universal energy in unconditional love. See it's easy to get caught up into the day to day nonsense and all the noise that is about you. Well, it's necessary to pay attention to this because you have to know what is safe and what is not and that is fine, but that is not the ultimate outcome. You see, that is just noticing what is so what is true you see and even this sometimes can be a bit confusing because many people will tell you different truths and so what is it you are observing?

How is it your life is going forward. You see, what are the things that you need to do for you and your family and your loved ones and so on. You see now in all of this, there must remain the energy of creating the vibration of the self in the world and dad is how you remain safe because the one you are experiencing and expressing yourself in the world then nothing can harm you you see and so when you are in the world you have the shield of the experience of universal energy of God. If you will of the energy of the universe and everything about it that is within you you see now, that does not mean.

You can walk into a place for sick people and expect to stay well, know what that means is. You stay away from the place of sick people you see and knowledge that if there's some way you can help them then you do. If not you give it over to people whose job it is to help them. You see and support them in the energy and support them with love and go about who you are creating in the universe, in the world your life you see and so in this way you become home And you become one with the vibration of self. There is nothing more powerful than you bringing self into the world. You see nothing more magnificent than expressing itself in the world and to others, nothing more helpful to others than the expression of who you are in their lives and in your life you see nothing is more magnificent than this.

Now. The question is what will you do and from what vibrational place will you do it? What are you creating BC And you say you can say to itself well things are a bit strange right now, but what am I creating with this and you look outside of yourself and things are not quite balanced as they used to be. And you say, well what am I creating with deaths and someone is having difficulty in some way say, what am I creating with this? See, because when you're looking at creating, you are not looking at what is happening, you are looking at what it is you wish to change the energy to you see and even if you don't know do it anyway and what are you creating with?

I don't know, will then be passionate about finding out you see and so in this way the world, even in its worst turmoil now it can make sense and support you actually support you and being and doing and having and creating and finding out what it is you are about in the world and then being that in the world of others. And so my dear, please questions at this time, I think the first question would be, what's the main lesson in this situation right now? Yes, very good. The main lesson if you will to be learned, yes. Who are you and how are you keeping your head above the fray you see because you're passion, you'll learn even your personality, your ideas, your notions, the things you have learned and more importantly the vibration and experience of self is what will keep you and your loved ones going as you express it to them.

You said so the lesson is do not stop. See do not let the government stop. You do not let your friends stop, you do not let your mind stop you keep going and creating because when this particular thing is over then it will be the next thing that you'll be also going through If you're listening without question and with the full knowledge and experience of the vibration of self. The lesson is don't stop keep creating. And what does this mean for us at this time? In terms of how we work, how we live and how we connect with one another. Well the good thing is that because of the nature of this, when people are separated, they actually have to work harder to connect. You see, there must be more experience of vibrational self when you are thinking about someone or connecting in a different way other than in physical mass you see.

So the positive thing is now you can more easily and with more experience, work on connecting with each other and then when you can get back together you will remember that experience and that connection will be more profound you see. And now one last question please, how do we use this time right now because eventually we're going to get on the other side of it. But how do we use the time the time right now to make the most of it for ourselves and humanity? Well again, what you can do is look at the vibrational self and make sure that you are clear first with yourself of who you are and your passion and 2nd of all give that to another, you see, give them that love, express it in the ways that you do you see because like you say, when you are the other side, what will happen is a more profound experience of choosing to be with another, more profound because you have done the work you see necessary to be the vibration of self and are looking for different ways to express it because you cannot be as physically around other people as you were until it is over, you see so carrying that more profound experience into your life into the world and be aware of the profound connection that human halves with each other you have with each other and most importantly you have with yourself.

Thank you. Yes, very good, thank you to me. And so my dear is until the next of our coming peace to you in this time, I'm back your back. That was wonderful. Good. How are you feeling tom you know, I'm very relaxed when I come out of a out of a channeling calm down and just feel very, very in tune sometimes if the channeling goes longer, I may be a little little disconnected for a short time, kind of a little fuzzy but it's very energizing and very relaxing for me. Yeah, I don't a lot of, not a lot, but some people who, especially healers, I think as well as some people who have talked to who are channels in their own way tell me that, you know, it takes a lot out of them and they're taking on other people's energy and that kind of thing for me, that doesn't happen with the channeling or the healing. I want to hear somebody says well it takes a lot, it's taken a lot out of me then there's things that they need to clear for themselves and they're blocking that that flow of energy, that flow of vibration that doesn't happen to me.

It did perhaps in the beginning a little bit, but not really that much, quite frankly. It's really enjoyable for me. Well, I I personally learned a lot from this particular channeling session simply from the standpoint of we need to understand who we are and tap into our own creative energy and vibrational energy and flow with that rather than allowing things to stop us in our tracks. For me, one of the really deep themes of Khartoum is self reliance and responsibility and one of the things he talks about is experiencing those things and then bringing them into the world. So it's a pretty it's a pretty common thing and my my guess is that some of the stuff you talked about, you probably had on your mind anyway, because what will happen in an an individual individual channeling or group channeling to me will address the energy that's in the room or whatever that may be because even a group has a specific energy and specific vibration that the group brings and he'll very often address that as you're doing it in a one on one session.

Well, this has been absolutely wonderful and just a real treat to have you here to to share the work that you both doing, the work that you've been doing for years, tom with channeling these, these great energies in the universe and and how it all really comes together. And I know that the work that you're doing has tremendous benefits for for many people, even with the situation that we're all in right now globally, we will get through this. And when we get on the other side of it, life will not be the same, but it will be perhaps a new normal or new ways of being new ways of doing new ways of connecting and creating in hopefully more constructive ways you have to see the positives that arise out of extreme adversity. There always is us human beings, the reason we are as successful animals as we are, as we have this profound ability to recognize patterns and then pass that information on to our kids and other people and that's what is going on here, I think is we're noticing a new pattern of things and how do we deal with it?

And once we get through it it'll be, oh, this is how you deal with it. So now we know, so as these things come up again and they always do, we will have that knowledge and the experience of moving through it and I have to parting questions one, what advice do you have for others to rise to their loving heart centered, higher self, because you are the voice of unconditional love. So share some advice there. Rather than sharing advice, I just want to share my experience more than anything. I have focused my life on supporting other other people in their healing and that comes from a passion of love that I have and the experience of family that I have, and I don't mean, you know, brother sister stuff, I mean, universal family, a profound experience of that, and that's what I focus on and that's where my passion is from my experience. If there's a recommendation that I have would be to discover really deeply the profound sense of who you are in the world and how to bring that into your fellow man.

I think that is excellent advice. I think if more of us did that really taking a good hard look and the way to do that is to go within life is inward out exactly those are some great words of advice. The second question and last one is where can people learn more about you? Well, I don't have a website, but what they can do is they can get to me my email address is tom Niccolo at gmail dot com at T O M N E G E L O W at gmail dot com. They can call 678 8 to 8 9145. They can get Shelley at Shelly Niccolo, S H E L L E Y and E G L O W at gmail dot com. And one of the reasons I don't have a website is that I prefer to talk to people, you know, I know that's kind of odd nowadays this way, this way, if they take the time tells me that they're sincere, but more importantly, I have, I get a feeling for each other that I don't think you can get doing electronic stuff quite frankly, not that I'm adverse to it and I'd be happy to, you know, if they want to email, I'll be happy to email them back or call him back or whatever it takes to support people in and really get into the essence of who they are.

Exactly. And I think we all could learn from you particularly in this day and age, it probably makes sense for all of us to take some time to go on a digital diet and a media diet and you know, just stay away from it for a while and have a better sense of less distraction and more introspection and understanding of who we are and guiding and directing our creative energies. This has just been an awesome opportunity to have you both here today and cartoony as well. And I look forward to more of this as we move move into the future. Thank you so much for being here today. Well, thank you very much for having us and really appreciate your time. Thanks, thank you. Thank you and bye for now. Okay, we hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving heart centered, highest self.

We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on Itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit Hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and are popular notes from your higher self until next time. Keep rising up and may all that you love thrive

Ep. 23 - Tuning In To Energy Frequencies For Healing - An Interview with Dr. Tom Negelow, Healer and Trance Channeler
Ep. 23 - Tuning In To Energy Frequencies For Healing - An Interview with Dr. Tom Negelow, Healer and Trance Channeler
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