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Ep. 12 - Marrying Science and Spirit - An Interview With Mandara Cromwell

by Hearts Rise Up
September 9th 2019
For years Mandara Cromwell has been on an incredible journey marrying science and spirit. She grew up in the farmlands of Kansas in a devout catholic family. Her divine quest began as a child with mys... More
Hello to all of you Hearts Rise Up podcast listeners. Thank you for tuning your heart's in for another episode of this podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host for this episode on this podcast. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guests that we bring on our show. Our purpose is to inspire you to rise up to your best and greatest self tap into your own inner wisdom and elevate your state of being your life and the world around you. It's that simple. So let's get right into today's episode. I am so thrilled to introduce Mandara Cromwell. Let me tell you a little bit about Mandira. She was born into a loving family in the farmlands of Kansas. Her studies of Art and philosophy led her to follow a spiritual path to India where she was introduced to Sacred sound.

Later after much investigation, she discovered that science confirmed her spiritual experiences as a visionary. She invented the AM I. Acoustic Moreni in intelligent devices and created her own company, Cyma Technologies. She's the Ceo and president of this company. Additionally she does all the manufacturing for the acoustic meridian intelligence devices. And she was recently in 2013 she was nominated for the thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the fields of science and medicine. Man Dara has founded also I. S. T. A. The International Sound Therapy Association which provides educational programs community outreach and produces annual conferences. Drawing together new voices in the field of sound science. Her business has the express purpose of designing and producing sound therapy devices that provides state of the art therapy and research potential on the efficacy of sound as a healing modality.

She travels the U. S. And abroad, lecturing on sound as the medicine of the future and continues to develop the latest in sound technology devices and education. She's been a guest on various radio and television programs demonstrating sound healing both with ancient instruments and her own innovative devices. She finds her greatest joy and being a devoted grandmother of three Mandira, welcome to the show carol. It's great to be with you here today. I'm very excited to have this conversation with you and share with your listeners. I also want to say you have just written this within the last year or so. This fascinating book called Sound Flower, The Journey to marry Science and Spirit. And I must say it's a fascinating read about your life story and how you have brought this sound therapy, you know into a bigger light within the world and making an impact on people's lives.

Can you share with share with me and our listeners what triggered you on this path? How did you get started on this path? I know you have a rich background of things that have that you have experienced in life, but I would I think it would be great to just maybe that's a good starting point. It started in the beginning as a child. I grew up in a devout catholic family. We attended a gothic style architecture church where the sound of the latin masses and um, the huge pipe organ and inquire all of those amazing resonances just permeated the whole air when you walked into the church, even when it was silent, you could actually feel this field of vibration or, or I could take responsibility for my own feelings. You know, I would look at the angels painted on the ceiling with their halos and I would see the saints and the stained glass windows with their halos and see them vibrate.

Like this is a real um, ex extra special field that was creating this whole um, you know, resonance and it came to life. Right. And so really that was my first introduction to the principles of resonance and entrainment. And so not only could I feel the sound and the music within my own body, I could feel it as it bounced off the walls with that particular type of architecture. And for those who have studied sacred geometry, you know, those types of arcs and domes really have a very specific acoustic effects on human physiology. So that was my beginning. What led you into this path? Um, further basically, because you're um, you went to school, you studied Eastern Studies and eventually you found yourself in India, what, what brought you there, How did, how did that happen in your life?

Well, I was very fascinated with art and architecture. And so my background is in art history and while I was in college I took a philosophy course and in that course is when I learned about Eastern religions and reincarnation and I just felt this this really explains a lot and about that time there were spiritual teachers coming to America Who you know this is in the late 60s, early 70s and they were leading meditation retreats and I had a very profound experience after college I knew that I wanted to study eastern philosophy a little more. Um but I was taking a break and um one time I uh this is in my book so for people that want to know the real details about this experience, you can read more about it there.

But I went to visit my parents In Kansas and I woke up one morning and I remember telling my dad I had this dream last night that I became immortal and he looked at me with a raised eyebrow. So I'm one of five girls, I'm the oldest and um you know I have the sister who's the doctor, the lawyer that I have a C. P. A. All of the very traditional professions. But I was the one that he always said that one, her ball bounces a little differently. So for him to look at me with a raised eyebrow was okay I'm gonna have to tell him the dream now right and I said you know I um I dreamt that I was and this gray scale environment. And I was walking down a path and I noticed that my shoe was untied. So I bent over to tie my shoe and as I'm tying my shoe, I sense that there are people behind me, they're in conversation and they're coming down the path right behind me and they're so close, what do I do if I just jump up and you know, that could startle them and interrupt their flow of conversation.

So why don't I just, you know, they're probably in their vision seeing me crouched down there tying my shoe and they're just going to kind of walk around me and continue on their path. That's not what happened. I was crouched down, tying my shoe And there were three of them. As I, you know, in the dream state, you can see all 360°. And um the one in the middle pulled out a long saber that had this jewel encrusted handle with gemstones and gold. And that was the only part of the dream that was in color. And he takes that saber and pierces my spine. The two on either side had shorter daggers. Again with golden jewel encrusted handles. And they cut my arms the next. And of course I'm not feeling any pain. This is just all, you know, So the next vignette of the dream is I wake up and I see I'm now in color.

Everything has this golden hue. I'm lying on a table in a morgue with a sheet draped across me up to my neck. I opened my eyes. I see, okay, I'm in a morgue and I turned my head to the right and as I look over, I see this little brown skinned man lying on his side propped up with his elbow holding his head and he's got, you know, like a rosary around his neck, which I later learned his impala. But he looks at me and he goes, well, you know, you're immortal now. And I then shift my head back to center because I'm like taking this in and integrating this. And suddenly I see myself at the edge of this cliff and then everything explodes and I become scintillating diamonds of the whole universe in my book. I call that the initiation and for your followers who are familiar with the type of shock teapot or spiritual initiations that the dream has many more significant aspects to it.

But truly that was the launch into my path. Three days after I left my parents house, I joined my uh friends in um colorado and they say, hey, we're gonna go to this meditation retreat and I go, you know, I've always wanted to know how to meditate. And so we go to this meditation retreat and I'm going to fast forward a lot. But we get there and there we are, we don't meet the spiritual teacher yet. We're all ushered into this hall where we're having dinner. Across the table from me is this woman in this sapphire blue, sorry and she is carrying on and on about the benefits of meditation carol. Her eyes were the most radiant diamonds I had ever seen. She was and I I looked at her and said if meditation can make my eyes sparkle like her.

So I really want to know how to do it now. Absolutely. The next morning we were all supposed to get up at five a.m. To go to the meditation hall. It was dark. I didn't know what to do. So I sat in the back and I kind of closed my eyes and I guess what was about an hour later I opened my eyes and there at the front of the room was that little brown man who I had seen in my dream. I go oh my gosh is wild. And so from that point on that, just that puts you on a path. Well that you know at some point you go now wait a minute is this really happening? And you know, I hadn't done any drugs. I hadn't drunk anything that was superficially intoxicated was just like oh my goodness, what reality have I stepped into? But you know it's that first request that we have when we come in that we need to uh you know they always say that first gut reaction is the right one.

And I think this happens for a lot of people if they look back very, very young, we have that seed planted within our heart of what we're here to fulfill. Oh I like that seed within our heart and you know, life sometimes gets in the way I always like the saying of um uh the Jesuit scientists appear to her Teilhard de Chardin who said that we are spiritual beings here having a human experience and you know, we come to this plane of duality. Of course we don't realize fully what we're, what we've signed up for. But when we get here, this life offers us so many experiences the frequencies and vibrations and and it's all such an adventure. And sometimes we, you know, forget what we though, this looks really fascinating what's over here and uh you know, we go down that path for a while and then we go, you know what?

This is not feeling very fulfilling kind of like eating junk food I say. And there was a path that you were on at one point that you realized was not the path for you, it is not the right. I have always been called back to my spiritual whenever I feel like I've been eating junk food and I'm talking about that in a spiritual context where you go, this is an empty experience. I'm not getting any. I feel like I'm just here kind of like a gerbil on a wheel or I'm just kind of my grandson has this little thing called a spinner and I go gee you can get caught on that spinner. Sometimes we find ourselves caught in a physical level on this chronic pain cycle and it could be physical pain or it could be emotional pain and that always shows up within our field with the people that we find ourselves around or it you know we can touch in our own physical body you know to say gosh I'm always having a headache or my eyes are always watering and itchy or you know my knee is always hurting.

I think all of these things are actually pointing us to a specific direction and we just have to figure out what that direction is for us and we have to have the courage to explore it. Oh gosh, courage and perseverance and we can't forget the love for ourselves because some of it well in my particular case because I did come from a family that all of my sisters are achievers and I go gosh going to medical school is just not my thing. Oh C. P. A Numbers. My my approach to numbers is a little bit different than all those columns and how they have to equal anyway. You know in the traditional sense we as parents and I'm a parent now to our parents, they always want something better for us? We as parents always want something better for our Children.

And so how do we get out of our way to achieve that? And it's really hard sometimes to, you know, be um a parent to a child who is choosing something that is not just directly linear, linear. Exactly, exactly. So imagine there were some challenges there possibly with your your family since you took a different route and everyone else took the more traditional route. Yes. Well, you know, I found myself um a college degree and 26, years old with no only living in a spiritual atmosphere in an Ashram. And that's when you went to India, that's when I went to India. So, you know here everyone else who was in my class, there already embarked, you know, they've already had their entry level job, they've already graduated up into middle management, they're already owning their first house and all that. Here I am in India, you know, wearing a sari and my hair pile on top of my head and waking up at three am to meditate And that little that little brown man and your dream, he ended up being your teacher.

Right? That's right. Is that how you ended up in India? Exactly. Exactly. So once you experience deep levels of meditation, you are hooked and I want to say carol that for people, excuse me, if they can learn to meditate, that is the tried and true proven way that has been written in the vedic texts. The vedic texts are our oldest spiritual texts that still exist today. They are thousands and thousands of years old. Um, they were an oral tradition until the 2nd Millennium BC when they started writing them down. So this is a really old tradition. And what's very interesting is that today and I go into this a little bit in my book today, we have science that's validating all of those old traditions. Harvard University has, you know, the monks, um, you know, tibetan monks, the exactly of showing the power of meditation and um you know, I go into this in my book too is a real self help.

I provide a way for people to look at sound flowers or what I call Cyma glyphs, which are healing sound images to gaze into that to help them embark on their path of meditation. And um, so it's so important to learn a little bit about meditation and I understand totally when I came back from India, I ran a meditation center and I, you know, taught a lot of people beginning meditation how to just step onto that path. Not everyone is open to being whacked by a spiritual master and okay, tell me what's next. I read somewhere recently, it's, there's like some studies said that there's like only 8% of the American population that have explored meditation or that do meditation. So I was, I was even kind of surprised that it's, it was even that high, to be honest with you because this is such an external world, you just don't see people taking the time to go within.

But it is becoming more and more of practice and particularly with mindfulness within the last 20 years is um the western, you know, peace of mindful mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn has really kind of helped elevate meditation and mindfulness within the Western world and and you're, what you're trying to do right now is to really elevate sound and and healing. Um sound therapy for healing. Let's talk a little bit about your mission there and the path that that that got you because you, I mean your book goes into all the trials and tribulations, but there had to have been at one point um, in this journey of bringing this sound therapy in these devices to the world where it was probably one of your most challenging moments where you had to make some some challenging decisions.

You know, it all stems from meditation. In my desire to help other people to learn how to meditate. And you know, I moved to the Atlanta area in the late 70s and around that time, um yoga and meditation wasn't real popular and I always wanted to know how can I help others. You know, I have found such a great rewarding gift that has been bestowed upon me in this lifetime, how do I help others who are struggling Because what's your go to? That's the bottom line when this, when we ventured out into a journey that is maybe taking us in a place where we don't really care to be. What's your go to? How are you going to get back to center and meditation? Is it? So I um and when I was in India, I studied the oldest medical tradition that we still have that exist today called Ayurveda.

And Ayurveda wasn't very popular back then in the United States either. But what was becoming popular was chinese medicine. So there was this whole asian influence coming from the west coast over and at that time, Emory University, um I had um a chinese doctor who was teaching acupuncture for like anesthesiology type of, you know, pain relief, that type of thing. And for some reason we all like to have the science behind what we're doing, like is anybody else doing this or am I just really weird out there? So when you tell them that, well there's a chinese doctor at Emory University who uses something about, oh, Emory University. Okay, well that's a credible source. The credibility. Exactly. For many years, I just, you know, was kind of a closet when people would say, how do you handle with your, how do you deal with your stress? How do you, you know, uh stay so calm. I would just say, well, you know, I'm a longtime meditator and they go, oh yeah, right, I heard about that, but they weren't interested in it.

And you know, there's nothing more frustrating than offering someone a banquet and then declining. So I would only just say, well, this is what I do. You know, if you're interested, I'd be happy to tell you more about it. But you know, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. So then I would always play beautiful music in my house and people who would come over and go, oh gosh, your house is just so calm and everything, you know? And so I would say, well, you know, I try to keep this entrainment perspective and I would relate it back to my church days of where, you know, if you have this grid architecturally set up and then of course, you know, we call it feng shui. Uh the hindu tradition is vastu is is the art of placement. So you can place things in a certain geometric grid and you can play certain types of music. And this will build the energies. So, sound has always been the fastest way that I have found to help people and to help myself so well, we're gonna fast forward a couple of decades, a few decades when one day I received a phone call from a fellow meditator and who I hadn't met before.

And he introduced me to dr hans jenny's work. And that's the work of cinematics where he actually took modern day equipment and made sound visible. And so when you look at my book, you'll see different cinematic images and these are very specific. They're not computer generated images. They are done in a controlled laboratory to produce the very highest quality so that you can see the dimensions of the sound becoming visible in the image and these particular images of our our specific healing codes. Now, I think what you're getting to is where did those images come from? Who is the next person I learned about? Which is who is dr peter guy manners of british osteopaths and carol when I heard about him, he had a sound device that created healing patterns for people that the, the healing patterns for different parts of the body.

So your liver, your gallbladder, your adrenals, your pancreas, you know, all different parts of every organ has its own special sets of frequencies. And I just had this aha moment, I thought oh my gosh! All of these years, I have been trying to help people with sound and meditation and not getting very far. Now I have been introduced to hans Yeni who is making sound visible and go, oh my gosh now I can all of those healing mantra so I could actually make them visible and show people the power of sound. Not only that the cherry on the top of all of us, what I was being introduced to was this british osteopaths where he had studied with a collaborative group of scientists, different healing codes that could actually bring the physical body back into resonance. So those are the codes fed into. Were they fed into a particular instrument or how how did he how did he use those codes?

And how did he develop them? You know, We have such an interesting past and that um some of your listeners may remember World War Two. So right after World War Two dr manners uh went to Germany because he heard that they were working in the laboratories about sound. Now before he went there he had studied uh not only was he a medical doctor in PhD etcetera, but he had studied Radion IX and so that's another study of energy fields. But he had heard that in Germany there was a lot of evidence that sound was being used to help the healing process of the body. So he traveled to Germany and spent some time there and it was there that he and his collaborative group came together and they investigated different frequencies. Now these are all audible sound frequencies and how they affect living tissue.

And so when I met him I said well, so are these like rife frequencies? He said, oh no no no because a lot of people think about dr rife and his success with destroying the cancer pathogens. And he said no, no, no rife is using you know, one or two electromagnetic frequencies to destroy pathogens was different. What we're using is mechanical, not electromagnetic mechanical waves of audible sound to bring the body back to resonance to support the body, not to kill the pathogens but to support the body. So if I stopped and thought about that, gosh, that makes so much sense. Because look what we do today, particularly what we'll just take cancer As an example, a lot of people are given chemotherapy which is a poisonous drug. So you know, you're there trying to kill something. That's an answer. But meanwhile you're making the read the host very sick.

You know that the body doesn't that the chemo doesn't just go to the cancer cells. It goes to everything right? So this made a lot of sense. And I go, oh my gosh, this is so fantastic. If you gave the body enough good energy if you gave the body energy period. Because when we're really sick we're lacking energy. That's why the body like just say we have a cold virus, go to bed Sleep 24 hours, take drink lots of fluids and get the virus going out right. So if you could just rest and have the body bring its own immune system on board, get the energy going in that direction and then it can kick out the bad guys. It made perfect sense. So I said, okay well rife uses one or two frequencies. Are you? What are you using? He said, oh we tried one frequency. We tried to we tried three, we tried four and almost gave up.

But then when we hit five he said that was the jackpot. Now this is very interesting. Together, it's like a special quintet playing to your liver. Another special quintet is playing to your adrenals. Another special quintet is playing to your kidneys. So we have these five. And so I had to think about this oh carol here is a very important point. This is about to tie in the ancient vedic tradition with the number five And the five frequencies of Simon Therapy. When I was in India I learned about the five coaches and these are the five bodies. So we have the physical body and then we have the four subtle bodies. When these bodies are incoherence, we're in harmony, Harmony and balance, right? Exactly. But let's just say we have an emotional hit that takes our emotional body way out of whack.

And what's happening. I mean you can just think of the last time somebody said something to you, that was shocking. Your emotional body goes, oh my gosh permeates your whole sphere. And how long does it take you to kind of calm down and and bring all the coherence? It really depends on the person, depends on the person, depends on the event, depends on the triggers emotionally psychologically from it could be from our ancestors. Anyway, there's a lot Going on there in that five bodies deep, very Deep subject for another time. But I realized 05 frequencies five bodies. If I could use this to help people get energy in their physical body because when people are cranky and tired, they need to have the energy to bump them up a little bit right. If I could get them some energy, if I could help this coherence factor start coming on board, I feel like I created a device that's like a Master pitch pipe.

I'm not saying it'll cure anything. I'm just saying that it's a very targeted approach using sound to help bring the body the mind and the spirit back to coherence. If you are in even a calm state like we try to get to because that's the power of meditation, getting into the calm state. Studies have shown that when we make decisions from our prefrontal cortex, they are usually good and long lasting uh decisions. But when we're in a chronic pain or inflammatory cycle, which is what is related to all the degenerative conditions that we have out there today, it's also related to brain states or people who are agitated or maybe some mental instability. They have a lot of inflammatory inflammation going on there. When we're in that cycle, we make hasty decisions and those are nine times out of 10 very poor decisions.

So I thought if I could provide a tool with the A. M. I. 7 50 which is the device that was nominated for the Edison Award, like a master pitch pipe that could help people on a daily basis and for the people that you know wants something just very simple. Um you know, I offer the sound flower experiences that I like I have in my book. So you took the research that was being done by dr manners and um what was the other gentleman's name, Dr Yeni? And you've you've taken it and you've just moved it forward basically and you've, you've actually designed and manufactured a couple of newer tools or machines. So tell us a little bit about what you went through to to push this forward because he was, he was experiencing doctor manage was experiencing some pretty remarkable results. He was and um I do want to clarify that Dr Yeni um even though he was a swiss medical doctor, he is the person who coined the term cinematics, which is the science of making sound visible.

And he passed on in the early seventies, it's dr manners who worked with the collaborative scientists and applied sound to healing and out of respect to Dr Yeni and his amazing pioneering efforts. He named his therapy somatic therapy when I came along and met Dr manners. Um I realized that he was having a difficult time making, getting his products developed. And so I said to him, hey, I don't know if you're interested, but if you want to bring your manufacturing to the United States I could help you with that. And he jumped at that. And um so to clarify I coined the name Simon therapy to kind of separate cinematics and somatic therapy to to you know semantics is the science of making sound visible. Simon therapy is the therapeutic application of sound.

And so dr manners had like the 750 codes all with five frequencies that help different parts of the body. And so I asked him, I said well what kind of research on the typical american? What kind of research have you got here on this? And he said well you know I have these people you can interview them there in my my waiting room and basically carolee had no research. I mean it was all anecdotal which was and so after I uh you know we formed our partnership um he allowed me into his files and I said what's what's the deal? What's the deal with these files here? People come 12345 times. And then what happens to him? And he goes well they get well why would they come back if they're well so I was like oh so um so I knew I had my work cut out for me because in America we want to show me what's really happening here.

We can't see sound. And that's why it's so exciting that we now have people like my colleague john Stewart reed who is in the U. K. Who has invented the cinemascope who's making sound visible in doing these experiments and very controlled laboratory settings to be able to see what sound looks like. And he has scoped you know kind of Kind of like Dr. Emoto you know and his messages from water when there's a sound that's not very nice it looks kind of ugly. But when you have a beautiful sound you see you know this beautiful flower forming on top of the water. So what I have done with all of the 750 codes as I do research and because I want to prove their efficacy and in the device that I've created that is the most popular device is uh the AM I 7 50. We have 10 very profound channels um for stress relief for musculoskeletal pain, for inflammatory pain for vitality.

A lot of people just have don't have any energy to get out of bed in the day. So anyway we have you know protocols to support the immune system and the respiratory system, the digestive system. So is everything like pre programmed in there. But then you've got trained people who are certified and actually utilizing some of the bigger equipment I guess the more powerful equipment. But you also have some some for personal use. Yes the AM I 7 50 is very user friendly. And um so we have these 10 protocols that are each about 30 minutes in length and people can do one or two of them a day if they want to do. But we have a advanced therapist team of people who when people purchase a device we put them in touch with our advanced therapists and they get free consultation of they have a particular health goal that they're working towards which channel to use and and how to use it to uh to achieve that.

Amazing. What's your vision for this? I mean this is the current state right now. But where where do you want to take this? Where where do you where do you see this down the road? Well I have a lot more research that I'd like to do. I love doing research. And um so some of the partners things that uh well you know I'm a self funded entity. I um I'm going to take a side step here and tell you that I'm really honored that there are many very well known doctors and scientists associated with some really amazing universities who are using my device. However, they cannot say that they're using them because most of the universities are funded by pharmaceutical companies. And so in the beginning I was very excited about this when they would say, oh I'm with such and such university and I go, oh my gosh, research partner, thank you Lord for sending me this angels.

Oh my gosh they are with me. And I would say okay so tell me how would you like to go about this? You know you've heard my preliminary presentation, you've seen some of my data and I'm thinking oh my gosh I've I've got the attention of this caliber of person. I can just imagine the excitement, excitement feeling. And then they say well actually I can't really say anything I'm really wanting to use this for my wife I'm really want. So mm mm mm mm mm. Now in a way that's an honor because what doctor do you want to go to? The one that all the other doctors send their family members to write? So in one way I'm really happy that they're looking outside the box two where is health care going and see? I think that is a very key indicator even though I become deflated and I go well okay I'm still you know back to where I'm going.

I can't mention their name. Um I can say this just last week on W. A. B. E. N. P. R. There was a segment where a nurse at Wellstar was chosen to create an employee renewal center and they are so excited to have the A. M. I. 7 50 in their employee renewal center to help their employees distress. So other than that they are not endorsing the am I 7 50. They just have the feedback from their employees that they really like it. So as you can probably guess hospitals have a challenge with burnout and employee retention and it's very stressful environment and two en train to that. Just think if you are in the er and you know it's always this fight or flight. When do we help those people to calm down and take a break from that cycle?

So I'm really excited that um it's accepted there. So back to my vision. Um my vision is that we can um have sound, they're noninvasive therapeutic sound as a choice for our patient population for everyone who's out there. There are some things that we need to be mindful of in using sound because they're really good sounds and there are sounds that are not so helpful to us. For example when you go into a restaurant and they're playing that really fast beat, loud crashing noise music. I can, I can tell you, I I attest to that I am very sensitive to sound. I do not like loud noises at all. Well that will interfere with your digestive process. So it's not my problem. So it's good if people just become mindful. And as a matter of fact, if you go to the International Sound Therapy Association homepage, We list three tips that you can incorporate uh today and how to be mindful about the sounds in your environment.

And one of them is what is going on around your meal. Are you having you know some you know some like the monks. That's amazing and never never would have given it thought like that, but that the way you say it, it makes perfect sense. Yes. Oh, because it's our environment that affects us. So monks and, and, and in the afternoon we always ate in silence and in a lot of these restaurants, you know, if the beat is very fast, you're chewing very fast or maybe you're not chewing at all because you're in training to that sound, you're in training to that and I can, I can feel right now just like total incoherence. You know, I'm just imagining it right now in my mind because that's the way I feel total incoherence. I hate going out to restaurants, especially loud ones. I much prefer a quieter, more relaxed kind of environment and the over the counter digestive aids is in the billions.

So you know, people eat at restaurants like that and then they stop by the drugstore or the Quik mart along the way back to work and grab something to help their digestive process. I'd love to see you be able to get one of these in every home, every household in America even in the world. Thank you. Thank you. Well, this has been a fascinating, fascinating interview. I have a few more questions if I may just kind of just kind of keep it a little bit lighter and see some of the humor here, but what's your favorite pastime? My favorite pastime is yoga, put me on a mat, put me on a mat and let me stretch and bend. I thought you were gonna say meditation, but well that's the first thing that I do before I meditate. So okay, so do that. And then you know, I love, I love my grandchildren and to hang out with young minds. You know, anybody who is stuck in a rut, go hang out with some young people and I mean not a whole room of them because that might be a little overdose, but you know, to enter into the world of a two year old, it's just like get present and their mind is just amazing and so free, isn't it?

It is, it's lovely. But that will soon change. We just have to try to protect them as long as we can. What lifts you up meditation, I have to admit personally, that's, that's what does it to me. That's what I go to. Um if I'm feeling down, I go meditate, go within. The answer is within. And if I could offer to your, your listeners who say that they can't meditate. They don't know how to meditate, meditate. You know, I've worked with people for decades on meditation and tried to figure out different ways to make it easy and really approachable for people and sound is the easiest way to jump on that. What I call a magic carpet and ride the sound. Um, you know, there are some types of meditation that use mantra. Um I invite your listeners to go to my website at Simon Technologies dot com on the media page. They can download a free Cyma glyphs sound flower that they can gaze into.

There are some very simple instructions that accompany it. Like Just get yourself comfortable in a chair and breathe. And then look, look at this visual um expression of a healing code. You know, we process four billion bits of information every second. That's a lot of 10 million of that is through our eyes. And we're such an outward, I think you mentioned it a little earlier where such an outward looking society to look inward is just kind of like what? And so this kind of gives everyone a visual focus and so if we can imprint on the retina on the, you know occipital cortex through taking in through the I A healing code, it will help people get into that meditative state. I'm going to try that myself. I can't wait to dig into that. What helps you feel grounded and centered meditation. Taking a walk.

Yes. Walking in Green Green, just getting out in nature. I was gonna say, do you get out in nature, do you like to get out outdoors? Yes. Love walking and biking. What is the best advice that you've received from someone when I thought that nobody understands me. The words from a very beloved friend said of course nobody understands you. Your you nobody has done what you have done before, you are going to have to figure it out. I love that, that's awesome. Any advice you have for others to rise up to their best self, don't give up. And when you feel like it's time to give up, just take a break. It just means when all of the doors and windows appear to be closed, maybe they are if you can go do something else.

Um if, if you, you know, I was at a place at one time where I go, well I can't just take a vacation, I can't just withdraw, I need to pay the mortgage, so just go get a job, Any job doesn't matter. Just put yourself in a positive as positive as possible environment to pay the bills until you get back to your norm or or something that you can um call your norm, but take a break and then come back to it fresh. I think I've read a um I guess it's a biography of Albert Einstein once and he said that or somebody wrote that about him, that he would just be, you know, he wanted to ride the light beam and uh it's like he just couldn't figure it out, couldn't figure it out, couldn't figure it out, went away and then it came to him and I have bought into that process myself because it's happened to me when I just can't figure things out and you just literally see every door is closed and there's no windows that just take a break and it'll come to you a lot of times what I'll do is before I go to bed at night, I just, you know, I've been wrestling with something.

I just, I meditate on it and I just say just bring me the answers in my dreams and usually when I wake up in the morning, you know, it's a brand new day and something uh, some sort of inspiration, you know, speaks to me and, and sometimes it just reveals itself slowly throughout the day. So there's a lot to be said for that. I think that's great advice. Another thing that I did at one time is um you know, whenever you're having a pity party, it's like, oh I'm just so weird and nobody knows what I'm trying to do and I just can't get everybody anybody to believe in what I'm doing. Um I went and worked in a soup kitchen wow and feeding the homeless. And one day a man looked at me with eyes that I mean who was this being looked at me with eyes and he said you are here. I was like, what does he mean by that?

And then it hit me like, oh I am here. But anyway, just little things like that are I think and and a lot of that is in my book where you know if we pay attention to the signs and symbols around us, we are being guided even when we think we've gone off on the wrong path. Exactly. And sometimes it just takes someone else to kind of, you know, make the point if we haven't realized that the universe is always holding up a mirror. Absolutely. One last question, If you were to leave this earth and be reborn again, what would you like to come back as? Oh, body, of course for that too, Mandara, thank you so much. This has just been a wonderful discussion. It's so fabulous to have you on the show. And where can people learn more about you? My website is Simon Technologies and that is spelled with A C C Y M A Technologies.

T E C H N O L O G I E S dot com. And yes please um contact me through the website. Ask me questions and go and visit your visit the media page To download the free sound flower Cyma glyphs sounds great. We'll put that on our show notes so that everyone has easy access to that. I just want to thank you so much and I just wish you all the best of success in your future endeavors as you carry this forward for the rest of the world. Bye bye. Stay with us just a bit longer before you go. We hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your own inner power and to rise up to your best self and your loving heart centered, higher self. Just a few things before we go, we'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on Itunes because those reviews are important to our show and we'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others.

And finally let us know what tips and strategies you use to rise up to your highest self by reaching out to us at www. Hearts rise up dot com or email us at hello at Hart's rise up dot com. Well, that's it for now. Until next time. Keep rising up and may love and happiness always be in your heart. Bye for now. Yeah, mm hmm.

Ep. 12 - Marrying Science and Spirit - An Interview With Mandara Cromwell
Ep. 12 - Marrying Science and Spirit - An Interview With Mandara Cromwell
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