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Ep. 7 - Love Is Stronger Than Death - An Interview With Carol Neustadt

by Hearts Rise Up
May 12th 2019
Being a gifted intuitive and clairvoyant is something that Carol Neustadt came into this world as. As a young child, she thought everyone had the ability to hear the voice within. And that everyone ha... More
Welcome to the Hearts Rise Up podcast. I'm Ansari, your host for this episode. Rising up to life's challenges is hard work, especially in today's world with so much stress, chaos and fear, all of which can pull us down if we let it, we don't have to let our outer circumstances or others dictate how we feel and act or define who we are Now. More than ever is the time to awaken our own inner power, dig deep and rise up to our best self. Are loving heart centered higher self. That's what Hearts rise up podcast is all about. When we tap into our own inner power, we elevate ourselves, our life and the world around us. It's that simple. So let's get right into today's episode. Today we're interviewing carol new stat. I've known carol for Maybe 12 years and we had the opportunity and good fortune to work together at the Hospice Center in Atlanta.

Carol is a certified end of life specialist. She is a end of life doula. She has been a hospice volunteer for over a decade. She's a meditation specialist. She is certified in advanced clinical hypnotherapy. She's also a master of healing energy for body mind and soul and a Reiki master. She studied under Dr Raymond moody, whose best known work is Life after death, studied at the Monroe Institute in Virginia for the exploration of consciousness and expanded awareness. She also is a gifted intuitive and I can personally attest to seeing her in action with that skill, some of the things carol has done and used in terms of her tools is just being a silent and definitely sweet presence with people who are on the end of life journey. She's wonderful in establishing a sacred space. She has done her energy work with both patients and families. She's really in tune on grief processing and grief support.

And I wanted to read one personal note from carol. I am passionate about my work at Hospice. Most of us wait until our final days to evaluate our lives. Fear of how we may or may not have lived slow our transition. It is my job to assist people through the dying process. I'm able to help people find the answers they need to lovingly move on. The most important thing I can say is love is stronger than death. We are forever connected through love. It's been such a pleasure to work with carol all these years and that is why I wanted to bring around two hearts rise up because even though this is a difficult topic to talk about or to even approach talking about it makes it better. And being here with carol today, we're going to delve into that as well as some of the other things she's done in her life to bring her to where she is today. Welcome carol. Thank you an it's always a pleasure to be with you. Thank you. Are you ready to rise up now and inspire our listeners today? I am great. So can you just share just to begin share a personal mantra or favorite quote and what it means to you?

I like the mantra in this moment all as well. And it's so valuable important to me and I share it with those that I work with. Especially I have cancer patients that I work with monthly, just so that we, because we tend to have anxiety and our minds are racing forward, often telling us things that have not yet happened. So for me, it's just a moment to catch my breath and to bring me back into balance and say in this moment, all is well. And I think there's a lot of truth in that and I like even the way you said it because you kind of emanate. It's there's a silence in those words that you used to thank you. So let's dive in to your life, This is your life, share a story of a time in your journey where you encountered challenges in rising up to your best self and being true to who you are. Take us back in time. Okay, for me, being intuitive, I came into this world being intuitive, I think it is like most people who are artists of some type, we just come in with some ability, ability that's sometimes more gifted than others, but for me, I thought everybody had the ability to hear the voice within them and for me it's always been an inner voice when I was a child.

It was literally a voice I heard in my head and I thought everybody had that voice in their head. So I never spoke about it to anyone. It would be like saying when you have thoughts in your head, it's not something that you would tell anyone. But it would often it would warn me of things that were going to happen. It would prepare me, they were my cheerleaders, I call it my inner self helper. And one time it was telling me that I was about to have an accident and what it would be, I might be sitting on the sofa and suddenly had this overwhelming feeling. I was going to have an accident or they would just speak to me about, I'm going to have an accident and I thought I was gonna have a wreck on my bicycle because I wrote a lot and break a leg or an arm, and I was thinking, oh, this is not gonna be fun. But I went to school one day and there was a boy who was throwing rocks and I happened to be in the path of that rock. So it hit me in the head and it was rather severe and I had to go to the emergency room to be stitched up. But I knew in that moment that that's what they had been telling me and that I was going to be okay.

And when I came back to school, his mother was there to apologize and to see that I was okay and I told her no, no, they had been telling me this was gonna happen and she looked at me like who? And I said, you know the voice in your head, the one that tells you things that are going to happen and I tell you the look on her face and in her eyes, I knew she had no idea what I was talking about and it scared me. That was the first time I realized other people didn't hear that voice. So did you get any feedback at all from your mom? I never spoke about it with my mom. So after after that you kind of kept it to yourself. I did and I kind of shut it down for a little while, but um for me it never would stay shut off. It was always something that rose to the surface. They were always preparing me even for work when I was looking for a new job, let's say I was getting the friday papers to read um for jobs that were coming up one day. They said get the Wednesday paper and I thought, well that's kind of crazy who puts ads on a Wednesday paper, but I went and got the Wednesday paper, There was the ad I went that was the job.

So they've always been very good at helping. So you say they and and a lot of people remember when they were kids, they had a guardian angel or an invisible friend even that would talk to them. But often kids kind of because of pressure probably from adults and other kids kind of squashed that feeling. How did you not do that? I don't really know how I didn't do that. Um It just always seemed to be a natural part of me and it just stayed with me. I also always had to bless animals bless anything that had died. Um and that was so powerful inside of me. And I remember crying and thinking that it made me weird and strange and different and and even praying, please tell me why I do this. Um And of course later on working with the death and dying, I understand now why I did it. So I have to say for me, my intuition, I feel stayed a part of my life because I feel it's my path.

And you said it has evolved the it's not necessarily voices now that you're here, but other incentives are involved for me. It's a knowing, a strong knowing. I have also being very clear buoyant when I sit with a patient. Um and I tune into them energetically often I'm showing pictures of what they're seeing or going through and I'll have a knowing of what they're going through prior to working in hospice. I also used to clear houses of spirits and we can call them ghost. Um and so I was able to tune in. I can read houses, I can sense who was their male female, their age and perhaps the issue that they have and whether or not transitioning on. So I kind of use all the claire's thing. That's really interesting. Any stories in regard to that? I do. I have one. I went to a lady's house for luncheon, I had never been there before and a friend invited me. She was the lady was selling something. So a bunch of us were there and while I was listening to her pitch, I realized there was a spirit in the house and I had a sense that they had lived there before.

But it had been quite a while and I also had a sense they had killed themselves there. And I really didn't know how to approach the lady because she didn't know me. But I thought at the end I would lead a leading question, how long had she lived there? And if it had been awhile then I would ask her. So I said, thank you so much for having me in your home. It's so lovely here. How long have you lived here? And she said she lived there about 30 years and I thought, well that's a long time. So that was your information. That was my confirmation to ask the next question. Have you ever thought that this house was haunted? And then she said, that's interesting, you should ask. We've got a really good deal on it. The owner prior to us had killed themselves here. So then I knew that they were still there and they needed help at that point. Did you say anything I did? And then she kind of was like, oh my gosh, what do we need to do? You know, a little startled and I just said don't worry about it. Um I can take care of it. And then I just have a dialogue basically with him. I go deep within and tune in because we had already made that connection obviously during the lunch and and just trying to help them resolve issues and come to a better understanding of their life and that there was nothing for them to be forgiven for because there's just love and peace that awaits them now and to not be attached.

Right. Wonderful. Well can you tell us a little bit more like how has this innate talent been of service to you throughout your life? Because it's my passion and it brings me an enormous amount of joy and I can't get enough of doing it. So I'm just called to do it and I was so grateful when I found you and thank you at hospice and that I could be open about what I do. And it was grateful also because the chaplain there at the time was so phenomenal and she understood what I could do. Um she gave me a little test, my first patient, she had me go down um to sit with, could no longer speak and she wanted me to go down there and see what I could pick up and that patient, um when I sat down, I was scared to death, I have to say also, but I went and sat with her and in my mind she said, who are you was really creepy too, like a witch. And I told her in my mind we had this conversation who I was and that I was there to help her and then she, I had a feeling that she had done something later in her life that she um I was ashamed of and felt like God was going to judge her and then I saw her go to a church.

I saw her dressed up with a little pill head on a little suit and she was in a church and she was accepting communion or asking for forgiveness as well. And we worked with that for a while and then out of the blue, she goes internally, now never spoken physically, now get out of here. And I was so sort of old and I was like, okay. So I left and went back to the chaplain and she said tell me what happened and when I told her what happened, she said carol, not only is that how she sounds when she could speak, she spoken those same words to me and she said you were right. She did. She had had a family, but in the later years of her life, she had met a woman and had had a loving relationship and that she had felt though as well as her Children also had felt that this was something that would displease God and it was bringing her a lot of turmoil. Do you think you helped her in terms of resolving that and accepting forgiveness?

I like to think I did. I sat with her for many, many, many times after that. So you passed the test. I passed the test and after that she was like, I know exactly what you do. You're a holder of the light. And I think of myself again as the bridge between two worlds. And then that was the way that was my gift. And I was used here and we're just for our listeners. We're talking about volunteers within the hospice setting impatient or in patients homes where a volunteer goes to sit with a patient and in the inpatient center when people are at normally days, sometimes weeks from dying and transitioning. Then it's often that there's not always family around. So we look for volunteers to go and sit with people. And you were wonderful and sitting with people that didn't have a lot of visitors, but also people who were not communicative anymore and just needed a silent loving presence with them. But I know that even even the doctors would say after a while, well we've had a patient who has been here for a long time without any food, any hydration.

We don't know what they're holding on for, Let's call carol. So your work as an intuitive was validated and I'm so grateful for it. It's been the greatest time of my entire life and it led you to your certification as a doula because I wanted to stand out as a professional amongst my peers. Um, and also now I can go anywhere. I don't have to just be with one affiliation or hospice. I can go anywhere and do my work. So for our listeners, can you talk about what Angela does? Um well a doula does there, there are all different types of duelists, but for me personally it is going and being present with a patient showing up where they are at and more importantly listening to what they have to say because a lot of times they want to review their lives and that's so important just to allow them to float with that and to be a loving presence for them. And of course I like to do meditations with patients and families and hopefully to remind them that one, the veil is thin um that we're always connected through love to let them know as I have seen that their loved ones will be there helping them to cross over and that there's just peace for them.

And I've actually, I remember a couple of instances where you provided a lot of peace and comfort for a family member by suggesting they create a meeting place. Can you tell us more about that? Yeah, I would love to. Um, I have had three working with people individually doing meditation. I've had them spontaneously be joined with someone who's passed over and I saw it was a powerful experience. So I thought, why can't we do this with our families and patients in hospice? So I would have both the patient and the family members agree on a meeting place that they love together. That could even be sitting at the kitchen table, sharing coffee or it might be a place they vacationed a lot. And once we had agreed on that meeting place, then I would take everybody into a meditation where we would visualize that place and coming together and communicating and sharing that experience and we would repeat this over and over. And my hopes were that once the patient had died, the family would continue going to the meeting place.

And that if at all possible, that person who had passed away would then join them in the meeting place as I've seen it happen with other people. And you were talking about with your own mom and experience, can you tell us about that for my own mom who I was so grateful I was able to be with her at the center. She comes to me frequently in dreams. And that's another way that people, you know, don't disregard dreams and they are powerful. And she has shown me not long after she passed, she was so vibrant and young and beautiful and happy. And recently I dreamt that she was in this beautiful home and I knew that when I woke up that it was so healing for her to be in that house and and to play the role that she always dreamed that she wanted to to play. And what was odd about that dream is right after that I went to her home, I'm still cleaning it out because it hasn't been that long. And I found her memory board that had everything to do with the home and how she would set it up and in the dream, she was showing me her setting it up and I thought that was, you know, don't dismiss these coincidences that that was very significant because I knew then she was able to to live out that dream finally and that she's happy, that's beautiful.

And you know what I'm thinking about when you're saying that a lot of people would say, oh, I wish I could be able to converse with a loved one or get messages from a loved one, but maybe we are and we're dismissing it because we don't believe in it and we're taught to dismiss it. You know, we're taught to be so analytical or everything is so physical, so real, you know, physical and we have to start trusting the signs and that they're not coincidence and and don't judge them, just let things flow and happen. And I say that when I do meditations with people, let's not be judging the information we're getting, let's just be open to receive it. And and it can be so fun. Yeah, and it's not just your imagination because I know a lot of people who choose meditation as a way to rise up or to center that they experience great ideas. It's like people talk about in the shower, they experience great ideas and meditation it comes to. So if you believe that, why not believe you can get messages from, you can get them all the time I can while I'm washing the dishes.

I don't know, there's something about that activity of one part of my mind doing a mindless task and then information flows through. So a lot of times if friends want to know when I'm picking up something around them, that's when I'll get the information. So yeah, it comes at the strangest times, but just being open to it and not overriding it with that analytical self and we all have that little analytical self. Um and like I said, meditation start playing with it. If you want to connect with someone start imagining, where would that place be, write him a letter, invite him into the space but do it consistently. And I think repetition is important. Well, I think any time when you can focus on your loved one, even if it's painful that you eventually get a stronger connection and maybe you still feel the loss, you just don't feel it quite as strongly. So, another thing I wanted to mention before we move away from the hospice to some other questions is I've also seen you help families understand and I imagine it's what you do as end of life specialist, but help even in setting up the room or helping the families understand what the process is a natural process.

Tell us about that Well, especially with setting up the room because I was excited. I got to do my mom's room the way I wanted to do it. So, um, she had been in the floral business and had grown up in the floral business. So I was delighted to have a lot of beautiful flowers in her space. I surrounded her by photographs that she loved of herself when she was younger and the family And I would read her cards that people are sending her. I also had um meditation music, like ocean sounds. I played throughout her even in the night. So it was like 24 hours a day. We had those beautiful, natural sounds and I had a diffuser of lavender. So that was very relaxing. Yeah, for her. So that was, that was special And I want everybody to set up their spaces occasionally. I've even asked patients, I will ask them that if they are at home, how do you envision your space being and how do you envision your death being? And they'll tell me special paintings that had memories of where they travel they want or where they want to be in the home and also to set up that space.

So when people come in it, maybe there's a chair outside the room where they can drop their, you know, there's stuff from the day before they enter that sacred space. Um and just being present for that loved one. It can be really, it can be very special and magical even which I know it's hard to understand. It's it's a sacred time. It really is and it's not something you get to do over. So I try to do it right the first time, come in with an open heart and don't be afraid to speak from your heart and it can really heal you because you kind of review your life along with them if it's your family and now you mentioned Raymond moody as one of your influences. I know that he's done a lot of work with near death and death and dying. Was there anything in particular that you picked up from him? I love the fact that he does believe in an afterlife because I thought if he doesn't believe then what are we gonna do? I love the work he's done with near death experience and shared death experience where family members are actually experiencing while their loved one is dying.

They're having visions with him as well, which is so confirming because it's not like their brains are shutting down. I think it's exciting. He's studying the nonsensical language that people are speaking toward the end of death. We think they're just out of their minds. But he believes that when people begin speaking nonsense, that their consciousness is now straddling two worlds And I'll give you an example of nonsense um say it was 1930. Um and someone said I'm going to go and watch a movie on my phone and Of course in 1930 that would have been crazy. You know, how could you watch a movie on your phone? And very nonsensical. Say it today and I'm going to go watch a movie on my phone. No big deal. Yeah. And you might say, well what are you going to watch? You know, I'll watch it with you. So we understand it now. And his thought is that we just haven't caught up to that language. And so they're trying to map it out, which is exciting. Very exciting. Okay now let's move into other uses of your intuition and also your meditation skills and the hypnotherapy that you've used.

Tell us a little bit more about your work with camouflage. Okay camouflage is a nonprofit organization here in Atlanta. It's run by a woman named cookie and she is a cancer thrive. Er and she gives a program every month for women because we find that men don't want to share. I don't know why, but we give it for women and they're going through chemotherapy and she helps prepare them in every way that is fathomable down to even how to apply eyebrows. I mean, so my work though, is to teach people the power of visualization. And we talk about how meditation can relax you. Um but also kind of like talk about like a little bit of the placebo effect. And so I like them too. If I asked you and right now what would, what color would make you feel peaceful blue, blue. And then let's not judge the color. Any color is right? It's what you need.

So that would be the color that I would have. You work with and we will begin breathing it in. And so I asked them um right now what color do you need in order to heal or support your healing process? And then that's the color we begin to visualize. So I try to teach them the power of visualization and also to be their own cheerleader to remind themselves that they are strong and powerful and their bodies know what they're doing and the power of the mind, the power of the mind. So and that mind over matter. Um you know, it doesn't cure everything, but it certainly helps the journey that's wonderful and I've done that for a long time now with them. And in terms of hypnotherapy, do you still have that practice as well or use it in your work? I do and what I like to do with hypnotherapy actually or past life regressions. I just think that's so exciting because it's a different journey for everyone. And so the majority of things that I do would be on that level, on that scale. Great. So all of that, working with other people's energy, sometimes very heavy sometimes with illness.

How do you then either protect yourself or prepare yourself before you meet with people or after so that you stay? I don't want to say the word clean, I know clear or clear, clear. Um because occasion you do bring something home, I think number one is saying, you know, this isn't me. So if I feel depressed, I think this is not my emotion. I've picked up somebody else's emotion and um and trying to then let it go or also I'll ask myself, why what is this reflecting back to me that I need to know at this moment, but mainly I feel like love keeps me clear. So before I go into any appointment with someone, I will bring in that feeling of love, that fortunately for me has become something easily to do that unconditional feeling and love. I know that my spirit helpers will never put me in a situation that I can't handle. And then afterwards meditation and bring again through that love and clearing it in my body.

And also journaling when I'm blue, I want a journal and it's not like what I did yesterday, it's like this is how I feel and what is this? Yeah, in this moment and what is that doing? And I always have a resolution at the end. That's great. That's a great tool. So we're going to talk about tools. But since we're on that one, Okay, how did you come to journaling? I've always journal since the child again, I've been journaling my entire life and I journal, I try to journal every single day in the morning. So I do a lot in the morning. I'm meditating in the morning, my routine. Yeah. I like to get up before anybody else is up in the house. I love it when it's still cold, so it's gonna get hot soon, you know? But I like that because I like to get a cup of coffee and then I like to sit when it's just so quiet. It almost has a sound. Do you know what I mean? And then well I I just will bring in again that that thought of peace and love and for me it's an expansion in my heart shocker that I open out and then sometimes I'll think about my dreams that I've had and what do they mean to me in the day and then I will journal and sometimes a lot of times are getting dreams or I might journal a little bit about what I did the day before, but often it'll just be um any inspirations that I have there are coming to mind and then I'll have to start my day.

So that that's pretty much yeah, that's why I started reaching wonderful. Then. Have you touched back on that during your day? Do you see that it kind of anchors you throughout the day? It does. And occasionally let's say I'm stressed out more so than usual. Um Typically I will meditate more in a day because for me I find it doesn't matter what's going on outside of myself, what matters is what's in and when I can tap into that place of peace is a reminder that that's truth and let the other stuff go. And then sometimes too I'll need a journal again. Um exercise is important to exercise your brain and your whole spirit I think, or just to get rid of that energy. I like to do that. That nervous energy that sometimes we have Now you've mentioned meditation a lot and we have a lot of our listeners are meditators know when you say meditation, it doesn't have to be necessarily for formal 40 minutes. Tell us a little bit about your style. My style is very different than most people's style because I like, it's almost like shamanic journeying, which I hadn't realized until not too long ago when I took a shamanic journeying class because I just allow it to unfold so I can just, if I close my eyes and first of all, I center myself with that love and peace and then I just wait to see what pictures start forming in my mind and then I go along with it.

Sometimes it can even be a childhood home and let's say I see that and I'll think, oh there's something in here I need to explore or um there have been times when I felt myself being pulled down in my body into the ground and now I'm on a journey through these tunnels in the earth and my main thing is just flow with it, flow with it, don't override whatever experience I'm having a lot of times. I'll imagine walking on a beach and so now I'll have a guide with me or I'll feel the present. So I try to just have fun now and let the pictures unfold and take me. So it's kind of like having a movie playing that's good entertaining the same time it is, but you definitely exceed. You feel the benefits, I definitely feel that Bennett are, wouldn't do it for me, it's just very grounding and again, it reminds me of who I am and that that's a safe and peaceful and loving place, deep inside of us all carol give us a little bit more information about meditation because some people think it's very formal, you have to sit down cross your legs and sit in a certain position I know and so many people think of the monks and you know they don't have a thought and always think because their marks and that's what they're trained to do.

But meditation is natural. I always ask people do you ever daydream and almost everybody daydreams or has that's meditation because think about a daydream, you are lost or totally focused in a thought in that moment, the rest of the world is going on around you but you kind of lost awareness, you are having this beautiful daydream and that's powerful. And I always tell people so think about it when you're going to meditate in the morning, bring up a beautiful daydream, what brings you joy, bring that feeling in your body and when you can connect with that joyful feeling and then spreading it out, breathing into it. That is meditation. Um reading a book, think about reading a book, you're visualizing the story, you're lost in that story. The rest of the world is going on. Someone can ask you a question and and you can reply to them and go right back into the book and that's meditation um or sports people who are in the zone, sports gardening people who are focused on guarding painters musicians.

Um again like so washing the dishes, it cooks when you're so focused on a task that is meditation driving home and not remembering the drive and we do that a lot. We're on autopilot. Where where do you think you're doing now? Let's get conscious of what we were thinking about that is meditation. So people meditation is so easy. It's a natural ability that we all have. So please don't feel like you need to sit in a position that's not comfortable. Lay down have the daydream but mostly bring in those beautiful feelings. That's what it's about and your awareness of your being aware. And I think sometimes like for me I enjoy silent meditation but I really like guided meditation too because I like to have somebody telling me what's coming up on the path. I like that too. But at the same time I say if your mind then goes someplace else, let's say I'm guiding you on a meditation, but suddenly you go off somewhere else go that someplace else follow it through and don't judge it and observe it because that's powerful and that can be exciting and fun adventure.

So just have fun with it and play with it. Um it doesn't, like I said it's not a hard thing, you already do it, it's natural. And so I went back to the other question that we were talking about, you clear yourself because you feel it or you sense something, but there's a lot of people who feel like, oh I have to solve these people's problems or I have to get enmeshed in what's going on when you're in this kind of service experience. Tell us the best advice you've heard about that. The best advice I've ever had is it's not your story and that is powerful because we can get caught up in thinking I would do it this way or that way, especially, and this came about when I was sitting with a child who was a patient and I just was having a tough time with some of the things going around along with this child in the family. But once I came to that understanding and I had to say it to myself many times.

Um this is not your story carol. Then I was able just to be the observer. I was able to go to a neutral place and watch it unfold their story unfold. And it was it was beautiful and it was magical. And I think we can do that with all the people in our lives, their lives are not mine. You know, it's not not my story. Yeah, sometimes we have to let go a lot of our preconceived notions and also our past roles. Like when you talk about your family, you have to let go of those roles and just be that observer. I like the way you described that. Thank you. So tell us what's exciting you these days, What's new and exciting on your horizon. I would like to think I would like to do this workshop for people. I've written one out on the meeting place and I think that would be exciting to do and help people um connect with their loved ones or even just to go in and within themselves and have fun and take adventures and to realize there's a whole world inside of there that we're not tapping into that's so rich and and beautiful.

And think of all the people out there that are wishing someone would guide them along in that. So your workshop sounds great. I love that. And also, you know, I just like to, I love being intuitive, I love using that ability and sometimes people just send me photographs of even their homes or different things I can read. And so to me it's just a joy now. Have you ever come across a time where you were, you're wrong, not wrong or partially wrong or opened up something else that you hadn't expected? I don't know. That's an interesting question, Has it opened up something else I haven't expected. I don't know about that. But yes, there are times that I am not accurate. I used to say that I was more accurate than a weatherman, but um you know, I think that's the greatest challenge right there because I tend to be a perfectionist and um and I'm not um Theresa Caputo and she's a, she is a very famous intuitive psychic who's on television.

So, um, for me it's just having to trust the information that I've given and that if it's not accurate, sometimes I question like why? Because it feels so like it should be. Yeah. So maybe there's more to the story maybe I don't know. And the other I've, I've heard of course Caroline mess who's a medical intuitive and other people who are intuitive. But is there a niche that you would like to fulfill in terms of your work? I think it's just what we're speaking about being um end of life. End of life. I love using my intuition and helping people um realize that there's just, you know, the death is not the end. You know, this physical journey is just so limited and we forget that and I believe this is not where we come from. So certainly we're going back home and then, you know, there's a richness to it. And it's very valuable. So I would like to just to help people come to that understanding. I'm going to ask you a few more questions. I think we have time for a few more.

So tell us what really lifts you up. Mm hmm That's a good question. And what really lives up doing my work. It really does. It just brings me joy and when I'm in that zone and I'm doing it, it doesn't matter what else happens in my life, I'm just happy. So being able to do my work intuitively and um, just being president, hopefully inspiring other people. And what helps you feel grounded and centered. You talked a lot about your morning ritual that probably helps you feel grounded and centered. Your Children probably help you feel well. I don't know if touring all the time, that's certainly that love that we share together. Um listening to podcast helps me um reading inspirational work um, is certainly by other intuitive as well. And that kind of, just for me, it's always reminding myself that there's something greater out in the world. I'm not when plugged into the news, I don't listen to news and haven't in years, I don't read about the news.

So, um, for me though, it's always like I said, listening to what other people have to say about things that are great or beyond the five senses. And that brings me a great deal of comfort. Yeah. And that's really thinking on a level that is above the mundane, above the crazy chaos, you know, to that quieter, more rich place. And I like to think there's more going on than we understand. It helps me get through the craziness of the day. So, and in terms of the readings or the podcast, is there anybody you'd recommend. Well actually what's interesting I recently like to listen to, um, it's not like the podcast, but it's more youtube's Esther Hicks. I really find a great deal of comfort and listening to her speak Abraham Abraham, because it just reminds us that that we are powerful people and that a lot of it has to do with positive thinking and affirmations and to me, I love that message.

So I want you to give our listeners who especially who maybe felt like they were intuitive at one point or they would like to develop that intuitive ability. Can you just give them some encouragement as we're wrapping up here some way that you can inspire them to pursue developing their intuition or unleashing their intuition? Well, meditation though is key and you don't have to do it for half an hour or an hour. Um, just tune in for a few minutes even. Um, and maybe play some games like what's something you want to create one time I want to tell you a game I played, I decided I wanted my son to bring me home an orange flower. I was very specific. I saw the flower and then I, I let it go and just trust it. Well, lo and behold the child brought me home and orange flower that day. So just play with it. It might not manifest that quickly, but look for the signs.

And so if you have a, if you're being pulled too, to be spontaneous about something, then follow that lead because it may be what you've been asking for. Do you understand? Yes, I do because I read about the opposite side where people look back and say I had this opportunity just dropped into my lap and I knew it was the right thing to do and yet I ignored it and now I can see what would have happened if I had followed. Yeah. So yeah, I see it from the other side. So play games with your intuition and don't dismiss it, gosh, don't dismiss it, you know, and don't share it to with people who are going to dismiss it for you. That's a tragedy. Yeah, Yeah, that's a tough part but I admire you and for your courage and um stepping forward and never squashing it. Well we're trying, I have at times but trying to continue to believe in it and as far as dreaming um that's such a powerful world. So throughout the day say to myself or am I dreaming or am I dreaming?

So that when you are dreaming, hopefully you'll be able to say are my dreaming and something unusual be going on? You say yes and becoming conscious than your dreams because that's a lot of fun to, I like to fly in my dreams, do you? And yes actually, and another thing I thought of just know you know a lot of people say if you want an answer to something speaking to dreams to put it to think about it right before you go to sleep or even write it and put it under your pillow, right? And oftentimes you'll get and I do that, I always say um the old saying you need to sleep on something I do, so before I make a decision, I always wait to see exactly what do I feel like when I awake in the morning, and that gives me an indication of whether it's something I need to do or not. Um and also if I'm looking, let's say, I'm looking at when my Children, I wanted him to go to a certain private school one time I would sit in the parking lot before we even applied to the school and how did it feel to me, could I visualize them being here effortlessly?

Didn't feel strongly and it did and both of them ended up going to that school, but I would do things like like that visualization, Yeah, and um and just whatever it is, you're desiring kind of sitting with it or can you go to the place and what is, what is that like? Okay, carol, this has been a fantastic conversation and I'm so glad we got to be able to interview you and find out more about what you do for our audience and hopefully they have come away inspired. We do have one more question, If you were to leave this Earth today, what would you like to most be remembered for? I hope that people will say that I changed the way that they think about death and dying. I really do. And because I think we have such a negative connotation of it and I really think it's so much greater than we can even fathom. Mm hmm. So, I hope that I've changed that. Well, I think that's a very noble service that you offer and that it is a sacred time and we need more people like you to kind of soften the conversation and start talking about it.

Absolutely. Thank you. So, let's find out from you where can our listeners find out more about you or find you? Okay. So, and hopefully we'll have this up on your site because it's long. But we will. Okay. It's that doing death differently dot com slash dual us slash carol. And then there's the, what is the bar, new stat. I don't know what that's even called. Isn't that crazy? But if you put in Carroll news stat and you go to that website um and that's where I was certified. She has all the information about you get to see my picture. Um and you'll have my credentials and then I have a lot of wonderful things that people have said about me. So that's just so beautiful. And then you can also, I believe it has my email address on there. So that's um Angel on call at Earthlink dot net.

Okay, great. Well, thank you for being here with us today. It's been a terrific conversation and interview and I would like to have you come back at some point or let us know about your workshop or maybe we'll have some other way through. Hearts Rise up to absolute lead people to you. Thank you. And I love you. I love you too, carol. Thank you for all the service you've done. Thank you. Hey, there before you go, we hope today's show inspired you to awaken and unleash your own inner power and to elevate yourself your life and the world. Please leave us a review on Itunes because those reviews are important to our show. We'd love for you to subscribe to our show and share this episode with others on your favorite social media channels. Finally, are you rising up to your best self every day? Let us know more by reaching out to us at www. Hearts rise up dot com. Mm hmm.

Ep. 7 - Love Is Stronger Than Death - An Interview With Carol Neustadt
Ep. 7 - Love Is Stronger Than Death - An Interview With Carol Neustadt
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