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Ep. 63 - Releasing Emotional & Mental Blocks For Permanent Breakthroughs - With Micaela Passeri

by Hearts Rise Up
March 15th 2022
In this interview, Micaela Passeri shares her journey to releasing emotional and mental blocks for permanent breakthroughs and what led to this mission to help others. Based on her own experience, she... More
No, thank you for tuning your heart's in for another episode of the Hearts rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host along with my co host Ann Serrie and Concetta antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews. We're here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution. Help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self. Together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love, joy and freedom. Mm hmm. Yes. Welcome back. Heart centered listeners. Thank you for joining us again for another episode of the Hearts Rise Up podcast where you'll always find heart based wisdom to inspire your conscious evolution.

I have a very special guest today. Her name is Mikayla Passeri. Micaela is an award winning emotional intelligence and business performance coach. Her mission is to guide women to financial freedom by opening their hearts to heal their emotions around money. Success and being seen With over 20 years of experience building six and 7 figure businesses. Kayla puts her business degree experience and many certifications to use helping entrepreneurs open their heart to more financial abundance With strategic monetization and sales structure implementation. She uses her proprietary technique of marrying business R. O. I. Planning with emotional subconscious release work. Kaylee uses many different modalities and tools to help our clients expand, evolve and transform permanent breakthroughs. one of the ways she has been doing this is through her unique custom and experiential retreats.

Micaela has led transformational journeys to her hometown Florence in the Italian countryside since 2009. She firmly believes that business success is directly tied to an individual's ability to free themselves from the emotional ties of the past, conscious or unconscious and what better way to do so than being plucked out of your day to day life and placed in the middle of the Tuscan countryside to look at yourself and life from a totally different perspective. Her work has helped hundreds of clients go from stock stagnant and unfulfilled to happy, liberated, hopeful and healed the result. They get out of their own way and take action from an unwavering inner truth and create abundance on their own terms. Michaela, welcome to the show. Thank you so much carol. I'm so happy to be here this morning. I just love your story, what you're doing today and what you're doing to help women.

I definitely want us to get into seeing an inside glimpse into your work and how you help women unpack these blocked patterns for permanent breakthroughs. But first I'd love for you to share your own personal story and some defining moments in your life that have shaped who you are today and has led you to the work that you're doing as well. Well as you mentioned, my hometown is in Florence. So I was born and raised in Florence Italy and I was there for the 1st 20 years of my life until I moved to California to go to college and as much as everybody loves Florence and loves Italy growing up there, it felt oppressive as a young woman, it felt oppressive and so there were things about interacting with my peers, interacting with my family members, the culture, the deeply ingrained victim and sacrificing conversations that just the populists had all of these things together really made me feel attract, made me feel you know, not free and on top of that, you know, my relationship with my father was one of of love hate, he was my greatest rock, but he was also my greatest critic and so as I grew up, my experience as a young woman was constantly not feeling not good enough, constantly not being up to par constantly the feeling that I wasn't capable, right?

So all of those conversations that I took up through my you know, personal young experience, I then brought into my adult life now one of the biggest defining moments for me apart from okay, the experience that I had in this love hate relationship with my father, where I was uplifted in some moments and then totally criticized and torn down in other moments and so I never really knew where I stood because obviously you look to your parents for guidance, you look to your parents for support and there were moments where oh you know, you're amazing and others like you totally wrong, why did you do that? You know, all of those types of things. So, once I moved to America within the first year, my father passed away. And so that was really the biggest defining moment of my life up until that point, because I had, you know, I had obviously took on conditioning, like we all do from my culture, my family life, my peer experiences, all of that, and then all of a sudden, one of the people that highly contributed to my conditioning just disappeared.

And there was no opportunity for closure, there was no opportunity for conversation, there was no opportunity for anything because he was, he was gone. And so that really his death, as tragic and as painful as it was, was really the cathartic, momentous in my life, to propel me into seeking and wanting to learn and really into self discovery, and I just dove headfirst into personal development, because there was a part of me that really wanted to understand how I worked as a human being, and then there was another part of me that really wanted to understand how not to feel the pain anymore, the pain of grief. And so that's kind of how my story and my journey started. It was just really with this tragic event in my life that then brought on other events, you know, when I deal with my clients and their emotionality, their connection to their emotional past. It's really about looking the various sequences of events that have contributed something.

And so for me, yes, the tragedy of my father's death at 20 was one. But then subsequently, because of all of the conditioning, because of the fact that I couldn't didn't have closure. There were other events. There are other things that I manifested in my life that were not empowering, that were not supported because of the emotional baggage that I had been holding on, that I had been been carried into my future right into my life as an adult woman. So, that's kind of how it all started. What were those other things that surfaced after your father died? If you can think about a young woman who does not love herself, does not feel confident, has low self esteem, feels inadequate, really feels inadequate and inferior because of the constant criticism. Now, this woman goes out into the real world as an adult and starts living life and as I started living my life, I started making decisions based on all of those conversations, right? Based on all of those feelings and emotions of inadequacy, inability, inferiority and capability, All of that.

Right? So that woman feeling those things, thinking those thoughts about herself, attracted into her life, certain relationships, certain opportunities discussed, well, things disguised as opportunities that weren't really opportunities. So, some of the things that happened were I started attracting men in my life that did not take care of my heart, whether they cheated. Whether they pushed me down, Whether they verbally and emotionally abused me. That was one thing that shows up and specifically for me, showed up in one specific relationship. Many relationships, but another big defining moment in my life was relationship with my my daughter's father, where I basically dove headfirst in the relationship, really felt this deep connection. You know, I was ready to marry this guy. All of that. I gave everything gave my body, my mind, my heart, my soul, my money. I gave him six figures in cash money to buy his love because of all of the feelings of inadequacy, you know, inferior, all of those things trying to buy his love so that we could have lived this happily ever laughter that I had made up in my head.

So that relationship just left me flattened like feeling like I had been a use drag and now I've been used and I trust to the garbage, right? So that was something that also showed up. And then so that was on the personal side. On the business side, I made a decision to go into business with a client of mine at the time and she left me with a big tax bill. So when we look at the kind of the underlying conversation, right? It's the conversation of victimhood. It's the conversation of inferiority of inadequacy and how it showed up was in relationships that were taking away from me. They were taking away life force. They were taking away money, they were taking away my essence. That's how it showed up at the point where these two things happened with the business partner and my ex, That's when then my, the opening of personal development and introspection kind of like went into high gear like tenfold because I just was like, okay, that's enough.

I was like, okay, wait a minute. There's something here that I'm not seeing that I'm not aware of, but it's driving my life and it's driving me somewhere where I don't want to go, I want to go over here into a happy life, you know, where I wake up every day and I feel like the sun is shining, but I'm being driven where I wake up every day and I feel like there's a black cloud over my head, like nothing good is ever going to happen like this doom and gloom type of feeling. And so that's when then it was like trying a lot of different modalities and going to a lot of seminars and reading a lot of books and just doing a lot of interpersonal work. A lot of transformational journeys to open myself up to heal, to really make the connection with all of these past events that created Mi Mikaela as the now adult woman in life with a child and a business Yes, you had so much that you were dealing with at what point did things start to click for you, everything that I did contributed something for me?

But I feel that the biggest contribution was when I found the modality called emotion code, which is the modality that I use with my clients and the reason I feel that's when everything clicked is because it allowed the practitioner that was working with me to really identify the subconscious triggers the subconscious stuck energies that we're driving, that driving force to the place that I didn't want to go to. And so once I experienced that and I experienced the lightness and the weight lifted off my shoulder and the healing and the happiness and the joy that came out of that, I was like, wait a minute. I know where I was before and I know where I am now and if I can get here everybody else can get here. I want this for everybody. I want every woman to feel this freedom, this liberation, this lightness, this happiness, this joy, this grounded nous and into the truth of who they are, just like me.

And that's why I chose then to get certified and use it as the foundation of the work that I do with the women that I work with. What are some of the limiting beliefs that you have found in your work with clients that seem to be the most prevalent that women, particularly women are dealing with. Well, you know mostly it's it's really always the same conversation. The majority of the conversations are around self worth. And there are around whether it shows up as a fear of being seen and putting oneself out there to fully be vulnerable or whether it shows up as not being able to ask for what what is worth. Or if it shows up as maybe holding holding relationships that only take from you instead of give to you and contribute to your life.

Like it shows up in different ways. But the general conversation is one of you know, feeling not good enough, feeling inadequate, Feeling that one doesn't measure up to the other people and that one sees out in the world. It's that conversation and it just shows up differently for every individual. So every human being is unique in their own conditioning. We all have our own life experiences. We all make up things about our life and our experiences in different ways. So there's no one cookie cutter way. Because we're all unique in that way. Mm hmm. The river so to speak. Right. The general connotation of the river is a value conversation. It is. And that value conversation often stems particularly the lack of self worth and the lack of just not feeling good enough. Often stems from those ancestral patterns that we were early conditioning. As you had mentioned. But also how we have come to feel about ourselves And oftentimes we have this we get into this spiral.

If one is conscious about their thoughts, thoughts can negative thoughts can run rampant. How have you helped others, particularly women break that cycle of negative self talk. One of the very important cores of the work that I do with women is looking at an identifying the disempowering and negative conversations that were birthed from an emotional experience. Because those are those are those negative beliefs that you were mentioning. Those are the ones that get formed as well. We're conditioned as we experience life And they get recorded into the subconscious because the conscious mind can only hold about 10% of the information. So where does the rest of the information go? Just like our memories, Where do they, where are they held there held in the subconscious. So these beliefs, these ideas, these conjectures these interpretations. These conversations get formed because of a negative emotional experience.

They then get recorded in the subconscious and they get held their unconsciously to the individual. The key, the key is to identify the conversation. What was the conversation that you made up at the time when X, Y. Z happened and what did that conversation bring forth into your future into your life to where you are right now. And then once we identify that conversation. So awareness is key number one, right? It's becoming aware of what's in the subconscious, it's bringing that unconscious to the conscious so that the conscious mind can connect the dots and say, oh okay, now I get it, you know, this led to this led to this and it's because of this underlying conversation? So key number one is to become aware and it's to become aware of the disempowering conversation that was created in the past. Once we're there, we can then use the conscious mind to create a new conversation, what I call power affirmations. So part of the work that I do with my clients is just that, as we look at Using the modality of emotion code, we identify what's in the subconscious, we look at the conversation that was created in the past and then we create a new one and so in doing that, we're creating new neural pathways and slowly the old one gets erased and the new one gets ingrained and that's what we really want.

We want to create new neural pathways, new positive empowering conversations that then from today bring us into our future tomorrow and when we do that, we know that our future is going to be bright because we are basing it with the foundation of something that empowers us that supports us that uplifts us, that's positive, so with that we can only create goodness, We can only create success, We can only create happiness, you know, life can be really messy for a lot of people and we're all unique individuals, we have all these unique and different experiences that we bring forward in our lives? How do we get to the point where we can unpack all of that. Where does one start, if you've got all of this baggage that you're dealing with? What's the one thing that they could do to at least begin to unpack, even if they're just doing it on their own, what would they do? Yeah. So the first step is they have to be willing to look at themselves.

They have to be willing to look at themselves because everybody has baggage, everybody has emotional triggers and everybody has emotional trapped emotions in the subconscious that they're not aware of, but some people are not willing to look at it and so they'd rather punch in and punch out and be on automatic and just go through their life and that's fine, that's their, you know, everybody, it's our prerogative. So the first thing though, if one really wants to achieve their highest potential and wants to really connect to their highest self, they've got to be willing to look at themselves and they've got to be willing to dig deep to find those connections that the conscious mind can say, okay, that experience created this thought, this conversation disbelief about myself for the world that brought X. Y. Z into my life. Now X. Y. Z. I didn't like it, it didn't feel good, I don't want to recreate that so now let me look at that conversation, let me look at that event, Let me bring some healing to it, some acceptance, some forgiveness, whatever needs to be brought compassion and then create a new conversation.

So the first key is to be willing and then secondly, when you're willing, then when you start feeling friction within yourself, whether it's frustration overwhelmed stress, it's just take that moment and say, okay, what is this about? What's underneath this emotion that I'm experiencing right now. So it's really starting questioning process, a self questioning process of introspective process where you're asking yourself, what's this about, what's underneath this, You're just kind of starting to think about it to really bring more awareness to it. That is what people can do on their own. Obviously this work is really held by someone outside of that person's life experience. So you'll get farther when you work with someone like me that can be the guide. I don't heal people, the person, we are all healers of ourselves, right?

I'm just guide. I just guide the person to the freedom to the liberation to the lightness, the release by supporting that process. But they have to be willing and they have to be over. Those are great points is to be willing to look at yourself, take a good hard look at yourself and then to get underneath and take the introspective route of really digging deep with the right questions and it is important to have someone as a guide and I think one of the things that you do really well as a guide is holding space, you know that container of space so that the person feels safe, that they can begin to explore because oftentimes when we start to explore some things, it can be pretty scary, scary things about ourselves and we're not quite sure how to deal with them. And particularly when we're dealing with the egoist mind and then the heart, how do you align the mind with the heart?

Because you know the mind wants to protect you and the mind is limited, whereas the heart is very expansive and all knowing and one of the things in your work that you do is to help people tap into their inner voice. Let's talk a little bit about how you do that and what's the biggest obstacle that keeps people from really hearing and listening to that inner voice. What I have found in my work is that the biggest obstacle that people have is not being aware of those conversations, Once one becomes aware, That's like 80% of the work. So it's the kind of being in the dark of one's own makeup of what really makes you, what drives you, What makes you tick right? Why certain patterns are present in your life, Why you make certain decisions in certain ways, right?

I think that's really the biggest obstacle is world number one we talked about it earlier is like not being willing, right? When you're not willing, you just stay stuck and then two is just the unawareness. So then when you become aware, you can actually start making decisions in different ways when you notice the patterns, you can stop and choose differently, right? And start making those changes. And what was it the part of the question that you asked me? It was about the inner voice about really being able to really tap into that inner voice when you start doing this work, right? You really start looking at yourself from that perspective and really start bringing awareness as how you are moving through life in the way that you have in the past, and then in the way that you're doing it in the present, so that then you can create what you want in the future, you start knowing yourself better, you start really grounding in your truth, you start getting to a place of unwavering knowingness within the self and so that is what supports the voice.

I'm just going to give myself as an example, you know, if you met me when I was in my teens, I was really quiet, meek shy, I didn't really speak up much, I was very fearful of what other people thought and that was the result of the conditioning of the criticism, right? As I evolved and as I did the work, I stepped into a totally different person, you know, when you meet me now, I'm not shy, I totally speak my truth, I'm totally different, I'm open, I'm very social, right? I'm not closed up, like I used to be right, because I found I really found myself in this work, I found myself and I found my truth. And so when one does that there's this unwavering stance that you take in your life, so it doesn't matter what sally or bob or whoever out there say about you because it's their interpretation, it's their idea, it's there thought process based on their conditioning.

I know who I am, I know what I'm about and yes, if I'm making a mistake, if I'm wrong, I'll admit it all of that. But if not I've got this unwavering stance of internationally and so from there then I'm able to use my voice to create. So I'm able to use my voice to create things in my business, create transformation, create understanding, create connection, create communication, but I'm also able to use my voice to stand up for myself. I use my voice to communicate. Maybe an idea that could support a community, right? So I'm not holding back anymore because of this unwavering stance. And so then my voice becomes a tool that's the beauty of the process actually, and that's really what my objective is in doing the work that I do is I want people to have that same unwavering truth about themselves and that inner confidence so that when they go out in their life they're creating a life of their own choosing.

They're creating a life that they want and they they're not punching in and punching out everyday feeling that life is being done to them, that life is happening to them. They are a copilot with source spirit, God, universe, whoever is your higher power in having this beautiful experience as this spiritual being in a physical body, right? And if we understand that, then it's much easier to go with the flow and to navigate life because we have we know that the what I like to refer to as the universe has our back, basically, the universe has your back and you know that there is no such thing as failure, whatever we learn along the way is there for us for our own good and we're learning and growing and we need to take the opportunity to step outside of what the society's norms and rules and that old conditioning that has been ingrained in us to move our lives forward and sort of like putting a stake in the ground Yeah, everything, everything in life for everybody, it doesn't just choose some people and not others, everything is feedback.

So if you go about your life, understanding that what is happening in your life is just feedback for you to understand how you're attracting things in your life, how you're co creating in your life, then you can take a step back with awareness and say, okay, this doesn't feel good, this that's that's been happening in my life doesn't feel good, What can I do? What are the decisions and the steps that I need to make So that this isn't present in my life. And so it's just looking at the feedback and shifting and making different choices, right? Do you have an example of a client success story that you're most proud of? Most proud of? And just in terms of the progress and the breakthroughs that the individual made through as a result of putting the work in to do the inner work. Yeah, I mean there are many but I think the one that always comes to mind when I'm asked this question is one of my clients, she was in a sales position, kind of like direct sales type of position and she had been at it for a while.

She had achieved a certain level of success, but she had arrived to a point where she felt capped and she hadn't noticed. So, so she had become aware that she was experiencing certain emotions, certain negative emotions when she was going out into the world when she was going places networking. And she couldn't understand why these emotions were coming up. She felt that they were stifling her that they were holding her back and when we worked together and we identified the connection of why those emotions were coming up from her in her past, she totally exploded and in this specific instance and obviously not everybody is going to have this type of event but for her she was finding that anxiety and fear and stress were coming up when she was out talking to people and she had needed networking, going to events and she had to do that to sell right?

She's in a direct sales position and we uncovered that and obviously now mind you, she knows her past, she knows her history, she knows her life experience. But she had never connected the two. She had never connected that, You know, 50 years later, 40 years later this event in her childhood, he was still affecting her in her life today. Right? That's right. So for her, what had happened was that when she misbehaved, her father would lock her under the stairs in this little cubby and so she would stay in the dark for hours until her father would come pick her up. So she had developed this semi claustrophobic response to tight spaces, too crowded spaces and things like that and she never really understood that she never knew that. So when we uncovered that there were trapped emotions that surged and were created because of that experience and that those were the emotions that were still coming up today and that were hindering and holding her back from doing the work that she wanted to do and from creating the success that she wanted once she connected and she emoted whatever still needed to come out from that experience that was it, it was gone.

It was she just was on fire. That's a powerful, powerful process. That's a great example. Yeah. And and that can be very traumatic, you know, being locked in a closet or under the stairs for whatever reason. And amazing how that can affect us later in life, in real life situations, kudos to you for helping her to work through that. Thank you. If you could go back and ask any of your or even just yourself, if you could just go back and ask your younger self anything, what would you say? Oh, that's a that's a very interesting question. So if I were to ask my younger self anything, what would I ask or let's turn it around to share something with your younger self about what you know today, what would you share? Well if I were to if I had the opportunity to share my wisdom with my younger self, the one thing that I would say to her would be you, you know, you have value, you are amazing, you know, you are smart, you're capable, I would really build her up because thinking of myself in the past, I didn't feel any of that.

I didn't feel pretty, I didn't feel smart, I didn't feel capable. So I would go back and say you are all these things and what you're experiencing right now is to make you stronger to learn so that you can really step into these things that right now you might not believe you are but that you are. So it's really just give her that pumping up that she needed. What are you most grateful for in your life today? You know, I'm grateful for all of the trials and tribulations. I'm grateful for all of the lessons that I've learned. Whether they stemmed from pain or not, I'm grateful for all of the expenses because they've taught me and they've molded me into the woman that I am today. Without those experiences, I've I wouldn't be who I am today so well, it's so important to be grateful for the adversity in our lives because those are the most, I think most important teachable moments, particularly if we're having breakthroughs and recognizing that they are teachable moments and how they can shape and cultivate new ways of thinking, being and seeing and feeling in the world.

One of the things I wanted to ask you is that you were doing a lot of experiential retreats at one point and I would imagine with the pandemic, those retreats have maybe not been as frequent. Tell us a little bit about your experiential retreats because I was really intrigued by taking people out of their environment and into this beautiful. I could just envision it Tuscany and I've been to Tuscany. I have been to well maybe I have been to Florence, but I took a trip years ago with my good friend and Siri to Tuscany and we stayed in Radda in Chianti at the time, I think we did go into Florence I'm trying to remember for you know maybe a half a day or so, but I would love to find out more about your just share a little bit more about your retreats and what differentiates them from other retreats. Yeah. Yes, absolutely. Before I go into that I just wanted to say my family used to own Radda in Chianti until my grandfather lost it at poker.

Oh my gosh, grand. My paternal grandfather gambled rather in County away. Oh my goodness, that is a story for another conversation about ancestral. But anyway, so I just thought that was that was interesting. I have been doing these transformational retreats since 2009, obviously didn't do any in 2020, however, Started back up in 2021. So I just did one of retreat in October and the retreat is really a heart opening experience. I take people through the seven aspects of the sacred heart and we each aspect of the sacred heart that we delve into. Their our experiential exercises, processes, conversations that we do and then I combine every afternoon an experience in and around Tuscany in or italy because sometimes we also go outside of Tuscany to kind of in permeate the don't even know if that's a word, I'm thinking an italian now that's okay to lock in the learning of the morning right?

And so the experiences in the afternoon are really just two seal the learning. So what I'm doing is I'm taking people out of their life, I'm putting them in this beautiful setting in the countryside of Tuscany. We are living literally living there as Italians, right? We were living in this medieval farmhouse, biodynamic winery and we are experiencing all of the amazing contribution that Italy is, right? So the culture, the food, the scenery, the experiences of like centuries of history, right? All of those things and using Florence and Tuscany as the backdrop for for inner and personal transformation. So obviously every person has their own experience. It's designed to create this to deepen your inner awareness of who you are by looking at your heart space and what's there that you haven't acknowledged what's there, that needs to be healed, what's there that you just maybe get to take a look at and use more of, right?

So it really just supports inner transformation. I'm intrigued by the term that you were using the sacred heart. Can you share a little bit more about that? Yeah, so I use that terminology because I really believe that the heart is a sacred space. Indeed, the heart is really, it's where we live, you know, that's where we feel, we can think, but thinking doesn't give us a full, a full experience of something the heart does. And so I really believe it's a sacred space and it's a space that we get to learn more about dive deeper into protect, used to empower ourselves. And we're not taught, we're not taught to do this. We're not taught to look at ourselves in that way. To me. It's a sacred, it's a sacred part of ourselves. Thank you for sharing that. Well, I'll have one last question. What advice do you have for others to rise to their heart centered higher self.

And actually to be there's heart centered, confident, loving and joyful self, because I know that is one of the things that you're known for is to bring that out for each individual. I would say the way that people can start doing that is start looking at all of the amazing things that one has created naturally. We are animals, right? Were intelligent animals, but we're animals nonetheless. And our instinctive response is to go to the negative is to go to lack limitation. And so what I would challenge the listeners to do is to bring awareness two More of the Positiveness in Your Life. That's how you're going to rise is to really start focusing on what have you created from the smallest minute little thing to the big accomplishment. What have you created in your life? What have you contributed? What have you experienced and focus on those things and the mistakes and the errors and the bad things.

You know, that's just part of life were imperfect. We're not perfect beings. So bring compassion to that part of ourselves that has made mistakes that has done wrong and all of that. But then focus only on that part of herself that that that's resilient. It's been resilient, that's been strong, that's been in power, that's created. We're creative beings, we are. That's what it's all about. It's what we've been brought here to do is to create and that's beautiful. Yeah, that's a beautiful insight. And I think that if more of us were to really make a conscious effort to do that each and every day, I think all of us would elevate more abundance, more joy, more peace, more love, more compassion. Everything you can imagine in our life by focusing on that. So, thank you for sharing that. I think that's a great insight where can people learn more about you because I know you have a number of websites and you also have some social media site just share a little bit and we'll be sure also to put links into the show notes, but just briefly where can people find out more about you.

My general website is Love You revolution dot com and that's really it's kind of like a fancy business card, right? They can just kind of people can just find out a little bit more about my work there. But if one wants to take a look at, let's say the retreat page that is at the money breakthrough dot com forward slash retreat and then if one is really interested in delving deeper and taking a look at their subconscious. There is an EQ test, an emotional intelligence test that I take people through and there to do that. You can go to the money breakthrough dot com forward slash e Q. Test and there is a way to just really understand where one is on the emotional intelligence scale because that's really the work that I do is I help people raise their emotional intelligence by uncovering what's stuck in the subconscious mind.

Beautiful. That the test really opens people up to understanding and awareness so well we'll be sure to include that because I think more of us could use that and I may even take the test myself and I know you have some social media sites and we'll be sure to include those as well. I just want to thank you so much Michaela for coming on the show. Thank you. You have such a richness of experience and certainly having lived and being born and raised in another country and coming to the US, even that in and of itself takes a lot of guts and just perseverance to do that. And it's just wonderful to hear your story and to share what you have learned and how it can help others and we'll be sure we share as much as we can in our show notes so that others can tap into your, your inner wisdom. Thank you. Thank you. Well, that's it for today's episode. I'm so glad that you joined us.

Heart centered listeners. We will come back another day and until then have a wonderful, heart centered day. Bye for now. Mhm. We hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving heart centered, highest self. We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and are popular notes from your higher self. Until next time, keep rising up and may all that you love thrive.

Ep. 63 - Releasing Emotional & Mental Blocks For Permanent Breakthroughs - With Micaela Passeri
Ep. 63 - Releasing Emotional & Mental Blocks For Permanent Breakthroughs - With Micaela Passeri
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