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"Love Is The Weapon Of Mass Illumination" - With teZa Lord

by Hearts Rise Up
July 14th 2022
teZa Lord’s life experience is a testament to transformation and the power of LOVE. From a Caribbean She-pirate to a public sharer of "Everything's Sacred" -- We Are ONE is her language. Everywhere sh... More
Mhm Thank you for tuning your Hearts in for another episode of the Hearts Rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host along with my co host and Siri and Concetta antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews. We're here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution, help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love joy and freedom. Yeah, well hello again and welcome back. Thank you for joining me for another episode of the Hearts Rise Up podcast.

I'm carol chapman, your host and I'm delighted to have a very special guest on the show today. Her name is Tessa Lord and I must say you're in for a real treat. Tessa is a spirit author, artist activist, a lifelong yoga and meditation practitioner, adventurer and nature lover. She's also co host of a Z Lord spiritual podcast with carter Lord documenting their inner and outer adventures, spreading love energy and joy all around the world is definitely Tessa's thing. She is author of four nonfiction books that document the transformation available to all of us. Her books are featured on the no Bs Spiritual Book Club. Tessa's life experience is a testament to transformation from a caribbean. She pirate to a public sharer of everything sacred. We are one is her language everywhere she looks. She sees, feels touches and interprets the sacred in the everyday. She knows that recovery from addiction is a great teacher, modern spirituality is environmentalism and to heal the planet.

We must begin with healing self. Tessa welcome to the show. I'm thrilled to be here and welcome to everybody who's listening. You are definitely a trail blazer, a sacred Trailblazer and I love your energy. When we first met, I knew immediately just how heart centered you are and how you were the right guest for this show, I would love for you to share more about yourself and your life experience and then we'll get into what you're bringing to the world today. Where would you like to start, wow! Well that's what motivated me to become an author because once I start telling my amazing story, people's jaws start to drop and I've even been accused of being a liar because how can so much happen in one person's life, but that's just my life. I mean it's just incredible. And when people hear all the things that I've done and had experiences with, I could be like 1000 year old person and still I'm just ready for the next adventure.

Like I want to just give you a little tidbits because I do encourage people to read my books, not because I want them to buy my books or anything. I mean just get them from the library if you can, but they're such amazing stories and they're not made up and I just finished my first novel and it was so much fun to make something up because there are some things that we experience in life that seem unbelievable. And so we have to use devices that are today called magic realism or fiction, even for things that actually transpire with us who have attuned our consciousness to be all encompassing. We have no barriers, we have no shields and we certainly do not numb it like I did. So, my story begins with a very traumatic childhood. I basically ran away when I was about five years old.

I started running away. I just felt like what am I doing in this family? What am I doing with people who just don't get who I am and okay, all of us who are into the mystical side of life say that yes, we choose our family. Well, I've been trying to figure that one out. If anybody has an insight, please let me know because I still haven't really figured it out. Except it's made me stronger because of course they say what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. But I just felt so alienated from what was happening to me as a child that I started running away physically. And then when I learned to I ran away in my consciousness for instance, I would do a million snow angels so that I became just transported by the motion and I would twirl and twirl and twirl and twirl like the way kids tend to do, just not to have so much fun, but to get out of my life that I didn't feel comfortable in and I taught myself how to faint by the time I was in third grade that backfired when my sister failed to catch me, my older sister, but it's a technique, it's actually like self hypnosis, but it ended not well with a bloody nose, so and then of course when I discovered drugs and alcohol, it was like, come on, come on, just like give it to me and my transporting out of myself was mainly because I was so distressed with what was happening in my family situation and now I know of course that it's not is just the family, it could be karmic, it's something that I came into this existence with and I have no blame of anybody or any certain thing that happened to me even being raised in the catholic church and being abused by the nun that slapped me silly because I was in a trance, I got myself into a trance when I couldn't stop making the sign of the cross, it just felt so amazingly close to the Lord, I kept Crossing myself.

This was in like 2nd grade and the nun that I had just came up and slapped me because she thought I was being irreverent, but I wasn't, I was truly having a religious experience. So even as a child I learned to pray, I learned to get deeply into the teachings that you are given in church. And that satisfied me until it didn't. And I started looking for Nirvana when I first heard about it and I just heard about it by reading really prophet by Kahlil Gibran started looking, looking, looking, going in the woods and being by myself and under rocks and around trees and saying where is Nirvana? Until of course, many years later when I finally found the right teacher, I learned Nirvana's within everything that I was looking for is right within me. And that took a lifetime and many, many, many, many, many experiments with really extreme things like I am a recovering addict like you said in your introduction have been 40 years without drugs or alcohol of any sort except little prescription medicine here and there.

And this truly is the state for me in which I have discovered all the truth and had gone really into the comfortable mode of accepting that this life that I have is extraordinary and I feel very comfortable in my skin these days. So that doesn't tell you much about the nuts and bolts of how I got there. But the four books will let you know all the details. And we'll definitely include your books on our show notes. So everyone can find them. Like for instance, I can just give one little hint. I started my career as an artist being a botanical illustrator for Harvard University and I worked with botanists who were studying drug plants which are today called plant medicine. But we referred to them as shamanistic plants and I know a great deal and I have done a lot of experimentation and I owe it to really a lot of extreme measures that I took which I wouldn't today because I am a sober person.

But I explored my psyche and I actually experienced ego death through things like LSD and masculine and soul asylum and I never took Ayahuasca but I studied it. I did not take it because it was traditionally not indigenous thing for the women to be taking it and I extremely the ways of the indigenous. I'm very attuned to the indigenous people even today. So plant medicine is very precious to me. But I am purely a meditator for that connection with the divine. And I was initiated into meditation When Maharishi first came to the United States, his mission, his missionaries came or whatever. So I was initiated into meditation in 68 in Cambridge massachusetts. From there. I just have had many adventures with different teachers, different paths, exploring different ways of connecting with just using my metaphysical organ, the mind as my primary vehicle for the experience of the sacred.

I love the term that you use to refer to yourself as a spirit activists. Can you share more about what that means for you and how it has blossomed in different ways in your life. Yes, I definitely am into using a mantra. The ancient mantra people have been using it for eons. It's spoken about in the yoga sutras and all the great punish shots and all the great scriptures of yoga. I keep coming back to that. Even recently I explored the type of meditation that James Dodie talks about in his wonderful book into the magic shop. He's a neuroscientist and neurosurgeon and he worked closely with the Dalai Lama these days spreading compassion and love and the importance of meditation in everyday life. But he gives a wonderful technique that is useful. I use that technique at times and I used many different techniques but basically Yapa, which is the repetition of mantra during all your waking state is my continuous practice names and terms and words are so important.

What we call ourselves even I had to correct you about my name. Some people try to call me tease or shoes or whatever and I say, oh no, no, no, well I prefer calling you Tessa because I love how that resonates with me. That's a beautiful name. Tessa is my spiritual name. I gave it to myself was not my christened name. It was not the name my parents gave me but it evolved and so that's another long story, how I came to call myself a spirit activist was because I'm much more than an author or an artist, but yet I am those. Yes, it is. It's all about semantics today and sometimes we need to find the right term, That makes the most sense. Oh yeah. At first I called my self a spiritual activist because people who do politics for instance, they call themselves political activists or you can say an environmental activist, they always have that a l at the end, which I think makes it an adverb.

But then I thought to myself, no, I'm not calling myself spiritual. I am an activist, but I'm not saying, oh, I'm so spiritual. What I'm being an activist about is the sacred in the everyday and the mundane how divine it is. If we can all just get quiet enough and get rid of the clutter. So I actually had to change my website because first it said spiritual activists. No, no, it really is spirit and spirit is of course consciousness the divine and you can call the creator. Some people even call spirit god, Although the God word is pretty sensitive, people don't like to use the God word. And it's also highly charged. I mean wars have been fought over it and people have killed over it and it's just, it means something to different people in different levels.

So I avoid the God word and it's funny because my last name is Lord. And so when people find out my last name is Lord and I said, well you can just call me goddess. That's okay. I'm curious about what you mentioned seeing the sacred and everything and that's what spirit lends itself to. In addition to consciousness. How do you help others see the ordinary as sacred? Well, a lot of people know what that is like if they have experienced it. So some people make it just a glimpse and like if you go to the Grand Canyon you can't go to the Grand Canyon and not feel the enormity of this experience here on earth. Well that's a great example, thank you for sharing that. Yeah, the Grand Canyon is breathtaking and I've traveled a lot when I first went to the Grand Canyon, I had already seen a good portion of the world, but you know stuck up me, I had to go to the Middle East. I had to go to the caribbean and south America and europe.

I forgot about the Band Canyon. So when my husband and I went to the Grand Canyon I just thought oh my God, it was just breathtaking and I was on my knees with reverence. So if a person just discovers the sacred or the divine through nature, that's a wonderful way for through an experience, like a book and even today beautiful movies or they meet a person who has a different vibration, something about them. Like I've had people ask me, what is it that you do that makes you different. And then I get to explain because they ask and I'll just say that I experienced everything as sacred and everything is an opportunity to have joy instead of like criticism and to experience the bliss of being alive rather than saying hope, but it's not right, it's not perfect, my party is not in control, you know, there's so many things that people do to dampen the experience of of how incredible it is just to be alive.

So I think that I spread that joy by writing and parting and talking and and even among my friends, I mean, but you know, some people resist, I've had old friends say, you know, I really get on my nerves, they don't want to hear it Yeah, past the gym, you know, they'd they'd really rather just be in their little known state or whatever and that's okay. Yeah, people just get into these conditioned patterns and automatic responses as you're interacting with the same people in your life. You operate on almost on autopilot with them and we're all experiencing these conditioned patterns and people really waste their energy with so many negative thoughts because really every thought counts, Why do people get stuck in such negative patterns and energy, I do my best to avoid negativity at all costs. I see it on the news, the tv I hear others speaking negatively and even when I'm in discussion, I do everything I can to just shift the conversation when it goes negative because negative thoughts really just don't serve us, they don't bring us happiness at all.

Absolutely pessimism just does not serve humanity. But some people are so addicted to their fears, their anger, that they really are not conscious about the fact that they are in this negative state. Yeah, I think it's interesting, one of the things I noticed about you and our discussions is that you encourage people to turn fear into love and you mentioned that a few moments ago share more insights that you have about turning fear into love. Well it's pretty much about being able to realize that all of life has to do with our decisions, our choices for instance, when you get sober, you don't just all of a sudden wake up one day when you're an addict and say, oh today I think I'll stop getting inebriated and getting numbed up. No, you classically have to have something terrible happen. They call it the bottom and then you come to the day when you realize you get some help. now they have this wonderful 12 step program that's been around since the fifties and people like me are given a second chance in life rather than just being written off by society or killed on the road.

However we do ourselves in by our addictions and then you come to get some a clarity about what addiction is, whether you're addicted to a need an inebriated substance or addicted to anger. It's an addiction, whatever it is until people realize that they have a choice that they are the ones who have chosen to be in that state of being addicted to fear, where they could choose to say, oh I'm going to be addicted to love because you're either in the state of fear or you're in the state of love, there's no in between and that's a very big day. It's almost like it's the Aha moment you talk about the ah ha moment when somebody realizes you mean I have a choice. It's not because my father beat the crap out of me when I was a kid and I'm destined to be a miserable S. O. B. No, everybody has a choice to completely turn their lives around every single moment of the day.

And so when you first have this awareness with addiction, the way it was taught to me by my guides, every decision you make, every choice you make is either taking you toward a drug or a drink or away. It's that simple. And so once you realize that you don't have this craving for drugs or alcohol anymore, you can apply that same magical energy. That choice is about because all this life is a choice. So you can either say this choice is taking me towards love or it's taking me towards fear and it's it's that simple now. Yes, there might be shades in between and to get used to the fact that it's it really is that simple. It sounds dumb that it's so simple. But you can make complicated things simple. Yes. That reminds me of someone I know that focuses on simplicity. Everything can be and should be simplified.

Yeah, it's like oneness for instance, the thought of being connected to all. I mean that sounds, wow, that's really that's an amazing thing if you think about it. But how could it be that simple? Well when you experience it, it is that simple. It is actually in fact and science is proving it. And you know, the molecular physicists and all the quantum theorists are all guaranteeing this, this unity consciousness is a reality. We are all just vibrating atoms. Now some of us may have more atoms, like a human being would have a few more atoms and a little tiny worm or toad but we're still all vibrating atoms. And the fact that we're an animal, a mammal supposedly at the top of the food chain really doesn't make that much difference. We have much more in common with a tree or another animal than we do with than we used to think we have.

Our DNA is so similar. Science is catching up with spirituality. It's really wonderful. I'm curious to you're a great proponent of nature and animals and what they can teach us. What have you learned. Well nature is the ultimate of teachers the great mother, the universe is nature. I wear this necklace around my neck for pachamama. Who was the incan goddess of nature pachamama and it's very symbolic with the meaning of it. Yeah, just from the streets of Machu Picchu where I got this necklace from a street vendor made out of black onyx. But nature is the essence of consciousness. So if you look at an animal the way an animal is like when an animal gets sick, what does it do? It goes to sleep. It doesn't get all crazy and hysterical and and start crying or anything. It will just curl up in its little lair or den or or straw and just lie there and wait for the sickness to go through it.

It's very wise and in other animals they just have this harmony with their environment with themselves and so you can take any single animal and learn from it. My book hybrid vigor is what I have learned personally from observing animals and having interactions with them. Specifically dolphins, calling in a pod of dolphins. Hot, silently reaching out to them using my mantra and my experience with birds like being so peaceful in a meditative state. Mm One day I had this little bird just land on top of my head feeling its little feet walking up there because it felt so safe And I thought well that's odd and I just felt it it felt so amazing to be connected to another life form that ordinarily you never feel a little bird walking on top of your head.

That's beautiful. And the next day I went to the same place and was doing a similar deep meditation and the little bird returned. Of course I was in a sanctuary. I was in a very sacred place, a yogi Ashram where the birds and all creatures felt safe. They could feel the energy. Animals feel the energy much more than we do because they don't have at least such big egos. I think some animals might have egos, especially if they've been raised by, you know, egomaniac owners or companions, whatever you call it. Yes, they may have that tendency for sure. I'm curious how do people take the time from their busy life to experience nature? Many people don't take the opportunity, including me. I but I'm doing a much better job of it these days. Well they don't even have to think about nature as being this big wide experience. Like the Grand Canyon.

The air we breathe is nature. The oxygen that we, our lungs crave that we must have to function is part of nature. It's molecularly connected to every single bit of experience on this planet. So the easiest way to connect with nature or any form of consciousness that will bring you to a higher, more comfortable place than pain or fear is by tuning into the breath. And that's I have a youtube channel. I give a lot of, hence I call them mine stealers. I put it up pretty regularly so that people have a variety so they can experience this stilling of the monkey mind. The crazy incessant rational thinking. So I can't do this. I can't do this with a waste of time. I should be making money. Just that's, that's what is detrimental to our human experience when our own mind, our own mind is our worst enemy for our best friend.

Yeah. Especially if we let it run rampant. I love the term that you use mind stiller's and how you helped others through your Youtube channel to learn to still the mind. That's the easiest way. There's another term that you refer to. There are so many great ones that you've had, but this one was thought seeds share your perspective on that. That's a great term. Well you had said earlier that every thought counts and so when a person realizes really every thought counts. I mean I can't just like sneak in a little bit of like I hate that girl, I hate that guy. I hate that present. You can't just have a little bit of resentment and rage. No, because each one of our thoughts has a vibration And if I wanted to pick up a pencil first, I have to have the thought. It starts in the mind. I can't just pick up the pencil without having had originally something clicking. You know, the interesting pieces of our brain.

That's just the way it works physiologically. So if we're starting with a little mine game. Oh, I really want to get into like feelings, creepy or scared or you know, some movies that bring out like fear on purpose because they're murder mysteries or rape. I mean they're terrible what they do with our mind. If we think we can indulge in that stuff without having to pay the consequences of it, generating bigger fears, bigger blocks in our subconscious, maybe it'll come as a dream. Maybe it'll come as a just a bigger dose of insecurity. That's how a thought can generate into a bigger thing. It's a seed. So if we're watching our thoughts, I love that phrase washed, watch your thoughts. What's your thoughts? Watch your thoughts because if you're really watching them scrupulously and you see something coming up, you can say, okay, I'm not going to think about that.

You can shake your head, make it go out or you bring in another thought on top of it to reverse it. That's why I love Joppa mantra repetitions because I had really OCD like crazy when I first came into the light as opposed to the darkness. So the thought sees, I'm actually using them a lot to explain how we can heal the earth in my latest book, my book, my novel. What is the title of that latest book? Well, I don't think I should tell it yet. That's right. It's not published yet. Yeah, you have to guard these things. It's a beautiful title. I might have told you in private, but okay, no worries. So I can talk about the story, but the title somebody might steal, you know, as a jewelry designer. Once upon a time I've had people, you know, just take my jewelry design. So I'm kind of like secretly holding onto this table because it's a Incredible one.

But thought seeds are important in my book because for instance, we will all want to help heal the Earth. We're all environmentally conscious now, but we all can't run out and join greenpeace or the sea shepherd. You know, throw our bodies in front of the bulldozers down in the amazon. We can't do all that. But what we can do is send out our loving thoughts of protecting the earth's environment and we can put generating light around the whole entire planet as as a healing method. Almost like doing Ricky Ricky big time around the planet. That's a practical way of using a thought seed because it's our own thought. But if everybody practiced this, the whole energy of this planet would definitely change. It would be on a different plane. How does that play into another term that you use called modern spirituality? Well, modern spirituality is environmentalism.

If anybody wants to be more enlightened, which means to be happier if anybody wants to be a little bit happier than being miserable, then they will somehow get into taking the advice from spiritual people before them either reading books or podcasts like this, taking steps, but we who are in the spiritual world who are dedicated to this revolution of spiritual izing all of humanity. one person at a time it's like an army, an army of love. I caught an army of the love of light. We are concerned about the planet more than just our own happiness. We don't get spiritual just to say, oh boy, I'm so happy. No, we get spiritual so that we can do the work to send out those thoughts seeds and help heal the planet even while we're sitting in our living room still in lockdown from pandemic if that happens again.

But right now we're not, we can do all sorts of environmental work by being attuned to what the energy is needed to reverse. Like, you know industrialization and people who are just material. They use up too much stuff. People are not conscious about so much consumption, consumption, consumption is big time. Yeah. And if more people were focused on conservation, we might see more healing in the world our planet and ourselves healing is greatly needed right now. Well, it's that emptiness that people feel that spiritual emptiness that drugs and alcohol feel and going shopping fills and doing things that are not necessary that they think fills that need. But the only thing that will really satisfy that learning inside the emptiness is to become attuned to the interconnectedness of all of us are energy, the oneness beautiful, anything else that you would like to share about your life.

Experience something you haven't shared with others. Well, gosh, there's so much, Well we were talking about plant medicines. I think that's pretty interesting. Did we talk about that much? Not a whole lot. You were just saying that you were exposed to it when you were at the botanical position at Harvard. I have deep respect for the planet medicine tribe of today because I was probably a pioneer back in the sixties, early seventies of doing botanical work that I was involved with earth sciences and geologists and ethnobotanist and shamanic investigations done under the auspices of Research. And I was even a proponent of leary's and baba Ramdas who was then Richard Albert using LSD specifically for the purpose of experiencing ego death. Not to have a party, not to go out and you know, go to a rave, but to to kill inside of us the demons that keep us from experiencing the oneness that is available.

And so probably everybody knows the story of Richard Albert. He went to India with all this LSD and he came back as baba Ramdas saying, you don't need to do the drugs, meditation is really the coolest way to maintain that state. It really is meditation. That's my go to. Yeah, so the plant medicine for me, as I was saying earlier, I was a hard nut to crack. Whether it was karmic or because of the family, whatever, I don't, you know, I love my parents are both passed away now and I was at their passing over, I helped them pass over to the next realm, great a great deal of love and respect. But yet I didn't get the spiritual guidance that I craved. They thought I was insane, they weren't able to give it and they weren't able to give you what they needed. Hopefully you've got other things and maybe you were what they needed. It was symbiotic, it was very nice. So along came plant medicines when I actually was at the point in my life just around 18, 19 when I thought I was insane because I had been told I was insane growing up and I never was encouraged to believe that this mystical connection that I was just born with was a reality.

And so I I was really ready to just knock on the door of the local sanitarium in Cambridge where I was going to school and working at that time. But then I started taking plant medicine under these conditions of wanting to experience ego death, which is the gateway to experiencing oneness and unity consciousness. And so I did and for me it was a necessary part of my story. But yet because I have an addicted nature, it didn't stop with just, oh that was that was cool, I think now just meditate all day and even after I received initiation into meditation when I was 18 and started doing yoga because I have scoliosis and really it saved my physical from the pain and suffering that I had, I still wasn't ready to stop being a party person.

I had this need to just thumb my nose at ah the opportunities that were coming my way. And so it's a tricky thing when people decide to use something outside of your own being, because you can get sucked in to the cycle of using too much now. Of course, ever since Michael pollen's book change your mind where he talks in depth about micro dosing and he himself was the guinea pig. He and his wife had never taken any psychedelics really, it was so beautiful the way he just threw himself in as the guinea pig. And I thought it was beautiful the way he introduced that topic to the world because a lot of people need it. Lot of people are so stuck in the rut of fear or fear or fear. They can't see that there's a door opening the portal into the vastness, into the unbelievable never ending expansion of of perception of higher sort than fear gives you.

So yes, I think some people need to have a reset, they need to take plant medicine. But whenever you go up, you must come down. And the nice thing about meditation when you have a good teacher who can get you to that place and then you say to yourself, wow, I really want that. I like it. And then you know what it's about because you've had the experience. You can't even really read a story and get the experience. You have to have the experience and then you say what can I do to maintain it for me the best way is not plant medicine. But to have that one news that presents is that car toll cause it or the meditative insight, whichever way it works. Some people don't meditate, they just have that ability two expand their consciousness without meditation. And what advice would you offer to others right now looking to expand their consciousness.

Where would they start? Where would they start? Well, of course. I always think my stuff is fantastic. I mean I love my work, I love my paintings. I have so many tools that I offer people. So I don't want to start saying other teachers. I am not a teacher, I'm just an experiencer. I have accepted the experience and as an artist, it's my art form to share it. And I do not call myself a teacher. But yet I am a certified yoga teacher and I have taught many, many people how to steal their minds. So I myself have a lot of tools upon with SoundCloud for instance. I have little soundbites, tiny little sound bites that are the mind stiller's and so you can even just go to Soundcloud dot com and slash Tessa I think there's a dash in there. Tessa dash Lord. So those little tiny sound bites and then all on my Youtube channel.

I have wonderful mind stiller's. It satisfy every single aspect of the questions that arise when you are a spiritual journey. Er Oh I love that term. I don't want to say secret because what are we seeking? Everything's right within us. Oh wow, that's so profound. You've said so many profound things spiritual journey, not spiritual seeker, their spiritual experiences. I mean the world is having a revolution right now, my meditation teacher who will remain nameless because it's just her request because people, once they find a really great thing, they tend to abuse it over abuse it over use it. But we call it a meditation revolution because it's my duty. Once I've attained this connection to oneness to the unity consciousness that is permeating the whole universe, not just earth, not just humanity, it's all throughout existence.

It is consciousness, it is my duty and writing and you know, however I can with the spoken word to spread it to share it and I do that through art and writing and you know, however, I came with the spoken word. Tessa, I want to thank you so much for sharing all of this wisdom that you have acquired through your spiritual journey. How can others find out more about you? I wanted to tell everybody that I was encouraged. I was encouraged by reading your information for our meeting today. And you said, what are there any free offers? And I thought, wow, what a cool thing I want to make an offer to anybody who's listening. If the first five people who write me and say they want one of my books, I will send a gift copy and my email is Tessa Lord at gmail dot com. I have like we've said four books and so you can make a request about which one you would like. I think it's really great to spread joy to spread love and I don't feel like recommending any other.

I mean if people want to hear the 10 books that I considered to be implementing all for me being who I am today. That's the no Bs Spiritual Book Club that you mentioned earlier and it's a wonderful way of of for people who are the spiritual explorers with the spiritual like, you know, soul knots What they talk about the 10 books that really made a difference in their lives. Tessa, I want to thank you so much for being here And I'd Love You to Share one Final Parting Comment. Love is the weapon of mass illumination. And that's a motto of mine that came to me when I did my book. We are one and it has become the theme of my work. Since then, it's just it's just so fitting because love. It's not just this cute little bunny. It can also be a fierce eradication of evil and love is a weapon that we can use to ignite the urgency and the immediacy and the necessity of mass illumination right here right now.

That is so beautiful, so true and so profound. I just want to thank you for sharing all of your inner wisdom, your life, experience your books and we'll be sure to include all of this in our show notes, your website at Tessa Lord dot com, your social channels and links to your books. Thank you for being with us today. My pleasure. It's been really good bye everybody. Well, that's it for today's show. Thank you for joining us and until next time. Keep rising up. Bye for now. All right. Mhm. Yeah. We hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving heart centered highest self. We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on Itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit Hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and are popular notes from your higher self until next time.

Keep rising up and may all that you love, thrive

"Love Is The Weapon Of Mass Illumination" - With teZa Lord
"Love Is The Weapon Of Mass Illumination" - With teZa Lord
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