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Living In The Freedom Of The Present Moment - With Indra Rinzler

by Hearts Rise Up
August 18th 2022
Indra Rinzler is a lifetime spiritual seeker, healer, teacher, and mentor who lives free in the presence of each moment. He offers life readings for clients using Vedic Astrology and the Enneagram of ... More
Thank you for tuning your hearts in for another episode of the Hearts Rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host along with my co host and Siri and Concetta antonelli. We share our own personal experiences, tips and straw strategies along with powerful stories and compelling insights from guest interviews were here to inspire and empower your conscious evolution, help you tap into your inner wisdom and rise to your heart centered higher self together we can rise to a higher level of consciousness, an elevated state of being and experience more love, joy and freedom. Well, hello again, heart centered soul and welcome back to the Heart's Rise up podcast. I'm carol chapman, your host and I'm delighted to be back again and I have another fascinating guest on the show.

His name is Indra Rensselaer. Indra is a lifetime spiritual seeker, he's a healer teacher and offers life readings for clients, astrology and the angiogram of personality are the main modalities that he shares. He's been studying astrology and spirituality for 50 years. He first learned of the angiogram of personality in 1999. He uses these two modalities individually and in combination. His focus is to help clients to awake to who they really are. He works to help people to live beyond their conditioned stories and to live more in the moment. Andra, welcome to the show. Thank you carol. Thanks for having me. It's beautiful to have you here. I have a couple of questions for you before we get started. The first one is how is your heart today? Well my heart is good today, it's a sunny day and one of my kids and one of my grandkids are coming today. It's a beautiful day again here in paradise.

Oh, beautiful! Well, I'll share my heart. My heart is peaceful and inspired and uplifted. Part of that is just having you on the show today and peaceful really relates to just taking some time to ground myself this morning. The other question I wanted to ask you and this really kind of relates to some of the work that you do. That helps people really connect to who they really are. And my question is who are you? Well, that's the question of a lifetime. I believe I'm essence and I'm here to drop the eye and to drop the question because where we come from, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't matter there and it barely matters here. What does matter is that when we get stuck in our pains and our suffering, then we look for a solution and the solution is to rise above it to the essence that we are rather than the small eye that we think we are.

That's a great response. I think so many of us are just so far removed from the spiritual essence of who we are. I mean it's right there with us, but each and every day we have a tendency to be focused on so much of the external world that the ego and the mind and the eye is constantly front and center. So I want to thank you for sharing that because that truly is what we are. I love the fact, you know, who doesn't really matter, you know it is that essence and we're all connected. We're all one. I know that you have had a very rich life. You have traveled the world. There are so many things that you have done over the course of your life. You've gone through your own self discovery, healing, personal growth, spiritual growth. I'd love for you to share some of your earliest moments in life that have really kind of led you on this windy spiritual path over so many years that has taught you so much and also what has led you to what you're bringing to the world today.

Yeah, well I think that search is still going on. It's still every day, every moment I've come to the point of realizing it doesn't ever end or at least I should say I've accepted that it may never end and that's okay. I don't need it to end because I'm happy to accept whatever is whatever comes or doesn't come. If I hold on to a position, then I feel pain and I'm not really into doing that. So earliest experiences I remember being about 16 or 17 and realizing that you can't take a vacation from yourself. And I had the experience that in my early 20's my parents both died two years apart from natural causes and it ended up giving me a lot of freedom. I think that was part of their gift. It wasn't that I wished for it or that I was looking for it. But the reality of it was is that that I didn't have to you know what little ties I had to being the good little boy.

I didn't have that anymore. And so I could explore the new worlds that I found that I had was moving to California at that time I moved to California a month, less than a month after my father passed away unexpectedly in California, I experienced new things, you know, natural food stores and natural ways of being and spirituality that I had never really thought about or knew about before, that it was very new. And I found myself in metaphysical bookstores able to buy the classics of this particular subject subject matters. And I started reading about astrology and I started reading about the spiritual path and I started reading the Ancient Masters. And you know, I bought I bought books for $234 $5 that are now hundreds of dollars. You know, you buy the first edition or whatever it was. Nothing back then. But now it's like classics and I read them and each this year I just went deeper and deeper into it.

It being the exploration of myself and the dissolution of my connection to the physical playing world that I'm in it in it, but not of it. Mm I love that term, I use that a lot, I'm in the world, but not of it. I heard that maybe 40, years ago I read it somewhere myself many years ago as well, maybe one of the same books that we've both read and sometimes the the first edition is the best edition. You know, sometimes they think the the later editions are new and improved, but they really aren't really are oftentimes the best edition. But anyway, let's go on from there. What are some of the experiences in your life that were really some defining moments turning points in your life that really kind of led you down this, this path? Obviously it's it's it's been a path of unfold, Mint and your parents passing was obviously a major turning point as well.

Can you share a little bit more about that and why it took you on this path? Well, the why I can't answer the why would be, why not? The why would be is is that when you are released from the conditioning that makes you try to live for other people's ideals when that disappears, then you have the opportunity to live to your own heart. I think you like me to use that word to live your own heart, your own heart desires And that's what happened. And so I ended up living in an Ashram in a spiritual community for 20 years and I learned about discipleship and we raised the kids there and that may have been the 200.1 of the main points of being there, but at the time that I decided to leave and I didn't really decide, I sort of hesitated there because it wasn't really a decision at that same time, my wife wanted to go do other things and so we separated and the kids were kind of grown and I could go off and find myself again, that that empty nesting, not only did I get rid of the chicks, but I got rid of the nest, started all over and I started traveling the world and just before this happened, if you want important moments Is when a friend had suggested that I go to an Angiogram workshop.

I had never heard of the Angiogram personality, 1999, I had been living in this community for 20 years. I had been a disciple of an Indian master for more than 20 years, 25 years. I started reading his book in the 1971 1972 1971 I did my first meditation in yoga at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 1972. So I, I went to see this angiogram workshop and that particular weekend in hearing about the anagram for the first time, I felt there was a connection between astrology and the anagram. I had already been involved in astrology since the early seventies, I had put it on the back shelf for much of this time I was living in the community, but it was now coming to the forefront, there was vedic astrologers in the community, and while I had a passing interest in it, it didn't really grab me yet, but this particular on the saturday, I remember being in this class and thinking to myself, this reminds me of astrology, so it became a life work to explore this.

And later that day, I remember thinking that there's a part of vedic astrology that I want to share and having that be a very strong pull. It had never been there before, and all of a sudden I was given a direction and that was enough for me that may not sound like allowed to add to somebody else, but for me that was enough. And I ended up finding a man who knew a system on how angiogram and astrology worked together, he was a hermit. I met one of three people that knew where he was and what he could do, and he was impressed that I found that person, so for Two weeks in Hawaii taught me what, how the system worked, and he taught me a lot more than that, but he taught me the system and I've been exploring that ever since, and I'm now at the stage now, almost 25 years that the book that I could envision immediately now, that book now I'm working on that book. I mean, I've always been working on the book, but now I'm really working on it.

Time has come from my voice to be heard from my voice to speak, whether it's heard or not. Is that I can't say, but it's time for the voice to speak. And so I'm working on this book. And the value of it is is that any graham is naturally found? Any graham means nine sided figure. And the nine sightedness, my teacher told me that any graham is older than the earth. It's a natural phenomena. The natural, the anagram personality, of course, is is man made. But it's just taking this natural structure and putting personalities at the points. It's the archetypes of our personality. It's the 2 to 5000 years of the Judeo christian tradition. The anagram of personality has the ability to unwind our personality stories and the astrology is like. And it's also natural. It's the play, it's the placement of our, of our planet's at birth. And while there is a lot of junky ideas around astrology that are distracting and boxing in and limiting at the core is an incredible opportunity for freedom to see ourselves in a raw form of what is what our strengths and weaknesses and the reading of them combined is a very deep dive into who we think we are are rather than who we are.

What have you found as a result of that. How far apart is who we think we are from who we are? Well, I can't measure it in miles or feet, how far apart we are? Is that if you're ready to get it in that amount of time or it's 1000 lifetimes, if that's what it takes, how far apart is immeasurable. I've been reading a lot of David hawkins, I don't know if you're familiar with him, but he's big, you know, he's really, really big and there are days that it's like two pages and that's enough. You know, I went up to four pages and that was too much. So now I may go back to two pages. But anyways he says that we're we're an animal and in this animal nous we don't have the energy within us to sustain ourselves. And so we have to go outside ourselves to get the energy that being food and perhaps entertainment, you know, you know, something to do to keep us busy. But the idea is is that the mind came along the mind, he didn't have any use as a as a higher being.

We didn't have to develop it, but we had we ended up developing the mind because we needed to crack agha rise. Where were the animals? What was the season for the mushrooms or the whatever that we picked that we liked by the river? What was the time of year when those came? When was the fruit? On the tree? When do we need to switch to meet and gave animals because in the summer they don't last very long. But in the winter they'll last. So the mind developed in order to sustain our survival drive. I believe that that that this is connected to the survival drive and he mentioned that the mind became so good at it, that it developed this whole sense of I that it then developed the ability to protect. And that's the mis identification that we need to let go of need to see through is that we're a separate individual that needs to use the mind in order to survive. Because right now the mind has developed this sense of i that is an illusion and it has developed a whole litany of ways to protect it, which really keeps us in bondage tying us down to needs two positions that we hold on to to beliefs that aren't really true that we think are true.

And so it's the unknown folding of the story and he said something like, and that's the spiritual path is the unwinding of this. 2 to 5000 years of conditioning. Yes. And it's more than just one lifetime. You know, I love when you use the term 2 to 5000 years of conditioning because it's all of those conditioned patterns ancestral and past lives and just the journey of, of humanity in and of itself that has been through this and it's all part of the collective, but yet it becomes to a point very heavy because we're carrying the weight of all that, each and every one of us and we have to break through and allow ourselves to move beyond it and not be so controlled by it. The physical plane is very dense and density, density that it has value and the value of it is, I like to say is that you're in the spiritual realm and your mentor says to you that you, you have your bit attached to jealousy for example, and you say, I don't know what jealousy is.

I'm on the asshole realm or all one, everybody's connected. I don't know what you're talking about. And he says, well, okay, I got an idea, let's put you down in a body and let's have your mate walking away holding the hand of your best friend. And let's see if you get it then. And so that's how we get it. Is that it's so dense and it's so, you know, jealousy, envy anger, insecurities, competition there are also dense and so uh ugly that the wait for the essence to get through them to get beyond them is to feel them. That's the beauty of the dense physical playing world is because it's so ugly. I like to say it's so obvious, even I get it, you know, so dense and ugly that we can't ignore it on the spiritual plane, you know, on a, on the, you know, you're in this festival and it's a wonderful on the physical plane now you're in a festival and everybody joyous and it's a high experience and we've all whatever together and it's like you can't, you know, you can't relate to the physical plane ugliness.

But when you're in it, it's an incredible teacher rather than think that I'm stuck. I just think to see it for what it is because the fact is is that in the readings I come to understand, I don't know if this is true for all teachers, but I think that for a lot of people we teach what we're trying to learn. And so what happens is in the readings is that the clients help me to do my work by reflecting back to me my own stuff. I refer to that as a leading learner and I have done that really my whole life and my whole career. I mean, there have been times where I have just dived right into something. I was like, well I know I can do that because I knew instinctively that I could do it even though I didn't have, you know, I I knew I had certain skills or background, but I never actually tackled something like that. So it's uh just having a knowing and trusting, trusting the universe and trusting whatever is needed within you and within the universe to come through you to do what needs to be done.

And I think that for me, it's always been trusting that if you don't have that trust, if you begin to doubt you have that fear, then that's going to stop you in your tracks. That has stopped me in my tracks in the past, particularly when I've done speaking presentations. If I'm too much in my head, it will knock me off course and knock me out of alignment. Anyway, I didn't mean to get off course a little bit here, but I think this is a very fascinating conversation kind of redirecting us back just a little bit. How does this work that you are doing what you have learned as a result of it and what you are learning through your clients, through the people that you work with. How is that influenced your view of the world and the universe today? Well, that's a big question. Um again, how I have no idea, but the work that I've done, how does it influence my view of the universe? You know, I kind of view that, that I'm in a lesson with the Masters and that there, I like to think that I'm in graduate school and I'm PhD and I'm a doctor of divinity, but the fact is is that I'm just a little kid just here sitting here and they say here, here's your assignment for five years, learn that you're arrogant, you know, okay, and it's a whole setup that put me in situations where I become arrogant in order to try to bring a little light into the room that it's not actually about other people that it's actually about myself.

I'm in a group now, there's been some controversy because some group members left a spiritual group. And the question is, is what are they saying is what they, what the other side says. Is it true or not true and everybody's going with, is it true or not true? And I think what a waste of time. Of course it's true. I love that. Of course it's true. Of course it's true to a degree they feel it. And so it's true for them and so the absolute, oh, it's not true now we don't have to worry is ridiculous. They'll get there. But when they get there this week, I don't know, it's not my job, maybe it'll take a month, maybe it'll take a year maybe they'll never get there. But it doesn't really matter and it doesn't, we don't have to hold our breath and we don't have to stop and uh what you call the this the universe I want, I'll call it the system, you know, it's the system, the system is, there's karma is that there and I don't mean it negatively, it's just that there's an effect on what you do and, and so if you don't, if you're supposed to learn arab that you're arrogant and you don't learn it, you'll keep getting the lesson and and then what I have learned is that the lessons get bigger because we because we don't listen because we don't hear it very well, then it has to get bigger and bigger in order to get our attention and as soon as it gets our attention and we get it and then it completely disappears and it's like you know, on my little desk, you know, I'm on, my computer is on a little desk, so I'm sitting here with my divine teacher and okay, let me take the arrogance paper away, you've been working on that for 15 years, let me put the next one down whatever that is.

You know, I'm not saying we do one at a time, we don't do that, that, but I'm just putting it in a very simplistic way because it's because we can we can become so complicated and we can we can make it be, you know, it's the antecedent of the president of the dissident and and the fact is is that you're arrogant, you know, it's just pretty simple. Well we all have our filters on and we know that all those filters are really, you know, created, you know, in this physical plane based on all of our patterns and our conditioning from a lifetime and previous lifetimes, how do we make sense of all this? How do you make sense of it in terms of moving forward in this world because these are what I was gonna say, these are incredible times right now, this incredibly dynamic times where there is like this almost this this pulling apart of things is almost as if like things are going to implode.

What's your what's your perspective on that as to how we can navigate? Well, I've been waiting for it for 50 years to fall apart. I mean, I remember, I don't know how, I don't think you're this old, but I remember in 73, they rushed to buy gold and silver. I still got it from 1973, The world is going to collapse. The economy is gonna collapse. I've been waiting for that for 50 years. You know, you're in the world, but not of it. The thing is, is that let it collapse, that it doesn't have to do anything for me and how I make sense of it is is I let go of all need for sense. And then it makes sense that it's just a divine it's just working out in the in the it's a divine plan. And and and I don't know what the plan is but we need something. So this is as good a plan as any and two sides, and there's probably more than two sides, but two sides are very, you have to be impressed if they both feel that they have the truth.

And so that's sort of an interesting situation that that they they both feel it very clearly, that they're that they're God's truth. And if you read history, this has been going on for a I remember reading books about crusades and how the christian, the christian church said, you'll get those heathens over there, you know, let's go, let's go crusade them. You know, one of the bloodiest wars ever in the world put on by the catholic church. So figure that out, you know, does that make sense of anything? And so how do I make sense of it? Is I stopped trying to make any sense of it. It's not my game, It's a worldly game. And it's and it's maybe not supposed to make sense that it has a purpose and I can make up what the purpose might be, but I have no idea, and I don't need to know and and I make my life around that by not knowing.

I'm not feeling any lack well. And I think it all starts with each of us individually. And there's something that I had read on your website that kind of refers to everything that you have learned. There's just so many opportunities and potentialities and there's so much beauty in this world that what we eventually we need to evolve and grow into a way of. And you use this term, having a seat at every position on the table and when we have a seat at every position on the table, we will see everyone's perspective and that will make us whole because we've been at every seat on the table, yes, that makes us so I don't know where that is in my website. It sounds very interesting and I agree with that.

And it's very well put, Yeah, we already are. I mean, yes, we are all the seats on the table. We've been the father, we've been the mother, we've been the child. We've been the accuser. We have been the accused. Why am I going to get bent out of shape? Why am I gonna get angry and upset? Because things are the way that they are. This is if something is divine and everything is divine. And so that's what opened up for me. You asked me about the youth. There was another moment I remember in my youth when I realized that when you walk into a room that you felt energy that was more than in the room, That there was a feeling that was bigger than the room. And once I realized that I had to assume that all the opening the Pandora's box, that all the possibilities exist. Once. Once you get the idea that there's more than what you could see, then the possibilities for there being a full realms are, you know, infinite.

The possibilities are infinite, that everything is up for grabs. That it's all true on whatever level. I remember a time somebody had told me that some, some people we knew had started a community and somebody had told me that they were given the land and somebody told me they bought the land and so when I went to visit this place, I asked to find out what the truth was an interesting situation. They were both true that some land they had been given and some land they bought and it didn't occur to me that they could both be true, that I wanted to think of it in terms of a black and white duality, that it was either right, that one of them was right or wrong, but the fact was they were both true that they had some land that was given to them, some land that they bought and I thought ah you know, here's a deep truth that I just learned just getting here on my retreat, but I've already learned something, mm Where do we go from here? We've gone down a little bit of a rabbit hole, which is great because we're talking about some fascinating stuff that I think a lot of people think about these days, but they don't really know how to put it in perspective.

They don't know how to put this world or their experiences in perspective because they're so caught up in their own conditioning and in this i this body. So let's kind of go back to, I think some of the work that you're doing with, blending astrology with any a gram and how that creates a level of understanding for the people that you're working with and how they move forward and live their life. Well, you know, I start the reading by telling them that we're going to talk about personality, but we're not talking to the personality, we're talking from essence to essence from our higher selves to our higher self. And I can go really deep into their situation without it being judgmental because it's not accusing, it's just simply fact finding to let them know what's going on in order for them to then be objective about it in order to let go.

And so at the end people would say, well this is great information Indra now what do I do with it? I think that's what you're saying. What came to me is the four doorways of not just living, that's a curious spray, let's talk about that. Well, the four doorways of conscious living. So the first doorway is you have to learn to observe and so the, the idea of the reading is to help us to learn to observe, is to get into the witness position is to get out of the movie of our life off the screen and to get into the audience and to watch ourselves then to let go and release what doesn't serve you. That second doorway and letting go involves being aware of a feeling, letting it come up, staying with it and letting it run its course without wanting to make it different or do anything about it. It means simply to let the feeling be there and to focus on letting out the energy behind it when letting go ignore all thoughts. And this is from a book called Letting Go by David Hawkins, the same man I was just talking about Third doorway is to love yourself and then the fourth door is to live in the moment.

And so if you're in the moment, you will love yourself. If you're not loving yourself, you're not in the moment. So how do I love myself? You let go and release what doesn't serve? And we spend 95% of our time here. So how do I know what to let go and release what we learn to observe? And so what I'm doing in the reading is opening them up to observe. To give them from these indicators, the strengths and weaknesses of your chart based on astrology, the court triggers based on your angiogram and then the deficiencies, the blind spots based on the wheel of totality, which is a third modality in my life. Reading in order to give them some perspective, three different ways, three different perspectives, three different modalities that quite often are saying the same thing. And so the idea is to get them to then observe in order to them to be able to let go and release what doesn't serve them. And it can be that certain things that you do, they serve you. You know like some of our bad habits, they serve us right now and so we're not ready to let go of them.

So that's fine. But what you are ready to let go of when we let go of them, then we are then able to love ourselves and to live in the moment. And that's the goal. That's beautiful. And how many people achieve that goal? Well in Hawkins system of the levels of consciousness, he says there are only 12 people on Earth over 700 at any one times. So there are more, you know, there's like 11 millionth of them at 500. So there's not very many. But I would say that everybody achieves it at whatever level they can that that it may not be the last step that they take, but it may be the next step. That's all that I can ask for. It's not my job to do the work for them. My job is to speak my truth. That's my job. And whether they listen or not isn't my concern either. I mean, yes, of course I feel a paying when people don't listen and you know that they can do more that you want better for them. That's okay. But I've learned to let go of that because that's just my own story running.

And so the thing is is that I'm not in charge of anything. And so all I can do is they come see me. I believe that they're safe to me. I put it out there. I mean more in other years than right now and I don't really do too much advertising. I speak on facebook a little bit and then I get some people that way but people seem to hear and they come when they're when the time is right, you can't push them upstream if they're not ready. It isn't me doing anything. Its natural energies that magnetize them when they're in the vicinity and they're ready to hear it. Well obviously if they're coming to you, they're ready for something and it really you know where they're at and how much they're able to take in at that given moment after you have done the work gives them that opportunity to choose and feel what they can resonate with at that given time. And it could be an unfold mint process over time that they can go back to it and even more will come to them and they can even go back to you to get more insight into it when they are ready.

Absolutely. And I tell people that if they listen to the recording in a week they'll hear things they didn't hear and in a month and in a year and in five years and that's okay whenever they're ready and if they never listened to it again, I have germinated, I presented seeds maybe they've germinated I presented seeds may be germinated seeds that will grow. They can't, they're not the same whether they choose to ignore what I've told them or not. The fact is is that they can't go back to being completely unawares of it. You know, they can try and it may be almost the same. But the thing is is that there were both changed what comes of it? I don't know, you know that sometimes it's part of the frustration is that you never really know. I had a lady, I don't know maybe six months ago. Write me and say I had a reading with you three or four years ago and I didn't really understand what you told me. But what you told me seems to be true. So I'd like to hear, can you send me the recording? So I sent to the recording and then I'd never heard anything.

But at least I got the fact that she was starting to realize that what I had told her had some validity and isn't that beautiful that I don't want to make beautiful that they hear you today any more beautiful than they hear you tomorrow or they never hear you because why? Because in my in my spiritual enfold mint than I have expectations and every time I have expectations than I have paid. And so I've learned to let go of all of that. I have no need for anything. You know and and we have a very simple life, you know, we find a strawberry in the greenhouse and one of our plants in the greenhouse and it's just it's like it's like we won the lottery because we've already won the lottery because we can have a plant in the greenhouse and we don't have to go anywhere. We're just right here enjoying and just unfolding you know ourselves every day, watching the pool get warmer, you know, and the sun gets warmer with the with the solar heating in it and it's warmer every day and just and just enjoying the blessing of that moment of sitting on a chair and being in the pool or not being in the pool.

It doesn't matter anymore. That's right. Taking 50 years to get to, well it takes time. It takes time to truly be in the moment given what all the crap that and the beautiful stuff that's going on in this world and there's a lot of beautiful things that attract our attention before we wrap up. I would like for you to share a little bit more about your book and what you hope to impart to the world with your book. Give us a little bit more information on that. Well I have a lot of them this particular one I call the the system that I yeah, I don't even like to say I developed that I would have given and then I have learned from I call it the celestial angiogram. The fact is it's not ready for the mainstream. What I mean by that is the information, not the book. I mean the mainstream could be hundreds of years away still. So if I do get compulsive about anything, I feel like I want to leave that I want to leave those breadcrumbs and if it's only for me is that I'd like to save myself some time.

So if I write what I know now, then maybe I'll find like I found my teacher, maybe I'll find if I come back to Earth and I want this information again, then maybe I can find my book and I can teach it. I can I can learn it from myself isn't that sort of a divine joke. And if other people get it, that's even great to so the book is a download. It's not really my work. And every day I get downloads of little little things. And it's a very interesting process I've been writing, you know, 10, 12 years in it wasn't my thing at all. And I've learned to, I've really enjoyed almost laughed at the processes is that you're going to start the new chapter and you write up what you know, and then you and then I go outside and then, you know, this little bit comes and this little bit comes and this little bit comes and I was writing the first chapter and I thought to include a particular story and I thought okay yeah that's a great story. Let me start with that. It came loud and clear beforehand.

So I put down that idea. And then as I get into writing and then I realized oh there's another story that relates to that and there's another story, another story. And then all of a sudden I had this whole incredible discussion in the book that I had that the conscious mind would never have come up with. But I didn't realize the point of bringing those points together. And I don't want to go through the specifics of it. It doesn't matter. But that the that the whole thing wrote itself that this is what the Divine wanted me to to write. That's the way I look at it. And so that's what I'm doing and and that's plenty for me. If I never get on another plane, I've spent only one winter in the U. S. Since 98 plus these covid winters. And if I never get on another plane right now that's fine. I don't care. It doesn't really matter. And I hardly go to town and I was traveling all the time. Well this is what you need where you're at today.

Or maybe it's not need this is what it is and you're happy with it. You're satisfied, you're fulfilled. You don't need anything more than that because you don't have any expectations or attachment to anything and you've been there and done all this other stuff. You know. So do you really need that anymore? You really are just being in the moment. If I need it then I'll do it right. I don't need it. But the idea is is that it's the lack of attachment to the positions to any position that allows me to be so happy with A very simple life. I love that. A very simple life. Where can people find out more about you? Andra. I have a website into Rensselaer dot com. It's all one word. If you want to write into Rensselaer at gmail dot com. I'm very open. I'd like to give your readers there's two offerings. If you'd like to learn about the anagram, I have a simple test that I pass out. It's five or 10 minutes. It's free. If you write me and ask for the test, I'll send it to you.

And I also offer people their vedic astrology charge the city real time. So if you want that, it's not a reading. I make make a few comments and I will send you some information on how to read the chart, how to understand. Not the meanings of the chart, but at least how to read it. So that's free. I do need I need three pieces of information. I need your your birthdate, your birth time and your birthplace. So send that to me at my Gmail dot com and I'll send you the chart back within a day or two sounds great. That's a wonderful offering for both of those any parting comments. Words of wisdom that you'd like to share before we wrap things up. Power partying comments. Well, you asked about the covid world in this modern world. I don't really know what's going on, you know, But I do know it's a divine plan And I know that great forces are at work. I've been watching it going on for a long, long time and I don't come to it from all of a sudden it's intense.

I've been waiting for this for 50 years again. I don't know how old you are, but I remember 68 being in a terrible year and the and the riots in the streets, the summer riots, and the assassinations and the political the in Chicago with the democratic convention and all this stuff going on there. This this was like 2020 without the covid the health stuff going on. And and I'm not saying that that isn't important and protected a lot of people. But the point is is that there's something great going on. And I don't know what it is. And it doesn't really matter to me. What matters to me is this moment right here right now. And so just do what's in front of you moment to moment. You're not going to get to where you want to be at the end of your life. You're not going to get there tomorrow. but tomorrow's add up. And so you you do what's in front of you and it will take you to your next thing, which will take you to your next thing, which will take you to your next thing.

And some of them will be really easy and really joyful and some of them will be hell on earth and it's all divine. And so it's all really an amazing blessing. Well, thank you for that. That is beautiful insights and party comments, particularly for what we're all dealing with in this world. You know, there's a lot of things, a lot of repeating patterns throughout history. But again, I mean every repeating pattern wherever we're we're at, you know, and what lifetime we're in. It's incredibly challenging for all of us. So it's all relative. But I was just thinking that based on what you just said, how these recurring patterns, how frustrating must they be for God, They have to keep creating these reoccurring patterns because we don't get it. So if you're going to have compassion, put them on your list to it. Well, I'll be sure to include all the information that you just shared around reaching you and your free offers in our show notes.

So all that will be there and even your social channels so that people can connect with you and I just want to thank you so much for coming on the show. It's been a fascinating conversation. Thank you so much for having me. Happy to be here and I want to thank all of you out there. Heart centered souls, thank you for joining us today. This has been an amazing ride and I love each and every one of you and I just want to thank you for being here and again. Keep your heart rising up. Bye For now. We hope today's show helped to bring a bit more joy and happiness into your heart. We hope it inspired you to unleash your inner power and rise up to your best and loving, heart centered, highest self. We'd be grateful if you'd leave us a review on itunes. Those reviews are important to spreading this valuable message. We'd love for you to subscribe to our podcast and share the show with others, visit Hearts rise up dot com for heart centered courses, guided meditations and our popular notes from your higher self Until next time, keep rising up and may all that you love thrive

Living In The Freedom Of The Present Moment - With Indra Rinzler
Living In The Freedom Of The Present Moment - With Indra Rinzler
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