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Board Exams Pressure and mood swings

by heer vaidya
April 21st 2022
Hey there,  In this episode, Heer talks about the reasons behind most of the mood swings due to external factors and how to handle Board Exam pressure as she just gave her finals around 3 weeks ago. T... More
Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Here's a doctor. They're going to talk about something that one of my really good friend Youtuber friend as we may say that graham and he raps really good. So you guys can check out his channel. His link will be in the description. If it's on Youtube. If it's on Spotify, his link will be also on the description. You can just go out and check his social media platforms out. Um He's a gentleman. So now he told me like he asked me about two things but living to him currently, which is board exam, pressure and the mood swings around teenagers that we can see all of these days. For me, I think mood swings, if we may, mood swings are mostly dependent. Like for example, if I just give my story, like my part of the story, mood swings are related to the type of people that I'm talking to, the type of conversations that I'm having with people even if it's offline online and when I'm not happy with who I am and I'm not happy with whatever I'm thinking when I'm not happy when I'm not complete on my own.

I think when I seek validation, when I'm constantly looking out for you know, reassurance the whole time, I don't think so. Reassurance has any bad point here. But for me, the assurance is something it's cool to get from someone but when you don't get you don't have to decide OK I in a podcast with There are this guru, I forgot the name of mm guru God of. Thus, I think he has headed into a conversation that when you are in a relationship um This is an off topic. I really know that. But let me just put it out there because it's gonna help most of you when you are in a relationship. But it's just friendship Or maybe the relationship, our relationship when you are a girlfriend or a boyfriend or maybe any kind of relationship. Alright. And the fact that when thinks like goes wrong and you have an idea of oh my God, things are actually going wrong and I have to like save this but you just cannot do anything about it, Right?

You apologize like five million times. But just things, things will not get better now. It's the point. But like apologizing for 5000 times or maybe just talking to other person. Like putting efforts for the person is not worth it. And you moved dependent upon them. And I just really want to tell you guys that when you have your exams, why people quit social media, why people just do not use social media for some time, Why people try to be less social when they have their exams. It's because you like people seek validation from other person and when is the important time of you. You don't want to be dependent upon other person to get to meditation. What he said in the podcast was getting validation. Getting reassurance is beautiful and it's really cool. It's amazing. it feels really good to a human being, you know we are all humans and it's okay, it's really cool to feel that way and there's nothing wrong with it.

But when you don't get it, when you are in the position were like, oh my God, this has stopped the validation that I was getting every day or maybe like twice a week. You know, I was getting it from the other person that I admire the most, just stop giving me the validation that I was seeking and now it's devastating and I just cannot survive without it, which is really wrong. So getting dependent upon the validation, getting dependent upon the reassurance is bad, but but when you get it and just being happy is completely normal and it's completely fine and there's nothing wrong with you, if you just feel really happy about getting regulation when you feel really Happy when you have like 5000 people commenting on your video saying, oh my God, here you did really well and one person just criticize you about the audio sucked and you just, You just feel really bad about but you just don't see the 4999 people appreciated you. So it is really bad. This has happened to me. So I think mood swings are basically um even if you talk about board exams and stuff, it's interrelated.

You know, both of things are interrelated if you just don't pay attention, one of them you're gonna suck up. So I think for for for me right now if you if you are not confident enough um I'm sorry about the background noise but um if you're not feeling confident enough with the preparation that you have, you're going to be worried that necessarily does not define that you don't know anything in your exams. Because there were times when I was like oh my god I just I feel like I've forgotten everything that I've studied but when I just come out of the examination hall I'm like oh my god I performed really well. Like this time it was fire, you know? But yeah that's the drill. You have to feel confident. How can you feel confident? Just stop reassuring yourself to stop like Studying one minute before the exam. You know just you're in the examination hall and you're still looking at the notes that you made like 5000 years ago. No you don't have to do that. You know I just don't want people to be in pressure about the output. But. Well um this time I didn't do that and I was so happy when I gave my paper and I think one day before your exam you have to stop reassuring from the other people, you have to stop comparing yourself from the other people be like oh my friend, you know I have my last name and I'm just going to take his name So my my my classmate got 90% age um and sons exam I don't even study, sounds good but I don't know why I just came up to my mind you know um so he got 90 In Sanskrit at 100 so and I got like 82 but man you don't even know that last time When he performed he got 82 he studied really hard to get the 90 and maybe they were like different different different different factors that involved one mark that he got was from the person who was sitting in front of him and he just cheated for the one mark and it's all bottom limbs luck.

Well if you talk about me I never copied I copy when I was in 5th class and I still remember the Answ. It was the answer was like four or 14 years. I know that it was in a no number and it was the social times paper and I feel really bad about cheating so I don't usually cheat um on exams which is like it's not in my blood or not just I don't feel really cool you know even if I see the answer and if I feel like now I know the answer and I've written it bad but I'm like you know written it wrong but I'm like you know what, I just don't want to correct it. I feel cheating is the last thing that I that I should do in an examination because examination is all about what you have prepared and what you remember and how you perform on those three hours because just remember this hostage guy start I had some mama tapas and who's suited for like um 20 marks you know sometimes that's beautiful like 20 marks 20 marks of M. C. Q. S. And it's all their luck, it's all their choices. It's all how of a human being there.

They want to show it to the world you know like oh my god I'm cheating and I'm so proud of you proud of it and like just after the exam they're just showing up to my face and be like oh I treated for like 20 marks. I can't even imagine I'm like sure I mean I'm not proud of you at all but they're just they seem really be happy to be like 20 marks are secure man and they're like the top of the class so I don't know where where should I just go get inspiration from you know So that's it that's what I'm trying to say that um what matters in board exams is not um it's not how much of the night you have been studying for so long. It's all about the conference after studying that you have. It's all about the three hours how how optimum the three hours that you use. It's all about you studying what's important it is for the particular examination? Okay. So if you want just go watch fucking quota factually and just learn something from it because it reminds you a lot of things just to buy a reminds a lot about a lot of things.

You know he said it's chemistry. Chemistry is not as important as you guys think and these are the cutoffs and this is how you have to study 1 1 dialogue that Tobias said has been in my mind on my mind or in my mind. I don't know. Fun, good. I don't know. Um has been on my, on my own my mind which is um which goes around exam. Participle exam corporal which means before you start studying for the exam here to study the exam. Okay. To study how actually the particular examination that you that you're gonna appear works okay. Um I don't know if it's like the normal advice is that people give but this is what I feel about this topic that you know might ask for and I suppose that there are multiple people who are seeking for the same guidance who are seeking for someone experienced. I have just given my boats like my boat is completely like two weeks or three weeks ago I suppose and now like it's really fresh. You know my thoughts, my ideas are really fresh. So if possible just stay off of the social media.

Some people like ah this paper is gonna be so easy tomorrow, you can rock it and I'm like how do you, how do you know, you know how the fuck you haven't, you have a clue about this paper is going to be easy, Sometimes they write something that's wrong and you don't have to depend upon the other person. Um but of my english teacher used to say that paper is going to be easy if you have studied really well and studied what's important and paper is gonna be really tough if you haven't studied anything, you know, this is how the drill is um you have to study your best and when I try to say your best is not panicking before the exam thinking oh this is not my best and people have been saying to me that I have to study my best. Now I'm ruined. Sometimes the one thing that my neighbor told me and I still remember is it's ok that even if you give your best and You didn't get 90% is you just got 50% age, you know, it's really okay. It's completely okay why she told me that because she was like, like not every water bottle is what you say equal in a podcast with real abadia.

This guru have said that like five, There are like five bottles, You know, they're like five bottles and they have their different capacities, so Your best is five 100 liter and the other Person's best is eight 100 liters, So you're not going to cry saying, what am I 200 l you know, so you don't have to do that. That's it. That's what I'm saying. My neighbor told me that if it's going to be it will be otherwise. Just think that you've given your best, you are okay with your side. You have to give, you don't have to give any explanation to other people. Be like, Oh I just got like 70% age. It's because this, this, this, this and this happened and I just these are the explanations. These are the excuses that I'm trying to run from. No, it's okay. You're satisfied with your fucking percentage. I got like really low presentation my tent. But I knew that I have prepared for that percentage. I don't want to even disclose the percentage. It was, I don't want 60, you know, I am the baddest about how much I've got.

But um, oh I did disclose but it's okay if I disclose, that's what I've prepared for. I had a lot of distractions in my life back then and I would love to talk about what were my distractions. How how was I distracted from the goal and how it wasn't even my goal, It was the goal of other people. It was the goal that I want to prove myself to others and have grown a lot since then. Since then it has been life has been really beautiful in terms of in terms of learning new things in terms of meeting new people in terms of my communication skills in terms of um my language skills, you know everything has been really beautiful. I of course I had ups and downs and giving the best isn't really easy the whole time. But I think if you get some mood swings it's probably because of the type of people that you're around with and the type of conversation that you're having with the other person the whole time. If you just imagine the type of people that you have around, you know, there's nothing wrong with having just the type of people that you just have fun with and doesn't add any value to your life, there's nothing wrong.

But right now this time sometimes you just don't need them anymore and you just have to tell them, hey, I'm just getting off of social media, I won't be able to talk to you for some time because I have my board exams, it's you, you you have to love the base of what you're doing okay if you're studying for say a count. You know, accounting has been really tough for me and I hated accounting. I hated every second of studying accounting now I love accounting. I don't study it anymore and I won't choose to study it anymore. But when I was studying I loved accounting, you know every second of it, I'm not top of my class and you know what I said that um I can teach accounting you really well. But whatever I've studied every second of it I've given has been amazing has been beautiful, has not has something that I won't regret doing, you know that's how much I've loved accounting, that's how much I've loved science when I was in bent back then uh I have not said that I'd stop and that subject but I gave my best I was I was enjoying the process at least um to love the base.

You have to start with the base, you do love the subject, you have to start with the base. And I think I've mentioned it somewhere else. Maybe I've just told it to my sister because me and my sister we talked a lot about stuff so maybe I'm getting a little bit about saying the same thing I guess to someone but here we go. Um See to love a particular subject for example let's suppose If a 10th class person comes up to me and be like Oh I hate math, I hate quadrilateral, it's just so boring and I just cannot do that. So now you have to understand the Base of coordinated, you don't have to start with exercise one 0.1 of mathematics. No dude you don't have to do that. What you have to do is actually study the theory of why that chapter exists in your book, why they want you to study that, you know, at the first place you have to study from the page one of that chapter and then eventually go into the depth of, okay, yeah, this is the reason I have to study and your, your two things has to be clear first what you, what you want from it and second is how much you're willing to give for this subject because if you're not willing to sacrifice your sleep, if you're not willing to sacrifice a few food, you know, if you're not willing to sacrifice your joy like joyful things in your life, I guess it's not something that you should consider doing it right now.

And if you talk about studying well, you have to study, you know, You have to be a nerd for two months and Constantly saying yourself that it's just gonna be two months, it's pretty cool. That worked for me. I just told myself it's just two months and I've been counting days since my exam just got started. I was like just 14 days to vacation, it's just 10 days to vacations, just eight days to vacations. And I've constantly just told my brain that hey, you don't have like a whole life studying this, you're just gonna be, it's gonna be okay And if you feel born out, just take a nap and make a routine and just try to stick to it, it's a, it's a, it's a really like deep, deep conversation, if we start talking about habits and consistency and stimulation inconsistency in productivity, right? It's going to be like a lot but right now the real sweet and like cold advice, school advice that I was just gonna love to give you, otherwise I may be something that I have gone through and have came out from is just quitting social media for some time.

Quitting doesn't mean that you have to say like 5000 people, hey, I'm just going out and then just come again after like two days now quitting is just telling people that I'll be fine and I'll be okay and if I need I if I need someone to talk to, I'll be here asking you for help too. So just don't mind me coming back to you and not asking you how are you and just help just getting help from you and if the other person is genuine and your girlfriend they're gonna be like yeah it's okay, it's okay of course um I'm always here for you. So yeah, that's it, that's it, that's totally it. And just if you wanna if you want the mood in control just try to meditate and when I say meditation is it's not something like I'm just telling you to just sit like a barber, you know um it's a funny, it's a funny thing that people take meditation as if it's just barber things to do and it's it's really just thing to do, but for me meditation is something which helps me with concentration sometimes I don't like, I don't have a routine for meditation, I'm just trying to build it and I'm not an expert in meditation at all, but I've been like quite doing it for like Since like 2-6 months, like on and off, on and off on and off, sometimes I do sometimes just don't do it and which is amazing.

It has helped me with concentration, it has helped me with focus and when I say it, I really do mean it close your eyes and listen to, even if it's like the best thing that the best thing I would love to listen while I'm meditating is like jewish at this instagram livestream. The old instagram livestream of gesture t has been proven really cool for me to meditate or maybe just online meditation on Youtube or maybe the application called home, it's not sponsored, of course, maybe anything, it can be anything, you know, in a row. That application has proven really cool to me like this. Some of the resources, maybe you can just like meditate by just living in the moment, living in the present. Um I think I've made an episode about it too if I don't remember or maybe I don't remember, I don't know. Um but I'd make an episode calling how to be an present maybe or maybe just talking about how to meditate, even if you're just not closing your eyes or maybe eyes isn't closed at all. So yeah, that's it. I'm sorry my mom is making some noises and I told her that I'm recording a podcast, but she was like, oh my God, I'm sorry, I'm not going to make a lot of noises, but she's still doing it because she might have forgotten that I'm creating an episode right now.

I love how my parents are quite a bit supportive of whatever I do and they're like, yeah, it's cool, you're gonna gonna absorb. But then they playing WhatsApp memes and jokes then in the background, which is good. You know, I just go, I just take a leave and not waste your time anymore. I hope all of the things, all of the experiences that I had, I things that I have been doing has been helping you. And if you have any query something I've missed, you would love to make me included. Of course, I'll reply our DmS instagram. I don't use instagram law. But um, sometimes if I am like using my instagram, I can reply you guys, I use my instagram like twice a week. Not more than that because it's, it has been proven mood changing through me. You know, it hasn't proven really cool for me. So I just stay off of instagram a lot. I just opened like twice a week, which is cool. Um guys be happy, just smile and you matter no matter what, you're amazing. You Get 40%, 30 percent age or 90% or 99% age, like 70% age.

No one cares, honestly. No one cares. People just pretend that they, their life has been completed with your 90% Age, but no one gives a ship to be honest. And at the end it's just only you who has to give a sh it about your actions and your outcomes and you have to take care of yourself at the end and your parents, of course parents, the wonderful thing in the earth. So yeah, that's it. Um, talk to your siblings if you're not feeling well, watch therapy videos. If you're not feeling well, just take a, take a little break. You know, you don't have to rush around things and it's okay. You just take a deep breath and survive on the planet. It's not the end of the world. You have to tell yourself it's not the End of the world. If I don't get 99%, it's not the end of the world. If I don't get any percentage, it's not the end of the world. If I don't get the desired, the desired outcome that I've thought of, you have to give your best and by best, I mean, you don't have to leave any chance of improving yourself on that particular subject.

That's the best. That's the definition of best for me in terms of studying okay and don't think about the outcome, Okay, that's the court from Khabarovsk, Krishna have said that and I think it has been proven really beautiful and amazing for me and I hope you guys are fine. If you're not fine, I'm always here for you. Um you can listen to any of the episodes of you, if you have some time otherwise just take off the break from social media, listen to something meaningful, beautiful in some affirmations. Talk to some people that gives value into your life, Help a friend. Just if you want to support me anyway, you can just follow me on Spotify and the second thing that you can do to support me is just go and text any of your old friends right now and say how are you and just build up a conversation, tell them that you're going to talk for like 10 minutes and talk to them for 10 minutes, See how you feel after talking for 10 minutes and then say, hey, I have to go studying. I hope you, I hope you're fine and let's just stay connected.

Um that's it, that's what you have to do to support me. One thing, Follow me and Spotify, you know, fucking just do it. And second thing is that your old friend and just hang out for a bit and then just start studying. Um Walk on your terrace smile as much as you can because this is not the end of the world. Okay, pressure yeah, Kiddo, you are literally like 14 or 15 years old Or maybe like 17, 16 years old. You have to take a lot of pressure. It's not the end of the world. You still have like a lot of things to do in your life. You have like a lot of things learning your life from others and from your own experiences and to share your advice is share your experiences to other people. There's like a lot of things that you can do, this is just part of a part of your like a little part of your life, which is not like you're not dependent upon that, so you're not dependent upon that. Okay. Um it's all about how much you want to do and it's all about how much you have the capacity and energy to sacrifice things like sacrifice all of your favorite things for this.

Okay, um it's a test. Okay, just calm down and um figure out how much of the capacity you have and how much like how optimum of the capacity that you're using. That's it. Um have a good day. Talk different. Follow me on Spotify. Thank you. I know you did. Thank you Okay, um be okay. Smile as much as you can. Um and thank you for listening to it till the end. It's a half an hour episode. I'm I'm pretty sure that most of the people have left but if you've listened to it like till the end, oh my God, you're a wonderful human being. Thank you for listening. Bye bye. I'll see you On the next one and I hope, I hope I'll be consistent on uploading podcast episodes and Youtube maybe. Yeah, that did follow me if you want to and if you want to ask any questions, just hit me up on instagram. Yeah, that's it. Thank you. See you on the next one.

Board Exams Pressure and mood swings
Board Exams Pressure and mood swings
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