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How To Become Rich! | Bob Proctor & Tim Shurr

by Tim Shurr
July 24th 2020

In this episode, a legend visits us and shares his wisdom on life, success, our belief system, and how to earn more money! We have no other than, Bob Proctor. Bob is... More

our belief system is based upon our evaluation of something and if you re evaluate frequently your belief will change. That's the value in studying you're creating a greater and greater belief. Here's the question, what's going on inside the minds of top achievers that caused them to make extraordinary breakthroughs both personally and professionally. My name is tim Sure. And I invite you to join me as we take a deep dive into the unconscious mind and discover how to transform your biggest dreams into a reality. Welcome to the how to be mesmerizing podcast. Hey everybody welcome to how to be mesmerizing its temperature and today, so we have a legend in the house bob Proctor is here with us bob. Welcome to the program, tim's real pleasure. Oh my goodness, the pleasure is mine. So for anybody that doesn't know bob Proctor is one of the most successful and well known and beloved personal development gurus that are alive today. I mean he is extraordinary, has written so many books, produced so many programs.

He is at the top of his game and a true master at the law of attraction. I have his books on my desk all the time. I just finished reading his, it's not about the money and you were born rich sits on my desk all the time. So bob, this is a real honor. So let's jump right in what would you say is the secret to success? I think the secret to success is understanding it. I don't think most people really understand what success is, Earl Nightingale, I believe, give the best definition of success that I've ever read and I've read a lot of them, he said that success was the progressive realisation of worthy ideal. So if we take and think of that it's knowing where you are and where you're going and moving in that direction, you could be a business person, with let's say in a state of five million and you're working towards 10 and if you're progressively moving in that direction, you're a successful person, you could be a student in school with a C and D.

Average and you're working towards an A and B average and your progressively moving in that direction, you're successful person, one equally as successful as the other. It doesn't really have a lot to do with where we are, it has to do with the direction we're going in our life. Now I have, I've read a lot of definitions for success, but that's the best one I've ever found now. I have found a fewer. Somebody took girls definition and bastardize it so they can put their name on it. But uh huh He come up with that around 1950, I got it in 1961. Earl died in 1989, never changed the word, I've been studying ever since and I've never changed a word, the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Now if you break that down it's got to be worthy of you because you're trading your life for it and it's progressive realization. So every day you're moving closer to it.

I loved the way he put on a recording one time as you move towards your goal, your goal is moving towards you. I never really understood that for a long time until I started to understand a lot of attraction, low vibration, various laws and of course that's true. Yeah, Yeah, wow, that is beautiful and so profound and I'm so excited that you shared it just like that. You know, one of the delights that I have is I've got a 16 year old and a 12 year old two boys and I have them sit down for these interviews and take show notes right, so that they can soak in the wisdom because the younger generations really need this kind of understanding and so I was a brilliant idea, Thank you. Yeah, digest every bit of it. Yes, Yes. So I love that you have that definition of success and how you related to that, as long as you are working towards a worthy goal and as long as you are feeling like you're making progress or you have momentum, it's not about happy or sad, you know, it's about you know, are you making progress and doing something that causes you to grow into the person that you'll end up loving being, you know, if you he said if you're working towards a worthy ideal James allen put it very well in his little book as a man think of an ideal is an idea that we fall in love with and ideals and idea you're intellectually emotionally and physically involved in and if a person is working towards something like that, they're going to live a pretty meaningful life and if it personally isn't, if they don't have an objective, their life is going to be very shallow and meaningless, you know?

Yeah. So what advice do you give when people say that sounds great, I wish I knew what I had. You know what my ideal was, What I'm passionate about. I just know that I'm not happy where I'm at, what's my next step? Well, I think they have to gain them, like all wherever doing is developing a greater awareness and they have to become aware of what life is really about. And it's about unfolding, it's expanding our own consciousness, becoming more aware. I recommend that a person sit down preferably in the morning. I think morning is a good time. I think we're more creative in the morning. That's why doctors operate early in the morning, their hands steady, the patients more receptive. But if a person sat down every morning and asked themselves what do I really love doing and spend some time? And I think what do they love doing? That's what they should spend their life doing. Yeah. And it doesn't matter whether they're going to earn any money at it or not.

I was doing a seminar at one time, I'm not four or five years ago now I guess in phoenix and the doctor come up and he was talking to me, he told me he was thinking of quitting the profession. I said why are you going to quit? Well, he said the medical professions all messed up. He said you can't earn any money at it now, you got to put in more time during less money. And I said, well that's probably true, but I said why did you become a doctor in first place? Well he said I love it. I said then it shouldn't make any difference whether you're earning any money or not. Now the fact that you can earn money and do what you love, that is huge. I said you don't go to work to earn money, you go to work for satisfaction, you provide service to our money. I said you could be providing service when you're sleeping, you can earn more money when you're sleeping, you can spend when you're awake here. He is a fairly well schooled person. I got a doctor degree but knows nothing about earning money and he thought he went to work to earn money.

Well that's rather sad and that's pretty common to that's like he's not an exception to the rule. Yeah, that's powerful stuff bob because you know if people learn about you right now they think, well you're the guy who uses the law of attraction to become wealthy to attract all this abundance into your life. It's all about having anything you want, just using the law of attraction and what you're saying, which is why the last title of your book was, you know, it's not about the money is that it's really about fulfillment. And then once you know what fulfills you, what fills you up, then how can you use that to attract more prosperity into your life? Is that right? Absolutely? Well, I think like, I believe we're here to do God's work and somebody will say, well what's God's work? Well, God's the creator, so God's work, his creation. And we were given creative faculties, but we weren't taught that we were given creative faculties, We don't even know what they are. And so we go through life is using our senses because that's where we've been programmed and we're going by what's going on around us outside of us when we hear see smell, taste, touch.

I've pointed out for years now that we're the only creature on the planet that's totally disoriented in their environment. All the other little creatures are completely at home in their environment. They blend in. We don't we've been given the mental faculties to create our own environment, but we don't learn much about that. You know, we have perception, the will, reason imagination, memory, intuition, their higher faculties, there are creative faculties, that's what makes us who we are, that's where we were created in God's image. And I think the real problem runs in where I think we believe were created in God's image, but we've got it mixed and we created God in our image. And so you're looking for a man on a cloud. And of course that's going to cause problems. Uh Yes, for sure, Yeah, you're right. It comes back to, you know, a lack of understanding, a lack of really training and personal development.

A lot of people don't even understand what personal development or self help is and it's really about emotional intelligence in developing maturity and understanding how to apply the gifts that God has given us and most just don't understand it. Or like you said earlier, the message gets bastardized. And and so people end up having a lot of pain, stress, worry associated to money because on one hand someone might be listening to this and say, oh yeah, it sounds great. Go do what I love, you know, and don't worry if I make any money at it, but how am I going to pay my bills? So I'm sure you've heard that 1000 times, what's usually your response to that? Well, I think the person is still first of all understand what money is, It's a reward received for service rendered, the more service you provide, the more money runner, like you'll often hear people say that these athletes aren't worth the millions of these recording artists as singers, like they're not worth the millions. The truth is they are, they are entertaining thousands of people, millions of people all over the world.

And so they're getting rewarded for it. We can find ways of providing service without working. I was flying to Malaysia or way back 1990 I guess, And it's a 25 hour trip in the air from Toronto, so it's a long ride and I work with numbers and words, I'm always brainstorming with myself on that and I wrote a million at the top of the sheet of paper. Then I got thinking I had earned a million in the 60s, but I never thought my job really, and I thought what is different about people that earn millions of dollars and the ones that don't. And I kept playing with that. So I thought of a few people that I knew that earned a fair amount of money and I realized that they don't just have one source of income. They have many sources of income. Well I played around with that until I got it down that they have multiple source of income Emsis.

And when I got off the plane I got the idea, I'm going to create a seminar to teach people earn $1 million dollars By setting up multiple source of income. And I phone Mark Victor Hansen down Newport Beach, there's a way back 1990 and I explained it to him and I said let's start and we did and we run seminars that's where the chicken soup for the soul books came from. We started what's called the million dollar for him. And we were teaching people how to set up multiple sources of income and you work with people, you work together with people and that was a tremendous success. We did a number of seminars in various places, then we finally broke it up. But because there was a number of us worked at it together um we had market and he got Jack, we got lee pull us out of Vancouver and we've started a thing called Mzee connect in our company and the sole purpose of it is to connect with people that are setting up multiple search of income and connect with other people.

Like if you've got an idea that you can earn money on, maybe I could work with you on it and gain benefit or maybe I've got one that you could work with me and gain the benefit. You might be an affiliate of minor, I might be an affiliate of yours. There's so many different ways of doing this. It's cooperation rather than competition. Yes. And when a prison starts to understand this and they start to understand the concept of multiple sources of income don't have one. I'm not quite sure how many sources I have. I have a lot of them. But because I don't even look after them, but anyone can set up multiple sources and I think that's one of the tricks of life because if you're not earning enough money, you've got a lot of problems when you have more money than you need. I always say you'd be amazed how much free time you have when you never have to think about money. Yeah. A lot of time is spent thinking of money. If you haven't got enough, you know, you're forever thinking, how am I going to pay this?

I'm going to pay that. You waste so much energy and we're not taught how to earn money. We should be taught, we should teach kids in school like your kids, your two boys, you can teach them harder and money. You can teach them, they can set up. There's all kinds of young people learning a lot of money. Yeah. And they want to gain a respect for it. So they work properly with it, you know? Absolutely. I love this bob and I mean you're just laying it out so eloquently because if you don't invest in personal development, if you aren't listening to a program like this right now where where someone gets to hear all this wisdom that you're laying down, they want to even be exposed to the idea of being an affiliate where you don't even have to have a product or know anything really about it to be able to support or sell somebody else's product and really win win. Uh, it's a subject that has been neglected for centuries, and it's too bad, the vast majority of people never learn how to earn money.

They learn a lot of things, you could have a doctor's degree in economics and still not know how to earn money, you know, how to counter, you know, how to store it and invest it, but you don't know how to earn it. And that's sad. I've been working at teaching people how to win money for many, many years. Yeah. Yeah, well that's what makes you such a treasure in this world, because you're teaching stuff that, you know, the information and the mindset and giving people the tools that we desperately need, and there's so much noise out there, but anybody that knows you knows that you are high value content, right laying out a plan and given all kinds of and even doing things like I'm going to even help create the space for this to happen like with your M. S. I. And your Chairman's club, you know, and all the other ways that you are trying to unite people and bring people together. So it's pretty remarkable, and and I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but I want to thank you for doing such an amazing job and devoting your life to uh to making this world a better place.

So let me ask you this, you've known some incredible people, you've hung out with the legends, the thought leaders of the world and uh and of course being one of them. What is you know, like one of the best bits of advice that you were ever given. What to study. Mm Never stop studying. I was in here in the studio Quarter to five this morning and these are things I was working on this morning. I have pieces of literature that I studied every morning and you got them right here. This is are you familiar with this book? Power of awareness. No, uh I'm gonna make myself aware of it. Power of awareness by neville and has a red band across the bottom, make sure the maroon band because there are different books, This is Power of awareness by neville. Make sure it's got this red band across the bottom done now. He said, determined imagination, thinking from the end is the beginning of all miracles.

That is so good. So you imagine yourself, you've already done it, you're already there. And he said the future must become the present in the imagination of the person would wisely and consciously create circumstance. Well, I've been studying this one page for days. Uh huh And I was on the phone with sandy Gallagher from about 8 30 until nine this morning. We were studying this one page together and we were talking about where we would apply it. The secret I think to growing is study and if you don't study, you're going to stay where you are. You have to keep studying. I learned how to study by when I worked with Earl Nightingale and I've got a book holder here on my desk. It has a book open. Now. I've been reading those same two pages for maybe three months and it's the repetition of the information that alters the programming in our subconscious mind.

Because we are programmed, we have a paradigm and it's not what we know. It's the paradigm that controls our behavior. You can be the smartest guy in town and still lose. There's all kinds of people, you know, people who have degrees, all kinds of degrees, but they're losing. They don't they're in debt. Their business is failing. And that is because the part of our mind that controls our behavior, which produces our results is not the part of our mind where we gather all the information, the conscious mind gathers information. And of course you read the book, you remember and you repeat it. You think, you know it well, you don't know it at all because you got to do it. So I think we have to understand paradigms Westerns and understand how they're formed. We have to understand how their changed. And if we don't understand that we're probably going to stay stuck. I have found that most people that are highly successful are what you call unconscious competence. They cannot really articulate on why they are doing so well.

They're programmed to win. But they can't explain why there. They'll say, well I just do this and I do that. They think it's nothing to it and for them, nothing to it, they have a good paradigm, but there's only four or 5% of the population like that. Everybody else has a paradigm where they're programmed to struggle and we've got to understand this, then we have to understand how to change the paradigm. Now that's really where I focus on my attention and in teaching everything I teach. Yes, me too. I have taken up that torch as well and uh focus almost exclusively on your unconscious programing and those beliefs, those paradigms, right? And how to upgrade them. Because the most insidious one that I found that it seems like almost everybody has is I'm not good enough and because I'm not enough, all the other fears and insecurities, you know, sprout from that. See, the truth is our spiritual DNA is perfect. There's perfection within us and that perfection is always seeking expression through us with and through us.

That's why we want beyond where we're at. We always want more. We always want to run faster, jump higher and that is the spiritual essence of us want to express itself to a greater degree. Yes. Yeah. And uh I think when we really start to understand that we're away to the races preach on brother bob, That's awesome. I love that. So I think that you would agree that it's important that we have role models because they speed up our ability to recognize our own paradigms, our own beliefs and feed it back to us because you can't fix what you're not aware of. And so was there a particular one or two role models that you had in your life in addition to Earl Nightingale? And why did they become your mentors? Well, the first one I had was a man named Ray stanford and he was my first mentor. He gave, he was the one that got me involved in reading, thinking grow rich. I read it every day and he told me I could have anything I wanted and I really didn't believe that, but I believed he believed it.

And so I started to do what he told me. And that was a good habit. So I have had a half a dozen great mentors, head Lloyd, Konin, Earl Nightingale, the two of them, whatever they suggested, I did it. And I think when a person gets a coach or mentor, they should do exactly what the coach tells them until they find out. The person doesn't know what they're talking about or that the person is lying, do exactly what they tell you and we want to get direction from people who have accomplished what we want to accomplish, not just the next door neighbor, our brother in law or something like that. We want to go to someone who is demonstrated by results. They really know what they're doing. Yeah. And when we do that. I think then we start moving in the right direction. Now I've had Ray Stanford was the first one. I was 26 and then I had earl night gallon like Conan and Bill Goave. Do you ever hear Bill speak? I haven't heard him speak, but I hear his name regularly.

Bill was a phenomenal speaker and Bell Vander. Well I've had about seven and these were all brilliant individuals and I learned an awful lot from them. They were all accomplished at what they did. And I think that's what you look for in a coach, look for someone that has done or is doing what you want to accomplish. Yes. And then when they, when you hire them and they ask you to do something, you do it, do exactly what they say. Yeah, for sure. Yes. Be coachable. That's amazing. So, you know, you've had this incredible career and I'm sure there's, you know, people focus on the highs, but I'm sure there's, there's been plenty of bumps in the road as well. So do you ever get scared now and if you do, how do you switch it, how do you turn it? I don't think I get scared. There's certainly have doubts. And I know when I have the doubts, I'm moving in the right direction because I'm going where I've never been and and that's where we should all be going, we should be moving on to a higher level.

And I suppose fear does enter, but I understand what's doing it. It's ignorance because I've never been there, I've never done that. So that causes some nervousness. But you overcome it by through understanding the understanding is the opposite of don't worry. The only way to get understanding is through study. There is no other way. So I think you you're going to have doubts and you're going to question yourself if you're going in the right direction and when you do that, then you know, you're going in the right direction, see if you're going sideways, you already know how to do whatever it is because you've been there, you've done it and you've got to keep going, I could always said progressive realization of a worthy idea, always hire, you know? Yeah, that's a, I love that answer. That's so good. So that you know, even being uncomfortable, nervous or scared can be used to grow forward. So no matter.

Yeah, yeah, that's so eloquent. I love how you just are phrasing all this stuff. I always tell people, it doesn't matter what shows up what matters is how you show up. And so I love this advice. So out of all the people that you've met over the years, is there someone in particular? And this is always a tough question, but is there one person or a couple of people that are like the most amazing people you ever met? There's usually one or two that sometimes stand out? Well, Earl Nightingale was probably the one that stands out most in my mind, I started to read think and grow rich and then I got Earl Nightingale's condensed narration of it on recording. And so I started to play the record and I listened to that for so long. I used to think of God had a voice. He had the greatest pipes. I think he was the guy for me. I just love the way he studied. He was a very cool person, you know, I just never saw him rattle, never saw him hurry, but he was very accomplished always, you know.

Yeah, yeah. Is there something about Earl that, you know, that maybe most people don't know about him. Earl was on the Arizona, he was blown into the water and Pearl Harbor, you know, that was never talked about much by anyone, But he was one of about 18 marines that survived that was blown up. They were literally blown into the water. He never talked about that. He was the most listened to men in the history of the broadcasting industry. When I worked with him when I went to work for him, I felt like a young priest that was going to the Vatican, you know, it Was just, I was in 1968. Yeah. I started studies material in 61. So when I went there, it was huge, you know. Yeah. And of course I got double benefit because I was working Lloyd corner and his partner too. Yeah. What was that like? Oh Lord was like, it was a great businessman, he was just a great guy. And he and Earl worked together very well.

Earl was the creative, the voice, you know? And Earl was the businessman. So it was it was an interesting vent. You're working with them. Yeah. People hear that nightingale Conant, you know, and it's become famous now for distributing uh powerful information, but I don't know if people know really know much about Lloyd or Vic, you know? And so and you work, that's a great guy, a number of a good friend, vic is a great guy. He's a real good friend. I left there in 73, I went to Lloyd and I said let's give the people the recordings and sell a seminar, well south seminar, I give them the recordings and he laughed at me. He said, no, we're not gonna do that. He's working a keep selling the recordings, will leave the seminar business to Carnegie. So I knew it was time for me to leave. And I I was living in Glenview Illinois at the time and I remember sitting down one day taking my pen and saying, I will build a company operates all over the world.

We now operate in 89 countries, wow. Our company is really expanded. That's incredible. Yeah. So did you know dale Carnegie? No, no, I never met him. Yeah. Yeah. I know that his win friends and influence people is win friends and influence people is a great book. Yeah. Yeah. Another classic. Yeah. So you've been all over the world, you've had amazing seminars, people all over the world love coming to your programs. So has there been a particular adventure that you've ever been on? That was just like one that you know, you, you look on finally, you know, you'll always look on finally on particular adventure. Well I spent quite a bit of time working in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur and I really love it there. I loved it and I was trying to analyze why I liked it. My wife didn't like it at all. She liked Singapore, which is next door. I mean they're just neighboring. Yes, she loves Singapore. Singapore. Always seemed to me it was very orderly, very clean, very expensive where K.

O. Was a little chaotic, but I think there's a spiritual value in Malaysia that you don't find a lot of places. There's about 18 million people there and I guess 40, 50, 60% of them are Muslims. So they're praying five times a day. You have a very large christian community there and they're, they're praying a lot. There's just a lot of praying going on there. So the energy is, it's really quite extraordinary. I just loved it and I haven't been there now for quite a while. But when you say is there something favor adventure? I love to go in there. I went there every month for Maybe five years just flying back and forth. I did a lot of work there, wow. That's a lot of travel. Yeah. I worked with the airline there and of course I worked with a lot of insurance companies there. I did a lot of work there. Yeah, it was a great adventure. Uh, that sounds amazing. You know, you're, you're known as a very successful businessman.

You also talk a lot about energy, right? And uh law of attraction and stuff that may be in the business world might be looked at as kind of that who very, very kind of stuff. Right? So what's your response to that? So I understand they just don't understand where they're coming from. Everything's energy. I mean everything, including yourself, your own body, We're dealing everything spirit, the building the computer, everything in it, your clothes. It's all made from the same form of substance. We are a soul. We don't have one. We are one and we're creative and we can manipulate the energy. We can cause it to move into whatever state we want. We have the ability to change the vibration of things. And we've got to understand that energy operates by law. Spirit operates by law. I see the laws God's modus operandi and it's something that not a lot of people study. Dr. Wernher von braun studied the laws and he was the father of the space program.

Well, I think the more you understand the laws and bring your business and your life in harmony with the law, the more successful you are going to be see if you're struggling in business, you're probably doing it wrong. There should be no struggle. If you're working in harmony with the law, there's a beautiful flow. Let me get some. We got it here because I was using it the other day. Have you read the one where napoleon Hill? Big money, napoleon hill wrote about it. And he used he used the river as an example and he said, there's a power, there's a a power in life and you could compare it to a river. One flows in one direction and the other side flows in the other direction. On the one side flows, you go on to prosperity and everything good. The other side is a struggle and that's really the way it is in life. If people understand the laws, then business should flow beautifully and success is normal.

And it's natural when we're struggling, we're working against the law. But everything operates like the tide goes out, it doesn't grow it again. It comes back, it goes out, comes in, it goes out and comes in the night follows the day. Winter never follows winter. These are laws. Carnegie pointed it out. He said, there's any idea that's held in our mind that's emphasized, that's either feared or revered begins that wants to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available. The idea must move into form. Well, that's the law, perpetual transportation of energy. So when we get an idea, goal in our mind, that idea must move into form. All we have to do is keep it there. That's why when President Kennedy asked dr Wernher von braun wrote, it would take to build a rocket that would carry a person on the moon and bring him back safely to earth. He said the will to do it. In other words, the will is the higher faculty that gives you the ability to focus to concentrate.

And he said, if you get an idea and you concentrate and you focus on that idea, it must move into form. Now. He'll pointed out in in the think and grow rich book. He said first, you give life action and guidance to the idea. But eventually the idea will take on the power of its own. Then it chokes nurses and drives you all the great leaders have spoken on these laws. They didn't necessarily call them the law, but the whole universe operates by law and everything's energy. Everything's energy. It doesn't matter what it is. This pens energy. I have a sand timer here, That's energy. But everything is entered the sand in here can be turned into glass. So the glass is holding the sand. Well the glass used to be sad. What we did is change the molecular structure and then we quit calling sand. We start to call it glass. Oh that's great. You can take water and boil it. You stop calling it water and start calling steam. The same energy. Yes. Well when you think that's energy and thought is the most potent form of energy there is your thought waves are cosmic waves that penetrate all time and space.

So when you talk about working with energy, you're working with the law and you should gain an understanding of it. Yeah. Uh that's so powerful. You know, one of the things that gave me chills that you said is that we don't have a soul. We are a soul right and big. But yeah, that's a huge difference. I've never heard it that way before. And and when you understand that then you realize that that everything around you is energy and it literally can become a spiritual experience. And I've spent many years in the direction from the soul. The experience awaiting direction from the soul. That's where we're told to ask and you'll receive that. People don't believe it. Our belief is the missing point. Yes. Our belief system is based upon our evaluation of something and if you re evaluate frequently your belief will change. That's the value in studying. You're creating a greater and greater belief but the only difference and earn 100 a year or 100 a month is in your belief system.

You know, people don't learn 100 year because they want 100 a year. They're running 100 year because they don't know how to run 100 a month if they knew how they'd be doing it. Yes. Yes. And so would you say they're going On 100 a week? But they don't know that? Well they tell themselves that's impossible. And so it becomes. So all things are possible. Yeah. I think the Wright brothers proved that and Hillary proved that Edison proved that. Yeah. You know all these people that have done great things. They all did it the same way they did it by working in harmony with the while. Mhm. Yeah. So if someone gets stuck, let's try to make this very simple because I love everything you're saying. I 100% agree with you. So if someone is struggling and they want to start making more money, what's the first step they do? First thing I think they have to make a decision, you're going to earn more money and when they make the decision then they have to stick to it. If you make a decision you're going to learn more, then you have to know how much you're going to earn and you you make a decision, you're already earning it, then you're on that frequency.

See the frequency you're on dictates what you learn while you can raise the frequency that you're thinking on. If the person's let's say that most people are living on an AM frequency and they want to get FM music and they're not going to get it. You know, you got to get on the FM frequency. So I think if they want to earn more money, they've got to start by making a decision, they're going to learn more and then they have to make a decision how much more they're going to earn and then go to someone that can teach them how to earn more money. You don't just say I'm going to do it. You've got to learn how to do it, but you can learn it, your Children can learn it. You know, any child can learn it. He's got the thing here on money scott. Just gave it to me. Let me read it because take a minute, he said, When money comes in quantity is known as the big money. It flows to the one who accumulates it as easily as water flows downhill and that's the way things should come. You see water flowing downhill. No problem, nothing will obstruct it. There exists a great stream of power which may be compared to a river except that one side flows in one direction carrying all who get into that side of the stream onward and upward to wealth.

The other side flows in the opposite direction, carrying all who are unfortunate enough to get into that side and not able to extricate themselves from it downward to misery and poverty. I said, every person who has accumulated a great fortune has recognized the existence of this stream of life, which consists of one thinking process. The positive emotions of thought form the side of the stream which carries one to fortune. The negative emotions form the side which carries one down to poverty. This carries a thought of stupendous importance to the person who is following this with the object of accumulating a fortune. If you are in the side of the stream of power, which leads to poverty, this may serve as an ore which will propel you over to the other side of the stream. It can serve you only through application and use merely reading and passing judgment on it.

One way or another will in no way benefit you. Now, he said, poverty and riches often change places. Poverty may and generally does voluntarily take the side of riches which when riches take the site of poverty, the change is usually brought about to well constructed and carefully executed plans. Poverty needs no plan. It needs no one to eat it because it is bold and ruthless. Riches are shy and timid. They have to be attracted. So do you see, I think the first thing you have to do is make a decision. You're gonna turn it and then how much you're going to earn and then seek out people that can teach you how to do it. You've got to spend the time in the money to learn it. It's just like learning how to drive a car, fly a plane or cook a meal. You can learn it but I learned how to earn money. Everything in my life changed. Yeah. Because it's not just about the money, it's about you growing and becoming the person that you were born to be and through the pursuit of this worthy goal.

You continue during the money. Yeah. That's you become more yeah. Yeah. You've got to grow into it. Yes. And then more add more value and the more value you bring to the world, the more valuable you become. The law of compensation is very clear. It states the amount of money wearing is an exact ratio to the need for what you do, Your ability to do it. And the difficulty there isn't replacing you. So need for what you do. So you have to ask yourself, is there a great need for what you do? There's a phenomenal need for what we do great need of everywhere in the world. I've traveled all over the world everywhere. People want to know how to enjoy more of life. So the need is there. Then it's your ability to do it. You get really good at this and you're going to do very well. I've got very good at this. Now. It's the only thing I am good at. I don't want to do anything else. So I don't spend any time doing anything else. And the third one, the difficulty the reason replacing you well, if you're, if you're really good at some of your very difficult to replace your stock goes up. Mm hmm.

Oh, it's so good. I love it. It feels so good. And I think that a lot of times, you know, people will say, how do you know if you're on the right track and I think it's by how you feel. If you're feeling excited and lifted up by this and inspired, then, you know that you're flowing with the stream and then you just watch for the clues and then you, you act on them. So despite the results you get to by their fruits, you will know them. The results tell you which way you're going. Yeah, but the results aren't there? I don't care. Then there's something missing. Yeah, that's true. You know, that's your feedback system. So if you're feeling good about it and then you're getting the results that you want and if not, then you adjust either your beliefs or you get that feedback from your coach right, figure out what your blind spots are. And that's very hard to do by yourself. Yeah. So you need help. Yeah, absolutely. So bob is there? If you could go back and with all the wisdom that you've gained over the years. If you could go back until 10 year old bob some advice.

Give them some advice based on everything that you've learned, what advice would you give them? Set a goal. Always have a goal I have in my pocket gold card. I've been carrying a gold card in my pocket for years, 1961. Mm. When you decide on a goal, you paint the picture in words and you do that, you impregnate the picture into a group of cells in your brain. Every time I touched that gold card that triggers the picture in my mind. And as long as that picture is there, I keep moving in direction of it and that is really the secret I think to living a good life, you've got to have a reason for it? When you wake up in the morning, you have to have a good reason for waking up and going to going to work? Mhm, wow. That is how you enjoy life more. I mean, that's the secret to everything. Right? Unbelievable. So, so good. So bob. I know you have so many places people can go to check out the offerings that you have. You can go to bob Proctor dot com. You can go to www dot bob Proctor hyphen Chairman's Club dot com.

I'm gonna have all these links in the show notes. Is there any particular place you'd like to direct people so that they can gain more of your wisdom. I think you just got to Proctor, Gallagher institute. Okay. Proctor got just bob Proctor dot com. They'll take them everywhere. Yeah, it'll forward to calm that will get them to wherever they want to go. Yeah. And you have a program right now, they can get some more free training from you. So go to bob Proctor dot com and get started because you know, and you go to bob Proctor dot com. They can download the Born Rich book. Ah nice. I wrote this in uh 1984. Really? I've been studying for 23 years at that time and That was after 20 some years. I'll tell you the subjects me and money how much is enough? The image maker, let go and let God expect an abundance law, vibration. The risk takers, the razor's edge, don't think.

And reverse the vacuum. Law prosperity. These are excellent subjects I wrote on it After studying for 24 years. That was 36 years ago. I am starting a program sometime in august. It's called the bob Proctor Masterclass. I've been studying the same things for 36 years since I wrote this, Wow. We're going to be teaching in the Master Class one hour a week for 26 weeks covering all those subjects. So it's going to be the master class I think is going to be pretty powerful. 100%, Just sort of Bob Proctor dot com. Yeah, check that out. That's incredible. So to be able to, you know, for me to spend this short amount of time with you has been just an absolute honor. And to to think about being able to spend 26 weeks just gleaning all that wisdom from you is an extraordinary experience. So everybody, you know, that's a must do, put that on your list, make it happen today, bob. Thank you so much for being a part of this program.

This has really, really been extraordinary. You know this wisdom you've been, it shows what a master you are at this because you've been studying it for so long that the deepest, most profound insights just kind of pour onto you. You know, like it's just another day, another day in the in bob's world. So it's been extraordinary And thank you so much for being a part of this program today. Thank you tim. Absolutely! All right, everybody. Oh my goodness, you've got to share this program. You got to get this to your friends, share this with your Children so that they understand all these amazing principles and strategies that bob is laid out so eloquently they're powerful and yet they seem so simple and so easy and that's because the truth is so put these into action. Make your life mesmerizing and we'll see you next time. Bye everybody right now. Hey, would you like more free tips on how to be a mesmerizing leader then check out mesmerizing leadership dot com. and also hang out with me on facebook facebook dot com forward slash tim.

Sure. Thanks so much and make your day a sure success. Hey, it's tim Sherwood. You like to learn my best secrets for how to be mesmerizing. Then head over to www. Dot surviving to thriving dot me. That's www dot surviving to thriving dot me. I'll see you there.

How To Become Rich! | Bob Proctor & Tim Shurr
How To Become Rich! | Bob Proctor & Tim Shurr
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