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How To Become Happy & Wealthy! | Brian Tracy & Tim Shurr

by Tim Shurr
July 16th 2020

In this episode, a wonderful guest Brian Tracy joins us to speak about how one great idea can change the world.  He also talks how being persistent and not giving up... More

everything in our world. Today is ideas and one idea can be life transforming an idea like who moved my cheese and one idea made him one of the most successful authors in history. Here's the question, what's going on inside the minds of top achievers that caused them to make extraordinary breakthroughs both personally and professionally. My name is tim Sure. And I invite you to join me as we take a deep dive into the unconscious mind and discover how to transform your biggest dreams into a reality. Welcome to the how to be mesmerizing podcast everybody welcome to how to be mesmerizing its temperature and today we have a legend in the house Mr brian Tracy is with us. Ladies and gentlemen brian, hi jim, how are you? Oh my goodness brian, Holy smokes. I am fantastic. How are you? I'm great, thank you very much. Oh my goodness, I have to tell you this is like the highlight of my career so far. Just this is such an honor for you to be a part of this program today.

It's a great honor to be with you too. And thank you brian, what would you say is the secret to success? It's interesting because it's the same for me as for other people who started poor with very few prospects and became successful and it's they have what you've heard, it's an attitude of gratitude. Is there just grateful for having been able to help someone with like my friend yesterday, it has been a friend from 10 years. So if you come from a humble background, generally speaking, people are really grateful to God to the world and they want you they want to express their gratitude by sharing the ideas that have helped them And sometimes it's just an idea. One idea. I'll tell you one idea that I remember very clearly. H. L. Hunt, the big oil billionaire who started off, he was the 10th child of a sharecropper family in Oklahoma. And he grew up and went to work in the oil fields and he won an oil lease in a poker game and this was his first lease and then he worked to get a drilling company to drill on the shores and they hit oil and he became and after that he drilled more and more and more well he became one of the richest men in the world, one of the first self made billionaires.

And he wonderful man. And I he died and I got a call one day from his son and I read about Hunt oil and his son Ray Hunt in Time magazine. So I got a call from him and he called me at home at eight o'clock at night and he said hello brian innes texas. He said uh my name is Ray Hunt and I was wondering if I could talk to you about coming to my company And I said jeez I know you, I know all about you the Time magazine called him the smart Hunt because there were several Children and everything and I know all about you. I said it's such an honor to hear from you. And so he hired me and I went and I spoke for his company and then I took all of his people away to a three day strategic planning meeting to plan the future of the company. They came from all over the world. He's got oil interests everywhere. And so I was very close to him for a while. But anyway, his father was on a radio interview and he was asked a question many years ago from a good friend of mine and he asked him what what advice would you give for people who might also be successful?

And he said, well, he said it's very simply said, you decide exactly what you want. He said. And then you focus on getting that and don't do anything else with that until you have achieved your goal. And I shall remember that. And I've passed that on to millions of people actually the importance of setting clear goals and focusing. I have written a book called me that frog. I don't know if you if you've read it, that's a classic, You have to read it or you can't even be in this field. It's interesting. My publisher last week, we're doing the third publication of it. It's called Eat that Frog for students and it's a complete rewrite to help students get good grades and get into the college of their choice and that that is a hot subject for young people who are overwhelmed with too much to do and especially to get good grades in school and to get into a good university. So we've rewritten the whole book with two more chapters on technology Northern technology like this. Anyway, so I was talking to my publisher and I think that book will probably sell millions of copies.

But he said that my book has just hit 2.5 million copies in 50 languages, 50 languages. And that makes it the best selling book on time management in history. Congratulations. Well, thank you. And so and why did I write that book? Well, I sat down surprised. I wrote a series of 20 once I was watching a program on tv. It was called how to marry a millionaire. You may remember, it was very controversial more than a decade ago, then 15 years ago, how to marry a millionaire. It was women sort of competing to marry a millionaire. And then if you remember what happened, that he finally chose the person and women hated this program. They hated the idea that love was a mercenary thing that you only did it to get money. And and so there's lots of controversy over it. And then they finally matched up to people the millionaire and one of the people that had applied and they got married and it turned out the guy wasn't a millionaire at all.

No, I didn't really right. And the two of them were married had terrible fights and they broke up. And the and the program went off the air. There was so amazing. And there's all kinds of letters to the editor. Yeah. So anyway, in the middle of this, when the program was really popular, I saw it. I said this isn't true. I said that's not how you marry a millionaire. I said, I'll write a book on how to really marry a millionaire. There wasn't a book on the subject How to really marry a millionaire. And my secretary, surely wonderful woman, she said brian, she said that's not a good title. Women would hate it because it makes it clear that women are just mercenaries, that they don't care about love or anything else. And I said, well, okay. I said, how about the title How to Meet and Marry the Man of Your Dreams? She said that's the perfect title. That's what women want to do. So, I wrote down 21 ways to meet and marry the man of your dreams.

And I thought she came to me again. She said, but you know, I am engaged to a man that I met online. And I found out later that about 60 of relationships that form online or by men. It's not women. So I said, I said, Okay, I'll write another book how to meet and marry the woman of your dreams. And so I wrote down 21 basically 21 chapters and then people said, well what if people are already happy, already married, they're happy. So I came up with 21 ways to stay in Love Forever. Just sold. And so and so and said, Well what about 21 ways to be assailed superstar, come on, give a best selling book. And then I wrote a book, 21 ways to double your income and double your time off. And so I sent it to my publisher and he said, I don't know, I don't and he's a brilliant publisher. Said, I don't like the title. He said the content is tremendous. It's just 21 great time management techniques, but there's one technique in there called eat that frog. And it was from a book by Mark Twain who said, if you eat a live frog first thing every morning, you'll know that's probably the worst thing that's going to happen to you all day long.

And your life frog is your biggest task, the most important task, the task, they're gonna have the biggest difference in your life right now. And so he said, my publisher said, so we could take that title from Chapter 15 and make it the title of the book and then run the idea of preparing and everything all the way through the book. He said then it would be a good book. So I took it represented writing mode at that time, I could produce stuff that was unbelievable. And so I took it and rewrote it and they published it as eat that drug and they said well we don't know how many copies it will sell, but there was fish was a popular topic. There was another one by ken blanchard called moved my cheese who moved my cheese. Yes, so he said this, this would be a sort of a book about an animal, just like the ones that are really popular and this book just exploded. Oh yeah and the publishing company, this is the biggest book in the history of the publishing company. I remember I went down to visit them, there are up to activism in san Francisco and the president of the company came to me, I've known him.

His name is Given is from India brilliant guy. He came and he said so nice to meet the man who's been paying my paycheck for the last 10 years. So anyway, he's 21 21 I just need the rights to my distributor, my seminar organizer in Thailand to a program that I wrote 21 success Secrets of self made millionaires. Yeah, remember should we search on this and I thought everybody wants to be wealthy. So I wrote this program and the program is outstanding. I wrote it. I publish it as a book. I published it online and I'm giving him the rights to use it to promote a seminar for me in Thailand because they will send it out, here's a gift. And this man is actually coming to Bangkok, so sign up for the seminar and we've done that many times. But everything I teach is practical and absolutely incontrovertible. Nobody can say, well that's not true. They all say they just basically went as they read, they nod their heads.

This is good stuff. I tell you an interesting story, you heard of the book, who moved my cheese And I read an introduction to a book on insulin and the training many years ago and in the introduction is one of the first people that actually right about what went on in the s training, because most of it was really secret. And so I in the introduction, it talked about a frog and he talked about the frog, I'm sorry rat talked about a rat and scientists would take the rat and put it into a cage and there were would be four holes or tunnels out of the cage and they would put a little bit of cheese in the end of the fourth tunnel and the rat would come in and look around left right. And and we finally find the cheese and would eat it. And and then the next day they would take the cheese and put a little bit further back in the 4th tunnel and the the Merat would search around and very quickly go to the fourth tongue and go in and get it.

And they kept doing that each day to move I don't Are you familiar with the story? Oh I haven't listened to you tell like this live before. So you keep going. I love it. I just it was just written, they just moved the cheese back to the end of the fourth tunnel and the rat would come in, go straight to the forthcoming, goes straight to the back and get his cheese. Then they took the cheese out and they put it in the end of the second tunnel, Put the rat into the cage and that would go in straight to the 4th tunnel and there's no cheese. They come out. I should I choose to tell. This is a story. He come out and he looked up at the scientists, they brat and say, where's my cheese? And besides you didn't say anything. So the rap, we go back into the forest tunnel and look come out, get out, look at the tunnels, We're back in the 4th tunnel and get out. And here's the moral of the story in the book And the introduction, Here's the moral of the story. The rat with a brain the size of a pea will eventually conclude that there is no cheese at the end of the fourth tunnel and will eventually find the cheese at the back of the second tunnel is that But human beings with the most powerful brain and only history will continue to go down the forest animal forever and keep doing the same thing over and over again, even though it's not working and they're not getting any cheese.

So I was, I would tell this as a brief story and then I would talk about deciding on what you want and looking at different ways to get it and being flexible and open to trying different things and so it was a good seminar, people love the seminar and then out came this book who moved my cheese and it became a tremendous bestseller and it was exactly my story that I told in my seminars and they interviewed because ken blanchard didn't write it, it was written by a co wrote it, but ken doesn't write what was his name, Stuart johnson, Stuart johnson, he was the co writer and Stuart johnson good writer. So he took it, he wrote and he was on television, he's asked, where did you get the idea for this? We moved my cheese and he said, I don't recall now you're gone. I concluded he had gone to one of my seminars and heard that story And then created the book out of it. And basically the book is just simply an expansion of that story which I told 2,1500% audiences all over the country and either he attended one of those seminars or somebody attended and told the story.

And so they wrote the book and it became one of the best sellers in history interesting story. I did another speech actually as an introduction to a sales seminar and then the module was on becoming Unstoppable and I just told the story about the qualities for success and the most important quality for success in selling is to become unstoppable is to persist to never give up. And the reason why people succeed is because they persist and the reason that they failed is because they don't especially in sales because it's so much rejection in sales. And so and I said so I said earlier, I said you become what you think about most of the time I said, but you also become what you say to yourself most of the time, whatever you say to yourself is actually accepted by your subconscious mind as an instruction. Your subconscious mind, contrary to popular belief is like a computer. It accepts information, it processes it and it feeds it back when you asked for it.

It has no imagination of its own. It's just basically a storage place for information. It is your super conscious mind which is a different mind that is the source of inspiration and ideas and so on. So people say, well you program your subconscious know what you do is you send instructions to your subconscious mind And your subconscious mind is very much like a technician white code who works in a large computer fact and they take the instructions to the other computer super conscious. And they put into the super conscious and the super conscious then begins to work 24 hours a day to bring your goal into fruition. And that's what I teach. And and it works. It's so wonderful time. It's really I've taught it all over the world and everybody who uses the ideas it works. I've never had a person come back to me and say I tried your ideas and it didn't work. They only come back and say I tried your ideas. And and you made they say these words, my favorite words. I hear them all over the world.

People come back and say mr Tracy, you changed my life, you made me rich. Like you made me rich. I've heard that 1000 times people write to me and said, you changed my life, you made me rich. And then I'll say, well what was it you know, in the seminar that was so helpful to and they beam, they were like, they smile and they say it was the goals, It was the goals. And he said, I never heard about goals until you explain them anyway. To come back to my other story. The I said, how do you become unstoppable? Is everybody here want to become unstoppable. And everybody says everybody knows, I said, well here it is. You become what you say to yourself most of the time. So say these words, I mm Unstoppable say it. So everybody sort of says I am unstoppable. I said, no, no, no, no, no, don't suck your thumb. I said, I want to hear it say I am unstoppable. And they say it again louder. And I say no, no, no, no, no.

I want to hear it, say it like you really mean and say I am unstoppable. And the whole audience because I am unstoppable now, on for the rest of your life, you repeat that. I am unstoppable. I am unstoppable. I am unstoppable. And before every sales call, before you start work every day, just send that command to your subconscious mind that you are unstoppable. And you will be amazed. You will never quit. And if you don't ever quit, if you don't ever stop, then nothing can stop you from being a great success. And the next year after I started giving that there are two books on the bookstands called Unstoppable becoming Unstoppable. The Unstoppable. There's 22 people went and wrote books with that title and with that uh that opening. And uh and then one of them even sent me a copy of the book and stuff because they love the title so much. And I am very happy for their success. I'm very happy for their success. Yeah, it's been extraordinary.

The career that you've had the amount of people that you have touched and transformed. I mean, it's been a remarkable, remarkable career that you've had. And so, you know, I I know you've heard it a million times, but you know, even now I want to thank you so much for the the level of contribution you really has have transformed the world. And and you know, the greatest compliment they say is you want to make the you want to make sure before you leave this planet that you that you somehow make it better than it was before you got here and you have done that well, you're doing that as well, tim you know, everything in our world today is ideas and one idea can be life transforming An idea who moved my cheese. That one idea made him one of the most successful authors in history because they now sold in the 17 million copies of the book in different languages. And it was just one inspiration in this case. It was whole inspiration. So out of all the adventures that you've had, brian, I mean, my goodness, all the adventures and things.

Is is there one particular adventure that you went on or that you had that kind of is at the top for you? Yes. Uh and I've written about it by the way, of course, you have one of my first books and it's called Many Miles to Go. And it is about my crossing of the Sahara Desert When I was 21 years old and three friend, two friends of mine and I decided to go off and see the world. Starting in Vancouver british Columbia. And we got an old car and we drove it across the country and through, down through through Chicago and up to Toronto and Montreal. And where we started. Our goal is to get a job on a ship and work our way across the atlantic because it's expensive. We had $1000 total between the three of us And today that would be worth it, maybe three or $4,000. So we figured that this would be enough to get a schooling and we just keep working our way. So we got to to Montreal and we went to the waterfront and we went to every single ship on the waterfront and ask them where they were going.

And the ships that were going to europe, we went and apply for jobs as bottom level grungy seafarers. And they all said no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no. And so we went to every single chip took us an entire day by the end of the day, we're exhausted. And I said, well the ships coming in and out all the time, let's try it again tomorrow. And they went off and they were talking amongst themselves, my two partners and then they came back and they said, well, we don't want to do this anymore, we want to buy passage on a freighter, which freighters cell passage to a small number of travelers. It's not like a not like in a carnival cruise, it's a much smaller cabinets, much cheaper. So then we want to buy passage on that ship and we'll work our way when we get to England. And I said, but if you quit now, you will always quit. This is the first day that we've already had adversity. We've tried all day and we're tired and we've failed and we've got all these knows.

So tomorrow we try again if necessary, we'll go to another port city like boston or Halifax. And there's ships. They said no, we've decided and they're sort of like this, we've decided that we're to pay our own way. So do you want to come with us or not? And I said no, I said I won't do that because if you quit the first time you reach adversity, you always quit. You'll set up a mental template within your brain for quitting. So we parted kind of unfriendly and we've got their money. We sent the money from Vancouver and they took two thirds of it. So it was our pot And they bought passage on a ship and I think it costs $150 or something wasn't that expensive and they left. And so I stayed in Montreal and I worked for the next five months. I worked in factories have worked in construction and worked in different things. And I saved my money. And finally the spring was coming and the end of february.

I put all my stuff in a trunk that I bought in a pawn shop and I sent the trunk to Halifax. And then I sort of hitchhiked and work my way to Halifax trucks and I finally got the Halifax. It's the end of the winter and it's cold. And I went to the Y. M. C. A. For the night because it's the only place I couldn't afford very much. Y. M. C. Was like dollar 50 for a room. And the next day we had to the water frightened get a job on a ship. And so I went to the entire waterfront. I checked every single ship. I asked them where they were going and if they were going to europe I going to apply for a job and I got no no no no no no no. At the end of the day it was cold, it was rain, I was exhausted and I went back to the, I still remember this. I went back to the Y. M. C. A. Which was up a long, long, long hill and finally got to the UFC and then I turned around and looked And it looked back at the port and there were two ships on a separate dog that I hadn't seen in the day when I was looking for a job and it was about 4.5 a mile away and it was cold and remembers the six or seven o'clock at night.

And I looked at the warm Y. M. C. A. So I stood there at the door and I looked down there I said what do you do? And what I said was you don't quit. So I turned around and I walked all the way down the hill all the way down to the dock and I went to the first ship that I asked them where you're bound for and they sit in south America so that's you know no possibility. So I went to the second ship this is the last ship in the entire port of Halifax. I said where are you bound for? They said we're going to Liverpool. I said you need any help. He said what you come up and talk to the captain. So I went up and was introduced to the captain and he said what can I do for you is very polite man. It was a danish ship called the North Pole, the North Pole. And and he said uh what can I do for you said I need a job to get to England. He said what kind of a job you wanted? I said I will do anything, I will do anything any job you want. I said I can't have one opening. He said in the kitchen cleaning pots and pants for the staff. Would you take that job?

I said absolutely. He said good this is this is about six o'clock at night. He said a ship sails at eight o'clock and ships sail on the minute if you've been being on board by eight o'clock you've got a job. Well I ran back up that girl and I dragged my trunk out and I actually I had sent the trunk too shipping line. I had to go and get the trunk from the shipping line and this time I took a taxi and taxi back up when I got my clothes from the Y. M. C. A. And I taxied all the way back down and I got onto that ship with five minutes to eight oh my gosh and it's like a movie brian, it's like a Movie 8:00. The ship sailed and it sailed, it went out into the ocean and I could see the lights of Halifax dimming into the ocean as I began my travel to europe and I did, I worked my way all the way to Liverpool, I got off, I got my stuff and I went down to uh forget where it was. Uh got my friends and my friends and I got together again, they said now let's go to Africa, decided we decided we're going to go to Africa.

Everybody else is going to europe at that time to hitchhike around with backpacks. So we decided we'd do something different, we go to Africa because nobody was going to Africa and I always say we didn't stop to ask why is it that no one else was going to Africa? I said we found out in due time. So we, but we just decided, let's do something so we can be famous and we will ride bicycles across Africa. Nobody's ever ridden a bicycle across Africa, wow. So we went out, we bought three bicycles and we rode their bicycles all the way down to the port and across. And then we took the bicycles across and we started off driving across France and uh, we say, I say in my book, it's a geographical anomaly. But when you're riding a bicycle in France, all the hills are uphill and the wind is always in your face. So that doesn't sound correct, but that's the way it is. If you're writing these black people and you're exhausted, Our legs raises sausage. We slept in the ditches on the side of the road, got up in the morning, just kept writing and writing.

And finally that we got to Gibraltar and by this time we realized why no one was going to Africa because it was a murder just to, just to go across europe. And so we sold the bicycles and took the Putin amount of money and bought an old land rover and the land rover was old. It was a piece of, you know what? And but it still ran. And so we write in, The landlord took us about two but two weeks we had to write for money for everybody we knew road and begged them for money to help us go to Africa and we paid them back as soon as we had a job And we got it. We collected about $350. 1 man who was a friend of jeffs weather for many years ago, Jeff was one of my partners, one man who lived in England. We didn't have never met him. We sent him the letter and said please. We sent everybody begging for money and he sent us $300 300 dollars at that time was the equivalent to $1000. It was the most amazing thing.

Could not believe it. Our friends back home sent us 20 and 25 $50 and this man sent us 1 $300. And I still remember, I still remember that. We couldn't believe it. We're going to Africa and here we were sitting sleeping on the beach with our old land rover and we could see Africa across the water, the straits of Gibraltar and we sat there and we didn't have any money now we spent all our money on the, on the land rover hoping that somebody would send us enough money. We just sat there and finally the money came and it's agreed that probably there's a story there, you know if you if you build it they will come if you fantasize and visualize the money, it will come. And it came from someone that Jeff had never known before. And it came with a letter and it said, I understand what it's like to be young and ambitious and to run out of money. That's what happened to me, he said, and I don't want that to happen to you. So I'm going to help you. And so he sent us, it was basically £100 which was $300, which today would probably be 1000 or more and Saved our lives.

So the next day we packed up food and everything else has crossed its on the ferry to uh 10 years and then drove down through Morocco and across into Algeria and the vehicle was acting up and falling apart and everything else. And we finally got to the town called I think it was a drawer and 3rd 33 of us, the second one of them quit, so I can't go any further. This is no good for me. And he hitchhiked back to Gibraltar and hitchhike back to England and then went home and we didn't see him for another year or two. And so Jeff, here's Jeff and I, and we're broke and the vehicles beat to hell, the tires have turned in because of the break of twisting of the axles and uh we're out of money again. So Jeff Hitchhiked north to Algiers, the capital to right for money to biggest parents for money, which they gave us and I work to fix the vehicle and I found old vehicles that were falling apart and they were laying by the side of the road and took the parts off them and stripped it down and straightened out my axles and got extra cans for gasoline and everything.

I had that vehicle ready to go. And then a few days later, Jeff reappears just walking down the street and I said, yeah, I'm here. Both set off across the desert and it's a long story. But eventually we got across and we almost died in the desert. We were told, as we, as we were moving toward the crossing, we talked to Torres people who lived in the desert for many years and they would say, where are you going? I said, well we're right across the Sahara into it africa and they said, no, no, you can't do that, You will die in the desert. You just can't make it. It's too far. There's no water. There's nothing out there. This is your dying in the desert. And as we went from town to town, people would come up to us and said and introduce us to other people. Here are the two young men who are going up to die in the desert. They said, oh you're going to die in this shake hands, they were very careful about it. It's funny and and unfortunately when I realized we'd be crossing a part of Africa that was french speaking?

I had started studying french about six months before. So I could actually communicate in french and and ask question and find out directions and so on so I could speak to them in french and that's what facebook. And we just kept moving toward Africa until the car finally broke down and we had to, we had to get it all repaired, had to get more money and to sell all our food and all our belongings and then we're ready. I said in my book back then we were ready for the Sahara crossing and we then started off across the desert. And as we got into the desert we had a stretch of 500 miles that had nothing. It was almost empty stretch of desert in the world. There is not even a blade of grass, there is not a fly, there's just a desert. And this son that beat down at 120 130 degrees during the day. And uh we had all kinds of problems but we have actually got across the desert and we we got over the desert, we had to actually go around, we learned that you have to have special visas to get into African countries.

The first African country of West mali and they told us if you don't have a visa, you'll be turned back. And many people who have young people who started off to got to the border and they didn't have a visa is how do you get a visa where you have to go to the embassy in paris which was 1000 miles away and across the country. And it's the only way to get a visa. And so we couldn't do it we'd have the money to have the time. So what we did is we said where are the checkpoints? And the drivers, one of the drivers showed me on the map that this is where the checkpoints are. So what we did is we drove and when we got to a village or town but there's a check what we went around the town. We kept doing this all the way down until we got to the biggest city in mali and then we went to the police station and returned ourselves in. I said well we would like to turn ourselves in. We have committed a crime and they said oh I mean I don't ever see Anglos or whites. So they took me in to see the head of the department and they said that we sat down and said how can I help you And I said we want to confess that we have committed a crime.

We entered your country illegally because there was a river to the next the next state, there was a river and we had to cross the river and there's a bridge across the river and had police at both ends, so there's no way we could get further and we're stuck in this city. So we turned ourselves in and explain what happened. He said, well, how did you get around our checkpoints? And I showed them my map, we laid it out and I said, what we did is this and we're taking notes, look at this, how easy it was for these people to get around the checkpoints. And we say the word was two of the checkpoint. Two of them, we went to uh moving on to a checkpoint around that, you were running around the checkpoint and then we're going around here and so on. He was taking those to beef up the checkpoints. He said, okay. He said, you're honest, you're obviously not criminal. He said, I will give you special exit visas for leaving our country excesses so that we could cross the bridge into the next the city and the next country, which was Dahomey and down Homie, fortunately was a british commonwealth country and we had a Canadian passport.

So we didn't need a passport and then we went down and got down to Lagos and two or three days of driving and we had to leave the vehicle, our land rover at the border and hitchhike into town because we had to leave a deposit for the vehicle or they wouldn't let us bring it into the country and we anyway, so the story goes on and on every single turn, twist and turn. We had obstacle and difficulty and obstacles and difficult. We almost got killed under the boots of a mad mob of police in the congo. It was amazing and but we actually finally got to Johannesburg. So we started off, it took us nine months to go 17,000 miles and like 15 countries starting off with $300 each and it was because it was because we had said it as a goal and we were determined, I was determined that once we started we were going to get there, we are going to get there no matter what happens and we did, we did because it was a life changing experience in my book. I say this ever after, I never give up.

I knew that you do not know what's going to happen to help you, but if you never give up something will happen, wow! Yeah. Oh my gosh, that is incredible. I mean that would make sense after you go through something like that, which is just like, I mean that's one of the best stories I've ever heard. It was, it's like uh you know one of those $500 million dollar movies and it was a true story and you lived it right and for you to come back and be challenged by a business problem. It's probably like, are you kidding me? Almost died in the congo almost died in the desert. There's nothing, nothing, there's a famous story by the way in World War Two Winston Churchill became the prime minister and it looked like the Germans were going to overrun England. And that England would would lose the war. And it was only a matter of time because the Germans had thousands of tanks and huge army and airplanes and everything else.

And so his cabinet was telling him he should give up. He should make friends with Hitler. They should except german control of England. And and we should end this war. And they kept at him all the time. And no matter what how many defeats or difficulties, the problems that Churchill kept persisting and they said to him, Mr Churchill, why do you persist when it's clear that we have lost this war with Germany? You're just prolonging the more he said, I persist. Because I have studied history and if you study history, you learn that if you persist long enough something always happens, something always happens. And three days later the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and franklin Roosevelt came up and gave his great speech and declared war on on Hitler and Hitler declared war on the United States. And now the United States was into World War Two and the ships began sailing and thanks and the airplanes and the whole thing is history.

But that wonderful line, he said, I studied, I have studied history. And if you study history. You learned that if you persist long enough you something will always happen, something will happen. It's a wonderful I'm a spiritual principle, a psychic principle whatever you like. But it's really the reason why people succeed greatly is that they persist. No matter how hopeless the situation and something always happens and it's usually something totally unexpected. Here's Hitler fighting against the Germans in England and the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and Roosevelt who wanted to get into the war anyway. But public sentiment was against it declared war on Japan And by the way Germany to and then they put 80% of all of the military tanks, planes. Everything else 80% was sent to Britain and Europe. And only a small holding force was sent to the Pacific until they began to win in Europe.

They invaded uh d day, then they began to send enormous amounts of men and munitions to the pacific. That's why the pacific war ended almost six months after the european war. It's because finally they had the munitions and the planes and the man too finish the job. That's a great story. It's a great story. Gosh! It gave me chills. It gives me chills that that is such a powerful powerful statement and you've just reinforced it over and over again through these phenomenally good stories of if you just persist and you just keep believing and you just keep having faith and you just keep moving forward. Then somehow in some way, you know, you will, God will bless you, he will, he will show you the next step, you will show you what to do next. And here's something else that I learned is that that your help, your great breakthrough is going to come from a completely unexpected source. Something that you could not have anticipated or done anything about. It will just be something you read something in a newspaper or a magazine, a story, an opportunity, an example of a business plan and you will take advantage of it and it will turn out to be the turning point in your life.

Preach on brother brian because I'm literally having that right now right now. This very moment with you, you know about three or four weeks ago I built up the courage to reach out to Les Brown who is a dear friend of yours I know and we have become so close, it's been unbelievable like magic and he started introducing me to more of his friends, we started connecting and it has just been a dream come true and now I grew up listening to your programs right? And just the psychology of achievement. I wore out my cassette tapes, I mean literally wore them out, they wouldn't play anymore, you know and just you know All of that just in for and there were many times in my you know 30 year career where I thought it's never gonna work out, it's never gonna happen, but I just did exactly what you're saying. I refused to give up. There's something in my brain that says, I have no other choice. I don't know what else I would do.

I have to keep moving forward. And that's and so um you know, and here we are. It's just amazing. Well, it's always the same thing, is that if you're really clear and that's what I teach. As I say, my favorite word in business and success is the word clarity. You have to be absolutely clear about what it is that you want to accomplish. And then you have to write it down and then you have to make a list of everything that you can think of, that you would have to do to achieve the goal. And then you organize the list by priority. What do you need to do first? What you need to do second and then you take action and you just continue taking action. I call the principle of continuous action is no matter what happens, you just keep moving forward, just keep moving forward and eventually you will break through eventually. It will break through. If you meet a person, you have an idea, you'll make a sale that you hadn't thought you would make you something will happen. If you persist long enough, something will happen. And it turns out to be a universal principle. It always happens.

But you know what happens is people don't prepare themselves. Here's another thing If you don't prepare yourself mentally in advance for adversity, temporary setbacks, failure and so on. When you hit it, you're not ready sort of like physical fitness. If you're not physically fit and you get a chance to play with the team that you've got the first time you play, you get massacre. So what do you do is you prepare your mind almost like programming it. If you prepare, you might read good books on people who have succeeded. That's one of the great ways to build up your confidence. But then you practice and you make a decision. You're never going to give up. You'll never give up. You're never give up, never give up until you program is. So when you do hit the adversity, which is absolutely inevitable. Absolutely inevitable. Success is a story of failure, failure, failure, failure, failure. Great success. And so what you have to do, there's always a certain number of failures that you have to experience before the breakthrough. However, there is no way that you know the number. The number is is no one only to God.

And this adversity that you're facing now, this could be the one. And if it's not the one, maybe it's the next one. But it sure as God made little green apples. If you keep persisting and one of these steps will break through and you look back and you think like when we crossed the desert, we look back and we realized all the problems, we had the breakdowns, a car and not running out of money and everything else. If we had not had all those breakdowns and problems are vehicle would have broken down in the desert and we would have died because there's no traffic in the desert, there's nobody coming through. For another six days, there was a convoy. And if we had not had all those adversities and setbacks and repaired the vehicle, we would have died. And we really backed back later. And imagine that. So therefore when you have setback after setback, imagine these have been sent to you by God, to prepare you for the great success that is coming. And this seems to be true for everybody throughout history. If they just persist and persist and persist and people tell them, why do you persist? There's no chance, there's no hope and everything else and they just keep on playing and suddenly they break through.

And everybody said, well I always knew he would do it. Except, oh my gosh, that was holy cow, right. I have one last question for you, out of all the people that you've met in your life, is there one particular person that just kind of stands out as someone who has made a real impact on you? Or like one of the coolest people you've ever met. Yes, absolutely. I when I was coming up in my thirties, I was struggling, I moved to Edmonton Alberta to do a little real estate development with a trailer park and then my partner cut off my money so I had no money and I had gotten this trailer part approved for a shopping center but I had to get money. So there was there was a big entrepreneur, the most respected, one of the most respected people in Canada. A man named doctor named dr Charles Allard and dr Charles Allard has started from a poor family. He got a degree in medicine, he went to London, he got a degree from the Royal College of Surgeons.

He came back, he became a pre eminent surgeon in Canada and they became the general director of the hospital and people would come to him because he was making a lot of money with business ideas and he would start to examine them and it turned out he was a business genius and he would select different projects to invest money and time into and how to structure it and so on. And one after another they began to make money. He had the biggest car dealership. Eventually in Western Canada, he had one of the biggest trust companies in the country. Hundreds of millions of dollars. He had big restaurant chains. He had So much anyway so I went to this company with my little project. My real estate project was about $3 million dollars and I needed the money, I didn't have any. So I went to him and I spoke to his son and his son said, well I'll introduce you to my father. And he took me in to meet the great Charles allard and it was like having an audience with the king and Charles Allard was one of the greatest men and he had a reputation for integrity.

That was unbelievable. But also for his Incredible ability to make money and to recognize the money making opportunity it was worth. I learned later he was worth about $800 million dollars at that time. And so I showed him my proposal and I had spent hours putting together a proposal for money. I put it all together every single detail and I got With letters from builders and developers, I got lease agreements from safeway and other big companies. And it was put it all together, there's 17 pieces in it because I had to, I had to get the money and if I didn't get the money I would lose everything. And so I had invested everything I had in this in this project. So I went to him and he said, well, he said uh it looks like a good deal. He said send you over to my, my lawyer, my corporate lawyer, you take your documents and if he says it's a good deal, we'll fund it. And this is what we do is real, we'll pay 100% of all the costs, Including everything you put into it up to now in exchange for 75% of the shopping center Until you will retain a 25% residual interest and you get all your money back if my lawyer approves your proposition, your proposal.

So I went to see the lawyer. I still remember that he was an older man. So smart, so gracious. And he went through and he set off but what about this? And I give him piece of papers prepared and you have this was prepared. I just did this for three hours and he said at the end he said this is the most perfect proposal evaluation I've ever seen. You answered every single question about financing and rental and costs and timing and you had it all documented because I've got people to write me letters saying this is what it would cost, how long it would take. So I showed him the whole puzzle put together and so he called Dr Ellen and he said I recommend that you did you go ahead with it And Dr. Elder turned around and gave me $20,000. I was living a soup. He gave me $20,000 sort of as a down payment on his 75% sheriff. So I went I built the seminar, I'm sorry I built the shopping center and I had it fully leased the day we opened. It was fully leased. It was the biggest shopping center in the town of LaDuke which is a fast growing small town outside of Edmonton, it was the biggest deal that had happened in their history, Everybody was there and we had about all kinds of party and food and everything else and dr Albert I said uh what are you doing?

What you what are your plans for the future? And I said well I don't really have any plans. He said well why don't you come to my office next week and Tuesday and let's talk, that's a that's a dream come true. Right. I was there and he said how would you like to come to work for me? It's my personal assistant. Oh wow. And That was a dream. It was a dream was 30 for 33 years old and living in a rented apartment with rendered furniture. And he said how would you like to come and come and work for me personally? And I said well what I do? And he said well we'll figure that out as we go on. And I said let me think about it. And he said how much do you how much would you charge me? What would you want to learn? Uh and I came back to him I said well I want to learn, what was it something $150 an hour, eight hours a day, five days a week. So I would be an independent contractor and I wouldn't have to pay taxes and everything else. He said okay so let me think about that. You always thought about things.

One of the things things I learned no matter if it's a big or an important decision to take your time to think about it, turn it over sleep on it. And so just like your mother told you sleep on a big decision. And I finished I was taking an N. B. A. Course at the university and he knew that and I finished my last class and my last exam and I went back to my apartment and apartment. I've been working for two years on this and I finally finished and I sat down, I remember I just collapsed in my little apartment And this is about 4:00 in the afternoon and the phone rang and it was dr elder and he said have you finished your school? And I said yes he said you write like he knew this. Uh He said you write your last exam. Yes he said did you pass it? I said yes. He said well are you going to come and work for me? I said yes yes I am absolutely thank you so much. I I said I'll see you on monday. This is friday afternoon at four o'clock, I'll see you on monday. He said why not now? Now why did you come in now?

And I said okay. I mean the only word I'm going to use with the doc he was called the doc is yes. So I changed into it uh and and drove over to his office is my only way went upstairs. It was late in the day. So there's very few people there. And he showed, they showed me into his office and he said, well I'm working on these projects and I'd like to I'd like you to do this and like you to do that and so on and I'll show you your office. And the office was the last office in this office building is a little tiny office and they're very very bad. And uh so when can you start? I said, I'll start now and we'll work this week. I said good, we'll talk again on monday. And on monday when he came in, I had already accomplished several things and he said uh that's exactly what I expected of you. And he just gave me a project after project and I made him millions of dollars. And I developed big shopping centers and office buildings and did Consulting assignments for his financial industry. And and it was amazing, just amazing.

And uh 18 months later he sold the entire complex for $500 million. He kept about $300 million dollars worth of his businesses including a television station, which is the most popular television station in that area. And a couple of other things. And so I from there after 18 months of intense working for him, I moved on, But I will never forget working with Dr elders and it was a great honor because he never had anybody like me work for him ever again. It was just sort of like an inspiration that he had. That it would be a good idea and I reckoned that I made him more than $25 million 18 months that we work together. I built businesses for him. I did all kinds of consulting his time and he would always give me guidance and advice and guidance and advice. And basically I was being tutored like like like like like an apprentice or like a Manti by one of the most brilliant business minds in history. And then uh a short while after I left he died and uh I never forgot, never forgot even today I think about that.

Think about Dr Alan what wonderful effect he had on me is greater. Greatest effect was the character. He had. Such character so honest. And he they said there was a kind of a joke about H. L. Hunt in texas and they said you could take a handshake with H. L. Hunt to the bank anywhere in the western panhandle because somebody had witnessed you make a handshake deal with H. L. Hunt. That was enough. He went to the bank and said H. L. Hunt's going to back me on this interview. This money he said well did you have anything to say He shook my hand. You shook your hand, you can have all the money. One that was his integrity and Dr Alan had the same level of integrity. Is that a handshake with him on an agreement or on a deal? It was like gold like dying and going to heaven. He whatever he said, he always followed through. He always and I sat and I worked with him going through different challenges and where he was obviously right and they were obviously wrong and he said it is not enough to be right.

You must appear to be right. And so therefore it's the appearance not the actual details. So rather than suing people and everything else, he said it's much better just to negotiate our way out of this even though we are 100% right and they are 100% wrong. It's the appearance. It's most important. Never forgot that. As you must you must not only be right, you must appear to be right. And so his reputation was impeccable. If somebody said anything a negative about Dr Albert, they would look like a fool. Everybody who ever met him or anybody who worked with him knew that this man was a great man, not only was he brilliant, but had great character. And so he said a model for me, he recently hired me was because I was similar to that is I I believed in the importance of integrity and hard work and he saw that and so he invested a lot of time with me. But I would work in his office is at 200 people there at the end of the day, five o'clock, five year. Everybody would leave. And I would stay in my office at the end of the hallway and the phone would ring and it would be dr Albert in his office and he said, uh, are you free?

And I said, absolutely. So I would go down and sit in his office and talk to him for an hour and he would talk to me and he would share his ideas and his thoughts and his experiences. And then I would go home and my wife always knew I was late was because I was talking to the dog. And almost every night after everybody had left, he called me and say have you got a minute? And I was looking for my whole life. I remember those lessons. I I loved and respected that man. One of the things I think I should write a book called and I have a title for it and I had a title forever is going to be titled me in the dark. Just write my story and my experiences thought that dr alert me and the doctor. But that set a standard for me of hard work and integrity that was inviolable for the rest of my life. Well I'll be the first one to buy that book. I mean that is just spectacular and you know the impact that he had on you for him to call you in every night. You know, you had a pretty remarkable impact on him as well.

So I'm sure he was very grateful for having someone like you come into his life. So brian, this has just been amazing. So first, If you ever need an assistant, you call me, I'll be there immediately. 2nd, 2nd 2nd. I just want to reinforce for everybody that's watching and listening to this probably with their mouth hanging open from all the same way I am. I gotta keep reminding myself to close my mouth because your stories are so good. I'm just like, but um that you know, they look at you and you truly are one of America's great heroes, one of America's great success stories when it comes to business and, and specifically when it comes to personal development, you know, you're at the top of the list and and people say, well it's easy for you brian, you know, because you're successful and rich and all this stuff. Everyone, your stories was about how you didn't have anything and you don't know how you are going to get through the next day and I think that is most inspiring of all I have had many conversations including today with my friend who came over as a any this immigrant from Denmark and could only get a job harvesting blueberries in a farm in various Colombian is now very wealthy and successful, very wealthy and successful until my dear friend as well and what I found is when you get together with people like him and other wealthy people who have worked their way up as entrepreneurs and they talk around the table, they don't talk about their money, they don't talk about their successes, they talk about their failures and they talk about the big mistakes they make and the dumb things that they did and how much they lost here.

And the only other side that they talk about is their Children. So wealthy. People talk about their mistakes and what they learned from them and their Children and how proud they are of their Children. And if you ask a wealthy person, even even myself and I'm not wealthy, I'm telling my kids I'm well off. But if you ask me what is my most important accomplishment in life, it's my Children, this is my my wife is absolutely wonderful and our four Children and now their grandchildren and that's what successful people think about. It's the lessons they learn and the people they love. That's beautiful. I can vouch for that because of the people that I've interviewed that are, you know, successful and well known and icons in our, in our world they have been said the same thing. I'm like when you finally reach your, you know, when you arrived tried so hard to, to make that money, you know and make that million dollars or whatever it is when you finally arrived was it what you thought it was gonna be? And they always say no. All right, jim Cathcart said that Mark victor Hansen said that you know they they're like no, you know, and it turns out that the thing that's most important are the relationships that you have with your spouse and with your Children, you know and and uh so yeah, it's beautiful.

Oh my goodness, ladies and gentlemen, the legendary brian Tracy brian thank you so much. This has just been a really, I'll remember this conversation for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making time to be with us today. You truly are the definition of mesmerizing. Thank you jim I uh I'm so happy to be with you and I'm sure we will talk again. Oh gosh, I look forward to that. So there you go. Ladies and gentlemen, holy cow, wow, I just took you to the movies. Right well not me, I was, I was passing out popcorn brian took you to the movies right, just telling you his story. I mean it was really, really outstanding. So two things you need to do. You need to go to brian Tracy dot com and you got to get his stuff because if you haven't got his stuff, I don't even know what's happening because everybody has to have his stuff. It's like every hotel, every hotel has the bible. If you're going to be in personal development, you need to have brian Tracy programs were going to say something is we have a pre programme on how to set and achieve your goals.

For anybody who goes to brian Tracy dot com. There's a lot of free things that we give away to help people to be successful. Oh yeah, it's extraordinary the amount that you give, one of my favorites get the motivational quotes he has that where you can get the motivational quotes to their awesome. I love it. So you got to get those, you know every day you get something that inspires you. So once again thank you brian, I really appreciate you And everybody. Thanks for listening share this with your friends, share this with you know, your loved ones and apply what you've learned brian has given you the secrets to success and fulfillment. Now you got to put it into action and eat that frog. So thanks so much. Everybody stay mesmerizing. We'll talk to you next time. Hey, would you like more free tips on how to be a mesmerizing leader then? Check out mesmerizing leadership dot com and also hang out with me on facebook facebook dot com forward slash tim. Sure thanks so much and make your day a sure success. Hey it's tim sure would you like to learn my best secrets for how to be mesmerizing.

Then head over to www. Dot surviving to thriving. Dot me. That's www dot surviving to thriving dot me. I'll see you there.

How To Become Happy & Wealthy! | Brian Tracy & Tim Shurr
How To Become Happy & Wealthy! | Brian Tracy & Tim Shurr
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